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Lee Junki back in Japan
by | July 11, 2009 | 14 Comments

Lee Junki enjoys quite a lot of popularity in Japan, so it’s no wonder he’s going back for another set of fan concerts. He’ll be at Kobe Kokusai Hall and Pacifico Yokohama National Conventional Hall on July 18 and 19 for the events, which also commemorate the reopening of official Japanese fan club “Splendor.”

Lee Junki was last in Japan in October 2008; he also put out a single album (in Korea) called “J Style” in April. However, Japanese fans will get the unique chance to buy a J Style Special Edition DVD, which will go on sale only for attendees of the fan concerts.

Lee Junki has attracted fans in Japan for previous roles in films like Fly Daddy Fly and The King and the Clown, but his popularity grew when his SBS drama series Iljimae showed last year on Japanese satellite channel So-net TV. It began re-airing on broadcast airwaves last month, and will enjoy a third airing starting August 25 on the satellite channel devoted to Korean entertainment, Mnet. Mnet will also begin airing his 2007 thriller drama Time of Dog and Wolf beginning August 1, as well as his Episode 2: The Mask “global fanmeeting” that took place in April in Seoul.


Lee Junki – “혼잣말” (Soliloquy) from his J Style single [ Download ]

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14 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. langdon813

    That pic sort of reminds me of Takeshi Kaneshiro in “Returner” (minus the cool Matrix shades and, of course, the gun). Also, is there a really short girl standing behind him? Trying to figure out the fishnet action in the lower right.

    Lee Junki is a little…different, isn’t he? Still, you can’t go wrong with head to toe black leather, as a rule.

  2. sue

    LOL apparently he’s on twitter now: @JGshock
    it looks like he deleted some previous posts but he’s so cute haha

  3. engl

    oh lee junki.. what is up with that fishnet stocking .. a very small girl? lol .. i agree.. if your lee junki.. you can’t go wrong with the black leather ^_^ i really liked that drama time of dog and wolf.. it was soo creepy at some points, but that’s when i realized lee junki is a great actor

  4. Asmaa

    Cool, now the fans can pile up the CDs from the concert and resell them 😛

  5. xmerokox

    Oh, kind of wish I could go! Too bad tickets start are about $70-110 for Kobe and about $90-110 for Yokohama…. T_T Woah that’s even more expensive than popular Japanese artists! (I just went to Gackt last night for little over $78)

  6. Ladymoonstone

    I love his acting…plus he is just so cute. I wish am as beautiful as he is…lol

  7. maria

    I like Lee Jun Ki. I’m not his biggest fan, but I loved ‘My Girl’ and his movies ‘Fly Daddy Fly’ and ‘Flying Boys’ (with Yoon Kye Sang as lead actor). I watched ‘The King and the Clown’ too, it was okay, but a bit overated.
    Cheers! 🙂

  8. MEIKO**** ^-^

    love this guy!!! wwaaaahhh…. wanna see his concert too!!! and the cd!!!

    I wont even look at that distracting fishnet stocking (what in the world..??)…………….

    lee jun ki!!!!!!!!

    thanks JavaB!!!!

    ok…me-back to work…12 more hours to go….

  9. candy_ling

    I m Jun Ki greatest fans, his acting skills are incredible….especially in Dog & wolf which he act in difference character. I think he will be a korean’s tommorow brightest star…….fighting, jun ki!

  10. 10 mimmay

    It’s so wrong for a man to be so pretty……..he’s still kinda sexy though.

  11. 11 Sonam

    People call him pretty but I find him so masculine.

  12. 12 Harlene

    I totally agree with you Mimmay, why is he so pretty? Can somebody explain that to me? And he is on my screen staring at me. TSK TSK.

  13. 13 Andromytta

    I’ve just finished watching the first episod of “My Girl”, and I listened to this great song javabeans made availabe to us, and I have to ask, is it too late to claim Lee Junki? If no one else has yet, first of all, shame on you! Second of all, HE’S MINE! (I’ll add him to my list of Kim Bum, Kim Joon, Kim Jeong Hoon, and Kim Jae Wook!)

  14. 14 MEIKO**** ^-^

    He is definitely MASCULINE!!! *drooling*

    in some angles his face does get “pretty” looking but i just ignore it!


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