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Official posters released for Mary Stayed Out All Night
by | October 26, 2010 | 130 Comments

Posters are out for Mary Stayed Out All Night, which premieres in two weeks. Frankly, I think the fan-made versions are much cuter, and more creative.

But I think the main lesson to take away from this is: WTF are you wearing, boys? (I have the feeling that’s going to be a recurring refrain with this drama.)

Mary Stayed Out All Night, which puts Mary in a contract marriage two times over, premieres on November 8.

And here’s the preview, in case you haven’t seen it:

Via Star News


130 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. boo boo

    Can’t wait for this drama. I enjoyed Jang Geun-seok in You’re Beautiful.

  2. misa

    At first I thought she knocked down a woman there at the car scene LOL

    • 2.1 Azra

      he he- it seemed so to me too! i wish he’d realize how annoyingly feminine he looks in here

  3. moley

    I agree!! the fan made posters are better.

    • 3.1 stars4u

      The creative fan-made posters made me have higher expectations for the official poster but ooohhh well!!

      So excited for this but I’m sad that SKKS is ending!!

      • 3.1.1 ilog


        I’m excited for this drama to start, but I wouldn’t mind it getting moved a bit if SKKS had an extension…. Torn.

  4. curious

    Sorry I just had to ask this. Didn’t MGY had a hair cut for CS? How did her hair grow so long so quickly? Anyway she looks adorable, like a doll.

    • 4.1 Ani

      *whispers* Extensions.

      • 4.1.1 Ani

        Truthfully that’s my best guess. That or a secret uber-fast hair growth formula.

      • 4.1.2 Lily

        That hair CANNOT be real

        • Ani

          I guess we’re voting Extensions. I was watching a Taiwanese show on ViiKii and it started out with this historical/back-in-the-day era scene, and the concubine had really long hair and someone commented “They’re always talking about Black weave, but they got some for Asians too”.

          I thought it was hilarious, so I hope no one takes it offensively. But yeah, it has to be extensions…. or a magic bottle. I’m telling you, there’s some weird stuff they’re brewing down at Eureka and Area 51. XD

          • august

            i think you mean warehouse 13 lol x

  5. Anonymous

    Wow… Fan-made ones are definitely better as they actually required time to make (instead of taking photos and adding in the logo). Ah well, what can you do, though I expect the pink fan poster is probably going to be the image that represents this drama on websites, it’s already ridiculously popular.

    • 5.1 staples

      I think the official poster-makers tried to go in the opposite direction of the fan-made ones. Notice that the fan-made ones use a lot of cut-out faces on different backgrounds, etc. and I think the official ones tried to be distinctive by being different. Otherwise it would be hard to tell the difference. (The fan-made ones were SO professional!)

      Another possibility is that they just gave up. If the fan-made ones are that good, why bother making the official ones nice?

  6. peanut butter

    aww, she sounds so cute, light, and happy!! a bit of a 180 from Cinderella’s Sister.

    • 6.1 peanut butter

      btw, is she wearing red ankle boots with that wedding dress?? Huh.

  7. thatguy

    Korean hipster drama! This could be the closest thing to a K-drama version of Scott Pilgrim, without the video game references and the evil boyfriends.

    • 7.1 Eleven11

      heh, *like*.

  8. LeeLey

    The guys are truly handsome- but uber thin!! I think I need to go on a diet….

    • 8.1 staples

      NO! They need to eat more _That_ is the problem. *resists urge to compare herself to gorgeous anorexic Korean pop stars*

  9. Lemon

    I had forgotten how cute Moon Geun Young was, after Cinderella’s Sister! She’s ttly adorable here 😀

    And the first poster makes it seem like the show stars 4 ladies, 1 who prefers the androgynous look (Kim Jae Wook- JGS is pretty believable as a girl here ahaha).

    • 9.1 staples

      I hate her clothes in the poster though. She looks like a complete hobo! *prays for magic kdrama makeover in episode 3*

  10. 10 SM

    Lol it is funny when I look at those photos. JKS is a pretty boy but he is always the one with the worst n weirdest fashion. The stylists either love him to make him standout the most or hate him to make him ridiculously funky. 🙂

  11. 11 riley

    I… I… Are those formal shorts over leather leggings? Because WOW.

    I can’t even process the posters themselves now, although I also think the pink poster was better!

    • 11.1 Jane

      That was precisely my reaction…and with tall boots no less. Then I found myself asking, “what would constitute proper footwear for such an outfit? Loafers without socks? Flip flops? Dress shoes?” In the end I am left bemused and slightly disturbed.

      • 11.1.1 roake

        I didn’t even get that far. The short/leather/boots….. it all just blew my mind to bits

        • lb_tmi

          yeah, precisely.. wtf have they put KJW in? and then i keep scrolling down and the thought comes out again.. for JGS. yet.. MGY is in RED ankle boots w/ her white wedding dress!!

    • 11.2 Poisson

      Haha actually the leggings are one piece..just diff fabric…1/4 cotton and the rest leather. o_O

  12. 12 Marg

    I adore all three actors, but I’m sorry to say that from the preview(s) I just get this really “artificial” feeling about this drama. I feel like the playful-cute quirkiness they’re aiming for is too heavy-handed and overly stylized…it’s all a bit too saccharin and forced for my tastes. And I know it’s hard to judge from previews alone, but I’m not really seeing any hint of chemistry between the characters. I really hope I’m wrong.

    • 12.1 rayray

      sadly those are my same exact feelings. I was really looking forward to this show to fill the void once SKKS is over! Boy do I hope we re wrong..maybe the actors just need some time to get used to each other and the characters they are playing.

    • 12.2 Ladymoonstone143

      Same sentiments here…and I do hope am wrong because after PK and SKKS I was looking forward to this one. I really do hope for a chemistry because it will definitely carry the drama…

    • 12.3 1611lau

      hear! hear!

    • 12.4 SteamyBun

      I agree that it seems a bit “saccharin and forced”, but I’ve felt that way about a lot of dramas that fall under this genre. I’m still trying to figure out how people actually fell for the main character’s irritating cute act in You Are Beautiful, or countless other drama ploys that use weird behavior to make girls appear “cute” like overeating and excessive pouting, etc.
      Wait a second, aren’t MGY and JGS kind of mascots of adorableness anyway? Maybe they’re just confusing us with their powers of being really cute WITHOUT trying…?
      ANYWAY, the last drama that, for me at least, had such an awesome cast that I assumed it would be great was Cinderella’s Sister. I’m guessing that as long as they don’t dedicate like 20 minutes of each episode to someone crying, and don’t write in any ridiculous nonsensical character developments that make me want to hit someone like CS did, it’s probably safe to say we have an EPIC WIN of a show.
      Oh, and I actually like the posters. I’m guessing (hoping?) the guys may evolve into, well, GUYS at some point during filming.

  13. 13 rockee

    Call me crazy or what but I’m not so excited about this drama. I don’t know. I guess I’m already having my SKKS withdrawal. Or maybe I’m just not feelin’ their outfits. Don’t hate, just sayin’. And yes, the fan-made poster versions are SO much better. I hope I’m wrong about this drama.

    • 13.1 Fasiris Fay

      hahahah, I just recently started SKKS and am currently on episode 12 and am loving it!
      Love love love the characters, but I’m also excited for this 🙂

    • 13.2 emeldy

      Same hear, i was almost drawn to the drama. Now i seriously doubt i can stick through. I absolutely hate the outfit and the hair. What are they thinking.

      • 13.2.1 jea

        Seriously, the outfits and the hair is killing my initial enthusiasm for this drama. The previews are not really snatching me back up either. I really hope I’ll be proven wrong.

  14. 14 Fasiris Fay

    ummmmm what ARE they wearing?!
    despite this, I can’t wait 😀

    • 14.1 Shelley

      They are wearing standard JGS style clothes… OMG… That’s the only scary part…

      • 14.1.1 Azra

        maybe jgs’ stylist was appointed as the whole cast’s stylist. now that makes sense as to why they’re all looking so ridiculously fugly!

        • gala

          how JGS managed to find an eccentric stylist [like him] is amazing! ha!

          tbh, i’ve seen out-of-whack fashion from idol groups that what they’re wearing here aren’t at all shocking/surprising/scary to me. i’ve seen worse, actually.

        • jea


  15. 15 Jane

    Looks like a scene from one of Passions themed episodes. Maybe Halloween?

    • 15.1 Fasiris Fay

      agree! I thought it looked a bit like a horror movie >_<

  16. 16 JeSsBeL

    cant wait to watch this drama! I’m just scared i’ll want to get into the laptop screen to chop JGS’s hair off XD

    • 16.1 rayray

      hehehehe! I almost spat out the water I was drinking after reading this cause this is exactly what I want to do!! man they even curled it all femininely and all.I really dont mind long hair on dudes but as long as it looks manly and not all shiny and curled.

      • 16.1.1 JeSsBeL

        EXACTLY! The curls make me more anxious to cut tht hair… i mean his hair ws ok like in YB but now he’s crossed the line w/the curls XD

  17. 17 brookeeve

    So…. step-son asked why the chick looked so terrified.

    • 17.1 Rina

      I was thinking the same thing, where MGY does look a little terrified/surprised? I would have a huge grin if I was standing between KJW and JGS.

      • 17.1.1 Rina

        Oops…I meant “why” instead of where.

  18. 18 hpn88

    the poster reminds me of my name is kim sam soon. its the whole white house, porch steps thing I think.

    • 18.1 danni

      Yeah, MNIKSS was the first thing that came to my mind too.

  19. 19 Hanjae

    Wow, you’re right. Drama posters can really be a hit or miss sometimes, but I didn’t expect they’d be so lazy as to take a photo, slap a couple of light textures on it and then add a logo and call it a poster. Particularly considering how nice the fan versions were.

    *still boggling at those red boots she’s wearing with the mini wedding dress*

  20. 20 yumi-chan

    This is like the dream team for drama love triangles. I ship all of them, please play it right writers and pull some Naked Kitchenesque ending. PRETTY PLEASE!

    • 20.1 danni

      Ugh no. I HATED the ending of Naked Kitchen.

      • 20.1.1 Lemon

        Yeah I hated the ending of naked kitchen as well!

  21. 21 v

    KJW’s leather pants… hahahaha
    for some reason, the 2nd poster reminds me of a mix of Coffee prince, OML, MNIKSS poster put together.. plus a bit of those old dramas like spring waltz…
    anyways, i’m really starting to think this could be my next drama fix.

  22. 22 kirara

    I’m a big fan of the 2nd lead but the previews are hilarious.. seen them playing after SK scandal..

    I’m going to have to agree that their clothing so strange and JGS is looking so girly girl.. but as a few people mentioned, this may become my next drama fix as well.. we’ll see..

    Thanks for posting!

  23. 23 Maggie Y

    Hmm… I have mixed feelings about this drama. I really like JGS but I’m not a fan of MGY… what to do? I might just wait till the drama ends and see what people say before watching it.

  24. 24 danni

    If I hadn’t watched My Little Bride a couple of weeks ago, I would have never thought that Moon Geun Young could be so adorable. I hope that she can keep up the cute throughout the drama without overdoing it.

    The fan posters were definitely better, but I’m actually really liking the crazy wedding picture, in spite of JGS’s pants and MGY’s boots. This drama is looking like it’s walking the line between quirky and crazy but I guess I can’t judge how it will be till it airs. Hey November, hurry up and get here already!

  25. 25 vineloppe

    Im waiting… It can be cool drama
    Just hurry up ^^

  26. 26 _dangel

    what that…..fan made posters looks better 🙁

  27. 27 ank

    My eyes only see Kim Jae Wook in tux. He is a total hottie. *swoons*

  28. 28 nadya

    the wedding scene reminds me of Tim Burton theme for some reason…and i agree, their clothes aren’t the best but that’s what makes the show more creative^^

    • 28.1 Ayesha

      Wow……that’s exactly what I thought. In fact the first time I saw Kim Jae Wook I’ve already had that thought “this guy should be in one of Tim Burton’s movie”. Probably it’s because of his face.

  29. 29 Tati

    like some who commented, i’m also not feeling the chemistry between the leads. it all seems forced.

    still, i hope dramabeans would give us recaps of the show.

    i have no problem with the wardrobe, though. maybe i got too used to seeing JGS in all his weird fashion.

    i wonder how it would all be if PSH is playing MaeRi..

  30. 30 Meosles

    Actually I think the boys’ outfit are fine, even JGS’s hobo look. But I don’t like MCY’s outfit and hairstyle. I prefer her lost waif look in CS. They are pushing too hard for the free-spirited look I think.

    Still I won’t judge too hard on the posters and teasers videos. I don’t like the posters and teasers for MGIAG too but I ended up loving the drama. Wait and see.

  31. 31 Yoori

    This drama looks like it’s going to be fun to watch.

    However, JGS has been playing this type of role far too many times and honestly, it’s boring to me as a viewer. [I know, the drama hasn’t even air yet — so how can I judge!] I’d love to see him take on a different role, perhaps ones that aren’t idolized — to show his ‘talent’. Also, he’s way to girlie and they always have him in funky styles that emphasis his femininity!

    As for MGY — we all know she’s a talened actress and I’m excited for this particular role because we haven’t seen her much in comedic – youthful ones.

  32. 32 vietnamfan

    I’m starting feeling uneased because of their clothes and acting faces. Worried if they are overdo their job or is it because the drama starts filming too late since the late casting decisions and late joining of MGYoung.
    I love them all 3 (JGS,MGY, and KJW) so I started feeling fluttered about their sucess in the drama.

  33. 33 nine

    what are they wearing? … ?

  34. 34 ByeByeBicycle

    I’m seeing some rather ugly clothes. It’s not even fashionable.

  35. 35 EON

    I hope MGY’s hair will not be the same throughout the series. She really has very beautiful hair that suits her whether short like it was in Cinderella’s Sister or very long.

    The men’s fashion statement really needs getting used to. Although, Sukkie has been known to look good in almost anything (the problem is whether he looks handsome or beautiful in them…bwehehehe).

    So looking forward to watching the drama… the story looks good aside from having great casting.

  36. 36 keunsukfan

    they should have just bought the fan made ones!

    omg! what’s with the clothes!

  37. 37 wwtg

    KJW = Swoon
    He is looking so pretty.

    • 37.1 Rina

      He looks really good in those bridal pictures with MGY & JGS…kept looking to make sure I didn’t see any hot pants over his pants!

  38. 38 Dara

    I saw the trailer last night after SKKS live broadcast. My feeling is still FLAT for this show, don’t know why.

    JGS’s smile looks weird, may be it has something to do with his wardrobes. I really need a break after SKKS, may be I am running way already!

    • 38.1 Dara

      I mean ‘running away’.

  39. 39 glacierkn

    okay, I will probably not like this drama cuz I don’t like when the main actress acts all cute and naive (this is why I didn’t like MGIAG). I just get that vibe from the teaser.

  40. 40 girlatsea

    Is their a subbed version of the preview? I want to understand..

    • 40.1 girlatsea


    • 40.2 staples

      haha. yay! you corrected yourself. my grammar nazi-ness salutes you! (and I don’t mean a hitler salute, either)

  41. 41 HARU!!

    i love JGS jeans there so cute i want them >> to this i also have to say he shouldn’t be wearing them lol

  42. 42 grasya

    what’s with that leather pants/leggings and the shorts?

    looking forward to JGS!

  43. 43 JBella

    Can’t wait for MSOAN to air but I’m a little sad to see Sungkyunkwan scandal end :(..gosh im torn between the two dramas….

  44. 44 Anonymous

    I feel like a judge on Project Runway, but I have to say “I question your taste” costume designer.

    Is he really wearing tight ripped jeans with a tuxedo jacket. And red Ugg-like boots with a wedding dress? No…….

    • 44.1 Rina

      I was shocked when I saw his faded torn leggings/skinnies with the tux jacket. I get he’s a musician, but I’m not sure about some of these choices by the stylist.
      I think KJW was the only one looking good in those altar/bridal pictures.

  45. 45 Dee Dee

    Jang Geun-Seok seriously looks like a girl in these pics.
    But, then again KJW looked like a girl in Dalja’s Spring and I loved it!

  46. 46 ItsJeswee

    OOOOHHHHH…. I CAN’T WAIT!!!! *jump jump*

  47. 47 Dele

    Ummm please explain Kim Jae’s “pants” wtf are they, and why are they on his precious body?

    So I’m going to dissect the last two still and point out that Kim Jae is holding onto Mary’s hands but her and Jang Guen are mutually hand holding. HAHA..I’m a geek, but I cannot wait for this drama to start next month!!!

    • 47.1 Ning

      A sudden hole in his uhm… that region might be the best explanation put an extra shorts on top.

      Good observation of the hand holding! Well, let’s see how it all works out.

      • 47.1.1 Rina

        LOL! That can be possible reason why he’s wearing those shorts over the leather pants!

    • 47.2 Rina

      Good eyes…I didn’t notice that! I was too busy trying to rationalize JGS’s outfit, MGY’s red boots and taking in KJW.

  48. 48 pabo ceo reom

    JGS’s cordi must be dressing the entire cast 😛

  49. 49 jubilantia

    Men’s fashion here pretty much boils down to “Oh, honey, no“.

    I thought Jae-wook was supposed to be a staid businessman. I hope that’s not what he’s wearing in the drama. There needs to be contrast, people. Contrast!

  50. 50 felixng

    JGS’s hairstyle is awww… ful. If it has nothing to do with his character in the drama, I guess it can be too distracting to watch. The age gap between Kim Hyo-jin and JGS is actually not that big (3 years), but she looks so much mature than him. And his boyish look and hairdo really don’t help at all. He looks too androgynous. Maybe that what his character is like. Anyway, they’re supposed to be musician, and people tend too think the more eccentric they are the more talent they have. Let’s see.

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