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Air City: Episode 12
by | June 26, 2007 | 33 Comments


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With the hackers at large, the airport is on high alert for anything suspicious. Given the level of danger involved, they are awfully slow about clearing an unattended suitcase left in the terminal. You’d think the SWAT team would be swarming instantaneously, but first we must see two cleaning ladies quibble over what it could be. It’s a red flag for a bomb threat and you’re on the lookout for a bomb. Put it together, folks.

Still, the airport team manages to inspect a total of seven instances of unattended luggage, all to no avail. I guess they’re so busy working at clearing false alarms that they missed the REAL piece of baggage left by the terrorist hacker guy in the last episode.

On the relationship front, Ha Joon is on edge, having witnessed Do Kyung and Ji Sung together in her apartment. Meanwhile Do Kyung just wonders cluelessly what he’s so upset about.


The hackers prepare for their next move as they crack into the database of security personnel and substitute their photos in for real officers. Then, they pose as construction workers to stop the real SWAT squad, then easily subdue them and steal their uniforms, weapons, and transportation. So I’ve learned from Air City that (1) Korean intelligence agents are super-effective (episode 11), but (2) but Korean SWAT team members are pussies.

The NIS traces the hackers’ IPs to their hideout and burst in… only to find the lair cleared out and empty.

I wonder if the “surprise” of this moment would have been more effective if we hadn’t already seen it in Episode 7. You know, when they burst in on Wang Wei’s lair, only to find it cleared out and empty… except one hanging Ha Joon, that is.

The next day, the hacker with the bad stringy hair leaves another unattended piece of luggage (another one? What happened to that one you left last episode?), which is found by our heroes and rushes off to the bomb squad because this one is a real threat. Ji Sung is called away just as he’s about to take a closer look at the people delivering the bank money, who are now our hackers disguised in uniform.

In the interim, some more hackers dressed up as maintenance workers (they sure like the dressing up — they must have a killer costume closet) swap out the real money for the counterfeit, while SWAT members are distracted by the possible bomb.

Just as they’re finishing up loading their money, Mr. Eom (cart man) stumbles in scolding them for their misuse of the airport carts. Even if they weren’t dangerous criminals in the middle of carrying out a massive crime, I’d be annoyed at the old man constantly grousing about the carts. They’re carts. They have wheels and they move heavy things. I need them to move my heavy things. Given that you don’t know I’m about to steal $10 million, you could be a little less stingy with the carts, man.

Clearly we are all on the same wavelength because the hackers aren’t about to be stopped, and they knock him out.

Elsewhere, the bomb squad takes the bomby suitcase away to detonate it in the safety of their own bomb shelter place thing. Did MBC just spend all their money on that explosion instead of adequate writing staff? Because I’m telling you, they bet on the wrong hand.

Ji Sung is convinced that the bomb was merely a diversion planted by the hackers to distract everyone while they were going on with their plan. The bureau chief asks him if he were the criminals, what reason would he have to plant a distraction? That triggers an idea, and Ji Sung races to the bank to insist they check the newly arrived dollars from Hong Kong. Because the bank official got the approval from their officials (the hackers posing as such), he finds no reason to be alarmed.

Ji Sung meets with resistance all around, because nobody else feels his hunch, but he persists. Upon testing the dollars, they find they’re fake. All ten milllllllion dollars.

Mr. Eom is found injured and unconscious at the loading dock, and rushed to the hospital. Thankfully, he’s not grievously injured.

Figuring the criminals haven’t been able to leave the country (or take their money) yet, they go to the harbors, which have been closed because of the bomb threat, and ask to see the cargo. There’s too much for them to possibly inspect, however. Do Kyung points out a group of crates and asks what it is. The harbor manager says it’s artwork to be returned to Russia after being loaned to Korea. The paintings have already been inspected and specially wrapped. They shrug and walk away. GEE I WONDER WHAT THAT WAS FOR.

Back at the airport, really dramatic music plays as Ji Sung and Do Kyung (separately) research about the Russian art. The music’s a little energetic for the scene. If watching someone surf the Internet is that thrilling, my life must really be exciting.

Do Kyung notes a particular discrepancy and goes back to the harbor, where she insists they open the crates of artwork. The harbor manager won’t allow it, but Do Kyung says she’ll take responsibility for it. Ji Sung also steps up and offers to take responsibility, causing Ha Joon to shoot him a look.

So they rip open the crate. And what should they find inside?

The money, of course! Whoop. De. Doo.


Now all that remains is to catch the criminals themselves. Knowing they’re dangerous and possibly armed, the NIS takes care to conduct the arrest quietly, and away from innocent passengers. They allow the hackers to pass through customs without problems, which gets the hackers to thinking they’re home free. Ye Won, posing as airline personnel, stops them to apologize that their gate has been switched. She escorts them to their terminal, and they celebrate a little early as they enter the passageway to board their plane…

…only there’s no plane at the end of the corridor. D’oh!


To celebrate, Ji Sung offers to buy Do Kyung a drink after work, but she says she’ll do the buying. Ha Joon just watches the exchange. After Do Kyung walks off, Ha Joon apologizes for not having taken Ji Sung’s hunch seriously, and Ji Sung tells him not to worry about it. Things ended well, and he thanks Ha Joon for his help.

Ha Joon asks if Ji Sung’s going to answer his question earlier about what decision Ji Sung’s made regarding pursuing Do Kyung (or not). Ji Sung laughs and finds no need to enlighten Ha Joon, telling him to worry about his own matters.


And then Lady Doctor collapses in pain.

We’re heading into our last stretch of episodes, and I’m dismayed that of all the characters whose health they chose to endanger, they picked the character I care least about. Plus, there’s been so little movement on the Do Kyung-Ji Sung relationship front that I don’t know if wedging Myung Woo in between them is going to produce much of a dramatic effect.

But whatever. Four more episodes. At this point it’s like eating the last few bites of food to clear off your plate, even if you’re already full, the food wasn’t that good, and you don’t particularly enjoy it. You just feel like you spent that money on that mediocre dinner, so damned if you’re not going to finish it. Even if it ends up giving you heartburn and you were better off just leaving those remnants on that plate.

33 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Hanizah Hashim

    Thanks javabeans. This will my first and last k-drama that I’ll be watching post-live just as it is being broadcasted in Korea. My formerly insatiable curiosity has been somewhat quashed by this pretty scary forum and blog culture. Maybe I should stick to the safer subject of clinical research. I will visit your blog till you finish the series and hope AirCity won’t give any of us bad indigestion. Cheers!

  2. javabeans

    Hanizah, I have mixed feelings on watching things live (or nearly live) too. On one hand, it sucks when something you’ve been enjoying takes a turn for the worse. But there are benefits too… If you don’t watch something live, you’ll miss out on a lot of the great conversations and analyses that are difficult to carry on once the drama has finished airing — and in the case of some really great shows, the discussions are fascinating. I loved the discourse brought up by Que Sera Sera, for instance — you can just look at the comments (and comment counts) for QSS versus all the other summaries here and get an idea.

    So despite the disappointment, I don’t think it’s all bad. It’s just a little tricky predicting what kind of drama something will turn out to be.

  3. ginnie

    Shoot. I hope Lady Doctor does not get terminally ill.

    Thanks for the summary. Actually I quite like the part when they tricked the hackers to the planeless gate. I didn’t expect that.

    p.s. Javabeans, I saw that you added a new link to support fansubbing, which I think is very worthwhile. Can you let me know how does the group use the fund raised?

  4. javabeans

    hey emily, wanna answer ginnie’s question? my answer would be that our coordinators frequently use money out of their own pocket to keep the fansub group running smoothly, like providing resources for the team members to enable us to work on files quickly and easily, server space and costs, etc. i believe withs2 also donates quite a bit to d-addicts and soompi, which both have very demanding server loads and costs. those groups also have donation links (i can’t post them b/c wordpress only allows one link, but you can find them at their sites).

    it’s basically to break even so that people don’t actually LOSE money fansubbing (frankly i think time is precious enough, without adding money to the equation!) although I think our lovely coordis are willing to put in the time and money.

  5. jtranla

    Javabeans…thank you so much for all your writeup on various series. I enjoy the discussion more than the AC drama, which is sad because it started with so much potential. The only good thing is that it introduces me to LJJ’s acting skill.

    In terms of supporting WithS2 fansub, I was wondering what is the net $ the group gets based on different method of contribution. For example, $100 contribution, do you get the entire amount or is there a charge based on the payment method chosen.

  6. mily2

    sarahbeans.. yay!! you managed to finish this off – * pat pat*.. just stopping by to cheer you on!!!!

  7. Waeguksaram

    “four more episodes” …??? I thought it was originally going to be 20 episodes long. Was it wishful thinking on your part…or is MBC giving up on this also??? lol

    Ep 12 + 4 more = 16 total episodes?

  8. mily2

    sarah.. yes yes.. I’m here.. to answer ginnie’s question.. as sarah has mentioned.. all the donations will go straight to the withs2’s resource fund.

    Up to very recently, every expenses related to withs2 has been funded by me.. but as withs2 grows bigger ( with over 120 + members to date)- we constantly need to expand & upgrade to meet our members’ needs.. Beside donating to d-addicts & soompi.. we provide our members w/ various resources -we have own tracker for direct HQ links, premium accounts for hosting services to ensure that our members download the files they need in a timely manner. We run our own forum & upcoming website and have multiple gift drawings constantly to award the hardest working group of members.. etc.

    Please understand that no matter what amount you donate, every dollar will help to keep WithS2 going and all donations will be used solely for the benefit of with S2 fansubs. * and dinner/ norabang gatherings for me and javabeans*- J/K * lol* !!!!

    jtranla – paypal does deduct a fee from the total amount.

  9. jtranla

    mily2 – for clarity..if I chose the payment via credit card, then you will get the entire amount as oppose to using paypal, correct? Just want you guys to get the most of the money, instead going to the transaction fee.

  10. 10 javabeans

    jtranla, i think paypal always charges a fee, so don’t worry and please do whatever you are most comfortable with! and thank you for your generosity!!

  11. 11 Philippa

    Thank you so much! Really, there’s only 4 more episodes left? I think that there should be more scenes of Ji Sung and Do Kyung together, just like when they were on the island ALONE! lol. I’m going to miss your summaries when I leave! I’m not going to be able to use the computer, because I’m going to be on a vacation! I LOVE you javabeans! Thanks a lot for writing the summaries for us! I love this website SOOO MUCH!!!

  12. 12 godzillaicecream

    Ha! You hit the jackpot when you mentioned about finishing food that wasn’t great but you finish because you spent money on it, exactly what I feel right now. I just read these summaries instead of watching the eps now, watching it only lulls me to sleep. Thanks again for the great summaries!

  13. 13 Marzy

    bravo sarah for yet another episode of air city!^^ oh well.. i have nothing else left to say. i stopped dling this and started to just read. i cant help it. i mean really that thing with the SWAT just made me laugh. plus they will put in the sick storyline now? where is the entire summation of this drama going? it had a beginning, clearly the middle is missing and the end nowhere in completion. sigh.. why oh why.

    hahaha that would be mind blowing if it turned out both women were sick. priceless. anyways, i feel so sad coz i really thought Aircity had new material and stuff going for them. it was just up to them how they’d utilize it. at least there is still eye candy there. hahahaha

  14. 14 acid_pops

    Hi Javabeans,

    I stumbled across your blog while I was google-ing for some Air City related stuff few weeks ago. Ever since then, I am constantly visiting your blog to check on the summary you write for each of the Air City episodes.

    As I hardly understand any Korean language, I rely on the Chinese subtitle. That’s where I found there are some discrepancies between that what I understand from the Chinese subtitle version and your summary. For instance, in one of the earlier episode, I understood that the lady doctor got a life-threatening sickness, which is the reason she choose to break up with Ji Sung. She still needs to go for regular check-ups.

    So, it does make sense to me when this latest episode of Air City showed the lady doctor collapsed. I am guessing that Ji Sung will found out about her illness in the next episode, thus creating some suspense to the audience as of whether who will Ji Sung choose at the end of the day, the lady doctor or Do Kyong.

    Same goes with the luggage plot. I understand from the subtitle I read that “if there’s unattended luggage left in the airport for more than 2 hours, the airport officials will suspect the luggage could contain bomb.” Then the normal procedure will be to call for the EOD squad (not sure if I recalled the name correctly) to check on the luggage. One of the bad guys happened to work in the IIAC security department before, so he understands perfectly all the security measures, thus decided to drop a luggage here and there to create diversion to get the security personals occupied with checking on those false alarms, making it easy for them (the bad guys) to carry on with their activities.

  15. 15 blue_rose

    aish……do they need to venture into sick chick episodes now? We have only 4 episodes left and please don’t tell me they will waste at least 3 episodes on the lady doc and her terminal illness. Oh maybe HDK will also have a brain tumor?? why not? They have been dropping hints from the beginning with all those pills and head ache. JS will have a hard time choosing between 2 terminally ill patients πŸ™‚
    This should keep them busy for the rest of the show.

    I knew this is coming (the sick doc scenario) but I still was hoping it will not happen, I guess wishfull thinking eh?

    Thanks so much for continuing your summary Javabeans, despite everything like you I just can’t dropped this one quite yet. But the last scene of this ep seems to make me loose hope about the rest of AC.

  16. 16 javabeans

    acid_pops, I don’t see any discrepancies in your examples. Yes we do know that the doctor had an illness before. I believe i mentioned it in a prior recap. I think most people who are unhappy with the storyline are reiterating their prior dissatisfaction with the illness line as a story point, but no, it’s not a surprise.

    As for the luggage, I’m complaining that the culprit actually left TWO separate suitcases, and they only addressed one. Why bother with the first one if the second one is the one with the bomb? My (sarcastic) point was that the airport officials were so busy attending to all the false alarms that strangely, nobody bothered to find the first suitcase. Or maybe it just disappeared.

    I also think it’s highly negligent to have treated the first bag (the woman’s suitcase) with such delayed concern. In this post-9/11 world with terrorist bomb scares everywhere, i’d think such a glaring threat would be dealt with much more swiftly.

    I wonder if that clears things up.

  17. 17 javabeans

    blue_rose, i would LOVE it if Do Kyung were sick too!!! Seriously. That would push this into the “so ridiculous it would HAVE to have a sense of humor about itself” territory. HAHA. I did wonder if they were going anywhere with her pill-popping, but they haven’t really.

    Ah, Ji Sung with two sickly damsels in distress. Soooo much mocking potential.

  18. 18 ktv

    Seriously, I wonder what gonna happen to the doctor. Is Ji Sung going to come back to her ??? I don’t understand Ha Joon. He needs to do something. Don’t just watch Ji Sung and Do Kyung. If he wants to pursuit her, he will need to do something, instead of observing and keeping irritated without saying or explaining anything. Nobody gonna understand it. *___*

  19. 19 acid_pops

    javabeans, thanks for clearing things up for me. perhaps i’ve missed out some out the details in your summary.

    about the FIRST luggage, was it my eyes that are fooling me? but i thought they did found it at Level 1 area C??? and it turns out to be a false alarm too. it was the 2nd luggage that has the real bomb, right?

    i could be wrong with the details, as i don’t have the clips with me now.

    nonetheless, i must say, i really do enjoy reading every post you made. although i may not be able to understand all your scarsm, but i can definately laugh on those i managed to understand. πŸ™‚

    and i like those storylines that you proposed. it kind of make the drama better instead of just being mediocre. too bad eh, the script writers don’t think like you think.

  20. 20 ginnie

    Thank you mily2 for the explanation!


    Ji Sung with two sickly damsels in distress. Soooo much mocking potential. –Javabeans

    —Ah. Javabeans…That will be something I’ll look out for if that really comes true.

    I am concerned for some of the customers of Air City that imported this series into their respective countries..Will they get their investment monies worth? Were they just banking on the Korean Wave and the series’ megabudget status? Korean Wave is in trouble if the Korean Wave stars are churning out less than quality work and still expect to sell their work at exorbitant prices. Bae Yong Joon has a megabudget historical epic in the works. If his work is also done like Choi Ji Woo’s Air City, I am afraid people won’t be that silly to buy their work at sky high prices again just to get mediocre work.

  21. 21 asterion

    Javabeans, It is understandable of you to blame the plot of the AC. but
    Do not use your sarcasm to the fact that you don’t know perfectly.

    “The hackers prepare for their next move as they crack into the database of security personnel and substitute their photos in for real officers. Then, they pose as construction workers to stop the real SWAT squad, then easily subdue them and steal their uniforms, weapons, and transportation. So I’ve learned from Air City that (1) Korean intelligence agents are super-effective (episode 11), but (2) but Korean SWAT team members are pussies.”

    they who were beaten by the swindlers is not Korean SWAT teams but just staffs of the private security firm

  22. 22 thunderbolt

    Your ‘sarcasm’ is one of the reasons I keep coming back for more. Don’t tone it down just because.

    And asterion, javabeans is currently recapping/summarizing THREE dramas for us insatiable folks. That’s A LOT to do so you can cut her some slack if she gets 1 or 2 teeny-weeny details wrong (I’m not saying she did since I didn’t watch Ep 12 and don’t plan to).

  23. 23 javabeans

    acid_pops, the first luggage i’m referring to is the one left by the hacker at end of episode 11 — outside by the curb. the one with the bomb is the second bag left by the hacker in episode 12. Do kyung says they dealt with seven (false alarm) cases of luggage being unattended that day. i’m just wondering what the point of that first bag was if it didn’t have a bomb and wasn’t a threat.

    asterion, okay so they’re not SWAT. my point still stands.

  24. 24 supersumiehime

    This show had a lot of potential, but the writers don’t know what they’re doing at all. It’s like a chicken running around without its head, anyway, I think this show is better off as 30 or 40 episode drama series because so far there’s been very little character development considering there’s only four episodes left.

    The drama so far has a bunch of characters assigned to the cliche roles seen in other dramas such as the guy who has a one-sided love, and the girl attracted to the bad boy, and the ex-girlfriend who’s too passive for her own good, and the guy who denies his feelings about the main girl. AHHHHHHHHH! Usually this combination , though repetitive, is amusing to watch if done right, but NO ONE has actually dived into the pool, instead everyone is dipping their toes into the water and immediately back away because they think the water is too cold. Like that one time, where the main couple kiss, but not much happens after that. Bugged me to no end. The writers forgot that something in the relationship should drastically change after that, just more amusing to watch. I’m only mentioning this because the drama is running out of episodes to fit in a love triangle, conspiracies, random illnesses, and oh maybe occasional bomb or two. This show really needed a lot more character development, and maybe then I would have forgiven some of the lame sequences.

    Just a few thoughts, thanks again Javabeans for summaries!

  25. 25 kiwee

    blah. that illness that made her shun ji sung?

  26. 26 soonjap

    It’s always amazing and amusing for me to come here and read Javabeans’ summary/analyses. The same goes for the comments left by other people. My goodness, how many times does it need for repeating? It’s not the details but about the storyline, folks! SWAT, Private Security Firm, tomatoes, tomahtoes, you know? The fact that it was the private security firm instead of the SWAT team made no difference in how the storyline played out. OK? The storyline (or in this case, the lack of one) is why I’ve stopped watching. It’s just not worth it to me. I’m just grateful to Javabeans that she’s able to continue watching. By the way Javabeans, what happend to the “strictly summaries sans sarcasm?” I, for one, am entirely too happy you didn’t stick by that one. It’s your analyses that has reassured me that my watching taste hasn’t gone completely to the dogs. I knew there HAD to be a reason I kept going, “HUH?” so often during these episodes. I’m also reassured that I’m not the only one who’s realized the lack of relationship development between JS and DK. And with only 4 episodes to go, how are they going to handle the rest of that one? I suppose, with the lack of direction and creativity from the writers (wow, they’re really going for a double whammy here), it is plausible to have both DK and MW have a terminal disease and kill them both off, thus never having to properly manage a true relationship between DK and JS. You know, this really does sound like a bad combination of “Winter Sonata” and “Stairway to Heaven” all rolled in one. Yikes! Oh, Javabeans, I will hope that the last 4 episodes are brilliant so that it’ll be easier for you to watch. Hey, I can still dream, right?

  27. 27 javabeans

    “By the way Javabeans, what happend to the “strictly summaries sans sarcasm?” I, for one, am entirely too happy you didn’t stick by that one.”

    soonjap, I stuck it out for one recap and that was it.

    “I knew there HAD to be a reason I kept going, “HUH?” so often during these episodes.”

    Yes. Totally agree. Part of the reason i may have gotten that detail wrong ^^ above is because there’s so much that makes little sense that it hurts my head trying to figure it out — which leads to misunderstandings, because I’m not trying as hard to distinguish what makes sense from what doesn’t. Once you’ve lost your viewers’ faith that you can tell a logical story, you’re going to lose them even when you’re supposedly making sense.

  28. 28 ripgal

    Once again, thank you for continuing with your writeups Sarah. I find myself enjoying your summaries more than the drama itself, like everyone does it seems. πŸ˜€

    I agree with somebody’s comment that AC could be better if it was a 40 pr 60 ep drama. Since they should be able to address both airport operations and relationship issues in more depth. What we’ve seen from the past 12 eps have merely been a mere touch on the surface of different issues, which isn’t really my style. But yeah…now I don’t even care who ends up with who already. Do your best AC, I’ll still follow you till the very end. XD

  29. 29 Anonymous

    patiently waiting for subs to appear on d-ad….s πŸ™‚

  30. 30 ktv

    Man. I’ve been waiting for your summary on Air City ep 13 and 14. I don’t know Korean. Therefore, I kinda understand part of the episodes. However, your summary on those episodes will be a big help for me. I am eagerly looking forward to reading your summary.

  31. 31 Andromytta

    Even though I know this show is two or more years old, and no one else will prob. read this post, I feel the need to say NCIS-LA totally ripped off Air City! They, too, had a story about some really good conterfieters swapping fake money for real money, only this way via the US military. Further proving my feeling that NCIS-LA is a mediocre show not worthy of the NCIS name.

  32. 32 Jomo 143∞

    Soooo funny “Did MBC just spend all their money on that explosion instead of adequate writing staff? Because I’m telling you, they bet on the wrong hand.”

    Even though the explosion was pretty cool, WHERE WAS THE COUNTDOWN CLOCK? You just kinda sorta had a sense of interest about what was in the suitcase. Oh, yeah, and it’s gonna like blow?up? or something?

    The writers have never watched Mission Impossible or Star Trek? You always have a countdown, you always watch somebody sweat trickle down, you always have people in imminent danger!

    Yes, two people who have sex often look blithely at each other and not make eye contact and hardly touch. WOT? It’s not like the actors can’t show some attraction to another. We have seen them do it. But if there aren’t any scenes where they are alone, or touching, or kissing, maybe? This is such a waste of LJJ’s sexy. I could screeeeeeeeam!

    You say the last four could be so bad they’ll be good. That is exactly what I am hoping for.

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