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Cha Seung-won considers medical drama
by | November 3, 2011 | 71 Comments

Will Cha Seung-won be returning to dramaland as Doctor McSwoony? (Though I really want to name him Doctor McMustache…) The action-drama heavyweight who transformed into comical leading man in this year’s hit rom-com Best Love may be making a quick foray back to television, this time as a doctor in the medical drama The Third Ward. Cha did once reject the offer to star in THE medical k-drama, 2007’s White Tower, which everyone seems to be mentioning as some kind of wrong that needs to be righted.

The Third Ward is about a neurosurgery ward as the battleground for a war between Eastern and Western medicine. If he takes the lead role, Cha would play a cold gruff doctor (of course) who is forced to follow his father’s footsteps into Western medicine. What’s with the Brain obsession lately? Is there a brain surgeon vogue I’m unaware of?

Cha, who just picked up a Daesang from the Style Icon Awards, reportedly accepted his trophy with the words, “I’m pretty, right?” HA. Yes, yes you are. It really is a wonder where Dokko Jin ends and Cha Seung-won begins. Not that it’s a bad thing, mind you. It’s earned him a resurgence of love from the public and critics alike. He IS looking rather dapper, so there’s no argument from me when it comes to red carpet style. Some guys were just born to be dressed in tuxes. Mmmm…

The Third Ward will be airing on SBS early next year. For now, more pictures of The Pretty:

Via TV Report


71 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Yannie

    loool yes you are super pretty =p. I love that he sounds like Dokko Jin

    • 1.1 poo

      hehe! He does! I keep forgetting the real him! But that what he does…He was Jo gook for me since City Hall and then after Best Love, he’s been Dokko Jin…he’s got the talent to blend in the character so well that u remember the character more than d actor!

  2. ais

    Awww! Korean mcdreamy!! I hope he accepts the role!

    • 2.1 mavy

      nahh totally more like McSteamy…

  3. gingganggolli

    The third pic is so Dokko Jin…I missed Best Love again…..

    • 3.1 Raine

      I’m totally feelin’ the 4th pic. He’s channeling Sailor Moon. In the name of Eastern Medicine, I will punish you.

  4. Dodo

    I love everything have with Cha seung won and best love are and will always be number one for me…love Dokko Jin

  5. anotheraddict

    Like a lot of others have commented previously, I didn’t find CSW all that good-looking at first– but it didn’t take long for my hormones to override my brain and to tell me that he is, in fact, uber attractive, regardless. It’s as if his pheromones were digital because so many of us have had the same experience. In any case, the man exudes sex appeal and charisma and there are plenty of us fangirls who’d love to drool our way through another CSW drama.

    • 5.1 myweithisway

      I always wondered why people were obsessed with him and then 5 mins into Best Love I went OOHHH! By the time we got the the little skip/hop/kick, I was making grabby motions at my screen. He totally exudes charisma and appeal!

    • 5.2 aslinn

      So true…


      • 5.2.1 JoAnne

        mmmmmmmmmmm a sexy grumble voice. Why didn’t you SAY so?

        • Raine

          UNNI! Happy OT.

          I agree. CSW is so sexy. He’s in the Rain PSH category for me in that respect.

          Speaking of Rain, he’s SOOOOOOO charming in SDLGTS. He can switch emotions on the drop of a hat and totally win you with everything. Gong Hyo-jin is LOVELY in this. The long-haired, wispy look works for her.

      • 5.2.2 houstontwin

        Thank you!

    • 5.3 merryjane

      totally agree with you.

    • 5.4 daria

      huhuhuhuhuuh, that is my exact experience & how i became a total CSW fangirl!!!!!!!!!!! you really gotta see him in them dramas to appreciate all that charisma, charm & sexxxxx appeal… mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…

  6. Lorlena

    Finally 🙂 I have to say i love all his roles..but as a border line bad guy he is …mmmm mmm mmmm And now a Dr. CSW…Interesting 🙂

  7. skelly

    I don’t like this hairstyle, at all. I thought his hair looked much better a little shorter, like in his City Hall days. With that large triangle of forehead surrounded by black hair, I am unfortunately reminded of Zorg, the villian played by Gary Oldman in The Fifth Element. The mustache doesn’t help.

    • 7.1 Pat

      I don’t like the styling either,BUT that can be changed the inner sexiness is just there and cant be undone no matter what his costume or role. City Hall did not seem as if it would be sexy…….

  8. Hannah25

    I guess I must be the only one who doesn’t think he is remotely sexy heh. Ah well, each to their own1

  9. Eeefu

    His kids would be so proud to have such a Pretty dad. Every time I thought of his challenges to his future son-in-law, I can’t help but smile.

    DoubleArrow ajusshi, fighting!

  10. 10 anais

    He reminds me a bit of Sean Connery. They both looked good in their younger days, but their younger selves have nothing on their more mature selves.

    CSW’s face has become so much leaner, triangular as he’s aged. Melikey.

    • 10.1 Jomo

      So well put! Agree.

      btw, THIS casting rumor has effectively completed today’s Great Drama News Trifecta!!!
      If SSH won’t cooperate, I am MORE THAN HAPPY that CSW will.

    • 10.2 bd

      I actually think CSW looked better in his younger years; back then he didn’t have the overly-styled/shaped eyebrows or the floppy coif.

      • 10.2.1 anais

        You like his tiger brows? I guess I like my men more metrosexual. Personally I prefer his latter persona: cool, suave, and dangerous to know.

    • 10.3 Raine

      Totally don’t dig Sean Connery, but I do agree that CSW has aged AMAZINGLY!

  11. 11 swui

    Oh pls come back to dramaland…..I would love to see him as a doctor. Eastern medicine…that’s a gruffy version of pil joo??

    I am so looking forward to hear him belt out medical orders. I could listen to him all day….I wonder who gets to play the lady opposite him…

  12. 12 Cam

    Gosh, I love him from City Hall with my best top actress Kim Sum Ah, keke 😀

    DO your best for your new drama, hooray!

  13. 13 koreanmichoso

    omo my pulse just went outside the safety zone. am i watching the drama?ding dong

  14. 14 JoAnne

    I have never seen him in anything yet, and I do hear that he’s best seen in motion – but I think he’s handsome enough…I just don’t like the facial hair. I’m a fan of mustaches and neatly trimmed beards in general, so it’s his specific facial hair I don’t care for. I have to watch Best Love soon, though – from what I understand I won’t have this reservation long. I do think his profile is lovely.

    • 14.1 Shiku

      I am also a fan of mustaches and neatly-trimmed beards but I don’t like his though. I watched Best Love and he was entertaining but Yoon kye San (perfect Piljoo) won my heart and never let it go. Maybe I will fall for him when I watch City Hall.

      • 14.1.1 JoAnne

        Shiku do you have power yet?

        • Shiku

          It actually came this afternoon. LOL Tough week.

    • 14.2 ahjummabunny

      I am a notorious pro-moustache-er. I’ve seen him pre-moustache and without the bangs and while he was still very attractive he was borderline pretty boy. I think he looks manliest with the facial hair.

    • 14.3 Raine

      Unni, if you watch Best Love, they make fun of his mustache of which the lower part spells cow….kekeke.

      Watch Best Love and get back to me. Or City Hall for that matter. Bodyguard is on my movie watch list.

  15. 15 leonardswench

    It’s been a great day for me ….

  16. 16 achooxhelen

    why does this man like his mustache so much? i thought it was gone for good in Best Love.

    • 16.1 Raine

      Gong Hyo-jin, bring out your Dokko Jin controlling powers!

  17. 17 Abbie

    Cha Seung-won! I hope he takes the role! That would be awesome!

    And yes, he is super pretty….. *sigh*

  18. 18 allen

    …damn how can someone pull off the cute and be this is HOT! (last pic)….well maybe for the reason that he doesnt take himself seriously that makes him cooler cute and hot at the same time…and at his age?! nahh not saying his age is a bad thing.again its not a bad thing…fact its awesome how he is still dashng good at his age…
    brain outburst….incoherrent information.

  19. 19 celest1al

    This news makes me so happy. I’ve been re-watching this teaser for the T-ara music video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l1fMgNH5cTQ) over and over again, even though I don’t like them or their music, all because of CSW. Seriously, I agree that this guy is the definition of sex appeal and charisma. I say this because there are things not to like… his mustache, his cleanly shaped brows, and his slurred speech and yet… his megawatt smile, and the way the corner of his eye crinkles and ultimately, his acting, his personality, and just his aura overall… it all screams sexy. He’s magnetic, plain and simple. He pulls you in and never lets you go.

  20. 20 Kat

    He really is best seen in motion and I’m actually not a fan of facial hair… but CSW makes it work, I love him with and without his cow but it’s kind of like his trademark look now. He almost isn’t complete (but still pretty sexy) without his cow.

  21. 21 MJP

    CHA SEUNG WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PANTYMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • 21.1 Linda165


    • 21.2 Raine

      MJP *hugs*. Oh panties. I still won’t get over that. Especially because for me it has lots of meaning.

      I was in England and staying in a friends apartment. I was REALLLLLY hung over (to make excuses for what I’m about to tell you) and I couldn’t find my pants. Now pants in American English are jeans. However, in British English they are panties. So I ran around in an apartment full of men and women in my jammies calling for my pants. Needless to say, I quickly learned the error of my ways following the smirks of amusement and interest by the men and indulgent giggles from the ladies.

      Dokko Jin…we are kindred spirits.

  22. 22 Linda165

    Hells yeah! The cow is back! And it never looked better.

    Hope these news are confirmed soon.

  23. 23 Crazy Over City Hall

    I don’t like him initially when I started watching City Hall. But man… he grows on me and with that lovely Kim Sun Ah, they make an electrifying couple in that drama. And have you ever seen them kiss in the show???? I nearly fainted! He is super hawwwttt!

    • 23.1 ahjummabunny

      I recently rewatched city hall and that episode! I seriously had to pause the drama and go outside for some air.

      • 23.1.1 Raine

        Both actors always electrify their kissing scenes with their counterparts so put them together and you are just a hormonal mess. I had to pause and rewatch. 50,000,000 times. And did you watch the making of? They were so professional about it. It was crazy.

      • 23.1.2 kd101

        Pfffft, COLD air works better. Trust me. I try.

  24. 24 cuteNuna

    you’re not alone..me don’t think Cha Seung Won that sexy. i tried to watch best love twice but still my heart don’t move..don’t know why.. yeah you right again, everyone has their own oppinion.

  25. 25 Helena

    He is realy a very attractive man. But why this horrible lopsided hairdo?

  26. 26 conan

    Ooh! I’m excited. Not really into medical dramas, but I’m happy Cha Seung-won is taking on another project. He is on a roll.

    By the way OMYGOD that last pose! Super awesome.

  27. 27 Miss pebbles

    Omo… I’m soo excited. Hope to see him soon. Love him in city hall & best love

  28. 28 sara

    so happy.i have been waiting for this news on dramabeans after best love was finished.i love him really really so much with or without mustache.soooooo sexy

  29. 29 Momos

    Luuuvvvvv to see CSW in action again and soon.
    Been smitten by his charming n sexy look to the point of changing my fangirl nickname.. from momojgseel to momodokkogirl… lol
    After Best Love and City Hall, all other k-drama seem to be mundane and plain..at least to my personal preference.
    Again this is just me..don’t start throwing things at me…

  30. 30 Misheru

    I SOOOOOO love this man!!!!!!

  31. 31 Mia

    love the third pic!

  32. 32 ploinkypink

    haha i love how everyone didn’t mention CSW in Athena…

    • 32.1 antonia

      well i think he was the only good thing in athena… and the sexiest 😉

  33. 33 antonia

    First Congrats to my dearest CSW!!! he IS a fashion icon, he rocks the red carpet, he was born to wear a tux… i love him as dokko jin and jo guk and whoever he choses to be… he’s just perfect and hot
    about the medical drama… yes please!!! i don’t care what it is about i just want him back on the screen as soon as posible…
    thanks for the wonderful news girlfriday
    i read before that he was thinking to work in a drama in january but he doesn’t want to say anything yet… so i hope this will come true

  34. 34 ohemgee

    gawd i love this man.

    he needs to play a curmudgeonly dr. house-type. i can see it already….

  35. 35 Raine

    Yes, Mr. McCow-stache. You are pretty, and sexy and hot.

    So, I can see him channeling a grumpy doctor. Just pull some Best Love comedy every once and a while and I’ll be happy. Maybe he has a Robert DeNiro in Stardust secret obsession…just to make me giggle. Because he can…WELL.

  36. 36 kpt

    Very happy to hear!
    i liked his style best in City hall then best love. haven’t watched athena but i guess i shoulddd eh?

  37. 37 nonski

    i just missed this guy! and how come he can always look this awesome? last pic is really cool!

  38. 38 meshy

    This man is just SEXY

  39. 39 REDLYN

    currently, im so into CSW!!!HE’S OOZING with charisma!!
    saw him first in the movie SECRET, i thought: who is this handsome actor kindly different from other handsome korean actors (like the moustache), looks good in suit, very stylish…then i started searching him and his TV/movies…. many where praising him for CITY HALL & The greatest love and so i just got to watch them too…
    he was really good and funny in TGL and likewise, in CITYHALL… needless to say, IM THE NEW NO.1 FAN of CSW…hahaha

  40. 40 aini

    Just wondering why and what makes CSW so special..CSW fever♡♡i could’n stop watching him..

  41. 41 Cat78

    Yes,!!! anything CSW….!!!!!!!!

  42. 42 merryjane

    love you oppa Cha. I am looking forward to seeing your new drama. You are awesome.

  43. 43 lovecityhall

    I hope that he will act with Kim Sun Ah again. Their chemistry in City hall is soooooooo amazing! City hall rocks!

  44. 44 Belinda

    I don’t know if I would call Cha pretty but, in the field of Korean pretty boys who look more like women ( there must be a lot of gay hairdressers out there) he certainly exudes the energy of a man’s man which is refreshing. I do not like thst goatee Je has but it does help him look different and defines his face as long as the beard is not too dark.

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