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Car accidents plague drama production
by | July 21, 2011 | 74 Comments

Two wholly unrelated car accidents occurred in close succession this week, but both have an impact on currently-airing drama production. Park Shin-hye, lead actress on MBC’s youth melodrama You’ve Fallen For Me was in a car accident on the 18th along with her staff, and was reported to be unharmed. She received treatment and then returned directly to the set, but quickly felt the aftereffects and had to return to the hospital mid-shoot. Production was halted and Park’s health was announced as the top priority.

What would have been today’s Episode 8 has been pushed back, and it remains to be seen how long her recovery might take. Hopefully she’ll get a clean bill of health and be able to return to set fully recovered, and the drama will only be one episode off-schedule. This show has already been plagued with production woes, so I fear any further setbacks like having go a week or more without its lead actress. Today’s broadcast was replaced by a clip show of the past seven episodes.

And then early this morning, actor Eom Ki-joon got into a car accident as well. His accident doesn’t report any injuries, thankfully, but he blew over a 0.1% blood alcohol content, which means he will be indicted for drunk driving. He reportedly rear-ended a taxi, but neither party suffered injury.

Eom is currently starring as the second lead in upcoming SBS weekend drama Scent of a Woman, which premieres this Saturday. It’s unclear how his accident will affect that drama’s production, which isn’t even out of the gate. I’d hate to see such a highly anticipated drama have to make a sudden left turn days before its premiere.

Can’t we just put our drama actors in little bubbles during production so they can do no harm to themselves or others? Sigh.

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74 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Yuki

    As much as I want to see You’ve Fallen For Me, I wish everything is fine with Shin Hye. And I hope she can have a speedy recovery.

    BTW, when will ep 7 recap be out? I’ve been waiting since last night. Just asking. No pressure…:D

    • 1.1 Yuki

      Hey! We use the same screen name XD

      I think kaede_jun deserves some time off after recapping Romance Town, so give her a little more time~
      I’m sure the recap will be out soon =D

      • 1.1.1 Yuki

        lol >_>

        • Yuki

          Fekk off… <_<

          • Yuki


  2. Sagal

    Man this sucks I was hoping that we would finally get to see the love develop and for shin to get over that teacher !!

  3. JD

    Park Shin Hye, fighting!!!

  4. Jomo

    No kidding on the bubble wrap!

    Every star should have a designated driver throughout production.

    Maybe Kim Nana is available?

    • 4.1 Cynthia

      PSH’s manager was driving for her accident…

    • 4.2 WM

      LOL You made my day with that comment. Seriously, I’m going to smile for hours now, because I’m imagining all these actors calling “Kim Nana”, and sexy City Hunter being all exasperated. Gah, I even hear him saying her name with that irritated inflection!

      • 4.2.1 ladida

        What you just replied made my day! What if that is what happens in the second season? Lol.

  5. maricel

    I hope Shin Hye’s health gets better…i was eager to watch this week’s episodes u.u …but she’s most important so, let’s pray for her and be patient. The other man i don’t know him, but drinking and driving shouldn’t be together…i hope he pays a huge amount for his misdeed >.<, and luckily he's alive…
    i wanna see Hs recaps…however the new writer is not as fast as gf and jb, but equally good XD

    • 5.1 Nesha

      You don’t know him? The teacher from Dream High? He was also in Hero back in 2009? But Dream High is like his biggest role (as far as I know). But he definitely should pay for his misdeeds. I also hope PSH recovers…I really want to see the show but I can wait because her health is more important. PSH, Fighting!

      • 5.1.1 Maricel

        i haven’t watched dream high…it’s in my waiting list, but as almost everybody says is similar to Hs, i’ll finish the latter first…

        • muggledore

          I actually feel DH is better than HS.. but then again I’m a Ssm Dong bias =)
          it should be in your top list for Kdramas if you like random singing and dancing! ahaha!

        • Nesha

          It is a little similar to HS, but I think the only real similarity is the both Suzy and PSH’s characters both end up trying something other than what they knew their whole life. I think they are two very different shows that are both great to watch…but DH has a little more…heart?! (I’m not sure if that is the correct word)…Plus it has KSH, which not very many can deny is the main reason for watching. ;D

  6. Anu

    omg…that’s not gud news….I saw some comments in yt while searching for the 7th ep abt an accident…had no idea what they were talking abt….Hope she gets well soon!!!

    I’ve been waiting 4 d recaps for the whole day……..Khadejun~~lol…take ur time……

    Had no idea that I was this much addicted…;)

  7. Dalena

    I hope she has a speedy recovery 🙂
    I was really hoping for a new episode today
    when will recap number 7 come out?

  8. Thatgirl

    What? You’ve Fallen For Me is already shooting in real time already?!

    • 8.1 ionizable

      that was my reaction!

      • 8.1.1 Arhazivory


    • 8.2 Joo

      From what I’ve read, many changes were made to the script after adding another scriptwriter to the team and having Director Pyo participate in the script writing, so a number of scenes were re-filmed hence the tight schedule and real-time filming.

      Anyway, hope Park Shin-hye is alright! Wasn’t exactly hooked by “You’ve Fallen for me” at first because the writing for the first 5-6 episodes was kind of messy and unfocused but episode 7 looked promising so am starting to look forward to upcoming episodes 🙂

  9. maez

    I’m loving You’ve Fallen For Me. I hate the wait for the new episodes and this does’t make it any easier.

  10. 10 crazedlu

    i second the bubble.

  11. 11 kdramacrazy

    Hope PSH is okay…. dont worry girl get well soon…

  12. 12 Janny

    And this is the reason I think using the seatbelt in the back.rows should be a must-do in South Korea as well. I mean, just saying. It’s there to be used, and it doesn’t hurt to use it.
    We HAVE to in Germany, and I don’t have a problem with it at all.
    Shin Hyyyyye~ ;__; Hope she recovers full and fast.:(( Fully for her, fast for the drama’s and my sake. Cause I’d watch the drama through no matter what, but if it takes a break longer than 6 weeks (okay, if it’d take a break that long they’d probably replace it anyway), I might have moved and then I’ll be without internet acess for quite a while so..>___<
    And Shin Hye just doesn't deserve this, I feel like she's really a good-hearted person, she reminds me of one of the nicest people I've ever met. ( I wasn't particularily close to that person but even with the little contact we had through our club in school she has left a BIG impression on me and has definitely made a difference in my life ;D).
    As for Ki-joon…well, that wasn't much alcohol to begin with, but still, I'm not allowed to drink and drive, and so are korean actors. He should have to face the consequences like everybody else would have to.
    Although I'm kind of worried about the drama, it looked promising. ;__;

    • 12.1 Macel

      the 5 of them in the van had their seatbelts.

    • 12.2 Bee

      That’s 1 promille in German standards… He had more than just a glass of beer. If he had crashed like that in Germany, he’d lose his driver’s licence for a year, and would have to undergo psychologic evaluation afterwards (MPU/Idiotentest) to determine if he will be able to not drive when under influence in the future, ot if another drunk&drive case is to be expected… 😉

  13. 13 Jessica

    I hope PSH gets better the drama is finally getting good. I hope she’s not gone more then a week.

  14. 14 Elina

    0.1% blood alcohol content … that’s what some people have all the time.
    They should test him again later on.

    • 14.1 Dav

      Uh, actually, that’s 3-4 drinks within a fairly short period of time – legal limit in the US is usually .08. Well past the point where someone is impaired.

      • 14.1.1 Elina

        Uhm yeah, I got confused between % and g/L

  15. 15 Hypatia

    Hope she gets well soon!!! so where can i watch ep 7 with eng subtitles… anyone?

    • 15.1 anne

      you can watch it at http://www.dramafever.com ;D
      that’s where i watch all the Heartstrings episodes..^-^
      it was just posted today (7-21-11)
      hope this helped! 😀

  16. 16 Macel

    At this stage, shin hye’s health is top priority. Inasmuchas I love YFFM and wanting it to succeed; Shin Hye’s health is more important for me.

    It is a miracle that she and 4 others are alive with minor injuries.

    You can read it here (http://www.shinhye.org/)
    or you can just google or search youtube to know the wreckage of her van. It was not easy to look at the news coverage and when paramedics came pulling-out each one of them from the van. There was no news at all since the accident until late afternoon yesterday when she twitted and was even sorry of drama’s postponement.

    I hope everyone understands.

  17. 17 danni

    Didn’t realize how obsessed I was with YFFM until the episode was delayed, just when it was getting out of its angst too. Oh well, I’d rather PSH was healthy than for her to film in pain so I hope she gets better soon.

    As for EKJ, he’ll be fine I think as long as he keeps away from the bottle for a while

  18. 18 Pika876

    First thing i screamed was WHYYY??!?!?!? :'(
    Hope PSH gets better soon!!

  19. 19 guest

    Oh dang! I hope she isn’t hurt! And I was hoping to watch episode 8 too! Shooot! Don’t they shoot each episode beforea airing it?

  20. 20 anotheraddict

    According to the above-linked article, PSH’s manager was driving and the accident may well have been caused by her fatigue. Even if it turns out that’s not the cause of this accident, something really needs to be done pronto about the issue of the inhumane schedule that the cast and crew many live-shoot dramas are required to keep. A body can only take so much sleep deprivation before health problems and/or accidents are likely to occur. I’ve been worried about His Hotness and other City Hunter peeps because it sounds like they’re getting 0-3 three hours of sleep a night. There has to be a better way, ‘cuz that just ain’t right.

  21. 21 emilydark

    I’m just glad nobody got hurt but all these accidents…

  22. 22 yume

    this is so sad there’s been a lot of accidents on the road lately T_T

    I miss heartstrings but she comes first so I’ll wait 🙂

  23. 23 girlatsea

    I feel like every week we hear another story of a Korean actor/actress or a Korean idol getting into a car accident.

  24. 24 Kay

    She is the nicest person in the World
    She even apologized to her fans for the delay…
    As much I want the ep 8 NOW, I’d rather her health than anything. Please rest well and get back to us completely healthy

    And I really hope you guys will continue the recaps for HS. It’s getting good and got me all invested again in ep 7.
    Please dont let it go…
    The sub wont come out after a few days… You guys are the only source that I trust
    Pretty please!!!

    Thank you,

  25. 25 rence

    As much as i look forward to YFFM ep 8 last night, shinhye’s health takes priority…seeing the car in total wreck made me thankful that she, along with her companions suffered only minor injuries..however, having experienced such accident is traumatic for her and it will take a while for her to by psychologically well…perhaps, she had bruises all over…poor shinhye….im sure that she is worried because she is in the middle of filming her drama..anyway, as an avid fan of hers, i wish her well and pray that God gives her the strength for her to fully recover…

    SAranghae, shinhye…Take care

  26. 26 oddworld

    Maybe this was an act from god to not have Shin Hye get hurt AND give the writers some time to fix up the plot…

  27. 27 Yer Vang

    Get Better Shin Hye 🙂

  28. 28 Guest

    I am a fan of Park Shin Hye. I am thankful to God that she and 4 of her friends survived this accident.

    On the 18th of July, she twitted wanting to eat rice cooked by her Mom and she planned to sit on top of their roof because it was a beautiful night – that was probably her plan when she arrived home that day. She also posted selca pics of her.

    Hours later, we received news that she had an accident, complete with videos (live news coverage) and photos of the wreckage (from soompi). Although the news said that they only had minor injuries, we could not help but worry because of the magnitude of the wreckage we saw in pictures and video. Then, there were no news at all. Was she really alright?

    A day after, her agency (4Him entertainment) released a statement stating that she and 4 others only had minor injuries (confirmed the statement made earlier by the police) and that she’ll be back to film the drama after a day in the hospital. Then there was silence again – did she really report for work? Honestly, I doubted whether they were telling the truth or not. It was an ordeal!

    Then another news, she’s back at the hospital undergoing another set of treatments. Another ordeal waiting for any news.

    But finally, 21 July late afternoon in Asia, she twitted…and we are grateful! She’s still in the hospital, alive and recuperating.

    We thank everyone for sending encouraging messages to Shin Hye and wishing her well.

  29. 29 Cynthia

    PSH’s accident is unfortunate in more ways than one – I just watched ep. 7 of HS and it was MILES above in quality from the last 4 or 5 eps. The PD and writers FINALLY got rid of 99% of the adult crap/situations/angst and put the focus back where it belongs – on the kids and their dramas and relationships.
    If this is the result of the PD holing up with the writers for a few days, more power to ’em!!
    It was a pleasure to watch – fingers crossed that this is the direction they’ll continue to aim for. I’m back on the bus and happy about it!
    Now lets hope that PSH’s recovery goes well and they get back to filming ASAP. 🙂

  30. 30 sara

    the last episode of You’ve Fallen For Me was epic great but of course having Park Shin-hye recover is more important!

  31. 31 mary


    You mean like Voldemort and his snakey-pet?

  32. 32 cutiepotato

    Park shin hye fighting (づ‎​ ╥ ﹏╥)づ‎

  33. 33 Christy

    Ep 7 is my fave episode so far!

    Get well soon to SHin Hye and her companions!!

  34. 34 Guest

    Just learned that PSH’s MRI and CTscan are negative. Good news!

  35. 35 Amelia Collins

    Awww I so hope she gets better I was wondering what took so long for ep 8 i mean I’m obsessed with this show get well soon please <3

  36. 36 Carinne

    Perfect timing… kaedejun can catch up with this show after her amazing RT recaps just complete.

    Wish PSH a speedy recovery as so her entourage in this accident.

  37. 37 asianromance

    I’m glad PSH’s okay and that the drama production had decided to push back an episode so that she can have a bit of time to get herself checked out and to get a bit of rest.

    As for EKJ- drunk driving is already bad enough but why get involved in it right before his drama airs. That’s pretty inconsiderate towards all those who are working on Scent of a Woman. He’s lucky he didn’t injure anyone or himself! I hope Scent of a Woman does well despite this!

  38. 38 crazedlu

    i love kaedejun recaps, but.. are they gonna be like romance town recaps.. a week later? that would make me very sad. tears.* i didn’t mind waiting for romance town, but i’m kind of in love with you’ve fallen for me.

  39. 39 Arhazivory

    Eom Ki Joon. Whyyyyy? Why did he do that man? Tch.

    I’m glad that PSH is recovering.

  40. 40 Lyna

    am also waiting for the drama recap.. can’t wait to see the drama too.. I hardly had time.. no internet connection too.. life is so hard on me these days. T_T

  41. 41 KimLuvv

    If you want episode 7 recap of heartstrings, here it is.


  42. 42 surreal sapphire

    Get well soon Park Shin Hye!!! We’re all praying for your speedy recovery! Good luck to Heartstrings as well! The story’s getting exciting now and the angst in ep7…i love it! Wishing well for everyone…cast & crew alike! ^0^

  43. 43 Safr0n

    am also waiting for heartstring recap… been abusing the refresh button every chance i get since yesterday morning…

  44. 44 Safr0n

    ooppps, i posted before finish writing…

    and to shin hye, hope she’ll get well soon…

  45. 45 alrightthen

    poor park shin hye. i wish her a speedy recovery.
    but recap, recap where art thou recap?
    if the yffm recaps are going to come in at the rate that the romance town ones did…then i’d rather not have kaedejun do them. that’s a kind of harsh thing to say but half the fun is reading the recap after watching the episode.
    when the recap comes in a week after the actual episode….yeah it get’s kind of irritating

  46. 46 YY

    An accident is one of those unforeseen events that just throw a whole drama production into disarray. Hmm, if PSH need a long rest to recover from the accident fully, what would happen to the plot, I wonder. Will the mopey ballerina take centrestage again?

  47. 47 Stephanie

    Sigh, why are celebs sooo prone to car accidents? I have never heard of a friend or family or classmate get into one before.

  48. 48 Usi

    I started to think streets of South Korea are battle fields.

  49. 49 salma

    I want to ask there is no recap to ep 7 of heartstrings <3

  50. 50 rr

    get well soon shinhye…looking forward for episode 8..and been missing the recap for you’ve fallen for me/heartstrings here in db for epi 7..when will it come out?:((

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