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VIPs come to see E.T.
by | August 28, 2008 | 10 Comments

August 28 saw the VIP preview of the comedy Our School E.T., which opens in wide release on September 11.

The title’s “E.T.” is both a cheeky reference to Spielberg’s extraterrestrial and to the lead character played by funnyman Kim Su-ro, who takes on the role of a not-so-bright physical education teacher. As a result of the growing pressure for students to stress an English-language education, he needs to switch to teaching English (becoming the “E.T.,” or English Teacher). Alas, his limited talents aren’t quite up to the task. But he tries — and what he lacks in brainpower, he makes up in determination.

The cast also features a crop of young actors — Baek Sung-hyun (pictured above, with lead actor Kim Su-ro), Park Bo-young, Lee Min-ho, and Moon Chae-won — as well as veteran comedic actor Lee Han-wee.

There were a slew of familiar faces at the VIP screening, including those of actors Kim Rae-won, Lee Seon-kyun, and Oh Man-seok, as well as recent Olympic gold-medalist swimmer Park Tae-hwan. More beyond the cut.

Here’s the preview, which is in Korean, but worth watching just for the last two lines (preceding them, starting at the 1:57 mark, Lee Han-wee’s character tells Kim Su-ro’s to speak only in English):

Cast members Kim Su-ro, Lee Han-wee, Moon Chae-won, Lee Min-ho, Baek Sung-hyun, Park Bo-young:

Top: Guest VIPs Kim Rae-won, gold-medalist Park Tae-hwan.
Bottom: Lee Chun-hee, Lee Seon-kyun sitting with Oh Man-seok, Kang Ji-sub.

From the film:

Via Star News

10 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Amy

    Those two English lines are HILARIOUSLY done, haha.

  2. K-lover

    Ha…ha I love the cheeky reference to E.T. The leading actor is hilariously unique. ^_^

  3. JiHwan

    Baek sung hyun <333 He’s grown up to be a very handsome man.

  4. lele

    i’ve seen KSR in a lot of variety shows, he is such a funny guy, & he can dance too. In Family Outing he is stepmother to Lee Chun Hee’s Chunderella.

  5. Cherry

    wow what a crowd of VIPs…Lee Han-wee must be quite busy lately, with his appearances in a lot of dramas!

  6. Sue

    hahaha stepmother kim an english teacher

  7. Tiffany80

    Chunhee~ Sooro expressions are always funny. This movie looks good.

  8. Jun

    She’s the 대세!

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