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Lee Byung-heon stills from GI Joe
by | July 14, 2009 | 41 Comments

I still think the GI Joe movie looks spectacularly cheesy, but you can’t deny that Lee Byung-heon is A Movie Star.

Lee shows off his ripped (in more ways than one) body as the character Storm Shadow in this new still; the rest of the shots, alas, feature him fully clothed. Interest is gaining momentum as the release date nears and fans wonder if Lee can pull off what it seems Jeon Ji-hyun / Gianna Jun hasn’t quite managed with her Blood movie. Unlike Jeon, he’s not the lead character, but the GI Joe franchise just may have more sway with the mainstream public. (Who else grew up watching GI Joe cartoons and playing with GI Joe dolls action figures?)

GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra releases on August 6. A press conference will be held on July 29 at Seoul’s Shilla Hotel.


And look, Lee Byung-heon’s even got a Storm Shadow action figure!

So now you know. (And knowing is half the battle!)

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41 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. lisee

    I will definitely be seeing this – I don’t expect it to be any good, but the Korean eye candy is enough, plus the sheer nostalgia of the GI Joe franchise should be a nice trip down memory lane.

    And is just me, or is there a little pokey-pokey action going on in the first pic? (Not that I’m complaining) ;o)

  2. me

    soooo fine~~~

  3. Samsooki

    My parents gave me Encyclopaedia Britannica rather than GI Joe, Transformers, Star Wars, and Robotech to play with. My poor childhood was filled with pages of encyclopedias rather than space and air and land and sea battles with action figures. I can never get that time back, but I can buy them today off of eBay, if I can justify purchasing them.

    Lee Byung Heon with the ripped abs looked as good as that in The Good, the Bad and the Weird. He rocks.

    I didn’t see Transformers, but I will see GI Joe (and Ninja Assassin with Rain).

  4. lb_tmi

    @ 1–you wouldn’t have noticed that if you weren’t looking there first!!! *peeks out from behind lisee’s shoulder* i see it too!!! but i’m not going to *point* it out for everyone! LOL!

    i am going to go watch this just for LBH. ok, so a bit of nostalgia, but mainly for LBH. he’s such a versatile actor, it doesn’t matter what role it is, he OWNZ it always.

  5. Samsooki

    (of course, even though I can’t get enough of kungfu films and HK gangster films ala Chow Yun Fat, I’d like to see an Asian guy in a film, not holding swords, staves, nun-chucks, ninja weapons, or automatic pistols).

  6. cecee

    I Love GI JOE. All my brothers let me play with GI Joes and Transformers. I remember them all. I will definetly watch this one. By the way, one of my brothers went to see JJH’s movie Blood and he said it was okay. It only showed at an independent movie theater here.

  7. nanner

    amen to that, samsooki!
    it’d be nice to see an asian actor do something other than A. ninja B. kung fu artist C. gangster D. the obligatory “other” who is there are cannon fodder (i.e. the man in the red shirt in star trek tv series).
    i’d love to see some of these very good actors break through that glass ceiling for a change.
    yummy eye candy or not, i probably wont watch this one in the theater, i’ll rent it or watch online. looks like typical hollywood fluff (badly written, little plot, but lots of hot guys and girls and tons of special effects to stun the masses).

  8. lovenyc52

    haha totally gonna watch this! loved G.I. Joe’s when I was growing up. I can’t remember the shows much but I definately played with the “action figures” with my brother. I think he made them attack my Barbies a lot.

    Lee Byung-heon is lookin gooooood though 🙂 and teeheehee @ lisee’s comment 😛

  9. linly

    I can’t wait till this movie comes out…

  10. 10 Biscuit

    I remember seeing yesterday an ad with cups of the characters and LBH was on one >___<

    Not GIJ fan, but I shall be at the theaters to support LBH!

    btw, he is totally smokin in the stills.

  11. 11 Bolt

    G-Force is definitely better than what the name G.I. Joe!!! ^____________^ Hahaha….I could help laughing looking at those toys and the fake wounds!! ^___________^

  12. 12 selva

    woah at the 1st pic!!!! o.O;; lols nice cuts 😛

  13. 13 paula253

    @lisee – OMG, you made my day! uh, so did JB for putting up those pics. have never ever had the slightest interest in GI Joe… til now. 🙂

  14. 14 Kender

    Ohhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.. I think this movie just made my Should Probably See In Theatres list. Rawr. >3 Luckily, my friends are the type that have more fun going to see cheesy movies in theatres than quality films, so it’ll probably happen.

    It’s interesting looking at the differences in the movie posters, though. It looks like they just took the girl’s hair and altered it in Photoshop, whereas everyone else gets new poses. Also, LBH gets to take his mask off in the Korean version. Iiiiiiiiinteresting..

  15. 15 Anonymous

    I love LBH’s proportions. His head doesn’t look too small for his body (like someone called Rain) and his broad shoulders are balanced well by solid manly hips and his legs are not skinny. To top off it nice movie star jawline. Also I like his confidence tho’ it can sometimes make him seem arrogant.

  16. 16 Werdah

    Anything with Lee Byung Hun and I’m there.
    He’s too damn fine.

    JB, this isn’t a “mine” territory, now is it?

  17. 17 loveydovey

    the thing i most can’t wait to see is channing tatum in that HOT outfit but now i’m kind of anticipating seeing this guy’s bod on the big screen too haha

  18. 18 Snikki

    I remember playing with my brothers’ G.I. Joe action figures, but I preferred Transformers, Voltron, He-man, She-ra etc. etc.

    And, uhmm, sorry to say this, but for me LBH is sorta like a shrimp… he’s only attractive from the neck down. *scurries off behind optimus prime*

  19. 19 asianromance

    whoa he’s got his own action figure!!!! who else thinks he looks a bit like bruce lee in that first pic?

  20. 20 kb

    i had two storm shadow action figures when i was a little kid. one just wasn’t enough for my action scenes. he was my favorite, but alas, my mom gave away all my toys.

    i’ll definitely get that LBH action figure if i ever see it in a store.

  21. 21 Chaloner

    Stupid Hollywood, they got rid of “A Real American Hero” to A Real UN Hero”. Not going to watch it. 😐

  22. 22 bspanda

    Never get sick of looking at pics of Lee Byung-heon. Really a manly man – even when he plays a sensitive character. While I am sure his role is tiny in this movie (aka Daniel Henney in Wolverine) – at least I know LBH will look hot AND can ACT! Never was into GI Joe growing up – but probably watch it just for glimpses of the divine LBH.

    BTW since no one seems to have claimed a ‘MINE!” on him – I’m doing it now! Lee Byung-heon is MINE! MINE! MINE! 😛
    (and yes I know KJH is already MINE! but KJH understands I can have him AND LBH as MINE! – my love for them is equal. They are both so great like that . 😛 Lovely aren’t they? LOL)

  23. 23 fobulous

    “A real american heroooooo…GI Joooooooooooe!!!” it may look cheesy but i can’t wait for this movie! i’ve been waiting for them to do a GI Joe movie….ahh, memories…..

  24. 24 Mimmay

    When I first heard they were making a GI Joe movie, I thought it was the dumbest idea ever and wouldn’t be caught dead watching it. But now that LBH is in it, I’m going to have to reconsider. I hope they don’t give him a bunch of short cheesy lines to say and most of it will just be him fighting.

  25. 25 yumi-chan

    My life is now complete, the first picture will now forever be etched into my gentle mind. Is he sexy or what? *drools* I’m going to see that movies in hopes of seeing him strut his stuff on screen :]

    @29 KJH understands but I don’t LBH is MINE! :]

  26. 26 Hoop

    Never a fan of G I Joe but will watch because Lee Byun Hung’s body is so hot (although he is short without his heel shoes) . To #1, now that you mentioned the area…wow…I am speechless…hahaha..

  27. 27 Janie

    I definitely going to watch this! Big role or small role… he must and will be good; I think he is going to blow up Eiffel Tower with this role; I think it’s in this movie and not ICWTR.

  28. 28 elaineD

    oh my gosh.

    lol, he is looking really good here.

    he is FIERRRCE.

    i bet so many people who haven’t seen Lee Byung-heon before will fall head-over-heels over him<3

  29. 29 MinT

    On Fire Baby!!!
    WOW Lee Byung-heon and G I Joe so definitely have to watch this on the big screen.

    @1 haha OMG thanks for pointing it out… lol

  30. 30 yvhsien

    Never was into G.I. Joe when I was growing up. Like Samsooki, I spent time reading Encyclopedia Britannicas instead of watching cartoons etc. My husband really wants to watchi this though so we’ll see what happens.

  31. 31 This Is Me Posting

    Seriously? No one took the bait? I’ll play along java!

    So now you know. (And knowing is half the battle!)


  32. 32 Rev

    Ugh, I think this movie will bomb badly.

    I’d rather watch the hilarious PSA’s then this turd. Sorry, LBH.


  33. 33 Linh

    I love LBH from the first time I watched Beautiful Day. The man can ACT, looks better as he ages, and has such charms that you can’t help but love. He’s my ‘fine wine’, gets better as he ages.

    I’ll watch GI Joe just for him, otherwise, not a big fan of the franchise.

  34. 34 Samsooki

    There is a new TV spot trailer for this movie that has LBH in it. (mask off, wearing a white suit and throwing ninja stars)

    Looks good.

  35. 35 waruihime

    Yes, he is getting better with age! The only reason I’m going to see this movie is because of ‘Brian Lee’!

    And I’ve been combing the local Targets, Wal-Marts and K-Marts, but can’t find his action figure! There are others … but no Storm Shadow!! Who’s hoarding them????? 🙂

  36. 36 Mandy

    Lee Byung-heon! so cool of him! i love him lots!

  37. 37 rico

    Lee rocks the part. I hope he’s alive to exact revenge on his brother Snake eyes. I hope an eskimo fishes him out and heals him just in time for the sequel. His performance is awesome and deserves every penny he got out of it.

  38. 38 Retta

    uh…thanks for the “shout out”……lol

    This is one seriously sexy,sensual,HOT man. I love the man attitude he gives
    off…I personally think LBH is dangerous. He is so masculine….
    He seems the type of man that would rock your world and you be more than willing to let him ! OH and please dont let him even start to smile….
    He is also a fantastic actor…I have a lot of catching up to do but I will enjoy every minute.

  39. 39 yvree

    waa i didnt know he was been cast in this big time movie LOL(sorry my bad) i was amazed indeed! wow!!!

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