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Witch Amusement: Episode 11


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Note: The only files I could find for Episode 11 had a ticker running along the bottom the entire episode, announcing vote counts for an election — so all the screencaps are thusly affected. If anyone knows of a clean copy of 11, please point me in the right direction! But I don’t think there’ll be one like that available.


With Yoo Hee on her way to an overnight trip with Joon Ha, Mu-ryong tries to convince Johnny to come along with him to check in on Yoo Hee. Johnny has some sense, though, and turns down the suggestion… until they run into Seung Mi and Mari. Mari suggests they all go out together, and Mu-ryong takes that as his cue to suggest going to Yang Pyeong. Seung Mi is up for the idea until Sara arrives, invites herself, and notes that Yang Pyeong is where Yoo Hee went.

Yoo Hee and Joon Ha arrive at the vacation home, where Yoo Hee gets ready to cook spaghetti for Joon Ha. He asks if she’s a good cook, and she says not particularly; but she thought it would be nice to cook. Joon Ha tells her not to trouble herself, since they can go out to eat, and Yoo Hee wistfully remembers how Mu-ryong happily ate her bad cooking and told her it was her effort that mattered.

They’re surprised and annoyed to see the five party crashers arrive, and while Joon Ha would dearly love to kick everyone out, he’s forced to be gracious (which is practically killing him, you can tell) and lets them stay. But still, they take advantage of the location and have some fun. Yoo Hee rides in a boat between Mu-ryong and Johnny, and the three enjoy themselves. Riding in another boat is the trio of rejected females: Mari, Seung Mi, and Sara, who’d all rather be in the other boat.

And being the scowly party pooper is Joon Ha, watching alone in dissatisfaction.

Yoo Hee takes a moment to pull Mu-ryong aside and express her feelings about his presence…

…and Mu-ryong happily finds ways to interrupt moments between Yoo Hee and Joon Ha with an innocent face.


Joon Ha is obviously up to something with the President, though, as he reports to him that he’s out on a trip with Yoo Hee. Johnny overhears the conversation and is surprised to hear Yoo Hee say that her father is unaware of her relationship with Joon Ha. Although Johnny was willing to give Joon Ha the benefit of the doubt (contrary to Mu-ryong’s suspiciousness), now he starts to become suspicious of Joon Ha’s motives as well.

That night, the group plays a Spin-the-Bottle Truth Game, which Joon Ha attempts to avoid when the bottle indicates his turn. Nobody knows him that well, so he can’t have anything interesting they’d like to know.

But Sara goes on, and asks him bluntly, “What’s your true intention toward Yoo Hee?” Everyone perks up, eager to hear the answer but trying to pretend they’re not interested, but Sara realizes the question’s a little inappropriate, and revises it to, “What do you like about Yoo Hee?” Joon Ha answers that it’s because she likes such an ordinary person like him. And Mu-ryong follows that question by asking if Joon Ha loves Yoo Hee. Joon ha ignores the question, but Mu-ryong repeats it, making everyone uncomfortable. Mu-ryong assumes that his unwillingness to answer means he must not love her, but Joon Ha just snaps that he has no business asking that, and stalks away, pissed off.


Back at home, Manager Lee has once again arrived at the restaurant for more jjajangmyun, and joins in a family dinner, where he bemoans his single status, looking on enviously at the happy couples. He also accompanies the family out to karaoke.

You know, now that they’re obviously shoe-horning Manager Lee with the Chae family as much as possible, I’ve accepted it and it’s almost becoming funny. It’s like the unfunny joke that goes on so long that somehow it circles around to being funny. Like the Simpsons gag with Sideshow Bob stepping on the garden rakes, one after another. And another. And another. It’s dumb, and dumber, and dumber, and ridiculous, and finally manages to be hysterical.


Later, Joon Ha takes out a ring and contemplates it… and whether or not he’s intending on proposing right this minute, he goes to visit Yoo Hee while she’s asleep. Because nothing puts a girl in a romantic mood more than being awakened late at night after a frustrating evening of tension-filled love-games.

Joon Ha leans over to kiss her in her sleep, which wakes her up, and she screams in reflex, colliding heads in the process. Mu-ryong hears her scream from downstairs, and assumes the worst. He bursts in on Joon Ha (ah, how hot is angry Jae Hee?), and the two engage in a fistfight.

Johnny breaks it up, dragging Mu-ryong off Joon Ha. Yoo Hee angrily slaps Mu-ryong for interfering without even knowing the situation, and Seung Mi looks on in shock.

Having calmed down, Mu-ryong apologizes to Seung Mi, but it seems a little half-hearted, even to me, since he defends his actions by saying that he can’t help but be suspicious of Joon Ha. Seung Mi wonders why he’s so interested in Yoo Hee’s business, and asks him to only worry about her instead.


Back at home, Yoo Hee demands to know what’s wrong with Mu-ryong. He tells her: “It’s because I keep worrying about you. My thoughts keep going to you.” He tells her that she can find a better guy — he’ll even help her. But he can’t give her over to Joon Ha — there’s something about the guy, and he just doesn’t like him.

But Yoo Hee kicks him out, leaving him with a few hundred bucks as compensation for his recent services. She then takes Joon Ha to meet with her father formally as her boyfriend, and both men maintain their fa´┐Żade of pretending they don’t have an understanding already worked out. The President says he still doesn’t like Joon Ha. (Paran also speaks up that he doesn’t like him either. Which is great! Because children tend to see through fakeness in a way that adults don’t.) But, the President says, this time he won’t oppose it. Joon Ha’s better than the other guy anyway.

Dropping Yoo Hee off at home, Joon Ha sees the cell phone Yoo Hee left behind in his car, and of course opens it straight to the video Mu-ryong had sent her before.

Yoo Hee comes home to see that Mu-ryong’s left her a bunch of Post-it notes, saying things like “Remember, I’m your Superman!” and “I left some food in the fridge for you to heat up and eat.” He’s also left a letter enclosing the money she’d given him, saying he’s sorry for what happened at the vacation house. Yoo Hee should know Mu-ryong tends to overreact, and he’s returning the money because he’s received favors from her as well — they’ll call it even.


Without a place to go, Mu-ryong crashes in the employee locker room at the restaurant…

….where Seung Mi finds him, and tries to convince him to come home with her. Mu-ryong resists, saying he’s more comfortable at the restaurant, which should be clue enough for Seung Mi — if your boyfriend wants to crash in a cold room on a makeshift bench/bed rather than go home with you, He’s Just Not That Into You.

She suggests they marry, to which Mu-ryong hesitates. I’m not sure if he’s stalling, or if he truly believes what he tells her — that he’s not in a position to marry. Because that happens to be true, given his work and home status at the moment. Guessing that the answer isn’t one that’ll make her happy, Seung Mi interrupts him and says they should talk about it later.

Mu-ryong stops her: “It’ll just be harder to say it later.”
Seung Mi: “Then don’t say it. If it’s hard for you to say, do you think it’ll be easy for me to hear?”
Mu-ryong: “But listen to me anyway.”
Seung Mi: “No, I don’t want to. We’ll talk about it later.”

And as anyone who’s ever had a cavity can tell you, ignoring the problem now and waiting to deal with it later is ALWAYS the best solution! I know I shouldn’t speak, being the master procrastinator that I am, but still. Seung Mi’s a little backwards here. But as she’s not the only one, I can’t hold it against her too much…

…because Joon Ha drops by Yoo Hee’s apartment to return her phone, and asks if she has time to talk. And Yoo Hee pulls a Seung Mi and says she’s tired; let’s talk later. Trust me, you’re going to have to drill that tooth sooner or later.

Yoo Hee resists the urge to call Mu-ryong, and instead smiles as she rewatches his video clip on her phone.


At the restaurant, Johnny presents the last challenge: serving. Whoever wins this will win the cooking competition with Cordon Bleu as its prize. And it seems Johnny may have deliberately chosen to increase the difficulty level of the task, assigning Mu-ryong to serve Yoo Hee and Joon ha, and Mari to serve Sara.

Both suffer minor bumps in the challenge, such as Mu-ryong trying too hard to convince Joon Ha to try the chef’s special, and Mari becoming too distracted with Sara goading her to give up on Johnny and spilling water, then wine. Finally, though, Mari breaks at Sara’s taunts and throws a glass of water at Sara, which anyone can tell you is not guaranteed to win you any serving awards. So I don’t even know why they bother acting nervous as they await Johnny’s decision — clearly Mu-ryong’s the winner.


Yoo Hee finds herself in a sticky situation at the film set of a commercial, realizing she’s left a report at home that she’d promised to deliver to the client. Though reluctant to ask, she calls Mu-ryong and asks him to go home and fetch the file, which he does despite being put in an awkward situation at work.

He arrives to the rescue, and while Yoo Hee has him wait for her as she gives the report to the client, she loses her cell phone AGAIN (twice in one episode? Really?), dropping it into a box of props. She joins Mu-ryong and they play with some of the wigs, while the crew cleans up and heads out…

…and apparently not knowing that Yoo Hee and Mu-ryong are still present, they find themselves locked in together in pitch darkness.

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