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Donation angel Moon Geun-young strikes again
by | January 25, 2009 | 38 Comments

“Teacher Moon Geun-young”

Painter of the Wind actress and “Korea’s Little Sister” Moon Geun-young has once again donated money (100 million won), this time toward a library serving the Korean community in Sydney, Australia.

The Han Geul Library provides Korean-language books for Korean children, and Moon has been involved in personally sending the library books for the past four years, but the news is just coming to light now.

She sent so many books over the years that the library actually ran out of room in the small private garage from which it had been operating. Hearing this, Moon got in contact with her uncle, who lives in Sydney, and last November a building was constructed using her 100 million won donation.

Han Geul Library in Sydney

Moon’s younger sister is currently studying (in high school) in Australia. On January 10, cleaning day was held at the library, where the reporter spoke with sister Ji-young.

“Why are you cleaning on such a hot day, and on the weekend?”

“The Sydney Han Geul Library opens in March. My sister has hoped for this for a really long time, so I can’t just do nothing. But wow, cleaning is hard.”

“It’s school break for you in Australia. Why aren’t you visiting Korea?”

“Actually, Geun-young unni was planning to come to Sydney. But after she won [the Daesang] at the SBS Drama Awards, she’s been so busy that she canceled. I’m super disappointed right now. I had so much to tell her when she came…”

In August 2006, Moon visited Sydney to see her sister, as well as her uncle’s family. It was on that trip that she saw for herself the poor condition of the Korean language school, and also taught for a day.

The reporter conducted an email interview with Moon Geun-young, who answered questions regarding how she felt about the building of the library:

“It warms my heart to think that my friends at the Linfield Korean School could read books to their heart’s content.”

Regarding the Korean education of 1.5 or second-generation Koreans abroad, she said,

“I’ve talked about this with my sister. Koreans outside of Korea can learn and become familiar with two cultures, which I think is very fortunate. But I think if one becomes too overly preoccupied with one side, the other half has the possibility of being erased. In the end, that leaves one culture, doesn’t it? Personally, I hope that doesn’t happen. If I had the opportunity to take ownership of both cultures, I wouldn’t want to give it up. Though there may be difficulties, I hope they can be proud of being Korean.”

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38 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Lil

    Wow that is so sweet of her. I highly respect her dedication. LoL! She donated to many books that the place ran out of room for them!

    As always, she deserves her success.

  2. Anonymous

    she’s so sweet and compassionate! she totally deserves all she has

  3. jazz

    she is young but so mature inside and has such a good heart !

  4. azzuri

    Good for her! She is truly an amazing individual.

  5. AudHepFan

    Hopefully her actions spur others in the acting community to donate.

  6. Winnie

    Moon Geun-young is so refreshing in comparison to other celebrities, Korean or American, isn’t she? Clearly she’s very talented, and it’s so nice to so her compassion as well.

  7. Anonymous

    she is really kind hearted gal

  8. Nichole

    I think Moon Geun-young is as beautiful on the inside, as she is on the outside. She seems like such a humble and caring person. I wish her future success.

  9. stargazer377

    major props to Moon Geun-young. =D

  10. 10 din

    you’re such a darling, MGY wifey~! lol.
    you’ve really earned people’s respect over the years, in acting and as a person :]
    so more power to you.. in everything! ^_^

  11. 11 mimi

    love you MGY, i hope last cynical netizen don’t occur anymore

  12. 12 asianromance

    i hope more celebrities- especially the new crop of young celebs- will take after her example.

  13. 13 Sue

    props to her!

  14. 14 robbo4

    Apparently Korea’s “little sister” is also Korea’s little angel!!

  15. 15 grumpynomore

    no wonder she’s blessed with a successful career!

    i loved her in LOVE ME NOT!

  16. 16 gail

    props to her. she’s worthy of admiration.

  17. 17 Mindy

    God bless her good heart. She’s just awesome~ i just hope ppl don’t start crazy harrassments about her donations again and just see her sincerity and love for others.

  18. 18 lovin it

    She has such a good heart! Hope the best for her 🙂

  19. 19 Jo

    wow, she hit it spot on about the two cultures.

  20. 20 Jo

    She’s cute and adorable and really a person with a warm and kind heart!./. Bless her soul !!

  21. 21 EUNWHUI

    aw she has such a big & warm heart! mgy fighting!

  22. 22 Winnie T

    Aww this is cute! I hope the kids actually do study though =P Let’s just hope those anti-fans from before won’t pop up again!

  23. 23 Mel

    She such a cute girl!

  24. 24 Beng

    at first i was thinking why australia, they are rich enough. Then as i read further, i understand more why she chose outside Korea. She’s so very nationalistic to KOrea. I think she should be one of the national treasures i kept seeing in Arirang TV? She’s a rare gem =).

  25. 25 Annie

    bless her heart 🙂 what a sweetie 😀

  26. 26 cc

    MGY fighting!! ^^ She’s very generous!

  27. 27 belleza

    “Then as i read further, i understand more why she chose outside Korea. She’s so very nationalistic to KOrea.”

    Her words kind of struck me as a little patronizing, actually. i.e. “Koreans must help their poor gyopos because they’re so ignorant of their mother culture. They must never forget their blood!”

    Having said that, she’s an absolutely exceptional person for donating her time and money to this. And if I were a South Korean, I would be proud of her too.

  28. 28 backstage

    deff a role model
    shes so nice~
    AND pretty!

  29. 29 KATE

    lovely person inside and outside…we love you MGY ^.^

  30. 30 janie

    “i hope they can be proud of being korean”
    ^that was a very cute line for some reason. hahaha.

    and i agree that it’s fortunate for people who grew up outside of their own country and getting to learn more than one culture. but just like she says they can lose one if they get too into the other one…which i see happen too much these days.

  31. 31 cosmopolite

    @ belleza

    Even if I weren’t a South Korean, I would still be proud of her. I don’t mean this to be offending but I got the opposite reaction from her comment. I think it’s beautiful how she’s encouraging Koreans abroad to retain their Korean culture as part of their dual identity. More often that not, you tend to dissociate from your ethnic heritage when growing up in a foreign land.

  32. 32 harri


    amazing gal…totally look up to her!

  33. 33 belleza


    I admit it’s a sore spot with me. When I was growing up, I saw a lot of tension between gyopos and non-gyopos over this type of stuff. What to one culture seems like an act of generosity may be interpreted as patronizing; it’s just different points of view. (And I have similar views on the nature of missionary work.)

    “More often that not, you tend to dissociate from your ethnic heritage when growing up in a foreign land.”

    Yeah, and see that’s a point of divergence between us. “Foreign land”, “ethnic heritage”, and so on. I understand where you’re coming from, though.

    I do very admire Moon Geun Young for doing things like this. She’s an exemplary, exemplary Catholic.

  34. 34 Robin Dela Cruz ( Philippines )

    moon your the most beatiful girl i have ever seen inside and out you deserves all the luck and blessings i love you moon keep on going and inspire others

  35. 35 Robin Dela Cruz ( Philippines )

    im not a korean but ill hope to see you soon cute moon

  36. 36 Siam

    Apart from being so lovely yourself, you’ve still had a huge angle mind, I do adore you. I’ve heard about your donation for a period of time and always bless your good deeds. Head on your significant operations and I do believe that your God blesses you all the best.
    wish you have a warm healthy and productive life. Take care.

  37. 37 aldrin d. boguilis

    all I wanna say is….. I love you Monn geun Young… I hope to see you in person.

  38. 38 moon geun young fc

    this news make me love moon geun young more and more.
    I will love moon geun young forever.
    i will support you all the time.
    you won’t be alone, i promise.

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