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City Hunter’s first kiss scene

Well, that’s quick. Usually we don’t see the main couple in a drama kissing till the show is at least on the air. But these latest stills from City Hunter (still a month from its premiere) feature the first smooch between Lee Min-ho and Park Min-young, shoots for which took an hour and a half.

Yeaaaah. I’m sure it was purely perfectionism driving the two to keep the kissing session going, right? “No, I think that last one was a little subpar. Let me try it another way, Mr. Director!” At least I know that’d be MY line were I given the opportunity to take advantage of Lee Min-ho.

The scene was filmed at a Kangnam club, wherein Lee’s character is busy in City Hunter mode, which means he’s working a case. For the purposes of this job, he needs a fake girlfriend — and that’s when Park arrives dressed in plainclothes while on duty as bodyguard for the president’s daughter. She’s taken by surprise by his sudden kiss, which frankly strikes me as the best kind of surprise EVER.

However, complicating matters (there are always complications), both characters have already bumped into each other once before, as driver-for-hire and passenger. It remains to be seen whether the outcome of that initial meeting sets them up for a cheerful reunion here or an antagonistic one, but let’s just say we’ve got years of K-drama history pointing to the bickering-romance trope. I mean, they work together. Clearly they cannot get along, am I right?

The drama takes up a tough timeslot, airing opposite Best Love and Romance Town. It’ll premiere a couple weeks behind the other two, on May 25, which may work against it (as the other two may have already established their audiences), or help it (if viewers don’t like the other two and are eager for fresh blood). Time will tell.

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