Though last night’s episode ended unhappily, I think Song-ah didn’t do anything wrong. She told Dong-yoon how she felt now, how she felt then. She was being compassionate toward his feelings.


    And Joon-young should be able to have the same kind of conversation with Jung-kyung. “Yes, I did love you from afar, but now it’s over.” He can acknowledge that there was something there, and let go more compassionately.


      So, I agree that what Song-ah did was right – but the thing is, it was going to hurt Min-sung no matter what. I think she basically wanted to tell Dong-yoon to keep to himself so that Min-sung never found out about either of their feelings.

      But I kind of disagree that Joon-young should do the same with Jung-kyung – at least right now. It’s clear that Jung-kyung is manipulative and he seems pretty aware of this. I think if he gave her this information right now, he’s afraid she may use it against him, or to hurt Song-ah. I also think that Joon-young was never actually in love with Jung-kyung, but rather he just loves her, as a friend, maybe as more than that, but not on the romantic scale it takes to be in love with someone. (Does that make sense?) I think he still loves her, just like Song-ah will still love Dong-yoon in her own way. These are both people who had meaningful impacts on their lives and I don’t think they are willing to lose them over past feelings. It’s just that with the mix of emotions here it is hard to untangle the complicated relationships between love and friendship.