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Ha Ji-won and bro featured in Green Ride campaign
by | May 7, 2010 | 42 Comments

Clothing brand Benetton is back with its annual Green Ride campaign (here’s a look at last year’s crop of star representatives), which promotes an eco-friendly lifestyle. This year they are represented by Ha Ji-won and her younger brother Jeon Tae-soo, who are pictured together above, as well as Song Joong-ki, Lee Shi-young, Namgoong Min, and others. The “Magic Bike Ride” photo spread is currently running in High Cut magazine.

The campaign features the “pixie bike,” or fixed-gear bike, and as with last year there will be a 2010 Benetton Green Ride Fixed Gear Limited Edition produced, which will go on sale on the Benetton Korea homepage, as well as T-shirts and bags. These will be sold beginning in late May.

Ha Ji-won (Haeundae) with little bro Jeon Tae-soo (King and I, Kid Gang), posing for their very first photo shoot together:

Baby-faced actor Song Joong-ki (OB-GYN):

Actress, former uljjang, and Seven’s longtime girlfriend Park Han-byul (Oh! My Lady):

Good friends Yoon Jin-seo (Return of Iljimae) and actress-model Lee Young-jin (Yoga School):

And Birth of the Rich couple Lee Shi-young and Namgoong Min:

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42 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Kim

    Why does Ha Ji Won’s brother look so uncomfortable?

    • 1.1 Aqua

      I would be too, if I was doing a photoshoot like that with my brother!! The way she looks, yea, u kinda don’t feel comfortable acting like that in front of your brother.

  2. mwah

    bad make-up on HJW in the first pic – her face is a lot whiter than her neck.

  3. Biscuit

    Honestly, considering the purpose of these photos and the campaign itself, I’m not too pleased with it. The bikes look like mere props and in some photos you can barely see the entire bike itself! Although this is to promote a healthy lifestyle, I don’t feel anything at all from the photos and thought of it as a simple celebrity photo shoot.

    I hope I didn’t sound too harsh. Though, Ha Ji Won and Nam Goong-mi do look good here.

  4. cingdoc

    Wow…some families are just so blessed…how could HJW be so beautiful also has such cute lil bro??? 😉 (speaking such ICOMYM-like)

  5. peanut butter

    Biscuit is right in that the bikes arent always shown and it does look more like a photoshoot, but i say never underestimate star power =] and song joong ki is so very cute!

    hmm, have no clue what fixed-gear bike means, but the colors for it are cute!

  6. Christine

    Han Ji-won’s brother is good looking. They definitely have good genes! Hehehe. I like the photoshoot and the outfits. Cuteeee!!! =]

    And Se7en’s woman is flaming! I swear… she’s so pretty!

  7. janet

    at least they were riding their bikes in the last campaign. fixed gear bikes are kinda hard to ride and have no brakes, that’s probably why none of these stars are riding them.

  8. strawhatz

    song joong ki looks really cute…i didn’t know that he is 25….i thought that he is about 17….btw lee shi young and nam goong min looks great

  9. viola

    NGM is so stylish love him

  10. 10 janna

    The theme is “I forgot how to ride a bike”

  11. 11 animedork101

    Song Joong-ki is just so adorable!

    So, here’s the dumb question of the day: What makes these bikes eco-friendly? Is it because like every other bike, it keeps you from using cars, and yeah, even buses? Or is there something extra there that makes them even more enviro-happy?

  12. 12 mynameisloopy

    I have a huge fangirlcrush on Song Joong Ki, as always. The only reason I watch Music Bank every week.

    I agree with Biscuit on this. The pictures don’t seem to serve their intended purpose.

  13. 13 sophie

    They look so much alike with their amazing bone structure. I think the ads are cute.

  14. 14 jjwu

    I just have one questions, why Ha Ji-won and her younger brother Jeon Tae-soo have different last name? Are these not their real name?

  15. 15 Biscuit

    @jjwu: Ha Ji Won is the actress’ “stage name”. Her birth name is Jeon Hae-rim.

    I’ve always never understood why the change in name with Korean stars. I understand using English names (though this is more common with recent singers, as actors seem to prefer using Korean names) because with Korean names, there’s not a very big diversity in last names and it’s very easy to confuse one from another. But when you’re just going to use a different Korean name, I’m always confused at the purpose of it. Perhaps it was one of those incidents where she (or other) were told, “You look more like a Ha Ji Won than a Jeon Hye Rim” which led to a name change?

    @animedork101: I believe it’s because the bikes are made of organic materials and renewable resources. It also promotes the “healthy lifestyle”, by showing other alternatives that prevent harming both planet Earth and the human species.

  16. 16 meilin

    Her real name is Jeon Hae Rim

  17. 17 dannaluk

    ooh ha ji won’s bro is cute !!…love song joong ki!

  18. 18 v

    woww…. the celebs are all looking good! i like this one better that last year’s …
    Thanks for this!

  19. 19 xiahkixiri

    woah, ha ji won’s brother is GOR. GEOUS! is he in showbiz too, or did he just pop up for the campaign? ha ji won’s and park han byul’s shoes are to DIE for – and normally i never even notice these things!

    agree with the general consensus, GREAT photoshoot but really, they should promote the bikes properly or it comes across as vain and self-serving and you really should back off and let the actual product have the spotlight.

  20. 20 cathy

    all of them very cute , HJW brother is very cute too , is he actor ?

  21. 21 BellaMafia

    I love Lee Shi-young’s hair! I wish my hair like hers…

  22. 22 sandy

    I saw other pics for the brother and he is just cute not really good looking

  23. 23 pabo ceo reom

    I like the short hair look on her. Normally I’m not too fond of it (not a lot of females can pull it off) but I think Ha Ji-won looks good in it.

  24. 24 sallynally


    There are many reasons why a Korean star may choose to use a stage name.

    One obvious reason is if there is another celebrity with the same (or very similar) name as yours. Example, actress Shin Minah’s real name is Yang Minah. However, she uses Shin Minah as her stage name because there is another model/actress named Yang Mirah who debuted around the same time as her. Since Yang Mirah debuted first and got her name out to the public first, Yang Minah who debuted later changed her name to Shin Minah. Another example is Han Ga In, whose real name is Kim Hyun Joo. Obviously, there is another actress Kim Hyun Joo who debuted before her (from the drama “Partner” and “BOF.”)

    The second reason is harder to explain to non-Koreans. I’m not sure if you’re Korean, but some Korean names sound very old-fashioned and outdated. Example are names that end with -Ja (ex. Kim Hye Ja, Kang Boo Ja). But there are Korean names where when you hear it, you can’t help laugh a little. I can’t think of any English names that have the same effect…. probably the closest is Bertha (I’m sorry if there’s anyone named Bertha reading this….), but it’s not the same. It seems like most celebrities who use a stage name do so b/c of this second reason. Examples include Song Seung Hun (real name is Song Seung Bok) and Hyun Bin (real name is Kim Tae Poong).

    The third reason is because of “saju,” where they changed their name b/c a fortune teller said that changing their name would bring greater luck/fortune. Usually, stars who use a stage name because of this reason also choose to change their name legally as well.

  25. 25 doozy

    i miss seeing HJW on the small screen…

  26. 26 soni

    Ha Ji Won and her brother look like twins.

    Agree with you there SallyNally. Also, it’s not only the Korean celebrities that changed their names. Celebrities/people from all over do that all the time.

  27. 27 yen_nguyen

    Song joong ki! I wish there were a picture of him!

  28. 28 bling2

    Love the pics, though it doesn’t show it’s real purpose. NGM and LSY looks good together.

    @sallynally – eventhough I don’t understand the meaning of their song but reading Song Seung Hun & Hyun Bin real names (Song Seung Bok & Kim Tae Poong), I can’t help but laughing cause it sounds funny.

  29. 29 KC

    Oh Ha Ji Won is GORGEOUS! Can she ever do wrong?

  30. 30 djes

    Pictures are cute! Everybody look fabulous. HJW and his bro are cute and NGM with LSY are adorable. ( makes me think should I resume watching BOTR? )

  31. 31 yuri

    ha ji won unni..i’m ur biggest fan..haha…
    wow..her bro looks so cute..and if i dunno that they are siblings..i would say ‘aigoo..her boy friend is so younger…’..mian unni..hehehe..just kidding..

    i love all those pics..beautiful pics!!!seriously…

    especially the number 2 from the last!
    i love the angle!!!

  32. 32 heejung

    lovely pictures. ^^
    ha jiwon looks fantastic in the second picture!

  33. 33 Viv

    Is NGM a new k-actor? what are his other dramas besides BoTR?

  34. 34 strawberryfieldsforever

    can i say WOW to ha ji won? she’s getting prettier everytime i see her. and i so love that short hair on her!

  35. 35 Marres

    These people are sooooo PRETTY!!!!

  36. 36 eclipse

    Is it just me? But HJW`s brother looks alike Kim Ji Hoon? Especially in the second pics…

  37. 37 estelle

    Ha Ji Won is THE goddess. She’s just so gorgeous each time we see her! 😀

  38. 38 Farah Fauziah

    ha ji won brother is definitely look like his sister
    he has a same face!

  39. 39 ockoala

    Meowr, Namgong Min……you still look so fine you blow my mind. @ viv, NGM was the second male lead in One Fine Day with Gong Yoo and Sung Yuri, probably his most high profile project.

    Hhhm, I like that LSY and NGM’s characters got together at the end of BotR, I like happy endings for everyone. 🙂

  40. 40 :P

    hello in soo! u look much nicer here,

  41. 41 Benny

    Ha Ji Won n Jeon Tae Soo are pretty babes

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