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Cha Seung-won: I am Dokko Jin
by | May 22, 2011 | 258 Comments

Six episodes in, Best Love is doing strong, and it looks poised to do even better with one competitor bowing out of the ratings race (true, City Hunter takes 49 Days’ place next week, but it’s always nice to have a definite rival out of the picture). At the heart of the drama’s success: The Hong sisters’ trademark brand of tight plotting and fast-flying laughs, as well as the strong chemistry of the leads, played by Gong Hyo-jin and Cha Seung-won.

The following interview with the latter is on the short side, but something’s better than nothing, right?

What’s the reason for people loving Best Love?

“The scripts are good, and I have a good rapport with [Gong] Hyo-jin. Hyo-jin goes after a natural, realistic acting style and I’m a technical actor, but together our different styles match remarkably well.”

What are the basic qualities a romantic comedy leading man must possess?

“There’s a flow to a romantic comedy hero. In the past, gentlemanly and pure men were emphasized, but these days they’re mostly ‘bad guy’ types. But Dokko Jin is different from the romantic comedy leading men we’ve seen so far. He’s laughable, but also cool. He’s entertaining and sometimes mischievous like a child, but on the other hand I wanted to show that he’s a romantic.”

There was a notable scene where you shouted at Ae-jung, ‘Give me my panties!’ What do you keep in mind while you’re acting?

“On top of being a romantic comedy, there are a lot of manhwa-like elements, and Dokko Jin has a prankish side, but I’m trying not to cross the line. Overexaggerating the laughs turns faces to frowns, and overdoing the melodrama makes people shrink away. There are scenes where the feeling and expressions can turn a total 180 degrees. Simply put, I try to keep my acting in halfway between starring and supporting level.”

Why do you suppose top star Dokko Jin falls for the unliked singer Gu Ae-jung?

“At first, I think it’s sympathy. After seeing Ae-jung trying to work hard at something, without realizing it he feels pity for her. That leads to interest, and that leads him to seeing her positive traits, and that leads him to see her as a woman, which develops into romantic feelings. At first he really disliked her, but after several encounters, she doesn’t seem like a bad person, and the sight of her working as diligently and sincerely as she can stirs his feelings.”

How would you feel if you met Gu Ae-jung in real life?

“I think I’d like her. [Laughs]”

What kind of feeling should a romantic-comedy drama give its viewers?

“Watching the drama should make them feel aflutter with excitement. In particular, when men watch, it should make make them think, ‘Ah, so that’s what women like, I should do that for them.’ I’m learning a lot through this drama, too. When Ae-jung is sleeping in her car outside the nightclub, Dokko Jin sees her from outside the window but holds his hand up to the glass as though to prop up her face. Seeing how much the women viewers like that scene, I learned something. [Laughs]”

In real life?

“I wouldn’t do that. [Laughs]”

Best Love didn’t grab me as quickly as some of the Hongs’ other dramas — I definitely laughed through the earlier episodes, but wasn’t invested in the relationships or characters right off the bat — but with this past week, I’ve felt the familiar heart-tug back in full effect. I think it’s the balance Cha mentions; he had shown us glimpses of that inner romanticism from time to time (the window, the movie theater, the potatoes) through Episode 5, but Jin was also way too wacky for my taste.

I’d argue that Cha did cross that line a few times with the exaggerated drunk crankypants drawl and the wild gesticulations, and there were moments I felt alarmed at his crazy. (Like, full-on “Call the cops!” crazy.) But with Episode 6, he toned down the deranged egotist persona and got me pulling for his character.

It was also the first time I rooted more for Jin than for the still-adorable Pil-joo (I know!), although I’m still pretty sure I’ll weep for the poor doctor at a later date. It doesn’t hurt that Cha is totally turning on the sex appeal — phew!, that man is pure charisma. He and Gong are both actors you really have to see in action to feel the effect of their pull — hers is natural and genuine, while his magnetic enough that I swear he’s generated his own gravity.

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  1. aceyyy

    sigh. why is it not wednesday already??

    • 1.1 tomboy26

      That’s what I was thinking …. sigh

      • 1.1.1 yakno

        *sigh* why does it take so long…

        • GirlU.k

          *SIGHHH* Why dont I understand Korean and have to wait till Saturday for subs :(…Life is not fair, that’s to you all lucky Korean speakers! ๐Ÿ˜€

          • h311ybean

            I wish it were Thursday because that’s when the recaps appear in my part of the world, and when I’m sure the raw episode has already been uploaded!

            I don’t understand Korean but I love this show so much that I settle for watching the raw episodes. I just use the Dramabeans recap as a guide to at least have an idea of what’s going on and what people are saying!

          • MJP

            I watch it RAW too and then read the recaps. There are things called soft subs you can download too.

            softsubs at http://www.darksmurfsubs.com

            If you check the old OT’s I believe there is detailed instructions on how to download them.

          • ck1Oz

            Why Sat?Viki softsubs have been out late Thurs evening (KST) if not Fri.

            I should know I am the mod there on viki and I co-ordinate between the softsub maker/editors.

          • Elle-Emme

            dramacrazy.net has them the next day

            i watch it raw read recaps and watch it again

          • GirlU.k

            Thanks @ MJP :D. ck1Oz both bare subbed on dramacrazy by late friday or early saturday morning :/ I check dramacrazy every once in a while as well, I don ‘t know why that is ๐Ÿ˜ …I can’t watch it on drammaever as I’m not from the states. I wait for both to be subbed so I can watch it back to back ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 1.2 Revy

      sigh..my exact thoughts

    • 1.3 MJP


      What a man…

      What a PANTYMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I absolutely adore PANTYMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 1.4 bourbon

      WEDNESDAYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will you come soon? I don’t mind watching RAWs and reading Google Translate subs, i just want my PANTYMAAAANNNN!
      *dies from withdrawal*

    • 1.5 BJ

      sigh…if only everyday is Wednesday and Thursday..!

    • 1.6 Otenga

      Best Love is one of the most beautiful,funny,romantic Korean drama i watched. best ever ending too.really love the ending and the actors specially Cha Seung-won he’s very good and very effective.Congratulations for a job well done.

  2. ais

    I love Dokko Jin! though at times he reminds me of Hwang Tae Kyung ๐Ÿ˜€ Episode 6 made me a slave for Best Love… it has all the elements to pull you into its madness! I smile now every time I see a potato ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 2.1 kinkit

      yah yah, yeah yeah, i smiled once in a while when i was working, thinking about how sweet the drama was

    • 2.2 trish

      Ditto on Dokko Jin….after episode 6 I’m beyond addicted and smile every time I think of CSW’s character.

  3. Qd

    OMG!!!! My screen nearly exploded with the hotness of Pantyman! Thank you!

  4. Amg1

    I must say that Best Love, is the best drama of the season!
    Both actors compliment each other style of acting, they have very good chemistry, I wish that Lie to me was as good as best love!!!!! : o)

  5. absothe

    Ohh the dilemma, to be or not to be…with cow

    • 5.1 h311ybean

      LOL. That is a poem in itself.

      • 5.1.1 Jomo

        Did someone say pome?

        The Pantyman’s soul was stricken
        when a girl he met made his heart quicken.
        He bought taters with cash
        and shaved off his cow-stache,
        in hopes he could torture her chicken.

        • antonia

          you’re all a poet
          i usually don’t like poems but words like pantyman, chicken and cow-stache can turn anything into a masterpiece. lol again
          i’m still laughing!!!!

        • MJP

          LOL! Jomo…..

        • h311ybean

          This was obviously different in style, but every bit as enjoyable ๐Ÿ˜€ Great job!

        • Chris


        • trish

          LOL…..^_^ SIMPLY PHENOM!!!

        • mihinikki

          Love your poem!!! I wanted to print and frame it just to confuse people! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 5.2 ahjummabunny

      definitely cow!

  6. oi

    that leather jacket with all those spikes is so scary!

    • 6.1 Arhazivory

      …but hot.

    • 6.2 aceyyy

      lol i’d totally stab myself wearing it

  7. maricel

    i’m simply loving this drama…it was a while since i wasn’t so excited about one, only with yab and on air last year…but now i’m back. I’m eager to watch this, and i think i’m gonna watch it raw ยฌยฌ…for the first time i don’t need weekends to rest, but to have this drama with subs!!!
    i wonder if they will come out with some stuff toy…that mouse at Gong’s house maybe…or the chicken naaa that’s taken for mgiag…well a potato would work too…

    • 7.1 MJP

      LOL! A toy potato??? Mr. Potato Head Korean style?

  8. stars4u

    Before Best Love I never knew Cha Seung-won could be this hilarious! Complete with the “Give me back my panty!”

    • 8.1 ahjummabunny

      I thought he was funny in bodyguard and city hall. I keep seeing him joking around with mi rae. but that might just be bunny-fan-fiction.

  9. Mia

    His sex appeal is absolutely flooring. I have to pause while watching just to catch my breathe. Seriously, “How you dote on a 7 year old nephew and a 37 year old man are completely different.” – I think I’ll need a heart rate monitor while watching this show….

    (Final note – for me this is the best Hong Sister drama so far.)

    • 9.1 Severine

      Thank you, Hong sisters for casting CSW! I’ve loved him since City Hall. I agree, he’s very, very sexy. *fans herself* And I don’t feel bad about thinking that, because he’s not one of dem young uns–he’s a MAN!

      • 9.1.1 mary


      • 9.1.2 malta

        Dokko Jin is my favorite Hong sister’s leading man! I think it’s because he’s a man and not just a young guy or a teenager…I love the doctor too though because he is too sweet and just the kind of nerdy guy I adore. Best Love is very funny and just the kind of thing needed after 49days.

      • 9.1.3 Mia

        And what a man! *Sits in front of high speed fan*

        I not only think he’s the best male lead in a Hong sister’s drama so far but their female lead is awesome!

        ‘You are Beautiful’ got to me a bit because the female lead was so…..innocent. THESE two leads are really upping the sex appeal and un-braindead factor (like seriously, Hong Gil Dong’s female lead – her brain cell level was dangerously low.) I feel like I can trust them to not make me exasperated!

        Female lead? I love her.

        The second lead? Perfection.

        And then of course the main lead….Sexiest Ahjussi Ever.

        • Christy

          My thoughts exactly. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Severine

          Agreed. Ae-jung has a lot of common sense for a Hong Sisters lead girl, and I really like that about her. She’s innocent, but she’s not naive, and that’s a fine balance to strike. I’m truly enjoying and looking forward to more episodes of no facepalming at character stupidity. The other thing I’m looking forward to is more tension-filled interaction between the two leads…I mean, if CSW leaned in that close and earnestly told ME I was difficult…*goes off to buy high speed fan*

          • Mia

            What a breathe of fresh K-drama air that our cheeks aren’t bruised from the face palm!

            It really does get old, the whole “watching them for ten episodes not realize their mutual attraction”.

            I’m just so thrilled that we have IQs in this drama! And to be honest, I’m off the wall that the female character isn’t the first to be completely smitten! I like the dynamic of the male having to fight (himself – thank goodness) to be with our more then worthy female.

            ….not only tell you you were difficult….but then contemplate the whole night how he could have said it better (or should I have bought her a dress first?) EEEKKK! How dorky and cute!!!

          • kaigou

            It’s strange… Ae-Jung doesn’t seem innocent to me (she’s been tossed around way too much for that) so much as… someone who’s managed to retain some hope/belief in people’s innate goodness. It lets her remain optimistic despite having been through some pretty horrendous stuff. So not innocent, definitely knowledgeable (and like so many replies have said, finally a Hong sisters heroine who isn’t as dumb as a brick about her own feelings or anyone else’s!) — but at the same time, someone who’s held onto a basic goodness despite the cruelty of her industry.

            In a way, I think that’s why so many of Ae-Jung’s little self-deprecating throwaway lines hurt even more, because she knows the depth of what it means to admit she’s someone you wouldn’t want singing at a wedding … and yet she keeps fighting the good fight with her chin up. She’s not ignorant, and while I might enjoy a bumbling innocent fool (like 99% of the rest of the kdrama rom-com heroines), I don’t love them, not the way I love Ae-Jung, and possibly did from the very first episode.

            She knows what she’s up against, and she tries anyway, and that’s (in my book) far more interesting (and admirable) than someone who’s trying simply because she doesn’t have a clue what else she might do.

          • Kim Yoonmi


            Eeehh~ Choon Hyang knew her own feelings. That was their first drama. If you look at My Girl, she wasn’t slow on the pick up either. Then you have Fantasy Couple. She was abrasive, but not stupid. She was more like emotionally stunted to begin with, but once she hit the mark she kept with it.

            The only dense one on her feelings was in YAB. In Gumiho, Miho was *very* sure of her feelings. “I’ll eat you up.” First episode.

            In Hong Gil Dong… the turn around was a little slow, but not bad.

            So out of all the dramas, the only really, really slow one was in YAB. Hong sister have a nice solid history of making their female characters not dumb as bricks, work hard to get what they want, and *eventually* become in tune with their inner female selves. Some take longer, but YAB to the upfront Miho, I wouldn’t characterize any female character as particularly slow compared to other K-dramas.

  10. 10 kaigou

    Sometimes it feels like a big part of him getting carried away is due to the actor’s own delight/enjoyment over the role. Hasn’t CSW always played manly-man stoic-fighter types, in serious action-ey roles? From what I see, at least, this looks like a major departure for him, so no surprise he’s taken a little bit to find his footing.

    And sheesh, some of the quieter scenes and quick throwaway moments (and lines) in the last two episodes just broke my heart. (Winner being the “Pretend you didn’t see me, sorry,” line, which almost had me in tears, such a flawless broken little delivery from GHJ.)

    • 10.1 Programmer Ahjumma

      I just cried… at the end… and believe me I didn’t touch 49 days since ep 10… to say that I was in the mood… nop it just hit me

      it was a cliche very well managed by the crew… usually the same writers use cliches to make us laugh 2 days in a row… but this time they impressed me ….

    • 10.2 h311ybean

      I agree, but I also think that the overacting might also be in character because Jin’s not exactly the well-adjusted type. His world is very insulated and he’s not used to dealing with other people as ordinary human beings – they’re always connected with showbiz. So he’s groping (oooh, groping) for the right way to approach Ae-jung. I don’t think he’s found it yet, but he’s getting there!

      Having said that, I love that we’ve been able to see more of the hero’s vulnerability this past week. *SIIIIGH*

    • 10.3 ahjummabunny

      yeah, that part got me too. I wailed out loud. she’s amazing that young woman!

  11. 11 Programmer Ahjumma

    I like the drama … first of all I’m Hong sisters die hard fan …. but I barely can see Hwang Tae Kyung in jin…may because I watched that drama not just once or twice

    as usually Secondary lead syndrome hits me hard even though the same actor in Who are you (I have 2 eps till finish) doesn’t do a thing to me… as CSW does nothing for me in Best Love … however I love her… I love her starting from fashion and ending with her mannerism
    I rarely fall for the girl… I’m a shallow girl myself and I look for the guys… but this time she is a gem ๐Ÿ˜›

  12. 12 crazykillua

    Seen him in his first Hong Sister drama(City Hall) and it was fun!At first I was having trouble listening to his voice…but as time goes I realized that it is one of his charms..hahahahah…
    Mom: What are you laughing about?
    Me: Pantyman
    Mom: Oh, watching Best Love again?
    Me: DING DONG!

    • 12.1 Minnetter

      actually City Hall isn’t a Hong sisters drama… I’ve watched all of their dramas and CH isn’t one of them…

    • 12.2 MJP


  13. 13 JAM

    How true! you’ve got to see Cha Seung-won to appreciate him and he’s charismatic big time. Not my type of guy but Ep 5/6, got to pause to catch my breath a few times. Pil-joo… sigh… he’s so adorable when he says want to have a son like him got to marry someone like him and grins. Cuteness overload!

    • 13.1 malta

      soooo cute. I don’t know if men realize how often women think things like “I would like a son like you,” as an expression of approval / attraction and how much of a compliment that is coming from a women…Listen up guys! Like CSW says, you can learn a thing or two from romantic comedies!

      Also Pil joo would make the such cute kids it’s almost wrong!

  14. 14 Kiara

    Best Love FTW. I heart everything about it.

  15. 15 My2Girls

    I have to admit I never thought much of CSW’s acting prior to this drama. However, I am revising my opinion. He has been accused of being over the top in this piece but I think his use of extremes is brilliant! The crazy (some could argue manic) ups help to make the more romantic and subtle moments breathtaking. For example, when he pulls her to his cheek to kiss him (with the red lipstick) and she pulls away (and you can tell she is feeling something) he gives an almost imperceptible grin and it just killed me! I really think he is doing a wonderful job and even though I would consider leaving my husband for Yoon Kye Sang (yum!) I love KSW to bits in this drama.

    • 15.1 Noi

      Exactly! The fact that he is so over the top and completely insane makes those quiet, romantic moments even more intense. I am LOVING CSW as Dokko Jin.

    • 15.2 antonia

      i love the over the top moments, that crazy laugh, those screams, the way he uses his hands to scare AJ, his PAntys!!!! all those i adore and want them every now and them, and yes the make the subtle moments more powerful.
      i agree with you that little smile he made after the kiss is Killing!!!! or the way he looks at her after pororo hit his eyes, when he’s so close to her… <3

      • 15.2.1 JAM

        Definitely Crazy Dokko-jin! His madness is a pleasure to behold plus you’ve got to be sort of crazy to in show biz, right? ๐Ÿ˜›

  16. 16 girlatsea

    “Magnetic” is a good way to describe him. He kind of draws you in.

    I’m also really glad he toned down the crazy a little. But I’m still rooting for Pil-joo. I can’t get that a adorkable smile out of mind. I might sacrifice some sleepy time to watch the actor who plays him in the drama Who Are You?

  17. 17 Jomo

    I went to wiki to learn about bringing the heat. I found an article about CSW. I am not even lying:

    Combustion (English pronunciation: /kษ™mหˆbสŒs.tสƒษ™n /) or burning is the sequence of exothermic chemical reactions between a viewer and a Cha Seung Won accompanied by the production of heat and conversion of chemical species. The release of heat can result in the production of love in the form of either glowing or a flame. Fuels of interest often include Kim Sun Ah, Gong Hyo-jin and javabeans.

    Wow! They are right!

    • 17.1 Qd

      OMG x 2 ! You had me at Combustion ! lmao !! Jomo I think you are A-W-E-S-O-M-E !!!!!

      • 17.1.1 MJP

        Ba Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


        Jomo, you crack me up!

    • 17.2 birdscout

      LOL! Love your dictionary entry, jomo!

      OFF TOPIC: @jomo

      I just watched your lovely family video and enjoyed it very much. Thank you for sharing! I feel honored as a fellow dramabeans reader. I have a question. I live in the Toronto area and noticed the Red Rocket streetcar in the opening scene and Toronto’s Chinatown later in the vid. But doesn’t your family live in the US? Just curious:)

      • 17.2.1 Jomo

        Thank you and I hoped a Canadian would have noticed the Torontoness of those scenes.
        We live in Williamsville, which is pretty, but devoid of culture.
        We did the 2hour drive up there on a gorgeous August day.
        I love going up there, but I have to beg my family to make the trek. You are so lucky!!
        Do you know the Korean restaurant we were in in the movie?

        • birdscout

          Hope the food was yummy! Just going by the colour of paint on the walls, I’m going to guess the restaurant is Bu-Chang (spelling?) soon tofu restaurant. I’ve only eaten once at their Mississauga location and my family was disappointed by the food.

    • 17.3 absothe

      LoL!! But it is soo true though

  18. 18 diorama

    I can’t imagine anyone other than CSW as Dokko Jin now. Sexy, charismatic, off-the-wall wacky, and romantic. Jeez, he’s even edging out my PilJoo.

    He’s a little unique as a Hong sisters lead because he’s much older…some of the lines and situations wouldn’t have worked with younger leads. For example, the end of episode 6 – I can’t see Lee Seung Gi or Jang Geun Suk carrying that, even if they are talented.

    • 18.1 kaigou

      Absolutely — this is fast becoming my favorite Hong sisters drama overall. I think a lot of that’s because the lines that sound sort of ridiculous in the mouth of an 18-yr-old (or even someone in their early 20s)… it works, here. It’s like things take on an additional gravitas when you know the character’s actually been on the planet long enough to have gone through crap, as opposed to (no offense to the college students on the blog, of course) being barely legal drinking age and bemoaning your life being over.

      When any of the lead characters from YB or DGCH or MGiaG (or even HGD, sometimes) sound pitiful… they just sound pitiful. As much as I love ’em, I want to smack ’em and tell ’em they haven’t got a clue how hard life can hurt. But these characters — they’ve got a clue. They didn’t just fall off the turnip truck yesterday (and neither did the actors playing them). Somehow it lends everything a kind of weight, y’know?

      • 18.1.1 My2Girls

        Kaigou – I could not have said it better myself. As an “older” member of this blog I agree with your assessment 100%. I especially like when you wrote “As much as I love โ€˜em, I want to smack โ€˜em and tell โ€˜em they havenโ€™t got a clue how hard life can hurt.” I love the youngsters too (I am embarrassed to admit how many times I have watched YAB) but sometimes I roll my eyes up into my head so hard I am worried they will stick!

      • 18.1.2 faricsyung

        You worded it so perfectly!

      • 18.1.3 Mia

        I wanted to comment on your above comment too! Both really resonated with my own thoughts.

        Firstly (on your above comment), while I do think that CSW is doing some “over the top” reactions with some of the comedy bits I am enjoying them thoroughly. It’s like he’s been doing “action” and “bad guy” for so long that to have him enjoying (presumably) comedy so much strikes my own enjoyment. He pulls of the romantic bits to a stunning degree. It should be illegal to do what he does with his eyes in the “car scene” -….but not really ๐Ÿ™‚

        I like that the feelings are made known right away (I can’t tell you how much I like this). The female lead is not waiting till the 26th hour to realize her own attraction, or at least, potential weakness to the male leads attraction.

        I simply can’t praise it enough. This drama is fantastic.

        • MJP


          You just made me think, “I wonder if he practices his lines with his wife!” I am laughing at the thought!!!!!!

          I mean it would be fun practicing these line with a spouse, but could you imagine practicing the Athena lines? Husband growls at wife, “I’m gonna kill you!!!” then throws some punches and whatever fighty stuff goes on there after.

          The kids come home with their friends and the friends wonder, (Maybe we should leave???? Or call the police???) as Cha Seung Won and his wife act out the scenes.

          • Mia

            OMG! Hehehehe!


            Can spouses be so lucky!?!!?

            Now that you have awoken this thought process in my mind I simply will not be able to function (not like I was doing too well before.)

            Maybe that’s why they have been married for 21-some years….”line practicing”….

            I think I’m hyperventilating.

      • 18.1.4 Sethe

        I love everything you said here! Yes, these characters (and actors) are older and have been through some crap, and that does somehow make everything seem more genuine, or real, or serious, or something… a kind of weight, as you said.

        I think, also, that, as much as Dokko Jin is spoiled and often immature and clueless about other people’s feelings (not to mention just plain wacky, which I kinda love), it’s also true that he had open heart surgery, which is no small thing — his obsession with control actually has real life-or-death stakes, and isn’t just a character quirk (like a Hwang Tae-kyung, for example).

        Thanks so much for posting this interview, javabeans, and feeding my CSW obsession ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Mia

          Oh! I like what you said about his obsession!

          I also noticed that in episode 4 he closed his eyes to not see her accepting a rose from PJ, closed his eyes to not look at his heart rate. Then of course in episode 6 he closed his eyes to not see her hug PJ and cry over his..”proposition”

          She’s his first love and he’s a 37 year old man who might be 37 and sexually…oriented (that 7 year old/37 year old doting comment….rawr), but also quite childish (if I can’t see it, it doesn’t exist). I appreciate the levels.

          It’s not so easy as “Perfect Male who gets very jealous but also is shy and nervous over holding hands” – I’ve seen to many of them. I frankly think they are a bit illogical and safe. I haven’t seen enough of the refreshingly imperfect male and not-dumb-as-a-rock (and 18th century chastity filled) female.

          *sigh* I can’t stay away from this Best Love news…..I’m willingly and unabashedly in love.

  19. 19 natus

    I always find myself rooting for the second lead in Korean romantic comedies, and it’s not the exception with Pil-joo. I’m in love with him, and hope she picks him. Jin seems like an egocentric, neurotic star. While Pil is sweet, charming, smart. He has the whole package.

    • 19.1 MJP

      That was a very realistic comment. In reality, the second lead is always the better choice. They would be more stable in a long term relationship.

      With the character Dokko Jin, it would be a very bumpy ride for a long term relationship.

      • 19.1.1 Jomo

        Sometimes more challenging is more interesting long term. Unpredictable is better long term, I think.

        I like that from the minute she met him his hands in the van, she couldn’t tolerate his rudeness, and let him know that immediately.

        Why did she not just walk away? What in her made her feel she needed to school him? Despite her own problems in the industry, she really does want to help other people navigate the dangerous waters of their very public careers.
        Kind of a “Listen, don’t do what I did. You WILL pay for it.”

        And when she found out who the hands belonged to? Her interest increased more. She must have decided he NEEDED her advice, right? He needs HER. The doctor does not need her. (I think I am covering what others said now.)

        • th em

          Yeah, I just… Hmm.

          I mean, there’s definitely nothing wrong with Pil Joo. I love the actor, he’s doing a great job, and the character’s adorable.

          But somehow I feel like Ae Jung’s personality fits so much better with Jin’s.

          One thing that stood out to me was the way the first “real” connection was made between each of the guys and Ae Jung.

          Pil Joo was apparently drawn to Ae Jung after he completely couldn’t understand her or what just happened that first time they met. (Okay, I would maybe argue that this wasn’t a real “real” connection between them, but Show seems bound and determined to act like it is. And at least half of Pil Joo’s interaction with Ae Jung has been wondering what the heck is up with her, so the point stands.)

          Meanwhile, Jin’s first sign of being drawn to Ae Jung was when he did understand her. They went out of their way to make a point of explaining that he answered the phone for the quiz because, even if it was just for a second and against his own will, he really understood how she felt. (Not to mention that he totally “got” all of her clues.)

          And yes, you could completely tear this whole idea apart by pointing out the number of times Pil Joo’s acted in a sympathetic way toward Ae Jung. Or by pointing out that if Jin really understood how Ae Jung feels maybe he wouldn’t be such a crazy ass all the time. Go ahead, I won’t stop you.

          Still, all lovelines aside, Ae Jung’s primary issue is that she’s misunderstood. So it fits that she’d end up with the one who understands her better. And all crazy-assiness aside, I feel like that’s gotta be Jin.

          • antonia

            i need to watch those old episodes again.
            and yes he felt the connection with AJ at that moment. i think there’s more depth and understanding between AJ & Jin than AJ & PJ. and i really love how he discuss his sentiments with aj so honestly. he’s so lonely and aj is bringing out the better of him. very slowly i know, but you can’t change 37 years in one day, and in episode 5 and 6 he tried hard.
            also i don’t think aj feels any atracction for PJ, that’s why she’s so clueless about his advances. he is just a good man to her. but with jin she has feelings and atracction even if she’s afraid of it. i mean she’s afraid of his potato.

    • 19.2 malta

      This is very true. The second leads are usually a better partner, but most of us can’t love with our brains so we sometimes pick the ‘lesser’ man. Definitely love Pil joo, but I can’t wait till we learn a little bit more about him because he is just too perfect!…I mean he must eat in bed or drink straight out of the milk carton or something.

  20. 20 KBC12


  21. 21 absothe

    I just saw pirates of the caribbean(again)… Doesn’t Dokko Jin sometime seem like the korean Jack Sparrow? I was half expecting Jack to do a manic laugh a la Dokko Jin…

    • 21.1 lw

      Yes yes!! I though I was the only one thinking this! the exaggerated acting and drawl of Dokko Jun reminds me of Jack Sparrow.

      And BOTH CSW and Johnny Depp are dripping sex appeal!!

      • 21.1.1 tomboy26

        Agree on both counts!!

        Oh the mental images of Johnny Depp and CSW that are going through my head right now .. I should stop or else I wouldn’t be able to stop the drooling XD

      • 21.1.2 Sethe

        Oh, yes! They both have insane charisma, magnetism, and raw sex appeal, along with gorgeously expressive dark eyes. (I love me some dark eyes and dark hair.)

    • 21.2 th em

      So that’s why they had the strangely prominent Pirates 3 poster in the movie theater bathroom a couple episodes ago…

      As for Dokko’s crazy, I enjoy it. Maybe it’s because I’m watching the raws without knowing Korean, but I say he can flail away and be as over the top as he wants.

    • 21.3 KDrama Fan

      Absothe, you’re totally right!

    • 21.4 Jellybeaniebaby

      Waaaaaaah!!! I was thinking the same thing!!!

  22. 22 ruky

    I am soo thankful that lee seung gi was not casted in this drama because Ddong go ji is Awesome!!!

    • 22.1 Mia

      Totally agree! I like him but….I think we wouldn’t have this same sex appeal with his boyish image.

  23. 23 Samira de Souza Sanches

    I really love him in City Hall, it’s one of my favorite dramas ever. I have a thing for actors who do the tortured/pained hero well, like the guy from Prosecutor Princess. And also, soooo sexy!

    • 23.1 Akosirhenz

      omo :> yeah
      are you talking about Lawyer Seo ?
      Definitely .. Love it <3 <3

  24. 24 rose

    ahh all the hong sister drama wait hong gil dong i dint watch it yet i love all of them … and i love city hall basically for kim sun ah but watching best love i come to really appreciate dokko jin

  25. 25 Eunha

    I don’t think Dokko Jin is acting over the top. I don’t know I feel like his exaggerated style fits right in with the character. It’s like his trademark, I suppose.

    I’ve been enjoying this drama since the first episode and the last drama I felt this excited and crazy about was Kim Sam Soon. . .a good six years ago. LOL.

  26. 26 Zie

    Love this drama.. Thou, the first 2 episode kind of made me >_<" and wondering if I'm gonna love this drama. It makes me think 'Is this will be the only Hong sisters drama that I would not like' But after watching spisode 3,4 and 5… I LOVE it.. It was awesome… JIN is one crazy dude.. I was like Wth dude…. xDDDD

    'while his magnetic enough that I swear heโ€™s generated his own gravity'

    Oh gosh Javabean…… So true for this one. There is something about him that make me WOW sexy…. and for me, he is not that good looking but he sure know and able to pull me to him.. Like really pull him.. xDDD

  27. 27 jessica

    Im loving this drama like everyone else but a part me wishes that gong hyo jin’s part was played by kim sun ah. CSW and KSA had so much chemistry in city hall that I wanted to see them again here. I wonder if they ever dated in real life (CSW and KSA).

    • 27.1 tikaa

      csw is married with a 21 yo son and daughter.. hihihi

  28. 28 antonia

    i think so far Best Love is the best Hong Sisters drama i’ve seen. and i know it’s because the good script, the music is fine, the cast amazing, but what made this drama a winner in my heart is CSW. The man rocks, and it’s not only his magnetism (he got tons of that) it’s the awesome acting, he turn me 360ยบ, from happy, to mad, to sad, to excited, to swooning, to crazy again, to flustered, my heart is really having a hard time with all the emotions this guy awakens.
    i can’t imagine other actor who can pull Jin as CSW is doing it.
    thanks for the interview i’m so happy to know a little of what’s in his mind while playing jin

  29. 29 Christy

    This is the best Hong Sisters drama ever! Congratulations to the actors and crew. Well done!!!

  30. 30 b

    I agree Dokko Jin did cross that line, especially in episode 5, when he cut off Ae-jung’s car and almost forcibly dragged her away. If it were another person suffering Dokko Jin’s lunacy, someone not as sweet and easygoing as Gu Ae-jung, she would’ve already asked for a restraining order. By episode 6, he started to crank up the charm and I was on his side again. But just as quickly, he became deranged with suspicion and jealousy. He’s becoming his own worst enemy.

    I’m sure that will change, though ๐Ÿ˜€

    • 30.1 MJP

      Your comment reminds me of what happened in Secret Garden. The scene where Joo-won forces Ra-im to sleep with him. It definitely was a big frowner on the DB website.


      Don’t quite know why the Kdrama writers need to write their male leads to have quite the violent/unwanted tendencies when interacting with the female lead. Do Korean women like this kind of thing? Or is this a socially acceptable practice in Korea?

      Just wondering…

      • 30.1.1 garcia_marina

        yeah, i notice this behavior in almost all the kdramas i’ve watched…example: man drags woman, a caveman’s stunt i must say…man being rude to woman…man knock’s woman’s head or vice versa, parents being physically violent towards their children…i’m thinking maybe this is how koreans really do their thing…

      • 30.1.2 Mia


        I was slack-jawed that whole scene. I think I would have been more forgiving (purely on a “I-was-expecting-this” level) if their female lead was one who was the ping-pong ball for male affection type. But Ha Ji Won’s character was supposed to be strong and self sufficient, making it all the more a blow that the writer went “there”.

        Forcing a girl on the bed, wrapping your leg around her body, and preventing her to leave or move (even after she attempted to lock you out of the room numerous times)…..and the girl likes it?

        That’s not romance, that’s Stockholm syndrome.

      • 30.1.3 b

        I know, right? In 49 Days, Yi-kyung/Ji-hyun did suffer many wrist-grabbing moments from the male leads. As much as I loved Kang-ah, I couldn’t help but winced a little when he would suddenly pull Yi-kyung away, or when he used her arms to play tug-o-war with Min-ho. I was thinking there are plenty better ways to get her attention. Perhaps, ask nicely? That usually works for me.

        • Kim Yoonmi

          Adds to the drama in K-drama land. You don’t think that other countries also have arm grabbing?

          So far, Japan, Korea, China, the US, France, England all have arm grabbing. Tug of war with the woman, all the above. India, which has a limited amount of touching rule, only does it maybe once, but not really. But overturn that rule in their culture and I bet it would happen too.

          Oh and I think I’ve seen the arm grab in Fillipino movies too. (just before the angsting part.)

          Don’t ask story to reflect reality, because reality isn’t as interesting. Watching someone go from and to work stuck in traffic and then do their job isn’t interesting.

      • 30.1.4 bd

        That, along with pretty much everything else, made “SG” a mess.

        It was totally unbelievable that HJW’s character, who repeatedly complained about being basically stalked by HB’s character for 2/3rd of the series, to all of a sudden, fall deeply in love w/ said stalker.

        Also, I wouldn’t take this as anything really having to do w/ social mores in Korea – just makes for good drama and tension.

        Case in point, in “MGIAG”, SMA’s character “made the move” on LSG’s character a no. of times.

      • 30.1.5 malta

        Dokko jin is on the crazy side, but I think it goes with the character and the tone of the show (especially with the variety show theme). One of the best parts about the show is how Dokko jin’s celebrity personality and his real personality are complete opposites and the same is true for our wonderful heroine. Dokko jin’s real personality is as crazy in real life as Ae jung’s is sweet. Polar opposites of what the public thinks.

        I wouldn’t go so far as to compare the car scene with the bed scene from Secret Garden since there was no sexual aspect to it or physical contact…or bed. But it is true that some of the male leads in dramas are incredibly domineering.

        But, at the same time, there’s always that aspect of suspense of disbelief on the part of the audience watching these dramas. Everything about this drama is exaggerated and wacky because it’s for entertainment or social commentary, not to directly mirror reality or necessarily dictate moral behavior.

        As for the wrist grabbing thing, I think the Hong sisters gave us a really sweet scene where Pil joo comforted Ae jung by showing her the pressure point on her wrist (one of my *favorite* scenes so far!) He held her wrist in such a thoughtful and caring way. It was a rare kdrama ‘wrist grab’ that broke the mold….probably why so many of us have second lead syndrome!

      • 30.1.6 Kim Yoonmi

        For some reason people think what happens in dramas is real life. That, I really don’t get.

        Do people in NYC really live in a big apartment that has to cost at least 2,000 dollars a month on a 10 dollar, 40 hour week job? Like in Friends? Do people in India really sing song in chorus at what seems like random? Do people in Japan really lecture for an hour and a half on how you should talk about feelings? Do people in China really do monologues to themselves introducing their family for half an hour?

        Any industry is going to exaggerate, especially in comedies–it’s funny. It’s like thinking that Mel Brooks of the US is telling you that he got a picture taken with the real Jesus, or that Moses really had 3 tablets. You take it too seriously. The Man-child in Dokko Jin is just plain funny. I don’t get how you think that must also be reality.

        Besides which, he’s manipulating his careful image and fame for effect, yes?

        Go back to the older dramas and it’s not that way–there is a man type for every era as the needs of women change era to era in the quest to find a man she would care for.

        Besides which, in My Princess, as I put in the comments, Hae Young-ssi was damned cute. He was the “Too perfect to be true” type. Personal Taste, too perfect to be true type. Prosecutor Princess, a mix of the two, oddly enough.

        Hae Young-ssi, gets my Korean side melting and then boiling at the same time. C’mon, a man that will do face treatments, that is into doing your hair, wears a 3-piece suit, supports what the woman wants, is willing to adapt to the woman, AND looks good in a towel. He’s the “Too good to be true” and “You wish he existed in real life” type.

        DJ, just makes me amused. And I’m willing to laugh through it. Bring on the exaggeration!

        Gross generalizations off of dramas is really a bad idea.

  31. 31 nixxochick

    i just love CSW..hes so manly and just plain sexy

    • 31.1 malta

      …he looks really good wearing sunglasses.

      • 31.1.1 Jomo

        โ€ฆhe looks really good wearing shower water, too.

        • MJP

          Yep, so far two episodes with shower scenes. I wonder if the Hong sisters will write some more into the future scripts???

  32. 32 BLue

    I love this drama. Each actor plays their part so well, like one knows how to end the sentence while the next one knows how to begin it. Just amazing. Love it love it love it.

    • 32.1 BLue

      also, chemistry is off the wall

      • 32.1.1 tari

        Yup, the chemistry is awesome, I watch Pasta and Thank You, but maybe because both drama is kinda so-so for me, I never pay to much attention to GHJ’s acting chop but in best love..now I knew why a lot of people love her, she’s so subtle and natural, I mean you can see what’s going on in her mind just by seeing her give a lil smirk to Dokko-jin.

  33. 33 chloe

    Just finished watching ep. 6 and I’m completely vested. I’m really loving this drama. I can’t wait until the next episode. I’m so smitten with CSW (again). There is something so sexy about him. He is extremely charismatic and raw beyond traditional good-looking. His eyes are so expressive. I find him more attractive as he ages: he is like fine wine. Love him without the stache.

    I’m feeling the chemistry between him and GHJ. They are two solid actors. It’s refreshing to watch.

  34. 34 Niki

    He’s absolutely awesome! This is probably the first drama that ever got me hooked from the get-go. i usually “try-out” a drama by jumping in at the 1/2way point. I wasn’t even keen bout CSW as the romantic lead (only knew about him through Athena D: what HAVE i been missing???!! ) but here…gosh……you can here him sizzle 1/2 a mile away. Bring on Dokko Jin. I’ll be rooting for him and his chicken.

    • 34.1 tari

      you haven’t watch City Hall?? Go watch it..and you’ll be under CSW’s spell for good..which is bad cause you can’t get enough of him..and start collecting his shower scenes..

      • 34.1.1 Eva

        I soo agree ahh city hall is what hooked me onto him what expressive eyes! Is athena good?

        • antonia

          i’m watching athena right now, i think it’s worth watching, now and then i thas dull moments, but overall i found it really entertaining (once you accept the argument has flaws, but what drama hasn’t). and what’s more important CSW scenes are so sexy, he’s really a sexy badass!!!! i keep droling everytime he’s on screen ๐Ÿ˜›

          and niky please watch CH you won’t regret it. i’m telling this not because i love CSW, but because The drama is really Awesome, best drama i’ve ever seen

      • 34.1.2 Niki

        “Start collecting his shower scenes”??? i couldn’t stop blushing when they showed CSW showering in ep4. *lol* i don’t think i have enough blood to sustain me throw all his past shower scenes. XD

        I think i will give CH a try. Was checking out CH’s trailer the other day and it sort of got me interested. CSW really turned on the charm in the space of 2mins.

        • antonia

          start collecting his shower scenes? how many there are??? 1 in City Hall 2 in Best Love???
          just 3 ๐Ÿ™

          • bourbon

            Where is the second one in Best Love?! Don’t tell me missed it!

          • antonia

            episode 1 and episode 4 (before panty scene!!!)

          • tari

            @ Antonia
            3 pictures of a man taking shower not to mention several pictures of him shirtless, that makes me questioned my sanity far too many times..

  35. 35 anais

    I envy his wife. And pity her simultaneously. Can’t be easy being married to a man who can elicit such primal responses at will.

    • 35.1 Mia

      Hahaha such a….reverent comment. I can see why they have been married for so long…I mean….could YOU get tired of CSW?…Could you stay OFF CSW? All very good questions that I will have to contemplate in a bath of ice water.

    • 35.2 Leina

      Hahahaha so true, but if I were his wife, I would strut my way down the streets every friggin day, because I AM MRS. CSW and HE GOES HOME TO ME. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • 35.3 anais

      @Mia & Leina… exactly.

      On a totally unrelated note. I was totally struck by CSW’s discussion of his acting from a very technical standpoint. I guess I was so struck because he’s so effective in his portrayals and because he’s so obviously self-aware of his occupation as a craft.

  36. 36 Natalie

    Love him, love the show! He is just so sexy

  37. 37 Arhazivory

    This guy has fast become a favourite character for everyone. I love him and I also love Pil Joo to bits too because he is too cute. How can he express everything so well with his expressions? lol.

  38. 38 Leina

    YES!!!! CSW is Dokko Jin! He totally owns the role and I like him even better than Tae Kyung because for all his bluster and tactlessness and confusion about his feelings, when he realized that he really likes Ae Jung, he was man enough to declare it and accept the consequence and didn’t hide behind the trite push-and-pull. While I’m sure he never expected Ae Jung to reject him (after all, he’s Dokko Jin), I think his love declaration was so poignant because he went all in, went for broke and didn’t let up. In other words, he’s a MAN. An immature one in some respects, maybe, but a man I can totally respect and fall for.

    I love pantyman and the Hong sisters, and CSW is slowly inching his way up as my favorite male lead ๐Ÿ˜€ HOTTTTTTT! SWOOOOOOOON!!!

  39. 39 tari

    Cha Seung-won, you’ve got my mind in the gutter..this is bad..I’m not the most eloquent speaker, so I thought I would borrow a few words from Bob Dylan:

    “Everywhere you go itโ€™s enough to break hearts
    Someone always gets hurt, a fire always starts
    You were too hot to handle, you were breaking every vow
    I trusted you baby, you can trust me now”

    please give me back my sanity…

    • 39.1 CSW Management

      Sanity will be temporarily returned at the end of the Best Love Finale… Possibly… No Guarantees… All Sales Are Final…

      We promise to put CSW in another drama or movie in the future… Possibly… No Guarantees… All Sales Are Final…

      *NOTE: These comments do not reflect any reality whatsoever. Sanity cannot be restored unless treated by a trained professional.

      • 39.1.1 antonia

        CSW Management don’t play with my feelings please. i really want a new CSW drama or movie. the alternative: made Best Love longer!!!!!

  40. 40 bd

    While it took a few eps for “BL” to get on its track with regard to the relationships, that really couldn’t be helped b/c it took some time to set up the backgrounds for the leads and for their relationships to progress.

    In contrast, “MGIAG” started with a “bang” b/c once the Gumiho took human-form, she was pretty much attached to the hip w/ LSG’s character (also, it was easier to set up the love-triangle w/ the Gumiho-hunter, but that part never really fulfilled its potential).

    Nonetheless, the 1st few eps of “BL” was pretty entertaining and a lot of that had to do w/ the character of DJ and CSW’s portrayal of him.

    Yeah, some of it was over-the-top but I was totally fine w/ it b/c it was (1) hilarious and (2) I could definitely see DJ (as in “I’m Dokko Jin – big Hallyus star”) being that way.

    DJ’s mix of neuroses, ego and insecurities reminds me in a way of KJH’s character in “Coffee House” – who was a mix of having a high opinion of himself, eccentricity and underlying demons.

    Definitely made their characters interesting (if the main or both male leads were “nice boys” like Pil-joo, it would make for a duller rom-com) which makes the series more interesting.

    And I’m not so sure if it is CSW “toning it down” as much as it is the character of DJ changing (maturing a bit); the fact that in btwn these moments of new-found maturity we see DJ resorting back to his “old ways” when he has been hurt (defensive mechanism) leads me to believe that it’s more DJ changing.

    Speaking of DJ changing – the scene where DJ gets out of his car to show “Ding Dong’s” classmates that he wasn’t lying and goes out of his way to take photos and tells Ding Dong that it’s OK to spread the fact that he is close w/ DJ was not only hilarious, but really showed the change in DJ (btw, DD is such a cute kid).

    While the character of Ae-jung is the heart of the show and the “straight-person” to DJ’s antics – the character of DJ is what really moves the series along.

    • 40.1 anais

      In total agreement.

    • 40.2 malta

      Interesting. I want to learn more about Dokko jin before he met Ae jung because we really haven’t seen that. I say that because I’m not sure if Dokko jin is really maturing (as in discovering new things) as opposed to just showing a side of himself he either doesn’t normally show or hasn’t had the chance to show.

      Dokko jin says he’s never liked anyone before, but really…you would have to be pretty hard hearted to be 37 and never liked anyone before… I also wonder what happened to his heart that he needed an operation and how that might relate to how he acts now as opposed to before his surgery. I guess the Hong sisters are doing a good job since we’re interested in the characters! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • 40.2.1 kaigou

        just showing a side of himself he either doesnโ€™t normally show or hasnโ€™t had the chance to show

        That’s my theory, that his quieter/more-raw points are where he’s dropping the bluster (or letting go of the compulsion to ‘play it up’ for an audience). Like when he tries to encourage Ae-Jung and ends up only mocking, belittling, and insulting her (despite his attempts otherwise) — he’s screwing up b/c he’s ‘on’ for some audience, and he’s still learning that he doesn’t need to perform for Ae-Jung, not in that way. His over-the-top antics are forgivable, to me, because he’s never had a chance (or allowed himself the chance?) to dial it down and be honest, but by eps 5 & 6 he’s already starting to show signs of trying.

        That can’t be an easy way to play a character, because it requires a lot of layers and subtlety, but I think he’s doing an excellent job so far.

      • 40.2.2 anais

        Iโ€™m not sure if Dokko jin is really maturing (as in discovering new things) as opposed to just showing a side of himself he either doesnโ€™t normally show or hasnโ€™t had the chance to show.

        That is maturing, in its own way.

      • 40.2.3 Jomo

        could just have been too busy to have a real relationship because his management pushed him to make money for them,
        his management never approved of the women he was interested in,
        someone else mentioned his health problems could have eclipsed any attempt at, ummm, love,
        and HE’S A JERK who has no problem hurting this girl’s feelings over and over. Even after she told him poop came out of him every time he talked, he kept insulting her.

        Nobody ever corrected him before because his entourage treated like Henry the Eighth.

        So why now, does he start to mend his ways? Was it just the song Dugun Dugum that triggered his transformation, or was it the girl?

  41. 41 Silly

    He has such sexy appeal!! Cannot imagine he’s 41 this yr! To think i share e same bdae as this sexy god! I like e scene where he helped Ae Jung place her beautiful lips on his cheek n then smiled to himself after that.. Awwww… Simply made my heart go beyond e safety range of 60-90!

  42. 42 bd

    Granted, this is only the 3rd Hong sisters series I’ve watched – the other 2 being “Hong Gil Dong” and “MGIAG”, but even at this early point in “BL”, I have to say that this is the best Hong sisters drama.

    “HGD” was a borderline wreck; the story dragged and the dialogue wasn’t that interesting.

    SYR’s character was an idiot and the bad acting made it worse.

    Even KJH was HGD was irritating b/c he kept repeating the same mannerisms over and over again.

    The best part of “HGD” was Kim Ri Na who played the daughter of a Minister who felt an attraction to HGD (it’s too bad that her career seems to have stalled when she was the one who left the most striking impression from watching “HGD”).

    “MGIAG” was all about Shin Min ah and her character. The secondary love interests and the secondary characters were all pretty much “meh” (the blooming relationship btwn the Aunt and the Director, while good for laughs, didn’t really have any emotional bearing underneath).

    Even LSG’s character and acting was so-so (couldn’t quite believe LSG as a “ladies man”, much less an “action star”).

    With “BL”, however, the Hong sisters have done a fine job in not only developing the love-triangle relationship in a believable manner, but also giving us secondary characters that seem real, aren’t just superficial stereotypes, and contribute something to the series (in terms of secondary characters, “Coffee Prince” still takes the cake, but Hong sisters here have come closer than any other writers for a rom-com).

    President Moon, Jenny, “Ding Dong”, DJ’s manager (the least annoying of all the manager/assistant type; one of the worst was HB’s character’s assistant in “SG”) and even Ae-jung’s goofy brother/Manager all bring something to the series.

    Pil-joo’s mother is too sterotypical and thus, not feeling anything there.

    Also, not feeling anything for Yoo Inna or her character (while she’s not a total, over-the-top b!tch as is usual in so many dramas, there’s really nothing remotely interesting about her).

    Maybe I’m being a bit harsh, but I didn’t see what all the hoopla was about YI in “SG” either (yeah, I guess YI is kinda pretty, but in a bland, generic sort of way).

    YI’s character is mostly just self-centered and a bit spoiled. In certain ways, it reminds me of the younger sister in “Coffee Prince” – but there, the character was beautifully written and actress Yoon Young Ah made that role her own.

  43. 43 Sethe

    Did anyone else wonder for a second if Dokko Jin was gonna chuck that potato at Pil-joo’s head at the end of episode 6?

    • 43.1 Mia

      I, “Awww”-ed when I saw your comment….I think I got the CSW disease bad Sethe.

      • 43.1.1 Sethe

        Yes… sigh… my greatest comfort in my affliction is coming to this site to see that I’m not alone in my almost-crazed obsession with this oh-so-magnetic man.

        • kukay

          Haha!!! Me too…I just love CSW that it’s bordering on insanity.

    • 43.2 antonia

      i not only think but wish he will!!!! i know i’m blind when it comes to Jin. totally on his side

    • 43.3 Jomo

      That would be fantastic.
      Like Chul Su-ah’s car walk.
      He just can’t stop himself.

      • 43.3.1 antonia

        that scene was hilarious!!!! or when he throw the water bucket on them!!!!

  44. 44 Kim

    I felt like for the past week Pil Joo gut stuffed into the typical Hong sisters second lead territory. He seemed interesting and funny in the beginning but now his character is slowing down. Although Yoon Kye Sang’s strong performance makes this the most lovable of all the Hong sisters secondary hero for me.

    • 44.1 Mia

      I hope he doesn’t though! He is SUCH a great second lead with so much potential to be a FANTASTIC second lead (you know, one that isn’t doomed to misery and the female character’s not-even-one-percent liking.)

      Because let’s be honest. As great a concept as giving your heart to ONE person is (and as chaste as that makes normal kdrama female leads) it is far more logical to be a bit swayed by someone like…say a handsome, cute, smile-that-kills, Dr. PJ.

      So I do hope the Hong sisters use YKS wisely and let him live up to his “conflicted female” potential. They have SO much going for them with having two such great male leads I would hate to see them not use it!

      • 44.1.1 aquastarr92

        Yiu took the words out of my mouth. Or fingers.

  45. 45 mika

    this is my first csw drama and i find his dokko jin character rather endearing. on learning that he acted in athena, i quickly marathoned that drama (was in my hdd for ages). i just could not believe the constrast in the two characters he portrayed. i was rooting for his bad character to change but that was not to be.

    he is not my idea of a good-looking guy but he somehow grew on me and i find him quite charming. for a middle age married actor with grown children, he is quite a guy! you are one lucky lady mrs csw!

    now where can i get my hands on city hall …..

    • 45.1 garcia_marina

      i’m currently downloading city hall from d-addicts.com or u can watch online at dramacrazy.net…csw and kim sun ah’s chemistry is also nice…

      • 45.1.1 mika

        many thanks!

        • bee

          you could also download the hardsubbed videos by band of nuts. just google band of nuts city hall and voila! =)

    • 45.2 kukay

      You can also download the torrent file from isohunt.:>

  46. 46 red

    cha seung won has a lot of sex appeal….and i admit more so than the younger korean actors i like

  47. 47 cursed by karma

    How can I find a guy more than twice my age to be so friggin’ hot?!
    Dammit, CSW! You’re making me into (more of) a weirdo!

    (Just kidding. I’m glad that I’ve been introduced to CSW through Best Love.)

  48. 48 hAil3Y

    I actually think he’s crossed a line abit with the crazyness LOL.

  49. 49 miso

    agreed ladies!! I’m swooning over CSW <3 <3 I didn't like GHJ after watching pasta, but i realize its how her character was written.

    • 49.1 Mia

      I know! I’m sorry to say I was actually (gasp) disappointed when they cast her in ‘Best Love’ and the ONLY reason was (rather unfairly on my part) because I despised her role in ‘Pasta’. Granted I only saw eight episodes but the constant, “yes chep!” was driving me insane.

      I am anything but disappointed now. She’s absolutely stunning in her not-over-acting (heh) her line delivery is as if your over hearing something rather then watching someone act – I want to cry when she cries.

      I know there was some comments as to, “why CSW’c character feel for her so fast?” But truthfully I never questioned the speed of his love at all – I mean, who wouldn’t fall in love with GAJ?

  50. 50 kkate

    When I saw a post called :

    Cha Seung-won: I am Dokko Jin

    I just must open it and read every word!!!! I am totally in love with CSW since City Hall ๐Ÿ™‚ He’s really great actor. And I can’t believe his over 40 years old! He looks just too young ๐Ÿ™‚
    As Dokko Jin he’s amazing. For the first time I downloaded drama in 720p version cause I want to treasure this drama in best possible quality. I am Best Love fan and every day when I wake up I am searching news about next episodes ๐Ÿ™‚
    It’s monday! It’s only two days to premiere of episode 7 ^.^

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