A thousand goodnights (Tw-drama)

This show was a mix between slice-of-life, ensemble drama, traveling show while dealing with different life situations.
All of those with a slow pace and many aerial shots of Taiwan 🤩.
Episodes started with quotes from Chi PoLin (a “Taiwanese documentary filmmaker, photographer and environmentalist” credits to wiki).
The last episode credit had also more quotes from him.
Apart from some draggings, this show was nicely done. I watched the drama from time to time over the past few weeks, so 20eps and slow pace wasn’t a matter to me.
I loved the characters, loved how unlike other dramas, some relationships worked without noble idiocy.
Out of all relationships, my two fav’ were the step-brother/step-sister relationship and the main couple relationship.
The main couple didn’t have kiss scenes or so many cute scenes like in a rom-com. They build their relationship slowly, loved the mutual understanding, trust and care they had for each other. I totally agreed with a character describing them as becoming partners in life.
This show reminded me of 1n2d, how it showed different locations in Taiwan, different traditions but also the people living there and their history 🤗.

Thank you show for being like a warm, comforting and soothing hot beverage those past weeks, for reminding me that hometown is really a special place.
Thank you to the beanies you recommended this show before.