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Hello, Open Thread day!


The Eccentric Opera – “Jupiter,” because I felt like going for something a little different today.
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  1. mishane

    Hey guys.

    Friday is here and it looks like it’s going to be a longer and even more boring day than usual.

    Remember that I had that movie poster signed by So Ji Sub? Well, it’s sitting in my car trunk right now and I’m about to throw it away because I really have no use for it. BUT, I feel really bad about throwing it away because I know that people probably would want it so. . .if anyone wants it before I trash it, I can mail it to you for free (I’m not a psycho stalker, lol, I promise).

    (Or if you live in NJ or NYC, I can just give it to you).

    I just feel really bad about throwing it away.

    THAT SAID. I downloaded some Arashi music last night and was totally cracking up. Does anyone here like Arashi? Please tell me why??

  2. GG

    Mishane, I LOVE ARASHI!!!!!!! I don’t know why I love them but I do, plus it doesn’t hurt that they have 10 years of songs to their credit. I love their old stuff like *ARASHI and their new stuff like Sakura Sake, Believe, Truth and even their solo stuff. I could go on and on forever coz they are so multi-talented…plus I am crazy about Matsujun….kekekeke

    I’m a little sad coz only 4 more episodes of Brilliant Legacy is left….Here’s hoping “My fair Lady/Lady castle/ Take Care of the Young Lady” is a good replacement.

    I am so going to miss my weekend viewing pleasure.

  3. mie


    arashi’s most recent music has been mediocre at best. but they’ve had some great albums. i personally really like their “iza, now” album. some great songs by them that might change your mind (and make you laugh less) are:

    sakura sake, kotoba yori taisetsu na mono, subarashii sekai, jidai… (just off the top of my head).

    yay! hp6 tonight! <3

  4. mishane

    Re: Arashi

    I downloaded their popular singles.

    Has anyone seen the Japanese horror movie Suicide Circle? You know how there’s that girl pop music group who’s kind of the center of the story? And how they are really creepy?

    THAT’S what Arashi reminded me of! And it kind of got me a little freaked out.

    Maybe I have to listen to a different album? The one I was listening to was really sickly sweet pop music.

    That said, that’s the only Japanese music group I’ve ever listened to. Someone reccommend some good ones! Like, more recent, more poppy/hip hop kinds or maybe some rock/punk ones?

    I downloaded a whole bunch of Korean music (FT Island, Suho, Clazzique) and really liked them so I wanted to branch out to J-music also.

  5. lovenyc52

    Happy Friday everyone!

    This week has seemed especially long to me. Maybe it’s because I’m in the middle of planning my winter Asia trip and it’s gotten a lot more complicated than it really needs to be! Plus, the nordstrom anniversary sale starts today and there are a pair of boots I apparently need.. Yes. NEED. haha.

    Finished Black and White this week – so effin good. The twists and turns keep coming through the last episode. I can’t wait for the movie.. Kinda in love with both Mark Chao and Jason Zou.

    Caught up with Shining Inheritance and am so mad about it because now I have to wait and their cliffhangers are killers! So grateful for viikii and all who work to sub.. I don’t know what I would do without fansubbers. Probably be stuck watching only tw dramas and not grasping the full concept of those either haha.

    @mishane – i do have some Arashi music, but only because of Matsujun. And I think the only songs I have are the theme songs from the Japanese HYD (still my favorite version, even if the Korean F4 are prettier than all my girlfriends combined). I don’t really have an opinion on them because I haven’t listened to much of their music. I’m not a fan of jpop as much as I am of kpop and mandopop. What songs did you dl and what part made you laugh? cuz now imma have to go take a listen to it!

    Oh ya, I recently bought an intro book/workbook to learn how to read and write Hangul. I’ve wanted to learn how to speak it for a long time, but I think learning how to read and write it will make me learn how to speak it correctly easier. Hangul is all phonetics right? Anyone have advice on the best way to approach learning to read/write/speak Korean?

  6. mie


    my favorite japanese group is ellegarden. they sing a lot in english (one or two of them came from the states? don’t know their personal details). they’re sorta punk rock (i think? i’m bad at delegating genres…).
    and my all-time favorite japanese song is gackt’s “last song.” (youtube his live performance for the real deal)
    you’ll usually find that drama ost songs are of great quality.

  7. summerrain

    @mishane: i only know Arashi from Hana Yori Dango but to be honest they kinda got on my nerves after some episodes so i always fast-forwarded the intro
    (i think the sang it .__.) or the ending…dunno i forgot
    some good jmusic utada hikaru and ai otsuka
    ( i LOVE her song ‘planetarium’…YAY)
    and ehm…Nana Mizuki maybe? or Younha?
    but personally i think K-music is muuuuch better..well, just my opinion

    today i learnt how my name is spelled in korean
    thank you google translator 😀
    and i got a twitter account..wuhuuu xD

  8. mishane

    5 lovenyc52


    GAH. I’ve vowed never to step foot in there again, they are evil and take all my money (which I give willingly, but WHATEVER).

    They are opening a Nordstroms in Delaware in 2010 which will equal death and disaster since Delaware has no sales tax so I will finally be able to buy my Chanel purse that I’ve been drooling over forever without have to pay an extra $100 or so on tax.

  9. PILK

    O, “Jupiter” almost climbed the crossover threshold! But some bits were shrill, not ethereal, which grates. My fav is still British Airways’ use of The Flower Duet. TGIF, and have a good weekend, everyone!

  10. 10 mishane

    @ lovenyc52

    Re: learning Hangul

    If you have an iPhone, there’s 3 applications that I downloaded (free) that are flashcards and they teach you basic words in Korean.

    There’s Japanese applications too (which are MUCH better than the Korean ones), they go much more in depth and teach you a lot more. The Korean app is more just flashcards, though there is one that’s really nice, it teaches you the letters.

    You’re in NYC right? I assume from the name. Did you buy the book in NY or online? I’d be interested in actually buying a book, since all I have right now are applications and I don’t think that would be enough to help me learn. I’d like to buy an actual workbook to maybe do exercises in.

  11. 11 Dele

    @Mishane…if no one else wants it I would gladly take if off your hands! I don’t live in NYC/NJ so you would have to mail it to me.

    I got my E-2 visa in the mail the other day, booked my ticket for 8/21 and now on to trying to pack all my stuff without going overboard. I have been sick all week so hopefully I feel better by Monday and can start working out again.

    Dramabeans:) can’t wait for the next recap of Triple. Are you thinkiing about checking out Swallow In The Sun?

    Has anyone check it out, it looks so beautiful that I kind of want to watch it after Shining Inheritance ends.

  12. 12 mishane

    @ 6 mie

    Thanks! I’m totally noting those and next week I’ll go on a hunt to try to find and download them.

    @ 7 summerrain

    YES. I downloaded Utada’s newest English album and fell in love with the club song “Poppin”. It’s so sexy and has a fun beat.

    There’s one Japanese girl I always see when I read about J-music. Ami Namuro or something like that? She’s got long hair, tattoos and she’s got a kid? I think she sings hip hop or maybe pop. Not sure. Is she any good?

  13. 13 langdon813

    Interesting song, JB! It has the exact same melody as a hymn played at Easter mass every year at my church. Random…

    YAY, music discussion!

    Here are my two favorite songs on my Ipod this week:

    I’m just starting to get into Epik High (late to the party as usual).
    Tablo = Brainy = Sexy!

  14. 14 mishane

    @ 11 Dele

    You got it!

    If you want to PM me your address, my e-mail is [email protected], I’ll mail it out next week. Like I said, I feel really bad about tossing it since I know there are big fans of So Ji Sub.

    Question, how long did it take you to get your E2 visa? Because I need to start applying for it (I haven’t gotten my documents apostilled yet) and I have to go to the Korean Consulate and I really hope it’s not a long process. All this paperwork is getting me down, there’s just too much of it.

  15. 15 Rifae

    Hey guys, happy friday!

    Just a quick question to throw out there… I’m currently watching Jamyunggo and as it is ending soon I was thinking about starting up on Queen Seonduk. Have people been watching it? How is it?

    @ langdon813
    that second youtube video is great! thanks for sharing.

  16. 16 lovenyc52

    @10 mishane – actually i have a blackberry 🙂 I can’t handle the whole touchscreen business of an iphone. when i try to text on my friends’ iphones it’s a jumbled mess haha. I bought the book online cuz i went to my local barnes and noble and they didn’t have much of a selection. I was going to get Rosetta Stone, but I can’t afford to spend $250 at each level. i actually bought this book because it’s affordable at each level and it got pretty good reviews:

    In the reviews it says even though it doesn’t come with an audio cd or anything, you can find the audio clips you need online. Plus I think watching all the kdramas that we do, it’ll help with the pronunciation 🙂

    Oh and I’m not in NY.. I’m born and raised Californian 🙂 But I just really adore NY and if it weren’t for the weather I’d probably have moved there by now. But I can’t stand the summer humidity and the winters there are kind of harsh too. I’m totally spoiled by the Cali weather, especially being in SoCal the past 10 years.. it’s perpetually spring-ish weather haha!

  17. 17 Dele

    @Mishane…YOU MADE MY DAY:)

    I will email you…

    It took me 3-5 days once I got my notice of appointment from SMOE. I mailed it to the LA consulate so they got it on Monday mailed it out to me on Tuesday, and I got it on Wednesday only because I chose overnighting it back since it was my passport.

    If you live close to the consulate and can go to it instead of mailing it you might be able to get it the same day, or by latest the next day.

    I really like CHEMISTRY, Utada Hikaru, and FreeTempo when it comes to Jap music. No one beats Utada in my book.

  18. 18 Snikki

    I wanna see 500 Days of Summer this weekend! I read it has a killer soundtrack like Garden State. I can’t wait for it to come out.

    Re: Arashi… I have a few of their songs, I downloaded them because of Matsujun. But I eventually got tired from listening to their songs, but not of Matsujun, I still loff him!

  19. 19 Dele

    All the paperwork is a bit much…lots of little fees add up to a lot of money, so just keep that in mind. What program are you with?

  20. 20 asianromance

    Wow it’s Friday again already!! Been looking for a part-time job- especially in my field- so I won’t go into major debt for grad school and so when I graduate, I’d have a sparkling resume to show off- but it’s been hard. Darn recession!

    As for drama news, i haven’t watched much. I watched episodes 2 and 3 of Partner. Sadly, i found watching the people involved in the case more interesting than all the other characters. That first case and how it was tearing the family apart got me shedding tears. Ahn Suk Hwan had put on a very emotional and riveting performance.

  21. 21 langdon813

    @18, Snikki

    The soundtrack from 500 Days of Summer is where I got the second song I listed @13…it is AMAZING. I can’t wait to see the movie.

  22. 22 skelly

    I’ve listened to music by Arashi, SMAP, and KAT-TUN, and to me they all have pretty much the same style (sweet, perky, catchy tunes), the same Johnny-boy look, and the same level of talent (pretty mediocre). Their stuff is OK, I guess, sort of like Backstreet Boys only slightly off-key, but what I find criminal is the way they keep the really talented Japanese artists out of the limelight. (Johnny Kitagawa, you have SO much to answer for!)
    Anyone heard of R’in, the ‘girl group’ that uses traditional Japanese instruments in really inventive ways? Probably not…

  23. 23 coco

    I’m still going through City Hall withdrawal and struggling to find interest in a new drama. The recaps are helping as I can relive the memories and realize bits I didn’t catch the first time round. So thanks Samsooki and crew for the recaps!
    Having said that, I must admit to watching The man who can’t get married. Hasn’t got to me like CH but it is funny and entertaining. I want that DOG! Not sure if my 2 Labs will feel the same way.
    I had to work an extra day which seriously messed up my week. Going back to work tomorrow seems way too soon. Oh well gotta earn some money to pay for my trip to England in Sept. Not sure how I’ll handle 3 weeks without Kdramas as I’m truly addicted now. May need rehab first!
    Have a great weekend everyone.

  24. 24 Dele

    @langdon813….I am now in love with that second song. It just makes me smile:)

  25. 25 Miki

    I Love Arashi too! funny how I used to ignore the HYD intro when I was watching the drama. I liked the other songs like blue mind and Planetarium instead. Its not until after when I was looking for the soundtrack that I realized Matsujun was in that band that sings the themesong lol. Anyways, I like Arashi’s older songs, they’re just so darn happy. Puts me in a good mood whenever I listen to their songs…. but really, I like the goup so much more than their music.
    Anyways, I just finished watching Soulmate on You know, I thought it was kinda slow in the beginning but I ended up really liking it! I just wish they showed a little bit more of the 2 main actors together. And yeah the soundtrack is pretty good too. Love C’mon through 🙂

  26. 26 lb_tmi

    to chajjye–who recommended that i watch My Father w/ Daniel Henney… and i absolutely LOVE IT!!! 10million times better than the acting in Seducing Mr Perfect… the emotional range was fantastic!!! Excellent work by DH. and i came away just BALLING my eyes out.. i’m so glad i spent the $6 to buy it 🙂

    i’m not into jpop… barely getting started w/ Kpop… only listen to UN and 2PM… starting to get into SuperJunior bit by bit… can’t stand the sweet cutesy voices of the female groups… i’m sure i’ll like the Grace, if i ever find time to search for them. LOVE the voices of V.O.S. and Fly to the Sky… other than that, i’m totally outta the loop on music… the only other music i listen to is Thai… and i’m not into what out there right now either… tho i love me some CLASH, Dan Worrewech and Bird Thongchai…

    all this talk about going to Korea really makes me jealous. i’ve been planning my trip to Thailand for 10 years now, and i’ve still not gone… my passport’s about to expire… i better go soon!!!!

  27. 27 lovenyc52

    oh i forgot a j-artist i really like is tamaki hiroshi. probably better known as chiaki from nodame canatabile (my favorite drama of all time!). he has a pretty awesome voice – it has an interesting quality and texture to it. and of course gotta love utada.. awesome songs, awesome voice… 🙂

    @miki – i only wish it got high enough ratings to warrant the 2nd season it needed!!! wonderful soundtrack and the c’mon through song is so good. it was totally on repeat on my ipod during and immediately after i finished the series.

  28. 28 cecee

    @15 RIFAE I am currently watching QSD and it is GOOD. I like the storyline alot and the actors are super too, especially MiShil (the evil one). It is choppy in certain areas but I think it is coming together nicely. It is quite addictive. I watch it raw and then watch it again when it is subbed. I just can’t wait for the new episodes. I am waiting patiently every weekend!!! Watch it and give it time to engulf you! lols.

    Shining Inheritance has 4 more episodes to go! It is very cliche but addictive! LOVE IT!

  29. 29 coco

    The song of the day is based on the very patriotic English hymn.
    Check out this version.

  30. 30 langdon813

    @24, Dele…I know, right? It’s so cheerful!

    @25, Miki…love C’Mon Through. I never get tired of hearing that song.

    I’m watching Triple and The Man Who Can’t Get Married faithfully (sometimes even before the subs come out). I’ve watched the first episodes of both Partner and Friend; maybe this weekend I’ll get back into them, but who knows…

    I watched Il Mare last night; SO much better than that crappy Sandra Bullock/Keanu Reeves US version. I hated that movie. So between Il Mare and Triple, I’m becoming quite the fan of Lee Jung-jae and plan to start catching up on the rest of his work. I also watched Attic Cat on Dramafever recently with Kim Rae-won (cute!) and I’m thinking of watching Gourmet next. Any LJJ or KRW suggestions are welcome!

    Ah, City Hall. Even better the second time around with recaps!!!

  31. 31 Snikki


    Loved it! Thanks for sharing! Makes me wanna go on a road trip, haha… it’s a good long driving song.

    Gosh, I had to go through hoops just to listen to it. Our work blocked all the sites that I usually go to.

  32. 32 budsdiana

    @23 coco

    Just to say I also have a lab, her name is Diana. I am not into small dogs, but I must say I kinda enjoy watching that dog in the TMWCGM.

  33. 33 Max

    JB, Thanks for the song. It was exactly what I needed.

  34. 34 coco

    Before anyone wants to correct me I know the music is by Holst /Jupiter but the words are so moving and always remind me of the young men and women who gave up their lives in service for their country.

  35. 35 djes

    There was bomb explosions this morning at Ritz Carlton and JW. Marriot Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia.
    I lived not to far from the location, but I didn’t hear and knew anything until I arrived to the office and my boss was in a hurry going to the hospital, because our branch’s staffs wounded.
    One of the security guard is severely injured but now already safe.

    It was really devastating. I don’t understand with the terrorists’ way of thinking, how bombing can be a way to show their presence, their minds, or anything?
    And if they were targeting any side, why should they bombed in their own country and hurt their own fellow citizens?
    We still don’t know who’s behind this action though.
    It happened at the same place the bomb exploded 6 years ago.
    My deepest condolences to all the victims and their family.

    Today, the Manchester United team is supposed to be arrive and stay at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. Now they’re canceled their visit.

    Streets were empty this night when I leaved the office…which is unusual on Friday nights. It’s sad.

    anyway, on the lighter note, I just came back from the cinema watching Harry Potter 6.
    After few bad comments I’ve read in my friends’ Facebook statuses, I didn’t have high expectation – I haven’t finished reading the book, I just lost interest, i don’t know why. It was okay..nothing’s spectacular, just..okay. Maybe because I’m not a big fan of Harry Potter.

    I’m currently watching Triple without sub, and while I love the story, I feel kinda scared with the story’s development. I don’t know I think I’m not ready if eventually Haru will end up with Hwal. I’m not against them, but the idea a little bit bothered me…but I really want to know what’s the writer up to, and so I decided to keep my open mind and be ready for any kind of twists.

  36. 36 lb_tmi

    @ 30 langdon813

    KRW was excellent in the movie ..Ing. i watch it all the time.. i watch him mostly in movies, but i’m branching out to him in dramas too.. i just found him to be so adorkable in ..Ing so love-able, so flipping CUTE!!!

    watched him in Mr Socrates, Sunflower, My Little Bride, My love Patzzi… can’t think of the others off the top of my head rite now… but i LOVE KRW…

    djes–be safe. thanks for informing me. my prayers will be w/ the families affected by this event.

  37. 37 mishane

    @ 27 lovenyc52


    Tamaki Hiroshi sings?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just finished the Nodame SP 1 and I am honestly in love with Tamaki. Does he go by his name or does he have a stage name and WHERE CAN I FIND THIS?!

  38. 38 amy

    @ # Rifae, Queen Seonduk is pretty good. It reminds of Iljimae (Lee Jun-ki version) in that they’re both entertaining despite having many plot holes. I would recommend it.

  39. 39 RobJ

    @ lovenyc52..

    At the link below there are 3 videos teaching exactly how to read and write Korean. They are videos taken from my in-class course and are all explained in plain English: the sounds, how to write and say each one, and then how to read them with consonants and vowels together.

    They’re totally free, don’t worry. Check them out if you’d like, at…

    Hope they help!

  40. 40 langdon813

    @35, djes

    How terrifying…please be safe!! I can’t even imagine. I guess there’s something to be said for living in Nowhere USA.

    @36, lb_tmi

    Thanks for the recommendations, looks like I have a lot to look forward to this weekend!

    @37, mishane

    I don’t know who Tamaki Hiroshi is, but that reaction alone makes me want to know more! 🙂

  41. 41 Samsooki

    @35 djes,

    Safe travels and fervent hopes for peace for your country, and every other place in the world.

  42. 42 coco

    Gotta luv those Labs! I have an ancient yellow lab called McVitie aka Big Mac( a little on the large side!) and a younger chocolate called Cocoa (I see we also use our pets names as our alias on-line).

  43. 43 mishane

    @ 40 langdon813

    That’s his wiki. He’s a Japanese actor

    I ADORED him in Love Shuffle (j-drama) then watched him in Nodame Cantabile (another j-drama) and loved him again in that.

    Saw him in the movie KIDS and Tada, Kimi wo Aishiteru.

    I’m not as familiar with j-dramas as I am with k-dramas but he’s quickly becoming my favorite j-actor.

    Has anyone seen the j-drama Shikaotoko Aoniyoshi? He stars in that with Ayase Haruka who I adore (from the j-movie My Cyborg Girlfriend) and I wanted to see it just for the pairing but the plot sounds ridiculous! (Tamaki teaches a girls high school where Ayase plays a strange girl and he turns into a deer?) Is it good? Or just weird?

  44. 44 lovenyc52

    @mishane – hehe ya my friend is the one who actually found out he sang when she searched youtube for clips of him and there he was on stage singing. and we both melted like m&ms on a hot summer day. He just goes by his real name and if you search yesasia you can find both his old and new stuff. He’s been recording since 2004ish i think? Ya, who knew!? So multi-talented hehe. After nodame I watched him on different variety shows and he seems like such a fun guy!! CANNOT wait for the Nodame movies to come out!!! I’ll be in Japan for a week this winter…hopefully when the first movie comes out. maybe i’ll get to watch it while i’m there!

    If you want, I can send you some of his songs that I have. 🙂

  45. 45 mishane

    @ 44 lovenyc52

    OMG, if you could, I’d be so happy. No really, so happy. Does he have a nice voice? Is it deep?

    Didn’t you adore him in Nodame?!? I just watched the first SP this week (watching the next SP next week) and I just about melted. I think Chiaki is my new drama boyfriend, lol.

  46. 46 lovenyc52

    @39 RobJ – thanks!! I’ll have to check that out when I get home 🙂 Any help I can get will be useful as I’m learning from scratch hehe.

    @35 djes – please be safe. it’s crazy how the world is lately 🙁 so many tragic events happening in such a short period of time.

    @43 mishane – I’ve only seen him in Nodame and Tada, Kimi wo Aishiteru (cried my eyes out at that one….) but I’m dying to see Orion in Midsummer and MW, his new movies that come out this year. I did not watch the one where he turns into a deer cuz I find that really weird haha. Oh but i think there is a little tanpatsu for MW that came out the end of June that I need to check out. Still have not gotten around to Love Shuffle because I can’t make it past the first 20 minutes haha. Will have to give it another try because I do love me some Tamaki Hiroshi screen time 🙂

  47. 47 mishane

    @ 46 lovenyc52

    Love Shuffle was fun! I adored the relationship that sprung up between him and his OTP (heh, which kept you guessing at which one he would actually end up with). He’s so adorably geeky in that one that when I saw him in Nodame, it was such a strange jolt.

    And I just googled the movies and they sound like interesting action movies which are nice. But I’d LOVE to see him in a nice romance or romantic comedy.

  48. 48 mishane

    @35 djes

    Be safe. I hope everything works out for you and your friends/family.

  49. 49 Dele

    A great Japanese drama is Orange Days…I loved it. I need to watch Nodame Cantible…I have Love Shuffle on my hard drive as a need to watch drama because it has Shota and Tamaki in it.

    I like dramas with multiple relationship in it.

  50. 50 langdon813

    mishane and lovenyc52

    JUST WHAT I NEEDED…something (someone) else to obsess over! Just caught some scenes from Nodame on YT and…I’m sold. Done deal. If I go missing the rest of the afternoon and evening, y’all know where I’ll be.

    I love Open Thread Friday!!!