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Shin Mina and Won Bin kiss for coffee
by | May 31, 2009 | 46 Comments

Actors Won Bin (Mother) and Shin Mina (The Naked Kitchen) pair up — and pucker up — for their first kiss in a CF for Maxim T.O.P. brand coffee.

A brand representative explains the target demographic to be 20- and 30-something men and women, and in that spirit, they picked a pretty appropriate couple. I mean, do they make a gorgeous duo or what? (Watch a behind-the-scenes clip of the CF shoot below.)

The ad will begin airing on the major broadcast stations and cable TV on June 1.

Shin Mina’s latest project was singing with rock band Loveholics for “Miracle Blue” as well as promoting her film with Gong Hyo-jin, Sisters on the Road. Meanwhile, Won Bin’s Mother had a fantastic opening day and opening weekend, drawing in more than 1 million viewers to come in #1 in the box office over this weekend.

Watch the behind the scenes action as Won Bin and Shin Mina film the kiss scene for their CF. It’s pretty cute how embarrassed they are after the kiss, as the MC points out:

Via Mk.co.kr


46 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. orr

    gosh they are so good looking! won bin redefining handsome as always.

  2. abc

    so adorable!

  3. Snikki

    I mean, do they make a gorgeous duo or what?

    They do! They look good together and they both have smiling eyes. 🙂

  4. cc

    A very cute couple~ ^^

  5. asma mian

    both have awesome smiles.
    In that second image above…I like won bin’s shy look, it’s probably a promo/advertising poster for the coffee but it looks sweet 🙂

  6. ey

    ok they are hot. but i could see the mass amount of makeup he has on! ><

  7. lotlot

    They are both beautiful, and the kiss looks great, better than most drama kisses. I love Shin MinAh!

  8. topluv114

    haha they should hav just gotten T.O.P from big bang instead since the name is the same lol but wonbin is as gorgeous as ever *sigh*

  9. Snikki

    I just remembered, whatta coincidence…weren’t Shin Min Ah and T.O.P. once rumored to be an item?

  10. 10 CyNurse

    Shin Mina looks so pretty and refreshing! Love her dimples!

    And I’m so happy that Won Bin’s movie is doing so well. And I just noticed that his eyes are so expressive! Cute!

  11. 11 mzpakipot

    oh-uh…i can hear girls crying and hearts breaking! j/k lol!
    i think, what a lovely couple!!

  12. 12 Icarusfalls


    (is that the even the right way to say it.. =P )

  13. 13 Blossom

    I’ve always thought that Shin Min Ah was a pretty overrated actress…she doesn’t really stray from her cutesy image. It’s like she plays the same character over and over again. Or is it because her acting lacks range?

  14. 14 Sue

    cute cute cute cute cute cute cute!!!!!!!!!!

  15. 15 Sue

    LOL are my eyes tricking me? or did not my comment not go through? did it get caught as spam for my repetition of “CUTE” ? LOL

    but anyways… CUTE! x 100!

  16. 16 epuni

    shin mina is one lucky girl.

  17. 17 c_gunawan541

    They look cute but i’m jealous of SMN, seriously. She get kissed from this uber hot guys, lucky. Haha~

  18. 18 cheekbones

    How many takes exactly did they need to do it perfectly ? The scene is so romantic.

  19. 19 kylie

    Damynnn!!! kissing WonBin!!! *faintzzz*!! and Mina…she’s one hot cute babe..*jelezzz*

  20. 20 Muffin

    Ohhhh, I HATED her character in The Naked Kitchen! I felt the same about the lead in My Wife Got Married. Granted it’s a similar plot, but still, I wanted to hit them both. Eh, I get so wrapped up in these characters.

  21. 21 cosmopolite


    haha kidding. 🙂

  22. 22 jdb

    I can’t stop giggling when they kiss. Won Bin smiles so refreshing and Shin Mina is astonishingly beautiful.

  23. 23 jdb

    I can’t stop giggling when they kiss. Won Bin smiles so refreshing and Shin Mina is astonishingly beautiful.
    Sorry, forgot to add great post! Can’t wait to see your next post!

  24. 24 ripgal

    Awww….they look cute individually, but I didn’t feel the chemistry.
    Maybe because Won Bin seemed a lot more distant and shy…hmm…

    And I agree that SMA’s one lucky lucky girl… imagine all the guys she’d worked with in the past… Lee Byung Hun, Joo Ji Hoon, Rain, Uhm Tae Woong… and now Won Bin..

  25. 25 Demplon

    so sweet,i love this couple:))

  26. 26 Samsooki

    You have to wonder at the brand awareness and effectiveness of the ad.

    The extra value combo of Won Bin and Shin Mina is so eye-catching that it might take away from point of the ad itself, which is to sell coffee. Which brand of coffee? Without going up to the top of the thread and re-reading what JB wrote, I honestly can’t remember the name of the coffee and I’ve seen the video clip twice. LOL.

    The recall factor of the CF has got to be sky-high, but the awareness of the brand itself maybe somewhat limited, even if they splay the name of the drink at the beginning and the end of the CF.

    Then again, if it is a part of a series of ads, all with high profile actors and actresses doing various ‘kiss’ CF’s, and each time for the coffee, then surely people will begin associate the coffee with the ad’s.

    I’m not sure if the CF actually makes me want to buy coffee, but I sure like the commercial. 🙂

  27. 27 Sonam

    Kisses are always so tepid and anti-climatic in Kdramas. This one’s no different.
    I am not asking for tongue action but can we have some lip movement especially from the ladies.

  28. 28 Samsooki

    @26 Sonam –

    It isn’t in the actual physical kiss where the display of emotion lies, it is in the fact that they kiss at all. Gotta look at it from a cultural perspective. From the k-drama perspective, getting to the point of just holding hands and, even just once, matching lips, is really special.

    I always seem to get dragged off-topic, but quickly, there is this scene at the end of this 1993 kung-fu movie called Iron Monkey (with the immortal Donnie Yen as Wong Kei-Ying, the father of the legendary Wong Fei Hung), where Donnie Yen is walking along with his young son, and Donnie Yen reaches out and then holds his son’s hand in an extremely touching and rarest of gestures of love and protection.

    That scene totally killed me, and above almost all of the awesome fight scenes and cool stuff of that movie (brilliant Woo-ping Yuen choreography), I remember that scene the most – a father reaching for and then holding his young son’s hand as they began to walk towards their destination.

    Sometimes, the kiss itself is the climactic moment, and it doesn’t matter if they look like manniquins while they do it.

  29. 29 jae

    It’s actually funny that the brand name’s T.O.P. when not so long ago, he had a “scandal” with SMA. ^^

  30. 30 pikkachu

    she’s so lucky!

  31. 31 peppero

    won bin is so adorable! >_<

  32. 32 funkster316

    Samsooki—-OOOOOH I love love Iron Monkey. I live in Beantown Donny Yen’s hometown while growing up in the USA.

    Won Bin is cute and I do like Shin Mina.

    Thanks for sharing this post.

  33. 33 travp16

    Won Bin seems very soft spoken. I like that.

  34. 34 Ilbum noona

    Won Bin is always shy as usual..
    He’s so quiet even when he got interviewed..

    And yup, Shin Mina is so lucky..She’d worked with cute guys..Jo in Sung, Joo Ji Hoon, Rain, Won Bin..I envy her..

  35. 35 kiss detective

    @ Sonam you should watch Star’s Lover if only for the kisses lip action and all between YJT and CJW…they have set the gold standard for Kdrama romantic kisses hahaha

    I am glad Won Bin is back…I think he is one of those korean stars who will evolve into a good dramatic and character actor given time.

  36. 36 gail

    OMG, he’s sooo handsome.

  37. 37 bd

    @13 Blossom

    “I’ve always thought that Shin Min Ah was a pretty overrated actress…she doesn’t really stray from her cutesy image. It’s like she plays the same character over and over again. Or is it because her acting lacks range?”


    I thought that SMA did a pretty good job in “Madeleine” and “Sad Movie” where her character(s) had to deal w/ some adversities.

    Her best CF is the Christmas one for Baskin Robbins.

  38. 38 ginger

    Over all not bad. I also like the scene won bin kissing song hye kyo in the drama autumn in my heart.

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