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My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho: Episode 6
by | August 26, 2010 | 230 Comments

It’s my favorite of all k-drama tropes: the fits-of-jealousy as a stand-in for early declarations of love. It’s angst, love, denial, and pettiness all rolled into one, and I for one, can’t get enough. The Green-Eyed Monster takes center stage this episode, and turns everyone right-side-up, then upside-down, providing hysterical laughter, adorable hijinks, and lots of pouty lips.


Mi-ho marvels at her couple ring and declares that she’s Dae-woong’s girlfriend now. He can’t help but smile, and gives in. They bump their be-ringed fists to seal the deal. Mi-ho jumps up and says there’s always something she’s wanted to do, once she got a boyfriend…

And she shows up dressed as a bride! Oh my god, she cracks me up. Dae-woong stops her mid-bow, totally floored that now she’s made him her boyfriend, she’s trying to sneak marriage in there too. The look on Mi-ho’s face when he refuses to marry her is So. Cute.

He starts to walk away, and she pouts, saying, “Fine. Then do you want to mate?” AHAHAHAHAHA.

Dae-woong literally stops in his tracks, shaking his head like he must’ve heard wrong. He checks—nope, she meant it all right. He starts to laugh nervously, and Mi-ho mistakes it for giddiness at wanting to mate with her.

His nervous energy once she brings up mating is just priceless. He declares that rather than mate with a gumiho, he’ll throw up the fox bead. She just smiles at his futile gestures of playing hard to get, saying, “You can’t throw it up like that. You’re MINE NOW.” Omigod, I can’t even describe the depths to which I love her.

Dae-woong decides to beat her at her own game. So he takes the alpha male approach, and grabs her, backs her up against the wall, and leans in close, saying, “Is this…what you want?” She backtracks shyly, saying she was just kidding…only this is Dae-woong’s imagination of what a normal girl would do.

What actually happens is, he leans in close, and Mi-ho grabs in a hug that sends him running away and begging for mercy. HA! Y’all know I love this sort of dynamic, but this? Is my own personal heaven.

Dong-joo, magical-knife-wielding-liar-liar-pants-on-fire-emo-boy, turns over the mystical 100-days hourglass on his desk. Handy, that. He says, complete with Very Intense Stare at no one in particular, that as one side empties, the other one will fill up. I might have to rename him Metaphor Boy.

Dae-woong tries to lay some ground rules with Mi-ho, saying that their arrangement isn’t so much a relationship as it is a contract. Yeah, that’s how all the great romances start, don’t ya know. She promises not to do anything he doesn’t want, so he requests that she stop looking at him like she’s going to eat him up. (This has a double meaning in Korean as it does in English.)

Mi-ho defensively says that she hasn’t looked at him like that at all…lately. Dae-woong: “Lately? Then, there was a time when you wanted to eat me?” She tries to play it off, but he can’t let it go. “Tell me the truth. Was there ever a time when you looked at me and thought, ‘Dae-woong looks tasty today.’?” Pwahaha.

She tries to deny it, but confesses to having thought it…once. No, twice. What commences is a hilarious rendition of a standard dramatic breakup scene, with phrases like “I think we need some distance,” all the while talking about the fact that she wanted to eat him. Heh. Dae-woong goes to bed angry and Mi-ho regrets saying anything.

Dae-woong is woken up in the middle of the night by sounds of Mi-ho crying. Her wails sound otherworldly, so he creeps up cautiously to find her in the bathroom, not knowing what to expect…as it turns out she’s crying because she drew her wedding makeup on with a permanent marker, and now it won’t come off. Dae-woong lifts up her face to see the damage, and then goes online to find a way to take it off. Quite the hero in cases like this.

He fixes her face (love all the excuses for him to hold her face in his hands), and she tells him about how five hundred years ago she wanted to paint her face like that and get married, but because of all the bad rumors, no one came and she got locked up in that painting. To make her feel better, he promises to make a movie someday to clear her gumiho name. He remembers the other present he bought for her, and goes up to present her with the giant chicken leg doll. I don’t know who’s happier about the chicken leg—Dae-woong or Mi-ho. They KILL me.

The next day, Byung-soo decides that he’ll tell the director about Dae-woong’s injuries in order to protect him, but finds that Dae-woong is not only healed, but performing action stunts well enough to move the director near tears. Dae-woong convinces his friend that he’s fine, and Byung-soo notices the couple ring on his finger.

He promptly tells Sun-nyeo about it, who then runs to check Hye-in’s finger, to see if she’s got a matching ring. My, this grapevine is fast. It’s like DSL speed up in this world. Hye-in huffs at the mention of Dae-woong having yet another girl, and then gets metaphorically bitchslapped when she finds out that he’s doing the movie after all.

Mi-ho goes to see Dong-joo, and shows off her couple ring, saying that people only give these when they like somebody. He counters that Dae-woong doesn’t see her as a human or have any reason to like her, so she starts rattling off all the things Dae-woong praised her for, like her super-speed and strength. He answers that those things aren’t so important, in a world with cars and airplanes. Fine, then, she eats a lot. Dong-joo tells her that it’s not really a good thing to cost so much to feed. So she goes to her last line of defense: “But, I’m pretty.” Ha. Even Dong-joo can’t argue with that. He warns her not to rely too much on her looks and throw herself at Dae-woong (possibly trying to keep them from ‘mating,’ for secret nefarious reasons) and offers her some advice, to try and do stuff that he wants to do.

At home, she tries to ask Dae-woong what he wants, but mostly he just wants her to be quiet while he learns his lines. They get interrupted by workers ready to clear out the attic room where they’re staying, so Dae-woong pleads with the director to let him stay there for the duration of the shoot. He promises to do extra cleaning, and Chow Yun Fat Lite is of course delighted to think that Dae-woong’ aunt might come by if he stays here. He asks about the girl in white, the action star of his dreams, and Dae-woong pretends not to know, and warns Mi-ho to run away if she sees the director.

They head out and run into the chicken shop lady, and Dae-woong is surprised to see that Mi-ho has made friends in the neighborhood. He’s proud of her, until his phone rings and it’s Dong-joo on the other line. He asks to speak to Mi-ho, and Dae-woong’s jaw drops as she answers the phone cheerily to talk to this strange man.

She sneaks off to talk to him, and the look on Dae-woong’s face is gold. Oh, jealousy—you never fail me.

He tells her to talk right here, but she steps away, and he sees her smiling and being coy, which raises his blood pressure. He stalks over and wonders that they must be really close. She calls Dong-joo her friend, which makes him even more pissy. He tries to warn her in that fake it’s-for-your-own-good-and-not-because-I’m-jealous way that she has to be careful around people who don’t know her true nature. She cuts him off, saying that she doesn’t want him to ask about Dong-joo, and that she’s not going to do anything bad to him. He balks, “So you were going to eat me, but you’re going to be nice to HIM?” Hahaha.

He’s like, fine, don’t have him calling my phone. She agrees readily, saying that she’ll just go visit him then. That stops him in his tracks again.

At the bus stop, the entire gaggle of men (and even an ajumma) waiting for the bus marvel at Mi-ho, gaping at how pretty she is. Mi-ho is busy staring at a picture of beef, while Dae-woong shakes his head at their naivete, for being fooled by her beauty. That is, until one of them gets up to talk to her. Dae-woong glances sidelong in anger, and steps up to Mi-ho, putting his arm around her right in front of the guy, and sticking his hand out to show the ring. Swoon. God, I could watch this stuff for fifty episodes. Bring on the Cute!

On the bus, they sit an aisle apart, but then another guy sees Mi-ho and decides to get up and sit next to her. Eagle-eyed Dae-woong sees him and beats him to the seat, silently taking her hand and holding it up, to display their matching rings. The guy hangs his head in defeat. I have never seen the point of couple rings until now. Seriously never thought that a pair of cheesy rings could bring me such endless glee until it became a plot point.

Mi-ho asks why he’s sitting next to her now, when he kept telling her to keep her distance, and he answers with puffed up bravado that he’s selflessly doing it to save humanity and protect people from her, much like his childhood idol, Batman. I may have just died.

They get interrupted by none other than Go Min-yeo (a cameo by Park Shin-hye, reprising her role in You’re Beautiful), who happens to be a high school junior of Dae-woong’s. She recognizes him, and they’re happy to see each other, saying how they’ve both gotten better looking.

And now it’s Mi-ho’s turn to stake her jealous claim. Min-yeo has to get off at the next stop, so she asks for Dae-woong’s new phone number, but when he reaches for his phone, Mi-ho grabs his ring hand and holds it up defiantly, in the same gesture that he just used. Min-yeo apologizes for intruding when he’s with his girlfriend, and leaves. Heh. And aw.

And Go Min-yeo, what are you doing asking for Dae-woong’s phone number? I know he’s an old classmate, but Hwang Tae-kyung is most definitely going to purse his lips at you for that. I suspect poor Pig-Rabbit is in for quite a beating.

Mi-ho muses that the ring is quite handy—it has the power to send any unwanted girls running in the opposite direction. She says she wanted to stop him in case he liked that other girl and ran off to mate with her. Haha. Dae-woong assures her that he’s not that easy, and declares that no matter HOW POPULAR he always was (heh) he only ever had eyes for one girl. Mi-ho frowns when she realizes that he means Hye-in.

She asks why he didn’t make Hye-in his girlfriend right away then, and he lets it slip that he was going to, with rings and all. She looks down at her ring, as it dawns on her that it was never meant to be hers. Hooray, Show—I love how quickly you’re revealing things. Your truthiness is downright huggable.

Dae-woong can’t hide the fact that he did buy the rings with those intentions, but he assures her that they’re not second-class rejection rings. He never even got the words out to Hye-in, nor did he ever offer her the rings. Mi-ho still pouts that it’s not right, and he shouldn’t be like that. He concedes. Heh. I love that he knows he’s being an asshat right now.

He reverse-psychologizes her that he’ll take his ring off then, and she lunges to stop him. Oh, you two.

He leaves her outside while he goes in to a people-only school building, but once inside, he starts to feel guilty for leaving her all alone out there. Aww. He tries to shake it off, but he ends up turning back to go get her. He takes her with him to class (He’s attending class! Like a real student!) and she’s super nervous and excited to be going to class like a real human. He goes to get her some bubbly water (it’s what Dae-woong and Mi-ho call the lemon-lime soda, which is adorable since he only does that for her benefit).

Outside, he runs into Hye-in, who is angling to check out his ring finger. He quickly hides his hand and pulls the ring off. It drops to the ground, but he swiftly kicks it under the soda machine in a panic. She sees his bare hand and smiles to herself. While he’s fishing for the ring once she’s gone, she heads to the lecture hall with a sandwich for him, near-missing Mi-ho sitting inside.

Dae-woong rushes her back out, and when she offers to attend class with him, he lies that class got canceled. She then wants to take him out to lunch (oy, woman!) so then he rushes back to Mi-ho and LIES that he has to go run an errand, and leaves her there. To his dismay, Hye-in wants to drive elsewhere for lunch, and he gulps, wondering if it’ll be okay if he goes.

At the restaurant she orders a multi-course meal, putting him on edge, but he can’t say anything. Meanwhile, Mi-ho gets caught raising her hand in class on accident while catching a fly, and gets kicked out, so she waits and waits for Dae-woong outside. When he doesn’t show, she heads home on her own. Director Ban sees her while he’s dropping Sun-nyeo off, and Mi-ho, following Dae-woong’s instructions, flees.

Director Ban chases her in his car, delighting in her speed, but she manages to give him the slip. Her heart races, and she gets flushed, making her wonder what’s wrong with her.

Dae-woong rushes to eat his meal with lightning speed, and runs back to the lecture hall to find it empty. I love that he goes from feeling guilty one second, to mad that she didn’t even wait for him in the next.

Mi-ho has gone to Dong-joo instead, clutching at her heart and saying that something is wrong with her. He explains that she’s slowly becoming human, and that’s what it feels like to hurt—human beings hurt easily, and often. He asks if she can endure it, and she smiles to hear that it means she’s adopting human traits, and insists she can handle it. He cooks her a steak, and when she notes that he doesn’t eat meat, he says he prepared it for when she came to visit.

At home, Dae-woong also prepares a plate of meat, and waits for Mi-ho. A man who waits at home with bbq at the ready? Did I fall asleep and dream this up?

He even has an entire tray full of bubbly water chilled for her. He waits and waits, but she doesn’t show. Serves you right. You SHOULD have to wait for her once in a while. He finally heads down to wait for her outside, but on his way down the stairs, he sees Mi-ho walk in with Dong-joo.

He’s surprised that Dong-joo looks like a normal guy (although most people here would scoff at your use of “normal”), and balks to overhear her saying how much she loved the meat he cooked for her. She asks if it’s expensive, and when he answers that it is, she muses that Dae-woong won’t get it for her then.

Dong-joo puts his hand on her forehead to check her temperature, popping Dae-woong’s jealous lid. He walks off angrily.

Dong-joo asks why she calls him “Dong-joo Teacher,” and she says it’s because he’s teaching her how to become human. He slyly asks if she trusts him completely, and when she asks very innocently if he’s ever lied to her, he says pointedly that he’s never said anything false, but he has yet to teach her…everything. She takes it at face value and runs off to find Dae-woong.

She finds him grilling up meat (mmm….gogi, gogi) and in a pissy mood because she ate expensive meat elsewhere with another man, and then came home to him. Keh. She smiles, knowing he overheard her conversation with Dong-joo, and he chastises her for pretending to be a sickly weak girl, putting on an act to get expensive steak.

While he’s busy being righteous and indignant, Mi-ho notices that he doesn’t have his ring on. Oh crap. He forgot it in the midst of all the crazy. So they head back to school and she lifts up the soda machine and he gets his ring back.

He tries to roll right over it, but she isn’t going to let it go. Mi-ho: “How did the ring end up there??” He finally has to tell her that he took it off because he didn’t want Hye-in to see it. She realizes that he left her at school today in order to hide her from Hye-in, and asks outright if that’s what he’s planning: to hide her like he hid his ring.

He answers truthfully that he would like to, and asks if his wish (her offer earlier to do anything he wanted) could be to hide her existence from Hye-in. She shakes her head—no, anything but that. Ha. I like that she stakes her claim and doesn’t budge on that.

She starts to shout, angry and hurt that he clearly doesn’t think of her the same way that she does. She asks him what he wants, and he declares that there’s nothing he (a human) could want from a gumiho. She wonders, with a stricken look on her face, if there’s nothing he wants from her other than her fox bead. He hangs his head with a pang of guilt, as he says that she knows that’s the truth, so why ask? He walks away, leaving her deflated.

Director Ban has a drink with the crew and spills his red wine down his shirt in a fit of angst, and then does a Better-Tomorrow-blood-spattered-walk to the bathroom. He runs into Min-sook, who is out to meet friends, and he comes up to her in a back hug, while she feigns protest. Only when he doesn’t budge, she realizes he’s fallen asleep, and she’s piggybacking him! Hahaha.

Hye-in and Sun-nyeo meet up, and after finding out that Dae-woong is back at the action school, Hye-in decides to head over to clear up this couple ring mystery once and for all.

Dae-woong, meanwhile, can’t sleep because his chest hurts, wondering if maybe it’s indigestion. Couldn’t it be, say, your conscience? No? Okay then.

He peeks in on Mi-ho, but she’s not in bed. He looks outside, and is shocked to find her drunk, with her tails hanging out. Dae-woong: “What are you doing with your tails out?” Mi-ho: “I’m a gumiho! From now on, I’m going to spread my tails out and live proudly as a gumiho!” Haha.

Dae-woong realizes she’s pretty far gone, and gasps when he discovers empty soju bottles among the beer cans. He convinces her to put her tails away, and she’s so happy to finally be asked to do something, that she complies, and asks what else he wants. He gets her to hammer in a nail with her bare hand, and howl at the neighbor’s dog to shut him up, and kill the mosquitoes.

She does so happily, and tells him that the mosquito part is something she already does, so that they don’t eat him up. Seriously, this is so Korean, but that’s moving—to both Dae-woong and to me. He smiles up at her sweetly, and they play a round of catch the mosquito.

All the while, Hye-in is on her way up, up, up…

Mi-ho smells her coming and says as much, but Dae-woong doesn’t know who she means. Without explanation, she steps up on the ledge with her hands out.

Mi-ho: I’m going to give you what you really want. Because I like you.

Dae-woong looks up at her, startled at her declaration. Hye-in enters behind him, and when he looks back at her, Mi-ho jumps off the ledge and disappears.

Dae-woong realizes she’s gone and he rushes over, shouting, “Mi-ho-ya!” He sees Hye-in standing there, but breezes right past her, on his way down to find Mi-ho.


What a great twist at the end—we’re set up for the classic discovery moment, thinking we know exactly what to expect, but there’s a reversal, and it sets up an even more dramatic situation. Now Mi-ho has declared her feelings, done something truly for Dae-woong’s benefit, and even though he would never admit as much, we can tell by his actions where his heart is heading.

I love how epic their romance is on a mythology level—it’s the type of fiction I’m most drawn to, a sci-fi-meets-epic-love story—but I love even more how their tiny day-to-day interactions are imbued with a simple chemistry and charm. Individually they’re awesome, but together, they’re magical.

I know that Mi-ho’s forthrightness and her forwardness are attributes that she’s allowed to have because she’s a gumiho, and there’s definitely a pre-existing mythos of the gumiho-as-man-eater (sexually and literally), so it’s not necessarily reinventing the wheel in terms of making her the sexual aggressor. Except for one very important thing: here those things are attributed to her because she’s a gumiho, but she herself isn’t EVIL.

So through her character, those things that used to be associated with the dangers of female sexuality (in the gumiho myth) actually get re-appropriated. She’s cute, innocent, and alien, but a sexual being, which reclaims some of the territory back from the patriarchy. And for that, among a host of other reasons, I love her to bits.


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      • 24.1.2 aiqcn

        TK makes his classic face to DW. Then, MiHo suddenly and curiously grabs his pointed lips with her fingers & asks why he is making that face to her boyfriend. TK freaks out and gets shocked by Miho. LOL

        • danni

          Lol, that’d be great.

        • minnyeo

          LOL~MH also asks TK “Why you’re looking at DW like this? Do you want to eat him up too? NO, you can’t! DW is MINE!”

          • sa

            HAHA i vote we shld send this suggestion to the hong sisters and beg them to remake the scene like this lol

    • 24.2 dramaville

      to gmn’s defense, maybe she was just being friendly. 🙂

      • 24.2.1 Sukispop

        I thought she was just being friendly too. I didn’t get the sense that Min-yeo was flirting with Dae-woong. Was I wrong? It would’ve been cool if she was wearing the star necklace that Tae-kyung had given her.

        In Korea, is it considered being too forward for a person to ask a friend(of the opposite gender) for his/her cell#? Just curious.

        Park Shin-hye looked very cute in that scene. Seeing her makes me wish that she’d be in another rom com drama soon.

  25. 25 Rosy

    Love the cute couple very much. As individual, they have many flaws, but as a couple, they compliment each other perfectly.

    I love Seung Gi’s expression when he is jealous, mad and clueless. Very honest to his feeling and does not try to be a knight in shining amour. Just love him and Shin Min ah too.

    Thanks for the great recap!

  26. 26 asianromance

    “the fits-of-jealousy as a stand-in for early declarations of love”– >that’s one of my favorite tropes as well!

    Thank you for the recap! I haven’t watched the episode yet- so is that sandglass really a 100-day sandglass timer?! the sand is moving awfully fast! They really need to do something more with the gumiho-hunter-being-mysterious-by-himself-scenes.

    The ending of this episode is just perfect- I’m so glad that Daewoong runs past that evil snot to go after MiHo. I love how Mi Ho and Daewoong get so much screentime together, alone without secondary characters always hovering nearby. They can just be themselves and talk frankly.

    I’m loving this drama! MiHo may want to be human, but humans are really selfish. The gumiho character is the noble, self-sacrificing one. Maybe the humans spread rumors abt the gumiho, not because the gumiho’s beauty is attracting the men away, but because the gumiho makes them see themselves for the selfish people they are.

    • 26.1 Cassie

      Good point!

    • 26.2 alert

      truly agree on the selfish part. maybe the emo hunter DJ was banking on the fact that humans are selfish beings, and they only do things that benefits them – and Miho will end up being betrayed by DaeWoong. He kept on doubting Dae Woong’s intentions (which is half true), and he never believe that a human could ever be noble, and sacrifice themselves for the sake of others. Especially not Dae Woong.

      I’m looking forward to see his confidence being shattered though.

    • 26.3 Lahlita

      @ 26 asianromance

      That 100-day sandglass … jeongmal … *sigh*
      Really? Are they that hard-up for dramatic Hot Hunter moments? He needs an sandglass to measure how much time Dae-woong and Mi-ho have left? Um, I can tell him how much time they have left without the help of a sandglass. It’s 100 days. You know, 100 days as measured by sunrises, sunsets, hours, minutes, seconds, calendars, clocks and digital displays? And that beautiful fool uses … a sandglass. Oh, how dramaasatic.

      • 26.3.1 Jaque

        I think the sandglass is to indicate something about one’s energy (the bead business) moving to the other or something like that. That is, Gumiho becoming human, and the bead in DaeWoong taking all her Gumihoness in 100 days .. something like that? I think we will see more of that later.

        • Lahlita

          Oh … that makes sense too. Hee! 😀
          Thanks for dropping the knowledge, Jaque.

  27. 27 dramafreak19

    I absolutely LOVE how Daewoong thinks up the way stuff is going to happened in his head and they NEVER turn out that way…LOL….story of my life!!!

    • 27.1 kimchi addict


  28. 28 crankygal

    I lurk around everyday but I’m refreshing every couple of mins on Thursdays and Fridays since the series started to get your recaps. Thanks so much for posting them so quick!!!

  29. 29 yun

    Recap해주셔서 감사합니다~~ 요즘 이걸루 영어 배워요 ^^ thank you so much~

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    Thank you so much, this recap is the best ever! I like reading the recaps before I see the episode – that way I don’t miss the sweet parts while trying to keep up with the subs. I do appreciate you so much.

    I agree that they are adorable together and I can watch this ‘cute’ forever, too.

    Oh, the aunt is a riot! I love her!

    Thanks again.

  31. 31 Jenju


    *does fist pump in the air*

    Now I can go watch the episode. For some reason I have extreme joy in reading the reviews before watching the actual episode.


    • 31.1 akiumi

      Me too!!! >_<


  32. 32 rainerust

    OMG!! Out so fast! Just when I commented on the last! It IS my lucky day 🙂 You’re awesome GF!

    “He says, complete with Very Intense Stare at no one in particular, that as one side empties, the other one will fill up. I might have to rename him Metaphor Boy.”

    LOL that cracked me up like nobody’s business. I would LOVE it if DJ was renamed Metaphor Boy!

    • 32.1 Leona

      To me for now is just Devil-iciously good looking but I don’t have high hopes for him … oh my!! how much I drool at his sight

    • 32.2 marj

      that definitely cracked me up as well…and i’m actually sitting at my office desk slyly reading Girlfriday’s recaps while my boss’s desk is literally just meters away from me…

  33. 33 sl

    I love imagining all the Hong sister drama crossovers… Go Mi Nyeo and Tae Kyung in MGIAG along with Mi Ho and Dae Woong.. wow.

    These cameos are awesome.

  34. 34 jossy

    Fan-Friggn-Tastic recap as always GF.. oh how I love this drama like a maniac.. hehe

  35. 35 ilukd

    And Go Min-yeo, what are you doing asking for Dae-woong’s phone number? I know he’s an old classmate, but Hwang Tae-kyung is most definitely going to purse his lips at you for that. I suspect poor Pig-Rabbit is in for quite a beating.

    i just miss YAB …. hahaha

    • 35.1 dramaville

      yeah miss the smirk on his face.

      wish they would all (htk, gmn, cdw, gmh) be in the scenes together.

  36. 36 Lahlita

    Definitely the best episode in the series so far. The small moments between Dae-woong and Mi-ho are some of the most beautiful character moments I’ve seen in a drama in a long time. I got really teary-eyed when Mi-ho jumped off the roof to give Dae-woong what he wanted. And then it turned out that he didn’t even want it, because he was worried sick over what Mi-ho had done. Bless those two. *sniff*

    And oh my goodness, Girlfriday, I’m wondering if we’re twins. Why are you in my head? The epic vs. day-to-day dynamic is what I noticed and loved immediately about this drama. How are the Hong Sisters doing this? Taking something so surreal — and unreal — and imbuing it with such a sense of emotional honesty. So, so beautifully done.

    This is a new high, definitely the best recap I have EVER read on this site. I want to quote your entire recap, but that would be stupid (although not as stupid as the 100-day hourglass). Do you ever get tired of the effusive compliments and worship, Girlfriday? No? OK, then. I shall continue to worship as is your due. It is right to give thanks and praise.

    • 36.1 brookeeve

      Hey TEG!

      Yes, I’m stalking you. 🙂

      Just wanted to point out that the stupidness of the sandglass is only equal to the evilness of your geyser.

      And I agree, this is the best recap I have EVER read on this site. GREAT JOB, Girlfriday!

      • 36.1.1 Lahlita


        Heh, I must be perverse, because I’m totally thrilled with being stalked by an awesome lady like you. And if the stupidness of the sandglass is equal to the evilness of my geyser, then that’s one stoo–
        We interrupt this scheduled convo to present a special comment: Big Bang’s TOP has confessed that he’s allergic to clothes and … whoa, he’s ripping them all off right now!
        –pid sandglass. You know?

        (My geyser is Eveel.)

        • brookeeve

          Yay! I knew I woke up this morning to a good day! How lucky am I? (See, your evil ways have influenced me. My husband will have to lock me up now.)

  37. 37 grasya

    it’s getting better and better!

    i’m now wondering what possible twist there might be so that they can stay together happily [is there hope?].

    anyway, thanks for this!

  38. 38 kaedejun



    and gosh – she and UEE’s roles were so small and cute.

  39. 39 lb_tmi

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  40. 40 kaedejun

    oh and will the drumstick be a new “hot commodity” like the sam-shik pig and pig-rabbit? O_O

  41. 41 joicy

    I am worried for her, she did not remember the the “gumiho” is dying in herself, so she did something that maybe very harmful to herself.

    • 41.1 unarosa

      i agree. she can’t just jump off buildings now cause she’s slowly losing her gumiho side.

    • 41.2 Ojou_Belle

      That thought occured to me too…after watching the epi for the 4th time! She could be hurt by jumping down now that she’s turning human! Go help her, Woong-ah! and leave that witch to herself on the rooftop!

  42. 42 Hajung

    I agree park shin hye u are soooo cute ESP with the right styling!

    “He’s surprised that Dong-joo looks like a normal guy (although most people here would scoff at your use of “normal”)”
    That’s EXACTLY what I thought. NORMAL?

    Also, when Moho admitted to having wanted to eat him rather than just a break up scene I thougt it sounded like he had cheated on him (“just one! No twice…” “I can’t believe it… We should keep our distance now”)

  43. 43 nara

    thank you GF for the recap! This is by far my favorite episode so far. Episode 5 is a close second. The green eyed monster scenes are amazing. I have never awwwed and giggled so much in such a short amount of time. SM and LSG are too cute for words..wait actually their cuteness can be summed up with the giant chicken leg toy.

    It is definitely a very human relationship so far, full of jealousy, misunderstanding, and lies. At this point, SM handles these downsides pretty well because she is still mostly gumiho. But as the 100 days dwindle away, will she still be able to handle these follies? Or will she start to exhibit these follies herself?

  44. 44 LoveGFJB

    Thanks for the recaps GF..
    Dong Joo is just cute… *faint*……..

  45. 45 Ace

    I seriously love the writers of this series…sooo cute and funny and quirky and epic scenes!!! Love the mystery and the twists and the what-will-happen-next moments. Never really liked Shin Mina before (saw her in the Naked Kitchen), but she’s my girl-crush right now…Come to think of it, I never really liked the lead female characters from the Hong sisters’ previous dramas, except for Fantasy Couple and now this series. And thanks for the reminder of the Xander-Anya characters. I definitely digged Buffy and her Scooby gang. Can’t wait for next week’s episodes! This series is definitely worth watching again from start to finish so I’m really hoping for a strong finish on the last 2 episodes like OML. =)

  46. 46 Noypi

    “Dong-joo, magical-knife-wielding-liar-liar-pants-on-fire-emo-boy,”

    LMAO LMAO LMAO.. just LOLd reading this… ok, gotta continue

    • 46.1 Noypi

      Ok, done reading.. THANK YOU SO MUCH GF!!

      I am so in LOVE with this drama…

      just like YAB Days.. and OMG, i can’t agree with u more about GoMiNyeo asking for Dae Woong’s number… ehemm ehemm.. i think TK is gonna have a fit if he sees this.. LOL!

  47. 47 xylophonic

    Wow, how fresh is Dae-woong’s and Miho’s relationship? I love when he ditched her to go out for lunch with What’s-her-face he owned up to it immediately, and didn’t waffle around with lame excuses to save his own hide. And that he admitted to having overheard her conversation with Dong-joo without any of that asshattery about preserving his pride or whatever. Loved him loads more in this episode than in any other (though I suppose that is the point!

    Hrmm. Pretty Emo Boy confuses me. Sometimes I have the feeling he is truly out for her demise, but then sometimes, like when he cooks her meat and offers her actual, real, good advice, I have the feeling he’s truly rooting for her? I cannot understand it. Obviously there’s something sketchy about his motives but you know what? I think at the end of the day I don’t quite care because he IS so very, very pretty to look at. Sigh.

    Hye-in reminds me a lot of Chae-rin from Delightful Girl. Stringing along a younger, smitten boy while delighting in her control over him. I don’t really mind cuz I find that this kind of female second lead is the more dynamic in the sisters’ dramas. (Unlike the ones in My Girl and Fantasy Couple. For all intents and purposes, in my opinion, they were placeholders.) Still, who cares cuz you hate them anyway, right?

    TY for the recap!!

    • 47.1 alert

      you’re so right on the hunter. There’s something weird about the his motives, but I think all of us have been bewitched by his pretty face so we don’t even care. (at least, for now)

  48. 48 Noypi

    Another thing i LOVE about this drama, that you (girlfriday) pointed out in the recap is the HONESTY.. i mean, cmon, how many dramas have we all seen where the leads hide everything and anything from each other..

    BUT here everything is so honest:
    1) the fact that DW was after her bead, that’s why he is staying with her.
    2) the fact that he likes Hye In, he doesnt try to hide it from Miho
    3) when the ring goes missing, i thought they were gonna make a big fuss about it and make it such a big deal, BUT NO, DW becomes honest about what REALLY happened right away.
    4) DW is so honest to MiHo (probably caused he is scared of her… for now), she gets hurt by his honesty, but at the end she always forgives and comes back to him, and vice versa, he always can’t hold a grudge on Miho.

    What else did i forget?? i probably have to go back, but i just love the honesty in the drama!!

    • 48.1 Sobia

      Agreed! Honesty is the best foundation to a relationship. Mi-ho and Dae-woong will be so happy together once they get over this whole the-boy-is-young-and-stupid-and-in-love-with-his-weird-noona/the-girl-is-a-magical-creature-from-another-realm-who-could-squeeze-boy-to-death-in-one-superpowered-hug thing.

  49. 49 Noypi

    waahahahha… UEE and PSH cameos got me thinking of a YAB & MGIAG spin off!! TK would get lots of jealousy if there was something between Dae Woong and Min Nyeo.. even Mi Ho would go bananas with that.. BwAHAHAHAH

    • 49.1 Baeleena

      And now it will all be perfect if dong wook or lee jun gi from ‘my girl’ also make their cameo. Hoho

      • 49.1.1 Nanci

        I miss Dong Wook *sigh* And I know Da Hae has been in pretty popular dramas, but I want fun (but still deep) dramas so Chuno is a no and hope she never does anything like Hello!Miss again.

  50. 50 alert

    It’s a great episode! (And gread recap, as usual too!) I loved it when Mr. Green-Eyed Monster made an appearance! When Mi Nyeo asked for Dae Woong’s phone number, I was half expecting to see HTK stomping into the bus and say “Go Mi Nam, I don’t remember giving u permission to flirt with anyone else but me. ” LOL!

    I’m still trying very hard to connect with the emo metaphor hunter. He’s a bit off in my book (but of course, he is definitely NOT a normal looking human being like DaeWoong said heh!). And I wish Hye In would show a bit more of the positive human traits, since from what I’ve seen so far, she’s a portrayal of what DJ said humans are – selfish, manipulative, hypocrite beings. I want the hunter to see that humans may be weak, but they still have some good hearts. Haha,I sound like I’m trying to save humanity or something LOL!

    And oh, could it be that after 100 days are over, both Mi Ho and Dae Woong would be too weak to survive without the bead? Mi Ho would lose her power, and Dae Woong would lose his fragile body, and the bead is their only mean to survive, so they have to choose which one of them should be sacrificed in order for the other to live.

    In that case, share you ki, quick!

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