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Me Too Flower: Episode 6
by | December 3, 2011 | 92 Comments

I liked this episode much better than the last one. The little interactions between the characters hook me more than plotlines about stolen bags. A lot happened in the span of 70 minutes, which is why the recap seems longer today. Also, the love web becomes more and more tangled as the attraction between Jae Hee and Bong Sun grows stronger. More, please.

Episode 6

Jae Hee meets some friends at a bar and they take turns asking him to invest in their newest business ventures. He rejects them by saying he doesn’t throw around money like it’s nothing. They murmur that it’s because his status is different from theirs. The comments cut Jae Hee’s pride and he blinks away angry tears.

Hwa Young and Dr. Park talk about Jae Hee and he asks if she’s ever hated Jae Hee for the accident. She replies that she did. She’d sit and think about how ways to hurt him as much as she was hurting. How to rip up his soul with guilt?

But she found that Jae Hee was already in self-destructive mode without her help. After a couple months of self-pity, the company was falling apart. “For the sake of the company, I had to revive Jae Hee. I had to live and in order to survive I needed him. I had to forgive him. A dead person is of no use to me. He can’t do anything for me in this life. I needed Jae Hee.”

Dr. Park tells her that she did the right thing. Cryptically, he says that her acceptance of Jae Hee is understandable. Heck, even he’s living now, which implies that he experienced some traumatizing event as well. Geez. Even the therapist needs a therapist.

A girl joins Jae Hee’s friends, who ask who she thinks is the richest. She scans the room, shrugs off the others and slinks towards Jae Hee, which infuriates his friends. One of them remarks that Jae Hee must be slacking off lately, choosing to date rather than work.

Jae Hee replies that the three of them don’t work either. He pulls on his coat and tells the girl that he’s not just the sexiest one here; he’s also the richest. Oh snap.

As he moves towards the exit, his friend (who looks a little like a weasel) tells him to know his place. “We let you play around with us because you made some money, but you have a pitiful background.” Another guy chimes in: “Self-made men are all the same; they’re still inferior to people like us.”

This pushes Jae Hee over the edge: So they roll around in luxury brands while he works his butt off for years to purchase a car. Good for them. They can continue living like useless boys who ride on the coattails of their fathers. When they die, the “ants” that they looked down and stepped all over will devour their corpse and become greater than all of them put together. 10 points for the self-made man.

Weasel man throws a glass at Jae Hee but misses. Jae Hee continues that even when they have 100 billion in their pockets, they’re low-life nothings to men with 200 billion. They start fighting and Jae Hee begins to beat Weasel man to a bloody pulp.

The next morning, Dr. Park informs Bong Sun that her personality results have revealed that she’s an ISFP. The conclusion is that she’s like sheep’s wool: cozy, comfortable, and warm. She laughs, but reads the next line: “However, these qualities cannot be seen easily by strangers. You are modest about your talents and keep a tight control over yourself.”

She expresses her doubts and asks Dr. Park if he thinks she’s really a warm person. He pauses…and then gets up to go out. Time’s up and he needs lunch. Pft. You’re just being shy keke.

Bong Sun finds a box of apples on her desk, a thank-you gift from a grandma she helped find her way home once. She came from Incheon to drop them off, which worries Bong Sun. What if she gets lost again? Aw. Bong Sun, you have a heart of gold. It’s just encased in barbed wire.

The apple reminds her of the one Jae Hee threw at her as a symbol of his apology. She grabs a marker and writes “same same.” (Meaning, now we’re even.)

She goes outside to leave the apple on Jae Hee’s bike but can’t find a place to put it. She ends up leaving it in his bag but sees a black sack lodged inside. She opens the sack (and we ignore invasion of privacy) to find the stolen diamond bag.

Jae Hee comes out to see Bong Sun holding the bag and she proceeds to smack him with it. It ends up cutting his face and he stands there, soaking in her frustrated cries of betrayal. He finally grabs her arms and pulls her into a hug. Then, he looks her straight in the eye and says that it wasn’t him.

They relocate to a street restaurant and she urges him to turn himself in, but he refuses because he didn’t steal it. She brings up his old record and asks if he stole something big before.

He informs her that he started working when he was 13 at a handbag factory. As a side job, he fixed bikes with some older guys, but they were apparently stolen. The older guys ditched him when the cops came and Jae Hee ended up taking the blame for everything.

Bong Sun’s eyes soften but she remains firm. He has to turn himself in or she’ll arrest him. She holds up her makkulli bowl and tells him to drink with her. Afterwards, they’ll go to the station together. Jae Hee asks, is she worried about him ruining his life? She nods.

He requests that she run away with him. If they sell the bag, they can live in the countryside, or go abroad where there are no Korean people. He’s sick of parking cars and if she comes with him, he’ll be good to her.

Her face is full of longing but her self-control keeps her from responding.

…And then he lets out a scoff. Damn you. All these fake-outs and dream sequences are slowly killing my love for this drama.

He makes fun of her; she’s too innocent for her own good. She angrily grabs her handcuffs and begins to read him his rights, but he grabs her. If she continues, she’s going to regret it.

She ignores him and tries to wrench herself out of his grasp. He jumps to his feet and pulls her in for a kiss. Brain…no longer functioning…

They break apart and he declares that he didn’t steal the bag, staring into her eyes, and begs her to trust him. She stares at him and then brings him into another kiss…which turns into a make-out fest.

As they walk home, Bong Sun asks what they should do about the bag, and Jae Hee replies that he’ll take care of it. He waves good-bye and turns to leave, which annoys Bong Sun. He supposed to walk her home! How can he be so ill-mannered? He replies that she’s a strong woman with a big police baton, remember?

She asks why he kissed her, and he teases her by saying he just wanted to. It’s not the answer she wants so she stomps home cursing him under her breath. When she leaves, Jae Hee leans against the wall and reveals his true feelings. “You were beautiful. So beautiful I wanted to run away with you.” D’aw. You could just elope with her…

Meanwhile, beautiful Bong Sun trudges home as she murmurs about Jae Hee the bastard. She bangs her head against the wall, calling herself an idiot for losing her mind over one little kiss.

Dal walks up behind her and asks if she has a boyfriend who kissed her. When Bong Sun looks away, Dal breaks out into a Chesire Cat smile and begins to grill her. Is he good-looking? Is he rich?

They get inside the house to see Mom making kimchi. Dal tries to tell Mom that Bong Sun has a boyfriend but Bong Sun clamps her hand over Dal’s mouth and drags her away, demanding that Dal keep her big mouth shut.

Hwa Young waits in the basement of Mr. Bae’s for Jae Hee. When he arrives, Jae Hee pulls out the bag, saying that it was inside his motorbike, and tries to figure out why. Hwa Young tells him the answer: she had someone put it in there. What in the what?

She assumed he would suggest the noise marketing card if the bag was stolen, so she just set it up beforehand. He yells that they could’ve worked out something else. How could she do this without his consent? She tells him to calm down, but he blurts out that Bong Sun knows Jae Hee has the bag.

This irks Hwa Young and she demands to know why Bong Sun knows this information. Jae Hee replies that there are more important things to discuss and walks away from Hwa Young. Lady, you are scary.

Bong Sun watches Mom feed Dal, and Mom explains that she stopped by to clean Dal’s room. Wow.  Mom’s like those parents who visit their college kid’s dorm every weekend to take him/her grocery shopping. This is why Dal is so incompetent at life.

Bong Sun tells Mom to leave. Mom sure comes often to make sure Dal is alright when she only visits Bong Sun once a year on her birthday. Mom replies that she’s sick of hearing poisonous words aimed at her all the time.

Bong Sun shouts that Mom deserves every word. She has no right to be a mother, leaving her alone while visiting a motel. A flashback reveals a young Bong sun waiting in the rain for Mom outside the motel.

Mom launches into a tirade about the horrible life she led with Bong Sun’s father. At one point, she felt like a helper ahjumma who just prepared meals. Now, Dal’s father treats her like she’s the most precious woman in the world. Why is Bong Sun so angry that she’s happy?

Bong Sun yells that it’s because she’s happy without any concern for her daughter. Mom immediately disagrees; she’ll always care about Bong Sun. In fact, that day when Bong Sun waited in the rain, Mom had gone to the motel to die. She was going to take a bunch of pills but she couldn’t bring herself to do it because of Bong Sun. So it’s either adultery or suicide? To borrow Hyun Bin’s words…is that really the best you can do?

Bong Sun screams that she should’ve just died, and Mom returns that if she did die, she wouldn’t be able to prepare a meal for Bong Sun now. Mom rushes out and Bong Sun breaks down. A couple hours later, Bong Sun comes into the kitchen and begins to scarf down Mom’s food. She imagines Jae Hee sitting across the table and lets her tears fall.

At the police station, Bong Sun’s supervisor tells everyone that the diamond handbag has been found and the case is closed. Bong Sun inquires if there was a culprit, but the supervisor shrugs. If she’s so curious, she can find out herself.

She calls her sunbae to figure out what happened but the only information she gets is that the higher police officials handled everything. She marches over to Jae Hee in the parking lot and demands to know what happened. His eyes shift nervously as he says that he gave it to the security team and Bong Sun moves to find out if he’s telling the truth.

Jae Hee freaks out and tries to get her to calm down when Hwa Young approaches and says she’ll explain. Upstairs, Hwa Young informs Bong Sun that it was a self-marketing ploy, which shakes up Bong Sun’s sense of justice. Hwa Young doesn’t understand why Bong Sun is so upset; was anyone hurt or damaged because of this?

Bong Sun explains that the police had to investigate the matter, which costs money . That money comes from taxes, which have been wasted. Hwa Young tilts her head and calls Bong Sun young and naïve. She asks what Bong Sun will gain from pursuing this matter. Bong Sun replies that she works without thinking about rewards, which Hwa Young smirks at. She advises that Bong Sun think before acting from now on. She might get stabbed in the back if she blindly pursues justice.

Before Bong Sun leaves, she asks why Hwa Young dislikes her. What’s with the hostile behavior? Hwa Young replies that she’s not hostile; that kind of behavior is reserved for people stronger than her. She concludes that Bong Sun should go now. Isn’t she busy saving the world?

When Bong Sun leaves, Hwa Young murmurs that she’s quite the arrogant little thing. The bitch factor is increasing exponentially, isn’t it…

Bong Sun walks with Dr. Park and asks if there’s a drug that can reveal a person’s personality. Dr. Park shakes his head and says such a drug would be used poorly. After all, she’s assuming that when there’s a problem it lies with the other person, which skirts her own responsibility.

She instantly agrees; she must be the problem then.

Bong Sun asks Dr. Park to tell her more about her personality results. He lays out the additional details: ISFP stands for Introversion Sensing Feeling Perception. She’s immature, delicate, and extremely sensitive. She uses all her senses to understand something, and confusion makes her 100 times more irritable. She scoffs that she can add neuroticism to her list of problems now.

He goes on to compare the difference between I and E, or introverted and extroverted, as well as S and N. S means sensing to understand the world, while N people solely observe to make sense of everything. S and N cause friction because they’re so different. He deduces that Bong Sun doesn’t let anything go unless she gets to the bottom of a problem.

She reflects on his “diagnosis” and then tries to tell him about something that happened to “a friend” recently, but gets shut down. He charges extra for hearing about other people’s problems. Haha. He slips in that drinks could change his mind. Crap…they’re cute together too.

As they drink, Bong Sun talks about a dumb guy who keeps pestering her “friend,” who teases her mercilessly and says harsh things to her. He initiates skinship, but then acts like nothing happened afterward. Dr. Park tells her he’s one of two things: a player, or a coward who doesn’t have the confidence to take responsibility for her “friend.”

Dal looks at a window display of bags and imagines herself as a rich wife, complete with a white fur hat. Jae Hee taps her out of the trance and asks what she’s doing. Dal replies that the bags are gorgeous and she likes pretty things. Jae Hee tells her that he could buy them for her because she can appreciate beauty.

Her eyes bulge out, but Dal deflates when he asks what she’d do in exchange for the bag, and snaps that she’s not cheap enough to sleep with him for one bag. He replies that he was just asking for dinner.

Back at the restaurant, Dr. Park exclaims that the man who screwed around with Bong Sun’s heart is a scumbag. She slams down her glass and loudly agrees. Dr. Park slowly smiles and looks at Bong Sun with a “I totally got you” face. Belatedly, she tells him “no no ’tis a friend I was talking about.”

He smirks and says he’ll give her more advice…if she orders another egg roll. Puhaha. He’s officially my favorite character. She orders the egg roll reluctantly.

Soon afterwards, he tells her that men are all the same. If they don’t find a woman compelling, they won’t even engage in a conversation, so this guy is definitely interested. She lights up at the last bit and he mentions that she looks the prettiest when she’s drunk. At his compliment, her smile slips off her face and she looks down at her plate.

Dal and Jae Hee walk down the street and she asks why he hides. He tells her to call him “oppa,” not “you.” She replies that in her dictionary “you” and “me” are the only words she knows. He’ll need at least $10 million to fix her habit. Lol. She rattles off all the things he hides: How he made millions, how much he’s worth, etc. What’s with the poor man disguise?

He replies that it’s fun to see people treat him differently. When he’s rich, salesmen drop to their knees and when he’s poor, they turn him away. He tells her that at least she’s honest about her intentions; some people act like they don’t calculate everything even when it’s blatantly obvious.

Bong Sun walks home and catches Dal getting out of a car. She tells her to be careful; nowadays rich men seduce girls like her for one night stands. Dal laughs and says she’d be thankful if that happened. Also, she might be moving out soon, so stop the nagging. Bong Sun warns that Dal shouldn’t trust so easily. Are you actually worried about her? I think the barbed wire around your heart is slowly rusting.

The following day, Jae Hee and Ah In participate in the field day at Ah In’s school. His name tag reads “Ah In’s Dad.” Haha. More like…older brother…

After Jae Hee puts Ah In to bed, he tells Hwa Young that she shouldn’t have pulled the stunt with the diamond bag. She fires back that he can prevent it by working at the company openly. He reminds her that he thinks it would be a mistake to show himself to the public. She asks if that’s his real reason. “Are you sure it’s not because of that girl, Cha Bong Sun? I heard you two kissed. Are you dating now?”


Yoon Shi Yoon is ridiculously good in this role. Yes, his baby face still seems a little out of place (especially with Hwa Young and Ah In), but his emotional range is astonishing. His eyes have become so expressive; they alternate between heartbreaking looks of longing to fiery blazes of anger. In fact, the scene where he beats the chaebol is uncomfortable to watch because his fury just radiates from my computer screen.

Pitting the man-made millionaire against the chaebols was a nice window to Jae Hee’s character. The idea that inherited money is better than fresh bills seems a little outdated; it’s very Gatsby-ish and the writer definitely agrees. A hero who worked long hours to make his money is so refreshing from the standard chaebol and I crave more insight into how Jae Hee started designing.

Jae Hee knows how important money is because he’s lived without it, unlike his “friends” who throw millions around just because they can. He ends up being the bigger, superior guy but his extreme response to their dismissal of him points to the fact that he’s still unsure of himself. In his head, he knows he’s better than them, but he doesn’t really feel it. He puts on a huge front of confidence to make up for his lack of faith in himself.

He doesn’t trust anything he does because he thinks he’s a horrible person. He can’t bring himself to take responsibility for his company and for Bong Sun because of the car accident and because he survived his childhood by caring only for himself. His “me, myself, and I” mentality got him this far, and it’s similar to what Hwa Young said to Dr. Park. You do what you can to survive.

Ultimately though, Dr. Park’s assessment of Jae Hee is spot-on. He’s a coward. He likes and wants Bong Sun, but having a deep relationship scares crap out of him. His talk of taking her away, living in the countryside, and being good to her comes from the heart, but he quickly pulls out of his offer when it seems like Bong Sun is about to accept. It’s frustrating as a viewer because I’m sick of all the “hey I was just joking” fake-outs. Why not have the dream sequences be reality? Then we’d actually have people dealing with their feelings instead of choking them down.

The self-denial fits with Jae Hee’s character, but he better pull himself together soon. It seems that Dr. Park is emerging as a legitimate contender for Bong Sun’s affections, which I love. He helps her understand herself and can see the wonderful qualities about her that she dismisses. He is her therapist and that probably violates some rules about professional conduct, but I’m willing to overlook that because…I adore him. Hee.

He gets her to open up in ways that nobody else can. It’s true that his job requires him to be understanding, but he also reminds her that she’s a good person like a good friend. He stands as a person that she can lean on, which is more helpful to Bong Sun’s recovery from her depression than wishy-washy Jae Hee.


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  1. V

    nice! this drama is turning out alright and the jaewon relacement has grown on me, the two leads have a surprising chemistry together that makes me forget about the age gap stuff~overall, good good!

  2. zeyy

    Awesome episode!!! thank you ever soo much!! i love reading your recaps for the drama as well as watching the episodes for my self!! 🙂

  3. Fafa

    thanks for the recap. I agree about Yoon’s acting. He is really good. better than i thought he would be.

  4. maltreti

    Thank you for the wonderful Recap. This Drama is really interesting. I love the characters and their individual problems very much. I’m really looking forward to all the coming conflicts.

  5. bluelime

    is that lee seung hyo’s (from queen seon deok) cameo on this series?

    • 5.1 bashful

      Are you referring to the character of “Alcheon” in QSD?
      I too think he is the same actor who JH beat up in the bar scene…

      • 5.1.1 Aternall

        Yes , he is 😀 I was really happy to see him for a lillte bit in this drama. I really liked his character in QSD.

    • 5.2 Laya

      omg I just realized it too when I saw the screencap 😮

  6. Drina

    Thanks alot for the recap, orangy!
    Luv u so much, hee..
    Yeah, i agree with u, there’s so much problems JH has to make his mind clear ‘bouT what he wants froM BS. His true identity, HY, ah in, Dal, how can he hid all of them froM BS? Lies can’t last forever…

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    thanks orangy911!! i’m so glad the recap is here! =)

  8. Noelle

    Great review! I love the commentary. Looking forward to the next ep/review. Thanks.

  9. Cafe

    Thank you very much for the recap <3

    I love this series, it has that certain something that makes it different from the others.

    The characters are VERY real, for example, in the real world, no one is going to declare his feelings out of the blue without any fear, there is always a little afraid of being rejected.

    And that explains, to me, the behavior of JH-BS.

  10. 10 Saima

    mmm, I really need to start watching this drama. I had a question: what’s the name of the song being played in Ep 7’s preview?

  11. 11 Mystisith

    Thank you for the recap Orangy, and nice work : Watching episode first, then reading the recap is like double savor icecream. With hot choc, almonds whipped cream and colored artificial vermicelli.
    EP 6 is very good, number 7 is great, number 8 is epiccute : Is that really the best you can do ?? . LOL… I’m sure there is still some power under the accelerator. This show is a total sleeper. It grabs you by the collar, lifts you up, then crush you down on the floor : visualise the fight in the Trailer of Vampire Prosecutor. As a result, well, i’m dead of course. I agree that Dr Park is a pearl. And Dal is a brat because of her bad overprotective education : Mom feels like another client for Dr Park since it seems some sort of depression is genetically running in here. And wait, why spoiling one kid and neglecting the other, in broad daylight ? I think that Jae Hee sees Dal as a smart little sister that needs to be protected and gently guided. Misses siblings ? No romance hidden here. Hwa young also seems quite challenged mentally. Now i know why Dr Park is so rich : Everyone is mentalsick in these families !! I ‘m gonna call him Doctor ” who earns a lot of money ” : Hired.
    I really love Bong Sun, and so the actress interpretation : why so many viewers were antis ? Because of her personal life ? To quote the TW drama Real Love Please : WHO CARES ??
    The best for the end : Killing kiss. 2 minutes of pure bliss. If after that, some people keep calling him baby-face or idol or kid or whatever, i’m gonna turn nasty and you’ll have to change the windows and repaint the walls ! Now, time for me to go to sleep.

  12. 12 tegami

    Dr. Park and Bong Sun CANNOT be a couple…. Think about it. Dating your therapist??? That’s just wrong. Now matter how well meaning Dr. Park would be there’d still be that niggling notion that HE would have the upper hand in the relationahip.

    While on the other hand Jae Hee and Bong Sun are both characters with problems who can use each other for support and help each other heal
    past wounds. Theirs would be a complementary
    relationship as both characters are coming in from similar places of hurting and isolation.

    • 12.1 Kim Yoonmi (Surname first)

      Not to mention: I believe it is illegal in the US, isn’t it illegal in Korea too? Or at least it’s very ethnically wrong, not that he’s kept to the psychological ethical guide that much…

  13. 13 Gabitis

    Thanks for the recap.

    I’m actually quite taken by this show. Pleasantly surprised if you will. Had no expectations at all and I find myself feeling very strongly about all of the characters. In every episode I discover things from Bong Sun, Tae Hee and Dr Park that are just delightful in the way they are not only written but of course, portrayed.

    Cant wait for your take on the next episodes.

    Thanks again.

  14. 14 Soso

    Thanks for the recap. I’m starting to get over the baby face b/c he is acting the heck out of the role. Still can’t say I love the show, but the two leads make it worth watching.

    Two comment about Bong Sun… for a police officer I would think she got some training on breaking off holds and such yet she seems to get manhandled by JH way too easily. And is it me or does her running look really awkward?

    • 14.1 Jomo

      Maybe she likes to be manhandled by Jae Hee?

    • 14.2 tegami

      Eh, its a k-drama, so at the end of the day you gotta just ignore these things…

      Case in point: Gil Ra-im in Secret Garden was a stunt woman but she got manhandled by Hyun Bin (I don’t blame her, lucky girl), Nana in City Hunter was supposed to be a Blue House bodyguard but she was pretty damn incompetent.

      But I don’t think the fact that it’s Jae Hee who’s ‘manhandled’ her should be overlooked. This could be seen as one of the ways she opens up to him and exposes her vulnerable side. If it was any other character, they would have already received a bloody nose 6 episodes ago.

      • 14.2.1 ladida

        [Spoilers for next episodes]

        It’s telling that you mention Secret Garden here, because the physical relationship between these two is very similar to Gil Ra Im and Joo Won. Lots of hitting and wrist-grabbing and the like. It’s not something I can overlook, and I definitely don’t think it represents Bong Sun opening up to Jae Hee–it’s simply him being an ass. Rather, I think she opens up to him when she [Spoiler!] tells him she likes him in episode 7 [End of Spoiler]. They both open up to each other in the more tender moments of their relationships, not when they’re being (and I don’t think this is too strong a word to use) abusive.

        • Jomo

          Speaking of spoilers!
          Here is proof of my obsession; I am back making fanvids to fill up the time between weeks.

          —->With scenes through Ep 8. You have been warned!!

          JH and BS – Happy

          • ladida

            Episode 8 is like a gift from the gods! why isn’t it subbed yet???

          • drina

            why there’s a box in youtube said “This video is unlisted. Only those with the link can see it. Learn more” on your video?

          • Kappy

            Oh Jomo, I love it.

        • Alice20

          I agree that the manhandling is a sign of abuse, but you’ve got to think that in the cultural context of South Korea, this stuff is considered okay. At least, I think it’s like that since at least 90% of the dramas I’ve seen contain wrist-grabbing or forceful kissing/hugging even when the woman is completely strugglin against her. I think the mentality that the dramas are pursuing is “Assault her until she admits she likes it”? :PPP

          • Alice20


        • Kappy

          Manhandling and abuse is wrong, but I see some of this as resisting, like “No, I will not allow myself to be hauled off to the police station by you because I didn’t do it and you need to believe me.” I recall BS abusing JH a bit, too, such as his receiving a swift, hard kick in the shin (a mistake or not?), being punched, slapped in the face, hit umpteen times and scratched on the face with a jewel-studded bag, and whacked on the head with a baton (okay, she was drunk then). None of these times did he try to retaliate. Because he was wrong? Real a**** retaliate whether or not they’re wrong. I think JH is more of an a** when he says something that he truly wants to do and then renigs on it, turning it into a joke because of his insecurity.

          The forced kiss, I admit, was forced, but soon turned out to be reciprocated by her…for 2 minutes (come up for air!).

    • 14.3 asianromance

      Yeah, I also thought it was weird that she seems to get manhandled by JH too easily, when she was the one sort of manhandling –err…womanhandling- him in the beginning. But I also remembered how Jae Hee raised himself out there on the streets and beat the shit out of that guy in the beginning of this episode. So he must be stronger and craftier than he looks.

      I am really tired of all the manhandling of Bong Sun (all the wrist-grabs *rips out hair in frustration*), but I also understand that they are just two dark, very messed up people. And I think that is what makes their characters so fascinating.

    • 14.4 ladida

      Haha, I love the way she runs! I think it’s hilarious, and adds to the more comedic tones of the show. Also, she’s a traffic patrol officer, so I’m guessing she deals more with drunk drivers and illegally parked cars and lots ‘n’ lots of paperwork than with chasing down thugs.

  15. 15 Guuurl

    I love this show. It’s different from the other kdramas out there 🙂

  16. 16 Gwinna

    I really, really hope you are wrong and they don’t plan on making Dr. Park a serious contender for Bong Sun’s affections, because that would be so creepy I don’t even… In order for therapy to work, there needs to be a bond of trust between therapist and patient, so that the patient feels comfortable telling the therapist anything. This puts the therapist in a unique position of power, and if the therapist then takes advantage of the patient’s vulnerability to try to get closer to her, that is EXTREMELY unethical and could screw up the patient’s psychological state beyond repair. And if a patient’s trust has been abused once, that makes it difficult for them to receive the treatment they need in the future because they won’t easily trust a therapist again. I personally find a therapist/patient relationship no less wrong and disturbing than a teacher/student or adult/minor relationship. As much as I love this show, if it goes there I am through, because this is not something to be taken lightly. Just thinking about it is upsetting me.

    I’d also like to add that, even if we ignore the fact that he’s been hitting on Bong Sun, thereby abusing his role as therapist and threatening her emotional well-being, Dr. Park is still a horrible psychiatrist. Therapists aren’t supposed to play mind games with their patients in order to get them to admit things they don’t want to admit; they’re supposed to create a safe space where the patient feels comfortable talking to them. And therapists aren’t supposed to be their patients’ friends; they’re supposed to maintain a certain clinical distance. If he weren’t a psychiatrist I might like him as a character, but as it is his conduct is really unprofessional, not to mention skeevy, and he ought to lose his job. He’s the one discordant note in a drama that I otherwise love.

    Sorry for the rant, but this is a subject which I feel very strongly about.

    • 16.1 Jomo

      I don’t think they will go there.
      Her affection for “her friend’s friend” is very obvious to the Doctor. He is not going to cross that line.

      • 16.1.1 Dux

        I agree with all the wrongness in Dr. Park hitting on Bong Sun. The physician-patient relationship is always delicate as physicians have the upper hand from the very beginning. It’s even more so for a psychiatrist. But this is Korean drama land after all, and it’s not the first time we’ve seen physicians hitting on their patients unfortunately. I was uncomfortable in The Woman You Still Wants to Marry when the acupuncturist was getting all over Shin Young… but now it’s even worse, isn’t it?
        On the other hand, Yoon She Yoon is doing such an exemplary job as Jae Hee I am in love with this couple! I don’t care if he has a baby face, they look so good together.

    • 16.2 Alice20


  17. 17 Drina

    BS maybe just a mere police officer who looks tough, icy, strong on the outside. But in the inside? I think she’s pure, lonely and warm..it’s easy to fallin love with her character. JH hav to release himself from his guilt toward HY if he really loves BS. I hope HY finally realized that JH isn’t hers. They doN’t belong together.
    The story reminds me of MARS where both characters have their own dark tragic past and family issues.. and they met, fell in love and together they bound to overcome every barriers that come to endangered their relationship,, i wish for the happy ending for our main couple, as well for Dr. Park, Dal, Maru and Hwa Young

  18. 18 Jomo

    Thanks soooooooooo much for the recap!

    My friend May and I have been emailed each other constantly for the past few weeks about this wonderful show!
    I am TOAST for sure.

    I like the idea that JH is a coward more than a meanie.

    Rewatching all the earlier shows a million times, I tried to put myself in BS mind. If this guy did all these things to me, how would I interpret it?

    Like the good Doctor said, everything he does points to him like liking her. EVERYTHING. Since she is someone who learns the world from all her senses, no matter what he SAYS, she has to feel his attraction.

    Who in real life, would give her that much attention? Everything from going to visit her at the station, stripping! in front of her, handcuffing himself to her, being protective of her around her ex, dragging away – by the hand not the wrist – kissing her in the car the first time….
    How many meals have they eaten together, too?
    Then we have the offer to run away and the gold medal K-drama olympic <strike)kiss make-out session.

    btw – The only reason that kiss happened in a crowded restaurant, was the next thing that couple would be doing is removing their clothing.

    I agree that YSY is amazing to watch. He got to hang around sunbaes in BK; that must help. Plus, LJ seems to be making it easy for him. Whether they are really as hot for each other as the characters, I don’t know. From the BTS I have seen, I notice they are very comfortable around each other.

    I know why they gave him stupid hair, cause when he is dressed and coiffed – hooooooo-boy, the man is hot!
    Not to mention, deeper voices get me every time…

    • 18.1 Mystisith

      Hi ! jomo.
      Just a few words to say that i myself would strip anywhere and anytime, at will. You don’t yourself ? AHAHAH ! And handcuffing myself to a stranger ? Sure ! No need to think twice when the convict is that cute…

    • 18.2 ladida

      That’s one of the things I love about this show. Their attraction to one another is so obvious, and there is no dillydallying about it (like in FBRS or SG or so many other romantic comedies): Jae Hee never lies to himself or is confused about it, nor does he try to convince himself to stop feeling the way he does about her, nor does he ever believe that he’s too good for her, or that there is no possible way that he could fall for such a woman. [Spoilers!] The thing is, even though Jae Hee is honest with himself about how he feels towards Bong Sun, he lies to her about it. And Bong Sun is honest to herself AND Jae Hee. [End of Spoilers.]

      This couple gives me such whiplash! Hitting and yelling one moment and then being so sweet and eating nd laughing together the next!

      • 18.2.1 Sate Ayam

        LIKE THIS!

    • 18.3 May Tae

      Yea, seriously addicted. They would have made babies easily if that kiss was not in a restaurant 😛

      I love Dr. Park, he is truly amazing at his job… the way he draws BS out is proof of how good he is at his job.

      I wonder is HY is a patient as well, hopefully not his, being family and all.. but have to wonder if she sought counseling after losing her husband….

      Yes, it is also wonderful to show how they show the old-money vs the self-made man. Come on JH, show them who is the better man 😛

      BS/JH chemistry, phew, its HOT!!!!!!!!!

      Orangy911 thanks for the recap 🙂

  19. 19 Rahul

    Hi orangy911,

    I just started reading your recaps and I love them all. I like your perception of the characters and the story line. I especially like the way you put it in words. Your articles are like spicy Indian dish which tingles your taste buds… :p I have already seen all the episodes of this drama till now and I know the story, yet I come here and read the recap to know what’s your take on it.

  20. 20 V

    Thank you for the recap! I really love this show!

  21. 21 asianromance

    Thanks for the recap, orangy911!! And I love your analysis of Jae Hee!

    I feel really bad for Bong-sun’s character. Between Jae Hee and Bong-sun, I feel like Bong-sun will experience more hurt than Jae-hee out of the relationship before we get our happily ever after. And her horrible parents…uggh! I know I should feel bad for the mother for feeling trapped and depressed in her relationship with BS’s father, but I just can’t help but feel sick when she treats Dal like her lovable daughter and act like she did BS some great favor by not killing herself. She knew what BS’s father was like and yet gets defensive and act like a victim when BS says cutting things to her. Well, if you have to live with a man like BS’s father and grew up without any affection, wouldn’t you be prickly too? It sickened me seeing her cook in BS’s kitchen, like she has some right to be there.

    Even though I don’t like how Jae Hee manhandles Bong-sun sometimes (hot as that second kiss was in the restaurant, the first kiss was uncomfortable in that it was forced and a bit nonsensical), I feel that he’s probably the only one out there who truly gives a crap about her and even has a clue as to her feelings and dreams- besides her therapist (but then, he’s paid).

    I hope they will make Dal really feel for Bong-sun. I hope we get a scene one day of Dal protecting Bong-sun.

  22. 22 dom

    A drama with a crazy and likable shrink!! with a valid psych personality test! I must insert this drama to my must-have-to watch list!! oh..the perks on being a psych major..

  23. 23 am

    Has there ever been such a long, sensual kiss, with female participation, in k-drama romcom history? I *loved* it when BS kissed JH back, and with no shyness or hesitation, and pulled him in for a second round.

    Dr. Park is a gem. All of his scenes are fantastic, although I don’t want him to be romantically linked to BS. They should just be BFFs. 🙂

    • 23.1 ladida

      I don’t know about the length, but the “lightbulb” kiss from City Hunter had some female participation/reciprocation, although, not the level we see here. Bong Sung actually INITIATES the second part of the kiss, and it’s Jae Hee who is the surprised one. Squee!

  24. 24 Suzi Q

    This drama is growing on me slowly,but it bothers me about all the silliness BS get into as a police woman(JH stripping at the police station, and handcuff incident) Also JH can get into the front seat of the police car and ride around at will. Don’t they lock the doors? She doesn’t appear too competent when JH can manhandle her. No wonder she didn’t get the promotion.

    • 24.1 Mystisith

      K Drama convention : The girl resists at first to prove she’s not easy, even if she wants the hug / kiss as much as the guy. Neoconfucianism or rhetoric resistance. ( Damn, i impress myself here 🙂 )
      And try imagining yourself in a tight hug given by a handsome guy wearing a jacket scenting leather and pricy cologne. Still unconvinced ?
      Other explanation : she doesn’t fight him to push him but because she needs to vent her anger. So when she’s done, she cools down.
      Finally, i agree : Jae Hee may look skinny but i would never trust him playing the weak guy : I know better ! You’ll see that for yourself in next eps…
      Now, would you take seriously a police officer behaving like a coward and locking himself in her car while his partner is buying coffee ? I would laugh at her !!
      Sçrry, really, i don’t know what’s happening to me with this show, but i feel like a hen with her chicks, and i will defend them til death. I think i’m going to write a fanfic to pour all my emotions, and for good measure an essay to relieve my brain. Doctor, is it serious ?

    • 24.2 ladida

      I don’t mind those aspects of the drama, because I see them as part of the comedic elements of the show, like a workplace comedy. And Jae Hee’s stripping and getting in the front seat of her car is part of his characterization: he likes to flaunt authority, and it’s part of his initial laissez-faire persona. My problem came when she let him take the diamond bag with him. That was a serious breach of police procedure, even if she is a traffic control officer.

      Speaking of her profession, I actually think Bong Sun would be better suited as a social worker. She cares so much about others, and she’s always doing thoughtful things for those around her. It would be something she’s good at, and she’d feel rewarded for it, and it wouldn’t be a career path that is in direct comparison to her father’s.

    • 24.3 sm

      JH easily thwarts Maru as well, so it might just be that JH is a slippery one. JH has proved to be tough in the fights/confrontations with male characters we’ve seen so far in the drama, so I imagine he’s a lot stronger than he looks.

      Also, I get the feeling that local police officers aren’t treated with much respect in Korea, as seen when the neighborhood grandpa called Bong-sun and Maru to bring him snacks, and when Bong-sun was berated for not properly babysitting the kid at the station.

      The police in America aren’t terribly strong or in necessarily in great physical shape, but they carry guns.

  25. 25 MISSKFANZ

    dramabean late recap or what?
    i mean i confuse because it already 8 episode yet drama bean recap only for ep 6 today

    • 25.1 Sate Ayam

      Because the recapper is only 1 person. Be patient.

    • 25.2 Jomo

      I will translate your comment:

      Thank you so much for posting these recaps. There is not other site in the WWW doing so. I love this show sooo much, it’s making me a little of a crazy person. I search non-stop for news, and I can’t even tell you how many times I have rewatched the earlier episodes.

      My impatience for the recaps is only matched by my love for this stupendous website. I mean, seriously, YOU guys have the BEST site anywhere for K-dramas. And sooo fast! I couldn’t believe it the other day when the FBRS recap was up by my dinner time. Really, you deserve a box of cookies, or box of LMH for your efforts.

      M2F is fast becoming my favorite show. While the subs are out there, I learn so much more about the characters and the language from reading your excellently written posts, orangy. Where can I send you [that thing you love] because I know doing these right takes a LOT of time, creativity and thought, and I know you have a life that needs tending to when you are not doing these recaps.

      I applaud every word you type.

      love and kisses!

      • 25.2.1 ladida

        This is a WONDERFUL translation.

      • 25.2.2 Mystisith

        So jomo, adding to all the rest, you’re a benevolent moderator ? Well, i don’t own a blog by now, but i’m effectively quite sure it takes a lot of time if you want a GOOD result.

      • 25.2.3 May Tae

        LOL!!! Nice Jomo <3

      • 25.2.4 Alice20

        Well spoken….er…typed.

      • 25.2.5 Sate Ayam

        I’m asking Santa to give Orangy911 a help. I showed him your letter to Santa. I hope he sent us a wonderful recapper who’s able to translate and give meaning to words like Jomo =)

      • 25.2.6 Ita noona

        I thought so too!
        Great job, orangy – JB – girlfriday…or whoever writes in this great site! I just started to read your recap about my fav kdrama a few days ago and I just can’t stop myself to open your web everyday! Now I found myself addicted to YOU, too!! 😀
        Thank you so much, because your recaps make me understand more…really… it’s NOT an easy job to do. Fighting!!

  26. 26 luci8le

    thank you so much for the awesome recaps orangy911!
    I love your writing!

  27. 27 Lulla

    I’ve been reading recaps and soompicand,darn it..this series seems to be good! Now I have to decide which one I’m gonna download first : me too flower or tree with deep roots. Oh,but I wanna watch them both 🙁

  28. 28 hi

    The recent epizodes really touch my heart …
    I agree with u orangy : jae hee don’t even trust himself. he is just living for protecting mother and child.and when they ‘re in danger he could even forget his own private heart , feeling and future… and this is heart breaking ..

    but i think he hesitate too much … this love is like forbidden love for him …

    YSY actes so much naturally and older than his real age and this is so adorable . his eyes easily filled by tear and convey his yearn…

    I also truely feel BS . jia is just born to play these kind of roles .you khow her feminine inner side is really nice . we can look at her inner side and don’t be tired

    It’s easy to love and protect both of them. STRONG harmoney bet them is really obvious which make them comfortable around each other .

    Blessing kiss is just like a present from universe …

  29. 29 Sate Ayam

    That was the longest steaming hot kissing scene I’ve seen so far in kdrama land!!

  30. 30 bashful

    Thanks orangy911 for this wonderful recap! 😀
    This episode has so many awesome scenes which you beautifully summarized. I echo the praises for this episode and YSY’s acting of the commenters before me.

    I’ll just add that I was impressed by both Bong Sun’s and Jae Hee’s characters’ display of assertiveness towards Hwa Young: Bong Sun asking Hwa Young point blank why she dislikes her and Jae Hee telling Hwa Young not to pull the same marketing stunt again.

    Who would have thought after 2-3 meetings only, Bong Sun would already sense that Hwa Young dislikes her? But this question from Bong Sun validates her personality test result: ISFP and Dr. Park’s conclusion as you summarized it “…that Bong Sun doesn’t let anything go unless she gets to the bottom of a problem.” Good job drama writer!

    I also admire Hwa Young, not backing down to Bong Sun and Jae Hee in this episode; she was calm and firm. Oh she really is going to be a force to be reckon with in the latter episodes. I fear what she’ll do! Kudos to Han Go-Eun for her very good portrayal here though I’m not surprised since she played a similar role, e.g. Capital Scandal and A Man Called God.

    Thanks again orangy911! I’m looking forward to your recap of episode 7.

  31. 31 Drina

    @sate ayam: indoNesian, ri9ht? Me too. Iya,, i’ve been looking for another recapper, and oRANGy is the oNe and the oNLy.. Menyebalkan! I’m dying here,, oh, Drina.. Be patient please(@_@)

    • 31.1 Sate Ayam

      Iya Indonesian =) sayang ya yg recap hanya 1 orang^^

  32. 32 Drina

    @jomo and mystisith: i blame u both for me being DB stalker ;cry; you proMote M2F in OT, and finally I’m here.
    I’ve never doNe this before, refreshing DB billions time for newest episode 7 and 8 recaps,,
    I’m so starving. Örangy,, feed me please:'((

    • 32.1 Mystisith

      LOL !
      I don’t know how it looks, but writing in english is not so easy for me. The most funny thing is that i improved my english level watching korean dramas coming from the other side of the world, reading tons of yummy subs. School never worked so efficiently for me.
      And now, i keep posting and i just can’t stop : i think JB and GF will want to get rid of me very soon. Blame M2F !!
      DB Refreshing Syndrom : very common disease, interfere with people private’s life. Not curable at the moment.

    • 32.2 Jomo

      Thus our evil plan has succeeded with a least ONE new viewer, Drina….hehehehehehe

  33. 33 Natalie

    Thanks so much! I love this show! 🙂

  34. 34 mzpakipot

    is there a site where i can watch streaming with english sub.preferably starting episode 1 to latest?
    i thought i might watch it for the sake of the writer, who wrote my number one all time fave kdrama! thank you in advance!

  35. 35 Alexis

    Woot Woot ~ ~ ~ 😀 Thanks for this recap, Orangy911! ! You’re the bessst!!

    I can’t believe that this drama is more and more interesting and pulling me mooore while watching this drama, ofc. I knew that Yoon Shi Yoon is really doing wonderful job because he’s such as GOOD actor while working together with Lee Ji Ah…..Great chemistry, yay! (TOLD you so — Yoon Shi Yoon is still handsome, mm! ^_^)

    I really thank God that I am still admiring Yoon Shi Yoon since King Baker Tak Goo last year (2010), keke.

  36. 36 Zoya

    Thank you so much for this recap, Orangy911 — I really LOOOVE this drama !! <3 <3

  37. 37 anglvue

    yes, it’s all in his eyes…and i love every bit of it. he’s really outshining every one of his co-stars.

  38. 38 Drina

    Jomo, I’ve become somekind of lunatic here.. And i feel lonely, Coz every persoN in my family didn’t share my crazyness.. Lol! This drama drives me nut, and the lateness of the english subs didn’t help at all. Oh, btw ur comment translation is awesoMe! ORangy, that’s genuinely froM the bottom of our heart (^__^) so, i hope you to coNtinue writing these recaps..
    yoOn shi Yoon’s eyes are truly amazing. They deliver all the emotion, anger, fear, love, sadness,, brilliant acting! Love him, love M2F, Love dramabeans,

  39. 39 Taber

    I loving this drama or should I say it’s the drama characters that got me giggly with joy. I love the fact there no goodie girl that takes everything because she so stupidly, pathetic nice. I love it more that the main actor is just as flawed as the main actress, but together they are flawless and priceless. I’m enjoying that LOVE is Bong Sun and Jae Hee source of strength as while as they weakness, the Screen Writer did a excellent job showing Bong Sun pride, loyalty, intelligence and vulnerability and Jae He confident, pain, insecurity. The skin ship is incredible, realistic and natural, the cuteness it over the top and rare. The acting draws you in, I feel like I’m falling in love along with Bong Sun and I feel Jae Hee pain and guilty toward his partner and her son. MTF really knows how keep you keep your attention, it’s one of the few times where I just want the episodes to keep going because I’m high on happiness.

  40. 40 Alice20

    I don’t actually like Dr. Park, and seeing how Bongsun is a stickler for rules, I hope she doesn’t, either, cuz he’s breaking some MAJOR ethical boundaries by pursuing her romantically.

    • 40.1 May Tae

      Dr. Park isn’t or more like hasn’t pursued Bong-sun romantically at this point …. They just went out for meal… I don’t think that counts as romantic… also he knows she was crying because of a guy… he was probably cheering her up, this is all my opinion…

  41. 41 anotheraddict

    orangy911~ a gazillion Kamsahamnidas for recapping Me2,✿ and for making a home for all of us flower girls here at DB. 😀

    BS and JH are really compelling characters for me. However I gotta say that I thought the kiss scene was oh-so-hot, but given the context, oh-so-wrong.

    Random note: a while back, I taught myself to read Hangul. Though I can’t understand most of what I read, at least I can read caller ID names and, as I discovered in this epi., apples!

    • 41.1 Jomo


  42. 42 MARTIAN

    thankyou for recapping!! I’m starting to like this drama although I do have the occasional “where is this drama going?” to me the relationship between Hwayoung and Jae Hee is the defining point of this drama. Their relationship almost kind of verges on a sadistic, self-destructive side in that both are living reminders to each other of past love and mistakes.

    JUST RACED THROUGH THIS DRMAA SO FAST ON KIMCHI and damn in ep 8 Hwayoung turns the dial a bit over to the creepy dark psychotic side.. I hope the future doesn’t seem so bleak for our couple 🙁

  43. 43 jesymphony

    It is ridiculous how much I love this drama, mainly because of how much I can empathise with BS. In episode 7 I was crying with her – I’m eagerly awaiting another one of your lovely recaps because episode 7 left me in all kinds of confusion and bewilderment and I’d like to see someone else’s take on it.

    I cannot get enough of BS and JH, I love their characters and the way they’re flawlessly acted by the lovely Lee Jia (who I’ve got a bit of an unnie-crush on) and Yoon Shiyoon. BS and JH are not the typical heroine and hero and I find them very compelling with how broken they both are and how differently both are dealing with it. JH ignoring it and running away while BS faces it head on. It’ll be very interesting to see how they both handle each other’s pasts as well.

    Thanks for all the hard work orangy911!

    • 43.1 ladida

      agree agree agree. love bong sun.

  44. 44 lidy

    i think i just figured out why hwa young (sis in law to jae hee) is going on rising bitchy love rival mode on bong sun. it was something she said to dr. park where she forgave jae hee bc she saw he was self-torturing himself, so no need for her to torture him. don’t think she’s fallen for him and hope the drama don’t take that route, but it looks like she sees bong sun as getting in her way on making jae hee come out from behind as secret co-owner into the public. she sees him acting different w/ her and that he’s really really interested. interested enough that she fears he won’t ever come out (not out the closet) in wanting to stay as is and live in the same world as bong sun. also, can be feelings of resentment coming back mingled in there too. that w/ bong sun he can move on and find happiness which she can’t forgive. he’s the one that took her happiness away, so he isn’t allowed too either. she needs him by her side as her partner, and him and together w/ bong sun will probably have him w/o of her reach

    • 44.1 ladida

      I really like your take on this. I have to admit that I’ve been confused about her motivations so far (the subs can be confusing sometimes) so I kind of took it for granted that she was in love with him, aka the kdrama love quadrangle convention. But maybe there is something much darker behind her actions. Like you pointed out, the reasons she claims to have forgiven Jae Hee was that he was already so broken over the accident and that she needed him in order to survive. She sees Bong Sun as a threat because 1) Jae Hee is happy when he’s with her, a real happy that isn’t simply a cover or an act of avoidance, and 2) like you said, being with her allows hm to remain in the liminal area between being a rich handbag designer and an everyman. So I guess her reasons are a kind of revenge and a desire to secure her financial stability and power. Much better than a love quadrangle. Still, if she has issues with Jae Hee, she should confront him about them and not drag Bong sun into them.

  45. 45 MsB

    That was a decent episode. At least I did not fade in/out of conscientiousness. Explained a lot about Jae Hee and the absolute guilt he feels about causing Hwa Young’s husband.

  46. 46 IBELIS

    I just started to watch this and have really been enjoying it . I don’t see the need for a second male lead, the emotional baggage of the male female lead makes the triangle complete. In order for these two to get together they will definitely need to resolve all of their personal issues.

    • 46.1 Sponge

      agreed even though i like the doctor (though more as a friend and therapist than a love interest), i also never ever care for the evil second female leads, i feel like everyone would enjoy it more without her, can’t they find another trope to keep the drama going? i keep fastforwarding her parts~ she would be better as just a reminder of his pain but not actually being a b**** and idk trying to win him?

  47. 47 Sponge

    thanks for the recap! fakeouts and forced kisses drive me bonkers though! it really never makes any sense. I WANT REAL KISSES NOT FORCED ONE SIDED WEIRD ONES, get your act together kdrama male leads -_- but my heart did feel a bit warm when she returned the kiss though. and i actually really like the couple (which i didn’t expect to) and i like the alternative (doctor and sisterinlaw) too which probably aren’t that likely to grow much? i want more genuine interactions and for the characters to grow and heal together as i’m still enjoying this drama so far 🙂

  48. 48 August

    Wow, Jae Hee & Bong Sun kissed more than once! It’s really rare for the female lead to wholeheartedly reciprocate a kiss from the male lead in kdramaland.

    Kudos to Yoon Shi-yoon and Lee Ji-ah for not skimping out on the kiss scene.

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