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Kim Sun-ah quits I Am Legend
by | May 6, 2010 | 75 Comments

Bummer. Kim Sun-ah is dropping SBS’s I Am Legend, the drama that was to star her as a woman who reinvents herself as a rock band singer after going through a divorce with her high-flying lawyer husband.

A source with the SBS drama department stated on May 7 that Kim left the project due to “issues with production conditions,” which means that the drama will now lose its May premiere slot and be pushed back to August. This explains the conflicting reports I’d been reading yesterday about the return of Bad Guy, which was originally scheduled in I Am Legend‘s slot and had been pushed back to make room for it. (A few reports came out yesterday saying it would premiere in August, while another stated that it would take back its spot from I Am Legend, which was having production problems.)

I Am Legend has already cast the rest of its female leads, though we’d never heard who would be playing the male lead. Jang Shin-young, Hong Ji-min, and Juni had been signed on to play the other three members of the ajumma band, but the drama will be starting casting over afresh. It will premiere on August 2, to air Mondays and Tuesdays after Coffee House.

This means Kim Nam-gil‘s Bad Guy will be moved up to follow Prosecutor Princess on Wednesdays and Thursdays later this month. This shouldn’t affect their production schedule, as they have been filming well in advance. And that’s a silver lining; despite looking forward to Kim Sun-ah in I Am Legend, I’ve been intrigued about Bad Guy and thought it was a shame it had been bypassed by the station.



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75 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. xylophonic

    That is a shame. But since they are casting all over again it maybe wouldn’t have made that much of a difference whether she dropped it herself or not?

  2. starletbang

    I wasn’t honestly too excited about this drama ever because I knew they didn’t have a male lead confirmed!
    I love Kim Sun Ah and I hope she chooses a drama that sounds more interesting! The story itself wasn’t too appealing to me but maybe it’s cuz I’m a little shallow and I can’t relate to the storyline in any ways. (I’m 18 and don’t want to be a rockstar!)
    I do hope that Kim Nam Gil’s drama gets moved up.
    I want him to watch his own project before he gets enlisted!

  3. Nhu

    *cries* Man, I miss Kim Sun-ah. I just rewatched MNIKSS and her honest poignant portrayal of Sam Soon gets me every time. i never got around to City Hall so thought I could follow I am Legend (because when I start finished dramas… I. Have. To. Finish. Marathon addictions are very bad….) Guess not. Hope she’ll try something else soon.

  4. supah

    OMG! My prayers have been answered!
    Say it is so! Kim! Nam! Gil!

    Now I’m hoping Prosecutors Princess’ disturbingly dark turn will be a short-lived one, and it hurriedly gets back to fun mode, that way it’ll balance things out before Bad Guy.

    Wheee! So happy!

    Sorry about KSA and I am Legend though guys.

  5. erectus

    kim sun ah finally woke up and realized it was a mistake to take the role. but what if this drama rocks then?! was there a drama turned to be a hit that was dropped by an actor/actress?

    i do prefer Bad Guy though.. ive been preparing myself for a melodrama by watching trendies these days and tried to ignore melodramas just for BAD GUY! com’on! let’s do this!

  6. oh! tht! chick!

    well well this is an awesomely bummy way to start a friday :( i fall under the starletbang category of having watched mnikss but not city hall but hoping to follow up with i am legend!!! and it sounded so intriguing the idea of an ahjumma band headed by my fav chubby chep…..oh well maybe this is the kdrama god’s way of sayin go.watch.city hall.u. procrastinating.fool sigh sigh

  7. ernie

    D: I’ve been dying to see Kim Sun Ah on TV again… noeeesssssss :(

  8. dannaluk

    YESSSSS…ive been waiting for bad guy..on a more sober note…damn!.. im gonna be swamped with dramas…idk abt i am legend..i wasnt really planning on watching it anyways…hope it gets a good lead soon enough

  9. Lady of Spice

    I was soo happy when I heard about I am Legend because I LOVE Kim Sun-Ah. Now I am really bummed. I hope that Bad Guy makes up for it and turns out to be a great drama.

  10. 10 sl

    awwww… i wanted to see her back on TV! i love kim sunah!!!

    oh well. i hope she picks something new soon!

  11. 11 Annie

    i like Kim Sun Ah…..
    was hoping she take this role.
    but she looks so different in that picture

  12. 12 mememomo

    It’s a shame! Love KSA and would have love to see her rocking it. Hope she picks a new project soon.

  13. 13 mimi

    I wonder what the “production conditions” were that made her leave. –She looks good in that photo.

  14. 14 Kelela

    Well, I am disappointed we won’t see Kim Sun-ah sooner on screen, but i am happy that she’s strong enough to quit a series over “issues with production conditions.” i feel like a lot of actors do not have that ability.

    In any case, I will wait for whatever is next for her and I’m excited for “Bad Guy” as well.

  15. 15 natureii

    Buuuu about Kim Sun Ah
    but YEYYYYYYYYYYYY for Kim Nam Gil!!!!

    Ill get to watch him on may, im looking
    forward to Bad Guy..

  16. 16 krnkimbap

    Wow, I just commented on your blog today saying how sad I was that Bad Guy was pushed back, but now I happily eat my words!!! Woo hoo~ Just in time for summer vacation… :)

  17. 17 ilovekimchee

    NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! tear :(

  18. 18 Muffin

    I’m actually quite bummed. *pouty face*

  19. 19 faye

    wednesday and thursday nights are going to be hotter with Kang Ji hwan and Kim Nam Gil… Both are superb actors with their deadly smile… But i love Kang Ji Hwan so much so I’m going to watch Coffee House…

  20. 20 Sakura

    Well who knows she might get the chance to act in Runaway with Rain,
    awaiting for Bad Guy !!

  21. 21 Cam

    Noooooo……………Kim Sun-Ah — ooh, jeez! I can’t believe that she just dropped out
    of incoming drama but I thought it’s pretty awesome for her to act like “rocker” with these casts, yeaa!

    Ooh, darn, I hope the other new drama “Bad Guy” will turn to be great drama that it will happen, hmm! (grins)

  22. 22 RunLolaRun

    This is good and bad. The good is now I don’t have to wait so long to watch ‘Bad Guy’. The bad is that I was really looking forward to seeing KSA in the rock star role. Can’t win them all.

  23. 23 sueyip

    How disappointing! I was looking forward to see Kim Sun Ah in a drama again.
    What will her next project be? Really miss this really talented actress.

  24. 24 holly

    Aw shucks, here I was hoping to finally get my fix of Kim Sun Ah.

    Please come back soon, Sun Ah!!!!

  25. 25 danni

    Darn, I was really hoping to see Kim Sun-ah in a drama soon. On the other hand, I’m really glad that Bad Guy is airing in May like it was supposed to do to. Coffee House and now Bad Guy too, this month is starting to look better and better.

  26. 26 Pully

    Bad news: We lost Kim Suh-Ah
    Good news: We got Kim Nam-Gil

    Well, I really don’t mind either way.

  27. 27 strawhatz

    yay….i was so bummed when i first heard that bad guy would start in august, but now i’m really glad it got its original timeslot back….been waiting for it….too bad that KSA quits though…i was actually looking forward to her rock star ahjumma

  28. 28 Tarits

    This is sad news. We were all excited and eagerly anticipating the drama. Suna surely must have a very good reason for dropping out. Sad. I hope a new project comes along soon. It would have been exciting to see her in a band. We can only respect and support her decision, though heartbreaking for us.

  29. 29 pabo ceo reom

    Disappointed. Seemed like a drama where I thought Kim Sun-ah would shine. I didn’t like her that much in City Hall…..*runs away*

  30. 30 wlst

    AWW shucks! i was so looking forward to see KSA after her splendid turn in CIty Hall last year. :(

    Hope she picks another new drama to work on soon. and without KSA, i am not sure whether i will look forward to this drama anymore… sighs…

  31. 31 pinklover

    That’s too bad. I was really looking forward to see this drama. It felt like Kim Sun Ah was so perfect for the role. Hopefully it will still push through.

  32. 32 cingdoc

    While I was looking forward to see KSA back in a drama, this is actually ok with me. Sometimes,it’s better to back out of a drama (*cough* WIAN…arghhhh), and not stay on it physically only(and thus delivered a lackluster performance).
    KSA,don’t worry, your fan will wait for ya…

  33. 33 Shirls

    this sucks… I was hoping to see Sunah back on tv again :( I hope she chooses another project soon~

  34. 34 animedork101

    NOOOOOO! I was honestly looking forward to I AM Legend. GAH! I’m not an over the moon fan with Kim Sun-ah, but I’m still a fan. I have come to love these ajumma dramas. Oh well, let’s see who will be up next to take up the bat…. or mic in this case.

  35. 35 cecee

    @29 you know, there are alot of people who did not care for City Hall so its cool.

    But I for one, absolutely adored City Hall! It was slow at first but it picks up momentum really quickly. All the cast members were great. KSA and CSW were great together! I simply adored them!

    I am looking forward to her next project! BTW that is a great picture of her JB. Kudos! lols

  36. 36 annieee

    poopie!! i miss sun ah ssi. hopefully she’ll be back soon in another project!

  37. 37 strawberryfieldsforever

    awww…i thought i’d see her soon on TV again :( and wow, she looks really pretty in that picture!

  38. 38 Icarusfalls


  39. 39 Piper

    This is disappointing. But on the bright side, we’ll get to see Bad Guy sooner. Yay for that!

  40. 40 eclipse

    I`m sorry to all of you KSA fans… BUT, i`m in heaven!! Yeyyyy!!! KIM.. NAM… GIL!!!!

  41. 41 aX


    Well I hope that the PDs agrees to whatever it is that she wants because I was really anticipating this!!! Well if not this, maybe she’ll star with her good friend, Bi Rain’s new romantic comedy, ‘Fugitive’ instead. Then again, I’m also hoping that it’s Jeon Ji Hyun instead…

  42. 42 yesohyes

    Oh my god! So glad that Bad Guy is back on May. I can’t wait to see Han Ga In and Kim Nam Gil on the small screen. Them two are awesome in each their own ways. Han Ga In is such a beautiful girl who’s married to a very gorgeous actor too–my biased–i love YJH. Oh YES!

  43. 43 whateva

    Argggghhhhh….I want to see Kim Sun Ah.
    i hope she chooses her next project and announce it soon.
    missing her :(

  44. 44 etee7114

    Somehow I’m not surprised by this piece of news. The sloooooww casting news was surely an indicative sign on where this production was heading. Anyway, KSA fighting!!

  45. 45 ruthie

    sux! its on my to watch list! oh wells…we’ll just Hope she’ll be on another drama SOON!

  46. 46 jastinel

    I`am a legend sounds like a great drama, I was excited about KSA being a rock star, it`s been my dream to see her perform, but with all the problems about the production, I`m happy that KSA quits from this project. I`m sad that I have to wait for months again before I can watch her, but I will support her all the way!
    Love you KSA!

    Thank`s guys for all the good words you`ve written about KSA, You know how KSA fans feels (Very sad and disappointed) I`m happy for the Bag Guy drama fans. I hope you enjoy that drama!

  47. 47 shin mi rae

    im sorry coz we wont be watching KSA soon…. but i was really afraid for her in this drama. it does sound shallow. i was hoping for something strong and serious for her… something she have never done before. her acting in citihall is indeed very very good.. i hope that her next project will continue to show her acting prowess… i wonder if she can pull off a sageuk…

    im sort of hoping KSA will get sumire in kimi wa petto.

  48. 48 rambutan

    I hope she joins Rain. That’s my dream team. Drama is a spy series, and KSA would be splendid in it.

  49. 49 shin mi rae

    @48 rambutan

    that sounds good too. i just want to see her bloom… like in a mishil role coz i bet KSA can pull that off….

  50. 50 lettle

    Oh Man!!! Damn, Damn Damn! I was soooooooo looking forward to Kim Sun Ah in this! :-( (Cries bitter tears sniff, sniff)
    But looking on the bright side I am glad they pushed up Bad Guy! I do loves me some Kim Nam Gil!(Sexy Hottness personified)

  51. 51 epyc

    Bad news and good news at the same time, indeed!

    I do look forward to I am Legend because it reminds me of the Jang Geuk-suk movie The Happy Life about a group of 40-something mid-life crisis men re-group as a band (with JGS being the son of a passed away member). Who would be better than Kim Sun-ah to rock a band? Her tango dance and Sorry Sorry routine in City Hall are simply superb….. Oh well, let’s hope she will have a better project SOON.

    The good news is we can have Bad Guy earlier. What a busy drama year but I am not complaining AT ALL?

  52. 52 Lupita311

    I am really bum about it. I miss KSA and I am Legend sounded really good but I guess I will wait for her next project. I wanted to watch Bad Guy too but not at this price…Oh well that’s life. Let’s support Suna in her new project whatever it is because she is so talented that any other drama would benefit from having her in it. I guess I go back to reruns of City Hall and Kim Sam Soon for now.

  53. 53 lovedramas

    Wow – another actor drops a drama? Production teams – get it together hehe… anyhow, if she decided to drop it, then it must have been for good reason so even though I won’t get to see her in it, I hope she picks up something else really great to replace it. Fighting KSA!

  54. 54 tacotico

    Wow, I don’t know what these “production conditions” are, but when you have Kim Sun-ah inked as your lead actress, you need to dance as closely as is possible to her tune. Good luck to those who are still on board. I hope things work out well for everyone concerned…

  55. 55 kim bum

    elated that I am Legend got pushed back for August. More interested in Bad Guy
    coming series. Thank you.

  56. 56 Terri

    Aw. I LOVE Kim Sun-ah and I’m really bummed out now that she has dropped this project. I wanted to see her in a drama again very soon. Sigh.

    On the other hand, I’m with the people here who think Kim Sun-ah would be GREAT to star in Runaway with Rain. I think they would make a great team. At least there seems to be some kind of chemistry between her and Rain, don’t you think? I noticed it when they danced together in one of his comeback concerts. Did anybody else notice that, or was it just me? Lol.

    Still, I did like the idea of Jeon Ji Hyun in Runaway too. But I hear they are still trying to work through her scheduling conflicts. Does anybody know whether she has worked all that out?

    Ah, drama gods, please please hear me…Kim Sun-ah in Runaway. Kim Sun-ah in Runaway. Kim Sun-ah in Runaway.

  57. 57 bing bong

    I guess Lee Da Hae is not the only quitter in Korean dramas, other stars quit too when they smell a bomb. At least LDH gave EOE a chance and then left.

  58. 58 belleza

    POOR BIDAM!!! :( :( :(

    Kim Nam-Gil recently suffered hernia and needs surgery. Because Bad Guy is being moved back to June, he won’t be able to have that surgery. Oh This Belleza weeps, weeps for The Sexiest Book Reader By The Window in the history of K-drama!! :( :( :(

  59. 59 Basuha

    I’m sad she not doing this drama because she one of my favorite actress, but I’m more impress with the fact she cancel before production. What Lee Da Hee did was a lack of respect, she should have pulled up her bra strap and completed East Of Eden instead of acting like some spoiled Divia!!!!!!

  60. 60 ms kim

    Here comes those LDH anti’s at it again.

  61. 61 javabeans

    Siiiiigh, I know. Although I do think they were provoked by the dig at KSA, which was rather unwarranted. There’s a difference between quitting before filming begins and quitting mid-broadcast.

  62. 62 momosan

    @58 belleza

    ALAS! OTOH, at this rate, he’s going to join K!R!W! as one of the sexiest librarians in Korean, because ain’t no way he’s passing an army physical with a recently repaired hernia, plus a knee that was pretty well reconstructed some years ago.

  63. 63 alodia

    a bummer indeed!
    but i think it’s better quitting as early as now than waiting indefinitely and ended up being sued by the production company (ehem *thursday’s child* ehem). I, in fact, admire and respect her decision.

    @shin mi rae
    i’m hoping to see her in a sageuk drama one of these days…

    @Sakura, aX and rambutan
    being paired with Rain is a great idea!

    @ Terri
    nope, you’re not the only one. most ksa fans think they look cool together after they did Me.Rain.Dance 2 years ago. i’m with you! Kim Sun-ah in Runaway!!
    But she’ll be doing her movie soon… so let’s just wait and see what happens next.

  64. 64 shin mi rae

    what movie????
    k-movie gods, let it be kimi wa petto… (KSA and JGS!!!) why am i the only one who can see this?????? very sad face ;(

  65. 65 Aisu

    Ganbatte ne Sunah unnie…You lost 1 but gain 10000 even a million projects 😀 great isn’t?!!!

    we all of u’r fans write down to support and love u here….
    every project u’re on it we’ll always waiting, can’t bear to see u on drama & Movie again….fighting!!!!

  66. 66 alodia

    @64 Shin Mi Rae,
    Kim Sun Ah actually announced during her fanmeeting in Japan last February that her next project is gonna be a movie. But she did not disclose any other information. We were actually waiting for that said movie (while keeping fingers crossed for Athena hehe), when we were surprised with the sudden announcement about a new drama – I Am Legend last month. Based on some news yesterday and today, one of the reasons why Suna quit the drama was due to conflicting schedule with the movie… so i’m assuming that the movie will still push though… i hope

  67. 67 Lacus

    I’m disappointed that she dropped out. Was looking forward to see Kim Sun Ah in another drama. I hope she has another project in the works that we will get to see her in.

    Thanks for bringing us the news, javabeans!

  68. 68 jastinel

    I hope KSA will join Run away/Fugitive, if it will be offered to her. I want another drama, I realized it will be a long wait before I can watch KSA movie in DVD. Not like if she will do a drama, i can watch it on line and Dl the episode.
    Angels in heaven hear me out…please, it should be another drama for KSA, LOL!
    But my undying wish is for her to join Athena…hehehe! (Possible if God`s will and destine to happen)

    • 68.1 gee

      i agree with you…thanks for the video about Kim Sun Ah…I’ve been watching it anyway…

  69. 69 whateva

    @shin mi rae
    actually i like the thought of KSA pairing with JGS as well in kimi wa petto… don’t be sad okie :)

    i also hope that her schedule will permit her to be in a drama with Rain coz they do have mad chemistry together..

  70. 70 yazzie19

    @whateva now her schedule seems to be free i also hope her next drama is with rain.. (cross fingers) by the way i’ve downloaded rain’s concert (the one with KSA) but i cant seem to find an english subs for it.. anyone knows where can i download it?

  71. 71 Tsunami

    Kim Sun Ah please back on TV again……I really miss ur acting!!!

  72. 72 NY

    The drama ‘I am legend’ rocks!! and its her loss that she have not taken the role.. And when I searched for some other drama some time ago (don’t even remember which one) I found the info that KSA was also suppose to be there, but dropped the project. It looks like she does it quite often..

  73. 73 gee

    ow…I feel bad about it because.. I miss Kim Sun Ah..I feel that she’s the best to play on that role but she might even decide for the best…I’m still counting on Kim Sun Ah..waiting for her new drama..I Also Watch her Drama MniKsS almost a month ago..looking for Eng Sub..And at least it make me feel better now….I LOVE YOU KSA….Kamsamida…Take care a lot ha..hope you’ll get married too.hehehehe..i feel bad if your alone..

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