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Wish Upon a Star: Episode 9
by | February 2, 2010 | 68 Comments

In earlier episodes, I really hated the Jae-young character and found the actress pretty awful on top of that. I felt we were supposed to feel sympathy for her — she loves a man who treats her with disinterest, how sad — and in that, she failed. However, now she’s turning into an outright hateable character, and that’s something I can get onboard with. If I’m not supposed to feel sorry for her, then second-best is if I can love to hate her. And THAT, I can do.


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Pal-gang talks with Grandpa Jung, worrying over his well-being. Grandpa has always acted like a man of humble means, so she thinks he’s a poor vagrant. It’s easier to let her think that than to come up with another story that doesn’t reveal that he’s the JK group chairman, so he doesn’t set her straight.

She’s comfortable enough with him to take him to task for droppng out of contact after her parents died, but he says he collapsed and only awoke recently. She also scolds him (gently) for living so hand-to-mouth, without worrying for his future.

Checking first to make sure the men aren’t home, Pal-gang brings Grandpa Jung inside the house, where he is enthusiastically greeted by the kids. They show such worry for his well-being that it brings tears to his eyes.

Concerned for Grandpa’s future, Cho-rok asks if they can hide him in the house — what if he collapses again, and he’s outside and alone? He says it’s quite all right, but the kids plead with Pal-gang. She’s torn: on one hand, she doesn’t want to leave Grandpa to roam the streets, but if she gets caught hiding him, it would really be the last straw.

The grandma from the previous episode gathers a group of her elderly friends and urges them to sign insurance policies with Pal-gang. But Pal-gang has learned a few things, and tells them to think it over carefully, assuring them that they don’t have to sign with her.

In the end, she signs three new people, which moves her to near-tears — this is the first time she’s sold a policy. The grandma can’t believe she hasn’t had any success since she seems so knowledgeable, but Pal-gang explains, “Until recently, I was the Useless Miss Jin.”

(As I explained previously, her nickname literally means “The Miss Jin who may as well be gone, for all the good she does here.” For ease of referral, I’m shortening that to Useless Miss Jin.)

Back at the JK office, Pal-gang asks Jin-ju hopefully if she’ll get a bonus for her three policies. Jin-ju reminds her that her wages are being garnished until her card debt is paid off. This seems downright unfair, so she heads to Kang-ha’s office to ask his legal advice. But she can’t quite bring herself to knock, fretting that she’d look truly pathetic to reveal another embarrassment.

Jun-ha arrives just before Jae-young walks out of the office. Assuming Pal-gang has something to ask Kang-ha, he suggests they visit Kang-ha together, but Jae-young informs them that he isn’t in the office today.

Jun-ha inquires after Nam, since Pal-gang doesn’t have him with her today. This surprises Jae-young (why would he bother to know the baby’s name?), who warns him that “people like that” will latch on to his slightest interest and leech off him. Jun-ha says that Pal-gang isn’t that kind of person, but Jae-young remains suspicious.

Kang-ha is out running his errand for Chairman Jung when his phone rings. Pal-gang’s voice enthusiastically launches into a greeting, thinking she’s talking to a client, and he cuts her off to tell her she’s got the wrong number. She apologizes profusely for interrupting his day, and he starts to grumble about it. But she talks right over him, apologizing and hanging up while he’s mid-complaint. He’s left to mutter about her etiquette, but bursts into a little chuckle.

This leads into a flashback montage (already?) as Kang-ha recalls his interactions with Pal-gang, such as when she tended him while he was sick. He remembers these scenes fondly, even when she had called him a heartless bastard and had begged to stay at the house.

The kids brainstorm for ways to make money, led by the business-minded Cho-rok. She has noticed that this is a fancy neighborhood whose trash contains salvageable items that they can sell. When Grandpa cautions that this will take time out of their studies (note that they’ll be returning to school soon when winter break is over), they answer that they’ve got bigger worries than schoolwork.

Grandpa Jung stays with them that night, and when he wakes up at a late hour, Pal-gang is studying on her own. He gives her some words of support: “Living may be tough now, but in life sometimes brings good things too.” He needs to use the bathroom, so Pal-gang helps him sneak out, avoiding the notice of Jun-ha. Grandpa recognizes him, so when they’re back in the safety of the room, he asks Pal-gang about the people she’s living with. She explains that they work at the same office, and his eyes widen to hear that all this while, she has been an employee of JK.

The next day, Grandpa visits the tombs of Pal-gang’s parents and promises to keep watching over the family a little longer. He assures them that Pal-gang has changed a lot from her former flighty self, and thinks that perhaps she might even be able to help him realize his dream (of setting up the free hospital). Although he’s still looking for his possible lost grandson, he’s already thinking ahead — maybe he can set him up with Pal-gang, thereby doing right by both kids.

Pal-gang, meanwhile, has to deal with another problem — her cell phone is shut off by the company. She has barely enough money for baby formula, much less enough to pay for a phone plan. Her job is dependent upon her constant availability to her clients, which means this is quite a problem. She begs the phone company to understand, but they can’t bend the rules.

The kids embark on their plan to scour the neighborhood for discarded items, but first they’ll need some kind of cart. To buy a cart, they’ll need to earn money by doing odd jobs. Since the ajummas in their old neighborhood already feel sorry for them, they should be willing to give them little tasks.

Therefore, the kids all pile onto a bus heading for their old neighborhood. It’s quite far, so they all doze off during the ride. Ju-hwang wakes up just in time to get the driver to stop, and they disembark… only to realize that one of them didn’t make it. Pa-rang must still be asleep in his seat.

The kids hurry to a police station to ask them to track down the bus quickly, before Pa-rang wakes up and gets off. Unfortunately, they’re too late and by the time the officer calls, there’s no boy on the bus.

Pa-rang wanders the busy street alone, crying, “I’m a real orphan now.” He begs a woman for her phone so he can call his sister, but Pal-gang’s phone is not in service. The kindly ajumma assures Pa-rang that everything will be fine and takes him to the nearest police station. Sobbing even harder, Pa-rang has by now become convinced that his siblings ditched him on purpose. Only 7 years old (6 by Western count), he thinks they got sick of him because he sleepwalks and causes trouble.

A little while later, Pa-rang remembers something — the name of his sister’s company. The officer says he’ll ask for his sister at JK, but Pa-rang tells them to call their lawyer Won Kang-ha instead.

Kang-ha takes the call, bewildered to hear that Pa-rang is at the police station. The boy starts crying, begging Kang-ha to tell his siblings that he’s okay going to the orphanage: “Tell them I understand if they abandoned me.” Kang-ha rushes to the police station.

Jin-ju lends Pal-gang yet more money to reinstate phone service, which makes Pal-gang feel terribly guilty — she’s not sure she’ll ever be able to repay her. Jin-ju is more worried to hear Pal-gang talking like this (as in, realisitically) because she usually talks so big. She’d feel better if Pal-gang spoke confidently like she used to. Pal-gang sighs, “I can’t do that. In the past, I had nothing to be afraid of, but now there’s nothing I’m not afraid of.”

Her phone starts to ring, and when she picks up, Kang-ha scolds her for not picking up earlier. She hurries to the police station.

Shortly afterward, a police car pulls in carrying the other kids from the other station. When they all meet in front, Pa-rang asks, “You didn’t really leave me?” Ju-hwang scolds, “Are you crazy? Didn’t I tell you that even if noona did, I’d never leave you guys?”

The kids explain that they were on their way to the old neighborhood to earn money to buy a handcart so they could collect junk to sell with grandpa. When Kang-ha asks in puzzlement who this grandpa is, everyone blurts in unison, “Nobody!”

With everyone’s moods restored, the kids look around Kang-ha’s car, commenting on how nice it is. (Of course, No-rang has to pipe up for Jun-ha, saying his car is nice too.) Nam starts to cry, and Pal-gang tries to hush him, promising to fix him some formula as soon as they get home. Pa-rang starts singing a song to keep Nam’s mind off his hunger.

Kang-ha grimaces at the noisy chatter around him, bearing it all with resignation. And takes them to a Chinese restaurant.

This gesture makes quite an impression on the kids, who haven’t ever eaten at such a nice place:

Pa-rang: “You make more money than the Team Leader ajusshi [Jun-ha], don’t you?”
Kang-ha: “Why do you ask?”
Pa-rang: “Mr. Lawyer ajusshi makes more money so he can take us to a place like this. Team Leader ajusshi probably can’t afford to bring us here.”

This brings disgruntled looks to No-rang’s and Cho-rok’s faces. A bit later, Ju-hwang hushes Pa-rang for being noisy.

Ju-hwang: “Be quiet. Mr. Lawyer ajusshi will feel ashamed.”
Pa-rang: “Are you ashamed of us?”
Cho-rok: “He probably is, which is why he’s not answering. But our Tae-kyu oppa wouldn’t be. He’d never be ashamed of us.”
No-rang: “Our Team Leader ajusshi isn’t, either.”
Pa-rang: “If you talk like that to the ajusshi buying you food, you’re a bad person!”


Kang-ha even requests warm water for the baby’s formula, which Pal-gang appreciates. An elaborate dinner spread is brought out, and the kids cheer. Kang-ha tells them all to eat up because they’ve had a hard day, then adds (in a pointed tone), “Although, if your sister had just kept her phone on, you wouldn’t have suffered.”

Too bad Kang-ha doesn’t get to enjoy this moment of superiority (he’s got to be feeling pretty proud of himself right now), because Pa-rang plays with the lazy Susan on the table. That causes tea to spill all over Kang-ha’s leg, and the others look wide-eyed in horror as Pa-rang moves to help, dropping plates in his haste. Glumly, Pa-rang apologizes. Kang-ha sighs.

And that’s not all. Another round of food comes out, and Pa-rang excitedly cheers. In so doing, he knocks the waitress’s arm, and she drops the bowl of food… into Kang-ha’s lap.

Kang-ha tamps down his reaction admirably, gritting out (again) that if she had only answered her phone…!

Jae-young comes to the house with dinner for four. Aware that Pal-gang’s family may come home at any moment, he tries to encourage her to go home, but Jae-young is happy to wait for Kang-ha. She wants to show him her gesture so he’ll appreciate her effort.

Tae-kyu talks on the phone with Pal-gang, then complains to Jun-ha, “They all went to eat jajangmyun!” Jun-ha shuts him up, covering: “Who cares if your friends went to eat jajangmyun?” Jun-ha furtively instructs Tae-kyu to meet up with Pal-gang and her siblings, and not to return home until Jun-ha gives the okay.

Unfortunately, Tae-kyu can’t get in touch with her. Since Jae-young won’t leave, Jun-ha thinks fast and suggests that they eat quickly, then, but that she’s better head home early because it’s supposed to snow tonight. After they eat, he again tries to urge her to go home, using the snow as an excuse.

The arrival of Kang-ha diverts Jae-young’ attention, and she greets him enthusiastically…

…until she registers that he’s not alone. What is the meaning of this?

Pal-gang is immediately nervous, knowing Jae-young dislikes her. Jun-ha fumbles to answer, saying she’s their maid. Kang-ha’s the only who doesn’t seem affected by this situation, and just heads up to his room.

Pissed off, Jae-young bursts into his room and demands to know why Pal-gang is here. Does it make sense that she’s their maid — or that he’s such a mess because of them, for that matter? Kang-ha sighs, “It doesn’t really make sense, but it just happened.”

Jun-ha joins them and tries to placate Jae-young, saying that this was his idea, and it’s only for a month. But Jae-young knows Kang-ha’s personality — he’s the kind of person who’d never agree to something he disliked. Kang-ha answers, “I thought I wouldn’t be able to put up with it either, but I can, so I’m putting up with it.”

Downstairs, Tae-kyu explains to Pal-gang that Jae-young loves Kang-ha, and that even though Kang-ha’s not interested, they’ll probably end up marrying in the end. When he says sympathetically that it must hurt Pal-gang’s feelings to hear this since she used to like Kang-ha, she answers no; she understands that lofty people marry their own kind.

Jae-young demands a private talk with Pal-gang. Opening her purse, she takes out a banknote (for 1 million won, which is about $850), saying, “It seems like you’re mooching off the pity of kind people. How about you stop annoying them and move out?” Plus, how dare she think to mingle her family with Kang-ha’s? (The implication being that she’s far beneath them.) Seeing Pal-gang’s hesitation, Jae-young says she can offer even more money, and Pal-gang can take her family to a hotel.

Pal-gang thinks for a long beat, and admits that once she would have been thrilled, “But now, I’m scared of my siblings’ gazes so I can’t beg for money. I’m sorry.”

Jae-young smirks. “Living like you are right now is begging.”

Kang-ha walks in and sternly asks Jae-young what she’s doing. Jae-young answers, “Oppa, don’t do anything. I’ll handle your unsavory business.”

Kang-ha warns, “You’ve overstepped your bounds.” Addressing Pal-gang, he requests a cup of coffee, then asks Jae-young pointedly, “Aren’t you going? It’s late.”

Jae-young fixes a resentful gaze on Pal-gang, then starts to follow Kang-ha out of the room. Jun-ha holds her back, saying this is enough for today.

Pal-gang knocks on Kang-ha’s door, bearing the coffee. Kang-ha mutters to himself, “When did she ever bother to ask before coming in?” Then he catches himself and scolds himself, “I told you to stop talking to yourself!” (HAHA.)

Pal-gang apologizes for angering Jae-young, then adds, “I’m really really thankful for today, and really really sorry.” Kang-ha answers that Jae-young isn’t her worry, then dismisses her.

Pal-gang pauses on her way out, deciding to ask Kang-ha for his advice on something. Her “friend” is in debt and her salary is being garnished — does this mean that she won’t be able to receive any part of her pay?

He’s quick to perceive that the question is about herself, and answers that her “friend” can keep enough for living expenses, and the rest will be garnished by the creditor. Excited at this positive news, Pal-gang thanks him.

Jae-young asks Jun-ha to drive her to a bar since she’s planning on getting dead drunk. Jun-ha doesn’t really understand why she’s this upset — she can’t be threatened by Pal-gang, right? She retorts, “I don’t have so little pride.”

Jun-ha suggests that she think of Kang-ha’s behavior as helping the needy, but Jae-young counters that one does that with money, “not by enabling a person to endure what he couldn’t previously endure.” She doesn’t understand what the latter means, “and that makes me angry.” Shedding angry tears, Jae-young adds, “I don’t know why my man insults me in front of such a pathetic woman like her. It’s so ridiculous.”

This gets Jun-ha’s temper going — why does she cry over this? She’s stronger than this.

Promted by that anger, Jun-ha storms in on Kang-ha and demands to know why he’s so mean to Jae-young. Kang-ha asks, “When have I not been mean to someone?”

Jun-ha insists, “She’s crying because of you. … Even if you’re mean to every other woman on this planet, don’t do that to Jae-young. Just marry her. She even says she’d divorce you if you wanted!”

Kang-ha is unmoved by this, and fires back, “If you feel so bad, then you marry her.” Jun-ha first grabs Kang-ha with one arm, then with both, and yells, “How can you even talk like that?!”

Kang-ha finds Jun-ha’s reaction suspicious. He shoots Jun-ha’s words back at him: “Do you think it makes sense for you to talk like that?” Jun-ha insists, “She’s my friend. She’s the most valuable friend I have!” Kang-ha returns, “Is that really all it is?”

Even angrier now, Jun-ha grabs Kang-ha’s shirt and gets in his face.

(Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!)


Kang-ha investigates the issue of Chairman Jung’s lost grandchild. Twenty-five years ago, the chairman’s elder son did volunteer medical work in a small island community, then a university student. After his departure, a single woman on the island had a baby, and people speculated that the medical volunteer was the father. The gossip was difficult to handle, so the woman ended up leaving.

The records of her whereabouts only go so far, and there’s no current information. Chairman Jung urges Kang-ha to find her no matter what — he has to make things right and repay his (and his son’s) old debt.

The curious thing is, the woman’s name is Oh Jung-ae (which is not the name of Pal-gang’s mother), and the child was a son.

Hearing about the grandson from her informant, Min-kyung decides she must find him first.

She warns Jae-young to give up on Kang-ha, because he may become her enemy in the future. In fact, right now he’s working behind their backs to find a possible cousin, and thus Jae-young must act quickly to secure her future. Min-kyung is pushing her daughter to marry another rich man, and to prepare for the worst-case scenario.

Jae-young offers up a counterproposal. Even if Kang-ha finds the truth, if he keeps his mouth shut, they’ll be fine. Wouldn’t it be perfect to marry the man who might otherwise turn into her enemy? Min-kyung asks, “Do you think Kang-ha would keep his mouth shut for you?” Jae-young vows, “I’ll make him.”


I still think Shin Dong-wook is too cool for this role, which translates into awkward moments when Jun-ha gets all angry and excited, as in the last scene. He plays Jun-ha with so much feeling that it’s jarring, given the general apathy around him — Kang-ha’s is intentional, but the apathy surrounding Jae-young is more on the viewers’ part, since I find her utterly boring. I love Shin Dong-wook, but he could dial it down.

I’m ready to switch teams from Jun-ha to Kang-ha, so it’s nice that the drama gave Jun-ha his hero moments early on. I suspect those will diminish as time goes on, since his desire for peace is inadvertently making things worse and his perfect-nice-guy image shows signs of cracking.

Plus, now we start to see that Kang-ha’s coldness has a rhyme and reason. Yeah, it’s partly because he can’t be bothered to be polite (so he’s still on the hook for rudeness), but he isn’t malicious. Even back when he’d wanted to throw Pal-gang out, he’d argued that it was for her own good that she wise up and stop acting so recklessly. It was like a form of tough love — only, you can argue that tough love wasn’t appropriate then, when she was already so downtrodden. With Jae-young, however, she’s so persistent and clingy that giving her the tiniest encouragement would end in greater headache.

I don’t actually feel a romantic chemistry between Pal-gang and Kang-ha, so I thought the flashback montage was premature. Their vibe is more of an odd couple, and I actually find that really amusing so I don’t mind. When it does turn romantic, however, I hope the transition stays believable.


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  1. Ricetards

    ooof, loving this series.
    I was sooo annoyed with JY (but episode 10 cooled me down, LOL)

    yeah, i found the flashbacks a little out-of-no-where as well, but hey! it didnt bother me. LOL.

    Mmm, I love when the grandpa comes in, and all the siblings welcome him with a great big family hug. ;_; it was really cute. xD

  2. Anonymous

    I totally agree with you, Jae-young is totally turning into a “hateable” character, and she keeps appearing in the drama non-stop. I wish they could cut back on her scenes. Sometimes I feel like she has more scenes than Pal-gang.

  3. kaedejun

    you got me so addicted to your recaps for this series that i just ended up watching it and i’m all caught up to episode 10!!!!! gahhh!!! there goes studying.. hahah!

    i loved this episode for the development of kangha – i’m hating him less and less. junha is still nicer looking though – but one thing that’s starting to annoy me by this episode is that he’s starting to take more of a backseat. i guess he’s just sorting through his feelings, and neither brother really knows what’s going on with themselves because of pal-gang. but i don’t want junha to become another shinwoo!!!!!!

    it doesn’t help that jae-young’s face is so plastic and so full of botox that she can’t make proper expressions

  4. Icarusfalls

    Loved this episode!! I especially liked the part where Chorok scolds the Haraboji for having a cell phone… I’m a total Kang Ha shipper… He’s sooo cool in this episode and even more so in the next one!! ^_^
    Can’t stand fish lips.. wish she’d just go away!!

  5. SaSSy

    I’ve been anticipating your recaps for this!
    Kang-ha & the kid that adores his are hilarious, lol.
    Although Kang-Ha is just putting up with the living circumstances, there’s already sign of him missing’em when they are actually GONE.
    NOw that I’d love to seeee, hehehe.

  6. :D

    i love when kangha yells at himslef
    for talking to him self
    this was so fun
    thanks jb ;D

  7. insertusernamehere

    ive been waiting for your recap even though i already watched this episode 🙂 I’m liking this drama more and more, and I have to thank you for convincing me (and im sure a lot other people) to watch this drama through your recap. I’d NEVER check this out if I didn’t know it was so enjoyable.
    The evil daughter in law is your typical villain, so nerves-grating, but at least she has *some* depth to her. I can see how someone so desperate for acceptance can go to such lengths in search of materialistic compensation. It makes sense, but is not enough to earn sympathy.
    Pal-gang becomes more and more fun to watch each episode, and so does Kang Ha. I saw Choi Jung Won in Infamous Princesses and since she was playing the spoiled daughter she was REALLY irritating. But she plays the “speak whatever on her mind” character here very straightforwardly and cutely, with sincerity. It’s like, Park Shin Hye was cute in YAB because she looked cute, and acted cute (which can look a little fake sometimes), but Choi Jung Won as Pal-gang is cute because she isn’t trying to play cutesy. I love that she’s not playing up the “honest girl” archetype either – we have enough loud, argumentative “honest girls” in kdramas already.
    As for Kang Ha, Ive seen the actor here and there in non-starring roles and he never left a deep impression, but I think he greatly improved here. He plays Kang Ha with assured calm and coolness, and not the “im so badass looking i actually look like im constipated” type.
    Jun Ha, however, is becoming more and more aggravating. I dislike the way he’s pathologically afraid of conflict, and his pathologically bad taste in women. In a sense, it’s refreshing to see a not so perfect second lead!
    I’ve commented here and there before on this blog with different usernames, but I’ll stick to one for now 😀 since I’d like to comment and visit this site more.Thank you for the recap!

  8. Momo

    Thanks JB for the recap. I like Kang-ha more than Jun-ha. Jun-ha is the nice guy but based on previous episode recap, I don’t think I should like him based on appearance. I mean, Jun-ha is the nice guy while we have Kang-ha as a the mean guy but I think that is just their outer appearance. I think the brother are reverse on the inside in that Kang-ha is actually the nice person and Jun-ha isn’t. Like what Jun-ha ex-girlfriend comment on that he may appear to be nice and everything but deep down, he is actually very cruel I think in term on relationship. So far, I haven’t seen it yet but just a feeling that it is bound to happen. I do think he was inconsiderate to tell his brother to marry Jae-young. I like that Kang-ha doesn’t lead and give Jae-young hope esp when he doesn’t like her. He FLATLY push her away but the girl just doesn’t get it..

    I’m a bit confused on Jun-ha feeling though. At time, he is defending and showing hint of liking Pal-gang but at time, it is for Jae-young. There are time he was mean or even annoyed at Jae-young in regards to Pal-gang but seeing how he flare up because of her in here, I don’t know what his feelings are.

  9. Ena

    Loved this episode. It gets better each week. I can’t wait for the recaps on 10.

  10. 10 badmarkz

    bwahaha, the last shot between kang ha and jun ha!
    thanks for your enjoyable recap, as always ^^

  11. 11 soluna413

    hahahahahahahaha I too was thinking they were so gonna kiss.

    I didn’t like Jae Young (or the actress for that matter) from the first moment she “graced” the screen, and that still holds true. My dislike has actually grown steadily with each episode, and I now just fast-forward her and her family’s parts because I can’t stand watching their snootiness and air of superiority.

    I agree with you on not feeling the romantic vibe yet between Pal Gang and Kang Ha, and I think it’s possible that that might be intentional in the writing and the acting. They want Pal Gang to humanize Kang Ha first, melt down his cold exterior to show what’s been trapped underneath for so long, and then the sparks will fly… or so I think.

    I love, Love, LOVE Shin Dong Wook and I cringe every time he has to share a scene with Chae Young In because there’s such an imbalance of passion and talent that it kinda makes SDW seem like he’s overacting. Jun Ha might not have begun developing feelings for Pal Gang yet, but I sorta want him to hurry it up a little so that I won’t have to grit my teeth through more unbearable scenes of Jun Ha putting up with Jae Young.

    Thanks for the recap, Javabeans! It’s greatly appreciated. 🙂

  12. 12 Kender

    Oh good, I’m not the only one who wanted them to kiss. XD

    I love watching hilariously embarrassing things happen to beautiful people, which is why I love all of Kang-ha’s scenes with the kids. So good.

    But yeah, the flashback montage was premature. There needed to be a few more “stop talking to yourself” moments before that became appropriate and believable. Ah well.

    I still think this show is adorable, and I can’t wait until the romance really gets going.

  13. 13 asianromance

    I thought the montage was a bit too much too- especially when they inserted that scene of her slapping him in the face. Why would he think fondly abt that? …but then again, Kang Ha may be a closet masochist….which explains why he has continued to put up with the Jin kids despite his OCD. I give him props for keep most of his cool through the poop, the vomit, the cold shirts, the spilled tea, and the spilled food. I don’t think I could have taken it as well as he did.

    Anyways, I’ve switched over to team KangHa now. Junha’s reaction at the end of ep 9 was too much for me. I hated how Junha told KangHa to marry her even though he knows his brother has no feelings for her. It’s like telling him to marry her out of pity. He thinks it’s that simple to make people happy. Give them what they want, even if it’s not good for them.

    And I’m really curious to see what kind of life these Won guys have lived. They don’t have any friends! If you think abt it…before Taekyu and the Jin kids moved it…they just went abt their daily boring existence. Wake up. go to work. interact with Jaeyoung for 10 minutes…get off work. go home. eat dinner. Kang Ha types on his computer. Junha catches up on work. Then sleep.

    For happier moments, I love the grandpa scenes. I definitely teared up during those scenes. It must be both a relief and a heartbreak to him to see Pal Gang grow up and take on so many responsibilities. I know someone mentioned this b4, but he really does look like the grandpa from Up!

    I liked how there isn’t any really overtly romantic between Pal Gang and Kangha. I think their stalemate will slowly give into camaraderie and then to deeper friendship and love. It will be so awesome when they do get together later in the series. It looks like Kangha will be the first to fall for her. Too late now! He will have to wait till Nami goes to college. And when you think abt how all those korean guys go do their army duty before going to college…that’s 20+ years! mwahahaha

    and i’m glad i’m not the only one who thought it looked like JunHa and KangHa were abt to furiously make out with each other.

  14. 14 cheekbones

    Hahaha !!! I love the car pic ! So, Kang-ha is transforming to become a “daddy” for 5 children, huh ? 😀

    Oh, and, yes, kiss please……

    Thanks, javabeans !

  15. 15 kashisaiko

    I’m loving KH so much. I like the little moments he talks/smiles to himself. He still needs the upper lip wax and a hair cut. I wish I were PG.

    JH – I know that he likes JY but does he also like PG that way or just helping her out out of pity?

    JY & evil mommy – so annoying I have to skip their scenes.

    BTW – I get a feeling that there may not be a final romantic conclusion to this drama..

  16. 16 JJ

    yeah I hate jaeyoung too. ugh she is so annoying and selfish.
    thank you for the recaps!
    I loved ep 10. really cute & FUNNY haha… and am looking forward to your awesome recaps! 🙂 thank you so much!!

  17. 17 Quinze

    Jun Ha might be the nice guy but his trailing Jae Young around is starting to baffle me. He was so pissed at her for her coldness towards Pal Gang previously that it puzzles me that he’s back to making excuses to appease her now. Even when she’s throwing out words like “that lowly woman”.
    I get that he might be in love with her but he really does make no sense at this point by asking his brother to marry her. Shouldn’t he working to ease some common sense and dignity back into his “good friend”?

    I do agree that the flashback moment was pretty random but I absolutely loved his conversation with PG right before it (heh or rather the lack thereof…)
    And I really enjoyed his reaction to the conversation at the restaurant because even if he really doesn’t want to be in the competition for PG’s heart just yet he does love being the superior Ahjusshi 🙂

  18. 18 Laura

    You are not supposed to feel bad for her character at all. She was a spoiled brat and deserved a wake up call… too bad her parents had to die for her to understand life isnt easy.
    I think this drama is awesome, because the main character in this drama is not someone everybody can like, some might even hate her. And this is what it means to see things from different views. If we always see the girl who suffers constantly and never deserved anything but happiness then its no fun because life is not really like that. However, we can enjoy seeing her suffer and work hard because of the way she was before. Its not painful to watch her go trough hard times… its only very painful to watch her siblings. Those kids are so adorable it breaks my heart.

    WHITE FLAG… before anybody jumps in to attack me. With what i have said, i dont mean to say I dislike her. I love this drama, and all the characters in it. I like that she has more flaws than you can ever count.

  19. 19 joicy

    I feel that Junha is the type to help and show affection for girls but not trully love them. he makes them fall in love with him but won’t take them (his ex’s comment).
    Otherwise Kangha is tough and shows no affection but when he shows it to someone special then he means it, and he gives them his heart.
    The earlier scene Kangha grabbed a girl’s arm on street then he’s sad to know it’s not her, she looks like Junha’s ex. It seems Junha and that girl had good relation before Kangha liked her, and though she may like Junha back he just left it as friendship, which made the girl heartbroken.

  20. 20 eiko

    Oh gosh…I am enjoying this drama so very much that I’m not going to try and analyze or dissect or pull it apart! This is enjoyable and I love how it’s all unfolding!

    You gotta have a bitch and that’s Jae Young..

    Aaahhhh…..episode 10…..!!!!!

  21. 21 Penn

    Jae Young is so delusional, it’s pathetic. How can she call Kang-ha her “man” and talk about marriage when they are not even dating? Half the time, he treats her like she is a piece of gum he has step on and can’t get off the sole of his shoe. I’m so glad Pal-gang has gotten rid of her crush for Kang-ha and matured since episode one.

  22. 22 Amg1

    Thanks JB, for your hard work, very nice epi, Miss frozen lips is so annoying that is not funny anymore,
    her and her family still the worst part of the show, PG and the kids torturing Kangha is the best part, seems that after epi 10 the affection for each other is going to start to show…Thank you again!!!!

  23. 23 Snikki

    I gasped at that very last scene! I seriously thought they were gonna kiss…kekeke…

    Jun Ha is a mystery. He’s a little bit too good to be true. I don’t know his real intentions. Maybe I’m wrong; maybe he’s just really “too” nice…period.

    As for the romantic developments, I don’t think it’s too early in the drama to introduce it. Because if this is going the way I foresee it – Kang Ha realizes now that he has feelings for Pal Gang, but due to some unfortunate circumstances — may it be blackmail by the evil bitch, or her sinister mother — he has to suppress them. Therefore we get a few more episodes of complications, problems, and what have you until our OTP finally gets together. So for now, we are at least given the satisfaction that Kang Ha does have a soft spot for our dear Pal Gang.

  24. 24 peony

    I love the kids in this drama, they are so funny and talented. I’m always cracking up when the kids come in the scenes. Especially when they take sides with their favorite choice for a brother-in-law and the little funny comments they make.

    I agree that right now the two leads don’t have much chemistry, it’s more like they are just learning to talk to each other without fighting. I do hope that it will change. I still can’t image them being romantically involved.

    I so hate Jae-young right now. There has been only one other villain character I have hated this much and it’s between her and the chick from Golden Bride (the evil ex-girlfriend who married the rich guy). I can already tell the war is just starting. Jae-young isn’t the type to sit around and watch her so called man get taken away. She will stoop as low to push Jin Pal Kang in front of a bus if she could. It’s coming….

  25. 25 Bobo

    I really like JunHa’s character. Out of all the other characters, I find his character the most interesting. I’ve never seen Shin Dong Wook act before, but I’m really impressed with him here. I feel like his talent is kinda being wasted on the cookie-cutter second-male lead, but he sure is making the most of it. My take on JunHa is that he doesn’t really love Jae Young. I think he sees her as more of a symbol of what he can’t have, living in his brother’s shadow. To win her would be to finally win one over his brother. In that last scene, he is finally voicing his resentment and frustration over how easily KangHa tosses aside the affections of Young-Jae that he himself strives so hard to achieve but can never have. He asks KangHa to marry Young Jae because in his mind, if only he were in KangHa’s shoes, he could so easily fulfill her wishes and make her happy. But…he’s not in KangHa’s shoes, so thus his frustration just festers. Second-male lead with inferiority complex! I dig it! I’m hoping JunHa will experience true love for PalGang down the road. To bad he’s destined to be pwned by KangHa once again as the second-male lead 🙁

  26. 26 faridah2201

    thanks for the recap,
    I am starting to get worried about Jun ha, his crush on Jae Young is persisting too long ( I mean this episode wise not time wise, time wise it is too long as well but mostly because she is an unattractive (personality and looks) character. I think he might pull some nasty stuff to help her. I do not like the idea of seeing Shin dong Wook as a villain (Soulmate forever) tho it would give us a different kind of second male lead. Usually the woman is the evil one only. Maybe I am worrying over nada.

    Thanks again

  27. 27 A20033

    What happened to Jae-young’s clone? Don’t get me wrong. I am relieved that she only had that scene with Jun-ha but what the heck was the point?

    I’m loving this series! I’m so glad i decided to give it a try. Kang-ha is becoming more likable every episode but I have to agree that I don’t see any romantic chemistry between him and Pal-gang YET, so the montage did feel a bit out of place/too soon. BUT i am LOVING the fact that it seems he is falling for her first! I love the fact that at the moment her PRIORITY are the kids, and she hasn’t shown any romantic interest in him since the death of her parents. Now Kang-ha will be the one who has to do the chasing! (I hope)

  28. 28 doozy

    Thanks, javabeans for another awesome recap!

    ROFL @ “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!”
    Kang-ha’s lips do look like they’re ready for it, though, don’t they?

  29. 29 anna

    I love it when men get in each other face like that. For once, I wish they actually kiss. Pity.

  30. 30 kkp

    does anyone else find it unbelievable for jun ha to like jae young? it doesn’t really make sense to me. he is such a good guy it makes me wonder why he would like someone so cold, spoiled and heinous.

    also, does anyone else think that kang ha’s bathroom looks like hwang tae kyung’s from you’re beautiful? perhaps sbs is recycling some of their sets? just an observation. 🙂

  31. 31 ockoala

    Thanks for the recap, JB. What’s keeping me coming back for MOAR is really the wonderful interactions between lovely characters, not yet the romance which I’m dying to see develop logically and tenderly.

    I love the kids with anyone, esp. Haraboji and/or TK. I love TK and PK, and lastly, I love PK-KH’s conversations.

    Anyways, just feeling a tad sheepish for my over-enthusiasm for this show, but really, each new episode continues to deliver the happy so what can I do but love it more.

    Don’t mind the flaws or silliness, as long as the relationships and warmth continues to strengthen and grow.

    I’m a total KH-PK shipper, I even went back to watch the opening scene when PK dreams of KH embracing her and kissing her, and I’m all WAHHHH, I can’t wait to see it happen for realz.

  32. 32 dee

    “This leads into a flashback montage (already?)”

    my thoughts too. then I said we’re on the middle right? 🙂 can’t wait for the next episode

  33. 33 trixicopper

    Maybe I’m the only one, but I don’t see JH as that “too perfect to be true” second lead. Especially after watching episode 10. He is rather manipulative. Not that I think he’s evil or anything, but he doesn’t seem to be a total goody two shoes either. I actually like that because I usually find the perfect second leads to be boring. And seriously, it’s not like he’s going to get the girl in the end anyway. May as well give his character a bit of a twist.

    Thanks as always for your wonderful recaps!

    As for old stone face, what can I say? Delusional much? I say we take up a collection and buy this girl a clue.

    Any way I am total KH shipper, love how his dignity takes a beating everytime he has to deal with PG and the kids. The scenes where he keeps telling himself to stop talking to himself crack me up everytime!

  34. 34 firewife

    Thanks for the recap javabeans! I always enjoy reading your take on what’s happening.

    This episode was both fun and frustrating for me to watch.

    Fun…the restaurant scene and the scene of all the kids in the car with KH. It brought back memories of my carpooling days. How can I simultaneously miss those moments and yet be so glad that they’re over?!

    Frustrating…for 2 reasons

    Reason #1 – JY. For the first time ever I’m disliking both a character and the actress who portrays her. It’s not surprising that I dislike the character, (don’t we all hate those possessive, cling and delusional 2nd female leads) but usually I can separate the character from the actor/actress portraying said character. Not this time. I don’t know if it’s because of her acting, or if it’s the fact that I find her face distracting. It’s so obviously been surgically “enhanced” (?) that it takes me out of the moment and instead of focusing on what the character is saying or why she’s saying it, I’m staring at her face wondering what went wrong.

    Reason #2 – JH. I started out firmly on TTL, ( Team Team Leader), but now I don’t know what to make of his recent actions. I thought his reactions in the last scene were a little extreme. Did he really just ask his brother to marry a girl he doesn’t like, just so she won’t feel bad anymore? Then offer up the prospect of a divorce as incentive? ( scratching my head her) I just didn’t get it.

    I’m also a little tired of his continued infatuation with JY. I find her so unappealing and he seems like a nice, intelligent guy, so I just don’t understand her appeal for him.

  35. 35 morfhin05

    Finally!! Im waiting for this recap….this episode was so hilarious….I cant wait to episode 10 recap… I wish they could post it soon… Thanks… God Bless..

  36. 36 CMH

    Many thanks for this recap. Really love this episode and … the recap, as always 🙂

  37. 37 Emi

    I think we were all chanting “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!” at that final scene there 🙂 I like to imagine them doing many takes of that scene and getting a bit carried away with the fighting….

    Jae-Young is right up there on my ‘evil-bitch-2nd-lead-female-hate-o-meter’ with Sun-Ah from Don’t Hesitate. They even have the same hair. Of course, Don’t Hesitate is an amazing drama in which I actively hate everyone (including the female lead) except for Tae Woo.

    I love Kang-Ha when he chides himself for talking out loud! One thing that was adorable, yet also drove me crazy in You’re Beautiful, was how everyone would spew lengthy monologues out loud all the time. Inner monologues, people! If you must stand still somewhere, looking thoughtful, pondering deep thoughts or making important realizations, at least do it via voice-over!

  38. 38 ling

    thanks for the recap ((: i’ve been reading your recaps for almost all the shows for some time now. it’s always refreshing to read what you have to say about the dramas 😀

    i’ve been watching this show and it’s one of the funniest dramas i’ve seen. however, at least for the moment, jy’s presence is more like a pesky mosquito than someone who can cause real harm. she’s completely redundant! if she manages to create chaos i would feel really shortchanged. if not for the subplot involving her mother and her i think this drama could be perfect.

    thanks for your recaps again (: on another note, i think you should watch capital scandal that has your beloved kang jihwan. it’s my favourite drama of all time 😀

  39. 39 chysalis

    I actually liked Jun-ha flipping like that in the end. And him saying stupid inconsiderate things. Like the sickness made Kang-ha more human, behaving like that made Jun-ha more human. Additionally I kind off expected him to react like that to vicy-face getting all bawly and pitiable like that. He had a huge crush on her after all. Probably because he saw her as strong, confident woman. He told his ex that he was always willing to console sad woman’s But he could never love them. Seeing vicy-face throwing herself a pity party like that must make him feel a little like she betrayed his feelings. Which is stupid and childish but human nonetheless. It was already established in episode three that my sweetheart had a problem. Remember the girl who was all up his pooch? The one he paid to say that she was getting a divorce and marry her? That was a definite sign that there is something wrong. We all can see KHs problem(s). With JH I’m not so sure.

  40. 40 Rainie

    I’m a huge kangha shipper now! After episode 10, I feel like he’s starting to notice that he’s changing. He’s also doing so many nice things now…it’s so cute. I love how he’s starting to talk to himself, just like PalKang.

  41. 41 Asarako

    Thanks for the recap….. gosh! i fell in love with series and each of the character except jae young and her mother coz i really love to hate them…. sound it sound i feel like an evil hehehehehe

  42. 42 cecilia

    i’m really confused about the name of grandpa’s son’s lover and the gender of the baby.
    i just went back to episode 1 to see if i missed anything…. nothing.

    what could possibly explain this discrepancy? is it possible that the evil lady is throwing erroneous info into KangHa’s way to get him off track so they could find the person first?

  43. 43 deannadsc

    …i’m staying off of criticizing the second-leads cuz you guys, have had your say & i couldn’t agree more!!! I’m just loving the show & how it’s leads’ characters are progressing w/ their relationship…so i usually fast-forward the scenes featuring JH & JY!!! the kids & their interactions w/ the grandpa & TK are the funniest!!!
    …always looking out for your wonderful recaps, JB!!! Thanks!!!!

  44. 44 lsk4020

    LOL I’m glad I’m not the only one imagining that at the end of the episode. XD

    Thanks so much for recapping! I watch the episodes, but I always come here to read your recaps just to see your opinions. Thanks for taking the time to recap!! =]

  45. 45 Butterfinger

    LOL ~ I also think that the flashback is a little too premature. When I saw it, I was like “huh?” did I miss something??

    Anyway, Thank you so much Javabeans :]
    I’m falling for this Drama.. It’s so nice to hear your thoughts about it.

  46. 46 su-pah

    OMG! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!

    Thanks for clarifying the relationship between the Chairman and Pal-gang. I kept thinking she was his real granddaughter at first.

    Brilliant, hilarious episode. Love the recap JB and agree with all the points made, in spite of being in favour of Shin Dong-wook’s Jun-ha from the start, I joined camp Kang-ha after episode eight. He’s just so adorable AND smexy. He won me over 100%.

    Teared up at the childstars’ acting again, when Pa Rang and Chor-ok confront Grandpa about disappearing when they were orphaned and later when Pa Rang gets lost and is crying about being abandoned.

    So proud of Pal-gang (‘s character) for rejecting JY’s money, what a wench that woman is.
    I’ll save the anti-JY tirade for the episode 10 recap.

    Kang-ha gets better and better, love him speaking whilst gritting his teeth trying to contain his temper, he reminded me of someone else I know, hilarious, then talking to himself and even better was when he walks into the kitchen and breaks up the JY and PG tension with:

    ”You: make me coffee, you: go home!”

    It could also be interpreted as sexist, but hey, PG IS a hired housekeeper and JY an intruder!

    W00t! Love you KH! Muah!

  47. 47 moimoiness

    waah…jb, i’m hooked!!!
    i’m not even following the series except for your recaps because i’m downloading pasta, but since the seeders are acting up, i’m gona try and watch it on viikii..i got lots of catching up, huh? lol..
    thanks for the recaps! =D

  48. 48 vis

    Jun-ha is starting to annoy me, especially at the end with his “confrontation” so I’ve already jumped ship to KH-PG. Before I had been rooting for Jun-ha… ah, well whatever. Thanks for the review!

  49. 49 Quaggy

    Okay here we are practically halfway through the series and Jun-ha is still into Jae-young! In rather an unhealthy way, I might add. What’s wrong with the boy?! Clearly nobody gave him the memo that Pal-gang was the heroine of the series, but you’d think he’d figure it out on his own!

    I didn’t mind the montage scenes so much, because, despite the romantic music, it was actually a collection of moments where Kang-ha seemed to admire for who Pal-gang was as a person. (As someone pointed out, the slap scene and her begging him to stay can only be considered romantic if you’re into S&M.) It was also cool to see a moment from when she was still Useless Miss Jin included, since I’ve been suspecting that he had a soft spot for her all along, even if he would never admit it.

    More importantly, the montage scene works because even though we the viewers can see the underlying romantic feeling he’s developing, Kang-ha does not. It’s like that line from the Disney Beauty & the Beast song: “Barely even friends/ then somebody bends/ unexpectedly”.

    Actually Beauty & the Beast is a far better fairytale comparison than Cinderella in this case. Pal-gang doesn’t need her prince to come rescue her. It works out better for her when she’s the one that is rescuing herself. But she does seem to be able to make the “beast” more human.

    And now I have a Disney song stuck in my head. It’s going to be a long day.

  50. 50 venice

    i am on team KH! come onnnn fall in love with her already! in my head, i love how PG is over her feelings for him and KH will eventually fall for her but its a little too late. he’s got to work for her. i wonder how that would work out.

    JH can’t bring himself to be mean to any girl. too nice

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