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Mary Stayed Out All Night: Episode 7
by | November 30, 2010 | 188 Comments

Finally, some DRAMA up in this drama! It’s certainly about time, I tell ya. Things finally come to a head, punches are thrown, lips get kissed, and everyone gets spun around due to the overabundance of those pesky feelings. The last episode sincerely had me believing the two boys were more into each other than Mary (thanks jb), but in this episode they finally come around and start to fall for our girl. (Not that we’re not…keeping that other option open…)


Mu-gyul makes his declaration that Mary is his woman (more specifically, his wife) in front of Seo-jun and the whole party, dragging Mary out. Seo-jun stands agape as the band members behind her mutter that Mu-gyul went and outed himself, when he told them to keep it under wraps. She confirms with one look from Jung-in that she was the only one who didn’t know, throwing her glass down in anger.

Mary pulls free from Mu-gyul, shouting at his rash behavior. They start arguing, but Jung-in comes to split them up…by decking Mu-gyul in the face. Mu-gyul responds in kind, and the two end up in a round of fisticuffs, with Mary struggling to get the two hot boys to stop fighting over her. Hm. Sounds a lot like this dream I had…

Jung-in shouts that Mu-gyul isn’t thinking about things from Mary’s point of view (and breaking the terms of the contract), which is exactly when the struggle sends Mary to the ground, clutching her forehead in pain. Yeah doofuses. Stop groping each other and pay attention to the girl. Remember her?

Mary takes Mu-gyul to her house to treat his wound, wondering what on earth made him blurt out that they were married. He doesn’t know either; it just came out. It’s called jealousy, dear. He peers tenderly at the bruise on her forehead, making her feel awkward again at his touch.

She yells at him for breaking the contract, worried what her dad will say, and to his credit, he apologizes. She says an apology isn’t going to cut it, but he reminds her that she dragged him into this charade for weeks with nothing but an “I’m sorry.” She acknowledges as much, but isn’t about to let him off the hook for being irresponsible, adding that he simply used her to one-up Jung-in. Hurt, she spits out, “What do you really think of me?!” and goes to her room in a huff.

Mu-gyul goes home and gets blocked trying to write, and re-reads Mary’s note about their made-up backstory, “Love’s Traffic Accident.” He smiles to himself as he remembers their early encounters. Aw, feelings. Welcome to the party. He thinks about her words that he just always does what he likes, with no sense of responsibility for his actions.

So…he shows up to work early the next morning, to greet Mary with public displays of cuteness, declaring that he’s got to work hard to feed his wife. This just pisses off an already wounded Jung-in, who is hilariously sporting a side-bang sweep, to cover up his bruise. Haha. I swear, the boys in this drama and their hair.

They get interrupted by the shouting entrance of Jung-seok, yelling about the announcement that the drama would be pre-produced. Mary sees him and grabs Mu-gyul to run away…running smack dab into her father, who’s just arrived.

Everyone sits down for a pow-wow, and the dads of course freak out (Dad is especially pissed about Mu-gyul’s hair. Listen, you’re the one who believed that ridiculous wig was real. It’s not like the Great Hair Con of 2010, or something.) Mary decides that she’ll quit the company, so that Mu-gyul can stay. Huh? Why? I don’t see why it’s any different to have the two boys working together without you…unless you’re bowing out to let ’em have sexy fun times in the office. Just sayin’.

Mu-gyul doesn’t want her to quit (because she loves dramas) but Jung-in assures him that she’ll still be working for the screenwriter, outside of the office. He acknowledges that Mu-gyul has won Round 1. The boys have a stare-off as they prepare for Round 2. Okay, drama queens. Mary just sighs.

She schleps over to Mu-gyul’s place, only to find his mom lounging on the couch, suitcase in tow for a lengthy stay. Funny how your lengthy stays usually last less than twelve hours. She drags Mary along to the grocery store, for some ice cream. There, she gets the bright idea to have Mary make some more kimchi, so they return and Mary slaves over another batch, all the while leaving Mu-gyul voicemails to hurry home.

Work goes well at the studio, and Jung-in is pleased with Mu-gyul’s work on the OST. Seo-jun arrives, after having been MIA for a few days, and asks to speak to Mu-gyul alone. She asks angrily how he could do this, when he swore up and down that he’d never get married. She’s upset that they lied to her, and slaps Mu-gyul across the face, calling him the one thing he hates to hear: an unlucky bastard.

Back at home, Mary hears Mu-gyul’s mom saying the phrase, and she asks her why Mu-gyul hates to be called that. She answers that it’s because she had him at seventeen, so he was unplanned, and it was the one thing he heard all his life, growing up. (Because the phrase itself means something closer to “unfortunate mistake.”)

Jung-in tries to talk Seo-jun down, as she angsts over Mu-gyul and threatens to quit the drama. Oh, where’s your devotion to the project NOW? Jung-in is surprised that she’s so upset over it, and she plants a seed of doubt in his mind: Mu-gyul would never marry, and never someone like Mary, at that. She’s not his style. Says the EX-girlfriend.

Mu-gyul arrives home to find Mary slaving over yet another batch of kimchi, and this time, he adorably sits down to help her. They have another typical married couple conversation, her complaining about the mother-in-law, and him apologizing and being sweet to make up for it. Aw. Seriously, the cuteness of these two is just ridiculous. Mom notes their adorableness as well, saying that they really seem like newlyweds.

But by the time she runs out for a snack and returns, Mary’s dad has shown up to yell at Mu-gyul for making Mary make all this kimchi. She tries to intervene, and then the two parents start a yelling match, ending in Dad grabbing Mu-gyul by the collar, and Mom biting Dad’s hand in retaliation. Mary finally manages to drag Dad away, but not before he takes a load of kimchi as recompense. Heh.

The next day, Mary and Mu-gyul apologize to each other yet again for their parents. She’s calling from Jung-in’s house, where she’s brought her friends as social buffers to keep from being awkward with Jung-in. While she’s on the phone, Jung-in takes the opportunity to ask about Mary not wearing a wedding ring, which her friends say was skipped because the wedding was rushed, but they do have couple rings—14-karat gold ones.

Her friends leave, and Jung-in asks Mary herself about the rings, and gets the same response, except she says that the couple rings are silver. That’s enough for Jung-in to ask plainly if Mary and Mu-gyul really got married for love. She gets flustered, and takes off, to avoid getting caught in another lie.

Mary heads over to Mu-gyul’s place in the rain, only to run into Seo-jun outside. She asks Mary who wanted to get married first, and Mary replies truthfully that she did. She also adds that there are extenuating circumstances, and that she can’t explain, but that Mu-gyul was just following her request to keep it all a secret. She runs off, leaving Seo-jun stewing in anger.

When Mu-gyul shows up, Seo-jun lays into him for lying to her, even though she does apologize for calling him the one thing she shouldn’t have. When she mentions that he’s being evasive just like Mary, he worries what she might have said to Mary, just angering her more. She notes the mittens, sourly realizing that back when she had first seen the yarn there, he did in fact have a girl—it was Mary.

She gets up, announcing that her pride is wounded (oh, geez, people who care more about their pride than their hearts) and turns her back to him, as tears start to fall. I in no way feel sorry for this girl, but Mu-gyul seems to feel bad for wounding her.

Mary runs away to the bookstore, and Jung-in follows her there (having come to Mu-gyul’s to bring her an umbrella), and they have a bonding moment over their love of books and poems and bookstores. Finally, some cuteness for the other couple. They adorably sit amongst the books and read together, stealing glances. Yay, for dorky cute.

Seo-jun and Mu-gyul sit on the couch, staring at each other silently. She reaches over to feel his forehead, since he’s shivering from getting rained on all day. She asks what his real feelings are for Mary, and he answers truthfully that it began as a joke, but it didn’t end up that way.

Mu-gyul: She’s…like family to me.
Seo-jun: Isn’t family something annoying and burdensome to you?
Mu-gyul: It was. But now, when I think of Mary, I feel like…this is what family is supposed to be.

She jumps to the conclusion that he was able to be with her over a month because she’s like family…and therefore not a woman in his eyes. Mu-gyul tells her that Mary is loyal, but she tells him that he’ll end up doing what he always does: bail when things get tough.

She leaves to go grill his bandmates over Mu-gyul’s relationship with Mary, asking how and when they got married. They stumble through the details, but essentially cover for them.

Mary and Jung-in continue their date, going to the local open market. She warms to him, and Jung-in marvels at the cuteness of Mary. Over dinner she asks what he meant by calling his father a god. He tells her that when he was younger, he was kidnapped and his father rescued him, and raised him this way to make him stronger.

Uh….what now? Seriously, Show? First of all, didn’t you get kidnapped BECAUSE of your father’s shady business dealings? And what kind of father wouldn’t rescue his son? Is that somehow supposed to make you any more beholden than a regular son, especially when Daddy is still making threats to you that you’ll have no home to return to, if you don’t succeed at both business and love? Weird ass family.

Mu-gyul lies in bed, getting sicker by the minute, and finally caves. He calls Mom, begging for her to pick up, but she doesn’t. Aw, puppy. He calls Mary next, who answers in front of Jung-in. She notices right away that he sounds sick, and starts yelling into the phone about running around in the rain and letting himself get sick.

It’s that tone that you involuntarily take on, when you’re worried about someone you care about. The nagging mom voice just comes out. Jung-in notes it with a pang of jealousy, as Mary tells Mu-gyul to stay put while she gets him some medicine.

So what does the stupid boy do? He WAITS OUTSIDE. Gah, Drama, I know you need him to be outside, but that’s just dumb. Sickie, go back to bed! He decides he can’t wait any longer, and goes to get some medicine himself.

Mary and Jung-in arrive, and she gives him the fluffy socks she bought at the market. She thanks him for opening up to her, and tells him to share his feelings more often, and to not be so afraid of his father. She adorably tells him that if he wears the socks to sleep, he won’t have any more nightmares (Aw) and he smiles.

She turns to leave, but he calls her name, and grabs her in a sudden kiss. Aw, yeah.

Of course Mu-gyul arrives just at that moment, and in a flash of anger, he decks Jung-in. Mary rushes between them and Jung-in stands there in shock, as Mu-gyul angrily takes her inside.

He yells at her for bringing Jung-in there, and Mary rushes him to bed to keep him warm. There shivering under the covers, Mu-gyul tells her, “Let’s stop.” She agrees to quit arguing, but he says it again, this time with a tear.

Mu-gyul: I don’t know if it’s just that I want to win, or if it’s because I like you. I can’t figure out if it’s fake, or real. I’m tired. Let’s end it.

Her eyes fill with the most tears any eyes could possibly hold (seriously, they’re like two-gallon capacity) as she agrees. She says it’s been hard on her too, and apologizes.

She hides in the corner to let her tears out, not wanting to cry in front of Mu-gyul, but then decides that she can’t go like that. She rushes back to take care of him while he’s sick, and puts a towel to his forehead. He throws it down in anger, yelling at her to stop, and she yells back that she knows the contract is over, but that she’ll just take care of him while he’s sick, and then go. Aw, Mary, you’re killing me.

She makes him soup and feeds him, melting his anger.

Seo-jun doesn’t get what she wants from Mu-gyul’s friends and declares that she’ll never see them again, so one of them finally caves and promises to tell her everything. Ugh. Of course you would.

Meanwhile, Jung-seok finally finds out about what happened at the party and throws a fit. He decides to go to Hongdae, and pick up Mary’s dad on the way. Oh dear. Why do I smell a congregation of most awkward proportions, headed our way?

Jung-in still stands outside of Mu-gyul’s place in the rain, stunned by his own surge of feelings and this whole mess of a situation. Seo-jun arrives, and he stops her from going in.

Mu-gyul wakes up to find Mary asleep on the floor next to the bed, and he puts the blanket over her, sighing because, well, girl won’t help him NOT love her.

The dads arrive to have another screamfest at Mu-gyul’s expense, until Mary’s dad finally crumples in tears over how this kid has ruined his only daughter, who he raised with such care. OH REALLY, Dad? Mary’s mother is turning over in her grave to hear you claim such things.

Mary tries to stop him from hurting Mu-gyul, who’s barely standing in his state. She finally decides to put an end to it once and for all. Of course, since this is a Major Declaration, all parties must be present, so Jung-in and Seo-jun arrive to the party, just as Mary declares:

“It’s all a lie. Mu-gyul and I aren’t married.”


Well, it’s certainly better than what we’ve been getting so far, since there was actual conflict in this episode, and lots of feelings rising to the surface, from every corner of the love-square. I particularly liked both boys’ realization of their feelings for Mary, as they seemed within character for each. Mu-gyul finds himself attached to Mary despite his abhorrence for…attachments, and Jung-in finds himself taken with Mary’s warmth when he had these grandiose plans of being detached from the whole love-in-marriage thing.

While both of them are spurred forward by jealousy and competition, it’s the little moments with Mary that make them actually fall for her—her love of poems, her knitting mittens, her gift of socks, her soup-making. She’s just so genuinely sweet (which Moon Geun-young sells to a tee) that they can’t help but love her.

I especially love the warmth of her character as a motif. She’s a kind of emotional warmth that neither of the men have had in their lives, and it’s echoed in the mittens that she knits for Mu-gyul, which he holds to his face while he thinks of her, and then again in the socks she buys for Jung-in, which he touches to his face, and then breaks into a rare smile.

I’m not going to pin my hopes on this plot shift, say, making any more sense than the previous road we were on, or getting rid of the clunky use of clichés and reliance on coincidence. But perhaps with the fake marriage out of the way, we’ll get some true admission of feelings without the contract to fall back on as an excuse. Let’s see Mary and Mu-gyul make an effort to stay in orbit when nothing dictates that they have to.

I have a feeling I might be happier with this shift in the dynamic, because for one, I’m getting tired of the we’re-married-I-swear runaround, and I feel like we’ve been going in circles for some time now. Let’s get this bus moving in a new direction, shall we?

On a superficial note, my biggest disappointment in this episode is the dearth of Mu-gyul-onstage scenes. No “Please Take Care, Oh Bus, My Bus” for me? Not that I don’t love angsty Jang Geun-seok, but he’s 30% less hot than Jang-Geun-seok-on-stage. Trust me. I crunched the numbers.


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    • 1.1 Serious

      uhhh heck yes. this never happens to me e_e

      After such a (boring) unmoving plot in the last episode, i was having second thoughts about this drama. BUT I LOVED THIS EPISODE TO PIECES! omg the book scene!!! *dies*. jung-in is so cute ;A; and don’t even get me started on the kiss…(Y U SO HOT JAE-WOOK?)

      oh yeah, and lmao with the side-bang sweep XD. and although this is a bit off topic, but i REALLY REALLY REALLY liked Jang Geun-suk’s hair with that wig T_T why did it have to be a wig……………….

      mary also killed me when she said she’s going to take care of him even though the contract was over. ahhh my heart. can’t. wait. until. next. week.

      thank you for this recap 🙂

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        Same first never happens to me im always 2nd

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      kim jae wook never fail to put a smile on my face ^^

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  5. rayray

    I still dont buy that JI is actually genuinely interested in mari. All his interactions/wooing of her seemed to be due to big ol’ scary daddy’s threats.

    ah! I declared yesterday that I ll only read the recaps from now and not watch the episodes but haha it seems like I chose precisely the wrong time specially now that the real drama is actually FINALLY beginning to happen. my heart is telling me to go back and unbreakup/reunite again with this drama!!!:D

    • 5.1 Sam

      I feel that way too
      that JI is only doing this because of his father
      darn it making it difficult for MG and Mary :/

      • 5.1.1 GH

        I also agree, but in some way I like JI and I like how Mary is helping him to open up

        • Sam

          that’s true she is helping him out
          dar it so hard to choose haha 😀

    • 5.2 sheng

      the scene with him and her at the bookstore had me change my mind. it was seriously so cute. it may have been just a two or three minute scene, but Kim Jae Wook is SUCH a good actor and portrays JungIn so well, I’m sold that JungIn is interested in MaeRi. Just the way he looked at MaeRi said everything to me.
      Plus, the way he kissed MaeRi (OMG. I TOTALLY LOVED THE KISS SCENE!!!!), I thought it was romantic and sweet, and like he really meant it ;A;
      this drama would’ve been better if it was left open ended, and JGS wasn’t deemed leading actor and KJW a supporting. MaeRi will most likely end up with MooKyul, but I still like JungIn better T.T
      go sweet & romantic guys!!!

      • 5.2.1 jangjengjing

        I feel the same way, I like Jung In better… I skipped following this drama because I know Mae Ri will end up with Mu Gyul… hay… Jung In was acted out very well by this actor, his character is so delicate: He is looks blank but in fact he is very caring; strong and firm but gentle; rich, protector but at the same time lonely and sensitive. I totally like him!

        Yeah I agree that this drama should have an open end so I can just think to myself that Mae Ri will end up with Jung In….chow!

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      4) SEXY FUN TIMES!

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      😉 thanks GF!

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        this drama just keeps finding reasons for me to stick around for another ep and cuppa!! Glad it’s on the up(?)!!!

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    Thanxs for the recap 😀
    It’s just gonna get better and better from here on out.

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    btw is this byul byul byul by so nuh shi dae?

  9. ♥_♥

    I just watched the episode, but thank you for the recap! It’s always fun to read your opinion on the episode! ^_^
    I love Jung In, but my heart aches on how his heart’s just going to be broken and smashed more as the drama goes on.
    Damn my second lead syndrome… ♥

    • 9.1 maeye86

      me tooo!!!

    • 9.2 blueskymaiden

      Jung-in Fighting!!!

      Don’t hate me because I love JGS but I am not feeling it between the two leads – wouldn’t it be refreshing to see a different take for a change where the two leads do not end up together and they each end up with the second leads.

      Thank you for the re-caps !!!

      • 9.2.1 Jo

        On a very random and unrelated note, your comment reminds me of a Japanese manga where it was totally predictable that the chick would end up with the dude #1 (heck, dude #2 was clearly portrayed as a side character) but somehow, things changed completely and by the end of the manga, the chick ended with dude #2.

        If interested in the manga, check out Cat Street by Yoko Kamio. I look forward to the day they make Cat Street into a Korean drama.

        • ♥_♥

          OMG!!! That would be such a dream lol. I hate how the first leads always have to end up with each other. It’s like k-drama law or something.

        • Severine

          I LOVE that manga to pieces. You’re right the love switch was so unexpected, especially because I was rooting for dude number 2 the whole time. But my second lead syndrome didn’t go unfulfilled for once. And yes, I would love to see Cat Street made into a Korean drama.

        • PINGPING

          Hahaha, I know right away what manga you were talking about when you mentioned the totally unexpected couple ending! I was like that too ^^”
          But Cat Street gives away a lot that the dude#2 will be the guy though, since the girl never relies on dude#1 just mostly dude#2 .. LOL

          Anyway, suppose to be talking about this drama !!!
          I’m just loving it even though there is nothing going on with the story lines. I just LOVE MGY and JGS !! <3

          • parakiss03

            I believe they actually made a japanese drama out of that series, but a very short one.

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    • 14.1 tari

      second this. love the screencap of MG holding the mitten and JI with the socks, it brings the best of the show, nice writing GF.

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    In any other drama, I would have declared the book scene the cutest thing ever. Throw any two characters in setting surrounded by books, and it’s instant love for me. But with this one, there are just so many good scenes! Given: most of them are warm and fluffy without moving the plot forward, but those are the ones I watch over again. And again. And again.

    But agreed: glad the plot’s moving forward. For a while, nothing was happening, and I was totally satisfied with watching clips of the cute scenes while just reading about the scenes from recaps for a couple of episodes.

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      • 18.1.1 mellowyel

        it’s part of the song that plays in the background. It’s called MuGyul’s Theme – how cute is that? Especially when they start going. “Mary, Wi Mary”. The meowing is weird though, not gonna lie

      • 18.1.2 mellowyel

        it’s part of the song that plays in the background – the one that also goes “Mary, Wi Mary”. It’s called MuGyul’s theme – how cute is that? The meowing is weird though, not gonna lie

      • 18.1.3 estel

        I think the cat meowing is actually part of one of the tracks they play a lot when MG and MR are over at his apartment. I’ve noticed it, too. I think it’s adorable, carrying MG’s dubbing of her as a cat into the sound design of the show. ^^ Kind of like the “mascot” of the show being that little black cat.

  19. 19 Rossi

    Man, I’ve been refreshing this page like crazy for this after I saw the end of ep.7 raw. The plot to me is all kind of eye rolling ridiculous ( I was hoping it would get a little bit better but so far I’ve been proven wrong) and have elements that make me allergic in other dramas, but I kinda adore Waffle and Indie and Mary, especially Waffle.

    Off tangent, I couldn’t help but think of the most recent tossing of the umbrella and kissing under the rain moment in K-drama which would be PK, and think this one is so much more dramatic and awesome. And Waffle probably wouldn’t even end up with Mary *sob*

    • 19.1 Serious

      last paragraph – mte.

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    All the parents in the drama need to die now.

    Seriously, if it wasn’t for Korea’s emphasis on filial piety and family relationships, most kdrama sons and daughters would not be anywhere near their horrific parents.

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    I’m totally suspending disbelief…I don’t care. This show is just too cute not to love. Blinders firmly affixed. Wonder how it will shake out now that the ruse is revealed.

    • 23.1 anais


      It’s been a long time since I’ve been soooo invested in both parties of the OTP the way I am with Mari and Mugyul. Honestly, I luuuurrrve both of them!!!!

      (And I am so close to signing up to be head cheerleader for Moon Geun Young! It occurred to me, as I watching the scene of her battling tears all the while still resolving to nurse Mugyul, what a pity that the whole entire world doesn’t know about this fabulous wunderkind! I loved her as Eunjo and was skeptical at the start about Mary, but I luuuuurve Mary.)

      And Mugyul reminds me of some exes, one starving artist in particular.

      So I’m a goner.

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    And yea, I also don’t give a damn about Seo-jun anymore. I really really really wanted to like her. She always seems to have the potential to be cool, but time and time again, she comes off as a irrational person who is just an inch away from becoming the crazy evil second lead.

    But overall, Mary Stayed Out All Night is still my Monday-Tuesday crack. I love the drama, despite its logic flaws.

    • 24.1 anais

      All throughout the last few episodes, I found myself thinking, “Jung-seok, ever wonder why you never got the girl? Maybe it had to do with your being a scary control freak? Maybe you chased her away and that the object of your desire may be turning in her grave to have you attempting to own… cough cough, I mean take care of her through her daughter?”

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    Maybe my upbringing was harsh, but I never got the staying beside someone’s sick bed all night thing. It’s a cold. The common cold. How much nursing do you really need? Leave a glass of water and a check on them periodically if you are really that worried.

    • 28.1 anais

      Wow. Really?

      My family totally practices the mode of nursing that Mary does. All the way down to the blowing cool and spoon-feeding the bean sprout soup. I wouldn’t be surprised if a male Mary brewed a ginseng tea, with the whole frigging giseng root to boot.

      • 28.1.1 Suzy

        Hahaha same here! My mum and dad used to watch me like a hawk whenever I had a cold 😛 And my mum would always bring me tea and soup and make sure I was nice and warm, etc. 😀

  29. 29 churasan

    Wow, I really didn’t expect Mary confessing her fake marriage so soon, I was kinda surprised. I totally loved this episode… the two guys fighting… jealously… what I love about Korean dramas. It looks like she’s gonna end up getting engaged to JI, probably to help them. I hope MR doesn’t pretend to marry JI to help him and with his drama. She so kind-hearted, I could see her sacrificing herself to save him…

  30. 30 minnetter

    Thanks for the recap GF!!

    … saw it raw and understood… 10% maybe a little more because I have been practicing and studying… but still gives me a headache trying to understand.. >_> …

    However the cuteness and the crying need no translation^^ But I like reading the recaps and seeing GF’s or JB’s opinions on dramas…^^

  31. 31 PickmePICKME

    YAY recap! I was wondering what was going on. Ugh the ending pissed me off though, but im glad she told the truth and stuff. Her dad pisses me off so fricking much. He practically sold his daughter and shit. Gah…but anyways, your recap kept me entertained lol.
    “Aw, feelings. Welcome to the party.” this part made me laugh so hard.
    Gosh i cant stand that seo jun wiaaatch. I mean, its my perogative to hate second lead females…but i mean daaam, she’s annoying. I mean you dumped the guy bc of ur career and now you want him back and expect him to be waiting with open arms? Aish

    • 31.1 milky

      actually, i thought he dumped her because of his 1-month rule with women, and therefore she’s completely hung up on him and he’s so over her.

  32. 32 Freehee

    oh, girlfriday….the last sentence rings so true its ridiculous!

  33. 33 confused

    is it just me or was this episode really…clunky. it almost felt as if they were rushing for the big reveal of the fake marriage. it lacked transition and felt really random/out of place at times.

    i want more moments with jung in! the socks were ohh so sweet. sigh…kim jae wook is so gorgeous…

  34. 34 kirara

    oh girlfriday.. your recaps are just hilarious! Totally loving it.. I watched this episode and was super excited myself that the fists went going and the sweetness pouring and I agree with you that Seo- Jun is more worried about her pride than her heart.. maybe thats why Mae ri may not be Mu Gyul’s type but she definitely got his heart moving so that’s the important part.

    I agree with the running around thing is getting kind of old and I’m also hoping that its going to get more interesting now that the fake marriage is out and the true feelings are going to pour out and reveal itself soon..

    Thanks for the recaps.. can’t wait for next episode and for your lovely recaps. 🙂


    This drama would drive me mad if I were watching it as it aired.
    Number one thing I hate in a drama: Family that constantly gets in the way in an annoying fashion (part of the reason why I cant watch HKdramas….)
    I really hate The Controlling Parent being part of the plot (if it lasts more than 2 episodes). It drives me nuts.

    Buuuttt, I’ll probably just read the recaps, then watch my fav parts, aka The Cute.

  36. 36 dandelion

    Thanks girlfriday.

    Of all the episodes that I had watched, me think episode 7 had the best scene for MMM. KJW – I said this is what I like – actors acting. And I am also moved by JI heart (feelings) towards MR . I know he is not going to get the girl but he still strife to win her and also with that unintended kiss ! which he himself was in shocked, but at least he is not kidding himself.

    As for the OST during this umbrella and raining scene if only this singer could had sang that song then it would be an awesome dating scene for a getting to know about you couple. Here is this awesome singer :-


    KJW mischief !

    JI hair covering the wound after the boxing fist was like
    an instant noodle toupee.

    • 36.1 Rosie

      Thanks girlfriday.


      Oh yes ! he is an awesome singer,

      KJW looks cute in that hat !!

    • 36.2 sheng

      yeah, that looked like a good, reserved kiss from JI to MR in the drama.
      for a guy to say that he’s a good kisser, how can it not be true? xD
      I too am moved by JI’s feelings for MR. KJW is such a good actor!

      • 36.2.1 sheng

        and pardon my bias, but I think it would’ve been great as well if Yesung (from Super Junior) could’ve sang another song for Moon Geun Young’s drama xD

  37. 37 danni

    Finally, this is (sort of) the show I thought MSOAN was going to be, JGS and KJW fighting over MGY. Thank you drama gods, for finally giving us this scene.

    I think this was the first episode of MSOAN where I wasn’t bored out of my mind when JGS and MGY were on screen. Seo-jun was really the only thing that bothered me in this episode. I’d rather she not become second lead bitch, but it would probably make her character more interesting, because right now, she’s kind of just there.

    I was so happy for the interaction between Jung-in and Mary outside of work, which was awkwardly cute. They had tried to make the second-lead relationship sort of convincing with the reveal of Mary and Jung-in’s past, but even then it didn’t really seem like Jung-in was interested in anything besides getting on his Dad’s good side, so I’m glad to see some earnest emotions on his side. Oh, and that kiss. I’m definitely about to start suffering from Second Male Lead Syndrome.

    I guess now all they have to do is find a way to keep throwing Mary and Mu-gyul together, which shouldn’t be too hard since they were always running into each other anyway. Or, they could just be lazy and keep the marriage contract as it is if Mu-gyul figures out he’s interested in Mary.

    MSOAN definitely still has flaws (totally unnecessary kidnapping flashback, SICK Mu-gyul waiting outside in the RAIN, Seo-jun and Jung-in who had been standing outside Mu-gyul’s place for who knows how long just randomly come in during Mary’s big reveal) but this episode is definitely better than the last six. Hopefully it can keep it up and get better.

    • 37.1 EveNing

      oh yes… the flaws that you’ve mentioned —> unnecessary kidnapping flashback, SICK Mu-gyul waiting outside in the RAIN, Seo-jun and Jung-in who had been standing outside Mu-gyul’s place for who knows how long just randomly come in during Mary’s big reveal —> i hope the writer works harder on the plot development, seriously

  38. 38 Lisa

    Thank you for the recaps. I am glad that the fake marriage ended so they can date and do more cute stuff together.

  39. 39 miss_procrastination

    I miss Jang Geun Suk’s hair versatility when he was Tae Kyung.

    • 39.1 donguri


    • 39.2 adney


  40. 40 outofcontrol

    don’t know about you, but I kinda like MG in hot PINK! I don’t really mind if I have to suspend disbelief just to enjoy the show…. I hope it (the angst? the fights?- the songs? whatever) will get better.

  41. 41 JAM

    oooh look, GirlFriday! Jung-in almost tore off Mu-gyul’s hot pink top in the office fisticuffs. 😛 But seriously, I’m totally a second lead shipper here n this kiss is way way WAY hotter than the one Mu-gyul gave Mary. Someone peel me off the floor please. 😉

    • 41.1 Jomo

      I totally agree.
      I was really happy to hear in Ep 6 MG admit something like that, too, almost as a nod to all the complaints against K-drama kisses being too chaste.

      He says something like “She would have really beat me up if I had really kissed her.”

      I am anticipating a good second kiss from the pair!

  42. 42 mellowyel

    So glad for this episode. As soon as Jung-In threw that first punch, I was like “OH YEAH, IT’S ON!” It did feel a little clunky, as someone said earlier – a lot of it felt like “oh snap we have to do xyz before the episode’s over” but i suppose it’s because they were rushing to get through all the stuff that should have happened in the last four episodes. I’m glad it came all at once because now we can move on to some real drama.

    Apparently handcuffs are involved in the next episode… and not for you you may want it to be – (yes, i mean you, yaoi shippers 😀 ) This should be interesting 🙂

  43. 43 koreandramalover/kdl

    thank u so much, girlfriday!! 😉

    fantastic recap, as usual!! 😉

    i too was sooo waiting for the major-realisation-of-feelings-for-Mary happening to Mu-gyul and Jung-in…

    but your capturing of their actions and emotions at every turn and revealing actions and moments
    punctuated with your trademark kick-ass attitude and vividly frank (and true, imo) perception in your words made it all the more emotionally-captivating and REAL to me, somehow…

    thanks so much, girlfriday! 🙂

  44. 44 lei

    thanks again, love this episode

  45. 45 Anonymous

    hey whats the title of the new song in this episode sang by JAng Geun Suk????….

  46. 46 lyra

    Thanks a bunch GF for the recap!! woot!.i thought Jung in is an adopted son (geeesh enough with the taesung pls. LOL) and now am enlightened.gracious.

    by the way, take a look of this clip, the cotton bud scene


    there are some inconsistencies in this scene. didnt noticed these during live streaming (very much occupied by their cuteness LMAO)

    but take a look at mugyul. he is holding a cotton bud , aight? but when he touched mae-ri’s forehead, it was not there. then it was there again.then finally the cotton bud is gone. with quick transitions while mugyul was talking , it was very fast that you wont notice that the bud was missing and appearing once again. whoa.

    with tonights episode, it’s like am watching a kdrama version of parent trap. MG-MR-JI parents are all annoying and i hope if it wont drag us until the end.

    • 46.1 Jo

      Wow, that was pretty cool 😮 (the youtube vid that showed the inconsistencies)

  47. 47 JOYce

    now we’re moving somewhere after lotsa teasing back and forth!
    i know a lot of people are rooting for Mary-Mu-gyul, BUT i would loveee to see Mary-Jung-in. They balance out!!!

    • 47.1 yay

      My thoughts exactly. So many people are for Mary-Mugyul and I do enjoy The Cute, very much but I have the Second Male Syndrome. I am totally invested in Jung In-Mary pair. 🙁 why must I choose the road less taken?? ugh… heart prepare to be battered and abused.

  48. 48 JOYce

    Thank you for the recap. been refreshing the page 100times XD

    now we’re moving somewhere after lotsa teasing back and forth!
    i know a lot of people are rooting for Mary-Mu-gyul, BUT i would loveee to see Mary-Jung-in. they’re not THAT cute, but they balance each other out!!!

  49. 49 Fan

    Ha! I know when this show is cute it’s good, but now that it’s bringing on the angst, no matter how awkwardly, it’s _better_! 🙂

    (Thanks JB and GF for great recaps as always!)

    But seriously while JGS and MGY rocked the cute, for some reason I’m really digging their confused angst more… I guess cute is nice, but feeling is better for me. And while I dig Mr. So Gorgeous It’s Not Funny 2nd lead, and think he had the hotter kiss (I mean JGS just pressed his lip against MGY- at least Mr. Hot looked like he might have enjoyed his 2 second kiss a little! 😉 ) I admit his repressed way of expressing himself makes me slide still toward JGS in the cheering-on squad.

    Though I’m with you gals- if the OTP turns out to be JGS and Mr. Hot, the heat would be off the charts… 😉

    But no, sorry Mary is too adorable. When her eyes filled with tears, it’s true, it was incredibly hard not to have your own eyes do the same! MGY makes even stereotypical kdrama heroines lovable- the power of charisma!

  50. 50 rebwarts

    hi thanks for the recap, love this line from your comments section.

    Trust me. I crunched the numbers.

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