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Oh My Lady: Episode 8
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I thought this episode was better than the previous ones. It didn’t suddenly get rid of its weaknesses, but it gelled together nicely, probably because the characters’ relationships are starting to take shape and Min-woo is taking significant steps in growing as a person. Also, the different plot threads — which have felt pretty scattered so far — start to come together, making for a more cohesive overall effect.


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Seeing Kae-hwa leaving with Shi-joon, Min-woo drives home with his cake, muttering all the way that she sure has nerve, riding in a man’s car at night. Where is she going at this hour, anyway? I wouldn’t say he’s jealous (yet), but he’s certainly more curious than he’d like to admit. He gives the cake to his security guard.

Min-ji comes out to meet her mother at the nearby park, where she thanks Shi-joon prettily for the cake. She asks if her mother is a good employee, and while Kae-hwa hesitates for a moment, Shi-joon answers in the affirmative. Not only is she a good employee, she even has the job title as planning manager.

He steps aside to let the ladies have their private party, although he watches from a distance. I’d say Kae-hwa’s a pretty cool mom just from the fact that she and Min-ji dig into the cake with forks, which is a prospect that would have my own dear fastidious mother clutching pearls in horror.

Min-ji tells her mother that she actually bragged about her at school today, which warms the cockles of Kae-hwa’s heart. Her classmate had been bragging about how her parents went to a musical, so Min-ji had to knock her off her high horse a little by saying that her mother MAKES musicals! I love that Kae-hwa doesn’t admonish Min-ji for that unsporting thought, even if perhaps she ought to have. Let the kid enjoy her moment, right?

When Kae-hwa finally arrives home, Min-woo feigns nonchalance but looks at Kae-hwa with suspicious eyes. Where has she been? His eyes narrow even more when she answers that she was at work, “and then had a great time!” What the heck is that supposed to mean? As she is thinking of her lovely mother-daughter bonding session, Kae-hwa remains oblivious to his disgruntled mood.

Casually, he asks for Kae-hwa’s thoughts on dating — has she dated a lot? She answers that her husband was her one and only experience, although she enjoyed her share of popularity when she was younger.

Using his extensive acting experience as a basis for human insight, Min-woo tries to give Kae-hwa advice about dating. Particularly about being used by married men, whom she must take care to avoid. “You should live quietly, and think of your child.” It’s the closest way he can warn her off Shi-joon without admitting to actual jealousy, and is therefore adorable. Not surprisingly, she scoffs to be given life advice from Min-woo of all people.

Kae-hwa gives Min-woo the tape of Ye-eun’s class, since he couldn’t go like all the other parents. Though he isn’t particularly eager to watch it, he puts in the tape and smiles to watch the girl dancing along with her classmates. He even feels a burst of indignation when the little boy at Ye-eun’s side pulls on her hair, and protests, “He’s a bad kid!” He goes to bed with a smile on his face, feeling warmth toward the child.

A recurring motif of this episode begins in this morning scene, as Kae-hwa starts off her day at full speed while Min-woo faces a day of nothing, having had his only activity canceled. He’s therefore a little put out to be relegated to the backseat as she makes calls and gets ready, as he’s unused to life as a low priority.

Byung-hak is tired of taking care of Min-ji — or rather, the new wife is — so he tells Kae-hwa to take her back. So desperate is he that he even offers to pay for a new place for them. Kae-hwa asks him to put up with it for just a little longer so she can become fully independent before she’s ready to take Min-ji back. Frankly I think it makes a lot more sense to take money from the father of your child who owes you child support than to (let’s face it) mooch off an unrelated movie star boss, but Law of Kdramas says that the couple needs to be forced together for the seed of love to sprout. Hence we must put up with the cliche a bit longer.

Producer Eom hears that The Show Company is holding auditions to replace the actor who was fired — who went to work for Eom, in fact. Eom exults that he’s working on scoring a big production — he doesn’t have the license yet, but when he acquires it, they’ll blow everyone out of the water and that’ll be the end of The Show Company. He’s got the investors lined up and ready.

Meanwhile, performers audition for the new show, showing off their skills and more than one rendition of that perennial musical favorite, “This Is the Moment.” (You’d think it’s the only solo from a musical ever. It’s a good song, but at this point it in itself is a cliche.)

At home alone, Min-woo is bored silly and hits upon the idea that he ought to drop in on the audition. It’s only common courtesy for the star to be there, right? He doesn’t need an ulterior motive like a certain meddling ajumma to justify his presence, does he?

So it is that Min-woo arrives as the auditions conclude, and offers to buy everybody lunch. Things quickly turn tense, however, when Jung-ah joins them with a lunch date — her Other Man.

Shi-joon stiffens (even more, if that’s possible) and Kae-hwa, being privy to this couple’s marital problems, notices right away. Feeling sorry for Shi-joon, she compensates by being extra-solicitous — which attracts Min-woo’s attention, to his dissatisfaction.

The tense mood hangs in the air until Shi-joon leaves the table early, forcing his employees to follow him out. Thus Jung-ah and her companion are left behind.

Kae-hwa accompanies Shi-joon back to the office in his car, and because the air is uncomfortable, she ignores a call from Min-woo. He calls back, so she picks up and mutters an excuse, hanging up quickly, which means that once again Min-woo has been relegated to the backseat of Kae-hwa’s attentions, to his confusion.

Rather than dancing around the pink elephant in the room — er, car — Shi-joon guesses that Kae-hwa knows what’s going on. Kae-hwa does, and apologizes for it. But at least this allows him to talk more openly about it, and when they take a detour to the park, he admits that his wife wanted more love than he gave her. Kae-hwa chides him gently for knowing that, and yet not giving it to her.

Given how she left him hanging the other night, Yura has been expecting a call from Min-woo, and wonders how to engage his attention again. She does this by texting Min-woo, but addressing it to someone else, making it seem like a mis-sent message about how she was sick. It’s telling that although Min-woo is quick to call her, he obviously hasn’t been thinking of her at all until she reminded him.

When they meet, Yura asks how much time he has left on his management contract — isn’t he interested in moving to a big company? Min-woo gives a vague response about sticking with the people who have been with him all this while, but she casts little seeds of doubt, saying that his company is on the wane. He ought to think of his future, not of loyalty to the managers. One would expect no less from an opportunist like Yura, huh?

Reporter Han drops by the office to press for news about Min-woo, and tries to wheedle Kae-hwa (who is there alone) for information. He wonders why Min-woo picked this project, which isn’t what one would expect of a star of his stature, and suspects that he has a hidden reason.

Kae-hwa doesn’t seem as suspicious as she perhaps ought to be, but at least she’s smart enough not to talk freely about Min-woo’s decision. She tells him that she doesn’t have any information for him and feigns ignorance of the matter, leaving Han thwarted once more.

When she gets home that evening, Min-woo is waiting for her and grumbles at her late arrival, although naturally he acts cool and indifferent. The reason for his impatience becomes clear when Kae-hwa takes note of the stacks of boxes in the entryway. He pretends he doesn’t know what they are and instructs her to open them for him.

When she does, to her surprise she finds the first box full of teddy bears… and the next, and the next. For one laugh-out-loud moment she wonders why Min-woo would have ordered so many stuffed toys for himself, leading him to point in exasperation at the little girl. Trying not to sound too proud of himself, Min-woo explains that he’d noticed Ye-eun looking at the stuffed animals when they were out the last time (in Episode 2).

Now understanding, Kae-hwa exclaims excitedly to Ye-eun and piles the teddy bears in her arms. Ye-eun smiles the widest we’ve seen her smile so far, and accepts them happily.

Min-woo doesn’t say anything outright, but he does pat the girl on the head as he walks by, glad to see that she likes the gift. Later as Kae-hwa puts Ye-eun to bed, she tells the sleeping girl, “Ye-eun, you melted your father. You must have started to enter his heart.”

And she (finally!) takes a rag and starts to clean Min-woo’s vandalized photo, which has till now remained smeared with Ye-eun’s crayon doodles. LOL. Looks like he’s finally earned some respect.

Pleased with this first fatherly step, Kae-hwa has a snack ready for Min-woo before he even asks. (He starts to request it just as she presents it, which suggests that they’re becoming more familiar with each other.)

Kae-hwa sighs to think of how much she still has to learn about musicals; she’s been poring over the book but there’s so much to go through. Min-woo hopes that the musical will be a hit, and Kae-hwa agrees. But she has to go and sour his mood by adding, “If only for the president.” He doesn’t see what’s so great about Shi-joon, which prompts her to list his virtues. He’s passionate about his work, which isn’t easy to find in a person — most people just get by doing average work. (Min-woo grumbles that she’s got poor taste in men.)

There’s a more personal reason she’d like the musical to be a hit, since she can’t continue to work there if it fails. She has always been identified in terms of other people (i.e., Min-ji’s mom) — which is a common plight of the average Korean woman — and even having her own business card is a marvel: “It’s been ages since I’ve had a card with my own name on it. I have my own card and my workspace — do you know how reassuring that feels? A famous person like you wouldn’t know.”

Shi-joon arrives home and looks in on his wife’s room, which is empty. To tell us this is a sad moment — as though the fact that they’re using separate rooms isn’t enough — his eyes fall on a photo of the couple from happier times.

Jung-ah is out late at the studio, where her Other Man finds her. (I know the guy has a name — something like Ho-seok? — but they hardly ever use it so I can’t be sure.) He tells her that her stunt at lunch — bringing him along to the table with her husband — was pretty low of her. It was a discourtesy to both him and to Shi-joon.

Things are starting to go well for Kae-hwa, which of course means that now is the time for the shit to hit the fan. Just as she’s starting to feel proud of herself (and buoyed by Min-ji’s pride in her), the office learns some catastrophic news: their investment funds have not come through.

Shi-joon senses interference and heads off to meet with the investor to sort this out. While naive Kae-hwa is horrified, the others know that this happens all too frequently in the industry, and speculate that someone else has claimed the investment that was going to go to their production.

Min-woo gives another fan meeting, and sits for an interview afterward. As usual, as soon as the topic turns to mention of his acting, his foot starts to shake nervously and he gives a generic answer about wanting to challenge himself with this project.

My first thought was that this scene was an unnecessary repetition of a familiar scene, but I suppose that it serves to get Min-woo thinking about his acting insecurities again. This brings out the dichotomy between his status as carefree star and his desire for recognition of his talents, which builds as the episode heads toward its finish.

After the day’s events are over, manager Yoon-seok gets a phone call conveying exceedingly good news: The Show Co. lost its investment. Laughing at this fortunate twist of fate, Yoon-seok is thrilled that Min-woo doesn’t have to do the musical anymore. He’d been feeling frustrated at being forced to let Min-woo do it, so now he is pleased to have gotten what he wants without having to lift a finger.

But Min-woo is learning to think of people other than himself, and asks what’ll happen to the company. When he hears that it’ll naturally be ruined, he looks upset, although he pretends he’s happy for Yoon-seok’s benefit.

Shi-joon, waiting to get a chance to speak with the investor, sees Eom emerging from his own meeting with him, and guesses what happened. Eom gloats at having scored the funds over Shi-joon; with his big-name project, he was able to lure the investor to his side, with the help of some handy-dandy lobbying (aka bribing).

Min-woo wonders if Kae-hwa is off crying somewhere and hesitates over whether he should call her. Yoon-seok senses something strange in Min-woo’s reaction and follows behind in his car, puzzled to find that they’ve arrived at The Show Company’s office.

Inside, Kae-hwa is looking over her business cards sadly when she gets a call from Min-ji. The girl is excited to bring Mom in to school to talk to her class about her job, and Kae-hwa can’t tell her that her job might not still be in existence in a week’s time, so she agrees to go.

Min-woo would like to say something but can’t think of the words, so he just watches quietly, unseen, from the doorway. Kae-hwa doesn’t notice, but at least she chooses this moment for a helpful soliloquy to let Min-woo in on her thoughts:

Kae-hwa: “Min-ji, what if I get fired from here? I don’t have anywhere to go. Where will I get hired again at this age? It was a miracle I got to work here. I have people to call colleagues, and people to acknowledge my work.”

Deciding that it’s best not to intrude, Min-woo quietly leaves, running into Shi-joon on his way out. He asks for a moment to talk, which takes them to the roof, while Yoon-seok follows to eavesdrop on their conversation.

Shi-joon can guess why Min-woo is here, assuming that as the star, he’s upset about the musical possibly being canceled. Shi-joon confirms that they did lose the investment, but says that since nothing is decided, he ought to wait things out.

Having gotten the gist of the conversation, Yoon-seok slips away, annoyed at Min-woo’s interest. Meanwhile, Min-woo isn’t buying Shi-joon’s calm assurances, seeing that they’re just empty words. The dynamic is similar to a father trying to assert his seniority over his son, only now the son is starting to come into his own and realizes that Dad isn’t always right. (It’s sort of like the son is trying to beat his father but also prove himself to him.)

Kae-hwa starts to head home, but she recognizes the two cars parked in front of the building as Shi-joon’s and Min-woo’s. Since they aren’t inside the office, she heads to the roof in curiosity, in time to hear Shi-joon sticking to his stubborn line — however ineffectual — that he’ll pull through somehow.

Min-woo sees that there is no clear plan, and says, “Let me help.” How much will the production budget cost?

The idea that Min-woo would put his own money into the musical is so shocking and ludicrous that Shi-joon can’t believe it. Taking it almost as an insult, he asks Min-woo if he’s asking to get hit. So Min-woo challenges, “Then hit me.”


The reason I like this episode better than the others is because finally we are seeing the different threads coming together. Now Eom’s existence (previously annoying and trifling) makes sense, and his actions are the catalyst for this next stage of the drama. I also like that Min-woo has a clear character progression in this episode. He starts out bored to find himself idle — not that that was ever a problem for him — particularly when Kae-hwa is buzzing about busily, absorbed in her work. He becomes disgruntled at being pushed aside — and rightly so, because his demands (a cup of coffee, for example) are hardly more important than organizing an audition or managing meetings. He can stand to wait, even if he’s not used to waiting. When the production hits a crisis point, he has the clear option of walking away, and nobody — not even Shi-joon or Kae-hwa — could fault him for it. But for the first time he takes an active step.

The relationship between Kae-hwa and Min-woo is a little different than what we might expect in this genre, because it’s not about physical attraction, nor is it about one needing the other. I like that Kae-hwa isn’t really interested in Min-woo as a romantic partner (aside from a few moments that show that she isn’t UN-attracted to him), and probably won’t be until she sees Min-woo acting more maturely. He’s finding inspiration in her to change himself, and it’s after that happens that he’ll be worthy of her attention. Case in point: he buys Ye-eun the stuffed bears of his own accord, and earns himself her approval (and a snack!). He didn’t buy it specifically to make Kae-hwa happy, but the action makes her improve her opinion of him.


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    Thanks, JB!

    “…but Law of Kdramas says that the couple needs to be forced together for the seed of love to sprout.”
    LOL.. it’s so true.

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    Thanks JB! Forgot to say that on your last recap so I’ll say it again, thank you! 🙂

    That’s what I also like about the last episode. The fact that Min-woo is somewhat growing. =)

    And yes, I am glad that Gae-hwa is uninterested, romantically speaking. Well for now… I want Min-woo to do the chasing. 😀 It was funny how Gae-hwa talks freely about how she admire Shi-joon’s passion to his work, without realizing that Min-woo’s irritated by her high regard to her boss.

  9. Kukilas

    Thanks for the speedy recap, JB.

    I am enjoying this show, mainly because I do like how they are developing the characters slowly. I am actually enjoying the pace, and like how even the relationships with Ye Eun are coming around slowly. I also like how we are slowly getting to see more of Ye Eun’s true personality start shining, since she is now adjusting to where she is.

    I am betting that when Ye Eun actually speaks, her first word is probably going to be Dad. 🙂

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    I totally agree with your comments about Kae-hwa and Min-woo’s relationship. Each time I see an episode I am reminded of the promo pic where he is leaning in looking directly at her and she’s looking away, giggling, a tad embarrassed . I find this a great representation of what we have to look forward to from this couple. I think it speaks loudly to what these two people will become to one other.
    Not my fav drama but a dynamic I can’t wait to see fleshed out.

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    Thanks for the fast recap! I just caught up with this episode last night and couldn’t wait for your take on it. Your recaps are really always like icing on cake! 🙂

    Btw, does anyone else besides me think that Min-woo actually looked sort of doubtful, like he was beginning to see Yura for what she was (conniving opportunist!) when she told him that he needed to think less about others and more for himself?

    I have to agree though, the main draw of this show is MW and YGH’s interactions. I do skim most of the other parts, and am waiting for the day Ye-eunnie gets even more affection than a pat on the head!

  13. 13 a_fan

    Unfortunately, I cannot see a happy ending here, not in present-day Korea at least. In other regions of the worlds, this would be a perfect relationship. Kaehwa and MinWoo have a good chemistry, an easy relationship developing in the midst of difficult circumstances. They fulfill each other’s needs.

    I imagine Kae-hwa will be walking away from MinWoo and he will then become a good actor and will win an award. Will he mention her name in his acceptance speech?

  14. 14 Porcelain

    @ #13

    Oh my, your thoughts made me depressed… but well it did actually cross my mind about Kae Hwa leaving and Min Woo come into his own as a mature and award winning actor and mentions “Yoon Kae Hwaaaaaaaaaa” name when he wins… Oh my thinking about that during their drinking session in Ep 6 cracks me up… but perhaps K drama law will intervene and well they do actually end up happily squabbling forever?

    @ #11
    IKR…if the drama posters is any indication I wanna see the teasing relationship between these two soons… I like that Min Woo can’t really place his feeling yet, but yet is already feeling jealous and protective towards the ahjumma… And yeah realizing what a opportunist Yura is… hmmpt.

    This episode…3 words… jealousy, baby girls and teddy bears! Ye Eun is such a doll and daddy getting angry at the naughty boy and doing the dance himself is so cute… the bears… I want a collection like that…..
    I think what tied Min Woo and Kae Hwa together is that they both have a daughter which means the world to them and they wanna be proud because of them…

    Yeah and I so love to see all the silly things Min Woo does for his choco abs and his face when he sees real food like ddukboki…

    Thanks for the recap again JB… you certainly see points that I failed to see…

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    OML is getting better and better….

    It’s light, fun and entertaining….

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    I like how the girl is neither head over heels for the guy, nor the poor girl saved by the rich and handsome prince. Although Min Woo is maturing, I’m still curious to see how Kae Hwa would fall for him. Seeing his improving character must get her to approve of him, but Kae Hwa is the perfect mom, how would she think of beginnig a romantic relationship with another man? I guess Min Woo would need a lot of changing and pushing to get through her.

  19. 19 Carinne

    I adore the hint of fatherly love happening in this episode. MinWoo’s heart is melting more for YeEun, c’mon, who didn’t see it coming? That lil’ girl is so adorable. MinWoo’s heart already start melting for her back in ep.02, yeah, she was in front of the toy store distracted by all those stuffed animals when he realize he almost lost her. Oh yeah~ that instant, plus the fact he gave up his master bedroom for her to retreat himself in a guest room.

    A prolix moment not mentioned during that time MinWoo took an interview after his fanmeeting, we probably understand this big star is still insecure about his acting abilities from the sign (shaking his leg), as we also confirm whom other than KaeHwa telling us this fact. In my surprise, manager YookSeok reminds MinWoo to stop shaking his leg during interviews, as if the cause is a bad habit like biting your fingernails, unbeknownst to him of its fact cue. Goes to show how sincere is this manager YookSeok looking after such a big star MinWoo, and for how long now?

    I’m liking how fate or (as JB puts it) this Law of Kdrama pulls KaeHwa and MinWoo together, and separates MinWoo and his management co.

    ~~ I like Vanilla Acoustic a lot; I think I got another track off from Mnet Scandal Nichkhun cut also. Thanks for good music! ~~

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    I like how Min Woo is starting to show some affection and more of a daddy character to Ye Eun.

    @12, Yes, I think Min Woo is slowly starting to see Yura’s true colors… I mean he did hear her yell at Kae Hwa and find out that she lied about the kimbap. But I think he’s still too blind to do anything about it… he’s probably telling himself that it’s no big deal.

    I haven’t seen a Korean drama in a long time…
    Thanks again! I love reading your take on this drama!

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    reminds me of the song noona nomu yeppo
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    I wish Kaehwa would just ask Minwoo if her daughter can live with them so at least Yeun has a big sister to play with.

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    I like how Min Woo’s character progresses in this episode. First, he’s like he shows he doesn’t care about Ye-eun and yet he’s gone Daddy-mode when he got a bit outraged seeing that the little boy pulled his daughter’s hair while Ye-eun was dancing.

    I was also laughing out loud when Kae Hwa was sort of baffled about those boxes with the teddy bears and Ye-eun turned to Min Woo with that cute prodding look implying “Come on dad, help me out here. Tell her the bears are mine.”

    Second, Min Woo’s so clueless, not only of Kae Hwa’s attention towards Shi-joon but also about his own feelings towards Kae Hwa. It’s clearly in this episode that we can see except of course for Min Woo that he’s already beginning to fall for his ajumma, Kae Hwa because unknown to him he’s inspired by Kae Hwa and he’s starting to get more curious about Kae Hwa’s goings-on outside of his home.

    Can’t wait for EP 9. Oh! Monday please get here already! LOL

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    Always enjoy your recaps. This time my favourite line is:

    “Shi-joon stiffens (even more, if that’s possible)”

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    I agree that Min-woo is unaware of his own feelings, but I wonder just how romantic those feelings are. Despite the events at the end of episode 6, I still can’t quite buy the “romantic” edge of their relationship. I can see them being good friends, but it seems much more like a mother-son relationship, or noona-dongsaeng relationship than a romantic relationship. I’m wondering how the writer’s are going to reinforce the romantic attraction between them; like Javabeans said, I hope it comes as Min-woo starts to act like an adult instead of a spoiled child. At this point, Min-woo is nowhere near worthy of Kae-hwa.

    Also, I have to add that I’m really digging CSW as Min-woo. Who else thinks that his facial expressions really make the interactions between Min-woo and Kae-hwa? I think he’s doing an excellent job showing us Min-woo’s developing feelings for both the ladies in his life. Can’t wait until we add Min-ji to the mix!

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    Loving the dynamics so far.

    Choi Si Won may be the next break out actor. He did a good job in Hyang Dan and now he’s showing more of his comedic talents and acting skills in this.

    He’s not just another pretty face or body.

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    yayy! i loved his move with the teddy bears – because now i hope we’ll see more interaction between min woo and his daughter (and therefore more screentime for the daughter!)

    i’m surprised that minji has had such a big role in this episode – screen presence or not, she is consistently shown as the reason for all of kae hwa’s actions. i mean, we could have understood that from the first few episodes and then left her to be forgotten with the father, but this drama doesn’t show that. i love how they emphasize the relationship between parent and child here in this drama. wish upon a star was the same – except proving that family doesn’t have to be blood related – and that’s what i loved about it too

  31. 31 aquarianunicorn

    thanks! i thought you gave up on this drama….i got worried the summary didnt show up right away….i love this show!

  32. 32 Sobia

    @30– I totally agree – I am surprised by how much of the family stuff makes me go “awww” in every episode. I love how this show depicts what superheroes good moms are. You can say what you want about her hairstyle or fashion sense, but you can’t deny that Kae-hwa is a good momma, both to Minji as well as to Ye-eun, and that it is both incredibly sweet and inspiring. I love the fact that Minji is Kae-hwa’s conscience, and the reason why Kae-hwa is so brave and “plucky” in this new phase of her life, where she is so damned and determined to make it as a careerwoman. While the plot is certainly enhanced by Kae-hwa refusing to take the money from her no-good ex and remain in the hottie actor’s employ, I also think it is in keeping with Kae-hwa’s character to refuse the assistance, because like Pal-gang in WUAS, Kae-hwa wants to make it on her own and without anybody’s help. But, unlike in WUAS, her personal success is important to her not just because she wants to prove she can do it to herself, but also because she also wants to show Minji that such financial and personal independence as a young woman is possible. That is a great lesson to want to teach your daughter. I am so proud of Kae-hwa, it’s ridonkulous.

    Also, in the show, you see Kae-hwa carrying Ye-eun constantly on her back, and how she is barely able to find time to see her own daughter during the day, but she never complains about the situation, and it’s not because she is a doormat (the girl can whine and complain with the best of them). Rather, it’s clear that Kae-hwa is not just taking care of Ye-eun because Min-woo is paying her money to,but because she knows she is a caring person who has a lot of love and kindness to offer people, and she has resolved to take good care of Ye-eun until the day comes where Min-woo is finally really able to accept the little girl and take adequate care of her himself. That’s why I find Kae-hwa such an attractive heroine, even if many of her characterizations come right out of the “plucky ahjumma” playbook. There is a bigheartedness to her that is a consistent part of her character, and it doesn’t make her weak, but strong. Even if it’s surprising that Min-woo would fall in love with her, I think he has made a good choice! She has a lot to offer, particularly someone like Min-woo, who is surrounded by yes men and not many people who genuinely love and are loyal to him.

  33. 33 JeanCBloom

    Did anyone notice the song that Choi Si Won was singing at his fan meeting? It’s a Christian song. I wonder how he convinced the writers to let him sing it?

  34. 34 aprilborn

    Once again dramabeans impressed me with the episode summary and the analysis along with it . You would make a good lecturer for scriptwriting classes particularly with the cultural slant in it .

  35. 35 Laica

    Great recap, thanks! I think in this episode we saw where the sort-of awkward plot threads in episode 7 were headed, and it all makes more sense, as you said.

    My favourite scene was the one with the teddy bears – and when he patted her on the head, I just went “Aaaaw!” I’m looking forward to more Daddy-baby bonding.

    @32 Sobia
    I agree with all of your points! very well said.

  36. 36 okdubu

    @JeanCBloom i noticed that too! who am i~~~~

  37. 37 Jun

    2 eps without Siwon’s abs, I guess they really are running out of excuses.

  38. 38 lili

    @ 33 JeanCBloom & 36 okdubu: I noticed too! My eyes widened when I saw/heard Siwon sing Casting Crown’s “Who Am I” at the fan meeting… it’s one of my personal favorites (the lyrics are so meaningful)… it was one of my favorite moments in this episode, along with the father-daughter bonding moments!

  39. 39 reverie

    yeah, I love this episode. and admit that Siwon act is not bad either

  40. 40 Jersey Girl the most

    Nice recapped of Oh my Lady. OML might not be the best drama currently airing in Korea (the honor goes to Cinderella Sister, Don Yi and My three Sons) but it is the most entertaining so far. I’ll take OML over Personal Taste by a mile which will now now be guesting Yoon Eun Hye to pick up viewers. They should have casted YEH in SYJ’s role in the first place. I don’t see any dynamics between LMH and SYJ at all . Here in OML , despite their age difference ( CR and CSW), I feel the chemistry between these two actors and can’t wait for their next move. Fighting Si Won!!!

  41. 41 JeanCBloom

    @38 lili and @36 okdubu Here’s a video of Choi Siwon singing Casting Crowns’s “Who Am I” in Malaysia.

  42. 42 lili

    @JeanCBloom – thank you!!! Wow… he even knelt down! Thank you so much for sharing!

  43. 43 sl

    This wasn’t an extremely exciting episode like ep 6 with the kiss, but I really felt the potential of Minwoo this time. He is eye candy, but he’s also growing..

    on top of the fact that I adore your sn, i completely agree with your comment on the poster!!!

  44. 44 shaula


    Siwon sang this song during his individual performance as part of Super Junior’s 2nd Asia Tour a.k.a. Super Show 2. He’s probably too busy with the concerts (last one just ended Apr 10) and preparation of SJ’s 4th album to learn a new song properly? I don’t know.

  45. 45 umalilly

    I really liked the way Min-woo was giving advice to Kae-hwa to stay away from married men. It was so funny. Can’t the writers flesh that out more? It’s such a short drama and the relationship is moving along slowly like if it were 30 episodes long.

    I also have to ask who is that hot apartment doorman?

  46. 46 JeanCBloom

    @42 lili You’re welcomed!

    @44 Shaula — You may be correct in that Choi Siwon may not have had the time to learn a new song properly to sing in the drama since SJ’s tour just ended. However, if you look at the video, you will see that this particular song has personal meaning to Choi Siwon. When he sings it, he sings as a “testimony” to his faith. Therefore, to see him singing it in the drama seems to be a statement rather than a convenience. But again, you may be right, and I may be reading more into it than it is. Either way, I find it interesting.

  47. 47 karened

    @ 12 Jeann, I saw it as Min Woo no longer so obsessed with Yu Ra. He’s uncomfortable with what she’s suggesting, unlike in the past few episode where he just gets smittened with her and agrees to whatever she says (eg about him needing to pay more attention to his own style than his acting, about mixing with people of the same level). Back then he always went “Uh”/”Okay” as if he hadn’t processed what she said…but now, he’s thinking more clearly. I think it shows that he is slowly maturing, perhaps after being with Gae Hwa for a while.

    I think he sees Yu Ra as an unreachable goddess. Back in school, she was named the most beautiful and everyone’s in love with him (I assume). So for someone of that level to come to him and take initiative to hang out with him must be a great honour. Imagine if Si Won comes to you and ask you out on a date! Perhaps this is one other reason why Min Woo is so smittened with her. Self esteem at work maybe?

  48. 48 mmmaggie

    @ 41 JeanCBloom – Thanks for the link! I was wondering what that song was. =)

    I’m actually liking this drama WAY more than Wish Upon a Star (I thought the “villains” in WUAS were too over-the-top and out of place in a drama like that). I find myself rewinding scenes a lot in this drama, esp with all the Min Woo-Ye Eun scenes in this ep. Too cute!

  49. 49 lili

    For some reason I really want Min-ji and Ye-eun to meet and bond. I can so see Min-ji being a big sister to little Ye-eun… though I think if it does happen it might be too much of cuteness overload for me… ^^;;

    Thank you for continuing to recap this, JB!

  50. 50 Moe

    I have the same opinion about their relationship 🙂
    The *no-direct-first-looking* atraction between them makes all more exciting and interesting ^^… seing how their won the love of the other step by step is really cute ♥

    And since is not PREVIEW of episode 9 I´m now more anxious to know what happen in the next chapter >3<!!!

    Thanks for recap :__)!!

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