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Sungkyunkwan Scandal: Episode 8
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Dear Dr. Quinn,

Is it possible to die of: (a) too much hiccupping; (b) curiosity and fright; (c) broken ideals; or (d) having one’s pride slashed to pieces? If yes to any of the above, please hurry to SKK as quickly as possible. There are four strapping young men (?) in need of your attention.

red pill


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Like the irresistible pull of gravity, our three leading men zero in on hyang-gwan-chung, a place where only those involved in the ancestral rites are allowed. What follows is chaos: Jae-shin will do anything he can to stop the others from peeking inside while Yong-ha is determined to get past his friend. Sun-joon? He just looks confused.

So Jae-shin does what he can and bangs on the door to alert Yoon-hee, thankfully giving her enough time (a little unrealistically) to clear the tub, snuff out the candle and hide. Meanwhile outside Jae-shin and Yong-ha are wrestling on the ground, giving Sun-joon the perfect chance to open the doors. To what seems to be an empty room.

Jae-shin finds his cool again – only to be sent into a slight panic again when water drops from above his head and he realizes that Yoon-hee is hiding on top of the shelves. Fortunately, neither Yong-ha nor Sun-joon notice, and Yoon-hee shows off some super-human reflexes by catching falling candlesticks and candles. Professor Yoo and the staff show up, and the boys get into trouble for being where they’re not allowed.


Back at the dorms, Yong-ha points out that Yoon-hee isn’t back yet, and Jae-shin barely manages to refrain Sun-joon from leaving again to look for Yoon-hee. Jae-shin tries to keep himself in check, but he’s clearly overdoing it and Yong-ha is onto him.

Hurrying home from the bathing debacle, Yoon-hee runs smack into Professor Jung, who guesses correctly that she’s the reason behind the ruckus at hyang-gwan-chung. He warns her again that she mustn’t forget that she’s not a girl at SKK – yet she also mustn’t forget that she IS a girl and let her guard down. Her life is on the line, and she must take responsibility for the path she chose.

In-soo is having a grand ol’ time terrorizing poor Byung-choon for the archery tournament loss (but really, why is he blaming others when he missed the bull’s-eye on purpose?). He tells his minions that he intends to make good on the apology that he promised Yoon-hee. But that crazy laugh tells us that he’s up to no good. In fact, he can’t decide if he should set things up so that the king kicks Yoon-hee out himself or if he should have the harmonious roommates turn on each other.


Two of the said harmonious roommates are struggling with insomnia, each for his own reason. Sun-joon is worrying about the way Yoon-hee brushed him off coldly earlier, and Jae-shin can’t get the image of what he saw out of his mind.

Unaware of the mental pandemonium she’s causing, Yoon-hee returns to the room, and thinking that her roomies are fast asleep, she quietly slips under the covers. Her presence alone incites Jae-shin’s hiccups again, and he rushes out. Only to find Yong-ha waiting outside the door.


Left alone, Sun-joon begins scolding Yoon-hee for disappearing and for fighting with Byung-choon. Almost petulantly, he asks if she’s starting to take after Jae-shin (jealous much of their close relationship?), but alas, our heroine is already fast asleep.

Outside, Yong-ha asks if Yoon-shik is a girl. Jae-shin scoffs at the question, but this is Gu Yong-ha he’s talking to, the guy who can guess the color of a girl’s underwear from the smell of her foundation. And he’s been friends with Jae-shin for 10 years now; he knows well about the hiccups.


In order to prove Yong-ha wrong, Jae-shin bravely ventures back into the room. But he starts imagining Yoon-hee in female garb and with a long braid. Hiccup! Suddenly self-conscious of his (lack of) clothing, he puts on another layer, dropping a handkerchief in the process. It’s the kerchief Yoon-hee gave him when he saved her from Minister Ha’s thugs, and Jae-shin recognizes Yoon-hee from the incident.

In his single room, Yong-ha is rolling around in frustration. He starts mumbling about Yoon-shik being a girl and fooling the king – but strangely, he’s okay with that. He actually kind of understands it. What he can’t stand is that she’s trying to fool HIM, Gu Yong-ha. I don’t know whether he’s innately liberal-minded or just has a one-track mind, but I love that he’s so accepting of Yoon-hee’s secret. After all, Sun-joon will probably freak out badly enough for the whole party.


Adorable Jae-shin has the handkerchief stuffed in his mouth to stop the hiccupping, but it’s not really working. Then he sees something that disturbs him more: Yoon-hee curled up against Sun-joon. Oh, he definitely can’t have that!

Morning comes, and a dumbfounded Sun-joon wakes up to find Jae-shin snuggled up against him. He pokes at Jae-shin and gets a scream as a morning greeting: “Back off!”

Yoon-hee points out that it’s unlike Jae-shin to sleep with his clothes on and wrapped up in a blanket. The best excuse he can come up with is that he might have malaria. Yes, malaria.

Which leads to the funniest moment in the entire episode: Sun-joon trying to back away inconspicuously and feeling his own forehead for a possible fever.


Yoon-hee and Yong-ha meet in the bathroom, where Yong-ha tries to fish for information. Yoon-hee lies and says she never went to hwang-gwan-chung; how could she when the place is haunted by a female ghost? She’s Dae-mool after all; what better hauntee for a vengeful female ghost? She advises Yong-ha to avoid hyang-gwan-chung as well; his playboy ways won’t win him points with the female ghost.

Not as slick as he’d have everyone believe, Yong-ha freaks out at the thought that the light they saw that night was actually a ghost.


Twice a month (the 8th and the 23rd), the SKK scholars are allowed to go home, and they’re given allowance to boot. They’re reminded of the rules to be kept: upkeep the proper decorum expected of a SKK scholar and don’t return with forbidden items (like racy paintings). After all, in a few days is the soon-doo-gwan-jang, the exam given by the king.

Yoon-hee is pretty excited to be going home with her allowance; Yong-ha not so much because the ghost story still has him shaking in his boots.


While the headmaster is trying to convince Professor Yoo to let certain items be allowed (after all, they might end up in their – cough, the king’s pockets), Professor Jung is making bioptic glasses to give to the king on the day of the exam.

As for the exam, the king already has an exam question in mind, and there’s more to it than a simple answer. He has a particular person (persons?) in mind who he thinks will answer correctly. Whoever it turns out to be, be it Minister Lee’s son Sun-joon, King Jeong-jo declares he will have his way.


Sun-joon waits outside the gates for Yoon-hee, medicine for her sick brother in hand. If he expected gratitude for this gesture, he’s disappointed; her reaction is lukewarm. And things get worse moments later when In-soo has some bundles tossed at Yoon-hee’s feet. He has collected all the leftovers from the kitchen and decided to give it to the student who needs it most: the poor Namin who’s smart enough to know when to lower her pride. After all, she wanted recognition as a SKK scholar; if she truly is one, then she should know that the food served at SKK is the sweat and blood of the people. Everyone knows that this is just plain wrong, but the logic of it has Yoon-hee unable to reject the gesture.

Yoon-hee accepts the “gifts” (with clenched fists) and thanks In-soo, much to the horror of Jae-shin and Sun-joon. Jae-shin tries to stop her, but she persists; her family will be grateful.

It’s a terrible moment for Sun-joon as it dawns on him: he’s not much different from In-soo. Sure, In-soo was malicious intentionally, but Sun-joon has scarred Yoon-hee’s pride in much the same manner by offering what he considered a kind gesture but can be taken as charity from the receiving end. His ideals, grand and right as they are, were formed in the safe bubble of his secure upbringing; he has lived too sheltered from reality.

In-soo drives the point home to both Sun-joon and Jae-shin: “You want to live in harmony? You can’t with Kim Yoon-shik. You’ve never known what it’s like to grow up lacking something. So let’s get along, us similar people.”

In terms of the Joseon society, In-soo’s not wrong. But no need to fear. Soon our Jal-geum Quartet will fight against the currents.


Sun-joon comes home to find his family preparing to celebrate his father’s birthday. He’s taken aback because usually his father doesn’t accept gifts nor does he ever throw a party. But this year, he’s doing both. (As a side note, in the short seconds we meet his mother, I really liked her. She seems to have class and the mother-son moment was very endearing.)

Sun-joon and his father sit down to play a game of ba-duk (go in Japanese), a strategic board game with white and black pieces. Minister Lee compliments Sun-joon for the archery competition win and tells him that he’s doing well for now by sticking with his diverse roommates. After all, it’s not time yet to turn against the king.

Sun-joon questions whether going against the king is an inevitability and the right thing to do.

In a sharp tone, his father lectures him that the nation is owned by the nobility. In history, the royal family has done nothing except leave the people to ruin and bow down to foreign powers. And this so-called political harmony that King Jeong-jo keeps pushing is his roundabout way of trying to bring authority back to the royal line.

Then a warning: Don’t do anything that’ll confuse people, like hanging out with a Namin and a Soron.

Sun-joon replies that he doesn’t think of his friends in those terms. Kim Yoon-shik is intelligent and cares deeply for his family. Moon Jae-shin is beyond loyal. He has much to learn from them.

Minister Lee pulls the father card and silences Sun-joon.

This is, I believe, what they call the calm before the storm.


A very worried Jae-shin follows Yoon-hee from a distance. Yoon-hee stops by a rice cake store and buys some for her family. Two starving children stare at the rice cakes with hungry eyes, and our kind Yoon-hee offers them two pieces. I’m sure her heart breaks as much as mine when the older sister gives both pieces to her little brother. So she gives them more, and you can practically see the hearts coming out of Jae-shin’s eyes. Seriously, how can you NOT fall in love with this girl?

Yoon-hee also stops by a trinket shop to buy an ornamental hairpin (bi-nyeo) to replace the one her mother sold to buy her rice cakes when she first went off to SKK. While she’s there, she fingers a pretty pink hair ribbon and almost buys it, but stops herself when she spots Hyo-eun nearby.

When she walks away, Jae-shin walks up and fingers the same hair ribbon. For an excited moment, I think he’s going to buy it for her, but alas, the writers cannot have our manly Jae-shin buying a hair ribbon. He spots some suspicious characters following him, and he rushes away to do what he does best.

At the same shop, Hyo-eun has seen both Yoon-hee and Jae-shin show interest in the hair ribbon, so she buys it, thinking that’s what guys must like.

Jae-shin separates one suspicious guy from the others and manhandles him to get information. Turns out he’s not the one being followed. Minister Ha has ordered Yoon-hee to be followed (under the pretense that she may be the Red Messenger, but we know it’s really because she’s the late Professor Kim Seung-hun’s offspring).

In the scuffle, Jae-shin has lost sight of Yoon-hee. Suddenly, it’s not just about her being a girl. She’s somehow involved in political intrigue as well. “Just who are you, Kim Yoon-shik?”

Minister Ha is flabbergasted that Minister Lee is throwing a birthday party, but his smart son already has it figured out. Minister Lee wants to gather his side together to show the king who has the REAL power in this nation.

Minister Ha asks for information about Yoon-hee, saying that he has a debt to Yoon-hee’s father and he thinks Yoon-hee will come to settle that debt. In-soo declares Yoon-hee not brave enough to do that. But Minister Ha isn’t reassured; the king shows much interest in her.

Again, In-soo reassures his father that he needn’t worry; he plans to make Sun-joon his man. And he’ll use his sister (and her blind love) to accomplish that.


Said lovesick sister is having her fortune told by the fabulous medium Bak-soo (played by the hilarious LEE WON-JONG). He works through tarot cards, and the more he curses, the better his fortune-telling. But he’s not perfect; he mistakes Hyo-eun for Yoon-hee and comments that Sun-joon is unable to recognize the woman in front of him. One of the tarot cards show a bear, which stands for the dense Sun-joon. She’s gotta show him that she’s a woman and change him into a human being. (This is a reference to the origin story of Korea. For more info, go here.) He offers her a solution, but whatever he whispered into her ear, she’s indignant and refuses to do it.


On the other side of the café, Yong-ha is enjoying a little QT with his gisaeng friends. When he hears how spot-on this medium is, he comments that he should have his heart changed. All women eventually bore him, and he wants to find one who will keep him interested. (Yoon-hee??)

Cho-sun comments that she’d like to meet that woman if he ever finds her since undoubtedly she’ll be a great, rare find.


Our rare find Yoon-hee stops by the bookshop on her way home to tell the owner Hwang that she can’t do the love letter (commissioned by Hyo-eun). Her excuse is that she has no experience writing love letters. He tells her that he doesn’t WANT to accept love letter jobs, especially since they don’t leave much of a profit. And what profit he might’ve made goes right into Sun-joon’s pocket. Which is when Hwang accidentally spills the beans about Sun-joon fronting the 50 nyang that Yoon-hee needed to repay Minister Ha.

Uh oh.

This news of unwanted charity, doubled up with what happened with In-soo just moments ago, rightly infuriates Yoon-hee. She’s so spitting mad that she leaves her belongings behind and storms down the street, not even noticing Cho-sun when she steps forward to greet her.

The devastated Cho-sun refuses to buy the beautiful clothes she had intended to buy. “What if he doesn’t even notice me when I’m wearing more beautiful clothes? Then I have no more excuses left.”


Sun-joon is pensively going over the events that happened with Yoon-hee, realizing that his charity hurt her pride and that he had been thoughtless. Soon-dol tells him of a visitor, and from behind it looks like Yoon-hee. Only it’s not; it’s Hyo-eun dressed up as a guy (that’s what Medium Bak-soo told her to do).


Meanwhile, the birthday party is well underway at Sun-joon’s house. Minister Lee asks the Prime Minister to please tell the king that everyone gathered is enjoying the food and alcohol that he sent. Yes, Minister Ha adds, tell him that a great number of people came to celebrate.

But the Prime Minister refuses (we’ve seen him in several scenes with the king, and he’s clearly on King Jeong-jo’s side). In a cleverly stated poke, he says he fears that people will gossip about Minister Lee wanting to show up the king and prove who has the real power. And that’ll only hurt Minister Lee’s reputation.

Minister Lee is disgruntled by this reply, but he responds just as curtly that the king knows how dedicated he is to the country. Assuming that the king will misunderstand is underestimating him.



Disturbed by Hyo-eun’s dress-up, he tells her not to drop by like this. That’s when she practically jumps him to slip a charmed piece of paper into his clothes. Apparently if he keeps it on his body for 15 minutes, he’ll fall in love with her.

But just as we expect, Sun-joon calls her out on her foolishness, stating that he hates such things. In fact, he’s unwilling to be a friend or a lover to a person who believes in such foolishness. You can practically hear Hyo-eun’s heart crack into two when he says he never wants to see her again.

The tears well up in Hyo-eun’s large eyes. All pretenses stripped aside, she’s finally honest with him. She isn’t usually this type of person, and she hates the things she’s doing, but she can’t help herself. Her heart flutters so when she thinks of him, but she knows that he doesn’t feel the same about her. (And this line just about kills me every time a second lead says it) But it’s okay because she likes him a lot, enough to make up for his lack of love for her.


Hyo-eun dashes away, but Murphy’s Law doesn’t let her off so easy. She runs smack into a table of food being carried to the guests. With all eyes focused on her, she’s a deer caught in headlights. To us modern folk, it may not be such a huge deal, but back then, it is a HUGE deal for a girl to be caught at a guy’s house without a chaperone. The implications are… well, let’s just say that marriage is possibly the only way out of this hole.

Sun-joon tries to lead her away, but she can’t move a muscle. Gentleman that he is, he carries her away to help her save face. Oh, I shudder at what will transpire because of this little act of chivalry.

He reassures her that nothing will happen, but she stops him mid-sentence with a kiss on the cheek. Understandably, she’s even more smitten with him now. Get ready to collect her registration information to join the Smarty faction (actually, she’s like our president).

Meanwhile, Daddy Lee is NOT happy about this turn of events. At least, he didn’t expect it at all. Minister Ha implies that it’s been going on for a while, though he found out about it only recently. He pretends to pass it off lightly, saying that kids will be kids and they’re just reckless in their youthfulness.


Sun-joon is walking Hyo-eun out when Yoon-hee arrives. Upon spotting Sun-joon and Hyo-eun together, she turns on her heels and rushes away. Leaving Hyo-eun to Soon-dol, Sun-joon goes after her. He stops her, wanting to hear what she came to say.

And every word from Yoon-hee’s mouth is imbued with hurt. “Did you enjoy your little joke all this time? You must’ve been so amused seeing me all excited to be a SKK scholar.”

He doesn’t understand, but he does two seconds later when he hears the words “50 nyang.” And for a moment, he’s at a loss of words.

“I don’t ever want to see your face again.”


I can’t help talk about the Yoon-hee/Sun-joon dynamic today. I mentioned in my previous recap that theirs is the you-complete-me friendship (love), that they complement each other. This episode in particular showed us this. The more these two interact with one another, the more you can literally see them grow as individuals.

First, Lee Sun-joon. Stick in the mud, uptight, self-righteous. Doesn’t look like he’s ever had a friend, and Yoon-hee might very much be his first. As we witnessed, he’s lived his entire life in a safe little bubble, having learned what he knows through books and his father. There isn’t anything wrong with this; it just placed him on the other side of the stone wall that separates idealism from reality. And Yoon-hee comes picking at the stones with a little axe. With her help, I hope to see him become the bridge that allows the coexistence of idealism and reality.

Second, Kim Yoon-hee. I’ll just say what I honestly feel. Set everything I love about her aside, and she’s a bundle of inferiority complexes. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t blame her for it. In fact, if I were here, I’d be a constantly raging bull. What I want to say is that she’s pretty jaded and cynical in her view of the world, the opposite end of the spectrum from Sun-joon. On the other side of that wall. Which is why they’re so dang perfect for one another. They balance each other out.

Let me just wrap up this recap with this final thought: Who else thinks the stoic Kang-moo will one day bust a cap in In-soo’s behind? No? Wishful thinking? But I swear there’s something more to that guy…


251 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. katara

    Thanks for the recap. This is the episode I enjoyed the most.

  2. anon

    This episode made me almost die of laughter, can JaeShin get any cuter?

    • 2.1 CrazyUnnie

      haha. him and his hiccups are too cute.
      ~~team moony!!!^^

  3. kelly

    Question for you, Red Pill. You ask why In Soo is “blaming others when he missed the bull’s-eye on purpose.” But according to episode 7 recap, “In-soo looses focus as he looks around him, especially at Cho-sun. He shocks everyone, including himself, by shooting a 5.” I wonder which is the correct interpretation.

    • 3.1 :D

      i think that he just loses focus because he sees Cho-sun hoping he’ll miss (those are tears or jealously i’m assuming)…and then he gets really mad when his minion fails to hurt Yoon-hee enough for her to miss the bulls eye

    • 3.2 red_pill

      Honestly, I don’t know which is the correct interpretation. And since Cassie and I are two different people, we’re bound to have different opinions. What I got from that scene in episode 7 was that he purposefully missed the shot (plus what I think of his personality and character). But that’s just me.

      • 3.2.1 Ace

        I agree with you red pill. That was my interpretation too. He missed on purpose making his score 25 (swallowed a lot of pride in the process, thus the tears). I think he believed that Yoon-hee would score consistently (8+8+8=24) or even lower because of what his minion did making him the winner still. He didn’t expect Yoon-hee to score perfectly on that last shot.

        • Ace

          It’s in In Soo’s character to do it intentionally (he’s calculating and he doesn’t usually let his emotions rule him) and it’s not in character for him to be distracted by anything that would make him lose focus and not hit the bull’s eye. He was more emotional during the first half of the game (that’s why Yong-ha gave Cho-sun the advise to try to hide her emotions) but that didn’t affect his performance even after Cho-sun gave her answer during the short break (I’m assuming he consistently shot perfect scores until the finals and that makes him a pro). Maybe a little bit of his emotions went into making the wrong decision and as seen, he regretted it immediately and was angry enough at himself (among others) resulting to the bitter tears. I can almost hear him say to himself, “I’m a badass…darn those emotions! Won’t. Happen. Again.”

      • 3.2.2 jeann

        great! i was wondering throughout this whole time whether he had missed it on purpose or whether he just got distracted.

        i was inclining towards him doing it on purpose more, but then thought maybe i was overthinking things when cassie recapped it as him having lost focus. 🙂 glad to know i’m not alone!!

        i do think the tears stem from rage at himself for giving in to trying to impress chosun but i didn’t think about him assuming yoonshik would score lower, thus was REALLY confused why he’d do that. thanks for all the insight!

      • 3.2.3 Annie

        I think he missed on purpose too. But what was the purpose of him doing that? for Cho-sun?

      • 3.2.4 LadyIgraine

        that was my initial guess too. he missed on purposed. this was base on my understanding of insoo’s feelings being hurt after he saw chosun praying for yoonshik’s sake.

      • 3.2.5 jubilantia

        I agree with you. He was obviously distraught, but I saw his eyes move purposefully from Chosun to the arrow board. Also, he shot a 5- the barest minimum chance his pride would allow him for Yoon Hee to even have a chance, and he was a good enough archer to do it. She won by 1 point, with a 10 point shot, and I think it was on purpose on In Soo’s part. That tear, I think was anger at Chosun and Yoon Hee, and maybe mostly at himself. My first thought after that scene was “Well, look who has a soul!” Even if it’s mainly given to “loving” obsessively. Or lusting, whatever you want to call it.

    • 3.3 jandoe

      i agree with red pill’s. if you watch the scene, (to me) it does seem pretty obvious that he missed it intentionally, as if putting on a challenge to Yoon-hee.

      this aside, red pill, thanks for the awesome recap!

      • 3.3.1 houstontwin

        I’ll have to watch that scene again because my initial take was that he was distracted. I can’t see his character ever losing intentionally but it makes the drama more interesting and complex if he did.

    • 3.4 Nory Ellis

      “but really, why is he blaming others when he missed the bull’s-eye on purpose?”

      Is it on purpose? I don’t want dissertation or thesis on why it’s NOT on purpose. But I’ll just put out some points.

      1. It’s not in character. Even you ask why. In Soo is an angry young man but he don’t get to bash things at that time. Strong emotions released after the last missed shoot is by the single drop of tear.

      2. If you play competitive sport, you will know that change of turn in play will effect the result ( if you are not mentally strong or prepared) because there’s a change in mental strategy at play. The first two arrows he shoots after Yoon Hee. As anybody who played competitive sport will know, the best mind game plan is just ‘to do better than the the first person.” If Yoon Hee did 8, he just need to do 9 to upped Yoon Hee. No stress or pressure. It shows on In Soo’s face. He was calm and collected. So when he is the one to do first on the 3rd shoot, his body still remembers that instruction, “Just do better”. But since there is no point of reference or the point of reference is 0. Any number above 0 is better.

      3. If you watch his face a few seconds before and after release of arrow. He looks agitated (before – his mouth twitches) and determined(right after release). That twitching of the mouth indicate that he is not calm (jealous, angry, fury, wanting to be the best) when he released the arrow. Lactic acid and adrenalin coursing through his veins affecting his play. Drugs that calm your nerves are prohibited in sport. It’s considered performance enhancing.

      4. Compared In Soo’s mind game to Yoon Hee mind game. Sun Joon’s speechbefore the Yoon Hee’s third shoot is not just empty words to Yoon Hee. She believes him when he says that she’s a champion, win or lose. So she plays like a champion. She did hit a 10 in training, so hitting it again is possible. That and her strength of character. She will do what a champion have to do even if shreds of glass was on the string she pulls. How awesome is Yoon Hee! or Sun Joon for that matter for saying what he did.

      5. Why 5? Why not? It makes for exciting tv. Gripping and dramatic until the end. Yoon Hee have to hit bullseye to answer In Soo 5. If it’s 6 or more. Game over for YH. If less than 5, not dramatic enough.

      • 3.4.1 Nory Ellis

        “I don’t want dissertation or thesis on why it’s NOT on purpose” should have read “I don’t want TO WRITE dissertation or thesis on why it’s NOT on purpose

        looks like a thesis here…sorry 🙁

      • 3.4.2 red_pill

        I have my reasons for my interpretation, a lot of which has to do with analyzing In-soo’s face, Yong-ha’s half-smile, possible reasons why he would aim for a 5 instead, etc., but mostly I HOPE it was intentional.

        If it wasn’t and he just lost control, I think that’s a pretty lame cop-out for the writers. I’d rather he intentionally shoot low to try and prove that Yoon-hee can’t possibly shoot a bull’s-eye only to be proven wrong rather than fail because he can’t control his emotions and hand the victory so neatly into Yoon-hee’s lap (because we all knew she was going to hit a bull’s-eye, glass shards or not).

        But like I said, that’s just me. ^^

        • Nory Ellis

          Hey red_pill. It’s cool. We can agree to disagree, right?
          I see it from someone who has played competitive sports before. I don’t think In Soo has good sportsmanship quality. That is why I don’t think he will do that on purpose. And I also don’t think it’s bad writing either because it shows how good a team Sun Joon and Yoon Hee is. It’ subtle, i know…but I love the mind game at play with this two.

        • kiwi

          I agree with you. I think it is intentional but different people will have different opinions

  4. lokomotif

    WoW. I just in time. The ep8 was up.
    I love the sleep scene. I think MJS did the replacement spot when KYS sleep.. *hahaha*
    maybe He try those thing, to protect KYS. Oo.. So sweet..

  5. Hanna Boo

    Awesome recap red_pill! 🙂 I think it’s safe to say that Moon Jae Shin stole the show in this episode. His hiccups were just too cute and his expression.. *squeals*

    I think it was really cute when he was following Yoonhee to make sure she’s ok XD

    Song Joong ki also had his cute moments. I can’t help but fangirl squeal whenever he comes on 😀

    However, I can’t help but be disappointed at In soo’s acting where he was having a maniacal laughter moment. I couldn’t help but cringe at that scene.. It was lacking emotion, it looked force and he even has his glare while laughing absurdly. But I guess I’ll cut him some slack 🙂 It’s not easy playing the bad guy.

    And last but not least, Sun Joon… I can’t wait to see what his reaction is going to be when he finds out that Kim Yoonshik is really a girl. I am beginning to see that he is unconsciously starting to fall for her. Big props to micky for his improvement! *thumbs up*

  6. brookeeve

    I’ve gotta say, in the last few episodes I’m expecting some sort of grand reveal with Kang Moo, too. He keeps giving In Soo this sort of look like, Are you for real, dude? I totally agree with you there.

    I’m still not completely sold on Sun Joon at this point. I mean, he’s a nice little character, and he is smart and all, but I just don’t feel him. I don’t think that it’s the actor, because he seems to be portraying what I think he’s supposed to portray, I just really don’t care about him that much as a character. It’s like, Congrats there buddy, you’re smart and pretty. Good job. Now what else you got? I’m hoping that something happens where I fall in love with him, ’cause I usually so like the lead male character. But right now, I’m lovin’ Jae Shin and In Soo a lot more!

    • 6.1 lilly

      Same to me either. I am not into Su Joon character. Even in episode 10 when he had a lot scenes with YS I didn’t care about the dynamic of their relationship. I tend to fastfoward SJ and YS scenes to watch the other ones- especially MJS and YHa scenes. Su Joon as a character does not grab me.

      • 6.1.1 Annie

        maybe it is because his character is so emotionless, kind of boring

      • 6.1.2 Ashley

        Where did you find episode 10? I’ve only found up to nine…

        • brookeeve

          I haven’t found Ep. 10. There’s some sort of squabble between KBS and Viikii about airing their episodes, and I’m pretty loyal to Viikii when it comes to watching Asian Dramas. I hope that they clear things up because I’m Jonesin’ for some Joseon Scandal! (haha, I crack myself up!)

          • Ashley

            You and me both!

          • Dramabeansfan

            How did you guys get to watch all the other episodes? I ve seen episode 1-4. But then i cant watch the other ones. Theyre not on youtube, not in mysoju, viikii says that my territory hasnt been approved or something (i live in australia), and tudou has it but not subbed?

            Can anyone tell me where they watch skk scandal where it has english subs and actually works??? Will be much appreciated.


        • lilly

          I watched the episode raw on Tudou. I didn’t understand but someone translated the script for me

          • kiwi

            Yes, I watch it with chinese sub on tudou. They are super fast

          • Glad

            Try dramacrazy.net they are pretty good.

  7. aquarianunicorn

    i agree with you with the Kang Moo statement. once in a while, i’d notice that they’d focus on him for a split second everytime IS says something or plans something.

    i have a feeling that they’ll use him in one of those twist of events moments.

    bravo on your recap…i love the tempo of how you did this.
    you are soooo talented!

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    In the meantime, please enjoy the music from the show.


    • 8.1 shu

      what subs do you watch on normally. if its engliash, you could go and watch it at viikii. they are rather fast at subbing normally. and it has up to ep 10 now i think.

  9. Ashley

    In episode 7, I joined the Moony faction. In episode 8, I wanted to become an officer (Treasurer maybe?). I ADORE him, and this episode confirmed for me that he is just as good for Yoon-hee as Sun Joon is. He helps and protects her, but in a way that doesn’t hurt her feelings. I know he’s the second lead, and he’ll end up crushed and lonely, but I want so much MORE for him than that!

    By the way, episode 9 only increased my ever growing conviction that Jae Shin is the perfect man, even though its supposed to be a big episode for Sun Joon. A frustrating thing about this show is that in order to prove that Sun Joon is THE GUY and Jae Shin is not, they never allow Jae Shin enough time alone with her! I am also VERY upset that he STILL hasn’t talked to her about this whole being a girl thing.

    • 9.1 lilly

      I agree with you here. I think the PD saw that MJS character is stealing the show and the character here is as good- maybe better- for YH as the main lead male character thus they fill the drama with tons of SJ/YH scenes- episode 10. Since I don’t care about the OTP I fastfoward a lot- in episode 10 my fav scene was the one with MJS and the kid because it was so naturally well acted ! YAI really shines in this show.

      • 9.1.1 QTR

        I have the same sentiments. Honestly, I’ve lost interest in watching episodes 9 and 10. I’ve only watched those JS scenes.

        I love his character because it is more human. I mean, we can see his faults and at the same time, we can see that beyond his rebellious character, he has a heart and he has sense.

        I also don’t like the obvious forcing of the issue that “SJ is the GUY and JS is not”. I like YC but the script makes me sick of seeing SJ being the perfect guy without any faults and always the hero.

        Lastly, I hope YAI will get a lead role real soon!

        • Ashley

          I agree! YAI needs a lead role of his own so I don’t have to watch him not get the girl again!

        • joon.t,uk

          I hope so …..YOU ARE-IN ……YAI……MOONY……GU-ROO…..

      • 9.1.2 Alexis

        I totally agree. I am completely won over by YAI and I think he has done a great job! Ep 8 was my fav cos of him and partly cos of Song Joong Ki. I also skipped parts of ep 9 and 10 to watch YAI.

      • 9.1.3 Ashley

        I haven’t seen episode 10 yet, but from the look of the preview and what you’re saying I think I’m walking into disappointment. Its too bad, because I’m not so much upset that MJS doesn’t get the girl (though that is pretty heartbreaking) as I am that they seem to be FORCING him not to get the girl. Its like its not occuring organically, its happening because the Great Writer in the Sky says so.

      • 9.1.4 dramacafe

        I have to agree with you on that. It’s not YAI’s fault that he’s such a good actor compared to Micky that’s why I think to compensate for Micky’s less stellar acting (no offense to Micky’s fans, but let’s be realistic his acting is not so awesome as compared to YAI & SJK) and as to not to be overshadowed too much by YAI’s JS character, the PD forces more SJ/YS scenes together so that it will be ingrained in our minds that we have to root for SJ/YS to be together in the end.

    • 9.2 krix

      I agree.

      I think from the beginning he has balanced chivalry with respect and I like that about the character. ex: when he defends her from the thugs and then later tells her “Don’t bow your head so easily. And don’t kneel to just anybody. That’ll become a habit, and once that’s a habit, it’s tough to fix.” or later giving her the release protector for her bow hand, and showing her how to make a fist to defend herself.

      As for Sun Joon, it always comes back to him -> ex. preparing for the tournament and Yoon Hee hits her first bulls eye -> her achievement is acknowledgment of his great abilities.

      • 9.2.1 Birdie

        Sun Joon is just too perfect and boring character. Wish they make him more interesting like the other 2 males as he is supposed to be the main guy and there will be mores SJ/YH scenes. Somehow she has more chemistry with the other 2 guys.She is more fun. When she is with SJ, she is serious and boring like him.

        • Autumn

          and it doesn’t help that SJ is stoic most of the time.

        • agnosi

          With all due respect, I would like to courteously disagree.

          Sun Joon is not a perfect character. Nor is he a boring one. How do I know? Because Sun Joon is a reserved man. Most of his conflicts and idiosyncrasies go on inside his head; he does not outwardly show them. Therefore, it is easy to mistake Sun Joon as an immaculate character when he is always meticulous in everything he does, says, and decides. It is hard to catch him when he’s at his worst, for he double checks, triple checks, and quadruple checks every single one of his decisions before he acts upon them. Remember, this drama is based on a novel. It is easier to portray a character’s complexities in text than on screen. It is extremely difficult to show all of what’s going on inside of Sun Joon’s head whilst acting (or any character for that matter), which is disappointing because that is where much of his real (and flawed) persona is carefully stowed away. And that leaves so many questions. Why is he so reserved? Contrary to what we believe, does he actually care about how others perceive him? Perhaps he is more insecure than we thought he was. What is exactly going on in that head of his? Now that is what I call an interesting character.
          Furthermore, he is a man of unwavering morals and righteousness; sticking to his morals is his first and foremost priority. In one way, this makes him noble. On the other hand, his iron-like integrity creates an unbending character—and causes him to get so caught up in abiding by his morals that he does not realize that he may have to break them to do the greater good. That can certainly be counted as a character flaw—and an ingenious recipe for an intriguing conflict.

          This is just my point of view, but personally, I love the “serious” aspects of the drama. It makes this drama much more than just an “idol drama” with a pretty leading cast; it adds thematic depth and philosophical questions and just makes the characters so very, very real and relatable. That is why I crave the scenes with Sun Joon and Yoon Hee; yes, the tone is serious and somber, but those are the times when my heart goes out to them both. I feel something for the characters. To Yoon Hee, who is struggling with the guilt of having a comfortable life while her family has barely enough food to put on the table. Her struggle to find her place between the two worlds of the rich and the poor is incredibly moving and heartwrenching. To Sun Joon who is trying to reconcile his values within a world of poverty and corruption, it is simply heartbreaking to know that his righteous and idealistic views of the world will inevitably shatter.

          • Ashley

            I agree Sun Joon is interesting to watch, and I look forward to figuring him out 🙂

          • leelee

            I totally agree with you Agnosi! That was beautifully analyzed! Do you have your own blog? Nice bit of writing there. Thank you for your fighting words for Lee Sun Joon!!!!! Seems like a lot of trolling on this post. What happened to all the love and enjoyment of this drama????

            ****Leave our LSJ alone! Respect and love all factions!!!

          • Nory Ellis


          • Autumn

            thank you for your insight, it was a delightful read, and i do agree with you on some aspects. though i love SJ for his righteousness and morals, i just can’t seem to get emotionally invested in him. I agree that SJ is not boring, nor is he flawless, and like you mentioned, he is a very conflicted man who is constantly struggling to compromise his values with the harsh reality.
            the problem i have is that he hides it all too well, i want him to show his weaknesses, subtly or overtly; i want him to loose some of that control he has over his emotions; i don’t want him to be stoic and looking unaffected most of the time. that’s why i loved the scene when he felt his forehead checking for malaria, it just made him seemed more human. just my two cents.

          • arun

            Thumb [email protected] .I total agree with U.

            Love your analyzed, have many reasonable.

            I hope some people hear just have reasonable like you.

            Good analyzed. It make me interest in sun-jun character more and more.

            And thanks to red_pill for good recaps.Love U.^^

          • lilly

            Sorry but you can analyse your love for SJ how much you want but this man does not interest me. Sorry but at episode 10 I skip most of scenes and I am more interested in actors like JS, YHa, Chosun ect… even the teenage thief than him. Everybody know he will end with YS but for me I don’t see, I can’t see what makes him better for YS/YH than JS…

          • agnosi

            Oh my! I don’t think I deserve such warm praise; after re-reading it, I would like to reword/revise a few things that sound awkward or a bit arrogant. But thank you very much; I’m very touched.
            Yes, I do have a blog. However, it is private; I’m hesitant to share it with the public because it is very personal, almost like a journal or diary. Perhaps someday I will.

            I agree with you on all of your points. (They were very well articulated and argued as well.) I, too, would love to see more of Sun Joon’s human aspects. It’s always frustrating when we see obscure character development; I can’t say whether the director/scriptwriter is doing a good job with this, even if SJ is stubborn (can’t we have a few more glimpses?), but I do believe that he is changing—albeit slowly and strategically hidden.

            Your views are perfectly understandable; at times, Sun Joon’s character is hard to empathize with. I respect your opinions, and you are rightly entitled to it. However, I would like to gently point out that I did not analyze my “love” for SJ but his character itself. Furthermore, “love” is the wrong word to use for my opinion of SJ. Rather, I took an interest to his inner conflicts because it deeply resonated with me on a personal level.

          • Hessa

            I totally agree with you and I loved his smile when YS was afraid to get down the wall in ep 10 oh and how he puts his hand on his heart =^^= too cute

        • sansukini

          he’s starting to evolve in ep 9 and 10. He’s done a very good job in my opinion. I enjoyed SJ and YS scened immensely.

          • 808

            HEY lilly,

            I can’t help but think you’re trolling. Just my 2 cents. kthnxbai.

          • yoochuncanact

            I thiunk she is trolling~ I mean so named Lilli!
            And it is funny when u skip all the scene n only watch MJS’s scene, u ‘d better not watch anything~ LOL
            The drama is so much more than MJS’s scene, I love to watch every single scene.
            You dun really watch LSJ so hơ can you judge him~
            Trolling ~~Trolling~~Trolling~

            Just my 2 cent though

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      • 9.3.1 lucida

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        • lucida

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      • 9.3.2 lucida

        Lilly is just a jealous troll.

        • lilly

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      Tee-hee. You must be of the older generation, like myself. ^^

      • 11.1.1 brookeeve

        Oh no! Don’t say knowing who Dr. Quinn is makes you of the older generation! I guess I knew I was, but that just kind of brought it home for me. Sob!

        • Ashley

          Hey! I’m 23 and I know who Dr. Quinn is! Dr. Quinn transcends generations 🙂

          • Momo

            LOL … and not only generations, but borders too 😉

            And that is a plus, because otherwise I would not get the intro letter 😀

            …btw, Dr. Queen, after you visit SKK, please stop by at my place, I need a help too…cure my SKKS addiction, please…

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    I know it may be too much of a strecht, but everytime I see Sun Joong clashing against reality I think back on the history/legend of Buddha. When he was born, a visitor came by and announced that the Prince had two possible futures: If he was held inside the palace, sheltered and never allowed to see sadness, poverty or death, only beauty and happiness, he would grow up to become the greatest king of all. If he were to ever so much as glance any sign of injustice, however, he would seek to learn more about it and in the end, he would become a Great Teacher – a great holy man.

    Sun Joon seems to have a blind faith in his father, and who knows, maybe if he had never come across Yoon Hee and Jae Shin, he would’ve never truly seen the “injustice”, and would have just grown up to become the man his father wants him to be.

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    I love the chemistry between jaeshim,yoon shik and sun joon in the room ! Ha,they just gave me a huge bundle of scream and girl-fanning xD
    I felt there is something more to yong ha’s background,so far we only know that he is not a noron(ok sorry,im confused with korean history,can someone tell me noron is spell correctly ?)
    And I really have tonnes of korea-related history question,seriously if my professor knew all these,he will be sick of me asking him questions all day

    • 15.1 Emma

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    Just about agreed with you on everything, from IS’s intentional miss in ep 7 to Kang-moo being a ticking time bomb. Hmm, by saying that your post was in perfect agreement to mine, did I just give myself a backhanded compliment?

    Ehh, whatever! Love you!

    Btw, did anyone else notice that medium Bak-soo was a wordplay on Starbucks. Chatterbox Bak-soo or Soo-da Bak-soo. And that’s how Starbucks was born! This kind of subtle humor is exactly why I love this drama so much!

    • 16.1 red_pill

      I didn’t catch the Starbucks reference. Bloody brilliant!

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    I’m with you on this one. Actually, I think that all the students will eventually find something that will define their standards as a human being.

    And, I think that Kim Yoon-shik will be the catalyst for each of them to do so. She is like the ‘yeast’ that makes the dough rise. And, the dilemma for each student is to decide whether or not to keep secret her true identity. Ultimately, they will.

    Thanks so much for the recap.

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    he certainly has this energy to make something crucial happen in the future..

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  23. 23 MSA

    As for Kang Moo… I always felt that he cares for In Soo. I don’t know how to explain myself… like, he truly considers him a friend, or at least has some powerful reason to remain loyal – not like the other sidekicks. I was thinking maybe In Soo did something for him a long time ago, before he became this evil master mind in the works.

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    Why, pride hurt? You’re not the (our) only (Yummy) god here, boy…

    Malaria? Does Joseon have any marshes to back that up? BTW, what does malaria sound like in Joseon Dynasty speak?

    Haha, Yummy’s a notorious playboy in a forest of females, but can’t even get over a fear of ghosts XP

    “…his playboy ways won’t win him points with the female ghost.” -> you hit it hard, girl!

    I didn’t know Minister Lee was fond of taxidermed animals (for point, see stuffed bird at scen of badeok).

    Plots of rebellions -> humph, typical Jeongjo period-dramas…yawn…

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    True In-soo’s father and SJ fathers are dangerous but there is something about Kang-Moo that is more “MORE”. I don’t know what word to use to describe him but I wonder when he is going to start doing more in the series.

  32. 32 tooizzy

    Oh yeah! What was Kang-Moo going to do to Chosun? When at the Dae-se-ra she was talking to In-soo and told him that she would give him a reply and In-soo stopped Kang-Moo from stabbing her or something?

    It looked like Kang-moo had a knife that he was going to use on Chosun.

    Now that I think about it……Kang-Moo is really dangerous…Several times In-soo had to stop him from doing something to others.

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    Since everyone seems to be on the moony ship, I’ll take the smarty one not because of YuChun (being a DBSK, just known them when this drama started airing) or because he’s popular, good looking and the lead guy who will get the girl of this drama (I’m not in that raging teen hormones age-group anymore) but because of how he portrayed LSJ as a character and being a new comer at that.

    For comparison purpose only (please MJS faction don’t kill me 🙂 )
    MJS character for me has a more outward persona to it, he tends to be a bit mysterious but you can readily read and predict his character and reactions, being a handsome bad boy, masquerading as hero-robin hood at night proclaiming the injustices of the current times and a good with soft hearted man albeit quick temper, sometimes the fist is quicker than reason kind of man but very loyal friend indeed and did i mention a very handsome to boot! I like that a lot about him. He’s acting it to a”T” too so very understandable everybody is swooning and mooning over him. How about our LSJ?
    Well, Red_Pill already explained his staid persona and sheltered existence prior to going to SKKS and meeting KYShik, boring right? WRONG! That what is actually attracted me to this character, its not so much a mystery but its very multi-dimentional, complex, so many layers unpeeled. He is a person I compared to a expensive rare aged wine left in a cellar for so long. All bottled up that once uncork, I’m anticipating that popped bursting moments. How would the wine taste like? Same with LSJ, how will he react when that right person (KYShink) will finally break into his walls. Will that persona withstand the bashing? or will it crumble? then who would he turn into? how would he respond? would he freaks out or not? would I like it? Can he change the character persona and not ruin it? So much question I don’t know and can’t predict that I’m waiting for him to deliver…and with him doing it excellently now all I’m hoping he’ll deliver an excellent good in the end.

    • 34.1 Nory Ellis

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    • 34.2 leelee

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    So far so good, i hope they will deepen the story and the characters give them a litte more background, i want to see jaeshin and yoonshik interacting more, i want to see much more jaelousy between the boys over yoon hee, i want so much , i hope i will get
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    Sun-joon and Jae shin realized that there will always be that distance of wealth between them and Yoon-hee. They can’t even begin to understand what she feels. I love Yoon-Hee’s cynical side. It’s usually the guys who are cynical and the girls who are idealistic. I also felt really sad when Yoon-Hee was at the hair ornaments stall. She must be missing being a girl and liking pretty stuff.

    who exactly is Gu Yong Hwa that he gets his own room while Yoon-Hee, Sun-joon, and Jae Shin have to triple up?

    • 40.1 nara:)

      well, from my knowledge of normal college housing rules, seniors usually get the best pick of rooms. Each level below that will have slimmer pickings from the rooms that are left over from the senior dorm selections.

      Since Yoon-Ha is a grade above them, he gets a single instead of a triple room 🙂

      • 40.1.1 anon

        But Jaeshin is a senior too… I think Yongha bought a room for himself.

        • Nory Ellis

          From epi 10 I got to know that Yong Ha’s family owns lots of business premises for rent. They are landlord in the mercantile district . I don’t know if they they are merchant themselves. But his room sure have beautiful furnitures.

        • totokoko

          maybe so, but jaeshin is also repeating the first year…

          • anon

            IS’s three followers share a room and I am pretty sure they are seniors too.

  41. 41 red

    awesome recap….its always good when reading it is just as good as watching it, thanku 🙂

  42. 42 Emi

    Kang-Moo’s stoic, quiet observation of things kind of reminds of of General Choi in Chuno. (though possibly more sinister)

  43. 43 katz

    Thanks for the recap! It made me laugh all over again! I actually am beginning to be drawn to Sun Joon with each episode… Don’t get me wrong, Jae Shin is is wonderfully good-looking and his protectiveness made me swoon and all. But there’s just something about Sun Joon that is just endearing and Yoon-Hee makes those little cracks in his armour – a sudden smile, a little vulnerability and that honesty with his feelings – that shows a bit more of himself each time.

    Oh and I had that same thought too, why does Yong Ha get his own room?!

  44. 44 Autumn

    ok, why was there a bath bucket in the middle of a memorial site? was that always there? or did yeonhee somehow managed to drag it there?

    gah, the beginning was hilarious. i think i burst a gut laughing when the stick that was holding the door fell on the ground. honestly MJS should just pair with GYH, they belong together.

  45. 45 leelee

    I am still rooting for LSJ and KYS!!!! They both complement each other so well, intellectually and spiritually. I don’t care about Moon factions or whatever. Lee Sung Joon is the better man for her!

    Don’t get me wrong, Moon Jae Shin is a hot commodity. But, I’m trying to think logically and not lustfully.

    • 45.1 momosa

      You should check out Ep. 10 soonest because its not MJS lusting. Its LSJ, serious lusting..tsk, tsk, its wrong boy!

      • 45.1.1 leelee

        Yes, I saw episode 10 already. Stilll fanning myself really….(Trying to stay focused.)

        • momosa

          She is really pretty in those gowns. LSJ was in awe, he showed it well and the sound effect was so cute. So… he likes the mouth..hmm! I can’t help it, I have to confess – I rewatched it again and again and can’t stop giggling.

          Wait till LSJ found out that MJS actually had a preview to her naked top! Bwa..ha..ha. Oh, she must wear those gowns one more time for MJS, I can’t imagine how he will re-act.

          Sorry, seriously out of control here :))

          • leelee

            OMG, I have to confess I must’ve replayed parts 1 & 2 of Episode 10 like about a million times. LSJ and KYH’s scenes together are so HOT! That’s what you call mature love, not some bubblegum puppylove!

            Just like in the novel, LSJ is having all these wild fantasies/imaginations about KYH. Yeah, couldn’t stop laughing at the infatuation with her lips!!!!!

            I am so enjoying this drama!!!! Glad to share the enthusiasm with Dramabeans and all the fans of SKKS!

          • Annie

            haha, it is so funny and hot at the same time. He just want to kiss her

  46. 46 luluu

    honestly, i do’nt like to hear comments especially the excessive bias, ^^
    because it would only hurt a lot of fans on the other side ..
    you know exactly what I mean..
    I try not biased to anyone..
    ex for moony faction: I think you guys will always say bad things about soonjun until the end of the episode, I understand it all because jaeshin is the 2nd male lead and yonhe there is no possibility for the end to jaeshin..maybe it could happen if there are jaeshin’s photo in the main of promotional posters..
    frankly I’m in jaeshin Faction, but I do’nt like saying bad things to the other main lead like to soonjun..
    why do you really hate him?? became the lead character is not his fault, this is his drama which he was the lead actor.. blame the PD and scriptwriter..lol
    justkidding, i love your drama mr. PD..^^
    although jaeshin is the 2nd male lead, but I will stay in the Moony Faction until the end..
    just ignore me if you do’nt like my comment, I’m just trying to cool the atmosphere here.. lol (peace)

    thanx red_pill you’re awesome.. 🙂

    • 46.1 leelee

      Thank you for that! I felt like everyone was ripping LSJ’s character apart because I they were so infatuated with MJS. That’s not fair to those who do support LSJ. To each their own…but be respectful of others.

      To those who are skipping through the episodes and complaining that it lacks content…I don’t know if you or I are watching the same drama…but it seems very good to me. I think you are just biased and maybe need to watch some other cutesy drama instead if it’s too hard to “grasp.” Just keeping it real.

      • 46.1.1 nida

        I understand what you feel because sometimes I also aligned in SJ faction (I’m not a hypocrite), that’s why I say a long statement before..
        I really understand what their strengths and weaknesses in their character (I just enjoy it), and i think we had better say nice things than questioning their character flaws continuously..
        there will be no end, right?
        I know there must be some of you who do’nt agree with me.. 😀 (just imo)

        of course everyone is entitled to argue what they like and dislike just like me, but do’nt forget to pay attention to what other fans feeling assumption, ok.. 😉

        • nida

          to leelee and Nory Ellis its me luluu, nida is my realname..lol

      • 46.1.2 nikkyp28

        I have been “TRYING” to watch this drama, keeping my “subjective” thoughts/feelings in -check and “TRYING” to see it in a multi-colored picture so to speak and have been successful so far (LOUD SIGH!) but it is really hard what will all those pretty boys.

        I guess you’re right in a way asking are we watching the same drama? coz it seems we are getting different reaction to it? some even scares me coz its such an extreme reaction bordering on madness LOL. I try to make sense out of this and what I came out with is that once you caught the virus that is MJS, GYH or LSJ (you’re a goner LOL) you can’t helped but bow before your man, proclaiming him gods of all god 🙂 , and if someone says otherwise, Oh! boy! eyes possessed, mouth rabidly-foaming, your already slave-mummified brain chanting either MJS/GYH/JSL will definitely switch to a kill mode! Shipper war begins! maiming, hair pulling, kicking, spitting, bashing, major royal rumble begins 🙂 I just hope that in that brief lucid interval moments, we should try to calm down and really stop negative commenting each other (with regards to who’s better). Let us all play fair and just enjoy and loving the show. Each have their ship to care about, let’s not hit each other, the ships may sink and not everybody is wearing a life saver and knows how to swim. My 2 cents! I keep my mouth shut now 🙂

    • 46.2 luluu

      ups, i forgot.. for Moony Faction, you’ve read the novel?
      I think you’ll like it because someone said that jaeshin would meet another woman besides yonhe.. 😉

      so you do’nt need to be disappointed, we just hope she will be present in the drama..
      Make it happen please..

      • 46.2.1 annie

        I dont want jaeshin to meet another woman….im so selfish >O<" I am team moony but I like SJ's character too, he is perfect for yhee

    • 46.3 anon

      IA with you, I may be in the Moony Faction, but I also love SJ.

    • 46.4 Nory Ellis

      luluu, leelee, anon… agree with you all. Love them all.
      People, let’s not start bashing other factions. That will lessen the enjoyment of the drama. Let us all enjoy this gem of a drama together, whichever character you like best.

      • 46.4.1 nida

        “let’s not start bashing other factions. That will lessen the enjoyment of the drama. Let us all enjoy this gem of a drama together, whichever character you like best.” love this..

        if I’m in a..
        moony faction: I would feel disappointed because someday he will fall asleep with heartache, what should I do? I can only continue to always support him no matter what happens to him at the end of the drama (I will not always complain), because so far he has shown his acting skills which many people liked it.. etc

        yummy faction: oh I really like his playboy character, he played a very interesting character, why? because sometimes he was always helping other main character if it is in distress (he is an angel in the jalgeum4), sometimes he always arbitrate quarrels between jaeshin and soonjun, he was a jovial..etc

        smarty faction: so far, I really like the stiff character he played, its too cute for me (lol), he does his character so well, I ca’nt imagine if jaeshin who plays his role (lol) oh this will destroy the atmosphere, just be a moony jaeshin! its the best character for you..sorry OOT..i love how idealis soonjun, sometimes he is naive too..sometimes he’s a hypocrite, but I know he really just do’nt know how to convey something with no hypocrite, as his feelings to yonhe.. so cute!!

        *oh soonjun come to me I will teach you how to express your love to yonhe..

        sorry for long comments, basically I just want to say I love them! love the jalgeum quartet! love jilgeum quartet too! love SKKS!

    • 46.5 Ashley

      I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Sun Joon! I have no problems with him. I just wish the writers wouldn’t work so hard to keep MJS away from Yoon Hee. I guess what I’m saying is that in a good drama (in my opinion) letting the second male lead take his shot doesn’t diminish the love of the main pair. As a matter of fact, it proves that the main pair is meant to be, because even though the second guy has a lot going for him, he still lost. I guess I wish the writers would have more faith in Sun Joon, since they seem to think he wouldn’t hold his own if MJS had too many scenes with Yoon Hee. Just an opinion!

      And I have been enjoying this show immensely, so I have not been fastforwarding.

    • 46.6 brookeeve

      I don’t really think that anyone HATES Sun Joon. I certainly don’t. I understand his character concept, I understand that he has deep thoughts and he is supposed to be Yoon Hee/Shik’s soul mate. I really want to love him… but I’m not “feelin'” him. I might in later episodes, (and I started to a little towards the end of Episode 9, now that I’ve watched that), but it wasn’t the instant attraction to his character that I felt towards Jae Shin, Yoon Hee/Shik and Yummy-Poo. That was my complaint. Aren’t we allowed to complain?

      Most of us love all these characters, anyway. This drama has done such a good job of filling the screen with amazing characterization, and the plot is difficult and wonderful. There aren’t any real complaints from any of us, just a problem trying to believe the candidacy of a character like Sun Joon as the soul mate that he has been written as. I fully expect that to turn around as more of his character is revealed… and I really want to watch him royally screw up at some point because he’s really set up as ‘perfect.’

      • 46.6.1 leelee

        Exactly my point, my dear. Stop complaining and let’s just enjoy SKKS together!!!! 😀

        • arun

          Agree!!!! thanks leelee.

    • 46.7 lilly

      Actually I can’t see what makes SJ better for YH than JS- even Park Min Young is not disagree with my statement.
      I just know SJ will end with YH…

      • 46.7.1 pitabread

        Not intending to offend anyone, but you don’t have to see it, and neither does PMY. The fact is, YHee sees it, the author sees it and the scriptwriter sees it.

        Different people have different ideals. I don’t see why you need to frustrate yourself over it. Just enjoy the drama, and if SJ’s presence annoys you so much, then I guess you could just continue skipping his scenes. 🙂

        • lilly

          No offense but what I say is not untrue- I guess the article was not posted here but she said in real life she would choose JS. What I mean is people tend to say SJ is better for YH but if they didn’t know the ending of the storyline would they say that ? I wanted to be in the team SJ/YH because I wanted to avoid heartbreak since I know the ending. Yet, SJ maybe good for YH but not better than JS- and the drama shows us every week : I still can’t forget the scene between JS and the lil boy.

          • lucida

            @ lilly, yes, we are offended because you have been doing nothing but talk a bunch of rubbish about our Sun Joon! And you are basing your opinion on some article? Wow, you really are naive indeed. I think your Mom is calling you for your nap time. bye.

          • lilly

            @ Lucida I talk the way I want about SJ the character and I don’t care if your DBSK or Micky fangirl’s heart is hurt…Go sleep.

          • dragontattoo

            lol go watch something else then. because we all know who YH will end up with, regardless of your complaints 🙂

          • lucida


          • lucida

            And yes, I am a Micky fangirl! But I’m also mature enough to appreciate all the factions and their fans, thank you very much!

          • rana

            just go to to your bad, and dream your moony faction!
            because of you I lost feeling for jaeshin, just watch his own drama, ok!..lol
            talk about you want/need, but do’nt kill other people comment with your bad words.
            you who provoke us to say this..

          • war

            @ lilly you like a spam, you are bashing everyone’s here..
            of course bashing soonjun faction..
            what do u want? just stop this..
            if not, I can say things are worse to jaeshin just like you are bashing soonjun..hahaha

          • javabeans

            Guys, cut it out.

            Nobody can force an opinion on other people, so there’s no point trying. There is no call for insults.

        • lucida


          • lilly

            LMAO ! Micky’s fans are so funny !

          • LOL

            N u r so funny too~ A lot of ppl now are falling for SJ~~~ MORE THAN JS, just to let u know~
            And they start to like Micky after watching SKKS not before LOL
            N then stop trolling, every one here saw ur true face already~

            If you keep your bias mind like that, you will never trully enjoy any drama in this world~
            For my s.o called Micky did a great job in ep 9, 10~

          • lilly

            Sorry but this is a fact SJ character is BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORING- especially compared to MJS/YAI and GYA/SJK. He pales whenever he is beside them.

          • Dramabeansfan

            @lilly you are so immature!! I am also from the moony faction but it doesnt mean that i should just throw everybody else’s opinion at the door just because you think that your opinion is the only one that matters. And stop having a go at “lucida/lucinda” because truthfully, you were the one that provoked her to say those things.

            If you cant be mature enough to comment, just keep your opinions to yourself…. Because nobody cares!!!

          • joon.t,uk

            I THINK WE’RE IN THE SAME BOAT,,,,BECAUSE WE ALL LOVE “SKKS” so PLEASE DON’T LET THE BOAT SINK.THE WHOLE EPISODE THAT you ‘re misunderstood of each other commentssssss…………..then your guys got HOT UP….Let’s COOL DOWN. ;0) It’s the CHARACTER that they’re in and the SKILL of each CASTS as we’ve known from ep1 MYC started quite poor :0( … to be the MAIN MALE CAST when compare to YAI..and..SJK..who started well ..then we created THE FICTIONS.. follow by COMMENTS..OPINIONS..and then CONFLICTS….Please give MYC a chance he’s getting better more and more.They all try to do their best to entertain us all don’t you think so!!!!! *=*

      • 46.7.2 Anna

        Moon Jae Shin is hot, but Lee Sun Jun is hotter in Yoon Hee’s eyes (not Min Young’s lol) and in my eyes too, I like Sun Jun character better than Jae Shin!

      • 46.7.3 annie

        SJ’s character push YH to use her ability, knowledge to achieve what she wants, be different from all the women at her time, not just a person who are order by the higher power authorizes and men. While JS will only protect and he is not the type of person that will help her achieve self satisfaction.

        I am team js, i would choose js but i am not yhee

  47. 47 rhea

    Haha, I’m not trying to think at all.

    MOON JAE SHIN/YOO AH IN!! I swear, you are the best man, ever. I am sure you will have the unrequited love and all the hurt it brings, and I am sad for you, but just the same, great, great job!

    Thanks for the recap!


  48. 48 Tyme

    Awesome. Thank-you. =) Finished wtaching scattered bits of ep ten yesterday, but it’s lovely having a recap to refer back to when I’m curious about plot happenings.

    I believe I’m strange because I never seemto have the second lead syndrome. xD Sunjoon is adorable to watch because he doesn’t seem to realize or want to admit that he likes Yoon hee.

    The thing with their spleeping positions is just awesome. In the beginning Jaeshin just kicked Yoonhee over in the middle and said “this is your place because I definitely don’t want to be sleeping next to a noron”. After he finds out, he becomes over protective and is practicaly hugging Sunjoon every night with Yoonhee cast over towards the door.

  49. 49 nattacatta

    I’m so glad you mentioned Kang Moo! I totally agree. As I was watching the later episodes, it is obvious from the shots on him that there is more than meets the eye. Nobody needs a silent, idle minion unless they end up being their rival or at least having some bearing in the plot.

    Anyway, I love the recap and thank you!
    While I LOVE Jae Shin and his hiccups and adorableness and I think Yoo Ah In is amazing in his portrayal, I am all for the OTP, for all of the reasons you stated. They are such a well matched couple, and I love the basis in friendship of their relationship. The cross dressing thing allows for a platonic friendship with hints of attraction and jealousy to develop and I adore that, one of the reasons I am still so enamoured with Coffee Prince and why this show is becoming like crack. Plus with OTPs I always judge how well matched they are physically, and these two look ah-mazing together.

  50. 50 LeMonS

    Every time I see Kang Moo I think he has got to be hating In Soo’s other subordinates. Seriously how embarrassing is it for him? I would disassociate myself from In Soo, just because of those two idiots.

    He has to think about his future…

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