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ATHENA: Episode 3
by | December 27, 2010 | 44 Comments

As aberdeen_angus said, we are left with the least exciting cliffhanger in the history of Korean dramas. Maybe I exaggerate – but where does a flashback and brooding leave us to start with?

It leads to why the two were separated in the first place.

As Jae Hee and Jung Woo brood over each other, Jung Woo remembers way back when the former head of NTS had ordered him to resign as a field agent if he wanted to continue dating Jae Hee. Odd request, right? Not really – because the head of NTS is Han Jeong Pil – Jae Hee’s father.

Jung Woo points out that Director Han was a field agent himself when he married Jae Hee’s mother. However, because Director Han was rounding up some drug cartel baddies, Jae Hee’s mother was killed out of revenge against him. Director Han leaves him one word of advice: no field agent can have both career success and happiness.

Chul Hwan reports to Kwon – Jung Woo interfered on an NTS mission, so can Kwon talk to the kid? Kwon is uninterested: “He is the kind of person who needs to feel under-utilized and upset to do his share of the work.” HA!

And what do you know, Jung Woo is doing his work – with Joon Ho’s help he finds out that Jae Hee had killed the Russian mafia leader, Sasha, and his father. Meanwhile, the Russian gangsters receive word from the Russian Intelligence that they are to seize Kim Myung Guk. Victor puts a hold on that plan though; he wants to get Jae Hee first.

A fellow agent informs Jae Hee that Victor is heading to the racetracks to meet NTS’ undercover agent, and that spurs her to head over. Jung Woo on the other hand is brooding over the black rose he found on the ship. Hye In comes upon him and notes that black roses are meant to represent deep love or, for the Russian mafia, revenge. Jung Woo realizes that the ritual was a vow to get Jae Hee.

Calling Sung Chul for help, he heads to the racetracks as well. Another techie Kyung Won informs the team that Sasha was supposedly killed in a napalm explosion…except, Victor has the exact same burn marks as Sasha. A face comparison confirms that the two are one and the same (with the help of plastic surgery).

At the race tracks, Jae Hee spots Victor standing behind the glass windows of the private rooms. He points at her threateningly, and two of his goons come up behind Jae Hee to take her to him. Kyung Won pulls up the surveillance cameras of the place, and the entire team at NTS headquarters is set to searching for Jae Hee. Backup is also heading over to the racetracks. For an agent ousted from NTS, Jung Woo still gets to command all the resources and people they have…

Sung Chul finally spots her in the basements, fighting off the goons as best she can. But she is brought face to face with Victor/Sasha. He reveals his true identity to Jae Hee, and raises his gun to finish her off.

The lights turn off. A gun slides across the floor towards Jae Hee. Jung Woo emerges, shooting down Victor’s men as Jae Hee grabs the gun to get a couple of others. Jung Woo nearly hits Victor, but he gets away.

Navigating through the dark basement tunnels and hallways, Jae Hee searches for Victor while Jung Woo is left to finish off the men. Victor appears behind her, wielding a sharp dagger, and starts swiping at her. She loses her gun, and they end up in a fist fight. Victor slashes her abdomen, finally getting the upper hand. He stalks towards her, ready to stab her, when Jung Woo fires.

Victor doesn’t let the bullet get to him and goes for Jae Hee again. Jung Woo shoots several more bullets – this time all over Victor’s torso – and kills him. Chul Hwan gives the report to Kwon, saying that though it appears Victor was primarily in Korea to take revenge against Jae Hee, his true purpose was to get Kim Myung Guk. Kwon raises the security around the nuclear plant. He also heads out to meet Kim, informing him that because his research and technology is nearing completion, security will be even tighter.

Jae Hee meets Jung Woo at the National Intelligence Service Hall where he works. Jung Woo tells her to take care of her wound, even though she shrugs it off as a scratch. Nothing can hurt more than the scar on her heart. Ouch – heavy stuff for some small talk over coffee, eh? She’s not here to thank him for saving her life; she’s only here to tell him that they don’t have to be uncomfortable around each other anymore.

However, she vents her frustrations and pain on a punching bag, thus suggesting that she doesn’t feel as comfortable as she says she is on seeing Jung Woo again.

Hye In has a rendezvous with Son Hyuk in a garage, where she tells him that Kwon has tightened security around Kim, making it even harder for DIS agents to track Kim. Son Hyuk regrets letting Kwon live, but no use crying over spilled milk. Instead, he’s going to have to take extreme action to force Korea to hand Kim Myung Guk over to him.

Son Hyuk flies back to Hawaii, where he meets the head of ATHENA (Douglas Day Stewart). Turns out, Victor was actually working for ATHENA. He reminds Son Hyuk that the South Korean president must not get his hands on the completed nuclear reactor. Son Hyuk reassures him – their operation in Vicenza will begin soon.

Sean Richard meets with a couple of hired hit men and gives them photos of Jo Soo Young (Lee Bo Young). They want her kidnapped and will pay 2 million USD for the job. (By the way – I will keep referring to Sean Richard by his real name until his character’s name is revealed. He’s Son Hyuk’s right hand man in any case.)

Back at NTS, Sook Kyung does a presentation on the bug prototype for Joon Ho and the others. Though the bug flies, it makes a LOT of noise, making it impossible to do sneaky surveillance. The bug pinpoints Joon Ho and starts flying directly at him. Suddenly Jae Hee comes in and catches the bug. Joon Ho is way excited to see his pretty sunbae at NTS.

Jae Hee is joining the team as a new agent, and she meets all the team leaders. Team Leader Sook Guk begins his report on Ayachi, the Algerian hit man. A terrorist, he was caught entering Korea under a false name and immediately put him under surveillance. Chul Hwan orders Sung Chul to head the reconnaissance mission, putting Jae Hee under his charge.

Sean Richard finds out that NTS knows about Ayachi, so that calls for drastic measures. While NTS agents are tracking Ayachi leaving his hotel via garage, Sean Richard drives into the garage, aims his gun, and shoots Ayachi in the head from several rows away. He exits the garage undetected.

Kwon gives the NTS agents crap for losing their suspect. He orders them to find out who killed Ayachi – it’s their last chance to prove they are worthy of being NTS agents. Meanwhile, Son Hyuk phones Ayachi’s associate, Suh Min Hyuk, and lets him know that he can take over the job and receive the two million instead.

Kwon visits Jung Woo at the NIS Hall. He asks if Jung Woo is still interested in returning to NTS. Of course, Jung Woo leaps at the chance. He tells Hye In that he’s going back to NTS and she congratulates him. Sheepishly, he hands her a pink rose. It represents appreciation; he thanks her for helping him deal with children, and the coffee she made him. If he comes back to visit, will she make him another cup? Hye In smiles; looks like she’s warming up to him!

Sook Guk manages to identify Suh Min Hyuk, a former North Korean operative that now solely participates in terrorist activities. Jae Hee volunteers herself to go to Algeria and investigate Min Hyuk, where he is currently located. She’s worked with the French government and is confident she can find out information about Min Hyuk. However, Kwon has other plans – Jae Hee can stay and investigate who killed Ayachi, while Sung Chul is sent to convince Ki Soo to go to Algeria.

Ki Soo is drunk and completely unwilling to go, so Sung Chul drops a threat – he knows the detective in charge of the area where Ki Soo’s gambling den is…and that detective needs a promotion, which could be assured by a well-placed tip about a gambling den…

Begging not to do the mission doesn’t get anywhere, so Ki Soo sluggishly goes over to the airport, where he meets Jung Woo, his partner for the mission. Neither are too happy about it. This sounds like a perfect buddy-cop movie!

Jung Woo reports back to NTS from the oppressive Algerian heat: Min Hyuk has contacted a bunch of mercenaries and already left the country. Their contact says that Min Hyuk contacted someone known as Grigio Gatto, or Grey Cat, who sells information in Milan. Joon Ho says he might have a hard time processing the information Jung Woo got, so our Odd Couple gets permission to go to Milan.

They go around the city searching for Grigio Gatto. Now, Ki Soo is in his element, rocking a red orange blazer and catching a gypsy lifting Jung Woo’s passport as she begs him for money. He peeks at it and asks if it’s a real passport; Jung Woo says yes. “Then,” Ki Soo says slowly, “you’re a year younger. But you’ve been getting all the respect from me while talking in that damned tone of voice to me?” HAHA – of course Ki Soo would pick on that rather than say whether he got any intel. Jung Woo is incredulous, so Ki Soo acquiesces – how about they treat each other as equals? Jung Woo: How ’bout you tell me about Grigio Gatto?

Grigio Gatto is a bookstore. They find a skinny Italian man managing the store. In English, Jung Woo shows him a picture of Min Hyuk and asks what information he sold to the guy. The Italian says he doesn’t remember and asks for a minute. He takes that opportunity to go to his back room and start burning up all his papers. When caught, the Italian runs out of the store, with Jung Woo in hot pursuit. They race through the narrow alleyways, and the Italian runs across a small street – only to be hit full force by a white van. Informant dead. It’s a freak accident by the way.

They return to the backroom, and everything is already half-destroyed or useless. Jung Woo finds a strip of negative film however and sends it to Joon Ho for analysis. He wants to visit all those places in the pictures, and so the two head for Vicenza.

Ki Soo complains the whole way about how disorganized NTS is, so Jung Woo tells him to go fetch him a drink. Ki Soo complains about that, saying he’s older. But in the end, he obeys Jung Woo, leaving the NTS agent to approach Jo Soo Young, who is sitting at the foot of the stairs to a building.

He asks if she’s Korean in Korean. She looks up, hesitates, and replies in Japanese that she doesn’t know what he’s saying. Jung Woo replies in Japanese and her face just says, “Ohhhhh crap….” Now forced to carry on the conversation in Japanese, she awkwardly lies in her answers to his questions. When Jung Woo sits by her, she makes for a hasty exit.

Jung Woo muses who the mercenaries could possibly be searching for in such a small city. He chooses to check out the cafe scouted out by the mercenaries. Of all people, their waitress is Soo Young, speaking to them in Italian. Jung Woo immediately talks to her in Korean, calling her out on her lies about being from Osaka. Nervous, Soo Young leaves to get them water. Ki Soo is impressed – is Jung Woo already hitting on her after meeting her less than 24 hours ago?

Soo Young returns with their water; she lied about being Korean because she didn’t want distractions from her studies in architecture. Jung Woo asks when she gets off from work – he’d like her to show the two of them around. Back in Seoul, Son Hyuk phones Min Hyuk about NTS agents being in Vicenza with Soo Young. Min Hyuk gets the message – he’ll deal with the agents.

Jung Woo shows Soo Young photos that he got from the negatives – does she see a connection among all those places? Yes – they’re all places she frequents.

Son Hyuk receives a call notifying him that North Korea is starting to make their moves. He has Sean Richard dig up more about Lee Jung Woo, whom they’ve identified as the agent with Soo Young, and then heads over to the Blue House.

President Jo has a special guest – it’s none other than Park Chul Young (Kim Seung Woo making his guest appearance), who is now the head of State Security Department in North Korea. He was sent to meet President Jo in regards to Kim Myung Guk – they found out that Hong Seung Ryong and Kim Myung Guk’s disappearances might have something to do with South Korea. Secretary Choi and President Jo ask if there is evidence, and deny any involvement. Chul Young is unfazed: if they find out that Kim Myung Guk is in South Korea, all progress in relations between the two countries will be broken.

As Secretary Choi walks Chul Young out, they bump into Son Hyuk, who recognizes Chul Young. He extends a hand in greeting, but when Secretary Choi introduces him as head of a USA DIS branch, Chul Young walks right past him. Son Hyuk says, “Don’t be prejudiced against me. Today’s enemy may become tomorrow’s friend.” Chul Young turns around to face Son Hyuk, who only gives him a smile and a small nod of the head.

Back at NTS everyone is working late, and Jae Hee spots Joon Ho checking out Vicenza. He tells her that Jung Woo is there at the moment, and a cloud passes over Jae Hee’s face at the mention of his name. At the same time, Secretary Choi is informed that NTS agents are in Vicenza, of all places, chasing a terrorist. She calls up Kwon immediately.

Jung Woo and Ki Soo walk with Soo Young home and thank her for the tour. After they leave her, Ki Soo regrets letting go of such a pretty lady and wants to go back to get Soo Young’s number. Jung Woo is all, “Want her number and email? I didn’t even ask her for it. Go get beer and fruits if you want it.” That’s enough to set Ki Soo running for the nearest market.

Jung Woo goes up to their apartment, and he notices the door had been forced open. He puts the key in and turns the lock, taking out his gun. He cautiously enters the apartment, and one by one, checks each room. A mercenary approaches from behind him as Jung Woo enters the living room, and they start fighting, Jung Woo losing his gun in the process.

They make a good deal of ruining every piece of furniture in the house, smashing all the glass. Jung Woo beats the guy up using only a water bottle too. They grapple with each other, and plunge out the window, falling down onto a parked van outside. The mercenary makes a run for it. Jung Woo can barely get on his feet to chase him, and Ki Soo runs to his side, worried. Jung Woo’s phone starts ringing – it’s Sung Chul, informing him that Soo Young is the First Daughter. That’s enough to finally get him on his feet.

He tries to contact her but to no avail, setting off on foot and leaving Ki Soo behind. Finally, all the clues come together for him, and he dashes up the stairs to her apartment. As he goes up, an elevator is going down…

Jung Woo enters her empty apartment, and sees the microwave beeping after reheating food. A car squeals outside, nearly hitting Ki Soo. It’s Min Hyuk and his men, with the kidnapped Soo Young. Jung Woo runs through empty buildings, leaps over fences, and jumps through glass windows to catch up to the kidnappers. He leaps in front of the getaway car and fires bullets through the front window. The car hits him, and he rolls right over the car. It swerves and it’s gone.


Hm. Interestingly, this episode moved along quite quickly and set up more plot lines. Now we get to the kidnapping of Soo Young – which I had worried wouldn’t come soon enough. We also get Chul Young (Kim Seung Woo!!!), which was a surprise for me since I didn’t expect him to make an appearance so soon. Chul Young is back to his cold, soldier-like ways, reminiscent of the beginning of IRIS, when he hadn’t gone all soft over Hyun Joon and had faced an identity crisis over his beliefs.

I say “interestingly” because I also feel like this episode was slow. The story with Victor ended quite abruptly, and next thing I knew we’re on to the next devious plan (kidnapping Soo Young). The set up on how Soo Young was the target was so long, and it was so clear that she was the President’s daughter, that when the revelation came in the final two minutes, it was a little anti-climactic. Perhaps all the spoilers regarding her character ruined it for me. I wondered just how good of an agent Jung Woo was since he didn’t pick up on all the clues laid out for him.

Otherwise, I think Kim Min Jong was a standout in this episode. He’s the lackey who’s more obsessed with getting a girl than he is with giving information. Sure he’s got perks to being a well-connected former official, but he also seems to hate those perks because he’d rather have nothing to do with them. Kim Min Jong is comical, which I think is great in this action-packed series. It’s nice that a main character is not as sleek and refined as spies usually are.

At least this cliffhanger was way better than episode 2’s.


44 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. aberdeen_angus

    Interestingly, I found this episode MUCH better than episode 2. At least, something actually happened.

    “I wondered just how good of an agent Jung Woo was since he didnโ€™t pick up on all the clues laid out for him. ”

    LOL, I was thinking the same. I mean, I know who the presidential children of my country are, and I’m not even the smartest person around. Added to that, all those places are connected to her, is it so difficult to call your awesome headquarters and ask for her background?

  2. dana

    Thanks for the recap, I enjoy the series more and more, the music is great too.

  3. aX

    You are completely right about this episode. Maybe the fact that the spoilers that the ‘president’s daughter will be kidnapped’ let alone, knowing the actress who will play the president’s daughter ruined it for me, too, but yes, the last two-minutes was a bit lacklusting.

    Then again, the Athena: the Goddess seemed to be lacking intensity compared to IRIS but without comparison, it’s definitely much better than Plan B!

    What I do love is the love connection between Jung Woo Sung & Su Ae, although, her character is rather developing slowly. We don’t know much about it…not enough (yet) anyway.

  4. MAVY

    Oh was I wondering if episode three was going to be sappy melodramatic and slow! Thankfully if all moved fast and delivered thing mostly in the best possible way. Why do I used the term ‘mostly’ and ‘best possible way’ because I have to agree with Kaedejun, the victor plot was kind of awkward and move to the Italy mission not as swiftly, and even though I enjoyed that thing are moving in a nice pace this was kind of abrupt. Just like it also fell eternal for Jung Woo to figure out who the target was, cause really, the only Korean you meet in vicenza is coincidentally the only relation with all the places the picture show, you don’t have to know she if the First daughter to worry about her safety.

    thanks for the recap, loved it.

    • 4.1 aX

      Maybe S. Korea isn’t like the US where they advertise the President’s children, too. You’d think at least she’d look familiar to him considering he works for the government. Oh well.

  5. aX

    Oh and if I may add, I am having a hard time liking Lee Jia’s character. Honestly, I just can’t help but compare her to Kim So Yeon’s character, Sun Hwa, who I grew to love more than Kim Tae Hee (who irritated me).

    Jung Woo Sung & Su Ae, I’m already on board!

    • 5.1 MAVY

      Oh please shoot me! why must the main couple be so boring I thought it was only me!
      see for some reason I think there was more chemistry between Soo Young and Jung Woo than Jung Soo and Hye In.

      • 5.1.1 aX

        Really? That kiss between Jung Soo & Hye Iin from episode 2 had immense chemistry! Give it time… so far, we haven’t really seen much of Hye In’s character. Only a glimpse from episode 1 and barely, if you count Jung Soo’s dream sequence.

        • MAVY

          True that, we are to early on to make such judgement about characters… and for some reason I’ve noticed that in action dramas the ladies tend to have slower character development… makes me wonder

    • 5.2 maez

      I love Lee Jia. Maybe her character will surprise in the next episodes. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • 5.2.1 Revy

        Yay. I finally found someone who also like Lee Ji Ah. I am sure her character will get some development in the later episodes

        • cille

          i’m going to have to apologize in advance BECAUSE i actually prefer lee ji ah than su ae. it has everything to do with her character in the four gods/legend!! ^^ i actually think that ji ah had good chemistry with woo sung in the end of ep 2 “past” sequence.

          seeing as i sped through iris, i can’t exactly give a balance comparison between the two. and who would really want to? hehe. i’m just enjoying this drama!

          • LaLa

            WOOOOOH agree agree agree. The relationship between the two is way more interesting then between Hye In and Jung Woo, even though their relationship has had less screen time, just mysterious hints of the past. And can I just add, Choi Siwon, you sex god you.

        • dramafan88

          Wow – I’m so glad I found similar interests. I prefer Lee Jia as well – her story with the two leading men seem way more interesting.

          And also agree with the comment on Choi Siwon being so hawt and sexy – heh. Siwon jjang!

          • Mia

            True True, I find I’m waiting much more of Jae Hee scenes & her interactions with all male characters than with Hye In. I feel her persona also more entertaining. I guess that she’ll have interesting relationship with either Soon Hyuk, Jung Woo, Joon Ho, even maybe Ki Soo as well; perhaps more than Hye In with them. Just my guts, though. She certainly has many potentials to develop.

          • LaLa

            YAY! WOOOO ๐Ÿ˜€

        • kimkim

          ohh thank god you like lee ji ah.. you know shes my idol since in her 1st tv drama.. i love herrr

    • 5.3 myra

      You and me both.

      I don’t hate Jae-hee (eventhough sometimes I feel sorry for what happened between her and Jeong-woo), but she does nothing for me. Whether it’s Lee Ji-ah’s acting or the way the character is written. Hye-in on the other hand, is wayy more interesting (if you’re talking about the character) than Jae-hee and also the most complicated on the show.

      Seon-hwa (Kim So-yeon) will always be my favorite, not only she kicked ass, the character had more depth than these two in Athena.

  6. maez

    Loved how I was able to watch the episode subbed before I read the recap. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Getoba

    I find Lee jia good and credible in his interpretation. His bad role in Style is not a reason to be biased in a negative way. After four episode i think All the cast is perfect.

  8. Eliza

    I like Lee Ji ah as well with Jung Woo. Im excited to see how she got involved with Son Hyuk in the coming eps!

  9. snow

    this is just a nitpick (not with you, kaedejun, thanks for the recap!) – it’s “Gatto Grigio” rather than “Grigio Gatto”.

  10. 10 krnkimbap

    I’m finding that Athena is getting better as it goes along, and of course, I would follow Cha SeungWon to the ends of the earth! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I find myself rooting for him instead of the “good guys” and I swear I will have an aneurism if they kill him at the end.

    I didn’t mind LJA until I saw the youtube clips of her all over my Son Hyuk!!! Bah, I get sour just thinking about them… lol~ I guess I’m very petty when it comes to my korean men, haha.

    That being sad, I’m enjoying Athena much more than Iris. This is definitely the biggest drama production Korea has ever produced!

  11. 11 Bel

    i duno if i can continue with Athena anymore.. it’s too choppy for me..and i cant enjoy it properly.

  12. 12 shelly

    Thank you!!!
    (Oh and I got my first Yoo Ah In header <3 lol)

    • 12.1 crazyunnie

      OMGROTFD Yoo Ah In is the hottest thing that ever walked in a Korean historical drama. Wait. Scratch that. He’s the hottest guy EVER. period. ๐Ÿ™‚
      (rant over)…
      I can say that I like Athena as a drama. It’s entertaining enough to keep me in my seat for an hour. I do hope it gets more interesting though.
      It was like this in Iris too. I just can’t bring myself to like the main girl more than the second chick. This is soooo bad for me. I know it only brings disappointment. But I can’t help myself! T-T

      • 12.1.1 Cahya

        Yeah me too. First I assumed with Soo-ae, situation will be different from IRIS b’coz she’s much better actress than KTH and her role seemed more challenging/intriguing. And her portrayal indeed doesn’t disappoint until now, esp. in 1st eps.
        BUT, I started sold on Lee Ji-Ah character at 2nd eps (I connect with her already and her chemistry with JW is great so far). Doesn’t mean I dislike Soo-ae char., but I’ll root for LJA more, at least for now.

        • opal

          But Lee Ji-Ah just looks sooooo weird, especially if you compare her with Su-ae. I’m not trying to be rude, but really, she is a miscast. It should’ve been Shin Mina (Gumiho) or some really beautiful newbie actress that I can actually buy JW falling in love with (again).

          • Cahya

            I think nothing wrong with LJA cast. JH isn’t supposed to be a femme fatale attractive but deadly like HI, but just a badass dedicated agent (for now at least). So no need for very pretty actress to portray her. JH-HI seems to be portrayed as counterpart, with JH exudes sense of ordinary woman agent with her appearances and behavior, compared to calmly dangerous double-agent HI.

            Perhaps b’coz of her “down-to-earth” sense, I connect with JH more while HI def. more intriguing. And as some people already said above, JH potential romances seems more questionable therefore more exciting to wait for.
            As for chemistry, nothing wrong with HI-JW, JW’s “love-struck” was cute. I just like JW-JH wounded stares-behavior toward each other haha…

  13. 13 swui

    I dunno if its deliberate..but they made JWS’s Jung Woo more “human” compared to LBY’s Hyun Jun. I mean he’s a little lazy, do not possess photographic memory, can’t woo the girl right, staggers and in a bit of shock after some action scenes, a little dim (for not figuring things quick enough for an elite agent), didn’t “electrify” all the females he met….

    hhahaaha…well hope he’s not too normal to then extent of being boring…he’s as cute though with as much 6pax.

  14. 14 soni

    The best drama currently airing!!
    Thank you much for the recaps!!

  15. 15 lovepark

    I really enjoyed Kim Min-jong’s character and thought he was hilarious. The overall episode was kind of boring, and I found myself skipping parts. I hope the writer doesn’t mess up Ki-soo and make him too cheesy by overdoing the funny factor.

  16. 16 lovin it

    loving the appearances of kim min jong and choi siwon! :O
    i hope hottie siwon gets more screen time ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. 17 cathsplat

    Eventhough i LOVE Lee Ji-Ah/Han Jae Hee character here, but I really hope that the writer could hold back a little bit on reavealing her past with Jung Woo.
    It’s like, “Ok, now I know their past relationship, so?”
    There’s no more surprise to keep for the next episodes.
    Well, it’s still interesting to see how both of them ‘communicate’ later on..
    Jung Woo X Jae Hee hwaiting !!!

  18. 18 moochi2000

    i actually find athena a lot better than iris. there’s less romance here, and it just makes more sense. i really didn’t find kim tae hee that attractive in iris, and seriously the girls in this drama kick ass a lot more!

    i think it’s unfair to criticize the main guy for not knowing that she was the president’s daughter. nobody even knew that the daughter was there to begin with and it’s such a small town, anyone could have gone to the same places as the pictures. obviously, it’s not perfect but i thought the action was pretty jam-packed in the last 10-15 of the episode.

    definitely better than episode 2.

  19. 19 foreverandaday

    I’m 3 episodes in and i realized whats bugging me. I really don’t like the casting for Joo-woo. He doesn’t seem like a field agent more like an office clerk. It’s hard to stay connected to the drama and his character when he doesn’t fit the role.

    I kinda feel like we’ve been thrown into this plot about nuclear scientist/reacter/programs for to long that I find myself going WTF. How long can we hear about the russians are following him. Their is nothing hanging onto the storyline no emotional attachment any character developement. Just hopping along from one scenario to the next.

    It is nice to see the female characters having action scenes and not having to be nice about it.
    I’m still debating on whether or not to watch ep 4.

  20. 20 Lilian

    it was OK for me…but I like this episode coz more of Joon Ho. Choi siwon!!! XD More of him in ep 4 too!

  21. 21 SungMinWoo

    derp derp about LJA, just deal with it, girls. if you think you can do better, then go to Korea and get her out of show, write a strongly worded letter instead of pointlessly whining on the internet and even complaining about her looks of all things. lol.

  22. 22 kimkim

    well for me lee ji ah,, shes good in athena .. to the writter plsss .. add more scene of jh and jw.. plss i love lee ji ah so much.. shes my idol.. for me JH and JW love story is more interesting than HI and JW….

    to all who love LEE JI AH,, support herrr!!!!!!
    saranghae lee ji ah

  23. 23 true421

    like li ji ah character so much, wants more scenes between Han Jae-Hee and Son-hyuk………

  24. 24 Mannymo

    anybody who noticed how Jung Woo’s dream from Eps2 meets harsh reality in Eps3? Instead of some fancy event in romantic Italy with the girl, he goes to sweaty Algeria with the guy he doesn’t even like :P.

    Made me laugh quite a bit.

  25. 25 daldal

    they could take better pictures of Algeria.. they made it looks hell (i am algerian and i was happy to hear that they are going to film in it but but but)… well i will stop right here…no more…anyway thanks for the recap !!

  26. 26 Jennifer

    I love kim min jong in this episode! one of the reasons why i’m sticking to athena..the first few eps are really slow…tsk.

  27. 27 rasky Jay

    The episode was interesting

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