This is Professor Kim Jun Wan of Yulje Medical Center Appreciation post, post #HospitalPlaylist2
We witness a man who was brash and stoic to the point his subordinate, his junior has to point him the right way when dealing with patient’s guardians even though he fare well all these years with some of his patient returning to see him after he moved from Kangwoon Medical Centre to Yulje. But he changed for the better nonetheless. I will never forget how he comforted baby Hun’s mother at the end of S1 ep 8.
We witness a man who were so harsh to his chief resident, especially during life and death surgery to became his trusted allies and sharing their most vulnerable moment with each other. I love his ways of making sure the interns (although it’s always Hongdo tbh) become more knowledgeable with his timely and scary pop quiz method hahaha.
We witness a man who can’t last 3 month without new relationship to someone who remains faithful to one lady even after she broke his and her own heart due to noble idiocy. His love language to her, Jjajangmyeon and the willingness to drive again over 4 hours for the sake of making amend and restarting their love with each other.
We witness how much a piggies he is with Song Hwa that he is so adorable beyond saving.
I’m gonna miss you Professor Kim Jun Wan. So long and bless you.


    He really had the best overall arc out of the core 5.

    One of the things I loved about him was that he had awareness to his surroundings. When he became Department Chief, he realized he didn’t even have anyone to teach. The fact that he wanted Hongdu to sign a contract in Season 1, while used for comic effect, also gave us some insight into him.

    He stoicism shown to be a protection that didn’t benefit him anymore and he made that change. He even broke his own rule and told a guardian he was going to save their child this season.

    It’s called growth. He had it in spade and was still a damn good doctor as a result. I can’t imagine anyone but Jung Kyung Ho playing him and he did a fantastic job.


    Agree, he had a lovely arc. I love how JKH played him stoic, brash but not a jerk!
    JKH always manages to steal the show even in supporting roles – loved him in Prison playbook.


      ” I love how JKH played him stoic, brash but not a jerk!”

      This, this, 100 percent this.

      A testament to the writing and casting. A character who was a grown person with a solid professional career and also personal life. You never questioned why he had friends or was liked by people. You knew why.

      Take a note other dramas. This is how it is done.


    Junwans the only one out of the five who doesnt have any hidden agenda. Like how songhwa and ikjun “lied” about their feeling to each other; jeongwon’s “not cup of tea”; and seokhyeong’s american lies to his mother (this one get me realize that he is a sly fox. Not a bear at all. He’s a plotter)
    (Oot: no wonder minha’s parent mistook junwan as the bear instead of SH. Parent know best, after all). He is the naive one out of them, and JKH did potray him very well. 😍


      … while the other 4 can keep their own secret/plot without batting an eyelash, hes so jumpy and in the verge of confessing his relationship to ikjun 🤣🤣