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The Musical: Episode 6
by | October 14, 2011 | 73 Comments

Oh my God Ok Joo Hyun is sexy.

To be frank, I didn’t like this episode as much. For one thing, we’re still stuck at the retreat. It must be an insanely long night for all those characters, because people just keep talking and talking, and daylight never comes. However! If you like Yoo Jin (like meeeee) then you’ll appreciate this episode for his character’s revelations. And there’s a crap-ton full of Meaningful Glances all around.


“My Man” (내 남자는) – Beige from The Musical OST Part 2 [download]

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It is Eun Bi who reaches Ra Kyung first, and she helps tamp down the flames. Immediately, she goes into “doctor mode” and ties a piece of fabric around Ra Kyung’s burnt arm. Yoo Jin reaches them when Eun Bi and Joon Hyuk are pulling his girlfriend up to her feet, and they rush back to her room.

Eun Bi quickly douses Ra Kyung’s arm in ice cold water, and she thanks Joon Hyuk for carrying her over. Though Eun Bi has managed to help the swelling, they need to head over to the hospital immediately. She orders Joon Hyuk to get the car, Sang Won to get ointment, and Gu Jak to get towel and ice. Her efficiency and no-nonsense manner impresses both Jae Hee and Yoo Jin.

Jae Hee sends Yoo Jin, Ra Kyung, Joon Hyuk, and Eun Bi off in the car, and immediately Kang Hee pounces. It’s a shame that Ra Kyung got hurt… by the way can he come up to her room to discuss the songs? He doesn’t want to, but she pressures him into it, saying that they’re just discussing as actress and songwriter. Little does she realize Sang Won just witnessed this entire exchange. It makes him uncomfortable that Kang Hee could very well be cheating on him again right in front of him.

So while Jae Hee wants to bring Gu Jak along for this meeting as a buffer, Sang Won also seeks out Gu Jak to “get to know him better.” He listens to Gu Jak’s crazy stories about the military in an attempt to forget that Kang Hee and Jae Hee are meeting up in his room.

At the hospital, they bump into one of Eun Bi’s sunbaes, who’s still skeptical that she gave up a promising career in medicine for musicals. He prods Yoo Jin to fire her if she’s less than stellar; that way the medical field might be able to regain a bright star. Ha – wrong person to say something like that to, because he very well could!

The doctor advises everyone to let Ra Kyung rest for now. Yoo Jin grasps his girlfriend’s hand briefly and assures her he’ll be waiting outside. Joon Hyuk is the last to leave, and he helps wind down the back of her bed so that she may rest better. He notices her burnt sweater, and heads out to purchase another. Actions speak louder than words!

Eun Bi and Yoo Jin sit outside in the hall, and he comments that she must have been a smart girl to have done one year of med school and yet reach a residency level. Eun Bi laughs nervously, embarrassed but not denying it either. Her sole motivation to being a doctor was helping her grandmother. Although her grandmother’s lungs aren’t the best, she’s still energetic, and Eun Bi zestily describes how her grandmother drove like a madwoman to get Eun Bi on the train with Jae Hee.

Place Granny in front of a computer with a virus, though, and she won’t know what to do. She would need Jin Young to help for that.

Yoo Jin catches on that Eun Bi doesn’t seem to have a mother, and she admits that her mother left the family when she was very young. She doesn’t hate her mom for it, and reasons that her mother must have had a very good reason for abandoning the family.

It’s a little different from how Yoo Jin feels. Confession time! He isn’t on the best terms with his father, as Jin Young had decided to leave the family business before Yoo Jin even finished school. Grandfather was uber-pissed that Jin Young practically abandoned thousands of lives in the company who looked to him for guidance. He promises that Yoo Jin’s education would be paid for, and he’d have a job in the company, if Yoo Jin promises to stay by his side. And – he can’t see his dad anymore.

And would you look at that – both find out their families live in Daegu. Eun Bi asks if he could just visit his parents in secret and then lie to his Grandfather about it. Yoo Jin: “Like what you do in taking a leave of absence from school and lying to your parents about it?”

They share a good laugh, and it’s this newfound chummy attitude that Ra Kyung catches them in as she walks out of the ER. Ah – but never fear! There’s still one person who’s thinking of you and your injury: Joon Hyuk returns with a red sweater to help cover the hole in her sweater. But Ra Kyung is too caught up in catching the softer smiles that Eun Bi and Yoo Jin now share.

Meanwhile Jae Hee tries to talk all business with Kang Hee. However, she starts getting close and reminds him of their dream of working together on a musical. He didn’t forget, but he believes she left him first. She chose her marriage over him and musicals, and that’s why he left for the States. The immediacy of how he puts the blame on her suggests that that is how he copes with her betrayal, and what helps him move on from her.

Kang Hee wants everything though – and she sidles up to him, saying she never left him. She practically insists that it’s impossible for him to have already forgotten her, and goes right in his face, about to kiss him. Jae Hee backs off; he’s moved on. He knows he can move on. Atta boy, Jae Hee!

A little flustered, he leaves the room quickly, and rushes past Sang Won, who’s heading to the room with coffee. When Sang Won enters the room, Kang Hee is nowhere in sight, and Jae Hee’s laptop is left on the sofa. He imagines that the two of them were making out (thus forgetting work), and when he sees Kang Hee come in from the balcony and leave brusquely, it only confirms his fears.

Poor guy – I don’t blame him for thinking it, even though it’s not true. He makes a call to a Frank in the States. He wants to acquire the rights to the musical “Count Monte” (which I’m going to assume has to do with “The Count of Monte Cristo”).

Kang Hee calls up Eun Bi first to check up on her and Ra Kyung, and asks to meet. She’s on the phone for a while in the car, so Joon Hyuk gently chides her for being on a call with everyone else just sitting there in the car. So when Jae Hee calls her up, she quickly hangs up on him. He texts her instead, wanting to meet her as soon as she comes back.

However, Kang Hee gets to Eun Bi first. Ohs Wells. We finally get to the heart of the matter – Kang Hee wants Eun Bi out.

When Kang Hee was engaged, Jae Hee came into her life, and swept her up with his passion and intensity. She very nearly gave up everything to be with him, as she was his muse… very much like how Eun Bi is his muse now. Sang Won stopped her from leaving, but she still loves Jae Hee. Right now, Jae Hee’s using Eun Bi as the buffer between them so that the two will never get back together. So Kang Hee asks that Eun Bi step aside; the two gals can be great mentor-mentees to each other, and Jae Hee and Eun Bi can be a great musical team. But in terms of love, she wants Eun Bi far away from their personal lives.

Not like Eun Bi was really planning on getting between them, but now that Kang Hee has planted the thought in her head, Eun Bi can’t help but get muddled in it.

So during the final party (because this night is just. so. long!) Eun Bi does her best to avoid Jae Hee, leaving when he arrives and never looking at him in the eye. Yoo Jin watches this “dance” from afar, and Ra Kyung watches Yoo Jin watching that dance. ROUND OF MEANINGFUL GLANCES!

At another party in a karaoke bar, Jae Joon is taking out a few of the investors for drinks. He softens them all up and keeps bringing up that Yoo Jin might be making a mistake with this “Chungdamdong Gumiho” musical he’s producing. After all, what crazy person would have a 5.5 million Won budget with an unknown as a lead? This idiotic cousin is only smart when it comes to messing with Yoo Jin.

During a group dance (and how I love they’re dancing 1950s style), Jae Hee and Eun Bi end up switching partners and dancing together. Eun Bi largely ignores his attempts to clear up any misunderstandings, but when he tries to explain how he feels about her, she sets off for the bottle of makgulli.

ANOTHER round of meaningful glances as Kang Hee and Yoo Jin watch the events unfold. Jae Hee tries to stop her from drinking, but she won’t talk to him unless it’s business. She grabs the drink again, finishes it, and goes for a bottle of soju. Now this is a bit much, and she stumbles. Yoo Jin is quick to his feet and catches her before she falls.

Bok Ja hurries over and helps Yoo Jin bring Eun Bi back to her room. She plops on the bed horizontally and starts screaming “Go away Jae Hee!” Haha. Awkward for Bok Ja and Yoo Jin. He asks Bok Ja to get some meds and water, and then sits Eun Bi up on the bed.

Eun Bi: [All this,] It’s difficult. I just want to do musicals. It’s hard enough doing musicals. No matter how hard I try, I think it’s only getting harder. Even if I try harder, there are problems that I just can’t deal with. I don’t know why it’s become like this…

Yoo Jin quickly understands her meaning, and puts an arm to comfort her. (!!!!!)

He leaves her in Bok Ja’s care (and wondering whether this love triangle just became a love square), and bumps into Jae Hee outside. He stops her from visiting Eun Bi. She’s suffering because of him and Kang Hee, and if he has a heart, he should stop pressuring her or putting her in burdensome situations.

Jae Hee is ready to dismiss Yoo Jin’s words, but Yoo Jin sincerely means it. He has experienced being burdened with things he didn’t ask for, and to have the happy-go-lucky Eun Bi complain means that it’s truly difficult for her.

In a better mood, Kang Hee goes back up to her room while Sang Won heads out to meet with Yoo Jin. They finish up a conference call with Frank from the States, and while it’s a fruitful opportunity, Yoo Jin is stressed. The timing couldn’t have been worse as it coincides with “Chungdamdong Gumiho.” Getting funding for both musicals will be difficult, and on top of that they want Kang Hee as the lead. Sang Won says they can either 1) give up on the “Count Monte” production in Korea, 2) have Sang Won and Kang Hee go over to “Count Monte” while everyone else works on “Chungdamdong,” or 3) they postpone “Chungdamdong” and do “Count Monte” first. The decision stresses out Yoo Jin terribly, and he doesn’t respond to Ra Kyung’s calls or texts.

This is Sang Won’s way of getting Kang Hee as far away from Jae Hee as possible. When he later tells Kang Hee that this big Broadway musical wants her for the lead of their Korean production, she becomes visibly excited. But then what about Jae Hee…?

Eun Bi awakens and goes for a midnight walk. She sees Jae Hee moping in the auditorium at a piano, and visits him. He’s so happy and hopeful that she actually found him here. Eun Bi apologizes for the things she said while drunk, and clarifies that she only wants a composer-actress relationship. She still admires Kang Hee, but Kang Hee told her outright that she wants to be the only one in Jae Hee’s heart.

Ha – thank you! Everyone knows the truth! Jae Hee says that no one can decide who will be in his heart but himself, and whatever Kang Hee is talking about is all in the past. He points out that if he and Kang Hee were so close, then why is Eun Bi acting like the messenger? He’d rather Eun Bi just focus on the musical: “If you just sing my song, you will fall for me one day.” So cheeky!

And they’re back on good terms. Yay.

Eun Bi walks back to the dorms from the auditorium and bumps into Yoo Jin, thinking on one of the benches. They go on a walk together, and Kang Hee spots them from afar as she stands on her balcony. She’s thinking, “HMMM – INTERESTING…” before heading back inside. Eun Bi thanks Yoo Jin: though he was the villain in her story at first, he has taken her this far with the musical.

It’s so nice to see Yoo Jin’s smile more and more.

He poses a question to her: What if they couldn’t do “Chungdamdong Gumiho”? Then what?

Eun Bi: “Say whut?”


OK – Eun Bi didn’t really say that particular line, I took some liberties there, but that’s the feeling you were supposed to be left with at the end of this episode. However, it’s obvious Yoo Jin isn’t going to give up “Chungdamdong Gumiho,” so we’re good.

The relationship between Ra Kyung and Yoo Jin is starting to remind me a lot of the relationship between Suk Hyun (Shin Sung Rok) and Eun Hee (Kim Sung Eun) in Thank You. While Suk Hyun got caught up with his ex-love Young Shin (Gong Hyo Jin), Eun Hee was steadfast beside him, until she finally broke down by covering up her miscarriage in an attempt to keep him. Nevertheless, Suk Hyun was also loyal to Eun Hee. I think it’s similar here: while Yoo Jin is definitely interested in Eun Bi, it doesn’t mean he’s falling in love with her. He still clearly cares for Ra Kyung because he soothes her and holds her hand; even if he does it mechanically, some credit must be given to him for the fact that he doesn’t shy away.

I only feel bad for Ra Kyung because it’s likely she’s going to put more meaning into his interest than there is reason to. She clearly loves him more than he does, which leads to a bit of imbalance in their relationship. It’s just like Sang Won and Kang Hee’s relationship, though I am more impressed with Sang Won because he knows exactly how to hook his wife and get her away from Jae Hee. The person who loves more will simply be hurt more…

Isn’t it insane that the main coupling (Daniel Choi and Gu Hye Sun) are probably less interesting than the side characters?! At least, that’s how I feel. Even their relationships with the other characters are far more interesting than their relationship with each other.

Shout out to the cinematography: I love the whole placement of the actors to show the depth and distance between them, and how they close that distance physically as the characters become closer. For example, in the hospital the space between Eun Bi and Yoo Jin is quite far, but by the time we get to her bedroom, Yoo Jin is right beside her on the bed. Example 2: At the auditorium, Jae Hee sits far away from Eun bi on the piano bench, as both are on strained terms with each other. Then he closes that distance by sitting near her on the edge of the stage, and they resolve their issues. And example 3: when Yoo Jin confronts Jae Hee about burdening Eun Bi, Jae Hee is in the foreground, and Yoo Jin is in the far background. And both men stay distant like that for the entire conversation – since they don’t like each other.

And one more smile:


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  1. Nadia

    I love this drama! Don’t know who to root for…

  2. mrembo

    Thanks for the recap kaedejun! Love The Musical, and much like Nadia, I don’t know who to root for. Didn’t like Yoo Jin at first, but now, as he slowly mellows, I am so digging him…sigh. why does it have to be only one episode per week?

  3. jasmine

    Thank you for the recap. One thing though. I might be wrong, but I don’t think Yoo Jin really did put his arms around Eun Bi. I think he was imagining doing it, and it was clearly what he wanted to do, hence the shot with the twitching fingers still on his lap. But I don’t think he actually did. At least, that was the feeling I got from that scene. It would have been totally out of character for him to do so, at this point as well.

    Then again, I might have been wrong. I don’t speak Korean (I rely on the subtitles to watch this drama) so I might have misinterpreted it.

    Anyway, thanks again for the recap. I hope you recap episode 7 soon as well, as I’m dying to know what they’re saying.

    • 3.1 nykki

      that’s what i thought too! plus, eun bi would have reacted had he done it. 🙂

      • 3.1.1 WM

        Me, three. I got the impression that was in his head. It was something he clearly wanted to do, but is still too gun shy to actually do it.

    • 3.2 FlexibleSamurai

      I completely agree with you. Yoo Jin didn’t put his arm around Eun Bi. It was just hi imagination – the thing he wanted to do but couldn’t.

      Anyways, thanks for the recap. I watch the raws on Friday and then only wait for your recaps to complete the episode.

      Thank you!

      • 3.2.1 Birdie

        I agree with all of you,too. YJ wanted to comfort her,but did not put his arms around her. I would have like more music in this episode . I like the easy honest way EB and HJ talk to each other. I thought YJ and EB connect at a deeper level.It will be interesting how these 2 relationships progress.

        Thanks for the recap, KD.

    • 3.3 danni

      I thought it was just weird editing, but that makes way more sense since we never saw him remove his arm from Eun Bi.

    • 3.4 tegami

      Yeah, Yoo Jin never actually put his arms around Eun Bi.
      He simply just imagined doing it, which in itself, is a HUGE character development for him.

    • 3.5 mamajoni

      yes, jasmine, I think YJ was just imagining putting his arm around EunBi. And his twitching hand right after that shot confirmed it for me plus the way he nervously got off the bed when her friend came in.
      But what’s more interesting for me is the way YJ was so quick to support EunBi when she faltered as compared to how slow he was to react to RaKyung’s more severe accident. Like kaedejun said, “Actions speak louder than words!”

  4. Alvina

    I absolutely adore your analysis of this kaedejun~! I agree with your observation that the side characters are more interesting…

    I suppose because I’m less invested in the EunBi/JaeYi relationship at this point (if they get together, great! It’s a given. If they dont, no big loss), but I’d rather find out about the other characters at the moment.

  5. Zoe

    Soooooo cute!!!! That smile is adorable.
    Until you said they were the main couple, I thought it was Yoo Jin and Eun Bi…the standard hate-to-love trope. Never mind, then…. Haha

    Thanks, kaedejun!

  6. ohemgee

    god i really need to marathon this drama soon.

    park. ki. woong.

    hot dayum.

  7. myweithisway

    My sole motivation for reading these recaps (and if I ever get back to watching the show) is Yoo Jin!

    • 7.1 gracefulmoonie


      Although, I am still watching the show….

  8. churasan

    Thanks for your recap! I am really enjoying this drama, but hope it progresses a little faster. I really want Eun Bi to get better and become more of KH’s rival. I have to disagree with your comment about EB and JH though. I like their scenes the best because are so cute together – it’s actually nice to see a couple NOT fighting all the time. I’m so glad they patched things up quickly at the end of the episode and can support each other.

    • 8.1 Menci Ang

      I agree with you on all counts. I love EB’s and JH’s scenes together that sometimes I resent when KH or EJ enters the scene.

      I love it that EB is not ready yet to fall in love and that JH shows tenderness and affections in a patient but nonbrotherly way. I love the other characters, Ra Kyung and Sang Won more than the others, but acting wise everyone in the cast is as good as the other.

  9. craziluver

    i think this drama is getting more interesting. i might check this one out when i have time.

  10. 10 sleeplessinwgtn

    I really want to root for EB and JH but EB and YJ are becoming closer. Hopefully, it’s more aout empathy and friendship than boy-girl love. I hope there’s more interesting story on JH ‘coz as pointed out the 2nd leads are having more of it.

    Thanks for the subs.

    • 10.1 sleeplessinwgtn

      I meant recaps, not subs.

  11. 11 kokare

    I agree! Ok Joo Hyun kicks ass!!!!! She is actually my character to watch!

    • 11.1 Birdie

      Yes, OJH is doing a great job as the diva.She sure has a great voice as well. In fact, the whole cast are doing a great job of their characters.I wonder if it is because it is pre-produced, thus having more time.

  12. 12 Menci Ang

    One thing I don’t understand. When Kang Hee wanted to meet Jae Hee in her (and Sang Won’s) room and Jae Hee wanted to take Gu Jak as a buffer, could Sang Won not just allowed it? Why did he have to detain Gu Jak? Seemed like he was encouraging Kang Hee to cheat on him.

    • 12.1 hyesun4lyf

      I agree with you there. Flimsy excuse about wanting Goo Jak to tell him stories when he was in the army. Sang Won seemed to be laughing too hard he was almost crying while Goo Jak was telling jokes. Methinks he really wanted to catch them in the act to have an excuse in pulling out of the musical.

      Thanks for the recap, kaedejun. Waiting patiently for the next one.

      • 12.1.1 Menci Ang

        But catching KH and JH in the act would not give Sang Won an excuse to pull out from the musical. Kang Hee could counter that when she wanted to back out from their impending marriage (in a flash back) Sang Won told her it was ok for her to love other men, including Jae Hee.

  13. 13 ditzmaster

    i think im leaning toward jin and eun bi getting together.but it might just be the after effects of seeing his smile that have me saying this.

  14. 14 danni

    This episode did irritate me just because it was the same, loooong night, but I loved it just because of Yoo Jin being all smiley and cute. If we could see more of that side of Yoo Jin, I’d be good to go. Thanks for the recap, kaedejun!

  15. 15 Lala

    YJ is so cute xD …Hmmmm….I like how their nights are soooo long xD

    • 15.1 Menci Ang


  16. 16 d

    thanks fr d recap.

  17. 17 Christy

    Yoo Jin is slowly melting my heart. He is so adorable!

  18. 18 Bubbles

    Hey 🙂
    I’m just not sure about something.
    I thought that when YJ puts his arm around EB, that it was all in his mind?

  19. 19 junie

    Agree! YJ is slowly melting everyone heart! and yes, he was imagining comforting EB by putting his arm around her shoulder which I hope it’s for real… Thanks for the recap and looking forward to see more of YJ developing his feeling for EB!

  20. 20 momosan

    Presumably the Count Monti is based on The Count of Monte Cristo, by Frank Wildhom, which premiered in 2009 in Switzerland, and then the first Asian production was in Seoul in 2010. It has yet to premiere in English, although there is an English album version and it’s been out in workshop form.

    Ock Joo Hyun, our Kang Hee, was Mercedes in the Seoul version.

    So, it’s somewhere between an inside joke (and she does sing a song from it in episode 7 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pgKm6GN_fU) and a nod to her real star status. Here’s the same song in English – http://youtu.be/4WbbwDta1jU from the album. And yes, I do have a slight obsession about music.

    • 20.1 Menci Ang

      kaedejun, thanks for the recap.

      momosan, thanks for the info and links. From watching The Musical I know that Ock Joo Hyun is a very good actress, so good indeed that I am hating her character in the drama. Only now do I know that she is a good singer as well. I always thought she had the high notes sung/recorded for her by the singer who “auditioned and almost got the part” in Chungdamdong Gumiho.

      Btw was Ock Joo Hyun the second lead in Oh My Lady? I don’t remember her name in the cast but I can swear that the dancer/choreographer who cheated on her husband was played by her.

      • 20.1.1 sleeplessinwgtn

        Yes, Ock Joo Hyun is the ‘cheating wife’ 2nd lead in Oh My Lady. She’s a very good dancing instructor in OML. No wonder, she’s actually a stage/musical actress. And she’s very good at protraying the cheating woman role. I really hate her character! She’s doing a good job.

        • Menci Ang

          sleeplessinwgtn, thanks for the response. How come her name did not appear in the cast of OML? Did she use a different screen name?

    • 20.2 isabelle

      can you tell me what song they dance to in this episode?

      • 20.2.1 momosan

        In the night that never ends, where they are doing a sort of group circle dance? Do You Wana Dance, the Beach Boys version.

        • momosan

          sigh Wanna. Stupid fumble fingers on keyboard.

    • 20.3 eunhye05

      I know right! it’s so cool that they did this. plus the song is actually really fitting too. Its as if she’s contemplating on the time when the world or Jae Yi was hers! Its amazing how the screenwriter managed to even add this and how the musical used the actual Musical Actress from Count of Montecristo ie Ock Joo Hyun. She’s reaaallly good too.

  21. 21 Christine

    I am not doing this… I can’t be starting to root for Yu Jin and Eun Bi together O.O But…when I see them getting closer…GAH I CAN’T HELP IT. -__-

    I suppose that hug was imaginary? Woah, I can’t even imagine… Yu Jin’s becoming so different.

  22. 22 ais

    Thanks for the recap! I’m totally in love with The Musical 🙂 love eun-bi to bits!

  23. 23 msredge03

    yaaaay!!! you nailed the cinematography thing with your comment kaedejun! nice!!! ^^

  24. 24 Italia

    I dont know if you noticed kaedejun but Yoo Jin didnt actually put his arms around Eun bi,it was more like he imagined himself in that situation which to me makes it more interesting cause its like he WANTED to do that but couldnt bring himself to do it cause, why would he?

  25. 25 Eva

    It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who likes the interaction between Yoo Jin and Eun Bin because it seems like they have more chemistry, while I see more of brotherly love of Jae Hee to Eun Bin…ahhhh…but overall I still like this drama, too bad it’s only once a week…long sigh 🙂

  26. 26 gem

    i’m definitely rooting for Yoo Jin. there seems to be a deeper connection between them, at least for now. i still don’t see Jae Hee and Eun Bi as a couple. although i cannot dismiss how uber cute Jae Hee is when he watches Eun Bi sing.^_^

  27. 27 pink blush

    I don’t see any chemistry between Daniel Choi and Gu Hye Sun. I really try to, but unfortunately, it isn’t there. If she probably will look more like a girl, maybe.

    • 27.1 gracefulmoonie

      I agree with the chemistry part,
      I still think that GHS has more chemistry with PKW.

  28. 28 kdramalover

    So far, I really like the interaction between EB and Jae Hee but I still don’t know if it’s anything romantic…it’s more on the friends level and some flirting…especially on Jae Hee’s side. EB hasn’t really shown any interest…which is understandable since the Musical is what she is really interested in. After watching this episode, I don’t think Jae hee is anywhere close to being over KH. He is in denial, it is obvious with the flashback that they had a very passionate relationship…nothing at all like the relationship he has with EB. I also agree with KH that Jae Hee really is using EB as a buffer…without EB if KH kept going after him he will give in. He is obviously still attracted to her, lust after her and I don’t see any of those same attraction toward EB. With EB he is interested in her more like a muse that inspired him but he isn’t attracted to her sexually. However, with EB and Yoo Jin I see a subtle attraction from Yoo Jin that may progress in future episodes. For the drama to make me believe that Jae Hee is interested in EB romantically…the dynamic between them gotta change. Right now all I see is just friendship. Yoo Jin and Eunbi has more chemistry.

    • 28.1 Menci Ang

      Imo, Jae Hee is in love with Eunbi but is careful not to scare her knowing how young and inexperienced (in the aspect of love) she is. Kang Hee has always been the aggressive one, even in the flashbacks, and it is easy for her kind to entice a man. Jae Hee not falling for her again speaks well of his character. He doesn’t go for “complicated;” he means what he says. So when he says he’s over Kang Hee and is moving on, then he is.

      • 28.1.1 stee

        My thoughts exactly! 🙂

      • 28.1.2 Donna

        I agree I think Jae Hee is over Kang Hee. Which is why in the previous episode he reacted with hostility when she tried to break into the circle. He is angry and he is starting to see what a manipulative person she is.

  29. 29 stee

    Haha I agree, this seemed like the longest night ever! And maybe it’s just me, but the editing felt a bit clumsy in this episode… I also think they could have used more background music. I don’t know, somethink just felt off for me when watching this episode.
    Anyway I’m glad Kang-hee didn’t actually lie to Eun-bi to turn her away from Jae-hee (and also that EB and JH actually cleared things up between them in the same ep!), I would have hated that misunderstanding so much. Major pet peeve in dramas >< It kinda seems that KH is genuinely no longer as malevolent towards EB, though she still sees her as an annoying obstacle between JH and herself.

    Thanks for the recap!

    • 29.1 Menci Ang

      I wish the night can be longer for me. As it is it’s already 6:14 a.m. and I’m still in dramabeans. ‘_’ Having no sleep may be the reason why I haven’t noticed any technical deficiency in Ep6. Anyway, I have to go hit the sack now.

  30. 30 C

    Wait, I thought that in Thank You, the girl thinks she’s pregnant and tells him, discovers she’s not, and then pretends she is pregnant because Suk Hyun’s mom tells her to fake the pregnancy…

  31. 31 athena

    I stop watching drama now.. but The Musical started me reading recaps instead…I just love your blog especially the type of drama recaps you write and analyse..keep up the beautiful recaps you share with us…Thanks

  32. 32 drmjs

    Thanks for the recap Kaedejun! I really enjoy reading your recaps. You’re right, the secondary characters are interesting. The JY & EB arch is so – so, which is bad. I think the cute is in the YJ & EB arch hehehe.

  33. 33 janine

    love this drama!! just sad it only air once a week.. can’t wait to see more of eun bi, jae hi and yoo jin…

  34. 34 isabelle

    i love this drama, i like the chemistry between YJ and EB, YJ sees EB as his muse and he is borderline insanely falling in love with EB, but EB is focussed on the musical at this time and she has not time focus on manright now, but i think she is one of those , when they fall, they fall hard types.

    i do not know who will end up with whom, but i am really curious of the journey

  35. 35 Locturne

    I love all the main actors of this show, especially Ok Ju Hyun and Daniel Choi who are awesome. But Gu Hye Sun… needs to stop overacting. Or maybe it’s Eun Bi who needs to stop being a goody-two-shoes, or just stop laughing… I don’t know, but she’s driving me a little insane. Harumph!

  36. 36 Anime1234

    I’m still confused about the whole YJ putting his arm around EB. Did he or didn’t he? Why do some people think it was imaginary? I didn’t get that impression.

  37. 37 risk4

    been waiting this recap. Thanks. I’ve watching this ep for 3 times, but still i must read ur recap.

    Why? just to know that i’ve buddies to share with about this drama.
    I absolutly agree with all ur comment above…….
    But, let me add about Yu Jin, who still didn’t realize his felling to Eun Bi. Maybe, he just comfy or sure falling in love, like Jae Hee who’s getting straight about his felling with can’t wait to meet Eun Bi, not early morning or midnight. (It’s cute.)

    I hope in the next2 eps, Yu Jin could be honest about his felling, so Ra Kyung didn’t get confused for long time. I love her character……
    Beside the sinematography, i like the dialogue too…..

    There’s so many conflict can be build from this moment…let us wait……

    • 37.1 Menci Ang

      “Jae Hee…with can’t wait to meet Eun Bi, not early morning or midnight. (It’s cute.)”

      Ditto to that.

      Everytime Jae Hee is teary eyed because he feels he’s losing Eun Bi I get chest pain. Everytime he flashes his smile and his eyes become mere slits–and this only happens when he’s with Eun Bi and she’s receptive–my heart leaps and I go back to the scene over and over. Jae Hee is crazy for Eun Bi. Because he is I am with the JH-EB team.

  38. 38 aya

    thanks for the re-cap. but i have to be honest because of ep 6 i stop watching this drama. the musical started off very good, and it got my interest because i am a singer and i love music so i know all the feeling she is going through (especially the lightning feeling, but mines more like fire and my blood become hot as if its boiling). but I’m tired of a weak lead. the whole kang Hee crap is irritating, “SHE IS MARRIED” if i was EB i would have been like “Bi*** you’re married, back the hell up!!!!!”. i know everyone love Yu Jin (episdoe 6 and still not liking him with eun bi) and eun bi coupling, but i actually love his girlfriend i can see chemistry between the two. (first seeing and liking a character like her) i hope the writer don’t make her become a secong kang hee towards eun bi. but EUN BI PLZ GROW SOME BACKBONE!!!!!!!! JEBAL!!!!.. i’m going to stick with your recap to see if i should continue watching it.

    • 38.1 Menci Ang

      But Eun Bi has backbone. Consider how she stood her ground in pursuing the theater when her father, Eu Jin (the producer), Jae Hee (as the drunk guy) and, I’m sure, everyone in her school dismissed her artistic potentials. She has a backbone alright.

      At this point (ep 6), Eun Bi is innocent and starstruck. EB loves Kang Hee, her inspiration for years. She will not want to be the cause of KH’s pain.

      • 38.1.1 Birdie

        Yes , one thing Eun Bi has is backbone and determination.. I agree with everything you said.

  39. 39 hillee

    “Yoo Jin quickly understands her meaning, and puts an arm to comfort her. (!!!!!)”

    FALSE! He imagines it! He imagines himself comforting her by putting his arm around her but he doesn’t actually do it!!!

    • 39.1 Birthday Girl

      Yeah that’s what I thought, it’s a way to show that suddenly he wants to hold her and he is surprised by the impulse. By the way, the music in this episode annoyed me. in the tense scenes right when Daniel Choi might have kissed Kang Hee there was this random singing noise that distracted me.

  40. 40 Lady Seoul

    Yes, I like Yoo Kin from the beginning as well. <3

  41. 41 Menci Ang

    Yoo Jin falling for Eun Bi? No, please! Pity the girlfriend who is pretty (very!), understanding, sensitive and caring, and whose marriage to Yoo Jin is already a given between families and among friends.

  42. 42 Sunny

    Episode 7 is finally here!!!! HURRAY!

  43. 43 Sammiblu

    I find Eun Bi very annoying. She laughs when there is no reason to, her walk can sometimes be weird and exagerated and her hair ruffling and hitting is stupid. Her personality rubs me the wrong way. I agree that the main couple is less intereting than others. Gave up watching the drama; the recaps are far, far better!

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