A drama A day challenge @purplesheesh

Post 7- Medical/Hospital

This one is tough. I was going to write Hospital Playlist, which has been the only hospital show I have loved, but it has been mentioned by a few other beanies.

Life and Doctor John were both very well-made shows which I liked a lot, though I didn’t fall in love with them.

There is Deserving of the Name that I absolutely love but I put it in for the time-travel category.

That leaves me with only two shows that are kind of medical and worth mentioning.

Faith, which is a combination of some of the best characterizations and plotlines, AND some of the worst characterizations and plotlines at the same time! It is simultaneously perfect and ridiculous.

Dae Jang Geum. A 52 hour historical sageuk which spans over many years of the great Jang Geum’s life going from a palace maid, to a palace chef, and then a palace doctor. There was a time I knew this show by heart, every single sound, every intonation, without knowing any Korean.


    Life is a show I really, really love (on my top ten) but even if it’s set in a hospital I never consider it a médica drama… does it make sense?