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Queen of Housewives gets a Season 2
by | November 22, 2009 | 42 Comments

It’s rare, but it happens: the drama Queen of Housewives is getting a second season.

According to an MBC representative, the drama will air its Season 2 next fall, and if it is successful, more seasons may follow. From MBC’s point of view, turning a drama into a multiple-season series (or “season drama”) would give the broadcast station a representative brand and be less expensive to produce, and therefore more profitable. (Launching a new show is always more work than continuing with a proven hit.)

However, they recognize that the most difficult aspect would be signing the actors on for continued seasons. The source said, “We would like for all of the actors from Queen of Housewives to return, but at this time it’s difficult to say which actors may come back.” The synopsis for Season 2 has not yet been revealed.

When Queen of Housewives aired earlier this year, it was a success for well-known names like Kim Nam-joo and Lee Hye-young, but perhaps even more valuable to the lesser-known actors it catapulted into the spotlight, like Yoon Sang-hyun, Sunwoo Sun, and Choi Chul-ho. The drama used a lively mix of comedy and melodrama as it focused on stories of marriage, fidelity, and the highly political, often comic networking intricacies of work and social life.

Dramas rarely get second seasons in the Korean drama system, and most of the instances of sequels aren’t true continuations. For example, General Hospital 2 and Hometown of Legends were both touted as sequels, but the original series had aired more than a decade prior and only the concepts remained the same. Swallow the Sun was called All In 2, but only because of the writer and concept; in a narrative sense, it was a completely different drama. Lovers in Paris, Lovers in Prague, and Lovers had the same writer-director team, but the stories were wholly different. Last Scandal was an exception where a true sequel was planned, but the untimely passing of Choi Jin-shil called a halt to preparations. On cable, the program Rude Miss Young-ae is the rare case of a drama going for six seasons.

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42 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. pat

    I hope they can get at least 3 of the original cast.
    I wonder if a real sequel will happen.

  2. belleza

    Oh for the love of God, if QOH is getting a S2 then YAB MUST GET A S2.

    If they want, I’ll star opposite Shin Woo. It’s okay — I’ll do it for the good of the nation. Please? PLEASE??!!??

  3. ami

    Well Young Sang hyun should be up for it right? They never found a girl for him, and his wife went off somewhere. I don’t know about the main couple that I wanted him to break up, but love lasts forever! How are they going to make a similar plot… different company?

  4. Marie

    OMG that is great news, but i hope Kim Nam Joo and Yoon Sang Hyun are in it they were brilliant in the roles that they played. The two actors have so much chemistry I watched the series just for them.

  5. ant

    Loved this drama glad to hear about season 2.

    Hope the main actress is back and this time lets have her end up with the president instead of her cheating boring husband. The president just rocks!!!

  6. beehive

    Actually as much as I’d like the lead actress to end up with the charming president, I’d rather he gets another girl in S2.. maybe like a single mom since the title is Queen of Housewives after all 🙂

    LOL @#2 belleza:

    Okay okay, let’s both star opposite Shinwoo in S2 shall we? I wanna give him some lovin’ myself, err.. I mean I’ll do it for the good of the nation too..

  7. minamichan

    hope there will be S2 for YAB too…

  8. sadstory

    wow! Queen of Housewives season 2. I hope City Hall will have season 2 so that I can see Kim Suna and Cha Seung Won together. I hope my wish will come true.

  9. sadstory

    hope there will be season 2 for city hall too…same casts (Kim Suna and Cha Seung Won). Hope wish can come true.

  10. 10 hjkomo

    @ belleza, beehive
    Count me in. 😉

    The extension of the first season for QOH was a big mistake in the first place. It would’ve been much better without it…and I don’t see how they can come up with a good narrative for a second season, even if they can manage to bring the entire original cast back. It would probably work better to have a completely new cast…although I wouldn’t mind seeing Lee Hye Young and Choi Chul Ho together again.

  11. 11 BOGCHI

    still hoping for that Soulmate Season2!

  12. 12 loveydovey


  13. 13 loveydovey

    Oh gosh i hope this means she gets with the YSH this time i STILL haven’t watched the last episode because i know they didn’t end up together.

  14. 14 Sere

    Hmm, I feel conflicted. Provided I haven’t watched Queen of housewives just yet (it’s on my list, I’ll get to it eventually) so I don’t really know how it was, the general idea of kdramas’ sequels makes me uncomfortable for some reason. I was ok with a sequel for Last scandal (I think tptb had enough material to make an interesting and not disappoiting sequel), but…*shrugs* I don’t know, I’m not sold on sequels. I’m afraid tptb might break my otp or something and then I’d feel like I’ve wasted too many hours on a show that in the end upset me…not that I’ve never been upset with how a show has ended before, but it’d BURN that much more if the sequel ruined the perfectly happy ending of the original drama. You know?


  15. 15 Stylish~

    having a second season sounds better than the extenstion.. at least they have time to work on it 🙂

  16. 16 tohru19

    I think the original cast should return….if not, it would be really weird….

  17. 17 Anonymous

    @2. Belleza – “If they want, I’ll star opposite Shin Woo. It’s okay — I’ll do it for the good of the nation.”

    Wow, your noble “sacrifice” on behalf of all You’re Beautiful fans is most laudable indeed.

    Girl, you crack me up everytime! Luv your sense of humour!

  18. 18 nixxochick

    forget shin woo..ill take the lead with jeremy. have season 2 focus on him 🙂

  19. 19 spiderwill

    Wow, this is really rare.
    I hope they get YSH. Didn’t he steal the show in Season 1?

  20. 20 Fan

    Hilarious! 🙂

    I’m with you!

    For the love of k-drama, someone give that girl a role opposite JYH!

    (I’m too embarrased to be a cradle-robber, but I’m promising myself that next time they have a concert I’ll fly to Korea and be a screaming, Ahjumma fan-girl!)

    Meanwhile, I’m satisfying myself with buying both OSTs, hopefully the director’s cut DVD and, of course, the wonderful pig-bit! 🙂 If merchandising alone can bring us a second season, I want to “stand up to be counted”! 😉

  21. 21 epyc

    It is hard to know if this should be a goer without knowing the storyline. I watched QOH largely for the pairing of Kim Nam Joo and Yoon Sang Hyun. They are unlikely to break the Kim Nam Joo’s marriage to Oh Ji Ho, I guess. It will otherwise be good to see KNJ and YSH together in the sequel.

    @ belleza – May your wish come true!

  22. 22 Jessica

    One of the reasons I stopped watching American TV series is because of the multiple seasons, where they break up my favorite couples and create unnecessary drama just to have something to do.

    And this is also why I’m sometimes disappointed with HK series and some recent TW series.

    So I really hope k-dramas don’t go this route. And if they do, please be smart about it.

  23. 23 otk



    This drama is EXTREMELY marketable, I am definitely happy to hear this since there is so much more that can happen in this refreshing ,funny and stylish drama!

    I hope Kim Nam Joo, and everyone returns !!!!! but especially he since her performance was really good.

    Sequels in this case is much better than dramas based on other dramas (with the typical scripts)

    Will definitely await this drama!

  24. 24 koalabear

    I’m truly sold for QoH’s Season 2 as I really enjoyed watching the drama but I won’t really like it if it will not return with its original cast, I remember the same excitement that I had for Last Scandal but due to some circumstances it was cancelled. If I can recall it right when Kim Nam-joo and Oh Ji-ho was asked about a possible Season 2 when QoH ended a few months back, I think they were positive about it as long as the original cast of actors will be intact..

  25. 25 abovo

    OMG…..I’m so happy. I love that drama so much. Thanks, JB.

  26. 26 Anonymous

    I really liked this series cause I thought that KMJ and OJH’s marriage ended up really strong and the entire time pretty much, KMJ did so much for her husband. Even with the lovely pres liking her, she only really had eyes for him. I liked that portrayal. OJH – well his character has just GOT to get more of backbone. He kinda has one in some situations but I don’t know… something about his character just makes me want to slap him and tell him to be more of a man.

    I really think that they need to get rid YSH and SSW couple. They got a divorce right? So that pretty much does it. And now that YSH is more famous, would he settle for anything less than a “leading” role? I liked the other couple just fine – not sure what they’d do with that though. I feel like they will end up changing it a lot for the sequel?? I did really like the KMJ – YSH interaction on screen… but I just don’t see a place for them in a sequel.

    I’m torn too but interested cause QOH was really good.

  27. 27 Archaenon

    Sweeeeeeeeeeeet , OJH better be in it hands down.

  28. 28 Erica

    OMG YES! I loved this drama and wouldn’t mind seeing a continuation of the character’s sorry.

    Oh how I want to see Dal Soo nad Ji Ae break up. XD I also want to see Tae Joon get a girl! XD Hell, let’s call season two “King of Housewives” and have Tae Joon as the lead character (Oh pleas elet this series get Yoon Sang Hyun again!) and becoming a house husband, through a series of unfortunate events (Like he has a kid that resulted from one of his many affairs). XD

    A girl can dream.

    YB season 2 starring Shin Woo and/or Jeremy would be awesome…

  29. 29 meaghan

    YES! I’ll be anticipating this.

  30. 30 ktwngrl

    @ BOGCHI

    Ditto!! <3

    What's going on with Shin Dongwook?? haven't seen him around in a while..

  31. 31 bina

    im happy ^^ yayy! the last one left a good impression on me, i hope the next one doesn’t disappoints me or else that would suck! ^^ i hope the original casts return!

  32. 32 hrm

    omggggggggg im so happy i love this drama so much. this was my first real korean drama i watched beginning to end…^^

  33. 33 alex

    hi, I think that it is great that there is season 2! I think they shd explore the link between YSH and sun woo sun. he was concerned about her in the earlier ep and she did try to make their relationship work. Both of them were very popular after the show going on to many commercials together after that.

    but usually with a new season, they will add new characters, maybe someone will hv a younger sister that YSH can pair up with. haha

    Hope season 2 really pull thru!

  34. 34 sang hee

    omg this made my day! i’d love to see the original casts esp Yoon sang hyun, if kim nam joo can’t maybe kim jeung eun cld do it? i luv sun woo sun also as taebong’s wife or ex or maybe they’ll reconcile? they look good together! wheee i luv it if it happens! choi chul ho was good in it too.
    i read a few months ago that the cast were into it if there’s a sequel so i hope the cast are still enthused!
    to Yoon sang hyun: u better take this project as we your fans are looking f/ward to your comeback after MFL!
    thnx javabeans

  35. 35 crzy4YSH

    i’m happy hearing this! i sure hope the orig cast esp yoon sang hyun takes this offer, he was great as taebong ssi! others are ok too!

    @ktwngrl – i’m also a fan of shin dong wook…lately he’s busy doing a project in Japan if i’m not mistaken. i liked soulmate too & sure look f/ward to seeing him again! i missed his hairband style hair! (smiles) i also liked him in cloud stairs, one of my Kdrama faves!

  36. 36 Oscar


    I hope YSH still cast as TAEBONG-ie…….love love him..
    i don’t mind if they change the other cast..just don’t YSH and Kim Nam Joo….
    but if they stick to the old casts..that would be AWESOME!!!!

  37. 37 sang hee

    I’m one of those here hoping to hear that Yoon sang hyun will continue to play Taebong ssi….he stole the show from O J Ho and I’m sure the producers are once again keeping him and this time more for the lead role! I agree with Oscar, I also don’t mind if they change the other cast but not YSH – i also liked sun woo sun mind you so she can reconcile perhaps with Taebong and have a happy life together and have their first child as Taebong’s mother wished for! And yes the old casts would be great too all of them the other actor Choi something was funny too!

    I can’t wait to hear the final round!

    thnx javabeans!

  38. 38 kel

    I dont think the 2nd season will be bad. The main Kim Nam Joo and Oh Ji Ho marriage will be good and they wont break up if not it could be bad and worsen. I do think Lee Hye Young will find a new girl. Cant wait for this and i do hope all the actors will be back if not it will not work.

  39. 39 aim

    It would be great if all of them are original cast members. Hope that they’ll have a better show in season 2

  40. 40 Parisa

    I am glad to hear that it has the season 2 , but I really hope that they please! keep Yoon Sang Hyun in the season 2 for sure, as he is so charming and lovely to me and many others as he just so was great in the character of the President and I love seeing his successful romance finally, I know Kim Nam Joo and oh Ji ho must be remained too otherwise it won’t be called as the season 2 for this Series ,…I hope they keep the main Theme and the all main casts and bring some new casts and stories too ,

  41. 41 gelina

    I honestly like tae bong (YSH) and Sun woo sun to be back together.. dind’t they have a divorce?..they just need to give their selves another chance.. gosh..dunno why but I really like them and Kim nam joo.. There’s so much fun watching this drama 🙂

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