Beanie level: Chaebol’s poor doppelganger

Love is meeting you for the first time and marveling how something so beautiful can come from within me.

Love is finally being able to say to another human being that Yes, I would go into a burning building, or run in front a moving truck, to save you.

Love is releasing the preconditioned dreams and hopes after the diagnosis and finding that there are other dreams and hopes, just as worthy.

Love is accepting that life may never be ‘typical’ for you and knowing that it is ok.

Love is letting go the illusion of controls and surrendering to the greater power beyond.

Love is holding you asleep at night, knowing there’s no other person I’d rather with and no other place I’d rather be. 

Love is rejecting the fears of the future and embracing the joy of present moments.

Love is saying Love, over and over forever and ever, even if you may never be able to word it back.

Love is seeing you, beyond the labels and judgements, and finding the beautiful soul that is you.

Love is fighting the urge to give up after what feels like a million tries and finding the strength to give it yet another go.

Love is learning to overcome my insecurity and to love the perfect imperfect me by loving the perfect imperfect you.

Love is trying everyday to be the best person I can be so I can help you be the best person you can be.

Love is thanking you for coming into my life and teaching me more about life than I can probably ever teach you.

Love is being grateful for the gift and honour of being your mum.

Love, February