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Go Soo suits up for GQ
by | August 22, 2011 | 46 Comments


Go Soo, why so pretty?

Also, what’s with the random rubbing of self on plants?

…and the business suits worn in the deep dark jungles of…sidewalk foliage? Is he on his way home from work after a 3-cha bender, which explains the dress, the document pouch, and the inability to walk a sidewalk properly? “Oops, stumbled here, might as well stop off for a nap while I’m here in this shrub”?

Potentially-inappropriate-plant-love aside, the actor also known as “Go-vid” (Go Soo + David, as in Michaelangelo’s) is looking mighty nice in September’s GQ magazine.

javabeans: The thing that cracks me up about this GQ shoot is that it’s a GQ shoot… but it’s like they shot it in an hour outside the office. What, did somebody steal your budget for the month? Did that other spread spend way too much on designer labradoodle sweaters and gold-leaf toenail art and leave nothing for the rest of the magazine?

girlfriday: Their budget was one suit, lots of hair gel. No lighting.

javabeans: It’s like some big star backed out at the last minute — Han Ye-seul, is that you? — and Go Soo was like, hey I’m buddies with the guys over there, I’ll just pinch-hit. It’s like when Bryan Williams pops in on the Daily Show when their big star bails last-minute, since he’s in the next-door studio.

girlfriday: Or, they were like, Go Soo’s so pretty, no one looks at the background shit anyway. Let’s just go shoot on the sidewalk.

javabeans: Or…Mr. Junior Photographer is trying to prove he can make art out of anything, even the parking lot?

girlfriday: That’s a distinct possibility.

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46 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. mariolawpanda

    I actually love the leaves wall. Those big shrubs are just too random.

  2. hAil3Y


  3. Banu

    ^__^ so handsome

  4. Christy

    he can lie on a haystack and still look so pretty!!!

    • 4.1 ckdarkraven23

      here!here!! Go Soo!! <3

  5. Violeta

    Of course, Ko Soo is too handsome to pay attention to the background. He would look good anywhere. ♥

  6. LimaKid

    I clicked on this having mistaken the title “Go Soo” for “Gong Yoo” and got super excited because I miss Gong Yoo.

    It’s been a long week guys.

  7. snow

    oh Go Soo… you make plants look good. can you please cameo as myung-wol’s suitor and send kang-woo and ryu into a jealous fit? need brooding shower scenes. thanks!

    • 7.1 martha

      lol. not a bad idea

  8. YY

    I hope he doesn’t get a rash….some of those leaves look nasty. Hm….I suppose that’s why he’s all dressed.

  9. ck1Oz

    Em…GQ spreads usually have expensive clothes.One outfit one hour no change in background.

    JB is right…it sounds pretty lame especially with a mega-won guy.Ergh.

    • 9.1 Carinne

      Maybe there’s just too much blue in those outfits, nothing really POPS, ‘cos most of you didn’t spot 2 suits. He at least changed jacket, shirt, and tie twice.

      He looks haggard, or maybe he’s not getting any in bed. No after glows lately. Keke.

  10. 10 bandaid

    cracks me up whenever you 2 speak your much frank opinions on high fashion. LOL thanks so much, i had a good laugh- a much needed sanity break from all the finance work i’ve been doing for 12 hours straight now. 🙂

  11. 11 MyLayrinth

    LOL, I love your photo captions, and they’re so on the money with this shoot. Even his face has a mucky dirt look or maybe that’s the foundation?

    @LimaKid I miss Gong Yoo too, and I’m guessing girlfriday is too 😉 I’m sure he has this movie out soon but what about another drama? Go on oppa… (*Myung Wol style*)

  12. 12 Ani

    Hmmm, I don’t know what to make of this…. Hmmmm. XD

  13. 13 R3NY

    My honey…^^

  14. 14 shinningmoon

    Sooo Handsome!!! I just look at him and only him :).

  15. 15 Marg

    He is ridiculously handsome, and I certainly wouldn’t mind being that shrub he’s getting to know a lot better, but those are some very poorly conceptualized & executed photos.

  16. 16 Ladymoonstone143

    Looking so good…I hope he will another drama soon….

  17. 17 Noelle

    Was this shot in the parking lot at Dunder Mifflin? Is anyone else seeing the similarities? Or is that like every business parking lot. Seriously, I’m waiting for Dwight Shrute to pop out in camouflage.

    • 17.1 nauna

      Hahaha! Now that you mention it…

  18. 18 Francesca

    Go Soo my favorite ahjussi♥ He doesn’t age!

  19. 19 koreamom

    whos looking at all the leaves? if they are, they are missing the real beauty in those pictures! he can’t hide in them. he’s too pretty!

  20. 20 mina

    lol… i just stare at his face and forget everything else!

  21. 21 ingridine

    OMG …He’s so manly !!! Handsome !!!
    I miss him so much ! (Cha Kang Jin … your Han Ji Wan is a little troubled …)

    Maybe it’s for his futur project : “Tarzan in the city” ! XDDDD

  22. 22 Abbie

    Nice pictures! But yes, weird backgrounds.

  23. 23 Angela

    No matter what KoSoo is my real LOVE..Oppa !! When are you going to do a drama for us. huh??

  24. 24 Cynthia

    Leaves? What leaves?

    I’m too busy concentrating on that open part of his shirt and thinking that if I can just slide my hand in………..


  25. 25 spark67

    The one thing that GQ’s got going for it is Go Soo’s ability to take the attention away from the idiotic background…almost. They should have done away with the trench coat disaster in the last picture and insisted to the designer that the trench coat IS a disaster and should not be worn, designer label or not.

  26. 26 luraaa

    I hate to say it but, I’m having inappropriate ideas on the fourth picture. Either the concept’s intention was him napping or being tired, but it wasn’t what I first thought. Tsk. Things that Go Soo could do to my mind.

  27. 27 Petra

    I am just drooling with all pictures. KOSOO is always handsome in my sight.

  28. 28 lovepoodles

    Pics descriptions —

    #1t pic: pondering what to do next… thinking.. thinking …smelling the subtle scent of the white flower…

    #2 pic: tired of thinking and smelling the flower… could not decide what to do next … humm.. these leaves smell nice too…

    #3 pic: continued his getaway from a persistent ajumma stacker, plowing through the office’s backyard thick folliage; this time took careful steps not to step on another animal shit!

    #4 pic: frustration running high! ajumma stacker not giving up easily, following closeby; ahhh, might as well take a short energy booster nap while hiding behind the folliage.

    #5 pic: humm… still hiding behind this wall of vines … so bored… might as well practice the new kpop dance steps…

    #6h pic: krazy ajumma! need to get out of here… maybe wearing these glasses might work!!

    happy tuesday! ^^

  29. 29 mizweng

    Love HIM!!! don’t care where the shots were taken or what he’s wearing… I’ll take him anyway…but the best way is when he’s NOT wearing anything at all!!! sighs

  30. 30 Juwo

    I was hoping this would be JB/GF convo – the first few paragraphs felt so lonely :P. Thanks for providing a laugh and logical words of wisdom in the crazy world of photoshoots =] (seriously though, who comes up with these sets sometimes?).

  31. 31 Canto

    Sigh… it’s Go Soo, my fave actor. I like manly man… not boys’ boys.

    Now I am jealous of the shrubbery plants… imagine having Go Soo lie on you and crumpled you…

    I like pic #4. Side profile’s great… he looks like he is resting… and stretching… sexy!

    Sigh… how can nature build such a good looking man…?

  32. 32 FunnyBunny

    “Also, what’s with the random rubbing of self on plants?”

    I don’t know why but that line came out sooooo much dirtier in my mind than you meant it!
    Now I will proceed to act like a 12 year old and laugh my ass off ^_^

  33. 33 Virginia

    god he’s so dreamy…those eyes

  34. 34 Aries

    I like him but I’m not feeling any love for the photos -_- The leaves just look too shiny and plasticky to me.

    On a happier note, I got a matching Go Soo header at the top when I clicked into this page!! This must be my lucky day!

  35. 35 Keylye

    It’s a good thing he’s pretty…

  36. 36 Endroine

    Does anyone have a barney stinson suit up gif XD

    nice plants by the way.. bwahaha

  37. 37 ish

    background wut? lighting wut? all I see is the purty

  38. 38 Kayla


  39. 39 emgphils

    I love reading your comments guys! Very entertaining!! It all redounds to one thing – your admiration to Ko Soo!! Awesome guy!!

  40. 40 Joy Luck Club

    He should act in Boys over flower…maybe replace Kim Hyun Joong or the last guy…dunno the name

  41. 41 chaimoon

    Whatever Goo Soo wears, where ever he poses, what ever time of day the shoot is held, he will look stunning, always. Nobody compares!

  42. 42 chaimoon

    Are those leaves for real? They are just fantastic!

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