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1 Night 2 Days: Episode 325
by | April 5, 2011 | 110 Comments

Here we are with Episode 325 of 1N2D, which is a continuation of the previous episode wherein new member Uhm Tae-woong gets initiated into the fold. There’s nothing like shoving the newly hatched bird off a ledge to get him to flap his wings. (Or, you know, die.)

Here’s where we get to see the big movie star completely out of his element, stranded and without any mentors to teach him tips and tricks. Talk about a crash course in 1N2D survival.

EPISODE 325. Broadcast on March 13, 2011.

girlfriday: I love how Tae-woong admitted that his major weakness is having a hard time talking to strangers, and on his first day, they leave him stranded in the street.

javabeans: How much do you suppose that was coincidence?

girlfriday: Zero.

javabeans: This episode was a pretty hard challenge. You’re just gonna make the new guy hitchhike his way to the beach? With a 2-hour time limit?

girlfriday: They throw you off the deep end.

javabeans: I have to think that it might’ve been easier for Tae-woong, because he has face recognition. A lot of his helpers did know who he was.

girlfriday: True. In general those types of missions are easier for Seung-gi or Ho-dong because they’re more easily recognized. Although, sometimes they’re forced to also wear embarrassing costumes, marring all sign of recognition, or simply upping the humiliation factor. But I think the hard part for Tae-woong was his OWN awkwardness with strangers.

javabeans: In the beginning, it was like I could almost hear the “Oh, shit” in his brain.

girlfriday: Yeah, it was written all over his face.

javabeans: I was sort of shocked at how easily Korean drivers actually picked up a hitchhiker, even though I’m positive the camera crew presence greatly mitigates the fear aspect. And a lot of people know 1N2D, even if they don’t watch it, it seems. But whatever the case, I think it’s cute when the helper actually knows who he is and is trying to play cool when they’re secretly excited. Like that little boy who asked for a photo while he was hitching a ride.

girlfriday: Actually, sometimes it’s even cuter when they don’t know. Once they went to a really tiny mountain town, and Seung-gi walked a grandma home, and she just assumed he was a nice kid, saying that someone must’ve raised him well. It was maybe the most adorable thing ever. I think most people know the show, but they hit remote areas and are an unassuming bunch anyway, so you never know what to expect with civilian reactions.

javabeans: Tae-woong seemed to approach the challenge by assuming people didn’t know who he was. And I notice that the guys don’t actually introduce themselves. If they’re recognized, they’ll smile, but they won’t draw attention to what they’re doing. It was funny how some drivers were like, “You’re just like you look on TV!” and others were, “You’re much better-looking in person.” Heh. But for a while there, I didn’t think Tae-woong was gonna make it to the beach.

girlfriday: They made it hard by not letting him say what his destination was, so he could only ask for a ride on their way to wherever.

javabeans: Is that because most people would be really nice and take him the whole way if they knew?

girlfriday: Wouldn’t you?

javabeans: Just checkin’. He really scored with that car of college kids, though. I’m sure it helps when the helpers are familiar with the show and its challenges, but that one guy was like a 1N2D expert. I wonder how that kid felt when he heard Tae-woong describe him to his buddies later as “this future variety PD.” He was even advising Tae-woong on how to conceptualize his character for the show.

girlfriday: Which was exactly what the members were doing on the beach while waiting for him. (Some of the cast members have nicknames, like Ji-won is “Cho-ding,” because he’s like a grade-schooler, essentially a big kid who delights in schoolyard pranks. Seung-gi is “Huh-dang,” because there’s something slightly missing from what appears to be the perfect package…he’s just always bumblingly two hairs shy of being cool, which is of course adorably endearing.) They came up with a couple of possible nicknames for Tae-woong.

javabeans: When Seung-gi suggested “Uhm-ko” at first, I thought, “Is he making fun of his nose?” (Ko is the word for nose.) I didn’t get right away that he meant Uhm-comedian, ha.

girlfriday: They also had “Moo-dang,” meaning he’s good at nothing. Heh.

javabeans: Aw. He had a rough start. He did admit to some of the strangers that he was so startled at the way he was kidnapped that he couldn’t remember anything he might’ve prepared. But at least he made it to the beach, with barely four minutes to spare.

girlfriday: It was such a dramatic music-video reunion. Arms open, running across the beach to meet his brothers. That’s the kind of thing I love about this show, because it’s artificial, and yet…you can’t make this shit up. There’s a structure to the games and the situations, but the moments are real. They were genuinely so happy that he made it.

javabeans: And then to completely undercut the moment, Ji-won (who was closest to Tae-woong) told the others that while Tae-woong was running to them dramatically, he was actually cursing to himself, “Damn if I ever wear these tight pants again!” HAHA.

girlfriday: Keh. Sometimes the guys make fun of each other for what they wear, especially if any of them tries to look especially cool. I think there’s a bro code for the wardrobe, meaning there’s a narrow window of stuff you can wear: can’t be too slobby, but can’t be too cool either. ‘Cause then you’re trying too hard. And you get made fun of, mercilessly.

javabeans: So I get that the boys all went into the freezing water as a bonding exercise, but I thought that was supposed to be the punishment for failing the mission.

girlfriday: Seung-gi was supposed to go in for Tae-woong being a black hole of multiplication, but they all ended up going in for bonding’s sake.

javabeans: After the second dude voluntarily went into the water, it was kind of a given that they’d all go in. I wonder if the guys after him were grumbling, “Aw man, now I have to go?” (Side note: Uhm Tae-woong in a wet T-shirt? Mmm.) Then after that, they showered, rested, and had to “earn” their dinner in stages. Tell me, is this a recurring issue?

girlfriday: Yes. It’s the backbone of 1N2D.

javabeans: And showering together?

girlfriday: That’s the backbone of bromance.

javabeans: But the food: THAT’S SO MEAN. It’s a good thing they ended up winning the meat, but I felt so sad for them every time they lost a side dish because they couldn’t MANEUVER IN THE DARK to configure their bodies into some insane position and then hold it indefinitely.

girlfriday: Gotta earn your food. It’s just like real life, except with a god-like PD who giveth and taketh away as he chooses. There are times when they literally end up with NOTHING. And they have to watch as the staff eats up all the delicious food in front of them.

javabeans: Is that legal? Forget legal, is that ethical?

girlfriday: That’s why they constantly call the PD inhumane.

javabeans: I guess it makes sense — the boys aren’t gonna take the challenges seriously if there aren’t consequences.

girlfriday: It also makes whatever they DO get to eat that much more delicious.

javabeans: Glass waaaay half full, dude.

girlfriday: But I always have the worst food envy when I watch this show, because they hype up the food SO MUCH. Even if it’s a 1-dollar package of ramen with some instant rice. It’s like nectar of the gods. And the guys get so excited about food, without fail. I love whenever Ho-dong starts talking about how delicious something might be, and he falls into a food-trance. The first time I cracked up in this episode was when Seung-gi imitated Ho-dong’s “It’s tasty!” in that hilarious tone.

javabeans: Can we talk about that game? AND THE PANTS. (To earn dinner, the boys had 10 seconds to move into formation in the dark. Or, in another case, switch pants with a partner.) I just about had a fit when they turned on the lights and the boys were frozen in fear, some of them lacking pants.

girlfriday: I literally laughed stuff out of my nose when the lights came on, and half the guys were pantsless.

javabeans: This is a case where the captions were particularly hilarious. The lights went off and you saw the frantic shouts materialize onscreen in word form. “Where are you?” “Here, here, here, HERE!” “Don’t play around!”

girlfriday: I just knew someone was withholding pants.

javabeans: I wondered whether Tae-woong was particularly fearful of being caught with his pants down on his first outing. He made damn sure he had Seung-gi’s pants on.

girlfriday: He was so fast that he gave his pants to Seung-gi inside-out!

javabeans: I think I saw the fear of god in his eyes. For shame’s sake, it was damn lucky that Seung-gi and Ji-won had worn long johns, since neither of them was quick enough to finish the challenge. But poor Su-geun. Not only did they have to draw on a fig leaf in post-production, didn’t somebody actually THROW his pants offscreen?

girlfriday: Yeah, Ho-dong threw them like six feet away. I DIED.

javabeans: I was never so relieved to watch other people eating before. Man, I got a lot of satisfaction watching them have dinner after that trauma.

girlfriday: That’s the way Na PD trains them. To be grateful for what they get. Like in prison.

javabeans: Well, it works. I remember Ji-won mentioning that he wondered if Tae-woong would be all uppity about his food like a proper movie star. But it turns out he was just so happy he got to eat that he didn’t have time to be picky.

girlfriday: And then Tae-woong woke up the next morning to learn his next 1N2D lesson: never leave your treasure unguarded.

javabeans: I felt so bad for him! The guy is the first to retrieve a flag, and picks up three instead of just one, and gives two of them away to his team members so they could eat breakfast too, and then he doesn’t even get to eat?! Plus, the reason he was even away when breakfast was called was because he was changing out of his icy clothing, from wading in freezing water to retrieve said flags. HOW IS THAT FAIR.

girlfriday: Clearly, this is going to be an issue for you, if you’re concerned about fairness. That is not the law of the land on 1N2D.

javabeans: I’m getting that. But it was sweet for Ji-won to lie about not being hungry so that Tae-woong could eat something.

girlfriday: And that’s REALLY out of character for Ji-won, who loses to no one. He kept saying that he was scared Tae-woong wouldn’t come back next week, because they put him through the wringer on his first trip. Maybe it was his way of saying, “Please come back, hyung!”

javabeans: Well, I’m sure Tae-woong won’t make the same mistake again. It’ll be fun watching his learning curve on the show in the coming weeks. (Although, if his multiplication tables are any indication, it may take a while.)

girlfriday: Who needs math when bromance is in bloom?



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  1. Ani

    I want to read this so bad, but I haven’t watched this episode yet. GARAWR! But I think for doing the recaps, and as soon as the spisode is subbed and watched, I will come back here and laugh my head off at the madness of it all. XD

    • 1.1 Ani

      *I meant thank you for doing the recaps

    • 1.2 Rika

      They totally edited out the pants switch for KBSworld… I was looking forward to die laughing…

  2. John

    Freaking Adorable.

  3. LV

    thanks for the recap! reading it and looking at those funny pictures really helps to lift my heart to begin my day! thank u so much!!

  4. LOVE6002theMICKY

    The last picture is perfection.

    Haha. To be honest, I have never had the chance to watch 1D2N, but now I think I really should. Hahaha.

    • 4.1 -_-

      I’m glad I’m not a loner. I’ve always heard of the show but never watched a single ep, which surprises me because I adore Lee Seung Gi. The past two recaps makes me really want to watch the show.

  5. jandoe

    you guys are cute 🙂 enjoyed this much more than the first!

  6. kaori22

    Thank i think this is one of the best recaps that i have read,

  7. Nhu

    These posts are the most hilarious thing ever. I was laughing through them the entire way, and I don’t even watch variety TV shows. You must continue them!!!

    I love you two more than ever, seriously.


    thank you so much for the wonderful recaps javabeans and girlfriday who would’ve thought?? ^^__^^

    im so excited to watch this ep this friday, but i had to read this anyway. thank you so much. and i am really anticipating with the new line in 12ND

    the actor’s line. Lee seunggi and Uhm taewoong.!

  9. Rexy

    I almost died laughing from reading the recaps. I’m actually a little afraid for my life when I watch the episode… XD

  10. 10 adney

    I love your review!
    It’s like listening to two girls who are talking about something. Are you going to do 1n2d review regularly?

  11. 11 Kukilas

    I’m glad you’re recapping the show and spreading the 1N2D love. I especially enjoy the commentary between you both as you discuss the show. Love the wit and humor.

    From past episodes, you will get to see that Su Geun could be voted the celebrity who takes off his clothes the most and the quickest. On the show, he once re-enacted his version of a Tears of the Amazon documentary, stripping clothes to give off a tribal feel. They had to strategically place a fig leaf during the re-enactment.

    The food is never a given. They have to work hard to earn the right to eat, and when they don’t get it, the staff usually eats it in front of them to show how good it is. The members have learned that any time food is given to them for free, there will be a payment collected later. They once had to harvest thousands of ark shells in the mud in payment for the allowance they were given.

    Na PD is brilliant at making the guys work hard, even for just a few packets of ramen. And watching them eat ramen makes it look so heavenly. Whenever I watch the show, I usually end up with major food envy.

    • 11.1 alexthegirl

      HAHA. I TOTALLY remember the “Tears of Amazon” episode. It’s when they had Jongmin running away from Sugeun who played the wild tribal man.

      It. Was. HILARIOUS.

      Definitely one of the episodes I laughed the hardest in.

      I think the only episode I’ve seen where they didn’t really have to work for food was when they hiked Seokreoksan. Which was like crazy! Took hours and they literally hiked from morning to night.

      I get food envy too. Especially when they travel to like local places and the challenges involve tempting them with all the local goodies. Kang Ho Dong is the best at making you jealous with his exclamations and facial expressions!

      • 11.1.1 Kukilas

        When Kang Ho Dong had to do 10 expressions when eating at the traditional market, I was salivating. I visited that same market last year and the bibimbap servings were super huge for so cheap! I can totally understand how he was able to come up with 10 expressions to express the taste of the food.

  12. 12 ditdut

    Wow, you guys are really recapping the show? This would be sofa king awesome!

  13. 13 Bevz08

    definitely hilarious!!!!thanks guys for recapping this…i dont have the chance to watch this complete episodes(just few glimpse).and now that its here im thankful.even reading recaps keeps me laughing to myself and my officemates keep looking at me saying im weirdo for laughing alone…fighting dramabeans….(and now ill enjoy more knowing uhm tae wong joined them…)

  14. 14 rumba lumba

    1n2d the best variety ever.

    them exchanging clothes in the dark with a 15-second limit is just priceless. rofl.

  15. 15 mud

    I’m really enjoying this recap style. It’s like a mini podcast exclusively about 1N2D… though a real full podcast would be welcomed with arms wide open too *wink wink nudge nudge* =) It’s also a nice breath of fresh air and interesting choice to be capping a variety show. Thanks for the study break amusement!

    • 15.1 MARj

      You beat me there…i was really thinking like these 1n2d posts are similar to javabeans’ and girlfriday’s popdcasts which are so awesome since they are exclusively about 1n2d….

  16. 16 ditdut

    I actually experienced the hitchike thing in Korea. I have never once in my life hitched a ride and when I was there, I actually did it 3 times. Of course, I was always with at least a friend, but it was so weird for me how people just easily took strangers to their car and actually took us to where we wanted to go. These all happened in the small cities, so I guess people there are less paranoid about waegookeen, hahah.

  17. 17 ooohhh

    I’ve been watching 1N2D for years and I absolutely adore Na PD. He’s brilliant really quite hot! He’s actually become one of the members of the show now, it’d be devastating if they ever changed him.

    • 17.1

      i second that. i love the interaction between the guys and PD Na. also how Hodong would always try to bargain with the PD when playing games.

      • 17.1.1 dee

        PD Na, was he the guy who played tricked by Ho Dong n friends on his first day? If I’m not mistaken, he was so confuse to handle Ho Dong’s wrath to others. And after he knew that it’s all only a performance to welcome the PD, he asked them to continue.
        Is he the PD Na?

        • Kukilas

          No, the other PD was the one who was pranked by Ho Dong and Kim C. He was the newbie PD and he’s since left the show to be a PD for another KBS Show, Win Win.

        • Azingoyl

          That hidden camera was played on a new PD with Na PD’s total compliance/involvement. That new PD since left to go do a music show. If you’ve watched past episodes, that PD was also assigned to Kim C once when he has to hitchike by himself.

  18. 18 neeko

    i started watching 1N2D around the time KimC joined. it was so good, i went back and watched from the beginning. then stopped watching around the time it was leaked some of these shows were fully(at times word for word) scripted.

    did start again when UTW joined and was surprised how much NaPD had become the 6th member. also noticing how they now blend together like family and fight like brothers. so cute.

    thought UTW was such a weird choice but am so glad it got me to check out 1N2D again.

    • 18.1 Jo

      It was never a secret that it was scripted. The writers were on the show many many times too. Why else would they be there?
      Plus, alot of things cannot possibly be scripted on 1n2d. They get affected by the weather (LIKE THE ZOMBIE GAME!! precious!!!) etc. Alot of it is just pure THEM. Which is what makes this show amazing

      • 18.1.1 rosy

        There are writers in the show but the show itself (I believe) is not 100% scripted like dramas or talk shows.

  19. 19 ajewell

    haha, I laughed so hard when you complained about them withholding food! You should’ve seen the episode when they had foreign workers on the show, who weren’t exactly familiar with the rules either. It was so funny hearing the celebs try to explain that they wouldn’t be able to eat because they failed the Human Zero game! You could see their souls dying a little…

    • 19.1 park713

      ahhh!! can you guys recap that episode too? the 외국인 근로자 특집? that was such a touching episode and one of my favorites 🙂

  20. 20 Elisa

    thanx for the re cap! i too just started watching 1n2d and its fabulously funny!

    i was wondering if anybody knows where i can watch this episode?

    thanx again ^_^

    • 20.1 rumba lumba

      not yet subbed by kbsworld.


      or and register for free.

      • 20.1.1 Elisa

        thank you!

  21. 21 Schmazel

    I was laughing so hard reading this recap. Thanks GF and JB!! I think I know what show I’ll be d/l-ing next! 😀

  22. 22 Nara

    LOL reading about Su-geun.. damn he’s funny!

    Have you girls watch Oh My School? That chubby girl host Kim Shinyoung funny also!

  23. 23 RAWR

    You should recap Family Outing 1 even though it’s over. It was my favorite variety show and it’s just like this…kinda. I love the cast there. This cast seems cute too but FO has Jae Suk, Lee Hyori, Kang Daesung, Lee Chunhee, Kim Sooro, Yoon Jae Shin, Kim Jong Kook, Park Ye-jin, and (Park Hae Jin and Park Shi Yeon) They’re hilarious, mostly Jaesuk, Hyori, and Daesung. You should try an episode…they have guest…good ones XD Or Maybe try Running Man…it’s really good too! 😀

    • 23.1 rumba lumba

      Family Outing was scripted. 1N2D is not. they’re not similar at all. 1N2D does not have scripts, those fake couples (i just roll my eyes when they tease them. seriously), does not need guests, and does not do those games that have predictable winners like tests of strength or durability (yes, Kim Jong Kook always wins. news to me.)

      • 23.1.1 KombatPiggie

        who cares if it was scripted. it was funny and made me happy. i teared from laughters at some episodes. what does it matter if it is scripted or not – so long as it does it job to make us laugh.

        • Flyn

          I too agree with you, KombatPiggie. Though I see why some people mind that it’s scripted – at times I have to mentally force this fact out so that I can lol at their actions. But no matter how awesome the script is, it will fail without Jaesuk, Hyori and the rest of the awesome cast. The family ties can’t be scripted.

          But really, scripted or not, I love FO 1! It had me bursting out loud so many times that my stomach muscle hurts so much. Never fails to pick me up when I’m down too. It’s my personal antidepressant.
          And having guests makes things much more fun as it increases the dynamic. Popular or not, the guest factors in an important part of the show, they are not just for the ratings.

          I really want to like 1N2D too, but so far I’ve only seen the 1st episode with UTW in it. Will try to watch some of the recommended episodes soon!

          • Okie Dokie

            I agree. I don’t care if it’s scripted or whatever, I enjoyed FO to bits. It was hilarious no matter what for me. My favorite Variety show as well. Plus, like you said, the cast was just awesome.

          • Azingoyl

            gonna have to agree with the FO S1 supporters! that show had me peein’-in-ma-pants laughing! really didn’t matter to me that it was scripted.

      • 23.1.2 RAWR

        Oh please! It was barely scripted…the bond was so natural and hilarious. The fake couples (LHR-KJK-PYJ) were just for jokes…it was funny! If you’re talking about the Yoona-Taec from s2 then I totally agree with the rolling your eyes part! And yeah, the winners were predictable but it was hilarious. Try not to take it so seriously. I can understand your perspective as a hardcore 1n2d fan as I am a hardcore fo fan. Please don’t be so judgmental about the show as you wouldn’t like to hear the bad things I have to say for this variety show, which I won’t 🙂

    • 23.2 Flyn

      Another vote for you girls to recap Family Outing and/or Running Man!!

      I’m always super excited on Sunday evenings as I’ll be able to stream a new episode of RM live XD
      And I never get sick no matter how many times I rewatch Family Outing.

  24. 24 LSGfan

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  25. 25 S

    This is hilarious. Thank you JB and GF.

  26. 26 MARj

    ” I think I saw the fear of god in his eyes. For shame’s sake, it was DAMN LUCKY that Seung-gi and Ji-won had worn long johns, since neither of them was quick enough to finish the challenge.”

    SHOCKS..So UNLUCKY actually… kekekeke.. it would have been SOOOOOOO MUCH of a fangirl moment if LSG’s long legs were exposed during the game…I would have gone straight to downloading the ep even though i dont understand korean…kekeke..

  27. 27 HaNi!

    wait, who is girlfriday?

    • 27.1 pohonphee

      Errr?? Lee Seung-gi fan?? 😀

      • 27.1.1 bleu

        correction. LSG’s owner. Hehe.

  28. 28 otchosais

    waahhh!!! love that I can read 1n2d here on DB 🙂

    thanks for your nice posts about it 🙂

  29. 29 J-star

    you two are the awesomest!! i haven’t watch this episode yet because the subs are still not available. and i agree with you, there is no such thing called fairness in 1n2d!!

  30. 30 jena

    thank you so much JB and GF!!! I love you more now that you have included 1N2D in your recaps!! 🙂

    I so love Uhm Tae Woong since Resurrection!! He has this certain charm that just simply draws you to him!! And I sooo love 1N2D more now too since they added UTW!!

    This is the best initiation episode ever for a new member!!! they really made it special for HIM..

    i <3 1N2D

  31. 31 red

    this is so awesome i watched a couple of episodes when i first got into seung gi but i havnt followed it the whole way through so thankyou so much for recapping

  32. 32 laya

    LOL thanks for the hilarious recap. Trying hard to keep from LOL’ing at my desk here before people think I’m nuts!

    Awwww, Tae-woong and Seunggi… <3

  33. 33 guini

    goodness your really a treasure to behold. Thanks for recapping this show.

  34. 34 tonks42

    Thanks for the recap now I could watch the raw vid of 1n2d and enjoy it more instead of waiting for the subbed vid…

    I am one of those who are addicted to this show…I sooo love the bromance and the hilarious situations they are always put in….

    Poor Tae-woong he would be more and more shock on how things are done in 1n2d and the schemings of the members…goodluck to him he needs it….

  35. 35 grateful

    Thank you so much for this wonderfully funny recap.

    I’ve never seen 1N2D before but I’ll now follow it through your recaps.

    The “switching pants” is just sooo funny.

    The “earn your food” game reminds me of Big Brother.

    Can’t wait for your next episode’s recap.

    Thank you again! 🙂

    • 35.1 Ani

      Too bad the subtitles episodes they air in the United States didn’t have the switching pants part. It made me sad. X(

  36. 36 guen

    thanks nice updates…

  37. 37 M. Dee

    Thank you so much for the hilarious recaps! Seriously I haven’t even watched a single bit episode of this show. I am more into Family Outing thingy and they’re like a big rival back then. After I read it two recaps in a row (and in one seating) I need to watch this show ASAP. G-sus, where did I miss so far? I’m hooked even only just seeing the screen cap and you’re hilarious discussions.

    And I’m wondering whether are you going to recap another variety shows such as Infinity Challenge or Running Man (both are my fave shows). It’s just only yesterday I watched Infinity Challenge where the regular cast was lacking members because of Noh Hong Chul’s injury, Idek where did Haha go at that time? And Jung Jun Ha, the only guy who has a really a great connection amongst celebrities decided to contact Jo In Sung (who’s surprisingly a big fan of the show) They invited him to come to show for only a couple of hours, and he said he’d definitely come. And he came! Oh damn, he’s soooo good looking (even without make up, just barely woke up after rehearsal), and he adapted quickly to the show, he’s so well mannered, he even cracked up not only us but also all IC members for his witty remarks and how he reacted… It’s the most memorable episode ever! I hope Jo In Sung will come back to the show someday, love the guy even more now! 😀

  38. 38 Jen

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  39. 39 QueenPINAY

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    Kang Ho-Dong and the other guy (sorry getting to know stage heheh) seashell’s activity is really funny!

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    i got shushed 4 times at the library, and then they kicked me out! i was laughing like a loon!!!

  42. 42 kitkat11055

    I am not Korean, and I watch this show on the internet via what others have uploaded…it’s to me the best reality comedy show, set apart as it’s own. The five men each with their own distinctive personalities bring emotion and fun to the show. I was shocked to hear that there was a petition to remove Kim Jong Min, though he may not be as outspoken a the others, his personality adds to the others in a different way. It’s good not to have every one as loud and outgoing, the shyness and quietness and emotional side of one offsets the others who may be more prominent, it adds a softer touch yet at the same time keeps up with the reality of what harder personalities can deal with..They are each unique in their own way….if they were not different the show would not be as popular because they remind us of what we are like in everyday reactions and actions of those around us. The travel, the places seen, the food and the people met, the love expressed for Korea and it’s many amenities and people who live there, such as the Grandmother Show, the Grandparents out in the country, the beaches, boats that travel to the islands, the mountains the hikes to places others can’t go, has all helped me see a part of Korea that I have not been able to see because I do not have the money to travel there though I have wanted to, am learning Korean and even have a map of Korea on my wall. I put pins in the areas this show has shown through it’s travels in hopes one day I may be able to see the wonderful beauty of Korea and the friendliness of those whom you have shared on this show in those areas…I did not know this show was on last year but in the last few months of watching it, I have come to love these five guys, everything the cast does to be a family with them and all those who love watching them and seeing them in real life, like when Seunggi was at the bus stop and had to wear the wig and carry the clock and shout out the time every hour. Like the other night I could not sleep and I put on the episode I believe it was 191 here they were up on the tallest mountain via two routes, one was 7 hours the other was 5 and when they got to rest area, were eating Ramen I paused my show and made Ramen to eat myself as if I were there. The reality, the fears faced, the seasickness, the frustrations felt, the beauty, the mistakes, the good, the bad…all add to the show that makes it what it is and keeps it funny, real, interesting just the way it is…even if you added one more person, which I don’t believe you need to do, it can only get better, more travel to places not seen yet, add guest stars and even real everyday people like you have already done…those men are loved by a lot of people just for being who they are, “real” not putting on airs or acting. I have never laughed so much at how they interact, (the caring they have for each other like a family which shows blood does not always make a true family) or cried when they cried or felt happy when they did and all that they do in such a good clean way…if it were not this clean, if it had swearing, smoking, partying, bar hopping, sexual innuendo’s with dirty jokes I would not like it or watch it as I do now, I thank the Director, the 5 main cast members and the many workers that put this show together to make it work as it does. Thanks for the insight to parts of Korea I can’t see in person that I get to see through the eyes of the camera and those who make this show. Keep up the good work….Don’t close this show down….too bad you can’t do a 1N2D in USA to show parts of America to the Korean population so they can see through your eyes what they can’t see if they can’t travel, like you have shown me about Korea….thank you KahmSahHahmNeeDa

  43. 43 rainerust

    I’ve been following 1N2D on and off for a while – some parts are charming but I get tired pretty fast and tend to prefer FO and Running Man (okay I have a YJS bias but the man is brilliant seriously) but it’s lovely to hear you’ve finally hopped on the bandwagon! The recap was all sorts of hilarious and awesome. Not hoping you’ll continue because I think that’s crazy but would love it if you and GF do a similar post on variety shows every now and then for a change. You guys are just as funny if not funnier than the actual show LOL

    By the way any particular episodes in 1N2D that anyone can recommend? I’m having a dry spell in kdramas and thought it’d be perfect to catch up but not too keen to start from the very beginning (I mean 300+ episodes!)…

    • 43.1 swui

      ME too…I watched the show for some time in the early days but stopped when I got too busy. Now that I have time to start watching varieties again…I am gonna start on 1N2D again. Like to see how UTW mixes with the crowd…well, I also did started to watch Running man for SJK.

      While I rewatched all the episodes for RM(relatively little)..I won’t be watching all 1N2D prev episodes. Just starting on the epi with UTW…he’s really not yet variety material…look forward to see his “growth”!

    • 43.2 DB5K

      ZOMG, same!!! Some 1N2D episodes are really funny. I also like random moments that are supposed to off camera but end up getting filmed and broadcasted, like when they bring out their managers that are dating each other and drinking soju while 1N2D cast members are working their butts off. I also like the epic challenges between the production team and the 1N2D brothers. But other times, it’s mildly entertaining, but not enough to hold my attention. I was an avid F.O. fan, though, so I guess I still have slight feelings of resentment that 1N2D lasted at least three times longer than F.O. At least there’s Running Man right now. RM had a slow start, but now it’s hilarious and I love the relationships and camaraderie between everyone.

      I also have a YJS bias. I like Kang Ho Dong, and Star King, Strong Heart, and Golden Fishery. But I like Happy Together, Come to Play and Infinite Challenge more. Esp. HT!! I guess Ho Dong’s interactions with people are too loud and shallow(?) for my tastes.

      I also want to start watching 1N2D now that Uhm Taewoong has joined. I was sad that MC Mong had to leave. These recaps are really entertaining!!

      There are several really good 1N2D episodes…unfortunately, I don’t remember the episode numbers. Just search youtube, most people upload the best and most infamous episodes, so those are guaranteed to be good. I just about died laughing at one of the episodes where they played Charades and Hodong pretended to be a mermaid~~~

  44. 44 jojo

    Thanks JB and GF for the recap. I think I LOL almost as much as when I watch the show. Can’t wait to see this episode.

  45. 45 y.

    I’ve watched a few episodes of 1N2D and it has its hilarious moments. UTW is so earnest. But I enjoyed FO more because I got to see more places of interest and understand more about the rural parts of South Korea.

  46. 46 kaedejun

    omg i hate you two. i DIED. AGAIN! in the OFFICE!

    i had such a HARD TIME keeping in my laughter!!

  47. 47 birdscout

    Just when I wonder how javabeans and girlfriday could ever top their posts, they produce these 1N2D recaps incorporating my favourite jb/gf conversation-style discussions.

    Don’t know how to express my thanks well enough except to say, “You are the best!!!”

  48. 48 Steph

    I see dramabeans has the same instinct as me! After Dream High ended, I’ve not watched any new dramas. Watched a couple old ones. Got sick and tired, so I turned to kvariety!!! haha

  49. 49 anka

    Your comments make my sides split in laughter without fail! Thanks!

  50. 50 hilly

    i love these recaps! i am an avid fan of 2D1N and love love the dynamics… the thing that everyone learns on the show is NOTHING IS FREE… when Na PD says “you guys can rest and take a nap now”.. they all automatically think “what’s the catch”.. the show has tainted all their innocent hearts^^

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