I want to create a facebook group for the Korean Culture Club but I need to think of a catchy name since there is also one in Tartu University. How to name it like an idol fandom? help


    How’s the other (Tartu University) one called? Or is it just Korean Culture Club?

    Here are some random thoughts, they may not be good but hopefully, they can give you a baseline to think of some funky names!

    I’d go down the route of using Hanguk in the name or any other Korean words that people are already familiar with, mostly because those who are interested in Korean culture will most certainly recognise those, and also because I like the sound of it. It opens the door to catchy odd names:

    The Hanguk🇰🇷, Hanbok👘, Hangwa🍬 Club of Korean Culture

    Don’t Touch my Kimchi Club! (sorry this one might sound incredibly racist but I don’t mean it like that. I just love the idea of using kimchi as a cultural starting point to expand into the K culture and history)

    Korea Saranghae (and easy one for all those who know saranghae which is 99% of the population now, even though few know how to use it properly)

    From Hanguk, with love (not that James Bond ever had anything to do with Korea, but From Russia, with love, is a recognisable title)

    I’d like to mention that for simplicity, I’m keeping those grammatically incorrect. Can’t burden people with grammar at this point!


      LOL I do love Don´t Touch My Kimchi, but what about You can touch my kimchi?
      although, library…
      I think the other one IS just Korean Culture Club ( with UT aka Universitas Tartuensis in front)
      I tried letters…
      Like Ta-Ke-Ra-Ko (Tallinn, Central, Library, Korean) but that sounds japanese instead. Pirates of the Koreabean?


        Wait, you’re in Tallinn? I might go to Tallinn next month. Originally, I wanted to visit and check the escape room scene, but does this mean there is also a Korean scene in Tallinn?!

        My god, yes, Pirates of the Koreabean!!! This gets all my votes!


          yeah there is kind of, we have our King Sejong Institute, there is the Lyra cultural society and Im trying to bring everything together in the Central Library (it is right next to freedom Square and Opera Theater so very easy to come here). we will do taekwondo and baduk on the 22nd, and in october I think we might do some cooking and talk about the fandoms and fan culture in general. also I will have the members each prepare a presentation of their favorite group. and in november I dunno yet. might do some dancing. ‘

          I keep involving my teachers and any local koreans I know, today my professor said she will try to participate because she is trying to learn estonian. we might also do a language cafe