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My Fair Lady: Episode 2
by | August 20, 2009 | 98 Comments

I liked this episode better than Episode 1, not least because of Jung Il-woo! Well, he’s one reason, but I also thought the story was tighter and, as I was hoping, Yoon Eun-hye got to move away from the awkward rich-bitch acting and showed some more emotion. She’s best showing a little vulnerability (in my opinion), so those scenes work better for her.

The ratings dipped slightly and the Wednesday-Thursday prime-time shows are in a tight race (with Swallow the Sun; in third place is Hon).


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Now that Dong-chan has been installed as Hae-na’s personal attendant, he promises his moneylenders that he will pay them back soon, trying to buy some time. They’re not impressed, because even if he has a job at the Kang household, it’s not like he’s rolling in money.

Thinking fast, Dong-chan reminds them of his reputation as a ladykiller, and paints a fantasy scenario where he makes Hae-na fall in love with him, after which he’ll pretend to leave her in a noble sacrifice because he’s too poor for her. She’ll be so eager to keep him that she’ll offer him money. Victory!

Dong-chan vows to win her over and get the money. He has one month.

Rather than expose the unsavory details of his predicament, Dong-chan assures Eui-joo and her mother that the debt has been taken care of. He lies that he set Hae-na straight and she apologized in contrition; her grandfather was so impressed that he lent him money for the debt and gave him a job.

It’s a pretty outlandish explanation, but maybe the ladies aren’t so bright. Or how about we call them trusting.

Mr. Jang, the head butler and trusted servant to Grandpa Kang, isn’t keen on the idea of Dong-chan working for them, but Grandpa figures they just have to trust him to bring Hae-na in line. Mr. Jang gives Dong-chan a tour of the premises and formally introduces him to this trio — their bios list their names as Lee Byung-heon, Jung Woo-sung, and Jang Dong-gun.

All the while, Hae-na stews at her grandfather’s decision to hire Dong-chan. Grandpa Kang holds firm and reminds her that the power to fire is his, not hers. She does not handle this development well, and tries to think of her next move.

She may be unable to fire Dong-chan, but that doesn’t mean she can’t pick a fight with him. She summons him to meet her, and when he arrives, she ambushes him with a kumdo (kendo) sword. She demands to know his ulterior motive for taking the position. She doesn’t buy for a minute that he’s just doing it for the sake of the job.

To her surprise, Dong-chan is pretty good with a kumdo sword and holds his own against her. After a brief sparring bout, he even knocks her sword from her hands. He proposes they start over and addresses her formally, bowing in greeting. (Still pissed off, Hae-na grabs her dropped kumdo sword and hits him over the head with it.)

And now… it’s Iljimae! Jung Il-woo! Lee Tae-yoon.

The short version of the story is: Tae-yoon grew up as part of a rich family, but has distanced himself from his privileged upbringing and now works in a modest office as a human rights lawyer, taking on powerless and downtrodden clients. He works alongside his friend and colleague Su-ho and is currently handling a case that puts him at odds with the Kang San Group.

Kang San is looking to acquire a sprawling golf course, a matter the chairman entrusts to Hae-na’s uncle, Kang Chul-gu, who’s a director at the corporation. From Uncle Kang’s nervous reaction, we can see he’s not having an easy time of it, even though he assures the chairman he will take care of it.

The problem is, Lee Tae-yoon is interfering in the deal, and has successfully done the same to other large-scale projects. So Uncle Kang visits Tae-yoon’s law office and kicks up a fuss, demanding to know who put them up to it. He threatens to sic his own legal team on them if they cause the golf course project to be canceled.

Tae-yoon isn’t intimidated. He lets the older man know that he’s aware that they’ve covered up a lot of environmental assessment reports. Furthermore, he knows there have been a lot of cultural assets excavated in the area. If Kang San backs off, he won’t pursue the matter — but if they persist, well, things are bound to become difficult.

Uncle Kang storms out, but Tae-yoon recognizes that they haven’t won. He suspects the matter can only be worked out by talking to the chairman himself.

Hae-na regroups to devise a new plan to get rid of Dong-chan, gathering the servants to her side. Basically, she tells everyone that he was in charge of the food for their dinner party tonight, but doesn’t let him know this. When Dong-chan hears, they’re in crisis mode and he storms in to confront Hae-na.

Innocently, Hae-na tells him that he’d promised to take care of the food. She reminds him that he’d commented this morning (in passing) that he’d like to show Grandpa some great cuisine, and she acts as though that was a binding deal.

Understanding what her game is, Dong-chan tells her to bring it on, and buckles down to solve the problem. Unfortunately, the kitchen staff were all told their services were not needed, and they leave for the night.

As he surveys the empty kitchen, Dong-chan is interrupted by a tiny, imperious voice demanding some juice. (Juice! Is there nothing cuter?) It’s Su-min, here for the dinner party with his family. LOL — it’s like the little boy meeting the big little boy. Su-min puts on airs and insists upon being called “young master,” but Dong-chan just treats him like a cute little kid and doesn’t humor him. (Adorably, this actually seems to work, because the boy isn’t used to people NOT bowing and scraping.)

Dong-chan asks Su-min for tips on what kind of food the family likes, but they’re all fancy French dishes beyond his ability. He does get an idea, and starts preparing ingredients.

The lower-level staff worries that they’ll get fired for going along with Hae-na’s plan, so they’re fine letting Dong-chan take the fall. On the other hand, the head butler and housekeeper — Mr. Jang and Ms. Jung — eye Hae-na’s antics with disapproval.

Hae-na comes to the party anticipating Dong-chan’s demise, digging his grave a little deeper by telling her grandfather that Dong-chan insisted on taking over the dinner plans. Thus it’s with more than a little consternation that she leads the group to the table to find that everything is perfectly in order.

Dong-chan unveils the menu: pigs roasting on a spit and a plate of… ordinary Korean fried rice? (Bokkum bap.) He puts that silver tongue to good use and spins a story of how this is a favorite dish of the lauded Michelin food guide Alain Ducasse, and uses lots of fancy terms like bourguinon. This dish, with its delicate flavors and aromas, is Andalusian paella!

Hae-na sneers that she’s never heard of it, and he glibly replies, “It is a pity that such a person as you has never tried this before.” Turning to Su-ah, he says leadingly, “I’m sure you’ve had this before, miss?” Not about to admit she hasn’t — and eager to one-up Hae-na for once — Su-ah says yes. Her family jumps in to rave about how this recaptures their vacations in Andalusia.

Grandpa Kang isn’t blind, although he goes along with it. The next morning, he asks why Hae-na did it. She answers that this was because he wouldn’t let her fire Dong-chan. He says with concern that even if she doesn’t take a job at the company, she should at least go out, date someone, maybe get married. She flatly says no — she’ll just live out the rest of her life here, with him.

Tae-yoon and Su-ho attempt to find Chairman Kang at one of his usual haunts at the equestrian club, but are unsuccessful. As they leave the grounds, one of the grooms recognizes Tae-yoon and greets him enthusiastically. It’s been years since he’s been here — the rest of Tae-yoon’s family drops by regularly — and he’s missed seeing him around.

Clearly this is no longer part of Tae-yoon’s life, but he must have enjoyed horseback riding in the past. He takes the groom up on the offer to take the horse out for a quick ride.

Hae-na also heads to the equestrian center, dragging along a tense Dong-chan, who wonders what horrors she has planned for him today.

Outside, Hae-na looks up at an approaching rider, and reacts with shock. It’s like she recognizes Tae-yoon, but the name she says is different: “Jun-su oppa?”

She runs after him on foot, but such is her distraction that she doesn’t notice that a team of racers have just rounded the bend and are headed for her. Dong-chan sees that she’s about to get trampled, and grabs her out of the way, sending both to the ground.

Even after that near miss, Hae-na remains fixed on getting to Tae-yoon, who has escaped from view. Then she spots him walking to his car and driving off. Not willing to let him slip away, Hae-na grabs a horse, swings up on its back and races after the car. Dong-chan gets in their car and follows her down the road.

Su-ho and Tae-yoon notice that they’re being chased by a rider, and stop the car in puzzlement. They get out to face her, neither recognizing her, and wonder if Hae-na was following them. As soon as she sees Tae-yoon, she deflates. Dong-chan pulls up in the car and apologizes for the inconvenience, and she answers dully that she mistook Tae-yoon for someone else.

Not understanding what just happened, Dong-chan is surprised to see tears on Hae-na’s face. She sits alone for a while, lost in sad memories, feeling foolish. Given that Tae-yoon doesn’t look like Jun-su — no secret birth twists here! (we hope) — this suggests that she was so anxious to meet Jun-su again that she was quick to jump to that conclusion.

Dong-chan tends to the scrapes she sustained from falling down.

After a while, Hae-na is in a better mood and tells him to pretend this didn’t happen. Dong-chan vows his loyalty, but in a cute, over-the-top way that makes her smile. This conversation marks their first civil (almost pleasant) encounter and as they walk off, he asks what she had initially planned to torment him with today. She answers lightly, “Dismemberment.”

Later that night, Dong-chan gets more insight into Hae-na’s heartbreak, which he learns was from her sole romantic relationship, despite all the gossip about her prolific love life.

Tae-yoon’s older brother shows up at the office and scolds his brother for living “like this” and moving out of their home. The tone is tense, and we can tell this is a conversation they’ve had many times before. Tae-yoon doesn’t want to get into it again and asks his brother to leave, but first, his brother has a family request to ask of him.

The next morning, Dong-chan is taken to task by Mr. Jang for the accident at the equestrian center and asked for the details. Dong-chan pauses, then takes the blame; the accident occurred after he’d angered Hae-na. Immediately, Mr. Jang fires him. Dong-chan pleads for a second chance, but Mr. Jang says that they cannot give second chances to people who would put Hae-na in danger.

Only, Hae-na steps in and chides Mr. Jang — who is he to fire an employee without her consent? Mr. Jang is genuinely puzzled, having thought Hae-na hated Dong-chan. Hae-na hastens to tell Dong-chan not to get the wrong idea — she’s got plans to torment him further. He’s not fooled, muttering to himself, “She could just say thanks. That girl and her pride…”

Meanwhile, Eui-joo has successfully scored a job working in her field of choice — clothing and shoe design — with Su-ah, who has a line under the Kang San Group umbrella. Su-ah’s a capricious boss, wanting her subordinates to tell her what they think of her and her designs, fishing for compliments but then scolding them when their compliments are all the same. (“You’re pretty, you’re refined, your designs are perfect.”)

Eui-joo learns quickly how to please Su-ah, giving a philosophical answer about the shoe’s design, describing its artistic properties and using terms like avant-garde, nihilism, and feminism. (Of course, she has no idea what she’s saying, but Su-ah loves it.)

Chairman Kang has received another proposal for a mat-seon (arranged date) between Hae-na and the second son of another large corporation, Yoo Sang Group. He worries that Hae-na will act out again like the last time, so he calls her to the dinner meeting without explaining the reason, and also calls Su-ah and her father.

When the date arrives, we realize that Tae-yoon is the Yoo Sang son, which means the life he’s rejected is that of a chaebol. Su-ah’s a little jealous of Hae-na’s good luck, but her father is uncomfortable, recognizing him as the lawyer he’d threatened. In contrast, Tae-yoon has come prepared. He asks Uncle Kang pointedly whether he’s bothered to tell the chairman what he’d said earlier.

Uncle Kang and Su-ah leave the dinner in a huff while Tae-yoon speaks alone with the chairman, who assures him that he will look more carefully into the matter of the golf course. The chairman suspects that Tae-yoon came to talk about the case, not to meet his date, and Tae-yoon sheepishly admits it. He apologizes, saying that he couldn’t think of another way to meet him.

On Su-ah’s way out, she tells Hae-na what awaits her inside, which annoys Hae-na. Dong-chan (perhaps thinking of his own plan to woo Hae-na) urges Hae-na to turn back, since it’s better than going to the dinner and causing a ruckus. He offers to take the blame for letting her run away.

Hae-na accepts the offer — but she has an amendment to his plan. After all, if he admits that he lost her, he’ll look like an idiot. Whereas, if he says that she HIT him and ran, well, that’s more believable.

Nervously, Dong-chan protests, saying, “Oh, but you don’t have to go through so much trouble for me.” Hae-na answers sweetly, “No, you were thinking on my behalf, so naturally I should do this much for you.” With a smile of anticipation, she winds up, aiming for Dong-chan’s face…

…only to be stopped, wrist caught mid-swing by Tae-yoon.

A little jealously (I like to think), Dong-chan demands, “Who are you? Let go of her!” and grabs her hand away from Tae-yoon’s grip.

Tae-yoon asks who Dong-chan is to Hae-na, and Dong-chan answers, “I’m her attendant. What about you?” Tae-yoon says, “Me? I’m the man who’s here for a date with her.”


This drama has got some seriously pretty scenes. So far, we’ve seen a good mix of indoor luxury and outdoor scenery, and I appreciate all the fantastic views. A drama doesn’t have to look pretty to be entertaining, but it sure doesn’t hurt.

You know, there are a lot of clichés at work here and sometimes the story gets rather obvious, but the plot still seems to have a fresh quality to it. As an example of something I didn’t love, the “Andalusian paella” story isn’t terribly clever; Dong-chan’s smooth talking shouldn’t always work when the stories are so flimsy (like how he convinces Eui-joo of his reasons for taking the job). But I just go with it, and they’re amusing despite the obviousness.

On the other hand, I do like the character setups for our main characters. Specifically, the guys. (I’ll get to Hae-na in a moment.)

I admit to extreme Jung Il-woo prejudice — I mean, come on! He’s adorable. But I don’t think it’s just my bias that made me perk up once he showed up; now that he’s entered the scene, I want to see him shake things up. It’s way too early for this, but I think I would be thrilled if he finds his own happy ending with Eui-joo. Yeah, that’s a neat, pat ending, but I don’t care. It’s Jung Il-woo. Boy deserves some loooove.

I like that Dong-chan, as our hero, is a total mischief-maker. Or rather, he’s a mischief-finder. It’s not rare to have a protagonist be a few shades darker than our usual law-abiding and aboveboard fixtures — say, for instance, Jang Hyuk’s gambling wastrel in Tazza, or Jang Hyuk’s womanizing wastrel in Robbers, or Song Seung-heon in East of Eden, etc. But it’s less common than that old trope, “cold uptight man meets bubbly free-spirited girl and thaws his frozen heart with true love.” I’m a bit tired of that and glad to be away from it.

(It may be too early for full-on attraction, but we see the first hints break through the characters’ exteriors.)

Meanwhile, I think the Gu Jun-pyo comparison is natural, since there are some very obvious similarities between Jun-pyo and Hae-na. Still, there’s also a key difference when looking at the reasons for their bad behavior. Jun-pyo’s a case of arrested emotional development, having been brought up with a lack of family affection and an abundance of alone time. He internalized the belief that people can be bought and that loyalty based on feelings is impossible. He wasn’t saying that he could buy people (only) to be a jerk, but because he actually believed it.

On the other hand, Hae-na’s issue is hinted to be a result of a disappointed love when she was 18. Meaning, her current bad behavior is her way of acting out, externalizing her pain rather than turning it inward. It also makes her more of a brat. It’s like she breaks rules of civility just for the hell of it, acting out because she’s angry at the world.

I’m not saying either character is better than the other; they’re both rich, spoiled, and damaged people with major personality flaws. Just pointing out a difference, because it seems like everything is compared to Gu Jun-pyo these days.


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  1. FRASH



    now off to reading it..

  2. ockoala

    Mr. Jang’s trio of mini-butlers are The Good, The Bad and Jang Dong Gung? Awesome! The service uniforms look way more professional than the looks sported by the BBF housecrew.

    Anyways, Yoon Sang-Hyun makes wastral shady-ness seem harmless and adorable. And Jung Il-Woo is such a cutie pie, but the human rights lawyer thing is laying it on a little thick in the holier than his monied background characterization (also, shouldn’t he be an environmental advocacy lawyer?).

    Thanks for a great recap, Java!

  3. cranky

    I liked Ep. 2 better too because the scenes are better and not as awkward, though I still think that there are no chemistry between Hae-na and Dong-chan. In fact, that fantasy scene of them dancing was simply cringe-worthy for me as it seemed so stilted (nothing to do with the dancing though I’ve seen better).
    Tae-yoon’s entrance was a blessing (squee-ing Jung Il-woo’s smile) and makes me wanna root for Hae-na and Tae-yoon instead. They seemed a better fit to me and more believable. Dong-chan is acted well but they just don’t give the same vibe together.

  4. blueberry

    jung il-woo is SO CUTE!!!
    all the stills of him smiling(:

    im not a big fan of the main guy ( i dont even know his name) but oh well.

    and yoon eun-hye…it seems a little bit awkward seeing her in all this fancy stuff. i’m remembering her in coffee prince, which is a total 180 from here..and even in goong, it wasn’t this intense.

    i agree that YEH is meant for a more vulnerable, cutesy role. she’s not that great at acting like a b****

  5. ob

    Having seen the 3rd ep. previews (w/o having actually watched ep. 2), I had a feeling that things would get better and your recap confirms it (Yay!). I *SO* agreed w/ you on the first ep. and how YEH managed to pull herself together at the very end–it made me realize how well she was cast in her previous dramas. I think I feel more at ease when I see glimpses of her former characters (i.e. when she’s earnest and/or silly vs. being snobby–the latter just doesn’t fit her).

    Anyhoo, I hope you’ll recap the rest! Actually, moreso than that, I hope the rest of the drama WARRANTS your oh-so-enjoyable recaps. (crossing fingers)



  7. sue

    jung ilwoo has better skin than yoon eunhye haha.

    is anyone confused by haena’s varying hair lengths throughout episodes? it looks very short again in the preview for the next episode. is the short hair a wig?

  8. J

    Again, thanks for recap =) It really helps me to understand more while I’m waiting for the English subtitles lol. Anyways, I’m enjoying this series so far and I’ll hope that you’ll continue to write about next week’s episode!

  9. lin

    gosh, I liked this episode better than the pilot. yeah, you’re right. YEH’s better when it comes to emotional scenes. I love the DC/HN pairing so much I dont care how hot JIW is, those two need to be together

  10. 10 Jen

    Jung Il-woo makes me happy. =)

    What doesn’t make me happy are the negative remarks about Yoon Sang-hyun that I’ve been reading on forums and blog comments. I understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but the guy is such a great actor that it makes me wonder if all those negative remarks are because they’ve never seen the guy in action. I love that Dramabeans appreciates his talent as much as I do. He was one of the best things in “Queen of Housewives.”

    Didn’t Jung Il-woo and Yoon Sang-hyun study acting together?

    Oh, and Yoon Eun Hye improved in this episode. Can’t wait for the next.

  11. 11 javabeans

    I’m a little surprised (and sad) about the Yoon Sang-hyun comments too. I *think* that a lot of the comments come from people who have never seen him act, so they are basing their opinion on him looking older than most hotties in their twenties. He IS a bit older, but he’s a charming actor and I like to think that viewers will see that soon enough. (I mean, if you’re defending Yoon Eun-hye’s acting but slamming Yoon Sang-hyun’s… I just don’t know what drama you’re watching. Even though she was much better today.)

  12. 12 Rainey

    Normally, I don’t find Jung Il Woo attractive. Too feminine for my taste. However, this haircut has really revealed his manliness and I’m suddenly overcome with Il Woo love. Yowza, very attractive fellow.

    Keep the hair short and my affections may never dwindle.

  13. 13 DeCaf

    I agree w/ what you said about GYP comparisons & it’s gotta stop already because characters are different.
    JIW swoooooooon…… 🙂
    for me DC & Hae Na gives off a brother-sister vibe …. not that I am TaeYoon bias heehee just because DC matches Euijoo better.
    can’t wait how this will all turn out 🙂
    Thanks for recap & hope you will stay tuned till the last ep like me 🙂

  14. 14 kaedejun

    i kept checking this site for your recap just to see if you’d say “this episode was better than ep 1”


    now i feel i can watch the drama in peace!!! =D

  15. 15 sophia

    yeah, actually when i first started watching this drama, the intro to hye-na and the behaviors she showed were really similar to gu jun pyo…i really didn’t like the first episode. but the second episode did improve somewhat…i’m still waiting for something to really draw me into this drama…idk…maybe i’m just too distracted by queen seonduk :X lol

  16. 16 yipee

    I can’t wait watching episode 2 after reading JB recap. I like Jung Il Woo’s face, he is such a cutie pie, but I don’t really dig his skinny body whereas YSH has a more manly demeanor.

  17. 17 amhrancas

    WOo-hoo!! It’s looking up!!! Can’t wait to get ahold of these in subs! thank you so much, Sarah!!

  18. 18 super

    Why a lot of Korean men are tall and skinny with narrow shoulders? YEH looks bigger than these two guys. there are only a handful of Korean men with a great body and broad shoulders who don’t look too feminine, to name a few: Lee Ki Woo, Jang Dong Gun, Kwon Sang Woo, Yoo Ji Tae, Lee Min Hoo.

  19. 19 Sonam

    “It seems like everything is compared to Gu Jun- Pyo’ these days…….LOL that was funny!
    YEH has a great figure . Nice shapely strong legs. I still think her alabaster skin would look better with black hair. For red hair you need green eyes and ruddy skin like the Irish. Like the beautiful Julianne Moore.

  20. 20 Sonam

    @super You forgot So Ji Sub!

  21. 21 MEIKO**** ^-^

    JavaB!!! You are fast!

    I cant really comment on the episode….
    wwaahhhh…am still waiting for the subs…..

    Jung ll Woo!!!! *mega nosebleed*

    from the previews…. i dont think YSH obviously looks old… i mean, he definitely looks older than Jung ll woo, but he and YEH, they DONT look bad together ….i guess, am extra softie with older guys..hehe!

    Well, I havent really seen any episodes yet so….

  22. 22 ohyehbb

    Is it just me, or does Yoon Eun Hye have some rashes on her neck? I noticed it last episode too… it looks like some kind of skin allergy or something, hope she gets it checked out!

    Jung Il Woo’s smiles are just… ahhh.

    ANYWAY, I found this episode to be a lot better than the first one because it was definitely a lot less awkward. Though the overall plot is pretty cliche, I think I’ll have some mindless fun with this one.

  23. 23 asianromance

    thanks for the recap!! i love the Lee Byung-heon, Jung Woo-sung, and Jang Dong-gun trio! their names…omg..their names!! it was a good thing i wasn’t drinking anything while reading this recap! also loved the part with Eui-joo giving a fake philosophical answer about the shoes- she’s pulling a Dong-chan there! it’s just so cute!

    Jung Il-woo’s character sounds like a saint!

    so is this mysterious jun-su character from her past alive and just missing?

  24. 24 dami

    why is Hyena’s name spelt Haena?

    if you are going by the magazine covers, you would have noticed that they mispelt her name as Heana, not even Hyena or Haena.

  25. 25 sue

    @super lol you think lee minho has a nice body and has broad shoulders?? kid is skinny as a stick! his head to shoulder ratio is like 1:2 and his legs are skinnier than girls’…

    not to bash on him LOL! but “body” is not one of LMH’s best traits IMO 😀

    @dami i don’t see why it’s that important. either way, phonetically-speaking, none of the romanizations make much sense haha.

  26. 26 Rosalynn

    I’m honeslty more swooned & impressed of Yoon Sanghyun than Jung Ilwoo & Yoon Eunhye. Jung Ilwoo is just a pretty face but Yoon Sanghyun has more depth when acting & is so charismatic [if thats a word] 🙂 Also appreciated the Gu Junpyo comparison as well because I’ve nevr even thought about the 2 characters inthat perspective.

    Agreed that episode 2 was better because it felt more.. meaningful. Lol. Anticipating episode 3 now & more of YOON SANGHYUN!

  27. 27 deeta

    I agree on Yoon Sanghyun. He’s the one carrying the drama, so far. I like YEH, JIW, and MCW, but this seems to be YSH’s show and will continue that way. I think the power will balance out once YEH reaches her acting stability, but until then, YSH’s ruling. Am definitely rooting for Dongchan and Haena.

    Episode 1 paints Haena really closely with Goo Junpyo, but in episode 2, I think Haena is less cold and more vulnerable.

  28. 28 djes

    i loled at the assistants’ names. And kinda interested why should Lee Byung Hun, Jung Woo Sung and Jang Dong Gun?
    Not that I’m complaining – those are the best 3 K-actors for me anyway! 😀

    I’m gonna watch this after the subs are out. In the meantime, thanks JB for the wonderful recaps!

  29. 29 eneria143

    Though episode 1 is not that good the succeeding episodes is getting better…. YOON SANGHYUN is doing great in the next few episodes…. we are going to see EUN Hye…being soft and warm… same with yoon sanghyun…falling in love with her….kissing part….

  30. 30 anna

    “cold uptight man meets bubbly free-spirited girl and thaws his frozen heart with true love.”
    I always thought this is the same, except completely gender switch.

  31. 31 bbm

    LOL @ The atendant trio names, 😛
    Yay for Iljimae, err… Jung Il Woo appearance!!
    after seeing him angsty in Iljimae, seeing him smiling in those caps just reminded me how ‘pretty’ he is…
    And Wang Seok Kyun is just too adorable…

    this drama has the best looking cast, YEH, YSH, JIW, MCW…
    i don’t even believe that people bash YSH coz he’s older than the rest of the cast!! really, he looked fine to me 😛

  32. 32 javabeans

    @24, Once again:

    Can we lay this spelling thing to rest? It’s just romanization. Her name is pronounced the same either way.

    I thought that at first, that this is the reverse of the ColdMan/BubblyGirl romance, but it’s not really a perfect reversal. Hae-na’s not expressly cold (she’s bad-tempered and quick to temper, not stoic) and Dong-chan isn’t a perfect translation of the plucky, upbeat heroine because he’s also a scoundrel. 😉

  33. 33 (*_*)

    I’ve not seen the drama yet. But do enjoy reading the recaps so thankyou.

  34. 34 all4movies

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    I just might check it out when it’s subbed.

  35. 35 kdramaprincess

    hopefully this is not like boys before flower when it comes to boring episodes on odd #s and good on even #s.

  36. 36 silvia

    “The ratings dipped very slightly (half a percent) but My Fair Lady still sits in first place for the Wednesday-Thursday prime-time shows….”

    just wondering which rating is dramabeans referring to? according to TNS and AGB, episode 2 of My Fair Lady is down to second place for the Wednesday-Thursday prime-time shows

  37. 37 unseen

    honestly, like most of the above comments i think episode 2 is way too much better than the first episode. When hye na cried at the bench, i was surprised because i found myself crying along with her. And i like the scene where hey na and dong chan was walking together. It took my breath away.


  38. 38 beer

    I love this episode. The relationship have been developed.
    Last night I was amazed of YEH’s acting during her crying by the bench.
    It’s good,huh??? I’m almost cry after her.
    Anyway this is a good episode.
    Thank javabeans for the recap ^_^

  39. 39 javabeans

    @silvia, hmm, I swear I read a report (TNS numbers very early in the day) that put 아부해 in first place over 태삼, but you’re absolutely right. Thanks.

  40. 40 emma

    i think they should dress YEH down a bit
    it’s very fashion-y but it’s too much evening gowns?!

  41. 41 tuswit

    @#10 and javabeans — I agree with both of you 101% — well said! i really am annoyed also with the negative comments about yoon sang hyun who’s a great actor. And yes, #10, you hit the nail on the head, Yoon is a great actor and maybe they haven’t seen him yet as Taebong in Queen of Housewives where he stole the show from Oh Ji Hoo! Just listen to him talk and deliver his lines or dialogues makes me smile already! the comments are mostly about his age, he may not be as young as the other two leads but yoon sang is a versatile actor. I must admit, when i first saw him in 3 Dads and 1 Mom, i didn’t pay any attention to him, to me he was unknown compared to Jae Hee, Jo Hyun Jae and the other actor in that series, but when I saw him second time in Queen of Housewives, my admiration for him just went off the roof so to speak! Now he’s my number ONE on my list of Korean actors! I hope people who’s watching this drama would try to look at his potential as an actor and not at his age! If they haven’t seen Queen of Housewives yet, they just don’t know what they’re missing from Yoon’s acting there.
    Thanks Javabeans for your excellent recap — it’s always a pleasure reading them. I’m like…even if i missed an episode I can always read it from here!

  42. 42 s hee

    @deeta – i agree yoon sang seems to be on top again for this drama much like he did in queen of housewives. i’m also rooting for haena & dong chan! i’m really liking this drama and can’t wait for the next episode!

  43. 43 cheanne

    Thanks for the review….I have not watch the series yet but with your reviews I am well informed……Cant wait to see the series myself….. I like YEH no matter what……

  44. 44 bd

    “Why a lot of Korean men are tall and skinny with narrow shoulders? YEH looks bigger than these two guys. there are only a handful of Korean men with a great body and broad shoulders who don’t look too feminine, to name a few: Lee Ki Woo, Jang Dong Gun, Kwon Sang Woo, Yoo Ji Tae, Lee Min Hoo.”

    @super (18)

    It’s the same reason why so many American teenieboppers go for the Jonas Brothers – cute, safe and not overly masculine.

    And I wouldn’t exactly put Jang Dong Gun, Yoo Ji Tae, etc. in the great body/broad shoulder category (too skinny/lack of muscle bulk).

    You need to stop concentrating on dramas/films that appeal to teenieboppers to get a better sense or broad picture.

    Not only are there matinee idols who truly fit the great body/broad should masculine ideal – Kim Sung Soo, Song Seung Heon, Oh Ji Ho, Ju Jin Mo, Jung Woo Sung, Jo Han Sun, Cha Seung Won, Ji Jin Hee, Choi Si Won (who really bulked up), Lee Jong Soo, Park Jae Jung, Hyun Bin, Lee Byung Hun, etc. (or singers like Kim Jong Kook, Rain, etc.)…

    but there are many non-idol, serious actors like Ahn Sung Ki, Hwang Jung-min, Song Kang-ho, Jeong Jae-yeong, Choi Min-sik, etc. who just ooze masculinity.

    Watch the film Musa (The Warrior) or just look at this video of South Korean soldiers (granted, this video isn’t representative of all or the majority of males in SK).


  45. 45 Nom_Kitteh

    I really enjoyed Ep2. It had all the cliches I demand of my fairy tale shows. The scenery was great, as Jbeans pointed out. The score is also quite lovely. All the auburn hair, however puke-inducing, is beginning to be bearable.

    The chase scene, so intriguingly different from when Haena and Dong Chan met, was great. And I liked the thaw in the relationship between HE and DC.

    All in all, it was a fun, light episode.

    I won’t belabor the issue regarding YSH, and I don’t know about others but I don’t have problem with him because he is older. I enjoy older actors and am a fan of City Hall with the 40 something guys. It is that he seems miscast here. The contrast between YEH and YSH is just too disconcerting, and the disconnect is too glaring for me.

    If this were to be a “Sabrina” type of romance with the lead male needing to be older, I would buy it, but there is nothing in the drama that points to why such an age disparity is necessary to the script, especially when he isn’t that particularly mature.

    Also, after the second episode, I see nothing about him that would mark him as an exceptional actor, and he is being given the plumpest scenes so far. He holds center stage in just about every scene, and still nothing about him is making his role stand out, again despite having the advantage script-wise.

    Anyway, I am looking forward to Ep 3.

    My only complaint is that there was waaaaaay too little of YEH. She is the LADY OF THE CASTLE. Give her more screen time, PD!

    Thanks for the recaps, JB!

  46. 46 dee

    can’t wait to see ill woo smile next week!

  47. 47 Ichi

    I’ve heard and read news about Yoon Sang-hyun but this is the only 3rd time i’ve watch him acting, the first two were movies- A Moment to remember and The Good The Bad and The Wierd– eversince I saw him in a moment to remember i already liked him, i think he can act well and can put emotions to it..and he’s one of the good actors that can actually change facial expressions quickly…so i have no problem with him in this drama..and age doesn’t matter as long as he can carry his character well like the little boy who played the cousin or “little young master”–i think the boy is really good in playing his part too

    Anyway, 2nd episode is better..i like Yoon Eun hye but i think coffee prince is still her best drama but we still have to see if she can pull this off til’ the end “the reformed princess”

  48. 48 vis

    Heheh, thanks for the recap ^^ And I must admit that I swooned each time Jung Il-woo appeared, especially when he smiled! <3

  49. 49 christine

    again super duper mega over thank you JB for the recaps it makes it easy for us non-korean peeps to understand what was happening (still waiting for the subbed epi). anyhow, would people stop the freakin comparison between gu jun pyo and hae-na as JB said and explained both have different level/cause of insanity and the only same thing between the both of them is they’re both freakin uber rich and that’s all… enough with it…

    i also think that ep.2 is way better than ep.1 just based on JB recaps. and i think that hae-na is better off with tae-yoon cause as what i see the relation between hae-na and dong-chan is a older brother-little sister relation. i just don’t see the sparks between them.

  50. 50 sittie2009

    your recap was really great…the story is really fan….now that explain heynas character,,,,she really know”s how to be inlove ,that explain in ep1….she was bin happy when she was a child running,very carefree when she was looking at the camera…but when she was in love with a guy her grandfather object….now that explain why yoon eun hye need not to much bitch in her chaArcter,,,,coz she need to portrait a roll the she loved and be inlove …I REALLY LOVE THIS DRAMA..EP 3 CAN’t WIT……

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