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by | November 28, 2008 | 30 Comments

Everyone (in the U.S.) have a good Thanksgiving?

Anyone going Black Friday shopping? Personally, the thought of getting out at the crack of dawn to fight hundreds of crazed bargain-hunting fiends over marginally lower prices for crap I can’t afford anyway has never appealed to me.

(That, and I’m lazy. Vicarious Black Friday is good enough for me.)


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30 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. gaby

    lol, i woke up at 4 in the morning and then my friend picked me up at around 5 and we went to best buy, the mall, target, bjs, sas shoes, stein mart, ritz camera, and a bunch of other stores… barely any stores had any sales except for the disney store, and she couldnt find the digital camera she wanted in her color… we went to best buy 15 minutes after it opened and the one i wanted sold out :[ still, it was fun- and barely anyone was shopping, just a few that already knew what they wanted.

  2. all4movies

    I like bargain shopping too and always go shopping on Boxing Day which is our “Black Friday” in Canada.

    However, just heard on the news that a sales clerk from Walmart was trampled to death by the crowds.


  3. Anonymous

    Nope, I hate shopping on Black Friday. The crowds are insane, traffic is a nightmare, and the other shoppers can be jerks. Plus, I can never find what I’m looking for anyway. Now, if there’s a great sale on, I’ll just order it from the safety and comfort of my living room, via the internet. No sale is worth the hassle.

  4. numberoneoppa

    I’m more of a slickdeals person. Besides, I don’t have the cash to take advantage of the type of deals found on Black Friday.

  5. yMa

    Yep, I woke up at 6 am to go black friday shopping and I came home empty-handed. What a waste of my morning 🙁

  6. ed

    vicarious shopping is a good idea! i should practice it more often. actually it was raining too much this morning. all wet and gray (more like Bleak Friday) – plus i need to stick around for a package.

  7. ningning

    I have never gone black friday shopping. Do you really find good deals for anything but electronics?

  8. creidesca

    Today was my first Black Friday experience…and what an experience it was:

    The Staples I went to was supposed to be open at 6AM. I didn’t get there till well after 6, but miraculously there were still people in line. I think I was the 40th-50th person by the time I got there. Found out that the store wasn’t open yet because someone had super-glued the doors of the store. Thanks to whoever that person was, I did get what I came to the store for when the store finally opened about an hour later.

  9. coco

    I hope you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving! As usual I ate too much and felt guilty afterwards.
    There is no deal out there that would induce me to leave my home, brave the crazy traffic and parking lots, let alone the shops! So here I am, sipping coffee and reading your blog!

  10. 10 Winnie

    Thanksgiving was a great, low-key family affair. I intend to ignore Black Friday, get some work done at a coffeeshop, and wake up three weeks from now with the realization that I STILL haven’t done any holiday shopping.

  11. 11 Mechant

    I have the glorious day to do my college applications…which are overdue if they are to get there by January 1st (they have to endure that processing crap.) I just read about that employee from Walmart getting trampled…and it’s actually in the near vicinity…:(

  12. 12 lovelovelovee

    i think has got to be the worst thankgiving everrr. first i get a speeding ticket or a ‘citation’ as the officer called it and i was only going 6 miles above the speed limit and its my first ticket ever! i didnt want to ruin my parents thankgiving so i kept to myself. I went black friday shopping with my bro. we left the house at 2:30 and waited outside of best buy until it opened at 5. kept myself occupied while watching DBSK concerts on my ipod. it was effin cold and people who were there since like 8 are crazy. finally the store opened and we filed in or trampled in and i didnt get crap and my bro got his goodies. then i told my parents about the ticket and my dad went BALLISTIC to the point of taking my car away and threatening to home school me. pretty extreme for the fact that i have never been in trouble for the littlest thing EVER and i get a ticket and the world ends.
    sorry i just needed to let some steam off and frustrations.
    hope you guys had a better time than i did.

  13. 13 missmanderley

    thanksgiving was great, spent it with my immediate family… as most of my “extended family,” aunts, uncles, and cousins had work (holidays are the only days it sucks to be a nurse at a hospital >.>)

    first time Black Friday shopper! hehe, woke up around 3:45-ish and got to the mall with my sister and mom at around 4 (thankfully i live almost next door to the mall)…. it wasn’t so crazy… although there was too many people in line. we wanted to stop by Circuit City… but damn, that huge line that encircled the block was soo not worth the bargain electronics!

    it was ok though… my sister finally got the Kitchenaid Artisan Stand Mixer she’s been eyeing for almost a year…. it was half off.

  14. 14 ginnie

    It makes me wonder if there is an economic slowdown going to these stores today. The lines this morning were still as crazy as last year’s. I went in knowing what I wanted, grabbed them and went straight to the shortest line in sight. Doing this does save me quite a bit for Xmas shopping each year…For instance, a digital photo frame costs me about $30 less than what I would be paying at normal price. Yeah…three of my family members will be getting digital photo frames this year. =)

  15. 15 JiHwan

    I’m with you on this dramabeans. I’m far too lazy to get up at 2 am and camp out. I hate crowded places and long lines.. I hope people who did go, got great deals, though.

  16. 16 jinkzz

    we had a good thanksgiving celebration …we were planning to go shopping at midnight last night but we were too lazy to go out…intended to wake up early this morning but changed our minds and slept in until around 10 am…i guess no black friday shopping for us this year…lol.

  17. 17 Jessica

    Who here at Peking Duck or some other type of non-Turkey animal for Thanksgiving? 🙂

  18. 18 rocketfuel

    thanksgiving started off with a buzzkill….thanks to the religious nut jobs killing over 100 people in India…and no one brought pie.

    I had fun but felt guilty….and I have pie now.

  19. 19 giddygirl108

    I had thanksgiving in Germany potluck style with all of the other Americans on my study abroad program. My friend and I made almost 28 pounds of mashed potatoes for the program (and of course, lots of leftovers). It was amazing considering that we both have never cooked before a month ago.

  20. 20 hqlover

    we woke up at 5AM to go shopping at Walmart just to see what the heck people do on Black Friday….it was crazy but fun. We walked out with maybe 10 DVDs for $2 each…It was fun.

  21. 21 ichiru

    Just got home from my 3rd shopping marathon and my legs are dying! It was a crazy day…after having a thanksgiving party with my family at our family friends’ house last night, we went straight to an outlet store around 11pm and damn the cars are lining to exit of the road! and we spend like more time waiting bumper to bumper at the exit! and when we finally got there we had to walk alot and it’s freaking cold and it’s outdoor! There was alot of people in line and shoulder-to-shoulder, they won’t even bother apologizing if they accidentally hbump into you! I’d never thought Black Fridays are like these since it was my first time.. we spend like 3hours there and then went to another mall- which is thankfully indoors then spend 2 hours and got home around 7am! I ate first then slept for 2 1/2 hours coz of birthday lunch that I have to go to! then went shopping with my family again to another outlet store!
    My gosh I’ll never do this again, though it was fun and I get to buy what I want it’s still too’ll be probably be my first and last!
    –Online shopping is better and easier!–

  22. 22 triple6

    liking the song! thanks for sharing. btw, have you checked out mario spinetti? have a feeling you *might* like him 🙂

  23. 23 marcel

    well, i care about mumbai 🙁 i had been planning to visit india one day & specifically wanted to see the taj mahal…& now obviously have no inclination to go any time soon…it’s frightening what happened & it’s only more devastating to think about the victims & the things that ensued there in the last 48 hours…

    i’m sure it’s not fair to place dramabeans at fault for not writing about the attacks…what do we even begin to say in the face of such senseless violence? what do we even know about the world outside of our comfortable american lives? or our fictional world of kdramas?

  24. 24 Kobe

    @ An open rant

    More than 500 people died of a cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe recently. You want Javabeans to post about that too? Seriously, if you want world news go watch CNN.

  25. 25 shalini

    Please everyone! No more prejudice!
    Javabeans is entilted to post whatever she likes on her blog.
    If you want compassion/understanding for every events in this whole wide world,
    show some yourself too. Whether we’re white, colored or not I hope we’re decent humains enough to respect one another’s feelings/beliefs.

  26. 26 jippo

    This can be the last post on Bombay, but I just wanted to highlight the fact that the areas/locations targeted were those that cater to the upper class and foreigners. Too many people that I met during my time spent working in this city were directly and indirectly affected by this; so very affected that they cite the fact that the attackers were specifically hunting down tourists and other foreigners in order to keep me from returning this upcoming summer. But wouldn’t my staying away be conceding to the terrorists?

    Thanksgiving: My friend and I were only given the Thursday off, so we stayed home rather than traveling to see family. Even though we only had to cook to feed the two of us, we cooked a stuffed 10 lb. turkey (aka Harvey), sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, green beans, baked bread, and baked a neat little recipe for pumpkin swirl brownies (
    Now, who wants leftovers???

  27. 27 Amyable

    @An open rant
    Certainly, this Thanksgiving is marred by many tragic events around the world as well as right in our own backyard (financial meltdown anyone?). These events sadden and affect us all in one way or another (I have a family member in India right now and many friends are in dire straits due to the financial meltdown). However, ranting like you did on a Kdrama blog site seems so inappropriate. Surely, there’s another forum more appropriate for your feelings and rants? Also, you accused javabeans and her readers of not considering “ppl like us, ppl of darker skin color and differing physical appearance,” not asian enough. Now, where did that come from? Even within the context of your rant, that came out of left field! While I wholeheartedly sympathize with your grief, I believe you’ve misdirected your anger.

  28. 28 rocketfuel

    To An Open Rant, you’re a moron.

  29. 29 javabeans

    All right, per the request of the original commenter, I’ve deleted the “An open rant” comment. I realize this makes some of the continuity confusing for the following replies, but the commenter has apologized for the comment and I think it’s best we just close that can of worms.

    On with other Open Thready goodness, please!

  30. 30 TC

    Hi! Javabeans, please delete my reply to An Open Rant, too. Thanks! And have a good weekend!!