We should have a drinking game. Every time a Korean article uses (or misuses) the term “comeback,” everyone downs a shot. Just don’t expect to see Kim Tae-hee making hers anytime too soon.

The actress — quite possibly known as much for being a weak actress as she is for being beautiful and smart — is having a hard time finding a role to take on.

Kim recently explained her current situation through her official fan club and café, saying, “It’s really difficult finding a project that suits me. Actually, in the past I felt a sense of obligation, thinking it was better to act in anything and fail rather than to do nothing at all. These days I really want to get back in front of the camera.”

She expressed thanks to her fans who’d sent her gifts for the upcoming Chuseok holiday this weekend and said that she wanted to show her thanks with a great project: “But thank you all for waiting patiently.” (Btw, it creeps me out that Korean stars get food gifts from fans, because how do you know you haven’t got a crazy amongst them, a la DBSK?)

Kim Tae-hee’s last role was the movie Fight a year ago (which met with mixed reviews), and has stuck to CFs in the interim. In fact, her university senior and fellow actor Lee Soon-jae drew attention during an interview with her on KBS2’s Entertainment Weekly in May. He’d told her, “Lately I see you doing a lot of advertisements, but if you find a good project, a suitable role, whether it’s a film or drama, take it. Being an actor is about taking something all the way, not advertising.”

A representative for the actress disclosed, “She plans to choose her next role and resume acting soon.”

Via Hankook Ilbo