Finally watched the premiere week episodes of MY LIBERATION NOTES and oh my word, it’s so lovely!
Dark but hilarious! I also love the fact that it’s a family drama! Still can’t believe we have Seon Seokgu, Kim Jiwon, Lee Minki and Lee El in one show!

Everyone is amazing but KJW’s performance is absolutely exhilirating here!!! And SSG has said like two sentences in two hours, but goddamn. His silence says a lot. The nonverbal aspects of both these characters are the most captivating things about them and what I find to be the most insightful and also heartbreaking.

Now that I’ve used up all my exclamation points for the week, I’ll leave you all w/ this LMK screencap for no particular reason other than that I thought it was adorable, and ofc bc @mindy will like it.


    KJW and SSK are definitely creating the most impact here so far but this may be my most favorite LMK drama. He’s doing the ordinary guy so well here. And did I say I love LE’s big sister already.