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Playful Kiss: Episode 2
by | September 4, 2010 | 243 Comments

Okay, I’ll give you this, Kim Hyun-joong. You are improved. I’m still not entirely sure that the entire range of human emotions is something you feel, but I can see that of what you’re feeling, you are showing. Jung So-min, on the other hand, is pretty much born to do this role. There’ve been a lot of comparisons to Yoon Eun-hye, because of her looks and the Goong similarities, but I think she’s got a different range than Yoon. Yoon is more understated as an actor—naturalistic, because she’s got more charisma than downright acting ability per se. She’s magnetic because she’s her, not X character.

Jung gets a little hammy, for sure, but she’s more in the acting her socks off camp, and because I’ve seen her in Bad Guy, I know that she’s capable of subtlety. She’s delightfully expressive, and totally readable, making her character endearing, even if her bumbling antics are a little staid. I think she’s got quite a career ahead of her, especially if she carries this drama on her shoulders the way she’s doing now.


Ha-ni reels from the shock of seeing Seung-jo, of all people, standing in front of her. He cocks his head sideways, taunting her like the bully that he is. Heh, well I suppose if you’re going to be mean, I’d rather you own up to it rather than be oblivious to the fact that you’re making her squirm. I have to say, I sort of like him mean, because it’s definitely a step up from bland.

He offers to help carry her bags, but then glibly reminds her that she swore up and down never to receive any of his help. All she can do is shake her head at him, and then privately freak out over this unfortunate series of events.

The family sits down for introductions, and the dads confirm that they were as close as two boys could be. Their friendship is adorable. Mom asks Ha-ni if Seung-jo is disliked at school, supposing that people don’t like his prickly personality and the way he looks down on others. She can’t disagree, so she smiles awkwardly. Seung-jo’s little brother turns out to be a Mini-Me version of him. Great. Just what the world needs. He refuses to greet Ha-ni because she “looks dumb.”

Mom takes Ha-ni upstairs to her new room, which she has redecorated expressly for her. Ha-ni can’t believe such a pretty room is all for her, and Mom squeals in excitement over having a daughter in the house to buy pretty things for, and hang out with. Aw, they’re so cute. At least she’s got one ally in the family.

Seung-jo gripes at her for causing him inconvenience—now that she has this room, the two brothers have to share a room. He tells her to stop bugging him at school, and she declares that she wouldn’t want people to know that they’re living together anyway. He corrects her that they’re not living together; she’s living off his family.

That sends her into a fantasy tirade Matrix-style, where she accosts him with two pink pillows, dressed in black patent leather from head to toe. She pillow-attacks him till he bleeds and cowers in fear, all the while taking out her aggression on the pillows in her room, shouting, “Well I hate smart guys like you!” At that moment, Seung-jo steps out of the bathroom and into her doorway, sending her to the floor in mortification.

In the bathroom, Ha-ni sits down the toilet and giggles to herself that it’s warm, and that they’re in a toilet-sharing relationship now. She can’t actually manage to do her business for fear of noise, and when she catches herself cooing over their matching toothbrushes, she tries to talk some sense into herself, that he doesn’t like her and she shouldn’t bother him.

The next morning she can’t believe she’s having breakfast with Seung-jo, as he continues to look at her with disdain. He does seem fixated on her though, despite his cries for her to leave him alone. He may look down on her, but he’s definitely feeling her presence keenly.

He abruptly gets up to go to school early, making Ha-ni chase after him, since she doesn’t know the way to school from his house. She catches up to him, crashing into his back when he stops.

He looks at her like she’s a fly, announcing that they can walk to school together just this once, and tells her not to start any rumors at school. On second thought, to pretend she doesn’t even know him. He makes her walk a few paces behind him too.

Ha-ni sneers at him from behind, swears welling up, as she calls him a jerk under her breath. Finally! Hello, backbone! Nice to see you! She says bitterly that she can’t believe she liked this guy for three years, feeling regret over all the tears she wasted on him. There you go. Good girl.

Seung-jo comes to a full stop on the way to school, insisting that she walk ahead of him, since her legs are short and she can’t keep up. She hmphs at the insult and walks on ahead, and Seung-jo takes note of a trenchcoat pervert hiding in the bushes. Random. I’m sure you’ll make an appearance later.

At school, Ha-ni frets over the midterm test that she has to ace, and decides that she’ll make the class proud and conquer it. Duckie arrives with his lackeys in tow, and asks where Ha-ni’s temporary house is. She hems and haws, and he declares they’ll go together after school, since he needs to know where “his girl” lives. Cute. Why don’t you just date this guy? He’s adorable!

Ha-ni stays behind at school, studying till late, which is unusual for her, or anyone in Class 7. She peeks into Seung-jo’s special study hall, reserved for the top fifty students, and witnesses the special treatment that they get, like A/C and their own computers. She looks at the placement chart, sighing that she’s got quite the distance to travel, from last to first.

Duckie, who’s been waiting all this time for her to finish studying, prepares to escort her to her new house. So Ha-ni, rather than making up a plausible excuse or just saying no, ditches him on the subway to keep him from finding out where she’s staying. Tsk, tsk. Poor Duckie.

She then takes a taxi all the way BACK to school, thinking that Seung-jo is still there, waiting to walk back home with her. Seriously? You’ve known this guy way longer than me, and I can tell you there’s not a chance in hell he’s waiting there for you.

And yup, Seung-jo is sitting peacefully at home, until Mom asks why he came alone, when Ha-ni is unfamiliar with these streets and there are crazy people about. Seung-jo remembers the trenchcoat pervert, and starts to get a little worried as he sits outside. Exclaiming how annoyed he is, he heads out. Aw, Softie so soon?

Sure enough, Ha-ni encounters the trenchcoat man on her way home. He’s quite the bumbling flasher, and resorts to begging her to look, just once. Erm, gross, dude. Who’s going to say yes to that? She loses her shoe in an attempt to get around him, so he picks up the shoe and takes off running.

She gives chase, wanting her precious gift from Seung-jo’s mom back, so finally they strike a deal—he’ll promise to give the shoe back if she promises to look, just once. And then, stupid girl that she is, agrees to it!

She asks for a moment to prepare, and Trenchcoat starts to unbutton his jacket…

…and just as opens up his coat to flash her, Seung-jo appears behind her, putting his hand over her eyes. He turns her around to face him. She’s stunned when she realizes what’s happening, as her heart starts to race.

Seung-jo gives chase and Trenchcoat instantly lands on his knees, begging not to be reported since he’s new at this and has a family. He swears never to do it again. Seung-jo gets Ha-ni’s shoe back, and lets the man go.

He returns her shoe like a proper prince, and Ha-ni asks if he came out to look for her, because he was worried. He claims it was to go to the convenience store. Ha-ni: “But the timing was so perfect.” Seung-jo: “That’s just my bad luck.” She smiles, and scurries behind him all the way home.

Ha-ni stays up late in an attempt to study, but can’t get past the first pages of any of her books. Mom comes in with a late night snack, wanting to bond with her, so they look at baby pictures of her, and then Seung-jo. The best part? They cast a little girl to play the part of Little Seung-jo! Pwahahaha. Brilliant meta.

Mom confesses to wanting a little girl so badly that she raised him like a girl when he was little, but then eventually had to fess up when they were found out at a community swimming pool. Seung-jo was apparently scarred from that as a child. Um….yeah, I should say so, Lady! She thinks that maybe this has something to do with why he’s so cold now. She adds that he thinks all these pictures were burned, but she’s still got the negatives, so she holds onto them. Ha-ni smiles deviously to herself.

The next day at school she can’t stop laughing over last night’s discovery. Just then, Seung-jo appears in the doorway of her classroom, motioning for her to come out. With everyone looking on, he tells her to come outside with her gym clothes. She doesn’t know what’s up, but she complies, and realizes when she takes them out of her bag that their clothes have been switched. Cute. Love setups like this.

With the entire class watching them from the window, they go outside and exchange gym clothes. Ha-ni takes this opportunity to go in for the kill. Ha-ni: “Why didn’t you just wear them? You should be used to girls’ clothes by now.” And with that, she takes out the picture of him as a little girl.

All of a sudden his calm exterior disappears, as he frantically chases her up and down and around a tree, desperate to get that picture out of her hands. Aw, I love it. Kids actually playing like kids! He finally pins her against the tree, at which Mean Girl and Duckie both freak out from their window. After much chasing and hullabaloo, Ha-ni finally tells him he can have the picture back, but at a price.

She asks him to tutor her for the upcoming exam. He reminds her that it’s in a week’s time, and he’s not a god. Pfftt. Is it bad if I like it when you’re a pompous ass? He adds that he’d be a fool to help her, since he’ll lose the bet, and then have to piggyback her too. So she wants his help, and then a piggyback ride? She takes the piggyback off the table, saying that if he agrees to help her, the bet is off. She adds that she’s resolved her feelings for him, and has no desire whatsoever to be piggybacked by him.

“Oh, really?” he challenges her, leaning in close, within kissing distance…

Everyone at the window gasps…

…and then we cut away. Wha?? Why are we cutting away? Listen, in my old-school vocabulary, cutting away in that moment means And Then They Kissed, which is totally not what you are intending to say, Show. And since they didn’t kiss, I want to see her reaction, and his taunting her. Why with the cutting away?

Regardless, I do like that Seung-jo isn’t totally oblivious to Ha-ni, and that he pretty much sees right through her. His manipulative side is actually quite catty, since he’s taunting her on purpose, knowing how she feels about him.

At home, Seung-jo and Ha-ni begin their study sessions. The parents are shocked and pleased, and Little Brother Eun-jo is angry that Ha-ni is monopolizing his brother. It goes about as well as can be expected, with Seung-jo babbling on and on about log x and binary code, and Ha-ni making moon eyes at him.

At one point he snarks that it’s amazing how much she doesn’t know, and Ha-ni counters with, “Do you know everything? Do you know who these people are?” She holds up a picture of Super Junior, rattling off their names one by one. She adds that it’s simply that their interests vary; that’s all.

She plasters post-its all over the house and loses sleep, earning dark circles and the worry of her friends, but at a certain point, when Eun-jo comes in and yells at her for stealing his brother’s attention, she doesn’t even hear him because she’s so focused. Seung-jo looks over at her, impressed that she’s finally learned to concentrate. He cracks a smile.

He falls asleep while waiting for her to finish her practice test, and she thanks him sweetly for helping her, if only because he can’t hear her. Mom comes by later with snacks, and walks in to find them both asleep at the desk together. She squeals from the cuteness, whispering, “Daebak!” while running to get her camera. Haha. I love her.

When they get to school on test day, Seung-jo throws her a nonchalant, “Do well,” as he walks into class, startling Ha-ni but making her smile. She takes the test and when the results go up, she goes straight to look at Seung-jo’s score, relieved that he still scored perfectly, despite losing sleep that week to help her.

Seung-jo, on the other hand, goes right up to check on Ha-ni’s scores first. Oh, you two. He walks away, and Ha-ni catches up to him, telling him that he did a good job. He congratulates her too, which is when she runs over to see that she did actually make it—50th place, earning her a spot in the special study hall.

She runs over to him, so happy and grateful, that when he sticks out his hand, she mistakes it for a handshake. She shakes his hand up and down, thanking him profusely. He pulls away asking what she’s doing, and tells her he’s waiting for her to hand it over…the picture. He snatches it out of her hand and warns her not to tell anyone and walks away.

Too happy to have her mood killed, she shouts at him, “Thank you!” He smiles, with his back turned away from her.

But just before he can get away, Ha-ni’s teacher calls him out for the bet—the one to piggyback Ha-ni if she scored in the top fifty. Ha-ni tries to explain that the bet was called off, but the teacher goes on and on about how proud she is, and how he can’t go back on his word. He tries to ignore her, but then she starts chanting, “Piggy-Back! Piggy-Back!” and all the students join in. Hahaha. This is ridiculous. But hey, if we get a piggyback ride out of it, I suppose Teacher will be everyone’s hero.

Seung-jo looks back at Ha-ni incredulously, as she tries to indicate that this isn’t her idea…

Will he? Won’t he?

What’s a girl gotta do for a piggyback ride?


Episode 2 was a marked improvement from Episode 1, which really should have been condensed into a twenty-minute intro rather than a series premiere. Ha-ni and Seung-jo are far more interesting with each other, and the hate dynamic is fully in play, making every forced situation with them delightfully awkward in that teenage love/hate way.

I think they have good chemistry, which is surprising, really, since I thought it would be extremely one-sided as far as acting goes. But I actually think that they work well together and that there’s plenty of potential for a cute love story here.

Plot-wise, there’s very little going on in terms of big story moments, which is fine, but makes this feel much more like a daily family drama. It’s actually lacking the sort of narrative urgency of other trendy dramas, which have to go the course of a relationship while getting through all the major story arcs in fewer episodes. Like javabeans noted, this one lacks the high-concept elements that made longer-running series Return of Iljimae or Goong work with more languid pacing.

I don’t mind the mundane stories and the smallness of just following two characters in their day-to-day, but there does seem to be something lacking in terms of story space. It’s possible that it’s humor. While I find everyone adorable and sweet and very pretty, I don’t laugh out loud while watching this. Don’t get me wrong—I don’t think this drama is trying to make me laugh out loud. I just sort of wish it were.

As for the couple who hates each other, forced to live together, and piling misunderstanding on top of misunderstanding? I love that stuff, and get such pleasure out of watching them squirm. Here’s hoping the situations get even zanier, and the actors tap into that energy.

A flawed beginning for sure, but I already like the Duckie / Ha-ni / Seung-jo triangle, and I trust the director, so I’m optimistic that we’re going somewhere…worth going.


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  1. 101 :P

    idk why but the Mom/Jung Hye Young is my fave character now she’s so pretty and hilarious

    • 101.1 Bori

      Yes, I LOVE the mom! She is just all sorts of lovable and cuteness! So bubbly, it makes me smile.

  2. 102 Hajung

    My mom laughed out loud at the flasher scene, heh.

  3. 103 jasmine

    thanks for recaps GF. I love PSM, she has unique facial features and acts very well. I first know her through this drama and I’ve become her fan since episode 1.

  4. 104 poo

    wow khj was a complete BSJ…not even 1% trace of ji hoo…am so damn impressed!

  5. 105 wifeofbath

    I liked the Taiwanese version better, but people should realize that Taiwanese, Korean and Japanese dramas, while similar plot-wise, are very different in terms of acting styles. I liked Ariel Lin and I’m a little sick of people saying that here portrayal of the main character was annoying. I guess there’s no accounting for taste, but I think that her exaggerated performance of Kotoko is what made the drama interesting to watch, even if it did seem cartoony. The Korean version is, quite frankly, boring. The acting relies on subtly, which for some dramas is fine, even preferred, but not for a something like this, which is supposed to be ridiculous. There are no real big personalities. Even the Kinnosuke character relies more on the greaser styling to exaggerate the character than the acting itself. Jiro Wang was better, I feel, because he was so… extreme without having to rely on styling. Additionally, the exaggerated performances make the more emotional quieter moments seem that much more significant. For the most part, this is supposed to be a fun story (for the most part), and apart from the two friends, this drama just isn’t fun to watch. Admittedly, the improvement from episode 1 to 2 was huge! However, bad to mediocre still doesn’t make a watchable drama. Sorry.

    • 105.1 Diadda


    • 105.2 asianromance

      I have trouble watching PK without comparing it previous versions and without the fact that it is a manga adaptation hovering over my head. I think it is easier to watch when you tell yourself that PK is an entirely different high school story of two students falling in love against a beautiful backdrop- nothing to do with Itazura Na Kiss- any similarities is just pure coincidence. Hard to do, but it makes it better. =D It’s a bit slow, but since there was a huge improvement from episode 1 to 2- maybe there will be another improvement from 2-3 and by episode 16, it’d be perfect!

      As for her friends: I’m starting to hate it now when dramas pair the main girl up with friends who are less attractive, physically and personality-wise, than her, so that our heroine will stand out. They are supposed to be friends, not sidekicks or cheerleaders.

      My favorite part about this version are the teachers. Ha-Ni’s teacher is a sassy cookie! And Seung-jo’s teacher looks kind of hot with the glasses. And i love how they are both Teacher Song but are so different! They need to make a drama abt teachers with different personalities falling in love and then have their students mirror that. Are there any dramas out there like that?!

  6. 106 Seri

    I decided to start anew on ep 2… It feels like ep 1 was some sort of fakeout… I bet the director and script writer sat in their tower of evil with their secret satelite beaming in videos of thousands of frustrated viewers as day dream after day dream…. Cardboard face after cardboard face and time dragging ensued whilst laughing clinging their glasses of chardonay.

    Dad cute, little brother cute, hairdressing teacher cute for awhile till she got annoying in the end of the ep… and I still have things which I’m not happy about but I’ve raved and ranted enough.

  7. 107 celia

    actually… i watched both Taiwanese and japanese version and liked it alot… and i also like the korean version too… instead of comparing them… its fun just watching without comparing. the different style is cute and fun 😀

    cant wait for episode 3!!!!!

    • 107.1 sleeplessinwgtn

      Agree with you totally!

      If only every one will have an open mind.

      Okay to rant but we don’t need to keep ranting. If you hate it, stay away from it.

  8. 108 Purpleclouds

    I saw an 8 minute ep 3 preview! I’d say it will be even better & heartwarming. Is this a planned strategy of the producers….to have the first ep just so so, get everyone talking, and then just smash us more with each new ep?
    3 days away. Highlight of the week for me.

    • 108.1 jeankaycee

      where did you saw the 8 min ep 3 preview? hope you can share the link b’coz im excited for ep 3. it looks more fun to watch.

  9. 109 MsRetta

    Haven’t started PK yet, real life is intruding!! However, I want to say, Kim Hyun Joong…love you babe…
    also that when I watched the original I found the first several episodes slow and also I want to be able to have Episodes in the hole so I wont be waiting and waiting for the next subbed one!
    I guess I will keep my opinion to my self.

    Thanks for the re-cap I’ll be checking in at least to keep up until I can find some time to ditch RL.

  10. 110 s

    didn’t watch ep 1 after all the neg. reviews. started with two; i like that it’s not too dramatic. trite maybe, esp. with the trenchcoat guy, scene but I actually feel for Hani’s character. She accepts that she isn’t brilliant. And I loved the part where she tries studying and realizes “i don’t even know what I don’t know” lol, something i understand completely with regards to geometry and biology and physics. i used to hate the mismatch in intellectual levels between the males and females and the groveling way in which females were depicted in their affections. the actress departs from this. She is what she is….and despite how her mind knows how she’s supposed to feel, she can’t help lingering feelings. I like that this drama dwells on this. and KHJ doesn’t even matter, he just has to go through the motions. at least he isn’t blatantly unattractive. and i don’t want to laugh. I don’t want cheap jokes, cheap dialogue, or farcical situations. I like the mellow-ness. i’m pretty sure the drama would flop if it tried funny…can khj deliver funny? he has this languidity, which the director would have to play with, and that would detract from his purported character.

    • 110.1 lillian

      yes yes yes!! thank you for putting it so well.
      that’s how i feel as well “I don’t want cheap jokes, cheap dialogue, or farcical situations”

      that’s kinda how i felt with MGIAG, i didn’t appreciate the sex jokes nor the uncle/auntie scenarios (funny first time in a “harhar omg cantonese song?!” way, but later on, just simply, i-can’t-believe-people-laugh-at-this lipstick-kiss-on-statue’s-ass scenario)

      so, i really appreciate the light-hearted warmth and slightly family nostalgia feel that is PK.
      maybe not a general consumer’s taste (seems like big dramas like baker king, or in-your-face humor like MGIAG etc works better),
      but i don’t think it’s just a show for young teenagers only. As an older *cough* viewer, i kinda like the way PK is panning out (and hope it keeps this way!)

  11. 111 iamyournoona

    As much as I love ISWAK and adore both the lead actors, I actually liked the Korean version’s portrayal of the female lead. She’s not academically intelligent but you can see she’s got some spunk not just all heart. With Ariel, I cringe at how hopelessly dumb her character was and how she lets people walk all over her. Oh Ha Ni is more on the genuinely nice and sentimental girl who may not be the brainiest but she’s got herslef some street smarts.

    I’m actually looking forward to this drama, I hope I won’t be disappointed.

  12. 112 starstarstar

    I think they picked out the perfect ppl for the main roles. I mean both are newbies to acting, therefore it won’t be perfect. It’s really not their faults that their acting like their characters, seung jo is stiff, very little facial expressions and intelliegent. oh han ni is an expressive, heads in the clouds sorta girl. im really happy that these two got casted and im very excited to see wut comes nxt ^__^ playful kiss hwaiting!

  13. 113 Noypi


    Here is a LONG preview for Episode 3 of PK.. now, I didnt like Episode 1, Episode 2 was much better.. but looking at this preview and seeing the interaction between the leads, i’m definitely liking it more.. I never saw the Anime or Taiwanese version of this drama, so this is all my fresh opinion.. =)


  14. 114 Rizzy

    Just finished warching eps 1 and 2 and I’m looking forward on how this drama progresses. I am not as crazy as I am to PF than what I am feeling with My GF is a Gumiho though but I can now say that this drama is picking up. I am a fanatic of ISWAK and I can’t help but compare them to Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng but the leads’ chemistry has a different yet charismatic appeal on it.

  15. 115 Dele

    I saw the Taiwanese version of this and I loved Jiro Wang aka Duckie:). You really feel for him and his one-sided love, but still at the end of the day it’s the cold guy who’s heart of ice finally melts that makes us swoon.

    “She says bitterly that she can’t believe she liked this guy for three years, feeling regret over all the tears she wasted on him.”

    Been there, done that…I do not miss the angst of being a teenager with a huge crush. I feel for Ha-Ni.

    Thanks for recapping. I’m only readings yours and JB’s recaps because Gumiho is my priority:)

  16. 116 GUMIHO LOVER

    Ahh zhi shu would be so perfect for this part. He has that snobby-arrogant yet sexy as hell look without even trying. My gosh hes so fricking hot hot hot. ButI cant watch this version which is sad cuz i love the whole story. I mean looks cool but it only propels me to go and watch Arjoe Version. Atleast I tried

  17. 117 dramafan88

    *squeals* I want a piggyback ride from that pompous ass Seung Jo as well!! Heh – can’t help fangirling here.

    Thanks for the recaps – so far it sounds nice and cute and I really like it. I always enjoy being able to travel back to the ole’ school days and wishing I would have such a nice encounter with the hot jock in this case=SeungJo. Now that I certainly wouldn’t mind. Bwahahhaaa……. a girl can only dream, no?

  18. 118 charitee

    i actually don’t mind the dream sequences but sometimes, they do last a little TOO long (esp in the first episode). and like most people, i think that the second episode was heaps better than the first episode and it’s a shame that the first episode probably turned a good number of people away from the drama. also, i agree with you saying that the two leads have pretty good chemistry. for me, though, the strength of this drama is the actors’ ability to take characters that would otherwise be freaking annoying and make them endearing and just plain awesome…for example, jung so min as oh ha ni, jung hye young as seung jo’s mom (OMG, i LOVE HER), and lee tae sung as joon gu…what winners! i know that this drama isn’t making you LOL yet but it definitely is making me giggle randomly and laugh out loud at certain parts. i still worry about hyun joong’s acting…it does look a LITTLE better but as of now, it’s still pretty empty for me (until he smiles).

  19. 119 karened

    Is anyone perturbed that “Playful Kiss” doesn’t hint anything about Ha Ni falling for Seung Jo because of an accidental kiss at the start of high school?

    Or maybe they’re going to slowly unravel this point in the later eps….if it did away with this, it’ll be utter betrayal of the original! I don’t mind (in fact I support) changes to make this ver different from the rest, but Playful Kiss is Playful kiss no more if the kiss is removed!

    • 119.1 christy

      Wait, have u actually read the manga? The accidental kiss at the start of high school only happens in the Japanese version drama and not in any other version. In the manga there is no such thing. Even not in the Taiwanese version, even though the title is “It Started with a Kiss”..
      In the manga as well as the TW version their first kiss only happens during the high school graduation. I’m quite sure this version will also follow that since this is an adaptation of the manga, and not the Japanese drama.
      So no, so far they havent kissed yet.. except in Ha Ni’s dream.

      • 119.1.1 Leonardswench

        Just for clarity, ISWAK’s first kiss between the leads is at the high school graduation after-party, in episode 7, well into the drama itself and in a similar vein to the source material.

      • 119.1.2 Leonardswench

        I realized after I typed this, it may not sound like I’m agreeing with you, Christy, but I was trying too … lol, need more sleep.

    • 119.2 sweet

      actually, they didn’t have it in iswak too… and i like that it doesn’t!

  20. 120 Toya

    I just hated the imagination scenes where she does all the weird shit. If they drop all that, I can dig the show.

  21. 121 Trish

    Oh my, what you said about Kim Hyun-joong acting bland is so true! [In my opinion at least]. I was telling a friend the same thing the other day; he is handsome when he’s not acting like a stone man. Gee, even if being mean makes it real, then so be it! Just being so… statue-esque, not very appealing.

  22. 122 red

    JSM is just adorable…and might continue watching just cos of her…the plots decent …but im watching other awesome dramas to let this slide to when i have time….yes KHJ has improved but i cringe every time i see his stiff awkward movements…

  23. 123 imaddictedtoyou

    ooo. its getting better…now im starting to get the feeling for this kdrama. love the flasher part. hahahhah! ‘he’s new at this and has a family’, that sentence almost make me die because of laughing too hard and now my stomach ache. hahahah!

    thank you so much for the recap XD

  24. 124 Justine

    I’m really enjoying this series! More than I thought I would, actually. Of course my heart still belongs to GMH, but this is still pretty entertaining. I really like the girl! And when they were studying and all the math formulas were bouncing off her face while she made googly eyes at Seung-jo. I giggled.

  25. 125 moonlight

    Is Seung Jo not Arrogant and Cold Enough ?
    There are viewers who are urging Hyun Joong to portray Seung Jo with more coldness and arrogance . That is to say , according to their take of his acting in the past shown episodes 1 and 2 of Mischievous Kiss, he is still not displaying the appropriate attributes and attitudes of the character .
    How is an actor suppose to assay his character ? Should he just project it through physical means ,his clothes, his facial expressions ,his body language ? Could he also verbalize them ? How is he suppose to show or withhold his emotions ?
    But the trouble with these attributes and attitudes is they come in different shades or variations and still be in the same range. They can also be projected in subtle ways . One does not have to be loud and obvious .
    Arrogance, for example can be physically manifested by the theatrical stiff upper lip and by a flip of the hand (you can say this is the stereotypical snobbish trait ). Arrogance can also be shown by surrounding oneself with a cordon sanitaire –that impenetrable bastion of loyal subjects (read :gang or close friends) A person can also be arrogant by the way he speak –overbearing , overly authoritative, overconfident. Arrogance also be expressed when a person sees himself as better , smarter and more capable than others . Specially when that person cannot understand why some people are more concerned wasting their time on stupid things .In short being stupid in the days of explosion of knowledge and the internet already being taken for granted is not only unacceptable but unforgivable. Guess where Seung Jo’s arrogance’s is coming from .
    Coldness also comes in many forms .Frigid cold ? Thawing cold ? Refrigeration cold ? You get the idea that even coldness varies . Or one can be dead cold as in lacking physical warmth (read : lack of affection) and enthusiasm . Do you remember how distant Seung Jo responds to his Mom ? Or how unenthusiastic he relate to his classmates? Coldness can also be felt when a person does not show emotion , he is unmoved and is passionless . Seung Jo’s eyes are dead –because you don’t see warmth there , no fire nor interest . Did you see his reaction to the love letter that HaNi gave him that he returned ? Does Seung Jo now give you the chill ?
    Seung Jo’s character is not given to the audience in a Big Bang . You see his character unfolding . The viewer must be ready to pay attention to details. You see the way Seung Jo sighs to express his exasperation over inane matters . You see his conceit the way he uses his fingers to command attention. His eyes speak a thousand words –“if only my looks can kill you’ll be dead by now” –a dialogue is no longer needed. His smirk says “don’t mess with me ,you are going to be in deep trouble”. Hands eternally kept in his pockets makes his social space restricted, “I’m not within your grasp”. His voice tells you “I’m in control. I am authoritative in whatever I say.” His complacent walk say “I don’t care.” Facial expressions matching the non verbalized character traits are priceless .
    And yet the audience is treated to his rare smiles ,smiles that are actually more amused at HaNi’s antics than becoming soft and a changed person in this early point of the drama .Don’t worry , it’s only us audience who are seeing him smile . HaNi does not see him smile , his schoolmates do not see him smile, his own parents do not see him smile, either . You see, we , the audience is so privileged in dramas.
    I like that Hyun joong is not forcing his character Seung Jo to us in Mischievous Kiss. He is letting us get to know him and feel him slowly with our hearts. I am savoring the subtle cues , even the sudden outbursts , the momentary and fleeting gentleness and then the return to frigid territory all over again that Hyun Joong has ably mastered .
    I look forward to the wonderful pleasure of viewing the coming episodes in this drama . It is a human drama of young love and relationships , of change and prospects for a planned future. Though it came originally from a manga it has been transformed for the third time into a breathing ,living story of our lives .

  26. 126 Carinne

    I like how ep.02 picks up… slowly but surely… here’s to living in oblivion! Cheers!

    I wonder will I ever get sick of Bye Bye Sea‘s interlude music breaks……………. nah, they are oddly cute.

    Yay, ep.03-04 are coming soon.

  27. 127 PiChan

    OOhhhhhh…I am really want to watch this drama……Unbelievable when rate for this drama not so good hohoho
    Thank’s to Javabeans for all recaps….

  28. 128 Khali

    i must admit epi 2 is better than epi 1! but all i can say is… HJ improved in this second episode and i believe he will continue to improve. keep up the good work playful kiss! in my opinion, he fits the character perfectly… i hope it’ll be like that until the end! more power HJ!

  29. 129 DHEY

    super duper cute:)love it

  30. 130 Ami

    JSM is supposed to carry the drama coz Oh Hani IS the main lead of the story. I dunno why people keep wishing KHJ to play the bigger role. I don’t ever want the story to be told from Seung Jo’s POV. I can empathize with Oh Hani more. She reminds me of myself a lot during my school days.. arrgh, the struggle to pass all those exams.. T___T

    I don’t like the fantasy sequences to be longer than 1 minute.. please. They’re distracting, and not in a good way.

    There’re quite a few scenes that I’m not satisfied with (one of them is that kiss-or-not-kiss scene you mentioned).. and the editor or the director is to be blamed for that. PK team.. work harder!

  31. 131 CHshe

    Ok about BSJ leaning towards OHN at the tree is supposed to be like this. It is supposed to achieve that effect of ‘Did they kiss or not’, and to my surprise everyone here seems to fall for that, nice trick… never knew that with different editing, we would get different reactions… hahaha

    In previous versions, it is shown that Irie is leaning towards Kotoko, while others grasp in shock, then Irie is teasing Kotoko… the leaning happened first followed by the conversation.. So we the audiences knew what’s going on between them two, while the rest of her friends were still guessing…

    While in this version, it happens in reverse… hahaha

  32. 132 Lilian

    Ep 2 is like way way better than ep1!!
    I loved certain scenes, the one way he covered her eyes, the one where he checked her results instead of his (he’s probably so sure he’s up there again!), the one where he ignores his brother becoz he’s making notes for her…

    I think I’m liking this more and more =)

  33. 133 Trish

    It would be get if all korean drama could also be in english or just have, the english subtitle for non korean fan that only understand english. for american fan of korean music and drama. I think that more korean products should be also introduce to non Asian people that or interested in, Korean programs and fashion. You can partner up with Youtube and Forever21 for cloth and stuff. Make sure that the english speaking people can also enjoy korean culture. Thank you and please work very hard to introduce Asian culture to the world, okay.

  34. 134 Bugs Bunny , B.O.F Boys over flower

    work very hard, do your best Asian entertainment company and also Asian Fashion . Your New Yorkf City and first and only language is English for everything so that others can also enjoy Korean entertainment.

  35. 135 squishy

    does anyone know the theory behind the dot thing?????

    I wanna know in case it could help me study for uni LOL

  36. 136 Oakrose

    You know the anime version of thisis really good! You should try it.

  37. 137 Saddy

    I totally agree – much better second episode! I am liking their chemistry so far. And I love when the guy softens a bit but can’t really show it outright! Like when he smiled at her focus while studying, wished her good luck before the exams, and of course, saving her from the GROSS flasher guy!

    um…Why was that presented as comedy and not the horrible and traumatic experience that it would really be???

    And then they recreated the scene with the teddy bears, complete with the censor blurs…wth???

  38. 138 Ku KaeSong

    xD omg!!! this episode as totally amazing! and to be honest, the girl runs REALLY weirdly 😛 Baek SeungJo was probably the only person that ran like a HUMAN BEING!!! But, the (funny) weirdness aside, it’s was WAY better than episode 1, which was kinda… i dunno… blank? They were right for calling it Romantic Comedy. TOOO FUUUNNNNNIEEEE!!! ^W^

  39. 139 Julia

    Someone with a good good nice nice soul, help me! Where can I watch the episodes of Playful Kiss with subtitles? PLEASE HELP ME 🙁

  40. 140 ishat

    what is the soundtrack when that pervert flashes and back seeing jo covers ha ni’s eyes?
    it’s really beautiful but I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

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