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Housemaid to feature nude bed scene
by | February 12, 2010 | 20 Comments

As if I didn’t already have enough to intrigue me about the remake of The Housemaid: star Lee Jung-jae will apparently be featured in a nearly all-nude bed scene with his co-star Jeon Do-yeon, who plays the femme fatale housemaid character who comes between him and his perfect young bride (Seo Woo) in the psychological thriller.

On a broadcast of SBS’s Entertainment Tonight program that aired on February 11, Lee Jung-jae said, “When I rehearsed the bed scene with Jeon Do-yeon, it was so cold I wore a tracksuit, but when we filmed it we were practically nude.”

The Housemaid has been attracting a lot of buzz ever since the remake of the 1960 film was announced, and interest has remained high with the high-profile castings of Jeon and Lee. The film is aiming for a May release (with its eye on the 63rd Cannes International Film Festival).

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20 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Sonam

    He was so wonderfully sensitive in An Affair and she is an amazing actress. …I am looking forward to this film. Hope they get the Cannes nomination.

  2. oi

    This is a film I definitely want to see once I can get my hands on it, no matter what the critics will say.

  3. snow

    oh my, the sexy quotient just went up! can’t wait to watch this movie, i’m sure the cast will be excellent.

  4. Soni

    Can’t wait for this movie! Big fan of both actors.

  5. jm126

    I’m excited to see Seo Woo & Lee Jung-jae together.
    He looks very humble and charismatic while Seo Woo looks bright and fresh faced which is why I think they’ll look very good together. I hope THEY have a bigger chemistry together

  6. langdon813

    Seriously, as if we weren’t looking forward to this movie enough already? Anticipation is REALLY high now! LJJ certainly doesn’t mind getting nekkid, I certainly don’t mind him getting nekkid…it’s just win/win. 😀

  7. hjkomo

    Echoing langdon813 – WIN/WIN!!! 😀

  8. Stylish~

    when i read the title i hoped that Seo Woo wont be the one who will have the nude bed scene..

    cuz i was disappointed by Shin Se Kyung when she did the bed scene in her movie..

    so thank god at least it’s the other actors not Seo Woo

  9. Snikki

    “nearly all-nude bed scene”

    Why “nearly”? I want “all-nude”… kidding! 😛

    For a hot scene like that, I bet he totally didn’t need a tracksuit.

  10. 10 soysauce

    NEKKID NEKKIIIIDDDDD. rofl, this movie could fare w/o the nude scene, but this doesn’t hurt either.

  11. 11 birdscout

    Omo!omo!omo! Can’t wait to watch this!

  12. 12 Sere

    @6 langdon813
    exactly! LJJ FTW! *\o/*

  13. 13 pixie

    Both are good actors and I know they’ll do well but I don’t mind extra bonus 🙂

    I foresee this thread will turn into a perverted discussion much like how Oh Ji Ho’s noodle ad turned into a noodle debate lol!

  14. 14 more


  15. 15 deeta

    Oh my, LJJ nekkidddd!!

  16. 16 gracefulmoonie

    As some people posted, they both are terrific actors and know that they are doing…
    level of anticipation for this movie just got up a notch… hee hee…..

  17. 17 XE

    wow i’m really looking forward to this one. and a “nearly” naked LJJ is just a small reason for that. haha yeah right.

  18. 18 mimim

    i think she is one of some actresses who nude in worth movie. Honestly most of korean movie has many unreasonable nudity. i think she know her self

  19. 19 Brendel

    Very intriguing. Will add this in my must-watch list.

  20. 20 pabo ceo reom

    Hollerrrr! 🙂

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