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City Hunter’s first kiss scene
by | April 27, 2011 | 71 Comments

Well, that’s quick. Usually we don’t see the main couple in a drama kissing till the show is at least on the air. But these latest stills from City Hunter (still a month from its premiere) feature the first smooch between Lee Min-ho and Park Min-young, shoots for which took an hour and a half.

Yeaaaah. I’m sure it was purely perfectionism driving the two to keep the kissing session going, right? “No, I think that last one was a little subpar. Let me try it another way, Mr. Director!” At least I know that’d be MY line were I given the opportunity to take advantage of Lee Min-ho.

The scene was filmed at a Kangnam club, wherein Lee’s character is busy in City Hunter mode, which means he’s working a case. For the purposes of this job, he needs a fake girlfriend — and that’s when Park arrives dressed in plainclothes while on duty as bodyguard for the president’s daughter. She’s taken by surprise by his sudden kiss, which frankly strikes me as the best kind of surprise EVER.

However, complicating matters (there are always complications), both characters have already bumped into each other once before, as driver-for-hire and passenger. It remains to be seen whether the outcome of that initial meeting sets them up for a cheerful reunion here or an antagonistic one, but let’s just say we’ve got years of K-drama history pointing to the bickering-romance trope. I mean, they work together. Clearly they cannot get along, am I right?

The drama takes up a tough timeslot, airing opposite Best Love and Romance Town. It’ll premiere a couple weeks behind the other two, on May 25, which may work against it (as the other two may have already established their audiences), or help it (if viewers don’t like the other two and are eager for fresh blood). Time will tell.

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71 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Programmer Ahjumma

    I wonder if the producers want to do the same thing as Midas – in sinopsys playboy – in the drama innocent lamb

    ohh Klala land and their flicks

  2. Autumn

    I am strangely looking forward to this one, maybe because I really have no clue how it will go down. kinda excited to see PMY in a drama again, and LMH (omg that hair!!) is always good to look at…yum.

    • 2.1 Linda165

      Thanks for the links!!

  3. Ace

    Isn’t a drama kiss supposed to be a highly anticipated event? Spoiler much?

    Anyway, I’d be watching this too when it airs, but my priority is Best Love! I’d also be watching how Maids/Romance Town turns out. If all the May dramas are good, goodbye sleep!

    • 3.1 Ace

      Oh yeah, regarding Best Love & Lie To Me, I hope JB & GF does the recaps for those….if you two can do this on weekends that’d be great too! (yeah I’m not asking too much right?) So like on Tue & Wed-LTM recaps; Th & Fri-BL; Sat & Sun-CH; then on Mon-1N2D!!!! It’s just that I like your writing styles better than the guest recappers. You make the somewhat boring episode fun with your witty & snarky comments and you also give a little extra insight on the Korean stuff!!!

      • 3.1.1 Jay-Z

        But then what about 1N2D????!!! JB and GF can’t stop recapping that! It’s the bomb!

        • Ace

          See middle part:

          “…. then on Mon-1N2D!!!….”

    • 3.2 Ace

      Lie To Me has released its kiss scene too…

      And the second trailer which is absolutely more hilarious than the first! I hope this lives up to the trailer expectations. I’m still bummed by some dramas with very good trailers but sucked during its whole run (M3?!)

      • 3.2.1 Ace


        ***sorry for the multiple posts***

        • Cam

          Hahahaha! I LOOOVE this video of “Lie To Me”!!!!

          It made me SSSOOOOOOOOOOO hungry to watch this drama sooooon!!! =D =D

      • 3.2.2 zoe

        Wow that scene is beautiful! Kiss under cherry trees….awwww soooo~ sweet! β™₯

      • 3.2.3 Lyth

        thank you for the links! The second trailer is so funny xD

        And the kiss scene looks so romantic <3

      • 3.2.4 Okie Dokie

        So pretty!!!

      • 3.2.5 Mia

        The second trailer was AWESOME, absolutely jjang!

        Thank you so much!

      • 3.2.6 Dux

        WOWWWWWW… speechless! Korea is so beautiful

  4. red

    i hate it when there are three awesome shows airing at the same time….right when my exams start

    • 4.1 zoe

      Not sure abt this one being awesome…amean other than the fact that its got LMH nthg seems interesting. I’d rather go for best love n lie to me…the plot of both d dramas looks hilarious and they ve got amazing actors

      • 4.1.1 Dux

        Ditto, LMH was nice to look at in Personal Taste but I still couldn’t finish the series

  5. Linda165

    Beautiful Minho!! You can surprise me anytime

  6. come2noona

    How my brain fights itself:

    Kissing LMH for 90 minutes *sigh*

    Don’t be a perv, he’s WAY too young!

    He’s dreamy….

    Too young!

    But his lips….

    Too young!!!

    And his hair….

    Too young.

    He’s so nice and tall….

    Agh, I give up…. be a perv. Feel better by confessing at DB where there are other Noonas who are in the same boat.

    Ok. Will do.

    • 6.1 Chocobo

      Aw, he’s not THAT young, certainly way over “Legal”, haha.

      I think he’s just a little younger than I am, by a few months (if wikipedia is correct). But alas, I am already married. Perhaps in another life πŸ˜‰

    • 6.2 mary

      You can also pretend that they changed his profile to appear younger… isn’t that quite common in the industry?

      • 6.2.1 Chocobo

        True! Although if that were true, he definitely has a baby face. I would have put him at around 21 if I were taking a wild guess.

    • 6.3 Lahlita

      What the … Come2noona, there is absolutely NO need for you to worry about him being too young. If he’s legal, that’s good enough. I mean, look at him!!! I myself am seven years older than Lee Min-Ho-My-God, and I am telling you right now that I would hit that shit like the fist of an angry god. I would so hit it. Hard.


      Beanie-unni, if you recap this, please make sure there are lots of pictures in the write-up. Lots. Like, a hundred photos, and the recap can be: “This is Min-ho. These are Min-ho’s lips. This is Min-ho licking his lips. Rawr. The End.”

    • 6.4 drama fever

      I think Park Min Young is legally older than Lee Min Ho. So she is his noona when she kiss him. He’s at a legal age. Perv mode…hahaha..

    • 6.5 Dux

      The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry established that it’s OK to kiss/date/whatever a guy 10 years younger than you ; )

    • 6.6 Severine

      Being the immoral/corrupting type of Noona that I am, I care very little about the fact that this wonderfully talented–sex god–young actor is my junior. But, what I do care about is that he was born on the EXACT same day as my younger brother…for some reason that rubs me the wrong way, even though it shouldn’t.

      Then again, it would be the perfect way to start a conversation…if I ever meet him…if he speaks decent English (oh who am I kidding, we’ll use body language)…if we ever get past the creepiness of me knowing the day of his birth…or location of his underpants drawer…erm, I’ve already said too much…

      • 6.6.1 Lisa

        Oh good lord I just had a REALLY good laugh.

    • 6.7 Jane

      make that 2!

      Am way to old to like men this age bu….bu…bu…but…..
      Ahhhhhhh…….can’t help myself! Go ahead….Call me a perv!

    • 6.8 Crazy for Min Ho

      LMH is so handsome! Looking at him makes me smile and sigh. I love him!!!

  7. Lyth

    …that long eh?
    I’d probably do the same πŸ˜‰ …but I might have been reduced to a puddle of goo just by the sight of him up close and personal already ><

  8. @.@

    ooooh can’t wait!

  9. Heethi

    I can’t wait this… πŸ™‚

    although I think it is so quick… yeah, i mean the kiss scene… but I still want to watch this. i don’t know how them make this to the end, so I am very curious with it.

    i hope, this drama will be success… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • 9.1 vannie

      i think they released the Kiss scene stills early on because they know they will need some catching up to do / buzz especially that the other 2 contenders looks promising as well..
      can’t wait to see LMH again on my screen!! πŸ™‚

  10. 10 Joebs

    Is it just me or does Lee Minho look like the ideal live-action Light Yagami here?

    • 10.1 Keylye

      Now that you’ve said that, yes! If Korea ever decides to do an adaptation of Death Note, we have our man.

    • 10.2 Severine

      Indeed he does.

  11. 11 hbfrack

    Very pretty Park Min Young!! Love her!

    And kissing Lee Min Ho for 90 minutes!!! Wow!!

    Excited for the drama, though :).

    Thanks for the update, DB.

  12. 12 Fasiris Fay

    Mildly excited for this…but I am looking more forward to the other two.
    Anyone know when 49 days is ending, btw? That is my current crack πŸ˜€

  13. 13 Rachel

    For now, the world seems perfect. Even the banner on this website is YAI πŸ˜€

    An hour and a half? How is that even possible?

  14. 14 Dara

    *gulps* now THAT is the CITY HUNTER I know *gulps*

  15. 15 MzKyu

    Gosh Imma fail my exams!

    List of prioritise-

    Lie to me
    Best Love
    The Maid ( Romance sonething)
    City Hunter

    sooo we have months of only 49days….then BAAAM….right on my exam time.

    • 15.1 mary


      One ADVANTAGE OF BEING A NOONA is we don’t have to worry about acads anymore. πŸ˜›

    • 15.2 Alvina

      I feel your pain, I feel your pain πŸ™

    • 15.3 Dara

      Buahahaha yep! noona rules!

  16. 16 Arhazivory

    Because of all the name changes I’ve forgotten which drama Best Love is. -_-‘

    *goes to search DB*

  17. 17 mars

    I’d written this drama off …. but they do look good together! And maybe despite the fact that they chucked most of the source material into the trash bin this’ll be a solid drama. I’m not particularly miffed that they revealed how their first kiss goes down, this happens early on so there wouldn’t be any real connection between them. This isn’t a finally-I’ve-been-waiting-for-them-to-kiss-for-16-goddamn-episodes kiss it’s an empty (if pretty) one.

  18. 18 Thatgirl

    I have been dead set against Park Min-young being the heroine of this drama, opposite my Min-ho, but now I’m even more un…… un…. What is the word I’m looking for….? Someone fill in the blank for me! xC I’m too jealously outraged! Lol. x)

  19. 19 Chocobo

    Hm, I don’t think this is too much of a spoiler since to be honest, the kiss looks a bit tame. Hard to tell by still photos, but it looks like one of the dreaded motionless, brief, and boring ones born of circumstance instead of desire.

    As far as Lee Min Ho’s acting career goes, Personal Taste wasn’t the best of dramas, but the smooches in that show were worth putting in a looping replay!

    • 19.1 jcl

      LMH looks like a really, really, really good kisser.

  20. 20 yohkoyamamoto

    This is still in my watch list together with Romance Town. ^_^

    Can’t wait for the influx of good dramas…

  21. 21 VanillaSalt

    so many dramas, so little time. ahh! what are we gonna do? there’s like 1236782902 drama’s to watch and most of us have work or school. Damn you kdrama Gods! why do you make us suffer so?

    Lee Min-Ho does look mighty hot though πŸ˜€ and i am not his noona, which is great because I can blabber on and on about his sexiness, and i won’t feel guilty πŸ˜‰

    • 21.1 Chocobo

      Psh, who feels guilty for being older than a man? What is this, the Victorian Age?

  22. 22 marmar

    Well as we can tell this kiss is just one of the many kisses to come in this drama πŸ˜€
    Because with her eyes wide open &Minho doing all the work it’s clear this kiss has come as a surprise to Min Young’s character not that I don’t mind xD but of course years of kdrama background tells me they gonna bicker after this kiss &become the bickering lovers

    Dayum I swear when this drama airs I’m gonna die because I would be focused on Best Love which is the drama I been waiting for the most but now I’m gonna have to do some major overtime to be able to watch both dramas.

  23. 23 Taber

    It took a hour 1/2 and they still look stiff….yep that K-drama for you.

    • 23.1 Dux

      Haha, yeah, if you can’t close your eyes or open your lips… or even move your arms! That’s exactly what PMY is doing.

      • 23.1.1 Anne

        I don’t mind the no open mouth kisses, but dammit free my arms! let me wrap my arms around your neck,for I can play with your hair or maybe put my hands under your shirt to feel those million dollars abs, mind you I said abs meaning going upward…hahha I really can’t take these pre-school kisses anymore from adults!! you see more action in a music video then in these drama….

  24. 24 cherry18

    ahh can’t wait to watch this & Best Love ! ^^

  25. 25 laya

    I am now officially jealous. XDDD

  26. 26 sunshine

    Her stoic expression and hair (and the kickass-ness of her job) reminds me of Su Ae in Athena.

  27. 27 msposh387

    awww…i wonder if this kiss could match Personal Taste’s ‘game-overmida’ πŸ™‚ i sooo love that scene

  28. 28 Inajou

    Can I be that girl? Wishing my night away…..

  29. 29 rumba lumba

    tsk. she could’ve been pretty. too bad she had plastic surgery.

  30. 30 Songie

    Haha, there’s nothing wrong with being a noona– i’m not one, but we all know LMH doesn’t have a problem with it, he works with a lot of noonas. It’s becoming socially accepted in Korea. πŸ˜›

    This is actually the only drama that i’m anticipating. Thanks to LMH, i’m planning to spare some time to follow a Kdrama during its air time (haven’t done that in two years! XD ). I always thought their relationship in I AM SAM was silly and cute, so i’m excited to see their reunion! XD

  31. 31 LuckyMe

    if it was with me, I’ll make the kiss scene going for at least the whole day, bhahaha…

  32. 32 shelly

    ommo…ommo…ommo……. ckckckkkckck……

  33. 33 mellowyel

    that’s weird… i was sick and in bed the last time Lee Minho kissing a girl made headlines as well – almost exactly a year ago with Personal Taste.

    somehow this news nugget strikes me as trying to fan the flames of interest. why spoil the surprise?

  34. 34 Emma

    β€œNo, I think that last one was a little subpar. Let me try it another way, Mr. Director!” At least I know that’d be MY line were I given the opportunity to take advantage of Lee Min-ho.

    Fell off my chair LOL

  35. 35 Han Mania

    Park Min-young looks very mature… in a good way.

    And her eyes are very expressive. She can communicate a thousand things without uttering a word.

    These young stars have a gone a long way since their I am Sam Days.

  36. 36 blyssxoxo

    Park Min-young look so pretty in the last pic! For once I’m totally focusing on her then LMH!

  37. 37 nima

    its rlly nice to see LMH…….I M EXCITED TO SEE…….

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