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Not quite ready for her close-up yet
by | September 13, 2008 | 21 Comments

We should have a drinking game. Every time a Korean article uses (or misuses) the term “comeback,” everyone downs a shot. Just don’t expect to see Kim Tae-hee making hers anytime too soon.

The actress — quite possibly known as much for being a weak actress as she is for being beautiful and smart — is having a hard time finding a role to take on.

Kim recently explained her current situation through her official fan club and café, saying, “It’s really difficult finding a project that suits me. Actually, in the past I felt a sense of obligation, thinking it was better to act in anything and fail rather than to do nothing at all. These days I really want to get back in front of the camera.”

She expressed thanks to her fans who’d sent her gifts for the upcoming Chuseok holiday this weekend and said that she wanted to show her thanks with a great project: “But thank you all for waiting patiently.” (Btw, it creeps me out that Korean stars get food gifts from fans, because how do you know you haven’t got a crazy amongst them, a la DBSK?)

Kim Tae-hee’s last role was the movie Fight a year ago (which met with mixed reviews), and has stuck to CFs in the interim. In fact, her university senior and fellow actor Lee Soon-jae drew attention during an interview with her on KBS2’s Entertainment Weekly in May. He’d told her, “Lately I see you doing a lot of advertisements, but if you find a good project, a suitable role, whether it’s a film or drama, take it. Being an actor is about taking something all the way, not advertising.”

A representative for the actress disclosed, “She plans to choose her next role and resume acting soon.”

Via Hankook Ilbo


21 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. -

    1st! finally someone speaks with sense 🙂

  2. asianromance

    yes so she’s a CF queen but I don’t think she should be too choosy since she hasn’t been in a drama in a long while and her acting was weak. i personally think that she’s afraid to get back into acting- while her CFs are watched and loved, her acting in dramas and movies is criticized and she is depending on a role to make her a hit instead of using her acting skills. And it always strikes me as odd that so many celebs do commercials while in the US, the commercials are usually left to not well-known or not-known-at-all people- unless it was a pro-active or neutrogena face wash commercial.

    And i totally agree with this line: “Btw, it creeps me out that Korean stars get food gifts from fans, because how do you know you haven’t got a crazy amongst them, a la DBSK?” like when actors on the set of a drama is eating the lunch sent by fans, my mind screams for them to bring out a needle and test the food to see if the needle turns black [like in those historical dramas]

  3. fizzle

    goddd, she’s so beautiful!!
    stuns me every time i look at her..

  4. didiellza

    Yeahh in deed she is soooo beautiful how can a person be soo pretty?? [btw it must lay in the family Lee Wan isn’t bat either!!] (*^_^*) Her Beauty is like “if you see a girl on the street (or someone you know) with her beauty then you really hate that person soo much out of jealousy but at the same time you wish you would have her beauty. hehe

    But her acting is really….. lets put it in a nice way…. “not so god”. But I have to admit that I liked her acting in NINE TAiLED FOX. She wasn’t that great but also not that bad!
    Hated her acting in LoveStory in Harvard the most. And about her acting the her movies I really don’t want even to start.

    (I have seen Stairway To Heaven too but I will keep it out because its my fist KOREAN DRAMA and THEE DRAMA that presented me with so much love for kdramas. That I really don’t want to find a flaws in the drama even though I KNOW there were some.)

  5. Sonam

    Sometimes her eyeballs look like they are going to pop out.

  6. Miki

    Well… maybe it is creepy, but DBSK’s incident is the only one I can REALLY remember for being so high-profile, so I don’t think stuff like that happens too often. But you’d think that at least the food would go through security or something like that? Maybe they do, but it doesn’t seem like it…. You can view it two ways I guess: That they don’t worry enough and it’s dangerous, or that Korean fans are compassionate and the staff trusts the fans.

    I have always found it so fascinating how personal the Korean stars are and how much their fans love them… The “network” between each fans, the obsession without “abnormal obsession.” The way the stars seems to appreciate the fans so much… despite the fact that sometimes with netizens, you don’t even needs tabloids. It’s so personal!

  7. ed

    I thought her acting improved quite a lot in Fight, maybe not as much as people expect from someone so high-profiled. (“why do we fuss over her so much?” LOL) The movie had other problems unrelated to her, but of course news and netizens always tie everything to the stars. How about some theater, or take smaller roles suitable to her skills?

  8. all4movies

    I haven’t seen any of her “acting” but I hear a lot about her good looks. Oh well, to each their own.

    She doesn’t strike me as attractive at all, maybe it’s the vapidness in her eyes. (ouch, maybe that was a bit mean do you think?)

  9. cm

    all4movies, yeah that’s probably a bit mean (the vapid part) considering she went to Korea’s #1 university and has a genius IQ. so she isn’t dumb. (i know, being smart doesn’t make you a good actor, because i agree she isn’t one.)

  10. 10 Jac

    Actually Lee Soon-jae did not have the interview with her, rather, he was asked by the host about his opinion on Kim Tae-hee. I was bowled over by Lee Soon-jae’s directness and thought “finally someone is brave enough to come out and say the words”. He certainly has enough weight and knowledge about the craft to make such comments.

    One flimsy reason I gave for stars (like Kim Tae-hee and Choi Ji-woo) who are perpetually stuck in the same position throughout the years, is the obsession and praise that fans heaped on them, which might have attributed to their complacency , with regards to their star status and performance.

    Both actresses manage to give passable performances if they are paired with strong co-stars (Lee Byung-heon/Kim Rae-won), but how often will they be in such luck? But if I have to rate both actresses in terms of ‘craft improvement’ over the years, I pick Kim Tae-hee over Choi Ji-woo any time.

    IMO,beauty, though preferred, is not necessary in the industry. There are many glamour-less beauty who are doing excellent work. Some of my favorite actresses aren’t even beautiful in the conventional sense, but they do great acting.

  11. 11 angie

    she’s a cf queen who occasionally does acting
    imho, the term actress is a bit too much
    and i demand the term comeback to be terminated forever from korean media!
    one+ month hiatus and its a ‘comeback’ already?

  12. 12 me

    she’s sooooo beautiful. i remember the 1st time i saw her in love story in harvard, i was stunned and i quickly googled her images. hehee.. and yes, she looks smart too but i didn’t know she is smart in real.

    but yeah, intelligence is not a measurement for acting skills. but if i were to choose brain over acting skills, i choose brain. but it’s just me who have nothing to do with filming industry.

  13. 13 Kobe

    Kim Tae Hee most definitely should NOT be so picky as to what drama to star in. It’s not like she has a great range and can do anything. Might as well just do a light-hearted romcom like Love Story In Harvard.

    But despite her inability to pull off more than 2 facial expressions, she’s still one of my favorite k-actresses. Imagine watching a KTH drama right after SHK’s one finishes? That’s like watching Nine-Tailed Fox right after Full House! Ahh…the good ol’ days of watching k-dramas just to stare at pretty actresses 🙂

  14. 14 lilwuman

    yes she is gorgeous! like everyone else, when i first saw her in Love story in harvard, i was hooked on her beauty. okay so i havent seen her in any other movies or dramas but i thought her acting wasnt bad like everyone said. at least her kissing scenes were natural and way better than other ones i saw. people said shes a natural too so thats like a plus plus! i really hope that is true i mean her nose doesnt look unnaturally pointy like most korean actresses do. =) glad to know she has a brain in real life also. im really looking forward to see her in a new drama, i cant get enough of her beauty! hehe oh yeah some pictures cant justify her beauty, u gotta watch her in a drama first then u can judge how she looks hehe

  15. 15 DeCaf

    Lee Soon Jae made a good point!! Kim Tae Hee isn’t the only one who’s been missing in action. I think actors become too choosy after getting awards or a hit movie or drama,…dilemma of having a hit movie or drama is how to surpass the previous one & meet fans’ expectations. They forget that Acting isn’t about ratings or ticket sales . So while they’re looking for the “perfect” role & script, they get into a lot of CFs to be visible so their fans won’t forget them but will they still remember how to act after a few years of dilly dallying?

  16. 16 amy

    i hope she doesn’t go back to acting anytime soon, especially dramas cuz her doing drama means less choice of dramas to watch for me. she’s a horrible actor.

  17. 17 sang hee

    i also didn’t think her acting was bad! there’s something in her eyes though that i find sometimes kinda sharp but overall her beauty is stunning! i liked her in love story in harvard & i hope to see her teamed up again with my other fave actor Kim Rae Won — good chemistry i must say! you got my support Kim Tae!! Aja aja

  18. 18 Jo

    I have a question about fans giving gifts to these celebrities-not only korean ones obviously. but do you think these people seriously need them, esp. DBSK etc?? I mean, they have so much money, who couldnt buy a chocolate bar?

  19. 19 mimi

    @ asianromance : i don’t agree with you that ” And it always strikes me as odd that so many celebs do commercials while in the US, the commercials are usually left to not well-known or not-known-at-all people- unless it was a pro-active or neutrogena face wash commercial. ” –> it’s a marketing rules each country has a diferent marketing culture.. korea vs USA offcourse that’s totally diferent

    KTH , JJH , SHG were critized has a poor acting skill but lots of CF.. yeah that’s fair maybe who has good acting skill + lot CF actress is lee nayoung and lee young ae

  20. 20 Rebeca


    YAY!!!!!!!! thank yoU!!! i thought i was the only person in the entire world that finds this girl UGLY! (although you didn’t say she was ugly..u at least dont find her extremely beautiful)….and YES her eyes are totally weird and vapid is the perfect word to describe them

    Its like she cant focus on anything….her eyes are completely devoid of any emotion…they look like glass eyeballs………

    i cant understand for the life of me why ANYONE would want to see her in TV…..she is such a bad actress

  21. 21 Faye

    people, listen here. i admire miss tae hee for honestly saying she’s a weak actress but, this iris show proved her wrong. she was strong, and had great emotional scenes with lbh…wow, when she cried, she goes through the motions that made me cried along with her at her every scene. yes, she’s beautiful and her acting is also beautiful….may be she finally woke up and did the best acting job of her life and her pairing with lbh was just a pair made in heaven…they are so good together that i for one just love to watch them together when they are intimate….i just feel all the emotions and when they pour tears, i pour plenty right along with them…wow…you producers of this show chose the right couple to play these main characters and sau…he’s so handsomely devilish he’s also so good in his acting chops…good job eventho’ i hated that you kill my main main…..faye on the island…..

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