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Yoon Jin-seo for Elle
by | December 29, 2010 | 50 Comments

girlfriday: Ooh, purty.
javabeans: She’s purty.
girlfriday: How come she always manages to look cute AND pretty, all at once? Girl next door, who happens to be a model.
javabeans: They teach that class in Korea. Did you not get the memo?
girlfriday: Seriously. Must move back to Korea. Wait. What am I saying?
javabeans: Did you just have a blackout moment of sadism?
girlfriday: It was involuntary.
javabeans: Phew. At least you’re back to normal now. I thought you’d succumbed to the subliminal messages in all kdramas.
girlfriday: That Korea is heaven on earth?
javabeans: And all things wondrous and superior?
girlfriday: And that it always snows on Christmas there—
javabeans: —unless you’re in a tragic melo. Then it doesn’t.
girlfriday: And that you’ll meet a prince charming, who will turn out to be a second-generation chaebol…
javabeans: They’re everywhere. Haven’t you heard?
girlfriday: Well, technically he’s an import.
javabeans: If you’re lucky you won’t even need a chaebol, because you’ll discover that you’re actually a princess yourself.
girlfriday: But just to hedge your bets, you’ll still date a chaebol. Diplomat. Hottie.
javabeans: Of course.
girlfriday: But that’s a subject for another post.
javabeans: Should we say anything else about Yoon Jin-seo in Elle?
girlfriday: Ha! Oh yeah…
javabeans: There really ISN’T anything to say is there?
girlfriday: Nope.
javabeans: She’s purty.
girlfriday: Yep.


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50 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. mems

    Haha, I love your little conversations. More posts like this, please. 🙂

    • 1.1 Anon106

      I second this. You guys crack me up.

    • 1.2 sara

      ya, please! these conversations are amusing! you really made my day, thanks a lot.

    • 1.3 little_princess

      haha…gf n bj are really funny aren’t they….

    • 1.4 smiles

      You’ve given me another lol moment ladies. This back and forth are golden…..More please!

  2. Ina-sshi

    First Time First 8D

    I like the colors. I would probably run around like that if my legs were worthy to look at^^

    thx for all you have done so far JB and GF.
    You always make me laugh 😉

    • 2.1 Ina-sshi

      Mooo, how is it possible that I missed it for 2 minutes while writing? I should study moooore xD
      now I know why everyone makes their comment as a reply…arrr

      • 2.1.1 rockee

        “now I know why everyone makes their comment as a reply…arrr”

        haha. Join the club!

        • rockee

          Forgot to add: It doesn’t always snow on Christmas in Korea? Darn it. I was planning to go there with a friend next year on Kwissmas. Off to some snowy mountain then…

          • WW

            Haha, I thought GF and JB were making a reference to Will it Snow for Christmas, the melodrama 🙂

  3. nelkk

    although i didnt find her and her character very interesting, she looks BEAUTIFUL!! And her perm is the best really suits her… SOOOOO WANT that bag in the 4th picture hehe

    • 3.1 nelkk

      i mean in fugitive plan b lool

  4. notoriousnoona

    The dialogue is way too fun… Hope this is a taste of the New Year! Keep it coming 😉

  5. soysauce

    “Well. technically, he’s an import”
    That skirt in that last picture <3333333333333

  6. Jenna

    It’s called photoshopping. Americans do it all the time.:)

  7. Nonbirira

    …and you did! (Keep talking, that is.) Thank you! Had me snorting with laughter!

  8. RadicalRee

    Oooooh she looks amazing!
    But I wonder if she actually ate that donut/chips.

  9. AcrobaticUrchin

    I love how they managed to work a toilet into that shoot. Not quite sure how I feel about that shot: on one hand, very realistic, one the other… toilets are swirling vortexes of disease.

    • 9.1 lemon tea

      it’s someplace the everyday person would sit

  10. 10 anotheraddict

    Thanks for putting a big smile on my face yet again… U guys R 2 funny!

  11. 11 Josina

    It’s refreshing to see a Hotaru no Hikari-inspired fashion shoot, furry Crocs and all

  12. 12 momosan


    cute is right. Even with curlers the size of a small moon.

  13. 13 jovy05

    love it love it!! Javabeans and girlfriday, you always make my day with your witty comments so having both of you comment/discuss at the same time is a treat… keep it coming ladies!!!

  14. 14 mskololia

    Hahahaha….U 2 r z best!

  15. 15 Nhu

    Let me see how many of those references I got….

    I <3 you two soooo much!!!! I can't even imagine a dramabeans time without girlfriday awesomeness anymore. Please stay forever.

  16. 16 punch

    i like having my tooth brushed while wearing a flowery, chic skirt *_*

  17. 17 xylophonic

    That’s a weird-looking donut she’s holding (it IS a donut, right?).

    Other than not, not much to say except that she’s purdy indeed.

  18. 18 Porcelain

    Love the conversation!!!

    Always and forever will remember her as Yoo Ji Tae’s sister in Old Boy… The bridge scene… one of my favourite movie scene…

    She was effective in Beasty Boys… Haven’t really catch her in a drama… must check it out…

    Like the big curlers she has there…

    • 18.1 asta17

      She was the sister? Huh – obviously should rewatch that movie, it’s been too long since I saw that amazing panoramic stabbed in the back fight scene 😛

  19. 19 Rizzy

    Love your conversation too Javabeans and GF! 🙂

  20. 20 djes

    Korea is heaven on earth? hahaha.
    I guess that message is clearer on Kpop’s world than on Kdrama’s world, since in Kdrama’s I thought everyone is prone to fatal diseases, cancers, and all of those things?
    while in Kpop’s world everyone is hot, and all you can hear is UNF? Idols are hot, and some sort of gods and goddesses?

    anyway! I love the convos…and she IS pretty!

  21. 21 myweithisway

    You mean you date a “chaebol-diplomat-hottie” instead of just one of those three characteristics right? And really, if that was possible, I’d move too.

  22. 22 Biscuit


    The girl can make sitting on a couch surrounded by untidy surroundings while eating chips and hair rollers in the hair look chic.

    If I saw a picture of myself doing that, I’d burn it ASAP.

  23. 23 val

    love the conversation! haha you both really crack me up!!

  24. 24 Mickey mouse

    Hehe…anyone watch Secret Love? she is so gorgeous !!

  25. 25 Two Cents

    How can she eat all that junk food and stay so skinny? So not fair.

    • 25.1 Mickey mouse

      She stay fits by doing exercise and not a couch potato…

  26. 26 TeARsFade



    but the last pic, the skirt is too short for comfort

    • 26.1 bathala

      Man … the legs are awesome. 🙂

      Ehem … my wife’s legs are better …

  27. 27 mellowyel

    Koreans know how to make everything look good. Even random polaroids and kinda grimy places look great. can i help it if i want to go there and find some of that fairy dust for myself? lol

    i love the photography and the color palette for this shoot. i might actually watch Runaway – I need a drama with no promises of realism to escape into.

  28. 28 Juwo

    That was hilarious guys, I loved all the subtle references – and of course, all the purty pictures :D!

  29. 29 Krickitat

    she was a cute little firecracker in RPB

  30. 30 d_ahjumma

    LOL – your conversation cracks me up.

  31. 31 Atsirk

    I seriously love your conversations 😀

  32. 32 Vendetta

    I personally don’t enjoy these messanger like conversations , gives me headache to read them.

    But ohwell, whatever~

    • 32.1 maria

      they crack me up, honestly. but i agree that they’re only enjoyable up to a point. 🙂 after the holiday craziness, i’m looking forward to a possible reverting back to posts with more info. but for now.. WHEE!! happy new year!! 🙂

  33. 33 Lenita

    you mean, it doesn’t snow on christmas in korea? *worried*

  34. 34 riley

    She’s adorable. And y’all are AWESOME.

  35. 35 decemberbelle

    Kdramas subliminal message that Korea is heaven on earth just burst my bubble.

    Jb and GF, i love your exchanges. So witty and funny. Keep them coming:) yay!

  36. 36 Biankoy

    hahaha! that subliminal message thing cracked me up! hahahaha. seriously you girls are awesome!

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