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Me Too, Flower: Episode 4
by | November 23, 2011 | 58 Comments

We’re four episodes in and everything just keeps getting better. The plot is chugging along nicely, seeds of jealousy are planted, and the gray shades of our side characters obtain some color. Who would’ve thought Pink actually serves a greater purpose?

Episode 4

Hwa Young asks to have a chat with Bong Sun, but Bong Sun turns her down and corrects the term she used — she’s not “police lady” but “Officer.” However, before she leaves, Bong Sun informs Hwa Young that she’s cool and impressive. Hwa Young lets out an awkward laugh as Jae Hee looks on in curiosity.

As Bong Sun waits for her bus, Jae Hee drives up on his motorbike and points to the seat behind him. He tells her to get on, which makes Bong Sun roll her eyes. Jae Hee attempts to apologize for his harsh words from the day before but Bong Sun cuts in, saying that she’s already forgotten about yesterday. She asks snidely, “Who are you?” and looks away.

In return, Jae Hee says that she didn’t do anything morally right that day either. He tries further to make amends, but Bong Sun shrugs him off.

Jae Hee asks about her conversation with Hwa Young, but Bong Sun refuses to give a straight answer. Jae Hee then gets a phone call that requires him to reply in English. He abruptly leaves Bong Sun at the bus stop and later shows up at a snazzy club dressed in fancy clothing. He tells the hostess that he just wants to have a drink, but she insists that he can’t leave before meeting some girls at the club. A parade of girls walk in but he turns them all down until Dal shows up. He recognizes her but can’t figure out where they met.

Dal plays coy until they both recall their meeting in the parking lot. She assumes that he borrowed his clothes from someone and asks what exactly he does for a living. His entire month’s salary as a parking attendant probably couldn’t buy the tie he’s wearing. He says he runs a business selling happiness which causes her assume that he’s a male escort. She chomps on ice and walks away before he can clear up her misunderstanding.

One of Dal’s friends points out Jae Hee, excited that he came today. Her friends explain that he’s not even thirty but owns a huge business already. Dal’s head spins as they go on to say that even chaebols want to become buddy-buddy with him. She follows Jae Hee out and sees him get into a shiny car.

At that moment, Bong Sun calls to let her know that she’s moved Dal’s luggage outside. Dal rushes home to see Bong Sun eating chicken; she yells at Bong Sun that the $3000 hasn’t been paid off and Bong Sun gestures at the envelope of money on the table. She deducted money for all the rules Dal broke over the past couple days, and the rest of the debt is in the envelope. Dal calls her a pig and sniffs that she’ll leave. She has plenty of other options besides living with sulky Bong Sun.

Jae Hee comes into Hwa Young’s apartment and informs her that he wants to sleep with Ah In tonight. Jae Hee plays with Ah In and asks him if he complimented the girl that he hit before. Ah In replies that he followed Jae Hee’s orders and called her pretty, even though she’s still fat. In return, the classmate gave him a hairpin. A camera allows Hwa Young to observe their interaction from her tablet.

Jae Hee asks Ah In what the girl looks like and Ah In describes her as fat with defined eyebrows and big eyes. Jae Hee exclaims that the little girl must be very pretty then. Ah In disagrees, which causes Jae Hee to explain that whether the girl is pretty or not isn’t important. A kind heart is better than just being pretty. The girl’s gift to Ah In shows that she thinks that he is a special person.

Ah In nods his head in agreement and replies that being special is good thing. He asks if Jae Hee thinks of him and Hwa Young as special. Jae Hee pauses before informing him that Hwa Young is as special to him as the leader of the Power Rangers is to the superhero team.

Bong Sun sees a tent in her yard as she leaves for work and shouts at Dal to get up. If she doesn’t leave her property by the end of the day, she’s going to report Dal for trespassing.

That same morning, Hwa Young has an office meeting. Jae Hee observes the meeting from a small room protected by a one-way mirror. He occasionally sends suggestions via text to Hwa Young’s phone. During the meeting, Bong Sun’s classmate stands up to give her opinion about luxury brands. She says that people don’t like to buy luxury goods from Korea because they don’t seem exotic. Hwa Young agrees; local products don’t seem to have an interesting “story” behind them.

After the meeting, Hwa Young calls Jae Hee from her side of the mirror and asks if he’s working on the “story” for his products. He replies that it’s hard because of the lack of history in Korean fashion, which prompts Hwa Young to say that his own history can be the story of his products.

She urges him to come forward; his company needs its owner. He asks why she wants him to reveal himself so badly and she answers that she wants to live in the same world as him. He’s worked hard and lived an interesting life. His story is something people want to know about. In 10 short years, he’s turned the fashion world upside down with his talent and passion. Everyone will want to know more about him, which will lead to higher interest in their products.

At the police station, Bong Sun presents a birthday cake to her supervisor. The other officers scold her for sticking only one candle into the cake. She snaps that getting older isn’t a good thing; what’s the point of reminding the man how old he is with a bunch of candles? The old man’s smile falls and he half-heartedly blows out the candles. Bong Sun rams the cake into the supervisor’s face and her colleagues share looks of horror.

Later, the chief asks Bong Sun’s supervisor how Bong Sun is doing in therapy. He replies that she’s attending therapy sessions and is working hard to keep her cool. He sees a present on his desk and opens it to find a wallet. He remarks that Bong Sun’s going to have a hard time getting married; a girl should have some aegyo and leave a cute card. Aw.

Jae Hee sees Maru and Bong Sun on duty and strolls up to them, tossing an apple at Bong Sun, which she fails to catch. He complains that she can’t accept an apology (which is spelled the same as apple in Korean), saying he wants to make amends because they’re neighbors. She mumbles that his apology is probably rotten and insincere anyway. He says they can call it even, since he hurt her with words and she hurt him physically by kicking him and bashing his head with her baton. She unwillingly accepts the apology.

Maru accusingly asks why the two of them drank together. Jae Hee’s supposed to help him, remember? Jae Hee tells him that he’s interested in Bong Sun, so the deal’s off.

Dal attempts to wheedle some information about Jae Hee from the club from last night but gets rejected. Luckily, she spots him playing tennis with Hwa Young, curious at their relationship. She turns to see Dr. Park staring at her derriere and flips out when he informs her that her skirt is riding up.

Dr. Park then gets his butt kicked in tennis by Jae Hee. He brings up the topic of Jae Hee not driving his own car, which immediately fills the air with tension. Hwa Young shoots eye daggers at her cousin, Jae Hee avoids the subject, and they move on to why Dr. Park isn’t getting married.

Dr. Park says that he doesn’t want to take responsibility for someone else, which is when Jae Hee pointedly asks if that’s why he got divorced. Dal eavesdrops on their mundane conversation and later receives confirmation that Jae Hee is rolling in money.

Bong Sun shops for groceries, and on her way home a grandmother on the street asks Bong Sun to buy some crabs. She initially refuses and explains that she can’t eat all those crabs herself. The old woman pleads that she needs money to buy her grandson a nice meal and Bong Sun gives in.

She trudges towards her house but stops when she sees Jae Hee and Hwa Young get out of the same car. She puzzles over his expensive clothing and his close relationship with Hwa Young, and tries move past them without being seen.

Unfortunately, a biker cuts her off and she drops her groceries. Crabs rain down and Bong Sun winces in embarrassment. Jae Hee recognizes her and moves to capture the crabs, while Hwa Young shrieks as crabs approach.

After collecting the crabs, Bong Sun gives an apologetic bow to Hwa Young, who has a leaf in her hair. Jae Hee gently pulls it out in a familiar gesture. Hwa Young lies to cover up their acquaintance; she explains that she asked Jae Hee to run errands for her.

As Bong Sun and Jae Hee head home, Jae Hee rambles on about Hwa Young’s explanation, but Bong Sun cuts him off. She points out that Jae Hee and Hwa Young spoke in banmal to each other. Jae Hee tries to cover up their relationships but Bong Sun tells him that she’s not stupid.

She comments on his expensive clothes and says Hwa Young must have bought it for him. Jae Hee asks her if she thinks he’s the president’s boy toy and laughs when she doesn’t respond. She says she has no reason to not believe her assumption so he might as well just confess. His smile slips off his face and he reminds her that she has no right to ask about his private life, because they are strangers to each other.

After the conversation, Bong Sun sits in front of her gate. She compares the nice, playful Jae Hee to the harsh, cold guy she just dealt with and sighs in confusion. That crazy bastard.

At home, Dal begs Bong Sun, who’s in the bathroom, to let her stay, promising to do everything on the contract. But a random man opens the door, and Dal runs out screaming right into Bong Sun. The man turns out to be Bong Sun’s father.

He asks who Dal is, and Bong Sun flatly informs him that she’s the kid his ex-wife took care of when she got remarried. She asks him to kick Dal out, and for him to leave too. She reminds him that she’d always have to come home early to make his dinner and that she had no friends because of that. She’s not a maid, and she has her own life now.

Except….she didn’t actually say that. The dream sequence dissolves and we see Bong Sun frozen in place. She shakes her head and tells him that Dal is her junior from college and that she’s staying over for a couple nights before she moves into her new apartment. Dal breathes in relief, because he would flip if he knew who she really is.

Jae Hee works in the factory and gets scolded by Mr. Bae for using ruining a nice piece of material. Jae Hee reminds ahjusshi that he’s the one who ran around for days trying to secure the leather; he knows how valuable it is.

He shows Mr. Bae his designs for the upcoming launching show. One of the handbags requires thousands of diamonds to be attached to the front, its total price tag at 2 million dollars. Mr. Bae throws the designs back and voices his disgust at the extravagance. Offended, Jae Hee tells him not to come to the launching show then. After he leaves, Mr. Bae picks up the designs and grudgingly admits that the bag would be one of a kind.

Bong Sun cooks dinner for her father and they eat together, and she says Dal is on a diet to explain why she’s not invited. Dal calls Mom, who gasps in fear when she learns that Bong Sun’s dad is home. At the dinner table, Dad rips on Bong Sun for failing to obtain a promotion. She bitterly tells him not to worry; she’ll make sure to obtain a larger salary than he did at her age.

He asks her what her problem is. She replies her problem is being born as his daughter. He knocks over the dishes in anger and leaves. Bong Sun receives a call from Mom who tells her to make sure her dad doesn’t find out who Dal is. She also scolds Bong Sun for mistreating Dal and that she needs to feed her precious baby. Bong Sun throws her phone in anger and storms upstairs to kick Dal out.

As Bong Sun cleans up the broken dishes, the lights dim and candles magically appear. Pink walks towards her and sings “You Are So Beautiful,” then leads her outside and hands her a rose on bended knee. But the lit lamps soon disappear and she comes back to reality, crying as she looks up at the stars.

Bong Sun:He says I’m pretty. That he’s happy because of me. That I’m like a light on a dark road. But…who would think like that? That I’m a gift from heaven? Who would call me that? It doesn’t make sense. It’s all a lie. I’m nothing. Nothing…

The next afternoon, Jae Hee eats lunch with his fellow employees in the company cafeteria. He asks why the store’s parking lot is so small and his boss informs him that it’s because of one of finance employees. He hates spending money to the point of cutting down the salaries of the parking attendants; he cuts costs from below to look good to the people on top. That specific employee comes down to the cafeteria for lunch and Jae Hee gives him a long, hard look.

Outside, Bong Sun tells Maru to announce that a certain car is blocking the driveway of a private residence. Maru sings into the microphone and Bong Sun sighs in embarrassment. She tells Maru that he looks a lot like someone she knows. Just then, the owner of the car shows up, who turns out to be Bong Sun’s ex-boyfriend (cameo by Park Ki Woong).

Bong Sun turns to leave but her ex grabs her arm. He asks to have a chat as Maru looks on helplessly. Jae Hee saunters over to ask what’s going on while Maru panics over the height difference between the ex and him: Bong Sun noona must like tall men. ::cries:: Jae Hee asks if he’s actually decided to go for Bong Sun, which makes Maru hesitate again. (Maru = Mr. Wishy-Washy.)

Nameless ex calls Bong Sun’s number and her cellphone rings in response. He marvels that she hasn’t changed her number and says that he’ll call her for coffee. It’s at that point that Jae Hee walks over, slings an arm around Bong Sun’s shoulder and states that he’s the new boyfriend. If you want to meet with her, than you also have to meet with me. He drags her away as Bong Sun fumes at his brazen attitude.

He asks if Bong Sun really went out with that guy. He continues to throw out questions about their relationship until Bong Sun cuts him off. He has no right to know. They’re strangers, remember?

Jae Hee’s face hardens and he turns toward her. He pulls her in for a kiss as Bong Sun struggles. Afterwards, he states that they’re no longer strangers.


The old “I’ll pretend to be your new boyfriend in front of your ex” trick has long lost its romantic overtone with me. I’m not a fan of the narrative crutch and I actually wish it wasn’t used here. I’m disappointed that Park Ki Woong didn’t have a bigger part, and I’m not saying this just because I like the actor. I think a conversation between Bong Sun and her ex would’ve been intriguing. I want to know what happened between them. How did they meet? Who liked who first? Why did he cheat? Wah. Tell me. I’m hoping he’ll stick around for a bit. I want some actual competition for Bong Sun’s affections. What if we replaced Maru with the actual Pink…

Also, Jae Hee’s man-handling of Bong Sun in the last scene was uncomfortable to watch. It’s probably a combination of Yoon Shi Yoon’s lack of manly-manliness that Korean boys earn only after they come back from the army as well as the misplaced logic behind the kiss. I’ll have to wait for episode 5 to see if there was a real reason for the scene other than it being an instant cliffhanger. I have a feeling it won’t really be explored further though. Hm.

Bong Sun and Jae Hee are different from the cookie-cutter hero and heroine and they can carry out their romance without all of these rusted clichés. They intrigue me and all their relationships with the side characters have so much meaning. Mr. Bae especially is imperative to understanding Jae Hee because he knew Jae Hee from the beginning. Hwa Young’s suspicion towards Jae Hee and Bong Sun’s relationship is definitely portrayed, but I’m thinking that the upcoming conflict between her and Mr. Bae will be more engaging.

Jae Hee’s diamond encrusted bag is ostentatious and has international appeal, which fits into Hwa Young’s plans for the company. Yet the design also seems a little out of character for Jae Hee. His fixation on the price of the bag is worrisome and I’m glad that Mr. Bae adamantly rejected the idea. The bag would be beautiful, but what would make it stand out besides the expensive ornaments? Would it be as special as the hairpin that Ah In’s classmate gave him? What would be the “story” of the bag? I feel like it’s missing the “heart” that Mr. Bae puts into his bags. Why is Jae Hee so obsessed with flashiness all of a sudden?

I know I’m kind of abusing the quotation box but I’ll justify myself by saying that the characters are so blunt and honest about their emotions that it’s hard not to point out certain phrases. Bong Sun in particular has a lot of voiceovers that are important because she’s usually so closed off about her feelings. So when she does let her emotions flow, a lot of unspoken thoughts rise to the surface and I come running to soak up the narrative development.

I’m pleasantly surprised to find that Pink actually has a significant role in the series. I found Bong Sun’s random dream sequences a little odd but I figured those scenes were just there for some fan service for Lee KiKwang fans/B2Tys. It’s not until this episode that you realize how important Pink is to Bong Sun. He’s not just a cute idol singer that she likes; he embodies an ideal guy for her. He’s young, good-looking, and loved by thousands of people. Despite all the fame, Pink chooses to “love” Bong Sun in her dream sequences. She clearly wants to feel wanted and cherished, both by her parents and by a man.

Bong Sun’s life is boring, unfulfilling, and empty. Her family is dysfunctional, her promotion fell through, and her love life is nonexistent. What is there to live for when nothing really goes her way? With Pink, she’s a better person because she’s loved. She’s worthy of love and she’s capable of loving back. It’s in the real world that her feelings of self-worth plummet. Someone bring her an Lee Ki Woo stat.


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  1. So3

    Actually this Pink character reminds me a lot of the baby in Ally McBeal… so I expect this Pink character will continue to appear until Bong Sun clears up her depressed mode.

  2. iii

    I really like this drama…can’t wait to find out his background!! n for character development.Thanks for the recap!


    sorry but umm….

    does anyone watch twdrama “In Time With You”??…

    • 2.1 MJP

      Yes… I do. Why?

    • 2.2 Minnetter

      I Do^^ in fact I recap it, why?

      • 2.2.1 iii

        cause i am the only one who watches it in my family/friends circle…i wanted to chat about but i don’t know any twdrama sites …. i will check urs out… thanks!!

        • Minnetter

          My site is small but you’re welcome to check it out.

    • 2.4 MJ

      Notes: Add these websites to your favorites list. The Episodes are RAW (Non-English Subbed). It will probably take a couple of days to watch the episodes with English subtitles just check back later.

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  3. laya

    Thanks for the recap! Poor Bong Sun /sighs/
    I guess she’s probably going to belt Jae Hee one next episode? 😀

  4. MJP

    It’s a bit scary the comparison that comes to mind regarding Bong Sun’s depression and the high sucide rate in Korea. I surely hope this story won’t go down that road, but will continue to pursue the road to recovery.

    I wonder what the statistics are regarding this type of drama going deep and dark vs. keeping it light… I’m definitely a fan of the light.

  5. asianromance

    Thanks for the recap! Episode 4 went further into cementing my love for Me Too, Flower, especially with that scene of Bong-sun and her imaginary Pink and realizing just why those strange scenes are there. My heart is like crying for Bong-sun. And from her convo with her dad, I bet the promotion she has been wanting has to do with gaining his acceptance and recognition. His only reason for visiting her was to see if she has managed to gain that promotion. Her mother’s reason for showing up and even contacting her is to make sure Dal is taken care of. She really does live a lonely and unloved existence. If Bong-sun were to die tomorrow, no one would mourn her. (she would definitely fail the 49 Days test!)

    I wonder if that diamond bag design has anything to do with Bong-sun. Was that one of the bags he designed while thinking about/drawing Bong-sun in an earlier episode? Maybe he feels a need to adorn her and make her special in the eyes of the world?

    The only thing I didn’t like about this episode was Bong-sun not trying to bite off her ex’s arm when he was grabbing onto her. I guess arm-biting and shin-kicking is reserved only for the Jae-Hees of the world.

  6. Sophia

    I loveeeee this drama so much because of its rawness. It’s to the point where it feels almost uncomfortable at times, but I love how “real” it is.
    But, I think the recap, as great as it was, missed a big point. Bong Sun doesn’t just go through the market easily. She wasn’t persuaded by just the grandmother, but also every other merchant she encountered. This shows how sensitive and “soft” she is underneath her harsh “No, leave me alone” outer layer. As cliche as all this sounds, I love it.
    Lee Ji Ah is surprisingly very, very, very convincing for me. In her other roles of cute and endearing female heroines who work hard and get misunderstood, I almost hated her. Here, she works the character perfectly.
    And Yoon ShiYoon’s been good since his debut, but yes, his youthful face does turn me off. At least he’s great at changing emotions with his eyes and mouth.
    Finally, I hate HwaYoung. She completely pisses me off.

    • 6.1 asianromance

      She really is a softie underneath. She even got her boss that wallet and lied to her dad about Dal being just a hoobae (Dal has been so annoying, I would have fed her to the wolves and text Mom to pick up her stepdaughter’s carcass). Her room and pjs are pretty girlie and soft too. And look how much care she had put into making her dad dinner.

      On the one hand, i think her mention of crossing that bridge means suicide. On the other hand, I think crossing that bridge is being able to express her true self even though it is probably 100% certain that she will get burned. She really does feel trapped.

      I think you’ll feel a smidgeon more sympathetic towards Hwayoung in the next episode. I really hate her styling though. That high ponytail does her no favors.

      • 6.1.1 Sophia

        I honestly didn’t/don’t have a full grasp of the bridge “goal.” I just saw it as she wants to connect with others? As in, she’s isolated from others, and this bridge is her only way of reaching the rest.

        And hmm I don’t know, I watched it, and I still don’t like her possessive character…. I can’t understand her. I love her outfits (she pulls them off very well), but her bangs + high ponytail = ____ 😉

  7. Niki

    You know…i’m starting to think that Bong Sun’s remark bout crossing the Han river might be a metaphor to suicide.

    This episode gives us more hints on how shitty her life actually is and how it could contribute to her psychological problem; what with being abandoned by her mom who cares more bout her surrogate-sister, being stuck with an uptight father, wanting to achieve something but not getting anywhere, her low self-esteem bout being loved….

    I dont really like the disjointed “revealing” of information and events in this drama but i’ll stick with it for the time being coz i really like Lee Jia.

    Thanks for the summary, orangy911.

    • 7.1 tari anantatoer

      Imo it’s not a suicide metaphor, if she wants to commit suicide, she doesn’t care about what will be waiting over the bridge. She said “nothing special will be waiting for me, yet I keep running towards that bridge” She still care. I think it’s more a metaphor of “to have faith again” to new possibilities but she just so damn scared so she rather live inside those walls she built.

      Thanks for recap orangy911.

      • 7.1.1 cafe

        This is exactly what I think about the the bridge thing, I think she is afraid to be disappointed again.

  8. Minnetter

    THanks for the recap orangy^^ I am enjoying reading about this drama, though I’ll probably have it in the back burner for a while to come…

  9. Zoya

    Oooo! What an exciting recap ~ ~ !! 😀

    Looking forward to next episode what’s going on, keke!

  10. 10 Yoonsy

    Thank you! love your recaps

  11. 11 Francesca

    I wasn’t so sure that I wanted to watch this show, judging from the premise, poster and casts. But I’m happy that I gave it a go because now I got totally hooked. This is by far the most interesting story, if not the best, k-drama I’m seeing currently in a while. I’m also watching ‘Flower Boy Ramyun Shop’ and ‘Thousand Days Promise’. Both of them are good. But only ‘Me Too Flower’ got me hooked from the first start. I’m sold.

  12. 12 May Tae

    Thank you!

    I agree with your “I’m thinking that the upcoming conflict between her and Mr. Bae will be more engaging.” Should be interesting when that unfolds. And both of them know JH’s history so they would be on similar footing?..

    Aww Bong Sun!! Hugs to the character.. the scene with Pink was heart breaking.

  13. 13 KANGly

    thank you for recapping this drama, orangy911.

    This is my first time to watch Lee Jia in a drama, but I have read a lot of complaints about her acting before this drama aired, so i was a bit hesitant about watching this. But your recaps motivated me to watch it, and so far I am liking LJ’s take on Bong sun.

    My problem is YSY. He’s charming and all, but I am still having a problem believing that he’s in his late 20s. Maybe by the time we reach the halfway mark I will get over that problem.

  14. 14 Judyannlou

    The temperamental BS is her outer protective ego but actually vulnerable as to her inner personality. One of the reason why she always been hallucinating with Pink Chicken as her friend due to her loneliness, frustrations and traumatic past experienced with her broken family, being cheated and dumped with her BF and her friend was not sincere with her and so with her line of work which she was not being promoted.. Multiple personality or dual personality often exist when a person suffered traumatic experience and easily get depressed, which can be cured by a special psychiatrist and also being love. “Me Too Flower”has really a realistic story line which viewers can get some points on moral lessons. I very much appreciated that the production chose LJA to portray the role of BS. She totally depicts the character of BS.

  15. 15 Suzi Q

    Bong Sun’s life is shit.The writers don’t give her much hope so her hallucinations with Pink Chicken is tragically sad. Pink is her ideal man, but he is just a day dream.

    It’s hard watching these episodes, because I’m getting depressed and sad too along with Bong Sun.
    I hope that she will get out of the doldrums and not go suicidal.

    I hope they hurry and make Bong Sun’s life to get better.
    Is this a drama or a comedy?

    • 15.1 Mystisith

      Don’t worry : I think that depression is indeed a really crap and scary thing but sometime you need to hit rock bottom before starting up a new life. Also, I must say that her psychiatrist seems to be qualified. And i believe that Jae Hee is really in love with her and aware enough about her condition : you can see at the way he deals with people that he has natural empathy and that he adapts very well to all kind of situations. He uses that “against” her, pushing all the buttons, being provocative and impredictable, just to make her go out from her shell. She’s impulsive on Defense Mode, he is the same but in Interactive Mode. Fear is the ennemy of love, but love will always prevails because at some point you CANNOT fear more, there is just a limit, a wall. Love has no limits : If it’s meant to be, it can still intensify and grow, and transform your life in a way you could not imagine.
      Right now, Pink Chicken is her life saving device, and like canned romance. But it won’t last… Except if the writers make him appear in her life as a real love adversary : i wouldn’t complain, he’s just so cute 🙂 Dare you !!

  16. 16 Anonymous

    The most heartbreaking in this episode is the one where BS is hallucinating that pink chicken is singing to her and then the scene suddenly changes and she is sitting on the wall and crying. This episode highlight how sad and lonely her life is and that pink chicken is her emotional refuge. When things get bad, she retreated mentally into an imaginary world where her ideal man love and cherish her. I can relate to that even though my depression is nowhere as bad as BS’s.

    The bridge for me is symbolic of her inner desire to escape from her current life. One one side of the bridge is her life which she hates, which she want to escape from but don’t know how. On the other side is a her dream world, a world where she is happy. Whether this means she is suicidal or whether she wants to run away is anyone’s guess. I don’t think BS herself understands it.

    Like some of you, I am among those who don’t like the sister. Some may find her antics funny but I personally find her character to be selfish, inconsiderate, vain and shallow. I do like shows which portray sisterly/brotherly love between characters so I hope that the writer will give her some redeeming qualities soon. Give me a reason to like her and care about her character.

    • 16.1 E

      100% in agreement with you about the role of Pink Chicken. I’ve been dealing with depression for only a few years now but I’ve definitely utilized the idea of going to that “special place”- where you know you’re happy and comfortable, esp. during those really low points. BS is doing what she needs to do to get through her tough times- I can’t hate on her for that.

      But yeah, Dal… she’s fun to watch sometimes but I’m gonna need to see something other than “gold digging, annoying, and shallow” to believe there is a purpose for her on this show. The writers are going to need to step it up ASAP.

      • 16.1.1 Soso

        Totally agree on Dal… she is okay in very small doses but if she’s going to play a more major role, she’s incredibly annoying. Why is she so selfish and disrespectful when it seems like the only thing bad about her childhood was that it was in the country. But she seem to have grown up with a lot of care and love.

  17. 17 Dorotka

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    Bong Sun’s hurt, loneliness and her covering/hiding tactics deeply touch me… I loved the bridge scene… and of course the scene with Pink Chicken and the candles… who didn’t cry??

    I still have difficulties with Jae Hee. It’s not just that Yoon Shi Yoon looks too young, but I sometimes can’t get Jae Hee’s fascination with Bong Sun. Is it just an hormonal attraction or does he see in her a kindred spirit? Or is there some history behind?? Because his claim of Bong Sun as his girlfriend and the kiss afterward did seem a bit forced…

    Just hope that Park Ki Woong as an ex-boyfriend will get more space and history than just being an excuse for the kiss.

    Also didn’t get why JH went to the club. Just to have a drink???
    Oh, common, one doesn’t go to such places for a drink only…

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    I am deep deep into these characters, and we are at ep 4!

    I continue to be mystified by JH, which, I guess makes sense, since he is all over the place. Different hair and clothes, shoes and language, foods and friends.

    How can we know who he is when he is so torn?
    How can any relationship with him work out while he is still working himself out?

    Do you think he is trying to keep her at arm’s length because he doesn’t want to blow his cover or is just he not emotionally ready for a relationship? Most single guys don’t want to get “dragged into” a relationship at first. It is normal. But then, they fall deeper than they can climb out of.

    Mostly, I don’t want BS to get hurt by him. They seem like they could be happy together!

  24. 24 Judyannlou

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    i wonder if bongsun will be really hurt if she finds out about her stepsister and jaehee later on…

  26. 26 bee

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    • 26.1 anglvue

      whew! i’m glad i’m not the only one that feels that jae hee isn’t really in love with bong sun. as previously mentioned and as you mention above, it does seem like he’s just curious. there’s some chemistry but not enough of it for me to say that he’s smitten with her. i think that’s what is bothering me about the drama.

  27. 27 Fanderay

    It sounded like Jae Hee wants to donate the cost of the diamond bag to charity, which would be a great publicity stunt for the company. I don’t think he’s comfortable using his own story to help the company, so maybe this is his attempt at coming up with an alternative.

    In episode 2 when Bong Sun was talking on the phone with Dr. Park, Dr. Park mentioned someone who called him a demon and chose to live with his issues, rather than face them an continue getting help. I bet that person is Jae Hee. He has a lot to deal with in future episodes (3 interested women, a secret identity, and a haunted past) so I think he’s going to have a pretty compelling character arc.

    • 27.1 anglvue

      excellent ears/eyes! i didn’t even notice. Jae Hee is definitely the most dynamic character in this drama. Jae Hee doesn’t seem to know what he really wants and we can’t tell either. i think his desire to keep his anonymity within the company is two-fold: his past is too complicated so an outing may make the company plunge in value and i can’t quite put my finger on the other. I take that back, maybe his reason is actually multi-fold. He’s a complicated one that Jae Hee. 😀

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    • 28.1 anglvue

      i love jae hee and i agree, his acting is pretty great. i like lee jia, but her acting in this one comes across a little “iffy” at times. (i finished watching ep 6 and i agree, it is quite wonderful)

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    I love jae hee ‘s two sided characters and i think these two can releif their wounds cause love heal
    TANK lot orangy911:)
    look forward to ep 5 -6 …

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    I rather like Lee Jia because of the dramas I’ve seen she’s chosen to take on roles of strong female leads that are complex. Bong Sun is one of these characters, strong but vulnerable. I have to say that I have Bong Sun pinned down but I can’t quite put my finger on Jae Hee. Remember when Bong Sun was diagnosed to be bipolar? I think Jae Hee is the real two-face here (obviously) but I can’t quite figure out what he wants. I’m hoping the recaps will help me see into his true intentions because right now I’m more confused than Bong Sun.

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    Thanks for the recap, Orangy911!

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