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Press conference No. 2 for Disturbance in Her Barroom
by | November 18, 2008 | 17 Comments


I’d already posted about the upcoming comic sageuk film Disturbance in Her Barroom (check that post out for video, stills, and the first production press conference), but there were so many lovely pictures of star Lee Jung-jae at the press gathering on the 18th that I had to share.

(Oh right, and his castmates were also there: Kim Ok-bin (Over the Rainbow), Kim Seok-hoon (Blissful Woman), and Lee Won-jong (Dasepo Naughty Girls).)

The movie title literally translates to “Gibang Riot in 1724” [1724 기방난동사건’], a gibang being a gisaeng house; Kim Ok-bin plays a top gisaeng (recently graduated from gisaeng school at the top of her class) with whom Lee’s character falls in love at first sight. Lee gets into trouble constantly, always getting caught up in fights and leader of his own group of thugs.

Lee Jung-jae explained why he was drawn to this project, saying that he found it less interesting to keep playing his previous characters, and wanted to give a shot at playing a wild ‘n loose type.

The film opens December 4.

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17 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Shaenna

    This looks like an intresting movie, it will be nice to see Lee Jung-jae pursue a new side to his acting, guess I’ll be looking out for this movie next year…

  2. mimi

    yeah i think kim ok bin will be as the Hottest acting next year due her projects with song kang ho

  3. cc

    Thanks for the news and pics!

  4. belleza

    “Lee gets into trouble constantly, always getting caught up in fights and leader of his own group of thugs.”

    My Man’s dreamy like that, no? Sigh

    Also looking forward to Mellows whenever that comes out.

  5. Sa

    Kim is just such a lovely and gorgeous actress.

  6. lovin it

    more *droooool*
    why isnt he more widely recognized?

  7. belleza

    “why isnt he more widely recognized?”

    My Man (sorry, teen habit) is still pretty famous. In the dictionary, there’s a picture of him next to “MAN.” (Look a little further down, and there’s picture of So Ji Sup next to the word “Missing.”)

  8. javabeans

    Yeah, it’s too bad Lee Jung-jae doesn’t get that much recognition from the overseas fans — probably since he hasn’t done many dramas in recent years and is more of a film star — but in Korea he’s a pretty big A-lister. *swoons*

  9. ripgal

    *swwooons definitely*

    Lee Jung Jae looks great in that get-up. <333

    I hope he comes back to dramas once in a while… Air City was *coughcoughs* not a good comeback.. but he was still amazing in that drama.

    Can’t wait to see his team-up with Kim Ok Bin..

  10. 10 belleza

    “I hope he comes back to dramas once in a while… ”

    Yeah, I got a working Buddhist theory that given every incarnated cycle, My Man and Kim Myung Min take turns having each other’s careers. One guy becomes a film star, a generational icon akin to Paul Newman; other guy becomes redeemer of TV drama, emminent and immortal. Never their paths shall meet but across the next lifetime.

    “probably since he hasn’t done many dramas in recent years”

    I wonder what would have happened had he done Full House. Lee Jung Jae doing the 3 Bears Dance? *giggle giggle* 😀 In those outfits Rain was wearing (how do you say “m-m-m-m-an cleavage?!?”)

  11. 11 gail

    I caught this press conference on TV while at a Korean restaurant with my cousins. We (non-Koreans) all recognized Lee Jung Jae. How can we not recognize that charming handsome face? But we all thought he has gotten skinnier. 🙁

  12. 12 koalabear

    a like Lee Jung-jae’s look here compared to his last appearances in Celebrity Events, I can’t wait for this one to come out

  13. 13 ripgal

    belleza, you’re always so funny and quirky.. =P

    My take – Lee Jung Jae would beat Rain anytime in that *man cleavage* scene.. (tho I love Rain too..hehehe..). Have you seen Lee Jung Jae shirtless in Typhoon? How can anybody… i mean ANYBODY – NOT drool over that? <33

  14. 14 saryKIM

    Mm I want to watch this movie. It looks fun.

    LJJ looks so cute with his glasses and bow tie

  15. 15 Felicity

    My, my….Kim Ok Bin looks positively delirious to be standing next to Lee Jung Jae. Who can blame her? *sigh*

    And is it just me, or does Kim Ok Bin look like a koreanized version of Beyonce? 🙂

  16. 16 yoshi

    kim suk hoon is so handsome

  17. 17 belleza

    “And is it just me, or does Kim Ok Bin look like a koreanized version of Beyonce?”

    And how!!

    Whenever I think of Kim Ok Bin, I think of Eagle Eye’s Mushy Love attack on her during X-man.

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