Hello dear Beanies, hope everyone is fine🤍

I logged in after almost a year because it’s March 21st, My Ahjussi’s 4th anniversary and I can’t miss this beautiful day💙

4 years ago gods of dramaland, gave me the most touching drama ever as a reward because I had been watching kdramas for a decade.
Park Dong Hoon’s kindness and Lee Ji An’s affections saved so many people (including me).
During the time I was away from Dramabeans, I dropped many dramas and thought my drama-watching era has finished! but this time the gods gave me Human Disqualification (Lost) and the beautiful journey of Bu Jeong and Kang Jae made my heart beat for dramas again.
I’m thankful to these two amazing dramas and I’ll be their avid fan for the rest of my life.

Here are some fan arts of my dear My Ahjussi. If you know the artists, please let me know so I can give credit to those fellow MA fans and thank them💎


    Welcome back. Hope you’re waiting for My liberation Diary by the same writer of My Ajusshi airing on April 9th. I’m definitely NOT excited I guess, hehe.


      Thank you.
      Oh I sure am! The writer of My Ahjussi and the director of My Wife is Having an Affair This Week! My dream team! (Well of course the director of MA will always be my favorite😍).
      And the casts! I LOVE all four leads specially Son Suk Ku as a mysterious stranger.
      Hope the drama meets our expectations🤞🏻


        Welcome back! We have to count ourselves lucky to have the masterpiece in My Ahjussi. Two more weeks and we’ll have My Liberation Diary


          Thank you🥀
          Masterpiece is indeed the best word to describe My Ahjussi..
          Counting days ^^


    Welcome back! Glad you enjoyed Human Disqualification! It was simply outstanding.


      Thank you🤍
      True🍊✨ During the time it was airing, I thought about DB a lot and wished I could be here and see if other beanies are enjoying HD as much as me…
      So glad to hear I wasn’t alone..