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It’s boxer briefs for Kim Ji-hoon
by | September 2, 2008 | 58 Comments


Excuse me while I stare…

…Okay. Done.

No, wait…

Okay, now I’m done.

Kim Ji-hoon, currently on the air as a yummy divorce lawyer in the new KBS trendy drama Love & Marriage, shows his stuff (*snicker*) in a pair of Calvin Kleins for a magazine spread.

You’ll be able to ogle — er, peruse — some more with the September issue of Singles magazine. I’m sure we’ll all read it for the articles.

Via Breaknews.com


58 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. twreckx

    Pictures definitely deserve to be accompanied by wolf whistles. Hwoar!!!

  2. snoopy

    He is not my type. But your post is too funny! 😀

  3. poptartsgurl

    Me likey!!! I call DIBS!!

  4. puela

    so much meat and I’m toothless hahaha
    i know i know poptartsgurl… hands off…

  5. Jo II

    Those are horrible briefs, take them off now! LOL.


  6. all4movies

    omo, so much beefcake I almost had a heart attack!!!!

    love your snide remark about the “package”. unfortunately, korean men are known to be lacking in that department.

  7. addicted

    It’s embarrassing how many times I’ve rubbed his abs on my monitor screen. …briefs…OFF.

  8. Haneul

    he doesn’t seem to be packing much… down there

  9. puela

    well ppl .. its not a david beckham http://blog.nj.com/entertainment_impact_celebrities/2007/12/large_BECKHAMad.jpg
    but the guy still looks good …. so glad ppl left the office.. now how do I make a wallpaper kekeke

  10. 10 poptartsgurl

    wow puela….thank goodness no one was in my office when I opened that link. LOL

  11. 11 hjkomo

    lol. puela, warning labels, please! 😉

  12. 12 Miss_Sandalettes

    ….still staring on 1st picture…. *__ *

  13. 13 ed

    i’m sure his very nice personality makes up for it… 😀

  14. 14 Toya

    Can I poke him now? Those abs are hot… WHY DO THE ONES WITH ABS NEVER SHOW IT ON TV?

  15. 15 Sonam

    Nothing to write home about! If you are going to pose in your underwear you better deliver! Not very impressive!!!!

  16. 16 anne

    thanks for making me mess my keyboard with my drool
    he is fiiiiiiiiine!!!

  17. 17 asianromance

    hotness!!! but he looks better in boxers – like in that scene in Why Did you come to my house where he was running down the street with just boxers on. I’m falling in love with this guy!

  18. 18 Georgie

    Holy crap! Now if I could find a Korean man like him then I could make both myself and my parents (as well as my entire family) very happy!

    If only… 🙂

  19. 19 raahmose

    “I’m sure we’ll all read it for the articles.”
    Absolutely. I’m glad you mentioned it. It is so hard to find captivating articles to read these days. The photographs may prove to be distracting but I’m sure we can all make allowance for them.

  20. 20 puela


    sorry ladies… I couldnt edit the comment when I thought about it… besides.. if anything.. BLAME POP-UPS 😉
    if only all pop-ups where like that kekeke
    No need for adblockplus ^^v

  21. 21 Anonymous

    jaz wanna ask dramabeans……i seem to be having problems when opening ur site…..a pop-up error sign always appear, saying there’s a problem with my internet explorer??…..i thought at first the problem is my computer here in the office, but when i got home same msg appear in my home pc?? what could be the problem??….now i’m able to open ur site by going to google first…..help!….can’t live a day without reading ur site….it’s the first thing I always do before i start working, can’t drink coffee but can’t live a day without javabeans!

  22. 22 anna

    I would like very much to spoon him right now! Rawr.

  23. 23 rocketfuel

    The dude kind of looks like Johnny Depp during his 21 Jump Street era.

  24. 24 diane

    He is def.. HOT but his junk is MINIATURE

  25. 25 javabeans

    (Anon, hm, I have no idea what the problem could be. Anyone else experiencing similar issues?)

    LOL. There is a mixed metaphor in here somewhere, and darned if I won’t find it.

    If the, uh, fish is too small, you can throw it back into the sea… plenty of other fishes… leave it for the rest of us… since it’s not the size of the boat… but the motion of the ocean…

    Oh well. If you don’t want him, more for me! (Or maybe not.)

  26. 26 crazy driver

    YOWZA! such a sucker for boy next door hotness…

  27. 27 Jnie


  28. 28 bebo

    rocketfuel…omg, yea…johnny depp…21 jumpstreet..i see it! johnny depp has been looking pretty good lately too! this guy is pretty hot but not much to show down below!

  29. 29 cattleya

    i just the best of luck to this actor.
    i want to see him succeed as he has potentials and i like his eyes.

  30. 30 enkhee

    gosh, javabeans, you just too funny.

    and im loving those hot pink briefs. i can imagine all those girls buying all these hot pink briefs for their boyfriends who sadly won’t look as good in them.

  31. 31 raahmose

    “It is of great use to the sailor to know the length of his line, though he cannot with it fathom all the depths of the ocean.” John Locke

  32. 32 ed

    ^ LOL thank you raahmose. is that a great quote for a breakup-on-a-post-it or what?

  33. 33 Muffin

    Anon, that has happened to me a few times. I usually have to wait until there are more posts to push whatever the glitch is onto the second page. I thought it was maybe an ad or something.

  34. 34 Marzy

    *drools* oh man.
    so that where kim ji hoon’s been hiding all that.

    u got me curious about that magazine..
    the pink underwear reminds me of yunho for some reason..

  35. 35 Ndegeocello

    Oh, he’s good looking. I’ll give you that much. But his personality? Yikes! He’s not a pissy divo or of that kind, but rather annoying. It’s a shame he doesn’t have the complexion to back up those looks.

  36. 36 Suzy

    “…but the motion of the ocean…”

  37. 37 Tiffany80

    =O omona.

  38. 38 Jessica

    WOW! @_@

    …and I bet Beckham was wearing a cup…

  39. 39 yetti

    24 diane – Sep 2, 2008 at 6:40 pm
    He is def.. HOT but his junk is MINIATURE


  40. 40 Row

    … but the motion of the ocean….. Ha-ha-ha!!! Clever, clever javabeans!

  41. 41 marcel

    i’ll be reading for the stimulating intellectual discussion…

    on the topic of KJH’s body parts…hot damn…

    (female btw, but name’s ambiguity comes handy in instances like these)

  42. 42 Anonymous

    Nice body, Kim Ji Hoon is so handsome and hot!!! I am drooling right now… I don’t care if he has small package cause he is cute!!! I just hope he will be more hairy (armpits, body) because most of the time he is so smooth!

  43. 43 muck

    korean men are known to be lacking? really? and how many have you slept with to know that? or maybe you’re just lo…… puhaha.

  44. 44 Marina Frisca

    he’s hawt… nuff saidddd ^^

  45. 45 sakurablooms13

    Wow! He is so freakin hot! I love watching Love Marriage and I agree those briefs have to come off please post more of him. =)

  46. 46 questions846

    yeah – loud gasp. haha happy trail!

  47. 47 WeAreAlwaysReading

    Ummm, nice shorts

  48. 48 LoveDramas

    LOL…total agree w/Haneul that he doesn’t seem to be packing much… down there! hehehe……

  49. 49 db

    I wish Kang Ji Hwan has a pic as sexy as that too!

  50. 50 JavaJolt

    Why is all most of you can think of is size? That is NOT all there is to him. He could probably make many of you girls and some of you boys walk funny for a while.

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