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Kang Ji-hwan cameos on Style
by | August 9, 2009 | 26 Comments

Aww, craaaap. Now I have to keep watching Style!

I’d pretty much decided to put SBS’s Style on the back burner — not because it sucks, but because I’m just not interested enough to invest that many more hours into it — but I may have to stick around long enough to catch Kang Ji-hwan‘s cameo appearance. He’ll be playing what sounds like a version of himself, in the role of a big-time movie star.

Kang’s appearance comes about through his relationship with the director, Oh Jong-rok, who directed him several years ago in the tearjerker drama series 90 Days’ Time to Love. He is also slated to appear alongside Style lead Lee Jia in the telecinema project, which airs on SBS this fall, so his appearance here is in support of both.

Kang explained taking on the part: “Style is a fun drama and I was going to visit the set in support of the director, but he suggested, ‘If you’re going to come, you should appear in it too.’ That’s how it came about. It’s a party scene, so I had fun filming it.”

The scene takes place as Kang’s actor character attends a party celebrating Style magazine’s 200th issue, which doubles as the inaugural party for editor Park Ki-ja (Kim Hye-soo). The scene will take place in Episode 6, which broadcasts August 16.

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26 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. BubbleTea

    yay! i was planning on skipping style as well but i guess ill have to watch a few episodes, lets hope the overacting stops and it improves

  2. nickie

    haha yayy!
    i heard 2ne1’s cameoing too, i wonder if it’s in the same scene as kang jihwan.

  3. carmie

    Darn now I actually have to see style. Aigoo.

  4. pabo ceo reom

    Damn it: let me back in…..at least long enough to catch him.

    Also I read that other celebrities will be making a cameo in that scene too? Is it going to be a big thing?

  5. jiawern

    Relax… it will just keep improving.. Please no comment about Lee Jia anymore….
    awaiting Kang Ji Hwan too

  6. hanjanman

    I don’t think the word Style and Ryu Shi Won go together, so I had absolutely no plans in watching this drama. UNTIL NOW. Why do why must KJH do this to me. I’m such a completist as well. I tend to finish a drama I started. I hope it only lasts 16 eps.

    @ Nickie

    2NE1 as well??? Really??? Oh my! Sandara has a good track record so far in her kissing scene partners. TOP in a music video and Jung il Woo in Return of Iljimae. I wouldn’t mind seeing her get to kiss KJH too. I’m a fan of hers as well anyway.

  7. loner

    Relax… it will just keep improving.. Please no comment about Lee Jia anymore….

    @5 Whether you like it or not Lee Jia’ character in this drama is one of the leads so yeah you will have to read many negative comment about her in the future as long as Lee Jia’s acting didn’t improved. And as for some cameo appereance, why I have a feeling that this is a strategy to cover up the weakness point of this drama (Lee Jia’s annoying acting to be precise)

  8. Macribee

    We hope Lee Ji Ah will be strong (open mind) to take the critic from viewers
    and the scrIpt writer and director have to be responsible where STYLE
    is going. As for Mr. Ryu, not sure if he is the right cast (role) because he has been out of acting for quite some years.

  9. ripgal

    Erm, this is about Kang Ji Hwan?

    So yeah, I think I may just watch this…well, until KJH appears that is.
    If I’m hooked by then, I may choose to continue…

  10. 10 annio

    yeeppp. 2ne1 is in the same scene. and i’m soo psyched for kang ji hwann!! the guy is loooveee <<33!

  11. 11 bspanda

    Well I know I’ll be at least watching ONE ep of Style – Ep 6!!! Gee it’s a good day – this news (and pic LOL) as well as I picked up a copy of ‘Civil Servant # 7’ today! Yippeee double the KJH today! And even if the subs are crap – which it seems like it – I don’t care. Why. It’s KANG JI HWAN!! he is beyond words 🙂

  12. 12 djes

    Well I can watch episode 6 only…. 😀
    And 2NE1 in the same episode!!!
    ( eh no MINE caption this time? btw it’s good picture of him )

  13. 13 Yoo Jin

    AW man now I’m going to have to watch at least one episode of Style just for him lol

  14. 14 mellissa

    ahmmmmmmmm, who’s kang ji hwan?????

  15. 15 Samsooki

    I’ve made drama choice errors before, both kinds – where I gave up on a drama too soon, and where I stuck with a drama too long. Almost gave up on City Hall, but stuck through Sweet Spy. When I had a chance, decided to wtach Cinderella Man instead of Brilliant Legacy or Story of a Man..

    So now iif by whatever arbitrary reason I choose to watch a drama (due to an actor, PD, subject matter, or random chance), I am always uncertain whether to stick with a drama or not. New Heart didn’t really turn good until like Ep 11 (would never have stuck with it had it not been for drama fever). Watching things contemporaneously, it is virtually impossible to be right 100% of the time.

    We’ll se this week whether Style is any good (start wtaching this week), but even if it isn’t very good, who knows whether it will turn great? Duty Free KJH (coal mine) will keep me interested for a while, so that’s good, right? 🙂

  16. 16 YGfangirl

    gosh, I think I’m going to have to start watching this drama, or atleast catch the episode where the stars make a cameo in it…i’m particularly looking forward to seeing 2NE1’s cameo..Sandara’s been an actress already, it’ll be interesting to see the other members get their feet wet in the acting world….

  17. 17 syl

    2NE1 will be guests too !!! : D

  18. 18 jinkzz

    thanks for the article translation javabeans…looking forward to seeing ji hwan on the small screen again ( even just for a few minutes )

    i think these are pictures of ji hwan’s cameo:




  19. 19 MinT

    WOW KJH AND 2EN1, that’s it i’m going to start on Style now. Let’s hope it’s good enough to keep me going or else i’ll just wait till ep 6 hehehehe…

  20. 20 hjkomo

    Darn, gotta keep watching Style…
    Kim Hye Soo’s the only good thing in it.

    I just watched the movie last night.
    He and KHN have smokin’ chemistry, and KJH is A-DOR-A-BLE in it!!!

    Thanks for the smexy pics! 😀

  21. 21 irugnotmis

    ah! now i have to watch episode 6.

  22. 22 birdscout

    @15 Samsooki

    uhmm…”coal mine”? Don’t you mean “gold MINE!” or “diamond MINE!” ? LOL:)

  23. 23 bspanda

    @18 jinkzz Thank You for sharing more of his smexiness! He sure looks hot!

    @20 hjkomo – I did not end up watching it last night, but will do (when I can prize my CH DVD out…again…of my DVD player LOL). Have to say the chemistry is really good between him and KHN (even iin ’90 Days..’ which I have not finished (so hard!) they were good).

    Highly recommend you check out ‘Rough Cut’. You get (MINE!) Duty Free KJH AND (MINE! too) So Ji Sub. And aside from the hot men fest, the movie was great too!

  24. 24 E-gyrl

    I have interest in the show but I am always interested in Kang Ji Hwan! I will just watch for him and call it a day. I love him and he is HOT!!!


  25. 25 elaine

    Since kang jihwan will appear there shortly, i guesses i have to take a glimpse of it. but i’m looking forward to seeing him again in another full length drama, because i think that telecinema project a part drama, if possible i hope he could do another drama with sung yuri.

  26. 26 Lota

    I’m crazy about you Kang Ji-hwan that I dont know what to do, I can’t find Telecinema Love is Blind… anybody there, pls help!

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