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Mobile drama Pygmalion’s Love stills released
by | March 17, 2010 | 40 Comments

Wow, I almost didn’t recognize Kim Joon in the above photo with Kim Jae-wook; these stills are from their Korea-Japan co-production of a mobile drama called Pygmalion’s Love.

The story unfolds around the themes of friendship and love, as one woman (Minamisawa Nao) deals with amnesia and her boyfriend’s friend (Kim Jae-wook) steps in to act as her boyfriend (Kim Joon). The love story that unfolds around the three is described as “sad and mournful.”

Shoots began in February for the project and the first installment will be released on March 20 through mobile provider BeeTV. There are a total of 12 episodes, with one released every Thursday.

Via BNT News


40 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Two Cents

    Kim Joon is a cutie.


    why does he step in to take her boyfriends place?

  3. estelle

    They look like brothers!

  4. jandoe

    i just watched Antique Bakery (good stuff from both Joo Ji Hoon and Kim Jae-wook!) and haha, then this entry comes up. I’m definitely gonna try following his latest stuff now! 😛

  5. SuperFanGirl

    Wow, Kim Joon looks great with that hairstyle!!!

  6. Carmie

    Both guys look good. I wonder if this will be subbed. It’ll be the only way I can watch it.

  7. BlueOcean

    I like Kim Joon since Flower Boys.

    Looking forward to this show & hope that he will have more show for us!

  8. MEL

    Kim Joon–great chance to show off his chops, loved Kim Jae Wook in the coffee prince….they’re both lookin good…thanks

  9. Carinne

    Nice… I really hope there is a way to follow the story’s progression online.

  10. 10 Sere

    @ Carinne
    Oh I was thinking the very same thing

  11. 11 Kender

    Wow, Kim Joon’s looking good. I hope there’s some way us non-subscribers can watch this, because it sounds interesting. (Although I can’t imagine why they’d need a substitute boyfriend, but whatever. Maybe KJ’s character dies or something. o.O)

  12. 12 emma

    but honestly that girl doesnt seem the type either of them would date
    but she’s quite famous in japan i think

  13. 13 vic

    where can you watch this?

  14. 14 lb_tmi

    ahhh.. they are both in my ICOMYM harem. such cuties!!!
    hopefully some nice BeeTV subscriber has pity on us lowly non-subscribers and posts this somewhere accessible. i’m sure i’m not the only one who would be very VERY grateful. 🙂

  15. 15 pachi

    i wanna see it. (:

  16. 16 yumi-chan

    Sounds like a tear jerker.

  17. 17 Summer

    why does he act as her boyfriend..? or maybe she misunderstood him…:-?? and jae-wook is so cute holding that placard…^.^ 😡

  18. 18 stefy96

    Ohh it’s the girl from “AKai Ito.” Akai Ito was a really good drama.

  19. 19 Molly

    I didn’t recognize him until I started reading the article!

  20. 20 supah

    KJW – chiselled, smexay!
    KJ – cute-aah!
    Shame this drama won’t be accessible widely, would’ve loved to watch this.

  21. 21 lovevy

    where i can watch this drama?

  22. 22 hmmm...

    looks interesting. Would not be able to watch this unless i find it online, so please keep us posted.

  23. 23 DeCaf

    happy Kim Joon will be on screen again w/ a meatier role 🙂
    aaaah Kim Jae Wook is soooo busy these days & I’m loving it 🙂

  24. 24 msim

    I feel a massive wave of m/m slashness coming my way…

  25. 25 N

    kim joon such a hottie!!

  26. 26 Bloop

    I’m excited!! This is so exciting!! I love Kim Jae-wook!! And Kim Joon is adorable…and I love any collaborations between Japan and Korea…

  27. 27 Suejiro Junnie Noona

    Wow…The Last time I saw him in person was back in December for a one nite gig in S’pore with long lock, now his superliciously fantastic hairdo suits him.
    Jae-wook… I have no words to describe you! You are just PURRRFEEECCCTTTT

  28. 28 mayadee

    Yes, she is. Akai Ito is one of my favourite dorama, not just ordinary high school dorama. It’s kinda given the same vibe as WISFC but I think the storyline is more rational and plausible (IMHO). I also love the two main leads.

    anyway, I’d really love to see this mobile drama. I’m a fan of KJW, but Kim Joon also looks great in those stills. 🙂

  29. 29 ghian

    i think this is going to be a good drama .. whoahh it’s exciting .. i think i found my top lister drama 🙂

  30. 30 Jenny

    Minamisawa Nao is not yet as popular as other young actresses in her agency(Meisa Kuroki and Maki Horikita are more popular) but she is getting more attention mainly because of akai ito the drama and movie.

    Kim Jae-wook is good looking as usual, his japanese really is so fluent and no accent I though he really was japanese in coffee prince.

  31. 31 Lisa

    Huh, Kim Joon looks pretty good. Wonder if he’s a decent actor, we couldn’t really tell in BOF. YO WHAT’S UP MY BRO

  32. 32 grace, the one from Jersey, USA

    Mobile provider BeeTV?
    Do I look as if I even……KNOW……what that is????

    I’m all in favor of the information highway, but could somebody slow
    things down just a little bit, for those of us who are technologically
    challenged? Doesn’t it seem as if new technology makes old technology
    become obsolete awfully fast? I really hate the idea of anything bootleg,
    or having to beg Internet experts to make this kdrama available to people.

    Ahhhhh, for the good old days of long ago ~
    Turn on television ~ sit on chair ~ watch kdrama ~ end of problem. 🙂

    That being said, I’m so glad that the “4” of “F4” will be in this new drama.
    Whatever few scenes Kim Joon was in, during BBF, he added a special
    ingredient…..either logical, wise, kick butt, or his own brand of sparkly charm.
    And I think that his gangster Engrish was a brilliant way of easily creating
    a definite presence for his character among the other three “F4” guys.

    Just four words ~ YO, YO, MAH BRO ~ and we all knew who Woo-bin was. 🙂
    Good Luck, with his futute career, to Kim Joon! YEAH…………..


  33. 33 grace, the one from Jersey, USA

    What I meant to write was:

    Good Luck, with his FUTURE career, to Kim Joon! YEAH………..


  34. 34 Lisa

    I got the feeling from the last picture above is that Kim Joon’s character is dead. I think the story is that Kim Joon is dead and the girlfriend can’t remember that he’s dead, but feels that she had a boyfriend so Kim Jae Wook steps in as the boyfriend. Haha….I don’t know so don’t quote me on it. Kim Jae Wook is a good actor….I’m glad he’s getting so many new projects.

  35. 35 chajjye

    I’m just gonna say this:

    KIM JOON!!!!!!!!!


  36. 36 thebaginds

    KIM JAE WOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    KIM JAE WOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    KIM JAE WOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hell with ythe others!!
    i only love jae wook oppa T_T

  37. 37 thebaginds

    KIM JAE WOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    KIM JAE WOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    KIM JAE WOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hell with the others!!
    i only love jae wook oppa T_T

  38. 38 thebaginds

    KIM JAE WOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    KIM JAE WOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    KIM JAE WOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hell with the others!!
    i only love jae wook oppa T_T

  39. 39 +Negative

    OMG! Kim Jae-wook and his killer cheekbones! ’nuff said..

  40. 40 Endroine

    I totally can’t see Kim Joon in that first picture o-o srsly .. its secretly someone else i swear o-o

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