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Actress Heo Yi-jae marries
by | January 15, 2011 | 72 Comments

Another celeb gets hitched: actress Heo Yi-jae (Girlfriends, Single Papa in Love) married her businessman groom in a morning ceremony on January 15.

With Heo turning 24 next month, she joins a smallish group of actresses who have tied the knot early in their careers, such as Han Ga-in and Lee Yo-won. In fact, because of her youth, her engagement spurred a bit of pregnancy speculation, which she strongly denied.

Heo Yi-jae hasn’t had much of a public profile in recent years; she was very briefly an almost-It Girl for a while after landing a plum leading role in Goong S opposite what was to be Se7en’s big break as an actor. (Alas, poor acting from the entire cast and a tired story landed that drama firmly in flop category. Not to say it wasn’t without its appeal — I watched it through, every episode — but you can’t really defend that drama too strenuously.)

For a while, she was even referred to as “Little Kim Tae-hee” for her physical resemblance to the star. It’s not so evident these days, but a few years ago the resemblance was a lot stronger:

Since then, Heo has had some forgettable roles in dramas like Single Papa in Love and the movie Girlfriends.

But her career trajectory aside, it sounds like she’s genuinely happy, and she said prior to the wedding ceremony, “I decided to marry because I felt that if I let him go, I’d regret it forever.” Husband Lee Seung-woo (a non-celeb) called his bride a warm-hearted person who is always considerate of others, humbling herself and not standing on her celeb status.

Heo plans to put her career activities on hold for the moment while transitioning to married life. And while I’ve never been impressed with her acting, I think Goong S has given me a soft spot for her — you don’t get through that kind of ordeal without feeling some kind of bond, right? Perhaps she’ll be able to regroup after this big change, and catch a second wind in her career, not unlike both Han Ga-in and Lee Yo-won.

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72 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. diy

    the dress is soo 1999.
    but she looks happy. congrats. =)

    • 1.1 otk

      the shoulder covers aren’t part of the dress. She’s wearing that cuz its cold outside.

      • 1.1.1 Ms Guccibabie

        Not just the shoulder cover but the whole dress looks old fashion. You just expect a 24-yr old lady would want something more…modern for her wedding dress. But if she’s happy, then I’m happy for her.

        • birdscout

          go to comment 33.1 and click on the link that shows the dress without the cape. The dress is modern and looks great on her!

  2. Quaggy

    Awwww! She looks so happy!! Giddy, even!

  3. @lfani

    is she pregnant?

    • 3.1 babymama

      A bun in the oven I assumed. The 4th picture gave it away. thick neck , double chin, and the over covered up in the front area. With the “trend” among the celeb this days, Pregnant then get married. it’s a bad example for the youngster.

      • 3.1.1 babymama

        well the good thing is at least they got married after that. πŸ™‚

      • 3.1.2 aloedrinker

        it’s cold outside, it you want to look sexy, you’ll manage wearing thin to look sexy, but for the other case, baby on the way, you have to dress warm for the baby. so Yes from me too.

        • birdscout

          What is in your aloe drink? LOL The article says that the bride denies that she is pregnant.

  4. anon

    and princess rolls in her grave yet again!!!

    • 4.1 anon

      i meant PRINCESS DI
      the diana gown looked good on diana.PERIOD

  5. dibs

    She looks cute n i agree with diy , her dress looks out o fashion.. but it doesnt matter..its her day πŸ™‚ :).. congrats and all the best heo yi jae πŸ™‚

  6. Mary

    please check out this;


    Im so0o0 excited about her cameo!!!! πŸ˜€
    what role she would play!!!!? an ex-gf or… ? let’s see!!!

    • 6.1 Mary

      sorry I know its not related to this post.

  7. bobbie

    That dress is hideous. She’s such a cute young thing, wished she’d worn something more age appropriate. It’s so over the top, she could have walked straight off an Andre Kim runway.

  8. birdscout

    But we can’t really see the dress that well because she’s wearing a cape.

    Only saw bits of Goong S, but I rather enjoyed her in Single Papa in Love. (Of course, I watched that early in my kdrama addiction when I considered EVERYTHING kdrama-related to be fascinating!)

  9. Mayounaise

    That dress … I think it’s pregnant …

    • 9.1 noi

      i was thinking the same thing too!

  10. 10 Meenie

    I think most of actress in Korea marries/will be married to businessmen/tycoons. Most of them consider wealthiness than popularity. While actors… Err… They end up being single forever(?)

    • 10.1 Jo

      in korea, if you just marry someone who is not a celeb, he is basically called a businesss man.
      Like…they play it up and make him sound amazing, but he could literally just be a business man, as in…the kind that has a cubicle.


      And come on people!
      No bashing on someones WEDDING DAY.
      my gawd.

      • 10.1.1 Meenie

        Excuse me, darling. Please read carefully before you accuse something. I’m only giving my thought regarding actress marriage in Korea, is that considered as bashing someone’s wedding day? Chill out sweetie.

      • 10.1.2 ck1Oz

        Er I think he is supposed to run some business school and he is related to a chaebol family.So technically….she did marry up.

        I am happy for her but just saying she’s marrying into a rich family.

  11. 11 laura

    she isnt preety!!! and ofcourse she would be happy , duh!!!
    buh neither her gown is beautiful nor she!!! i wonder how she got actress as title

    • 11.1 Jo

      Being a actress doesnt mean you have to be beautiful.
      We should expect talent from them, not beauty.

      • 11.1.1 oh! tht! chick!

        in an ideal world yes…talent should triumph beauty…but in the real world show biz prefers its women to be somewhat talented but always pretty preferably size zero innocents who will be the perfect foil for their brave macho macho men….show biz is the show biz for a reason u know….cynical but the truth

        • nell123

          Are you guys serious? Not pretty? It’s true that the dress is hideous but she is a beautiful woman. What’s not to like about her?

        • Basuha

          In America that stereotype is long gone, talent is what we fall for and not a size zero and a “Pretty Woman” face. Whoopi, Rosanna, the actress that played Precious, the actress that play in the hit show Glee, Oprah, the actress that play Ugly Betty. A Pretty face doesn’t cut it any more if it not back up with TALENT! that the ideal in the U.S @ Laura “Beauty is in the eye of the the beholder” because she truly is one pretty young lady in my eyes……

    • 11.2 Rossi

      Wow! Did you eat “rudeness” for breakfast? I really hope so because thinking that there ppl like you in real life puts a damper to my own breakfast =\

  12. 12 czak

    didnt realize it was her from Goong S.
    actually didnt like Gong S…
    never liked her character, it was too BLaH…!!!!
    and the guys characters was the same..
    i was more intuned with the seconds lead actor and actress…
    I mean i was looking forward to it cause i loved Goong but that sequel was just bad…

    anyway congratulations for her…
    I hope, pray, wish for her happiness and her family…

  13. 13 Ace

    Ah, winter wedding…

  14. 14 asianromance

    I’m glad being unexpectedly pregnant isn’t a contributing factor to why she’s getting married. Congratulations!

    man, with these young actresses getting married, I;m feeling old..

    • 14.1 questions987

      haha – you and me both. In Korea – I’m already over the hill and could be an old maid. Blah!

    • 14.2 Laeah

      Yeah… cuz men who marry women and take responsibility for getting the women – they obviously love enough to consider marriage – pregnant are terrible. -eyeroll-

  15. 15 shu

    like OMG. she was the lead female in Goong S, and I totally supperly can’t recognise her anymore. She got muchhh rounder. =[

    but so happy for her to have found someone she likes so early

  16. 16 Anna

    she looks very happyyy!!!

  17. 17 sam

    she perforned in Goong S???

  18. 18 jelly-jamboree

    I find it funny that the same news source blotted out the face of the woman holding the dress in the 5th picture when she’s CLEARLY VISIBLE only a few photos before… lol

    Congrats to Heo Yi-jae on her wedding! I’ve never seen any of the shows she’s been in, but she looks like a happy happy bride :3

  19. 19 oh! tht! chick!

    omg dint recognise her at all and i watched goong s till the (very bitter) end! and she is jus 24? whats the hurry heh? oh well she looks positively radiant in those pics so good for her!

    • 19.1 jossy

      24 is my ideal ‘to be wed’ age! Ive got 3-4years to man-hunt..lol
      Even if she is knocked up, which im not implying that shes not marrying for love either, but is it really such a bad thing to have a child without being married?
      Id love to have a baby! Marriage notwithstanding either.. πŸ˜‰

      • 19.1.1 oh! tht! chick!

        lol you have to understand tht this is coming from a person who is about to pass your ideal to be wed age and hence a person marrying when she is 23 makes me feel a wee bit over the hill to borrow a phrase tht is running through the comments section here!!

        also yeah i dont see the problem in raising a kid without getting hitched though tht depends on the society u live in..in most asian societies this is frowned upon and things do tend to get messy for single moms

  20. 20 crysalide

    So is the Big Boss A.K.A Yang Hyun Suk or anyone from YGEntertainment attending this wedding? i mean she is afterall from YGE and she did a Drama special with TOP & SeungRi and don’t forget Goong S with Se7en.

  21. 21 jo

    goodness, girl can’t act to save her life…
    congrats though.

  22. 22 Ditzy

    She must be happy..it’s her wedding day! I must say that she’s put on a fair bit of weight. She was looking anorexic a while back. Glad she’s healthy again.

  23. 23 Birdie

    Good for her. So many actresses and actors put career first before happiness and regret it later. Love is all about timing and if she knows in her heart he is the one, she went for it. Happy for her.

  24. 24 rainerust

    Sigh. She’s younger than I am and hitched. There must be something I’m missing here.

    Oh well can’t say I like the wrap and can’t see the dress for the wrap but pretty girl is pretty and yea I liked her in Goong S too. Felicitations and may she be blessed with peace and joy!

  25. 25 Peachy

    I’m so bored…. I watched most of the dramas already πŸ˜› Anybody have suggestions for me to watch? I want to watch romantic comedy dramas.

    hwaiting for sg tonight X)

  26. 26 AuntieMame

    My recollection, from “Single Dad”, is that she is a really cute girl.

    Her entire ensemble is too old for a young person. Actually, she looks like she’s channeling Queen Victoria.

    But, the bride is radiantly happy … and that’s what counts. Congrats to them.

    • 26.1 CH0C0CAK3

      LOL I thought she looked like Queen Victoria too…and I actually Googled up some pictures of Queen Victoria to make sure.

  27. 27 tyasawa

    Geez.. what’s with some people rudeness! (jealous much)

    Well she looks really happy and good for her πŸ˜€

  28. 28 Please...

    I know we have freedome of speech but what’s with all the negative comments… criticsms on her wedding dress? To each his own. She likes to look like a princess on her wedding day… so she did. It’s her wedding day so let her be.

    She looks very happy, good on her!

  29. 29 Laeah

    Sorry but that dress is ridiculously ugly.

  30. 30 safa

    How on earth did you know the dress is Ugly While
    it almost covered ?!

    do you all have a X-ray ?!

  31. 31 leonardswench

    When in doubt of what to say, one should stick to the tried and true time-honoured indicator of good breeding and social skills:

    Congratulations and best wishes!

    • 31.1 Laica

      I second this.

      Congrats to the happy couple πŸ™‚

  32. 32 punch

    i did not recognized her. she looks kinda bloated compared to the GoongS days where she is slim. that’s why my eyebrow is raised

  33. 33 λ„ˆκ΅¬λ¦¬

    you guys STOP THE HATING!!!!!

    i think it s a combination of the dress being so huge and the light being so bright that makes her look a tad chubby especially compared to before….also the angle is bad and sporting that huge a smile can only make your cheeks look fuller! if i ever smiled like she did, my face would look like that of an obese gerbil. and like some of you said…i do think she might be pregnant…i read it amongst the comments of her wedding pics on naver earlier…but then again i didn t check the source.

    i absolutely LOVED her in 해바라기 –sunflower– that movie definitely impacted me and i disagree with those ‘she can t act’ comments. she s gorgeous and can act. i really don t get why people got all anti fan on her for some reason…

    • 33.1 λ„ˆκ΅¬λ¦¬

      like i said earlier, the only reason she looks a tad chubbi-ER is because she s holding that huge dress, has a huuuge smile and is the lighting is so bright it widens her face.

      she s slim and the dress is in fact FAAAAAAAAAAAAAR from ugly. not to mention you couldn t see it in those pics. actual dress w/ the shrug off:


      • 33.1.1 indigowine

        Ha! Thank you for clearing this up ;D

  34. 34 LeeLey

    It’s kind of embarrassing to admit, but I actually liked Goong S. I thought Heo Yi-jae’s acting was pretty good and she was very beautiful to watch. Congratulations to them and hope she has more projects in the future. Best wishes…

  35. 35 estelle

    I guess she’s pregnant, if not she wouldn’t be so round…

  36. 36 Village Idiot

    Bride in denial (about pregnancy)…whatever not that anyone REALLY cares heh.

  37. 37 kit

    ‘…’ @ the comments

    but i wish her happiness

  38. 38 JiHwan

    I watched a bit of Goong S and gave up but I did manage to finish Single Papa in love. Her performance wasn’t bad but it definitely wasn’t memorable. Good luck to her and her groom. As for the whole “she’s pregnant” thing, let’s just give her the benefit of the doubt shall we?

  39. 39 Laeah

    Obviously you guys don’t know much about Korean sex lives. Most girls get abortions if they are not in love and don’t want to get married. They probably WANT to get pregnant so that if there are any issues with marriage, both sides will automatically agree because no parents in Korea want their kids to have kids before marriage and a shotgun wedding is much more appropriate than none at all.

    I doubt 90% of the couples who got knocked up and then got married were actually knocked up accidentally.

    • 39.1 Alexis

      Ah, That seem so. I am very impressed that you knew everything about this.

  40. 40 Cam

    Woooow, she is really almost as exactly as my top favorite actress Kim Tae Hee, ofc! (she’s very beautiful when she smiles like that, mm!)

    Ooh, Is she pregnant? Ah, very interesting. That;s why, she’s wearing this beautiful white, wedding dress like that.

    CONGRATS, Heo Yi Jae!!! Wish you & your new hubby a happy couple to-be-happy family!

  41. 41 Liesel

    Is it just me or does she look like Queen Victoria in that wedding garb? Oh, well. Best wishes to her!

  42. 42 Aimee


  43. 43 MariePhils

    She looks like Lee hyunwoo in those pics

    • 43.1 MariePhils

      i mean Lee Yo won, hehehe!

  44. 44 dramagran1


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