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Best Love: Episode 6
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Best Love just gets better and better. It really stepped it up this week — last week I was chuckling and enjoying the wacky, and this week I am INVESTED, yo. Like, hardcore. These characters are just so well acted — not, perhaps, as well-written (they’re familiar types), but the performances really elevate them. Plus, the writing on all other fronts continues to be sharp, witty, and clever.


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Jin follows Ae-jung out of the cinema, spotting her outside. After momentarily stopping, conscious of drawing attention to himself, he chases her down. Using the words she’d used (how she’s afraid she would ask him to catch her), he says, “I’ve caught you — now what are you going to do? Will you let yourself be caught, or will you run away?” He warns her that because he’ll feel ashamed, he won’t try this again.

She panics at the thought of being seen, and tells him to let go. Instead, Jin grabs her closer, hiding her face by holding it to his chest. Yeah, that’s much less conspicuous. He tells her to follow quietly: “You’ve been caught.”

Se-ri finds Jin’s abandoned snacks, which is proof that Jin was at the VIP theater with someone. She demands information from Jae-seok, who nervously keeps his mouth shut while she wails at the prospect of the other woman being more famous than her. Oh, princess.

Pil-joo and the producers try to make sense of the pieces, guessing that all the breakup rumors were true, and the couple was just covering it up. Yet this scenario means that if news of Jin’s new girlfriend breaks before the breakup is made official, the new woman will automatically be tarred with the “cheater” label, however unfair and inaccurate it may be. That doesn’t sit well with Pil-joo, who knows (or at least guesses) the truth.

Jin has taken Ae-jung to a wine bar and assures her that nobody will recognize her here. He can’t resist a dig, saying that things might be different if she were Shin Mina or Han Ye-seul — two previous Hong sisters leads, heh.

Ae-jung asks if it was SO difficult for him to handle liking her, and he replies, “I’ve never liked anybody other than myself. That it would have to be you was shameful.” She says pointedly, “That must’ve been painful, to have felt such shame and then been rejected.”

He says he expected her to accept eagerly, which would’ve enabled him to put the kibosh on this. The metaphor he uses is “biting” — as in, he thought she’d consider this a stroke of unexpected fortune (analogy = find a piece of rice cake) and take a bite immediately. That “bite” would’ve woken him up in pain, and that would’ve been the end of that.

As usual, he doesn’t realize how insulting he’s been until he sees Ae-jung’s expression, and his backpedaling is too little, too late. She retorts that this makes her his first love — and that she’ll guarantee that his first love will forever be one-sided! Hmph!

With that, she storms out, and he chases her to take his words back. He admits that the situation called for him to take her out to buy a designer gown and dress her lavishly before bringing her to a place like this, which is a step he’d skipped. “Let’s do that and come back here.” Sure, that might work…if life had an undo button. (Don’t I wish!)

She offers to enact the original scenario he’d wanted — to accept his overture, jolt him awake, and poof! Problem solved.

He goads her to do it, then. She replies, “Dokko Jin, you sure look easy. Wanna sleep with me?”

What? I repeat, WHAT?!

He’s stunned speechless, and she checks, “That woke you up, right? I’ll be off now.” But…what if he said yes? WHAT IF HE SAID YES?!

Jin does a post-mortem of the date that night, groaning that he was cool when he “caught” her — “But I shouldn’t have gone to the wine bar.” HAHA. I love that he sits at home and dissects the anatomy of his dates, like a normal person with normal self-confidence worries.

He notes that he underestimated her as being too easy, and suddenly things have turned difficult.

The contestants of Couple Making meet with the producers to discuss upcoming outdoor dates — a picnic, hike, cruise, dinner — which will be assigned to them without advance notice.

Se-ri says that the women haven’t established clear personas yet, particularly Ae-jung. She suggests a pushy type of character for entertainment value, which Ae-jung accepts without offense. She offers to gamely give it a try, which surprises Se-ri since she meant it as a dig.

Ae-hwan suggests that Ae-jung angle for the hiking date, so she can ask Pil-joo to teach her how to ride a bike. Discovering a helium tank amid the props, they test it out and laugh over their squeaky voices. Pil-joo finds Ae-jung while she’s still under the influence, and she apologizes for her quick exit at the theater, then laughs at the dissonance of the serious topic and her voice.

Pil-joo joins in on the fun, and the contrast of his appearance and his high voice cracks her up. Just as she worries about side effects of the helium, he says more seriously (with Mickey Mouse voice), “I was very worried.” They have a slightly skewed conversation where she assumes he’s talking about the helium:

Ae-jung: “Right? If you have too much, you might get a headache.”
Pil-joo: “Yes. I worried that you’d be very hurt. I hope you won’t be. If something happens to hurt you, come to me. I’ll treat you.”
Ae-jung: “Yes. You seem like a really great doctor.”

Se-ri and the writer spy their friendliness, and the latter speculates that Ae-jung probably won’t get cut next, either.

Meanwhile, President Moon is still curious about Jin’s secret date, as Jae-seok has reported that he didn’t see her. Jae-seok tests the waters, asking what would happen if Jin dated a D-lister, and she replies that she’d have to send him to work overseas and stamp out the other party. She’d do it without his knowledge, since that’s her job as manager: “I can’t let him be ruined because of a loser celebrity.”

President Moon tries to pry details out of Jin, but he ain’t budging. She tells him she’s sending flowers and a cake to Se-ri’s shoot in his name, to commemorate the one-year anniversary of them going public with their so-called romance.

Jin perks up at mention of Couple Making and decides he’ll go in person, muttering about not being rejected (by Ae-jung).

At the shoot, Ae-jung is the big winner in the chicken battle — keeping your balance on one foot while holding the other — and the co-host comments that her energy recalls her KBSN days. Ae-jung corrects them — that back then, Se-ri was their chicken-battle winner. After one variety show appearance, they’d even shot a chicken CF because of it.

Aha, this is Ae-jung’s revenge! She knows Se-ri would like to keep that CF buried, but the show isn’t passing up its chance to dig up an old clip. Put on the spot, Se-ri laughs uncomfortably and grudgingly accepts when the co-host goads her into a chicken battle with Ae-jung. She throws in added incentive, though: If she loses, Ae-jung gets two dates. If she wins, Se-ri will go on Ae-jung’s date instead.

Way to make this interesting! Both ladies smile for the cameras, while thinking to themselves that they MUST WIN. Se-ri thinks bitterly that in the old days, “I was the chicken leg — yet I couldn’t grab the chicken leg!”

What does that mean? Clip time!

Flashback to the KBSN chicken CF, featuring a jingle that replaces the words to their hit song “Thumping Heartbeat” with chicken-related lyrics:

My heart forever thumps for Geudae Chicken
My heart is full with the love of chicken, that rich taste
With both arms outstretched,
I hold out this delicious chicken to you
I’ll deliver the best chicken


But during the shoot, the director had irritably told Se-ri to give up her drumstick (reserved only for Ae-jung!), and given her a wing instead. Already the group’s least popular member, Se-ri had felt the burn of resentment that apparently still stings today.

Gah, I love that there’s so much angst ABOUT CHICKEN.

Ae-jung wins, knocking Se-ri to the ground. Jin, watching from the sidelines, applauds enthusiastically and Pil-joo congratulates her.

When Pil-joo refers to the upcoming date, Ae-jung warns him that her TV personality is pushy, so she hopes he won’t be put off by it on the date. I love that Pil-joo is starting to develop his own catchphrase (“I’m a TV personality now too!”), which he uses frequently as an excuse to encourage Ae-jung.

Pil-joo makes a comment that Ae-jung wants to write down for future use, and she borrows his pen to do it, which is the scene that Jin watches crankily. He notes how chummy they are and sidles up to her after Pil-joo leaves.

Jin congratulates her for her “chicken act,” but she takes his awkward wording as mocking. He tries to compliment her persona, but that comes off sounding like he’s insulting her (“Good job with that pushy act! It’ll be a hit!”). Aw, did nobody ever teach you how to talk to women, ever? Or just communicate like a normal human? It’s like he’s a robot armed with an extra ego chip and Google Translate for a language center.

Frustrated, he stops trying to be flattering and says, “I’m trying to impress you, so I’m doing this difficult thing and trying to praise and encourage you! I wasn’t insulting you or sneering at you!”

Mollified, Ae-jung says it doesn’t come out as praise, since he’s got a ddong-ko (butthole) for a mouth. HAHAHA. And then she actually extends the metaphor: “But try to hold it in, just a little. With your real butthole, you hold it in until you can go to the bathroom, and then you open up. So when you open your mouth, ask yourself if it’s okay to open it, assess the situation, and then open it.” Oh. My. God. Dying laughing.

She assures him she’ll work hard on the show, and make sure she ends up a couple with Pil-joo. Jin: “You’ll become a what with who?” She points out that the program he just encouraged her about is a couple-making show; she thinks her odds are good, since Pil-joo seems to like her.

He asks to see the pen, knowing it’s Pil-joo’s valued possession, and figures that if she lost it, she’ll be sure to lose Pil-joo’s favor. She agrees, not anticipating that Jin will immediately bury it in a huge pit of plastic balls. He orders, “Tell him you lost it, so he’ll get mad at you. You have to like me. So quit this show right away.” Thus spake the Dokkobot.

Ae-jung dives for the pen, but it’s a hopeless, infuriating task.

Upon seeing Jin arrive bearing flowers and cake, the producers jump on this chance to save their shoot, as Se-ri’s sunk into a bad mood and won’t emerge from her room. Pressured into it, Jin agrees to whip up a special event, smiling for the benefit of his audience but grimacing inwardly. Hey, nobody told you to be a slave to public opinion! I love that that’s his kryptonite.

Ae-jung finally gives up diving for the pen, her temper roiling. Out for Jin’s blood, she hunts him down, finding him in the dressing room where he’s prepared a romantic spread for Se-ri.

Assuming this is more childishness in wooing her, Ae-jung rails against him for his behavior. His eyes widen and he tries to warn her away, because contrary to appearances, this isn’t a private room. He tries to politely suggest they talk this out elsewhere, but she yells, “Shut your butthole!” (Meaning, of course, mouth. HAHAHAHA.)

She demands he return the pen he lost and tells him plainly that she doesn’t need his praise or encouragement: “And stop hanging around me — I will never, EVER like you!”

Which is when the lights flick on, Se-ri asks what’s going on, and the hidden staff emerges.

Jin tries to salvage the situation, saying that she must harbor antipathy toward him after their encounter (the car accident) resulted in hate being spewed her way: “Even though I apologized with praise and encouragement, are you really unable to accept it? But the FANS [pronounced pan, in place of pen, hee] you’ve lost because of me, you’ll have to recover through FAN meetings or FAN signings.”

That turns her into the bad guy, and the staff assumes she’s still being unreasonable.

This story hits the news in the form of a not-very-blind item: Ms. C interrupted Top Star Mr. A preparing an event for Ms. B, raging in front of shocked staffers. Oh yeah, and B and C were in the same girl group together.

Ae-jung mopes a bit at home, and apologizes to Pil-joo for losing his pen, promising to return it when the ball pit is emptied. Pil-joo offers to search for it together, and assures her that it’ll all work out. Seeing her anxiousness to recover it, Pil-joo decides that she’ll be overcome with guilt if she never finds it.

Jin knows Ae-jung is mightily peeved at him for his stunt, and has no luck calling her. So he meets with Se-ri to tell her he wants to put an end to their fake relationship soon, since it’s complicating things. Se-ri points out that Ae-jung’s the only one who was affected, and marvels at her chronic bad timing. The day of their infamous fight in KBSN happened to be the one day that reporters had been around.

Jin asks what she did to provoke Ae-jung, not believing for a second that she was innocent. Se-ri admits to playing a little joke out of pique, then guesses that Jin must hate Ae-jung too. What did he do to her?

Jin groans, “Thinking that I did the same thing you did makes me feel shameful.” Ha! Se-ri gives him the simple solution of just avoiding Ae-jung — that’s what she did, for ten years after their fight. Jin: “Ten years — that’s too long.”

Not willing to wait years to be forgiven, Jin gains entree to the prop room and mobilizes a crew to search for the pen. He’s successful, but let’s not count out our resourceful second lead: Pil-joo takes a different approach, and buys a replacement. (Ah! If only…this isn’t exactly what happened in Chun-hyang…)

Ae-jung’s father drops by Pil-joo’s clinic to ask the good doctor for a pick-me-up for his depressed daughter. Pil-joo’s mother, thinking he’s Se-ri’s father, greets him enthusiastically and treats him to a box of herbal medicine, saying that he gets a free sample because he’s Se-ri’s father. Dad’s about to correct the misconception — except for the thousand-dollar box he’s about to get for free. Thinking better of it (or maybe I should say worse), thanks her on Se-ri’s behalf.

Jin pulls up to Hyung-kyu’s school to instruct him to get his aunt to answer his calls — and if she doesn’t, to answer the phone and transfer it to her. Jin’s ready to return the pen to melt her anger, though he worries, “But I really don’t want her to get friendly with that doctor…”

Jin overhears Hyung-kyu’s friends accusing him of lying about knowing Dokko Jin, so he gets out and confirms the claim. Next, he takes Hyung-kyu home so the boy can call Ae-jung to pick him up. Feeling generous, Jin tells him he’ll give him 100 autographs and encourages him to tell everyone that they’re chummy. He notices the microphone Hyung-kyu’s wearing, a toy lie detector, and they test it out together.

When Ae-jung arrives to pick up her nephew, she glares at Jin and accuses him of taking him home just because she’s been ignoring his calls. He lies, saying the boy followed him so he was forced to take him in: “Do you think I waited in front of your nephew’s school and told him to call you just to bring you here?” Well, put that way, it does sound crazy…

He reminds her how she vowed she’d never like him, and says he won’t grab onto her anymore. He guesses, “You’re disappointed, aren’t you?” She denies it, so he holds up the Pororo lie detector and tells her to prove it.

Ae-jung says she wasn’t disappointed, but the mike turns red and Jin exults, “See, it’s a lie!” Ae-jung shoves it away, and it knocks into his eye. Jin: “I’ve been hit by Pororo’s head.” Ae-jung: “It’s better than saying you were hit by Gu Ae-jung. At least Pororo’s a top star.” Aw, that’s sad.

Ae-jung worries that she’s done him injury, and leans in close to take a look at his eye, which sets his heartbeat racing again. She becomes aware of the charged air as he stares intently at her, and he draws her closer, telling her to be the lie detector this time: “I find you difficult. You’re not the least easy, you’re really difficult.” Jin can be so sweet when he’s not trying so damn hard, and just being honest, even if he’s still a got a touch of the Google Translate about him.

Jin makes a deal with her — if he finds the doctor’s pen, will she rescind her comment about never liking him? She concedes, “If you find it, I’ll forgive you.” Jin: “Only forgive? Well, you don’t like being seen as easy, so it might feel shameful to cancel those words too easily. I’ll have to make it so you can cancel them without being embarrassed.”

Jin has one request for her while he’s away in Japan for the next few days: to feed his fish. He uses the alarm code as his excuse, since he doesn’t want to give it out and she already knows it. She’s uncomfortable with the idea (“Why should I pop in and out of your world?”), so he tells her, “Run the lie detector in your heart. Then, you’ll enter my world.”

At home, Ae-jung gives Pororo a try: “I won’t ever like Dokko Jin.” Alas, Pororo chides her not to lie.

Jin puts the pen into an empty cylinder, then fills that with fish food, figuring that she’ll find it soon enough. At the same time, Pil-joo wonders how he can give Ae-jung the replacement pen convincingly to ease her conscience.

Se-ri decides to upload a sel-ca photo online, prepping with eye drops to strike a sad pose. Since Jin wants to release breakup news soon, she’ll set the stage now and garner sympathy after the news breaks.

Ae-jung overhears this conversation, and it prompts her to feed Jin’s fish after all, despite initially not intending to. She tells them that she came because she feels guilty about being the cause of Jin losing his 1 billion won CF contract.

Ae-hwan works on getting the Couple Making producers to feature Ae-jung’s future music video, dropping hints that she may attract a co-star of Dokko Jin’s level. Ae-jung’s former manager overhears and takes this to President Moon, advising her to be wary of working with Ae-jung. President Moon is aware of her scandals, but Manager Jang refers to the real reason KBSN broke up, hinting at Ae-jung’s culpability.

President Moon asks Se-ri about the breakup, her interest piqued to hear that Jin asked the same thing. Mention of their impending “breakup” takes her by surprise, particularly because Jin made the decision after the scandal broke about the A/B/C ruckus.

Putting the pieces together, President Moon first laughs at the ridiculousness of Jin crushing on Ae-jung, but then considers the possibility…

The next day, Ae-jung decides to top off the food container after feeding the fish, keeping the pen buried. Haha — Jin’s plan backfires! That means that when Jin gets home eagerly anticipating the results, he sees the fish food still stocked — did she not come by after all? “And you’ve all been starving?”

This gives Pil-joo the opportunity to get the upper hand (however unwittingly), because he sends his replacement pen to Ae-jung, addressed from the MBS studio, making it look like it was found in the prop room. He feigns relief when she returns it, and promises to treat her to a nice dinner in exchange.

Jin drives to Ae-jung’s house that night to deliver the pen, and Ae-hwan takes the opportunity to pester him about Ae-jung’s upcoming music video, hoping to get Jin’s cooperation (no luck on that).

Jin hears that Ae-jung is at Jenny’s cafe down the street to meet the doctor, and heads off in a dark mood. Outside the cafe, he parks and calls Ae-jung while watching her through the window. She picks up the call cheerily, thinking he’s still in Japan, and answers his questions honestly — she’s waiting to meet Pil-joo in thanks for recovering the pen.

However, that doesn’t sound like truth to Jin, who says extra-meaningfully that she’s sure concerned about impressing the doctor. He tells her darkly to “keep it up” and hangs up.

Convinced she can’t have the pen since HE has it, he growls, “To look good for that man, she lies?”

Ae-hwan calls Ae-jung to let her know Jin’s on his way to see her, and prods her to bring up the music video with him. She shoots down that idea and looks around for Jin, then smiles at the thought that he got huffy after hearing she was meeting Pil-joo. She calls Pil-joo to request a raincheck, promising to pay next time, which he accepts graciously despite being obviously disappointed.

Ae-jung heads off to find Jin, in good spirits and ready to forgive him now that the pen is found. Walking through the neighborhood, she pauses at a vegetable stand — potatoes! She thinks, “Should I feed the fish, and also feed their owner?”

Jin mopes in front of his aquarium, noting that the difficult Ae-jung found it easy enough to lie to the doctor. So when Ae-hwan calls one more time about that damned music video, he’s even more irritated.

Thus when Ae-jung enters happily, expecting some kind of happy reception, he treats her coldly, thinking she’s here to ask him to do her music video. She says no, and with a bashful smile adds, “I came to forgive you and cancel those words.” Awwww! She’s taking her first step toward him! Only she’s about to get it cruelly rebuffed! Eek, I can’t watch! *watches through fingers*

When she mentions finding the pen, Jin tells her harshly to stop the lies and cut to her request. Registering his scorn, she asks uneasily what’s the matter. Jin: “Shall I say this simply? Gu Ae-jung, I’ll help you put out your album and shoot your music video. So sleep here tonight.”

OH. NO. How terrible. My heart just dropped, just as Ae-jung’s surely has. He tells her that she’s become easy in his eyes, “So let’s end this here, easily and quickly!”

Tears filling her eyes, she decides, “I made a mistake in coming.” She reaches for her plastic bag, and out tumbles a pile of potatoes. At least the sight of them seems to bring Jin back to his senses.

Pil-joo has gone to Jenny’s cafe anyway and eaten alone, and on his way out, he sees Ae-jung sitting on the front stoop, crying alone. Embarrassed, she asks him to pretend he didn’t see her, but this time he won’t let her slip away and holds her back, asking what’s wrong.

Flustered and hurting, Ae-jung starts to cry-babble about being in pain, but that none of his suggested methods are working. He’s always known how to treat hiccups and frustration, so what does he advise for situations like this?

Pil-joo thinks for moment, then steps forward and comforts her with a gentle hug.

Jin appears around the corner to see Ae-jung sobbing on Pil-joo’s shoulder, no longer angry, still holding his potato. Stricken at that sight, he claps a hand over his eyes and tells himself, “Don’t watch. You’re Dokko Jin.”

He drops the hand, then slaps himself to face the other direction, repeating, “Don’t watch.”


One thing that this drama is doing well is building its angsty moments of conflict with sufficient setup, but without projecting the outcome miles in advance. It’s a skill to lay the groundwork well so that when a moment surprises you, it surprises you with how well it makes sense of the pieces, not because it’s something that dropped out of nowhere. The Hong sisters have always had a knack for that but I think they’re getting even better.

One of the ways they do that is with their constant wordplay, which works not only on a punny/jokey level, but also in laying plot elements subtly. (I know! I used the word subtle in conjunction with the Hongs!) For example, there’s the whole easy/difficult metaphor, which Jin initially means as “She’s easy/hard to figure out” and which Ae-jung uses to mean “Do I look like a pushover to you?” But it also comes to encompass the sexual concept of being an easy conquest, and that’s why it works when he propositions her out of hurt. I gasped in surprise because I was NOT expecting him to say that — I thought he’d lash out, predictably — but it totally makes sense since it was cleverly built up from Ae-jung’s outrageous proposal in the earlier scene.

Then there’s the way the potato has evolved out of a seeming throwaway bit. That refers to the guy in the story who torments the chicken, and then Jin buys one (potato, that is, not chicken) that goes abandoned at the theater, and then Ae-jung buys them as a peace offering which go rejected.

Note: Thanks to a comment in the last recap alerting me that Camellia is a Korean novel published in 1936. Nutshell version: The girl is rich, the boy is poor. She gives him a boiled potato, he rejects it. Hurt, she harasses his chicken. He harasses hers back and accidentally kills it. (FYI: There’s also a Camellia trilogy (2005) that deals with gay love themes, and a more recent anthology (2010) about three different love stories.)

I love that a potato has evolved thusly into being an expression of affection — one that’s staunchly unsentimental, unlike a piece of jewelry, and the very nature of it being a potato keeps it inherently funny — and that it works on more than one level of meaning. Things like that make the moments richer, which is great.

Granted, sometimes a joke is just a joke, and not everything has to have grand meaning. But when they extend even the silliest bit and draw it into the story in an unexpected way, it gives the moment depth that it didn’t have initially. Like ddong-ko developing from a throwaway insult to a pun to an extended metaphor about Jin’s potty mouth. How frickin’ great is that?


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    But now, I see him as manipulative. Sure, the intentions are good, but the path isn’t clean, and he’s using the premise of the show as a way to get close to her. And he’s a bit of a liar, and will probably turn into more of a liar.

    I do love that Pres Moon is smart and on top of everything going on in her office.

    It seemed that the promotion contract and the fake relationship would end up being a big conflict later in the show, but those ends are already being tied up. I don’t think Se-ri’s got it in her to be the Big Bad, so what’s going to be the ultimate conflict for these two? Maybe (and wouldn’t it be singularly awesome and rare for a k-drama) the biggest challenge they’d have to overcome is themselves? Like a Rob Reiner film, but in Korea, not NY.

    • 48.1 haneul.

      I think that it is going to come up again, but I think their main hurdle is going to be his fame going down after their scandal comes out, and his “dumping” Seri for her, making her a double man-stealer in public view and her getting hated by the public even more. I also think they are going to use the reasons behind the groups breakup.

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    • 55.1 Sethe

      Regarding your point #4, didn’t the main couple get a little hot and heavy in Hong Gil Dong? Or was that just implied, or maybe I remember wrong?

      I think it IS very different with an older, more mature cast, as some people have mentioned. The thought of Tae-kyung and Mi-nyeo gettin’ it on (in YAB) just kinda makes me cringe, for example, but I don’t think it’d be weird or inappropriate in this drama. I don’t think either Ae-jung or Jin is a prude, and they’ve obviously both been conscious of the possibility of sleeping together (not to mention, been pretty handsy)… so maybe we’ll be treated to the pleasure of a super-hot bed scene with CSW!

      (Oh, and speaking of super-hot bed scenes, I just had the LOVELY idea that they could parody CSW’s smokin’ hot love scene in Athena! Probably wouldn’t fit right in this drama, but maybe the Hong sisters could make it work. Really, all I want is to see more of CSW’s body… is that so much to ask?)

      • 55.1.1 swui

        Love ur idea of a parody…

        Not sure abt the scene in HGD because I didn’t watch it…lol
        Hmm…let’s just hope hope the Hong sisters are feeling a little bit more adventurous with our fine actors/actress…

        Btw, I notice Sethe, antonia and MJP are totally stalking this site aren’t you…you guys are so deep in CSW-mania that it cracks me up…did I left anyone out?

        • Sethe

          Hey, I admit it! Didn’t I say in some earlier comments that I was gonna stalk Cha Seung-won himself?

          Dunno what it is, but the man just gets to me, in a way few other actors have done.

        • antonia

          i don’t remenber it happened in HGD, at least not between the leads
          and yes CSW makes me a stalker
          i confess

      • 55.1.2 Jomo

        EX CUSE ME. CSW had a love scene in Athena?

        Video link or it didn’t happen!

        HGD didn’t have much sexy-time in it. There were some lovely memorable moments between the leads, but it was “cool” rather than hot.

        • Sethe

          Hey, what version of Athena were you watching? Are you kidding? CSW’s scene with whatsername (who cares?) was the best part of the entire drama.


          If this link doesn’t work, look for Jang Jae In’s song “Please.”

          • Jomo

            Love the up against the wall move. Can’t get much more “uhhhhmf!” than that.

            I didn’t watch Athena. Stopped in the middle of ep 2.
            Was that the only interaction between them? A one night stand? (Sorry if I am spoiling!)

          • Sethe

            Here’s another link for you, direct to the part of the episode (ep 10) in which this scene happens. This HOT bed scene is not the only interaction between the two of them, but let’s just say things really go downhill from here.


            And man, I kinda forgot what a scary, cold, badass dude CSW played in Athena!

          • antonia

            last night i watched episode 11 (wich was really exciting) and CSW was killing a lot of dudes so coldblooded, and all i could think was: OMG he looks so sexy killing people (i know i’m bad). and then when he was wounded and screaming all i could think was “wonderful eyes, sexy abs, how can he be so hot”

        • antonia

          yes it happened and it’s kinda angry s, not love s. but hot i is. i’m watching athena right now. i’m in episode 10 and it happens in episode 10. so i have fresh memories 😉

          • swui

            LOL I stopped at epi 5. Maybe I should pick it up again while waiting for nest BL epi…but it’s such a mess of a story I kept rolling my eyes at the incredulity of it all…sigh

      • 55.1.3 asianromance

        in HGD, Yi nok and Gil-dong had a happy wedding night as evidence by their smiles the morning after, but I am almost positive no hot and heavy scenes were shown. or maybe you were misinterpreting that first episode when Gil Dong thew Yi nok onto a bed and she started barking like a rabid dog to keep him away.

        In MGIAG, miho talks a lot abt “mating”, but there was never any serious making out in the series, unless you count the part where MiHo was watching a couple make out on tv.

  56. 56 garcia_marina

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    • 57.1 Jomo

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  58. 58 Dara

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  59. 59 ahjummabunny

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    I love cary grant, but I was upset that james stewart didn’t get the girl in the end.

    • 59.1 antonia

      nooooooo, cary grant was the best!!!!

  60. 60 Jomo

    Wow! I am so happy this is already done. Thank you for giving us the layers. The dialog is complex and sometimes breathtaking. I can’t wait for subs.

    Do we have a heart-stopping moment meter? Comparing the sit-up scene in SG, for example? I think the staring at her at the table scene is right up there.

    “It’s like he’s a robot armed with an extra ego chip and Google Translate for a language center.”

    Don’t you love that DJ, this famous actor, prolly well known for delivering other people’s words well, cannot put together any on his own when he needs to?

    I love YKS and CSW, but GHJ is the heart of the show. Without her double takes done just right to CSW’s crazy, or her cool but wise rejection of his insults, we would be thinking DJ is just nuts and hate him.

    Here is my GHJ love video:

    Unexpected end? I couldn’t see my screen when she held out her arm to the doctor showing him how she took his advice on the wrist pressure points, and said it didn’t work. Like a beautiful sad confused child in pain. His response was perfect. DJ, you have no idea how difficult this is going to get!!

    • 60.1 antonia

      “Do we have a heart-stopping moment meter? Comparing the sit-up scene in SG, for example? I think the staring at her at the table scene is right up there.”

      lately my heart was stoping a lot and then beating like crazy. all because of this drama (CSW ahem) the staring at her and then the tiny smile just cracks me up <3

    • 60.2 Jeon

      Jomo, I cannot agree with you more. Without GHJ’s light humor and sincere performance, this show can easily turn to a farce and I mean it in every single way. I am a Korean American and I see how Korean news actually sees Best Love as a high-kick type of mini-series. It’s actually kind of worrisome since this is not really a positive appraisal for this drama.

      But nonetheless, GHJ is hailed by the critics for the ability to giving the “heart” and real love to every project she participates in. She is certainly the most talented actress in her generation. Gong Hyo Jin is simply sublime with her ordinary looks and subtle charm.

      • 60.2.1 Jomo

        Even with it being Hong sisters show? They always add weight to their stories…

        Anyway, can you imagine how it feels to play opposite GHJ as an actor? Here it is your job to yell and insult, or worse, to watch her suffer silently, so you do. The next thing you know she’s weeping to break your heart, and IT’S YOUR FAULT!

        YKS’s face throughout the scene hug her showed concern, sympathy, resolve to protect her, and a little anger at the person who made her feel that bad.
        Same for CSW after the bad manager drove away and left her weeping in the parking garage after the slap.

        They’re both done…like a chicken dinner…and will never let her go now.

  61. 61 Kiara

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    Best Love is simply the BEST. Better than all the rest ….

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    • 62.3 antonia

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      pretty good, no???
      Hong Sisters, CSW hear my plead!!!

    • 62.4 Jomo

      We need to name these two opposing groups.

      The Cow faces vs the Flower face?

      I am firmly planted in the anti-cow group.

      No more cow!
      No more cow!
      No more cow!
      No more cow!

      • 62.4.1 antonia

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        ha ha i’m also firmly planted
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        bring back the cow!
        bring back the cow!
        bring back the cow!

      • 62.4.2 ahjummabunny

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        cow come back!
        cow come back!
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        • Jomo

          Sorry, the cow has now been served, as in bulgogi.

          • ahjummabunny

            LMAO! Jomo! you’re very naughty! Long live the cow!

          • Christy


        • pohonphee

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          Now, I know the reason why CSW has you, please come back!! cow….

          I was just teasing when I shoo you yesterday, please, pleasssse, JEBAL Dorawa…. I’ll find your chicken

        • GU MI-HO

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          COW! I want COW!

          *winks and does finger guns*

          • riley

            BEST CROSSOVER (cow-crossing?) EVAAAR.

            I like the Moo-stache myself, but have to admit that CSW is pretty fine either way.

  63. 63 sb

    Serious case of 2nd male lead syndrome. Only other time this happened (that I recall) was in Goong (Prince Yul!).

    Gah, Pil Joo, why so dorky cute. I love how your smile lights up your face and I can’t help grinning myself. Haha.

    CSW is a great actor, but I personally never found him physically attractive (though he does have a certain sex appeal) so it’s interesting seeing (reading) so many of you going ga-ga for him. 😛

    • 63.1 ahjummabunny

      you’ve never found cha seung won attractive? do you need the pokoro lie detector test to check your heart?

    • 63.2 antonia

      i you don’t like the sexy, hot, appealing, manly, tall, dark… kind on Man (i mean man no pretty boy) then of course CSW couldn’t be your thing 😉

    • 63.3 Jomo

      There is a scene in City Hall where KSH’s character touches his face, and the camera angle is so gorgeous, and CSW is, too.

      • 63.3.1 antonia

        the breaking up scene??? tears didn’t let me notice all the gourgeousness of CSW (though i know it was here)

        • Jomo

          Imma go find it and post the link, mostly so I have it.

        • ahjummabunny

          the one in the rain I think is the one jomo is talking about. I always bawl when I see it. But jo guk is sooo amazingly hot in it. I was watching old cha seung won cfs when his hair was shorter he and had clean shaven face the bodyguard look and his face was soo round. The cow makes him look more masculine.

          • antonia

            are you sure? i don’t think she touched his face in that scene. btw i always bawl in that scene too

          • ahjummabunny

            ah you’re right it’s the one on the stairs. when they first break up! why is city hall so amazing!!!

          • Jomo

            Yes! The STAIRS! God-smark-me he was beautiful there, KSA really sold it, too.

          • Jomo

            I am trying to find that ep with the stairs in it to download it so I can clip it.
            Do you have any idea what number it is?
            It’s not 18 or 19.

          • antonia

            Episode 15

          • Jomo

            Found it. Watched it. Cried.
            There prolly can’t be much added to the CH fanvid canon, but I am sooooooooooooooooooo doing one this week-end. *rubs normal sized hands together*

            I have the perfect song in mind…

          • antonia

            looking forward to that video. you know though i search a loooooooot i don’t like many of the fanvids of CH, mostly because i didn’t like the songs
            luckily there’s the video they play at the end of episode 16? or 17? with the ost. thumbs up!!!

          • Jomo

            Antonia –
            Here you go!

        • Jomo

          Here it is:

          Spoilers for episode 15 of City Hall

          The good part starts around second 55 and continues until my heart is broken into pieces of sand on the beaches of, um, Heartbreak Lake…No? Too much?


          • antonia

            i cannot watch this. it’s been suprimed
            but the “Cha Seung Won City Hall – HOT” leave me speechless!!!! <3

    • 63.4 Lea

      He’s not a super gorgeously handsome nor a ridiculously cute guy but the man definitely has tremendous sex appeal and he can act better than 80% of some traditionally handsome actors out there, especially his skill in conveying emotion through the eyes. And did I ever mention his uber sexy, mysterious deep voice? You have Alan Rickman of Korea there bb.

      • 63.4.1 s

        Totally! He’s handsome, but his acting chops make him extra hot. And his voice… holy cow.

        • Dorotka

          Yes, the cow… something I’m missing now… 😉

  64. 64 joujou

    Jin looks so weird to me without the facial hair. So when I see parts in the drama where he acts crazy or weird, it makes me laugh that much harder. This drama is so funny. Thank you for the recap!

  65. 65 Sethe

    Oh, this episode just ripped my heart out! The misunderstandings, the hurt, the angst… how can I bear it?

    On another note, this is one of the few dramas I’ve seen in which I can actually understand why the 2 men in the love triangle might be attracted to the woman. In SO many of the dramas I’ve seen, the female lead is stupid, or helpless, or annoying, or just plain unlikable, but Ae-jung is really great (both the character and the acting)! It’s about damn time, I say.

  66. 66 srkambbs

    Does anyone else find Pil Joo’s ear shape weird??

    • 66.1 Sethe

      YES!!! So glad you said that… I didn’t want to be the only one pointing out superficial flaws in the guy who’s apparently so beloved by everyone both in the drama and on this forum.

      (Please don’t think I hate him, by the way… he just can’t compete with the insanely sexy charisma and presence of CSW!)

    • 66.2 Jomo

      But doesn’t that make his character even more endearing? You know IRL he would have been sensitive about that, too.

    • 66.3 antonia

      i do, well my sister did and pointed it out to me, so i noticed it
      and yes i like adorkable PJ ears and all but yes in my eyes he cant compete with CSW

      • 66.3.1 gofish

        I find his ears long time ago and find his ears cute! On the contrary, CSW is not my type although everyone is crazy about him. I guess everyone has a very different taste~

  67. 67 antonia

    i know i said it before but best love is getting better and better. its so good that it hurts: wheter because of laughing, crying or swooning!!!
    this episode was so good, i can’t imagine where episode 7 will take us? will the misunderstanding be resolved quickly enough?, will jin keep pursuing AJ or hold back?, will AJ forgive pantyman? will another word meaning appear in the diccionary (potato, chiken, panty, pen)?
    drama how could you be so good?
    GJH & YKS you are wonderful, CSW you really rock!!! that smile, that look in your eyes is killing me!!!!

  68. 68 Natalie

    Thank you! A good laugh is just what I needed. I’m loving this drama!

  69. 69 Rovi

    Aww, I feel for Ae-jeong… :(

    I can feel that either the chicken, the potato, and the pen are gonna be daebak or whatevs…
    (more likely the pen…)

    OMG, this line cracked me up:
    “Gah, I love that there’s so much angst ABOUT CHICKEN.” -> don’t let Onew read this!!!

  70. 70 Sammi

    Thank you so much for your recaps. Every morning, the first thing I do when I get in my office is to check your site for new posts.

    On another note, I never really paid much attention to CSW’s appearance but I gotta say, now that he shaved off his ‘stache, I find him so hot.

    I wish Ae-jung could end up with both men…Can’t wait until next week. Been re-watching all episodes to tide me over until then.

    • 70.1 sugarpunch

      oh gosh, me too! I keep re-watching the eps! I loved both City Hall and Who Are You, where CSW and YKS acted as main leads respectively… so I am at a total loss as to who I will root for >< they are too awesome.

      I am hoping that the writers will start upping the competition between both men because I have seen too many dramas with the second leads taking the backseat in vying for the girl's affection. YKS is too precious to take the backseat!! let's see some action:D:D

  71. 71 Qwenli

    Excellent writing JB! I wish I can write as well as you. your vocab and the way you convey the meaning of various scenes.

    they say the pen is mightier than the sword, I think you wield a fantastic pen!

    wonder if Montblanc paid for the product endorsement?? LOL

  72. 72 floyd

    csw!!! i can’t believe he’s 41, he looks sooo young after shaving…….and so hot!!!

    • 72.1 floyd

      on the other hand are all oriental doctors in korea so adorable? when yks smiles or laughs i have to look away due to cuteness overload!!

  73. 73 sugarpunch

    Every week I get started on this show, I treat it like any other drama… but by the end of the day’s episode, i find myself clicking the ‘replay’ button immediately. So… I have watched 6 episodes 12 times already, and I still love this drama. not sick of it at all!!

  74. 74 tangyberry

    How does CSW do it? He has a 21 year old son???? I’m like, O_O seriously? And he looks even younger clean shaven. It’s SUCH a fresh look from him after that mustache.

    I’m LOVING Yoon Kye-sang as Pil Joo! He’s been reminding me of CN Blue’s Min Hyuk (bashful, quick smile, major cute, etc) albeit a version that’s older and acts better.

    Gong Hyo Jin just makes me fall for Ae Jung. I can imagine getting really annoyed by her character if the acting weren’t just right.

    The acting and script is really really what set this drama apart for me. Can’t wait for next week! :)

  75. 75 Moonblossom

    Does anyone find it weird – or have the feeling is that we are watching a teenager romance story that somehow, are played by much older actors? I mean seriously, I’ll die of self mortification if I think and behave like Jin and Ae Jung in their drama age. I mean all the hurt looks, innocent pretty pleeeease looks, over-the-top concern from spit juice when I’m in my late twenties, or worse thirties? While some of the acting are excellent, the vibes are just weird.

    • 75.1 oonalala

      I feel like the most juvenile behavior is really driven by Dokko Jin. It’s his first love and he totally acts like it. Only most people get their first love when they are like 12-13 years old. So Jin acting like a 12 year old seems somewhat appropriate.

    • 75.2 Sethe

      Hmm, let me be serious for a moment. I’m in my thirties (I know, so much older than so many of the people on this forum :( ) and in my experience, love makes you vulnerable and foolish, whatever age you are. You youngsters may think that we older people have it all figured out (I know I thought that when I was in my teens and early twenties, when being 30 seemed ancient), but being attracted to someone and figuring out what to do with that can be confusing, painful, and difficult at any age, I think.

      • 75.2.1 Sethe

        Sorry I’m replying to my own post, here, but I keep thinking about a scene from the (old 😉 ) American movie Moonstruck, in which Nicolas Cage says that “love don’t make things nice…” — I forget all he said, but he goes on about how love is messy and hard and really screws you over… yeah, maybe it’s just a different glamorized version of love (as the cause of hardship for otherwise-perfect characters in dramas), but I remember his description of love there really struck a chord with me.

        (And, geez, I feel like Larry King or John McCain or something here, commenting to all these “youngsters” 😉 )

        • antonia

          i’m with you sethe. i’m also in my 30s. not long ago i fell hardly in love, and i was so so childish and inmature about it. i’m not ashamed of it. cause it was lots of fun too.
          i understand pantyman feelings completely. that’s why it hurt so much when AJ tells him his first love will be forever one sided :( (i guess she’s gonna eat her words pretty soon)

    • 75.3 Secret Person

      You have a good point. I think that is why they set up DJ as an immature and not fully developed human.

      Because of his purported acting (fighting?) skills and the care he takes with his very good looks, he is a STAR. Prolly been catered to and spoiled most of his career.
      Seems like his management treats their stars as the old Hollywood system did years ago. Carefully prepare a package for their talent with image, girlfriend, cover stories, etc to protect their investment. DJ has bought into his own myth.

      We have read stories or seen Behind the Music about how egotistic the rock stars become as they hit big. It has to be superhuman not to cave to the adoration.
      It’s funny – my brothers were bartenders during their college years. Girls would fall all over them trying to get a “piece” of them. Imagine having a country feel like that about you!

    • 75.4 jubilantia

      I see what you mean, and I’ve gotten the same vibes myself, but they have both grown up in the entertainment industry. Well, I know Ae-jung started young, I have to imagine Jin did as well. I think we’re probably seeing a sort of realistic picture of how stars might be emotionally stunted in some ways, and thus act like we’re seeing. Jin’s behavior is infantile because no one’s ever called him out on it, and Ae Jung makes pouty eyes and says crazy things because it’s a mix of her old image and her new desperation to be noticed on variety shows. She also hasn’t let herself feel anything, despite seeming a bit more emotionally mature than he is.

  76. 76 snoopyvkd

    I’m dying for Doctor Pil Joo *.* Poor sweet guy…
    Can’t wait to see what will be this drama’s love token plush toy! Will it be a giant potato?

  77. 77 Rachael

    Thanks for the recap!

    Oh man, Jin really needs to stop taking cues from dramas. I swear it’s how he’s getting all of his crazy romance ideas, like the pen in the fish food, along with the crazy google translate speech. Well, besides not confessing to anyone before. Makes me wonder how Se-ri and Jin’s actual dating life had been like. Haha, hopefully that romcom drama Moon wanted him to act in will show up again. I can see him getting ideas from it for Ae-jung wooing.

    I’m on the fence about Pil-joo’s fake pen purchase. While I find it a little sweet, but not sure how high Ae-jung’s honesty bar is set. Depending on how this goes down it could still be sweet or a little sleazy.

    Either way I’m really hoping next week Jin makes some huge strides in sorting himself out. Enough tears from 49 Days, need more butterflies in the stomach Best Love!

    Otherwise, I’m wondering what would result if NEITHER male lead won her over? The possability she would regain her fame, but both men are still trying to woo her could work. Need a few more episodes pushing forward before getting the idea of an actual relationship between any of them.

    • 77.1 Noi

      LOL, I’m guessing Se-ri just stalked him until he gave in.

      • 77.1.1 Rachael

        True, but what happened when he gave in? They dated for awhile it sounds like. Or maybe she lost interest in Jin soon as she caught him? Or he just tried to avoid her as much as possible afterwards haha?

        • Noi

          Haha, yeah, I guess they were ina relationship for a while. The way I see it, she probably liked him at first, he didn’t really give a crap, then she probably realized that he has a crappy personality, lol, and it’s highly likely that he thought she was annoying. So then they stayed together for status climbing and probably sex after a while. And then they ended up disliking each other so darn much that in the end not even the sex kept happening, lmao.

          LOL, that’s my theory. But who the hell knows. They’re a match made in hell xD

          • th em

            In episode 5, Jin’s manager said Se Ri kept chasing Jin. Eventually, that led to photos of them together getting out. There wasn’t really anything going on between them… But since there were rumors going around about Jin being gay at the time, Jin’s team just took this as an opportunity to squash those. So began the fake dating.

            Whether the fake dating ever turned into something slightly real… Based on the first episode, I was under the impression that they had really dated and really broken up. Now I’m more inclined to think the whole thing was more act than not.

        • Kim Yoonmi

          The drama said that Seri pretty much liked him, and then Representative Moon made him date Seri to prevent rumors of him being gay. (If you paid attention.) I think Jin didn’t want to be with Se-ri at all and got sick of the whole thing, but was willing to pretend for his image (Indicated heavily by his other behavior).

          Putting it together–it never got sexual, he remained infantile in love, and Seri probably got sick of the fact he never really treated her as a lover. So they broke up, but she was still into him.

  78. 78 asianromance

    Thanks javabeans! i haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, but from the recap, episode 6 sounds AMAZING!! Poor Dokko-jin – he’s like the little engine that couldn’t when he’s dealing with Ae-jung!

    I think the only thing that may spoil my enjoyment is that there isn’t another Ae-jung out there for Pil-joo. LOVE HIM! The Hong sisters got some great second leads but I haven’t felt this obsessed and heartbroken abt a Hong sister second lead since My Girl and Pil-joo is much better! And for a guy who seems to have no experience with women, he sure knows how to win a woman’s heart!

  79. 79 Kuging-RN

    where can i watch this in english subs.

  80. 80 Sun

    Arrggghhhhh…. this drama is too amazing, makes me die..


    Wednesday, Come Sooner please..

  81. 81 surreal sapphire

    My heart’s surely thumping up for “Best Love”!!!

    I love the way Gong Hyo Jin has played out her role. I think I’ve never seen her so full of aegyo and so hilarious before (though she really is one great actress)! Both male leads are outright Jjang! However I already had a crush on Yoon Kye Sang ever since I saw him on “My 19-year old Sister In-Law” with Kim Jae Won and the late Jung Da Bin. So I’ll definitely get my heart crushed as well once it gets to the point where he ends up losing over Cha Seung Won. But the hell I care…as long as Best Love is the BEST! Fighting!

    Thanks for the recap btw! You guys are the BEST too! ^^

  82. 82 Chris

    This show, the sweet smiles and pouts on Gong Hyo Jin and Yoon Kye Sang’s faces, and every emotion Cha Seung Won emotes destroy me, every time I watch this show.

    Whenever GHJ smiles, you just HAVE to smile with her, she is so sweet. But I think I like her even better when she looks shy or unsure of something…is that wrong of me? I have loved her since “Hello, My Teacher” Now I HATED that show, but I found her charming, and of course Gong Yoo to die for, so I watched it to the end. And she is why I initially started watching Pasta as well. She just has this sincerity to her that is sooooo freaking refreshing. As much as I like several actresses, western and eastern, I always find myself wondering “Sure she seems nice her, but is she a huge witch in real life?” And then I get bummed. But with her, she just sends out a gigantic vibe of humility, that I can’t help but think (AND HOPE TO GOD) is real. And that always seems to carry over into the roles she’s cast in.

    YKS has some of the best pouts and disappointed faces I have seen, and his slight hints at wanting to mack it GHJ (Cause really, when you tell a woman [no matter how indirectly] that only way to have children like him is to marry a man like him, that means you want to be the father of said children…and I doubt an turkey basters will be involved!) make me grin. He is a wonderful second man! And his heart break will be sad, but facially delightful.

    And Jesus Christ, help me! But, Cha Seung Won has a beautifully layered smorgasbord of emotions in his face. I LIVE for that. He emotes like he freaking BREATHES!!! When he’s angry, you wanna head for the hills. When he’s sad, his eyes always look so huge, watery, and confused as to why this happened to him, you have to bust out your own kleenex. And when he loves someone, you better be sitting down, because your knees will not be working for long. My favorite face of his is the closed mouth smile he gets when he finds himself in a loving moment with GHJ and she doesn’t notice the moment is happening until the tail end, and she has that mini heart attack, because he is just sitting there…smiling at her…partly because he knows that if he REALLY wanted to, he could TRY something, like KISSING her, and she would probably love it…a lot. It’s just this great mix between him loving her, and him loving the fact that she’s starting to feel the same way without her realizing it’s happening until it is already there. You can practically see the hash tag in hearts in eyes!

    ….If only he didn’t botch it up this past episode!! I mean what the heck!! She brought you potatoes!! If you hadn’t had been so shifty about the pen, it could have been resolved, she would have been feeding you taters, and you could have taken her up on that offer from one episode ago!! It’s been what? Two days? It was still good!! Now she’s hugging the doctor, and you shaving the cow will be for nothing! …at least until the end of episode 7 (probably not, but a fan girl can hope)

    • 82.1 Secret Person

      First of all, I love what you wrote about his smile:
      “My favorite face of his is the closed mouth smile he gets when he finds himself in a loving moment with GHJ and she doesn’t notice…”

      As far as the OLYMPIC wink of ep 5, there is the approach, the execution and the dismount.
      The approach was brilliant, with a precursory purse of the lips to indicate the importance of the next move, which is the execution, or wink.
      He chose the simplest and most direct style, and it worked well, opening his mouth slightly to balance the closing of the eye.
      The dismount, ahhh, this is where CSW broke all style and technique records. His lingering smile did not disappear as he turned his head to walk away, it crescendoed. We only catch a glimpse of it, but we know it pleased him to register her shock. He walked away believing he had the chicken in the bag.

      I have watched the wink 14,000 times.

      Sorry, there is no help for CSW love. JUST GIVE IN TO IT!

      • 82.1.1 Jomo

        That was Jomo. I’m not very good at hiding my personas……..

        • grateful1

          Yay! The eng subs are out! (Thanks, subbing team!!!)

          Okay, for me, this drama has officially reached the “cracktastic” level. Or rather, my experience of this drama is now cracktastic. I mean, GHJ + CSW + YKS + Hong Sisters = effing awesome to begin with, right? And now we’re at that delicious point of the budding romance where she’s in the “I love him, I love him not” stage, while he’s starting to not only pursue her in earnest, but is even attempting (in his unfortunate “Thus spake the Dokkobot” way) to change for her.

          As if that weren’t enough to thoroughly delight me, after watching the epi, I get to come to DB and savor all that goodness once again, and with even more goodness added to the pot, in the form of an awesomely clever recap! (And can I just say how much I utterly adore the main screencap for this post?! What have the Hong Sisters done to our poor CSW who used to be King of the Badasses?)

          Then, to top it all off, I get even higher from reading so many great comments– like Chris’ and not-so-Secret Person’s (funny fangirls are the best!). Yes indeedy, sharing Best Love with y’all is my new crack. : D

          • Chris

            I do what I can to make my comments colorful. Though, next time I’ll try not to liter the comment with so many typos and misspellings…I hate it when I do that.

          • Jomo

            Ahh so sweet!

      • 82.1.2 swui

        OMG That was super funny…

        I’m very very impressed with your analytical skills…I never knew a wink could be broken down into phases…ROFL…You just wrote a mini essay on an action which lasted wat…3seconds??

        I salute you, Jomo!

      • 82.1.3 Chris

        And now I will have to watch the wink again and again to catch every nuance of it…in no way will this be obsessive or a bad thing, because CSW has a GLORIOUSLY expressive face, and I must learn for his skill…yeah…that’s it!

        Thanks for the comment and the wonderful wink play by play, Jomo!

      • 82.1.4 antonia

        oh what a way to describe a wink. but seriously it was not just a wink it was The Wink, so it deserves all your descriptions.
        i got a serious competition with you cause i didn’t counted but i’s so hard to me not to rewind The sexie wink. because of CSW faces it took me like 2 hours to watch 1 episode. and i always feel an urge to take screencaps!!!

    • 82.2 th em

      “And his heart break will be sad, but facially delightful.”

      That is a marvelous way to put it!

      • 82.2.1 Chris

        Seriously, though! I’m hoping his heart break will be one of those “Dangit, I wanted the girl…Why can’t I win?” and not one of those belligerent “How DARE you not pick ME, woman!?” kind. Because I hate it when they get angry at the girl for falling for someone else, ESPECIALLY if the guy didn’t have a full claim on her.

        Pil-Joo may be my second favorite second man. I know for a fact that he is surpassed by Moon Jae Shin as played by Yoo Ah In. Because REALLY, when that man smiled at Park Min Young/Kim Yoon Hee you WANTED him to get the girl so badly, and knew he never would! So his gorgeous and loving smiles would always, ALWAYS leave you with this bittersweet feeling. Heavy on the bitter, in the end, because he didn’t even get the consolation girl. The Blue bandit chick so did not count!

    • 82.3 jubilantia

      AMEN on the Cha Seung won facial expressions. I always think he looks kind of greasy and sleazy, even with the hotness, but then he looks at her with his face all melty and vulnerable and I just swoon. When someone has that bad boy image and is able to pull that off, they have it made.

      Also amen to the last paragraph. So hilarious. I love that she was able to catch him off guard. I like to think he was distracted by the image and how much he wants to.

      • 82.3.1 Chris

        “I like to think he was distracted by the image and how much he wants to.”

        Oh I LOVE the face he made, when she “offered” in episode 6. Of course I put quotes, because you can see that she just wanted to shock him, when she walks away. But what I adore is when he kinda TRIES to call her back when she walks off. And then when she comes back, only to snatch her hat back, he jolts and his fingers twitch. Almost as if he was in a state of shock…just not the kind she thought he was in…lol

        And if you notice when the do the pan between their faces after he replies to her…offer…with “What…?” she shifts her tongue in her mouth just behind her teeth from the left (our right) to the right (our left). And to make matters even better, when the camera pans back to him HE LOOKS DOWN AT HER LIPS and then has to look away! This whole exchange take no more than 7 seconds from 7:05 to ask the fated question to 7:12 for his eyes to veer off, but that’s all that’s needed and he is just a mess! And. I. Love. It.

        • Jomo

          I think CSW should patent the “look down at the lips” move. Every fergin time he does it, I need to have CSW right there in front of me.
          I just finished a City Hall fanvid so I had to find enough sexiness to fill 5 minutes. Silly me! I was crying as I cut out a bunch of scenes because there were too many.

          Still say the most heart-stopping scenes with him are when he barely touches his leading lady. It doesn’t get any better than that.

    • 82.4 antonia

      oh my, the way you said it!!!! amazing

  83. 83 red

    omg this is gold….i laughed out loud, dropped my mouth in shock and awwwe’d at both jin and pil joo ….im a goner

  84. 84 Arhazivory

    Man. This episode really pulled me in emotionally as well. Damn, I’d lie if I said I didn’t feell the hurt that was so visibly on Ae-Jung’s face and *thumps heart*….ouch. Isn’t it too early for such an ouch moment? How will DJ mend this?

    And…couldn’t they give us previews for next week?! Argh!

    • 84.1 jubilantia

      Yeah, I worry that no previews means they are already in live shoot mode, which means everyone is going to start being really exhausted.

  85. 85 May

    Yaaaappppzzz, it’s time for BEST LOVE..!!

  86. 86 qing

    “She harasses his chicken.”

    That’s a line I keep laughing and laughing and laughing at…………………………………………

  87. 87 ilog

    I’m just saying, I still can’t buy the Se-ri Uber Bitch thing. Frankly, I much rather prefer her being the self-centered princess like she is now rather than being “I’m-gonna-destroy-you” villain. Coz I don’t think her acting chops are up for the latter. And I find her too adorable with Pil-joo. Lol.

    I love this show. I don’t necessarily get it and what point it’s trying to get across, but I still love it. And maybe it doesn’t have to have a grand plotline with big birth secrets/chronic illness/death sprinkled all over the story. Maybe the whole point of this drama was to awaken us all to the greatness that is CSW. Either way, am gonna watch this show till the end to see how Jin nabs his girl with the suave romance techniques of a 5th grader. 😀

    • 87.1 Chris

      “see how Jin nabs his girl with the suave romance techniques of a 5th grader.”

      I laughed SO hard because it is absolutely true!

    • 87.2 th em

      “to see how Jin nabs his girl with the suave romance techniques of a 5th grader.”

      I think you’re giving him too much credit. They already firmly established that his techniques were on par with Ae Jung’s 7-year-old nephew. 😉

  88. 88 Shalin

    OMO… I was watching the whole episode with my cushion in front of my face coz I had been making too much noise watching this drama… My family thot I had gone crazy in my room… coz I kept laughing & shrieking at all the hilarious and the awww-so-sweet moments ;P

    I love the part when Ae Jung was checking his eye injury & DKJ leaned closer almost to the point of kissing her… Seeing that she’s uncomfortable with his close proximity… he leaned back satisfied knowing that he had somehow caused flutterings in her heart… awww….

    It’s so funny that in almost all the scenes that when we know that DKJ’s heart will race, his heart monitor can be heard before he came into the scene like the last part when Dr Yoon was hugging/comforting Ae Jung… even when the background music is playing… I can hear his heart monitor…

    Hong Sisters, u really made me want to watch all the episodes at least twice… just in case I missed any sublime hints/innuendoes that is in each lines/scenes in that episode… But thank goodness for JB for dissecting each episode with such great understanding & for all the hints that i’ve missed.. Thanks for your hardwork! Keep it up!

  89. 89 Lauren

    ZOMG – both dudes are SO CUTE. I’m loving the acting – it’s zany, but the maturity of the actors makes it way more compelling to me than other Hong Sisters stuff.

    I can tell I’m gonna have a serious case of 1st/2nd lead indecisiveness on this one.

  90. 90 th em

    But what of the purple shoe?!

    It was given to Jin when he had the pen sifted out of the ball pit, but it was never spoken of again. Did it get thrown out, or will it reappear as evidence that his pen is, in fact, the real pen and that he went to some trouble to retrieve it? Or will it disappear from the plot forever, the only trace left behind being my inexplicable desire to buy an awesome pair of purple sneakers?

    By the way, subs for all 6 episodes of this show are 100% human-edited at http://www.darksmurfsub.com/ as of this afternoon, if anyone still needs ’em. (Look under “The Greatest Love.”) Or you can come over and help translate or edit subs for future episodes, like I got sucked into after somebody posted a link here when this series started. You don’t even have to know Korean to help out if your English grammar & spelling are strong. And let me tell you, you haven’t lived until you’ve spent an hour or so doing a find-and-replace to make all of an episode’s references to chickens consistent…

    • 90.1 th em

      Also, there’s something really Cinderella-ish about that, isn’t there?

      Losing a shoe at the ball (pit)…

      • 90.1.1 Chris

        At some point I hope he gives her the shoe, and when she goes to point it on, the pen is inside. Which of course will lead to looks of adorable confusion, or perhaps annoyance toward one or even both men since both kinda tricked her in order to win her affection…wow these guys are kinda shady…

    • 90.2 Jomo

      I was going to post about this,too.
      Eventually the fact that there are two pens will become known. The purple sneaker for DJ is proof that he is in possession of the legit one even before the props crew cops to finding it.

      I’m really hoping it shows up in a very creative and dramatic way. I don’t even want to guess -just be delighted.

      • 90.2.1 epyc

        Yay, the purple sneaker will turn up in Ep 7, see the photo at http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kz=1086837615

        • th em

          Hooray! I was hoping the shoe would reappear, but I thought they might drag it out to drag out the misunderstanding. I’m excessively happy to hear it’s showing up again so soon!

          Everything about this show makes me excessively happy.

          In fact, if anyone figures out what that little guitar song they play when Dokko’s getting into mischief* is, I will buy it and play it and be excessively happy all the day long.

          *Usually would use another word besides “mischief” for a grown man, but can’t bring myself to do it in this case. I hear it and go, “Oh! Dokko’s Mischief Song!”

          • Kim Yoonmi

            Hong Sisters are phobic of dragging out misunderstandings. Even if they play at it, usually the other character finds out right away and doesn’t play with the “Big resentment” but more of the “I’ll pretend I misunderstand to save you.”

            Is it sad that I can split drama lore that way?

            Get ready for the roller coaster drop… we are about to take a *huge* plunge over into the next hill and it’s going to be a doozy. (I always feel like that in Hong Dramas–even when they recycle elements, I still feel like my heart is coming up into my throat.)

          • th em

            “Hong Sisters are phobic of dragging out misunderstandings.”

            Ah, but the two pens thing is rather like the two necklaces thing in Delightful Girl… And that took for-ev-er to un-misunderstand itself. Or at least it felt that way to me.

            Granted, that Hong Sisters series was also the longest ago. But it’s the one that I watched most recently.

          • Kim Yoonmi

            “Ah, but the two pens thing is rather like the two necklaces thing in Delightful Girl… And that took for-ev-er to un-misunderstand itself. Or at least it felt that way to me.”

            True, but it wasn’t the “Big misunderstanding” of the show, which came much later with the, “I’m leaving you.” Bit. That played out that Choon Hyang thought Mong Ryong was responsible for the whole violent episode, but knew that he wasn’t. So it did twist the “Big” misunderstanding on itself.

            I categorize into “the HUGE misunderstanding” and minor ones. The pen thing is a minor one and also a play at misunderstandings like that in these shows (more meta). The whole pen in the fish food and she refills it, is a funny jab at such things.

            After Choon Hyang, they didn’t play with the big misunderstanding that span 3-4 episodes and you’re banging your head on the keyboard. (See Lie to Me and Baby-faced Beauty for such a thing this season. 6 episodes in Baby-faced Beauty still can’t get past the initial premise–though it has other strong suits.)

            The smoothest ride in terms of pacing was Fantasy Couple. (No dead spots or the dreaded lag). While they do do misunderstandings, it’s not really about character flaws as much anymore, making it much more minor, such as about objects. (Broken hairpin, lost shoe, etc.) For me, that makes it somewhat less annoying. Besides, it really is the episode count–I’ve seen dramas drag out misunderstandings for 14 episodes, resolve it in 15, and you feel dead after that, so by the time you get to 16, you feel like they are all really dumb, dense and stupid. (which K-dramas distinguish between–often in painful ways).

  91. 91 Jo

    I am so excited! I love Pil Joo! GRAAH. If only he was more assertive! More “Gu Ae JUNG! LOOK MY WAY!”
    I feel sad that this nice guy will be left hanging.

  92. 92 Madita

    Does anyone know wether DJ will be part of the Couple Making show?

    I was wondering about the show and after the disaster between DJ an AJ, what will he do to win her back?
    This time he messed it up totally – so she will ignore him totally

    So he has to be a part of the show just to get close to her – correct ?

  93. 93 Hadeel

    “Camellias” shares many narrative features with “Spring, Spring”: the male firstperson narrator, a female character named Chŏmsun whose relationship to the narrator is
    characterized by both interest and a degree of friendly antipathy, the backdrop of middle-man/
    tenant farmer relations, and the humorous tone in which the story unfolds. Here, cock-fighting
    provides the medium for indirect expression of the characters’ feelings. Chŏmsun, the daughter
    of a village middle-man, shows her interest in the narrator in a roundabout way, but the thickskulled narrator fails to register her feelings. Her pride wounded, Chŏmsun begins to take out
    her anger on the narrator’s rooster, but the narrator does not understand that Chŏmsun’s
    harassment is a way of attempting to draw his attention. Chŏmsun then decides to set her
    rooster against the narrator’s as a way of avenging her hurt feelings. Waiting until his house is
    empty, she sneaks into his house to start a cock fight. Her rooster is of a stronger stock and
    always wins against the narrator’s rooster. Finding out what Chŏmsun has been up to, the
    narrator takesChŏmsun’s rooster and locks it up in a cage.
    On his way back from gathering firewood in the mountain, the narrator sees Chŏmsun
    sitting amid camellias in bloom, casually blowing on a reed pipe, in a posture of romantic
    rusticity that presents a direct contrast to the bloody cockfight taking place under her nose.
    Unable to contain his anger any longer, the narrator attacks Chŏmsun’s rooster, unwittingly
    killing it. If his bloody rooster had represented thus far in the story the narrator’s inferior
    position vis-à-vis Chŏmsun, his attack on Chŏmsun’s rooster marks a turning point as he
    adopts an aggressive attitude for the first time in the story. The result of his action, however,
    makes the narrator fear the practical consequences; since Chŏmsun’s father is the middle-man,
    he might take their tenancy away in retaliation. Musing on such disastrous possibilities, the
    narrator breaks into tears. Chŏmsun, her anger mollified at the sight of the narrator’s tears,
    promises to keep the entire episode a secret. An atmosphere of reconciliation is established
    between them as the story draws to an end. Falling together onto the bed of camellias in a
    chance embrace, the two bodies that have been at odds become immersed in nature as one; the
    camellias draw our attention to the complete reconciliation and resolution of all conflict that
    nature promises.

    • 93.1 Jomo

      Thanks for the complete info on this!

  94. 94 lala

    Enjoy this drama very much!

  95. 95 jubilantia

    Hooooooowhee. Pil-joo can treat me anytime. All. Night. Long.

    I like how the Hongs are continuing the theme of the guy being unsure and kind of weak from Gumiho. It’s great that Ae-jung is confident and able to keep Jin on his toes. They are so hilarious.

    So great! I didn’t really know what to expect from this drama, but the surprise has been lovely.

  96. 96 Spring

    It seems like this week this drama is gonna be the new leader of RATING competition…

    i also have read on Hancinema that this drama always break it’s rating in every episode, moreover, “49 days” had ended it last episode. So I guess surely for this week, the rating of this drama is gonna increase significantly…

  97. 97 aquastarr92

    Thanks JB & the other recappers at dramabeans! You guys are really great at what you do. I mean, I READ City Hall & MGIAG & PK before I actually watch them, but yet I can still laugh out loud and cry and stuff.

    I can’t get over how much I love GHJ. She has the face shape of Park Shinhye, cute innocence of Shin Mina, yet she has the originality & maturity & niceness & gah! I just love her. She makes her character really real, which is a great balance to CSW’s over-the-top (but very lovable) Jin & 22-dimensional Seri.

    • 97.1 aquastarr92

      22-dimensional? I meant 22-dimensional.

  98. 98 IbeenJGS


  99. 99 Josina

    I’d given up on recent kdrama for a while (yes, it is possible to wean yourself off the stuff. Invest enough time and suspension of disbelief in watching drivel and wait for the build-up of apoplectic frustration, until you realise the only cure is to just. stop. watching.) but I figured I’d give the recaps of this show a go because JB’s love for the Hong Sisters usually = wickedly funny recaps.

    As for watching while the show was still airing, I wasn’t really convinced (and this is despite a slight CSW fixation which I try not to analyse too much. Yes, he’s shiny. Yes, his hair and cow would look ridiculous on any other grown man. But somehow, it works) because I’m not really a fan of Gong Hyo-jin, (other than Conduct Zero) but she is solid in this and I think perhaps it’s time to revisit Pasta and Thank You.

    I’m glad the show has ‘older’ characters because it means that after a bout of foolishness there is some actual reflection going on, and everyone is refreshingly forthright about their emotions. This does have an adverse effect on the amount of man-brooding in the shower, but hey, can’t win them all.

    So thank you JB, and thank you all you wickedly funny commenters – I am back in the kdrama vortex!

  100. 100 Relly

    “The Greatest Love” Episode 6 English Soft-Sub Subtitles is out.

    URL: http://www.darksmurfsub.com/forum/index.php?%2Ftopic%2F1203-the-greatest-love-2011-coming-soon%2Fpage__pid__13049#entry13049

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