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Moon/Sun: Behind the scenes and on Strong Heart
by | January 30, 2012 | 88 Comments

It’s always fun to peek behind the curtains — or scenes, I should say — of drama productions, particularly with a show that’s been capturing as much of the public’s attention as current sageuk sensation The Moon That Embraces the Sun. Here’s a recent series of behind-the-scenes photos with the cast members, a couple of whom will share some filming-related stories on talk-variety show Strong Heart this week.

Above are promo shots of Lee Min-ho (young Yang-myung) and Im Shi-wan (young Yeom) on the set of Strong Heart, where the former will talk about working with young co-star Kim Yoo-jung, who plays teenage Yeon-woo and with whom he previously acted in the drama Gumiho: Tale of the Fox’s Child. Im Shi-won, meanwhile, will talk about never having dated before, which is surprising if true, or a great PR move for the idol with the predominantly young female fanbase. (Im is 23 and a member of the group ZE:A.)

The episode airs this Tuesday, and the other guests featured include actor Choi Jin-hyuk, Brain’s Im Ji-eun, old-school kpop idol Chae Rina, and Lee Yoon-seok.

Meanwhile, talk is emerging of potentially extending the drama, which I understand but am dearly hoping doesn’t happen. I mean, I get it: The show has been amazingly fast to break the 20% ratings barrier and then the 30% mark, and has sold out every one of its advertising slots. Last week it was announced the show would produce longer episodes — to fill an 80-minute slot versus the standard 70 — but ended up putting out normal-length episodes. Phew. One bullet dodged. I am enjoying this show lots, despite some super-simplistic storytelling, but I have yet to see a single drama that ever benefited from adding length; often the opposite is true where they’d be improved with pruning.

There have been a number of conflicting reports so I think we’ll be hearing extension-related talk for a while longer, but for now I’m putting my faith in the producers’ strong denials of the rumors. They’ve declared that there has been zero mention of the issue with MBC. Still, an unnamed source with the production was quoted saying that while there has been no formal proposal, the issue is being considered as a possibility.

Currently, Moon is set for 20 episodes, and the number being tossed around for potential extension is 4 additional episodes. I’ll be sitting here trying to beam my thoughts into their heads: No extension please! Too many an entertaining drama has been ruined with extension-greed! Let’s not make this one the next casualty.

Via Hankook Ilbo


88 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. tsung

    So great!

  2. nickynisa

    extensions are not meant for all dramas.. some dramas will be too draggy by a mere 2 ep or 4 eps extention… Moon/Sun is a really good sageuk… if they want to extend it pls do justice to this drama.. make it really worth it..

  3. @lfani

    A bit confused, is that mean no adult cast in the Strong Heart episode?

  4. topper

    I’m surprised they are appearing on Strong Heart which is an SBS show. Maybe they might not be allowed to talk much about Moon/Sun as it’s on MBC.

  5. dea

    Are they going to talk about MBC’s drama on SBS variety show? ^.^ I really hope so because I will love to hear what happened behind the scenes of tmtets, especially their relationship with Kim Yoo Jung.

    I don’t really mind the extension as tmtets is based on a novel, so hopefully the scriptwriter can pick the best scenes from the novel to make the drama not too draggy.

    • 5.1 Kender

      Except the drama is following a different arc from the novel, so that may not work out as well as you’d expect..

      • 5.1.1 78446

        You’re right, the drama deviated so much already from the novel (e.g. Hwon and Yeon Woo never met in their childhood and only exchanged letters –> from the novel) so the screenwriter must have already mapped out all the scenarios for just the 20 episodes. Besides, I’ve never seen a drama that got better because of an extension, even the really good ones. They extended Giant by 10 episodes and while it was still a good drama, all I kept thinking was “When are they going to stop talking about the damn boilers?”. I hope they don’t do that to Moon/Sun.

  6. Kender

    I was eating lunch today at a little bunshik place near my dorm (I’m not venturing out further than I have to, it’s coldddd here in Korea!) and they were playing MoonSun reruns. It reminded me just how much I miss the young cast. πŸ™

  7. akikisetsu

    If they decide to extend the series, can they do flashbacks (new scenes from the young actors). I’m having a hard time letting them go, even with 2 episodes already from the adult actors. #^.^#

    And Lee Min Ho talking about Kim Yoo Jung, I bet he’s gonna be tease mercilessly. I watch the TVN taxi episode with him and KYJ during the gumiho days, the MC just kept on pairing them off (even though KYJ was way too young then). But, they were so cute.^^

    • 7.1 topper

      They should have had more episodes with the young ones right from the beginning. Can’t get enough of them.

      • 7.1.1 Nhu

        I find it kind of funny that when we all realized we’d have so many episodes with the child actors, most of us were bemoaning the fact that we wouldn’t see Jung Il Woo and Kim Soo Hyun for that long. And then when we have them, all we can think of are the young actors. lol.

        They are either crazy bona-fide noona killers or us noonas are fickle.

        • akikisetsu

          GUilty as charge! Fickle noona here.^^

          But, I think they added some scenes with the young ones. I read on twitter that some of them (Young yeon woo, hwon and woon) are still shooting for Moon and Sun. πŸ™‚

          • Meghan

            Probably some more flashbacks/dreams. Possibly added since the young cast were so popular. πŸ˜€

      • 7.1.2 Kiara

        I’ve never once thought that any young cast can carry a show all the way to the end but these youngsters could have done it imo.

    • 7.2 Ani

      I agree! So cute. I can’t wait for her to be of age so they could pair off as an actual OTP on a drama. Before he goes off to Military Service of course. Sigh. Now I’m thinking of the Military Service and that’s such a downer. *wishes on a star for World Peace* Heh. Well, however we look at it, there star is rising and been on the rise for quite some time. Let’s hope it doesn’t stall. *knocks on wood, crosses fingers, wishes on a falling star, throws salt over shoulder* XD

    • 7.3 howforwardsale

      I searched and searched for that Taxi episode and finally found it… but I can’t watch it because it won’t play in the U.S. or because I don’t have a membership with the site. I dunno which. arghhh!!! All I could see were stills and they were so cute in their hanbok sitting in the backseat.

      • 7.3.1 akikisetsu

        Can you tell me the site where you found that taxi episode? I watched it before on youtube, but it’s now private. Even though she’s way younger than him, they had off screen chemistry.^^

        • bubbletea

          I had wanted to give you the link from where I watched it, which was quite recent, but I’ve just tried to access it from my youtube history and it’s been removed. I guess the sudden surge of people digging up the video posed some problems for the uploader. πŸ™

          Hope you guys manage to find the video from some other source! Here’s the title of the clip I watched, which is basically the show’s title in Korean, with episode no & date, which I hope will make your search easier: ν˜„μž₯토크쇼 νƒμ‹œ(민호,μœ μ •).E153.100819

          • bubbletea

            Just to add: Whenever I see BTS pictures of both Yeo Jin-gu and Kim Yoo-jung, I can’t help but feel like playing matchmaker, as if Yoo-jung is my younger sis. HEEHEE. They look so cute together!!! I can’t help it! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

            Sorry Lee Min-ho. You are too much older! *older sister protective instincts arising* Find a girl your age! πŸ˜›

  8. Joo

    Loving those behind-the-scenes photos! πŸ˜€

  9. salt

    oy… seriously… Han Ga In is beautiful… how old is she?

    • 9.1 Jennyforthewin

      She’s turning 30 this week. It’s crazy how youthful she is and beautiful as well.

  10. 10 t-berry

    ehem…jung II woo looks pregnant in the last photo haha

    • 10.1 polly

      LoL! YEah he does look like that!

  11. 11 mary



  12. 12 qetha

    ahh… kim soo hyun so cheerie, with his wide smile…make me missed the drama sooo much. i have a little ticky kitchy feeling everytime sang hyun come up. this ajusshi really a cute. anyone agree with me? kekeke.

    • 12.1 Saima

      wow, KSH is an ajusshi to you. How lucky!! lulz, I, on the other hand, am on the opposite end of the spectrum….not too much older but in comparison with young LMH I feel my bones are a’creakin’. And, Im is an idol–interesting!

  13. 13 ploinkypink

    oohh…. actually i think an extension can be workable for this drama, since i’ve not seen other shows where the childhood takes up 6 episodes. 14 episodes for the adults may be a bit short for them to flesh out their characters fully, no?

  14. 14 czak

    i LOVE Kim Yoo-jung!!!!
    She is really growing to be a beautiful and talented LADY…!!!
    more DRAMAs for Kim Yoo-jung!!!
    I hope she stars in a drama where she is the main lead and not just the younger version, but then seeing that she is still so young i guess my wish would be years before coming to fruitition..?!?!?1

    • 14.1 akikisetsu

      Same here! I love her! After watching her on Moon and Sun, I tried watching some of her other dramas and she’s really good. Maybe she can do movies like Moon Geun Young’s My Little Bride. ^^

      • 14.1.1 sara_san

        Yeah.. that will be very good move..hehehe..but who could be her partner?….KSH??? JGS?? acting wise this little girl can match the older boys in this generation…if they give her an idol boy..she will eat them in acting…
        can’t wait….

  15. 15 KDrama Fan


    Thanks JB for all the photos in the post above.

    Cool to see the adult actors of METS mixing it up with the ‘child’ actors.

    Could have seen a few of the actors playing both adult and child character parts-KHS* (adult Lee Hwon) and Kim Yoo Jung (child Yeon Woo).

    Definitely want to see more dramas/movies with Yeo Jin Goo, KHS, JIL and Kim Yoo Jung.

    Would love to see Yeo Jin Goo play a character the whole way through a drama rather than just at the start.

    As to drama extensions I wonder why anyone would mess with a solid set storyline.

    Having said that I believe a lot of KDrama writers plan for extensions from the get go eg. Ojak Bros which had enough open endings in the earlier episodes that they could go the extra distance and not lose the plot when they got extended an extra 8 episodes.

    Ratings rule?

    *BTW am re-watching Dream High and seeing KHS play his role without the angst of knowing who of him and Taecyeon will end up with ‘Hye Mi’ is great.

  16. 16 Aly

    yay for strong heart but meeh for extension!!!

  17. 17 Noonapau

    I agree with the issue about the extension. Only extend if needed please! I love the drama but over-extension-itis occurs often and doesn’t bode well for the drama. People usually remember the bad bits as well as the good bits.

  18. 18 memyself

    my reaction to hearing the extension news: PLEASE DON’T

  19. 19 fyEk

    han ga-in look so young!

  20. 20 kay

    seriously the boy that plays woon is such a cutie patootie.


    watching him be all shy in front of the camera will make you feel warm fuzzies all over i guarantee! lol

    • 20.1 Raitei

      So true. I think he didn’t get as much love because of his stoic/cold character, but he looks so cute when he smiles. πŸ™‚

    • 20.2 Kiara

      I noticed in several pictures that he is pretty tall compared to the rest.

    • 20.3 martha

      OMG the cute!! Warm fuzzies indeed!

    • 20.4 Saima

      “Anyong Haseyo!!” shy/embarassed laugh + covering his face== so adorbs!! Isn’t he the 2nd oldest of the young male cast. Despite that I feel like pinching his cheeks!

  21. 21 Sate Ayam

    love the BHTS photos!

  22. 22 Smr

    Oh that’s cute saguke with rap i love him

  23. 23 ck1Oz

    Oh my the photos!! πŸ™‚ Makes me go all goo goo gaga. But they are not even babies they are such talented actors.

    Love them.

  24. 24 cranky

    since it’s on MBC (right?) I wonder if the current strike will affect the drama department…

    • 24.1 topper

      Apparently no, because it’s done by an external production studio and not MBC.

  25. 25 diamonds

    saeguk’s drama BTS always confused me
    the feeling, it’s like the past and present mix into the new one!

    traditional hanbok with cutie ear muffs >,<

    traditional hanbok with thick nike jacket and adidas training pants πŸ˜€

    and the best is, a boy play a great crown prince with his royal attire wear an A cap and deliver some swag vibe ! OMO…

    • 25.1 bubbletea

      HAHAHA I so agree with your last line! That photo of Yeo Jin-gu is so amusing! HAHAHA. So King Hwon is a bboy wannabe! SAY YO! πŸ˜›

      And yep I love BTS stuff! Photos, NGs, etc. πŸ˜€ Especially when I get to see the interaction between the actors in real life! πŸ˜€

  26. 26 Mei

    yOUNG YEON-WOO is lilly lilly pretty! I love her! <3

  27. 27 krooxy

    when the strong heart episode comes out, are you guys going to recap that too? or at least their parts?

    It would be super awesome if you did! (but no pressure! you guys already do a lot <3 )

  28. 28 Kiara

    Although I can not get enough of this drama…..I loath extensions. The story is flowing perfectly well… there is no need to interupt it with some last minute extra eps.

  29. 29 old soul

    I don’t think extending the drama would be a good idea, but I’d love for them to have a 2-hour special where they have all the cast (young and old/er) present with their bts stories and videos of their ng’s. And hopefully someone would be able to give the English subtitles for it. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

    • 29.1 bubbletea

      I second the idea of having a special reuniting the cast, with BTS moments! MUCH MUCH BETTER than an extension. πŸ™‚

  30. 30 YxoR

    Out of 24 pics, 9 of them have that V sign… lols.. My friends keep asking me what’s up with asian and their V sign? I told them, as long as not the middle finger, right? πŸ™‚

  31. 31 Sian

    Never understood how competing networks seem to promote MBC shows more than MBC does. You’d think they’d want all those actors (as well as variety show stars) boosting the ratings for their own shows like Win Win. Not that I’m complaining I’m over the moon (no pun intended) these two will be on Strong Heart.

  32. 32 Cam

    Haha, that’s very AWESOME pictures of these young MoonSun casts ~ ~ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  33. 33 stars4u

    I love the teen casts… can’t wait to watch SH tomorrow!!

  34. 34 techvet

    Negative on the extension. It’s better to end the drama wanting more (imho).

  35. 35 Cynthia

    The talk of a possible extension is a bit premature, isn’t it? MBC is in the throes of another strike happening which has the real possibility of freezing many productions over there, one of which is this drama.

    The strike will kill their variety and reality (WGM) shows as the MBC staff is hands on in the production of these, but maybe the big-budget sageuk drama is handled by another division?

    As for the question up-thread about allowing actors to speak on Strong Heart – that’s the premise of Strong Heart – all stories are up for grabs, regardless of which management agencies or networks SH participants are affiliated with.

  36. 36 melica

    Goodness! There are beautiful people on that show…

  37. 37 HannahP

    oh, young Yeom is a member of ZEA? No wonder he looks familiar. haha.

  38. 38 Carinne

    I LOL every time young Yeom sparkle in the daylight; it’s like watching Twilight when Edward sparkles. Im Shi-wan receives the best amount of sparkles in this series. ^ , ^

  39. 39 Ani

    Wow. Yoo-jung looked pretty before, but with her hair down, she looks UBER PRETTY. Seriously though, she’s pretty any way you look at her. And Lee Min-ho on Strong Heart? I’m going to make sure I watch that. These behind the scenes shots look nice and it’s nice seeing the older cast interact with the younger ones.

    P.S. Please powers that be… NO EXTENSION! Please please PLEASE! X/

  40. 40 Phil

    Even though extensions rarely work, I think strategically it would be a smart move for MBC to extend this drama.

    If it finishes after 20 episodes the drama following this, “The King” with Lee Seung Gi, would have to go head to head with Park Yoochin’s “Attic Prince” on SBS. Which of those would win the ratings war is a toss up.

    By extending by 4 or 6 episodes, the 30% watching Moon would be less likely to start watching “Attic Prince” when it starts.

    Unfortunately, TV networks care more about ratings and advertising dollars than quality. Sad but true.

    • 40.1 topper

      It is rumored the other networks will follow suit just to let the follow up dramas air together on the same day too.

      Public network TV gets funding by advertisements, of course it is absolutely important, else where comes the budget?

      I am guilty as charged watching streaming subs, taking and not giving.

  41. 41 Jane

    I can’t wait until Wednesday. πŸ™‚

  42. 42 Alyssia

    In the end it’s all about the money. If they are raking in CFS offers, hell no would they pass it up to bank in the dough. I don’t think i would mind the extension.

    On a side god, Han Ga In looks so young for her age. Her beauty just mesmerize me everytime and I”m a girl. She’s so lucky.

  43. 43 redfox

    they are all lovely, but I am kind of getting sick of all the V-signs.

  44. 44 Raine

    Man, these are such fab photos. The younger cast is so phenom in this and they look great in their hanboks! Kim Soo-hyun’s smile is so picture worthy. I already have a folder of his pictures…*blush*

  45. 45 sally_b

    Rather than extensions – how about a 4 episode *prequel* showing how the early friendships formed and ending with the intro scenes of Yeon Woo & Hwon falling into each other’s arms with the umbrella covering them ~~ I know I’m grasping…but anything to have MORE of the young cast ~❀

    • 45.1 jomo

      Thanks is a great idea!

      Someone start writing it NOW!

  46. 46 Yee

    & KIM SOO HYUN! Ahhaa.

  47. 47 Marj

    I’m seriously loving everything about this drama. As I was scrolling down, my smile just kept getting bigger and bigger – now my face basically hurts :l Thank you javabeans for
    I cannot stress how much I’m loving this drama right now.. And how much I still miss the kids! Despite how infatuated I am over Kim Soo-hyun’s smile and acting, I think I would’ve been happy if the younger guys were planned to take over the whole series. I know it would never have happened, but I’m just trying to say that I loved them so much! πŸ™‚ Definitely glad they caught my attention with this drama, I will totally be looking out for their future projects.

  48. 48 MeeisLee

    I’m surprised at how much I miss the child actors actually. So far I’m wishing for some more Kim Yoo Jung. So far, I like her acting more than Han Ga In (I’m at episode 7). Kim Yoo Jung also looks older in non-saeguk garb. And I had no idea young Yeom, Im Shi Hwan, was a ZEA member. For some reason I just can’t picture scholar Yeom busting out some boy band dance synchronized dance moves. And for the first time I’m a noona (well, only to young Hwon)! Eek, still loving everyoneeeee. Can’t gett enough of Moon/Sun but I don’t think an extension will do my love justice, that would be selfish on my part.

  49. 49 Startulle

    I really miss these young actors dearly……….they are the ones who attract me to this drama…look at their bright smiles full of beautiful energy….if it is gonna be extension i wish i could watch them together again!

  50. 50 Sammi510

    The pictures that accompanied the article are awesome. Thank you.

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