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Moon That Embraces the Sun releases posters
by | December 29, 2011 | 63 Comments

Upcoming fantasy-romance sageuk Moon That Embraces the Sun, or better known around here as MoonSun-Snowflake-PixieDust, has just released its official posters, less than a week out from the premiere. They feature the four leads: Kim Soo-hyun, the fictional Joseon King, Han Ga-in, the shaman who falls in love with him, Jung Il-woo, the king’s playboy hyung, and Kim Min-seo, the femme fatale. The posters all carry the tagline: “Don’t come close! But don’t go far…” which I’m assuming comes from the king. Well THAT’s not a mixed message to a girl or anything. Geez. I guess being King doesn’t preclude a guy from being a guy.

They’re not especially original as far as drama posters go, but the leads are so pretty that I guess that’s all the eye candy you really need. There is a thematic touch with the sun and moon sharing the same sky, evoking the mystical cannot-be-ness of their love. I’m looking forward to the genre mashup — if they actually go all-out with the fantasy shaman angle and give us fusiony magic, it’ll give the whole thing a sense of whimsy and mystery, and set it apart from all the other sageuk fare.

For a show like this, I want epic mythology and grandeur. The cast is enough to tune in for, but I’m excited about the story as well, and could use a good fantasy series to sink my teeth into. And let us not forget the manes of glory too. I mean, that’s what we’re really watching for, yeah?

Moon That Embraces the Sun premieres next Wednesday, January 4, on MBC.

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63 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Haydn

    SO. EXCITED! >_< kyahhhhhh~ KIM SOO HYUN!!!<3
    so glad there's this drama right after Tree Roots. i can never go too long without a good sageuk. 🙂

  2. Dancingpanda

    Hooray, it’s never too soon for another Jung Il Woo drama! 🙂 Hope the actors don’t overwork themselves with so little time to film before the drama premieres.

    • 2.1 yakuna

      JEONG IL WOO…….can’t get enough of him..I hope he is putting lots of nourishment on that beautiful body of his….WILL HE SING SOME MORE OST??????

      • 2.1.1 jung

        agree! still can’t get enough of him. that flower boy fever still affects me. i really hope his character will get happiness in the end

  3. Min


  4. foraredrose

    KSH fighting! Less than a week until it airs – I may or may not skim through it raw just to see KSH in his mane of glory 😛

    • 4.1 Saima

      not to disappoint you but the adult actors will be introduced from Ep 7 onwards!! so that’s pretty much like a month from now….gahhhh!!

      • 4.1.1 Yoonsy

        doesnt matter coz the child actors are also as interesting as the lead actor..^^

    • 4.2 alua

      I’m not glimpsing much of a mane of glory in the posters though 🙁

  5. LK

    I don’t even care what this drama is about. I’m going to watch the 1st episode because of the 3 main leads, hoping it’s good! It will be good to see Jung Il Woo in a more serious role. Also, I adore Han Ga In!

  6. mollyP

    I just died.

    • 6.1 merlyunho

      LOL @ your comment. I think I’d be glad to die seeing kim soohyun and jung ilwoo in one same screen………..
      and be even happier to die again in the same manner for a hundred more times.

      *tsk tsk, talk about die hard fangirls*

  7. YBisTOP

    Is it just me or does every sageuk drama posters look alike? o.O

    I can’t wait for this drama to be aired!!!! I am really excited to watch another sageuk serie! 🙂 I actually was excited to watch this because I thought Jung Il-Woo was the leading man…. but i’ll watch it anyways! 🙂

    • 7.1 Jo

      It’s just you.

  8. Natalie

    Very excited for this, not gonna lie. LOL

  9. blokkoms

    The pretty is making my excitement go through the roof… 🙂

  10. 10 FishcalledWanda

    Man, am I looking forward to this drama! Kim Soo Huyn AND Jung Il Woo in the same drama! What’s not to like? ( I hope nothing!)
    But I do think Jung Il Woo’s head looks a bit strange on the first poster, and isn’t he supposed to be very tall? He still looks great though!

    • 10.1 Roxy

      Apparently, there IS one thing not to like.
      Han Ga-In, urgh! This is a crime! How can something make me doubt watching a drama who has BOTH Kim Soo Hyun AND Jung Il Woo together?!

      It’s ridiculous, I tell ya. And sooo disappointing.

      • 10.1.1 FishcalledWanda

        Oh, I forgot about her. Or, well I kinda erased her from my memory! I hope it turns out she can really act (maybe Jung Il Woo’s and Kim Soo Huyn’s presence will be enough) and does not bring the drama down!

        • Roxy

          Yea I’m just hoping for her to surprise me in this drama, just for Kim Soo Hyun’s and Jung Il Woo’s sake. Usually her acting is pretty bland. Hope she can prove that she’s not just a pretty face. Cause, y’know she IS surrounded by an amazing cast.

          So yeah, Han Ga In, I’m begging you, surprise us and prove everyone wrong! *crosses fingers*

  11. 11 Fasiris Fay

    SO excited for this. Although, I’m not looking forward to the war that may rage itself in my heart over the KSH vs JIW…

  12. 12 Fasiris Fay

    the KSH vs. JIW war*

  13. 13 hpn88

    the poster actually reminds me of the thrones I saw in the palaces in Seoul. Behind each throne there is a painting of sun and moon. I remember the guide mentioning the significance of them, but I don’t remember anymore. Anyone know what I’m talking about.

  14. 14 rianna

    i still think han ga in is not suited as the female lead.. she’s pretty but she can’t act.

  15. 15 Abbie

    I’m already sold on this because of Jung Il-woo. But that doesn’t mean I’ll like it. The posters are intriguing, but it’s plot that I’m waiting for. So, I’m iffy on this one.

  16. 16 milkmustache

    Gahhh, I’m insanely excited for this! Kim Soo Hyun<3 😀

  17. 17 myweithisway

    Too much of the pretty! My eyes are sparkling already ^^

  18. 18 Lady Seoul

    My eyes are definitely pleased!!!

  19. 19 jose

    nice ,i want more k dramas with sci fiction and fantasy and i like kim soo hyun for dream high, han ga in for super rookie and jung il woo for 49 days,i think is the first time i see a drama with 3 leads i know and like

  20. 20 Lala

    JUNG IL WOO! Yay I love him. Will definitely tune in to watch this 🙂

  21. 21 mars

    I’m definitely looking forward to this! I really can’t wait to see how they handle the fantasy aspect. I am also very excited to see the relationship between Yoon Seung-ah and Han Ga-in’s characters. Ah! I hope this drama delivers.

  22. 22 jazza

    Jung Ilwoo!!~

  23. 23 Joo

    I really really hope this drama will be good!

  24. 24 haru

    Jung Ilwoo!!!!!!

    IDK, but it just makes me so happy to write his name:)

    • 24.1 hyeri

      the same with me. every time I write his name, I just unintentionally grin 🙂

  25. 25 XyoR

    If the sun and moon are up on the sky together, we’ll be dead.. 🙂

  26. 26 wanne

    what could be the meaning behind the third poster?

    Seriously cant wait for this drama. Its been soooo long Kim Soo Hyun!

    I really hope this drama will be good and the chemistry between KSH and HGI can works.

  27. 27 Elizabeth

    wow how much older is Han Ga In to the king? looks like a good show to watch.

  28. 28 Gachan

    WOOOOOWWWW,..definitely I will watch this drama
    OWWWWW,..can’t wait for this drama =))

  29. 29 crazedlu


  30. 30 tori

    how come ilwoo’s face looked like it was photoshopped there? his face and head angle looks slant and misplaced. hehehe

  31. 31 ainoonee

    For a moment, I thought the Han Ga-in looked like Shin Se Kyung in the poster >< Looking forward to this!

  32. 32 cv

    I hope it’s not a disappointment! hehhee Fantasy plus magic… I’m all for it! As long as the storyline end with a happy ending that is.

  33. 33 Cynthia

    The more fantasy, the better – as long as it’s not campy or cheesy. I like my fantasy the way MGIAG did it, moonlight and silvery tails.

    Haven’t watched a sageuk since WBDS. This looks like the one for me, provided the writing can stand up to the pretty.

  34. 34 YY

    Isn’t she much older than him? Or is it supposed to be that way? I’ve only watched him in Will It Snow for Christmas, and he was just a teenager then, so he should be in his early 20s now?

  35. 35 Ingledove

    This is the first drama I’ll see han ga in in; I hope she doesn’t disappoint. The moon and the sun has a long distance romance. They only meet during a solar eclipse. Bittersweet.

  36. 36 jyyjc

    Wow this makes kim minseo’s second skks-author drama. I didn’t watched baby face beauty cuz there were too many other dramas at the time but so glad I can watch her as one of the leads now. She was so great in skks.

  37. 37 Kender


    But how much you wanna bet they throw an eclipse into the plot? 😛

  38. 38 dianetic_20

    Kim Soo-hyun and Jung Il Woo are enough reasons to see this drama, I hope the story won’t disappoint. This will be the fourth Sageuk drama that I’ll be watching if ever. I’ve have only seen Hong Gil Dong, Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Joseon X-files and I love these dramas. Looking forward to Il Woo new project ^_~

    • 38.1 rjyuggy

      then you should see Tree With Deep Roots. That one drama can topple down Sungkyunkwan and Hong Gil Dong. But Joseon X-files is still the best.

  39. 39 Banu

    YAY.. KIM SOO HYUN & JUNG IL WOO>>Han Ga In looks so young by the way ^__^ looking forward for this drama

    • 39.1 Carinne

      One day I’ll look back and say, “I’ll have what she’s having.” Gawd, what is her secret?

  40. 40 badmarkz

    is that, chosun? chosun the gisaeng? wooah, she was (almost) awesome in SKKS, i hopw she’ll doing good here too.
    also, kim soo hyun! jung il woo! han ga in! is there any prettier combination on screen?

    • 40.1 dapinaymrs

      Yes, that’s Kim Min Seo, Chosun in SKKS.

  41. 41 BJ

    Feeling kind of excited for this drama as I do love this era!

  42. 42 nami05

    I just finished watching dong yi! and I soo love it. So I’m looking forward with this dongyish drama :DD

  43. 43 Alex

    Wow, this poster look very great, of course. 😉 I hope you will do your beesssst, Kim Soo Hyun!!! Ah, it’s same thing as Jung Il Woo and Ha Ga In, too.

    FIGHTING, Kim Soo Hyun!!! \^___^/

  44. 44 nickynisa

    i’m excited for this drama…. weee…. kim soohyun alone is enough for me to watch this drama…. i like the other 3 casts and hope this drama will do great…

  45. 45 rjyuggy

    it seems like kim soo hyun and han ga in don’t have chemistry, or is it just me? For me, Han Ga In is an actress that have difficulty establishing a chemistry with her co actor.

    I hope Han Ga In would give a better performance than the one she did at Bad Guy!

  46. 46 dapinaymrs

    Zipped my lips.

    Let’s see first.

  47. 47 Love K-Drama

    Han Ga In is terribly miscast – she has zero ability to emote let alone act. She also looks matronly and depressed next to her younger and charismatic lead actor.

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