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Kim Sun-ah and Kim Joo-hyuk in Fighting Spirit
by | August 27, 2011 | 42 Comments

Kim Sun-ah is a busy girl these days, with her drama Scent of a Woman airing on weekends, and a film due out in the fall. Here’s a look at her upcoming baseball film Fighting Spirit, where she plays the wife of a major league pitcher played by Kim Joo-hyuk. It’s described as a warm human comedy about a man who realizes that in struggling to keep his baseball career alive, he lost something more important — his family.

Kim Joo-hyuk plays a major league pitcher for the Lotte Giants, a team based in Busan and known for their stellar audience attendance — I only know this because the 1 Night 2 Days boys went to a game once in an episode, and it was a crazy sight. It seems that everyone, and I mean EVERYONE in Busan goes to baseball games. All of them. They have a song for every player, a dance for every inning, a cheer for every occasion, and everyone is in perfect step, because they just all go to every game. It’s kind of cool. It reminds me of how small American towns are about high school football, only on a massive city-wide scale.

So anyway Kim Joo-hyuk plays a hotshot pitcher who rises fast, but then falls into a slump and ends up second string and in a hateful spiral, ripping up his family in his self-destruction. The film is the story of how he fights to get back in the game and regain the love of his family. It looks like a heartwarming good time, and Kim Sun-ah’s Busan accent sounds damn good. Yay for all the underdog movies due out this fall. I think I’ll watch this and Champ in a double header. (!!!!! I just made a baseball reference!)

Fighting Spirit premieres September 29.

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42 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Ace

    The kids are so cute!!!

  2. snow

    so adorable. kim sun ah and kim joo hyuk look great together!

  3. sup super supper

    They look like a well-matched pair, and the kids are adorable–could this prove to be a baseball movie I will actually enjoy watching?

    • 3.1 zsa

      i love kim sun ah in anything…i’m just biased. Ever since kim sam soon, she’s just the most beautiful and talented actress to me…hahaha

      • 3.1.1 Dux

        You spoke my mind! But my fav Sun Ah drama is still City Hall

        • rose

          yes she the best in city hall m and any man pair to her match her , but still city hall is like you want also that love hehehe

      • 3.1.2 Buffy

        Same here..i will buy every cd tat she acted on hehehe…love her

        • Siska

          Love her..I watch everything she did..

  4. yakno

    ksa looks greeat

  5. Daniela

    It looks good. But If i want to watch it, I’ll have to wait.

    Does anyone know where I can watch korean Movies? I know I can in Dramacrazy, but i couldnt find “Glove” (I think thats its name) in there.

    I want to see Kim-Sun ah as a mom

    • 5.1 Linzer

      Do you want downloads or streaming? Dramacrazy is the best for streaming or mysoju. I use or for downloads. 😀 Hope it helps!

  6. aceyyy

    awww kim sun ah just keeps getting awesomer. she looks amazing!

  7. Eeefu

    My dream cast!

  8. Linzer

    Looks so good!! That music and watching it gave me goosebumps!!! Anyone know the song?

    • 8.1 Modoga

      I finally freaking found it! It’s called “The Choirs” by Verona Grove:

      • 8.1.1 nnaiy


  9. Chocovgsy

    yay so excited!

  10. 10 maria green

    WAITING PART IS KILLING ME, when will it be out, then subbed , then on the internett, lol great cast, kim sun ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hihi

    • 10.1 koreamom

      i know huh! its hard to wait for movies to be subbed!

  11. 11 Alex

    That shopping-bag-hat is the awesomest thing I have ever seen.

  12. 12 Jomo

    I don’t know him, but he has a great face.

    The only problem I find with watching K films is you watch you watch you like you like, then suddenly, it’s OVER!

    After being able to watch a Gong Yoo, for example, for 16+ hours, it’s sad to only be able to see him for two.

    • 12.1 leonardswench

      Get thee to LOVERS IN PRAGUE (not to be confused with ANY other part of the LOVERS trilogy), and enjoy Kim Joo Hyuk as an everday policeman who happens to fall in love with the President’s daughter (admitttedly, she falls in love first!). Also, if you have time, I highly recommend My Wife is Married. It is a thinker’s movie.

      • 12.1.1 anotheraddict

        I loved KJH in Lovers in Prague! Which is not to say that I loved Lovers in Prague…. but that’s because me no likey uber-melodramatic and twisted second-lead stories. However, the OTP and their story are delightful– they’re sweet and level-headed and are one of my sentimental favorites. If I ever watch it again, I’m gonna skip everything but the OTP’s scenes.

        And KSA~ you go, girl! What a great actress– I’m looking forward to hearing more of the cute Busan accent.

        Speaking of cute, love GF’s excitement over her big accomplishment: “!!!!! I just made a baseball reference!” *clap clap*

      • 12.1.2 mardie

        i got the original set of vcd of LOVERS IN PRAGUE, and thats when i fell in love!! my mom absolutely adore jeon do yeon, i luuuurrrve Kim Joo Hyuk, and the second male lead is a wet blanket. i definitely recommend Lovers in Prague…. owh the songs..

  13. 13 samsooki

    I love KSA!

    Women in baseball uni’s – sexy. =)

    • 13.1 Carinne

      Oh samsooki! ^ , ^ Women in any couture fit uniform look sexy, and love or admiration travels both ways, men in uni’s – purrrrrrrrrrr. Especially military kind, preferably Dress Blues (Semper fi! Oorah!!).

      Love it’s trailer. Love the English song insert. Anyone have a clue title and artist being used?

  14. 14 AuntieMame

    HAHAHAHA … I just figured out what they’re wearing on their heads in that stadium scene!

    And, it works! I just tried it. (Don’t ask me why . . . )

  15. 15 leonardswench

    Not only did you make a baseball reference, you actually used it correctly! TWO WOOTS!!!!

    Okay, I’ve been waiting and waiting …. this is like a dream pairing for me with Kim Sunah and Ki Joohyuk, so color me happy and waiting (impatiently) on the wrong side of both ponds!!!

  16. 16 mcjayjay

    omg SUCH a cute trailer!! im am so looking forward to this!

  17. 17 Ani

    The kids in the poster look uber cute!!! Another one to add to the To Watch List. XD

  18. 18 celest1al

    Ahh I really love Kim Joo-hyuk! I’ve always been a fan. He’s just so likeable. I am not interested in baseball, but I like him and Kim Sun-ah, so I’ll probably check this out. They look great together!

  19. 19 So3

    I know nothing about baseball. But i’ll watch it just to hear Sun Ah onni speak that cute “Oppa” line 🙂
    (I have never heard her saying Oppa in any of her dramas, if I remember correctly)

    Why does KSA look good together with basically any male actor??? She looks good in the trailer and love love love the posters!! This will be my cure to withdrawal symptoms after finishing Scent of a Woman.

  20. 20 destinystar

    does anyone know the name of the song played in the trailer?

    • 20.1 olsen

      I was just going to ask that!

      Yes, could somebody please tell us?

  21. 21 jastinel

    Oh YES, I`ve been waiting for this movie, good thing she also accepted Scent of a woman drama, before I can hold a copy of this movie, this is her come back after Girl Scout and I`m so happy that this year she gave her fans so many GIFTS, drama, movie and CF.

    Love You Suna…fighting!

  22. 22 sulyn

    Just love this remarkable and incredible actress, KSA.
    She chose a different role this time. All the very best
    to her and hope that this movie will be a great success.

  23. 23 Elle

    Oh GOD i love this woman…
    fell in love with her in My Name is Kim sam sson
    Scent of A woman has shown jus how great an actress she is…

  24. 24 Verónica

    Ahhhh Suna, my Asian girl crush!!! Can she be any more awesome??? She deserves an Oscar and universal recognition!!! 🙂

  25. 25 MeeisLee

    KIM SUN AH! I will watch anything with you! I’m renting City Hall from the library (I so surprised they had a decent array of K-Drama DVDs to Borrow! But beware, the late fees are incredibly high! $6 a day or $3 a day iirc!) and watching Scent of a Woman. Kim Sam Soon in next on my list, especially with those samsooki recaps ;).

    The plastic bag hats in the photo looks so cool and cute. I going to make one when I watch this drama :).

    Good job with the baseball lingo, I didn’t understand so I had to ask my dad what it meant :).

  26. 26 omo

    Must watch!

  27. 27 Icestreak

    Does anyone know the name of the song they used in the trailer?

  28. 28 Memgyfan

    KSA again, so great. I will wait for hers forever

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